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Ha! El otro dia me puse a ver un programa para recuperar archivos borrados... y recupere este flash que hice cuando estaba aprendiendo a hacer botones xD

Las reglas son simples :
Elije la puerta que creas que te llevara a un lugar seguro, 4 puertas te llevan a una muerte segura... suerte!


Ha! The other day I know a program for recover lost files and get this old Flash that I do when I was just learning to do buttons xD

The rules are simple :
Select the door that you think that send you to a safehouse, 4 doors send you to a secure death... good luck!
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Here it is! Short animation done for a school project, "Animated Christmas card for our school Metropolia" .
It's actually my first finished 'bigger' animation, and my first time using flash, AND we had only like one week time to actually work on this after 2 weeks of learning to use the program. Now I'm done with the excuses, it's not perfect but at least it was fun to do and more fun to learn! Next time I'll be wiser. The music is played by my aunt, many thanks for her too!

I hope it does not lag, I haven't posted this format before. :o
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You are Grace, the better looking but equally whiny cast member of Façade.
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This is a other panoramic flash picture from Salzburg-Austria.
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A while ago, I watched this [link]
Some time after that, I had a highly amusing dream about me creating a picture book containing the Sherlock version of "Little Red Hen".
Three days ago, I wanted to make that happen and wrote the text. I read it to myself to see if it sounded alright. My headset was lying next to me, so I said: "Hey, let's record it, just for the lulz."
Having done that, I thought: "This would make for an awesome animation."
I downloaded the first free animation program I could find (Vectorian Giotto) and learned how to animate. I ran into some problems (the program kept crashing whenever I tried to draw/animate anything more complex than a stick figure), so I cheated and drew all the frames in Photoshop and animated them afterwards.

Somewhere along the way insanity happened but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Anyway, I had lots of fun and I hope you enjoy the result. I also hope that my English is passable and that I didn't make any horrifying mistakes. I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Sherlock (c) BBC. Everything else is mine, so if you are about to repost it somewhere else or use parts of it or do whatever takes your fancy, please include a link to this deviation or my profile page.
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This is a lil animation I did a while ago, I wanted it to be my avatar, but I gave up that idea, I'm lazy to change my av XD
but anyway, enjoy this crappy animation~

Isso é uma animaçao pequena q eu fiz faz um tempo atras, eu queria q isso fosse meu av, mas eu desisti dessa ideia, to com preguiça de mudar meu av XD
but anyway, espero q vcs gostem dessa animaçao tosca~
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"I'd be happy if you read the description before criticizing - Thanks"

This game will not be finished, It was just a quick test i did over a few days to get some experience with ActionScript.

Yes Limbo inspired, I did't make this to be any final project, it was prue experimenting with Actionscript, and how how Flash works, Back when I made this I had absolut no game making experience so it have a lot of flaws, like the controles is something I wish i could go back and change hehe. but I'm still proud as one of my first flash test games.
and I appreciate that I got DD thanks a lot :)

"I know it says full version coming out, but I don't have the main file anymore, so Can't finish it and wont remake it sorry (:"

Easter Egg 1
when you come to the 3ed level, press D till a something apeares and you can controle what with the keys A,S,D & W.

Easter Egg 2
3ed level, when you start falling slowly try keep going into the wall to the left till magic happens

Download here:…

:heart: I'm asking for your support :heart:…
Your help will support my work and projects


Feel Free to Comment, Watch and Favourite.

Artwork © mnrart 2006-2012

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Cute little random gift for my sister :iconcomixqueen: of her adorable :iconwindsonde: gryph, Reva.

I wanted to make an adorable animation that was simple.

Toon Boom Animate Pro
4 layers, 19 frames, 24 fps
An hour, hour 1/2 tops.
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Day 38 - More Percy Jackson.

Another burge-bug comic turned animation. It's not as a good as my last animation I will admit.

Also the pic on it's "preview" is more to show how I set up the SB frames for keyframing.

The comic is burge-bug's theory on Percy and Annabeth's reunion. My personal theory is that Annabeth is at Camp Halfblood and the place is under a mass attack.

PS: Lip Syncing is really hard to time without audio, Why they seem to talk longer than the sentence should.

original comic

characters (c) Rick Riordan
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  Rogues! Yeah! You can learn more about Zara the Spheal here: [link]

Important! The sound will go out if sync if you scroll down your window or go to another tab. The animation is very synced to the music, so when watching, don't move or you will ruin your AWESOME TEAM AZURE EXPERIENCE!!

M8! The animation! Yeah!! I lost count of how many hours I spent on this, but trust me it was a LOT of hours.

Art was drawn in SAI to create PNG images. PNG images were assembled in Flash to create SWF files. SWF files were assembled in Adobe Premiere. Then more exporting and Flash was involved but it gets complicated at that point. A tiny bit of After Effects was used too.

Sorry it's not fully animated everywhere but damn, time was limited after all. And I had to decrease the video quality a bit so it would fit dA's size limit.

The song is by a Hungarian group called NOX : [link]    

Bigger cameos:

:iconlollipopchicken: 's Missy: [link]     - You can read more about Missy and her precious berry here: [link]

:iconcrazyiguana: 's Lyre: [link]

:iconariamisu: 's Akoi: [link]

This is my PMD tumblr account: [link]
This is my personal tumblr: [link]

I also have this other team for those who don't know : 

Thanks for looking!

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