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I hope they were siblings :meow:
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persona 3♥ T^T
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8|..I totally didn't do a meme because I had no idea what else to draw *cough*

I didn't notice everyone's hair and skin color was wrong until I
finished coloring everyone OTL.. I was lazy and only redid Chie
and Yosuke though LOL;;

Anyways, enjoy your Mitsuo x Souji (I wanted to add in
Bebe and Tanaka, but I was afraid it would be too sexy for your

Persona 4 Atlus
Art ~Ichigo-Chu
Meme ~VGCG
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wanna hear the story from my 2008 art? :iconheplz:
Here we go, Im going to tell you anyway :p
Sorry bad english /weep

Well I was like in first semester in my 9th year that time.
I dont know from where but I read some book that said you're gonna be pro if you at least produce 1000 arts. I was like "waht".
Since that time I always count how many pictures that I had drawn LOL
But idk how many since its already so many (I also counted the arts I produce since kindergarten, dafak with me that time. So innocent and baka //sob)
So this is the so-so-maybe the 100th arts? idek Im so random I know OTL

And now , I want to reproduce my phail 100th arts to put in here as a memorization of my 100th deviation at dA ;;w;;/ :heart:

Thank you all, without you I can't be here like now :iconcryforeverplz: :iconbrohugplz: :heart:

anyway I made a slow progress .... its been 4 years and Im so slow. Well to tell the truth, at year 2009-2010 I changed drastically my style because I was not sattisfied and it made me depressed. but I get my own style again at 2011 so my current style is the result from my 2011 style ;;w;;
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Bids hidden on closed adopts will be unhidden at the end; simply to make current bids easy to see!
:star: Please pay within 48 hours of committing to buy!
:star: Once bought you may change the designs/gender/etc
:star: Please do not steal my designs, I've spent a lot of time on them! :3
:star: Once bought, you may not resell them, an adoptable is for life, not just for christmas ;3
:star: If you see these adoptable anywhere else, being sold, i'd be so grateful if you'd let me know! 
:star: After purchased, i will upload the single unwatermarked adopt in my stash, you may upload it to your gallery on the basis that you credit me, let me know, link back to my gallery and this image!
:star: You may not remove my signature. 
Pay to use - adoptable base by PileOfJunk
Credits for the base goes PileOfJunk
I've paid to use this base and as per the rules have given credits and I am allowed to use to make adoptables to sell for points and cash!

:star: I will accept autobuys of the value of 500 points.

Otherwise this is a auction, which will on 2nd March 2014 at 18:00 hours UK Time!

Bidding starts at 150 points the minimum bid increase is 50 points.
1. S-i-m-p-l-y @ 150 xXxSHIPPOxXx @ 300   S-i-m-p-l-y autobuys @ 500 points :star:
2. Neko-Rina @ 150   Mrswolfie @ 200 Neko-Rina autobuys @ 500  points :star:
3. Makojupiter @ 150  Mrswolfie @ 200   </span>Makojupiter @ 250
4. S-i-m-p-l-y @ 150   S-i-m-p-l-y  autobuys @ 500 points :star:
Reply to my BID here comment, MAKE SURE YOU REPLY TO ME.  I will check this deviation but it is easier for me this way! <3

Some Sweet themed adopts! From L>R We have; Jellybean, Coconut Ice, Mint Humbug and Bubblegum!
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I look and feel rubbish so please disregard the monotones to help reduce the emormous bags under my eyes P: Sui isnt doing too good p: painpainpainpain etc

Anyway VonDiezyl  approached me on here informing me of some rather disturbing recent events involving fake accounts. Also invited me to participate in a campaign if you will, to help raise awareness and also at the same time prove to you all that yes i am real, I did forget to date this picture though, but i drew a rough chibi of iish and my username, that hooded mess holding the scrap of paper like a frucaking cat is indeed me. 

For anybody interested in finding out more..
to everyone who had known Alex..I cannot keep that secret back any longer..
what I did was wrong..and I regret it deeply..
I was Alex. :iconcrowloveyou:
yes, I pretended to be him, the German boy who moved to California, with his awful life and past..and death....but with a good heart.
I am so sorry, I can never make it good again..I hurted too many..
but at that time, it made me simply happy that I was able to help so many and cheer them up..I felt useful..and loved for the first time.
there are so many faked accounts here on dA, and already in my watchers list are more than enough...
every faker who reads this, should feel the same guilt as's a crime.
I will lose more than I ever did in my life..
good bye
Alex was never realI got this message last night from Bianca
it is all my fault that you have to suffer so much…
I guess I made the account in May of last year, I had been not very active the first month because first the account was planned to be for my OC Crow..born on the 14. February 1994..
that’s why the accounts name was crowloveyou…
I am Alex.
the girl with depression and never gotten any help searched for a new life..
so it decided to search in facebook for a cute guy who had many pictures and her luck to be creative a new OC with a story was born..a Real-Life-OC…. it took not that long that Alex found friends on deviantart, and people who needed his help. to help was something the girl was very good at and wished for nothing more than getting help for her own..but it made her happy that she was able to help those people..~
then one day she saw a pic of a sad looking boy, wrote in a comment that he looks cute and they became friends, b
I'm Real, Are You?EDIT: I realize many of you are asking as to why I am doing this. Why would I want to put my face on the internet with an insignificant sign that can't really prove who I am?
Because I wanted to create light to darkness, to help people know that you never have to stay the victim, you can be a survivor.
Please know that I am not hateful towards the offender, nor do I feel anger. I have dealt with my emotions, and have come to accept that what has happened cannot be changed. But maybe we can help to prevent incidents like this in the future, or at least make people aware of what happens.
Due to the nature of this story, I will not provide names, so DO NOT ASK.
This is a story that isn't about an art thief, or a computer bot, or someone with a pretend name...This is a story about someone who created a new life with lies and a face that was not theirs.
I was a victim and witness of an incident where a girl stole someone's photos from facebook, and created a life based

You can also take part in this and join their group. :iconimreal-areyou:

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Ahh I actually feel bad cause I've been meaning to post this one for a while now ah haa :iconuhuhuhuplz:


When you buy an adoptable, feel free to give them a backstory and name of your own if you'd like, Just give me credit for the original design on the first drawing please! You're also free to change anything you want about their design , after you get the adoptable, the character is yours! Please no reselling the original design and feel free to link back to my any art you draw of them, I'd love to see it~

Please start your bid where it says "Bid Here" in the comments and reply to it - not - the highest bidder!
I will let you know if you have been outbid.


Starting Bid: $2/200 points
Minimum Increase:$0.50/50 points
Auto Buy: n/a

Auction ends Tues, November 18, 4:00pm PST
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She is open for a set price of $30//3,000Pink Points by zara-leventhal
For $36//3,600Pink Points by zara-leventhal I will include a colored chibi too!

Adoptable info:

★Please pay in either points or paypal only. ( no mixing ) If paying VIA paypal you will have to pay the buyer fee. If paying by points you will be asked to use the widget that i will set up afterwards. 
★I am willing to wait up to two days for payment to be sent ( unless other circumstances please ask ) 
★If you are paying VIA paypal you will have to pay the paypal buyer fee! ; u ; (paypal fee calculator
★After purchase buyer will receive the transparent/non watermarked version!
Comments disabled by owner.
yes, it's me. o_o
but... maybe i'm a bit more fat^^'''
really, is very difficult to draw fat people!
linert with deleter nibs, color with copic marker ciao and sketch, final effects with photoshop
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Species Details:
Elles: (closed species)
The elles are elemental based hybrids. The sky based elles live in the sky where they create and manage the clouds. Their hair and tails are cloud like in texture, they're soft, bouncy and malleable.

two female (one stormy) and one male air elles (stormy)

-once purchased the character belongs solely to the buyer.
-the character CANNOT be used for commercial purposes without permission first (may add a fee, would be discussed)
-the character can be changed slightly but should still resemble the original design
-do not claim the design as your own, you don't need to credit every time you use the adopt but don't say you created it yourself
-personality and details are up to the owner
-you can pay via paypal or DA points, the conversion is 100DA points=$1.00 (since DA takes a percentage)
-Buyer will be sent the fullsize unwatermarked drawing of their character
-you may not resell the character
-DO NOT purchase through premium content without my okay first, I'm not responsible for refunding your points if you do (I don't even know if you can so please don't do this)

Buying Rules:
-Price is $20.00 USD or 2000DA points (paid through premium content widget)
-You may also leave an offer, offers are good up to one week after they've been left

female husky elles (stormy)-SOLD:iconsundropxx:
female rabbit elles-SOLD :iconroxxelle:
male fox elles (stormy)-SOLD :iconpie-tie:

friends adopts:
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