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Do you want a feature 23... finished

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 7, 2013, 9:58 AM

Feature time
Oh took some time to make this...hahaha. :D Omg, there were so many comments... I told that I'll feature first 100 works posted here. But there were simply so many works that I had to feature more. So, I featured first 150 works. :la: It's biggest feature I made. If I told you that you have been featured, but you can't see your work here, then please tell me :D If you want you can fav :+fav: this journal, so that featured artists will get more attention which they deserve. Thank you :heart:

Lovebird Family by BlackEyesSnowAngel Eye Study (omg) by rashuvast Granny's Card by CDee23
SPEAKS IN SILENCE by Rravioli Serenity by Pyrogas-Artworks :thumb383580761:
I wanna ruin our Friendship by monobani C - Amdhuscias - Flower of Oblivion by Kei-Renzo
AUTOTOMIZE by Twarda8 :thumb380373114: Cleo Avon Chibs by SpartanGinger
No Difference by chutkat Toxic-quilled by mizueyes777 Kiriban Batch by remsellec
Alligator by GloaH I Am The Peacock. by Aryiea Tainted rose 1 by Shadow-Guardian0
twins by fluffylink The Fragmented Self by TheCreativeJenn :CM: Michael and Elizabet by xXxMantrumxXx
Reading in heat by tshuki Nagisa Furukawa - Clannad by nekosenpai112 Release the Kraken by ArtFurry

Mature Content

Succubus by Serch2
. . .  Mouse Warrior . . . by ChIandra4U The place where we can live free by kinixuki
Symbology: arrogance growing on by Insolentia Kagamine RL by Nekoichu 34. Stars by Unistonen
Art trade 3 of 101 by NJ-Shadow Cyan sweets by Katryano Cloud Strife Ballpoint Pen by Neffo
Holy Light by Aurora-Silver Mermaid by ElyonBlackStar Somewhere only we know by ClimbToTheStars
Snipers of the Future by synergeticink Logan's Triumphant Blood Bath by WadeFurlong Lemonade Stand by fallendarkrose
The Creator by TiteArumi Pokari by CarusimaHikura Peach by ShammyAK
Bloody Fox : UPGRADED by Absur-D I'll protect you forever by KampfzwergLevi
g o l db r o w n (update) by freaky208 Royals Know Best by missrelena Deeper in your Spirit by Wild-Shay
Decorated Sky by aokamei Dean Winchester by BridgeToNeverland :thumb382270853:
Howl by teralilac Spilled Liquid by Dummernik :thumb379585118:
Thora by THEAltimate Request: Shiro and Kasumi by sleonghp Kagerou Days by Ezyn
:thumb371922633: Lan and Mimo by iynpon Light and Dark Circle by naoguiarts
:thumb383432402: Mononoke by Elfenzorn Art is what passion looks like. by Angel-Neviah
Queen's Garden by Little-Miss-RiikoRed Jewelry: Earrings 003, 'Island Breeze' by 4pplemoon My Rock ::3 by Paraspriteful
:thumb381397825: Ezio (Assassin's Creed 2) by Eternal--Art Abel. 7 by Skysofdreams Chopsuey! by Messenjah-Black
Art trade. Into eternity by mydiachan Art Trade- Princess Claire by YumeAmaterasu A pagan tale by Sylthuria Vaati by Paper-Plate
:thumb382131566: Ephemeral Dream by KawaiiSweet-Nyasa Green Man and Goodbyes by Aradied In the Desert by SagaTale
Black Rock Shooter - Sword by anime-halo Lady of the Deadwood by AsiaBreen ~When Demons Awake~ by DaemoniumNocturnal Steampunk-Princess by Jenny-the-Elentari
Magic Knight Contest Entry - Demon nekomimi by ximbixill Mashar le Prince demon by BlackBy Golden Fae by KitJoYuki Warband Guys by MagusFerox
Hearts under fire by Taly5 Little Red Riding Hood by ZARAo-o Faeleen by ToxicTeardrops Tears of a flower by freaky208
The Fire Ferrets by Tishawish .Instinct by CuzzaCurry Angel and demon by Akanetto =[]Chains of Bonds[]= by XLEHX
Northern Fires in the Night by Eeren Brother please! by Sketchevrywir Raiden by panelgutter Yellow dragonfly by UnrehearsedSplendour
.:: Something in the Corner ::. by silntmind House Sparrow by SilverQuetzal Ready to Exterminate by Defreeee
the guardian *wink* by fulek

Mature Content

La Belle et la Bete - FALL2k13 by phobialia
Imagination by blue-tail Josi by Bifunctional
Travel by zigzamew Valkyrie by Kanamm Slivers by Varethane Set It Ablaze by Tammi-sempai
:thumb377618268: Hwang Mi Hee by SaintDill :thumb321321500:
G0 T0 H3LL F0R H3AV3N'S SAK3 by DragonA7X .:Vocaloid OCs:. by FinalGenesiss Psycopath by YorukoChikokoro
Stop it, Makara! by XxAbasexX Princesa en crecimiento by Bleiy Demon And Kicker by KidiMaster :thumb359446122:
Socair Ceannas - Request by Project-Drow Darkchylde by Elvenwyn Shower by Bostonology Galaxy Magical Girl by AikasCupcake
Stair to my dream by celestial080 Eddou by minogame 3/13 id by chemikidd Cloudless by KlownCat :thumb369450658: HB to Kanda 6.6 by pananada
Good Morning by MushyGore Marisol by Mathelt Dreamlight by aliphelps
Version couleurs by ZalysNacra Want To Fall in Love Again by xSilverflowerx Ditching by visaga
Ghost. [ID] by LydiaaLin :thumb350548322: The Restless One by NinjaXaro
Like Toy Soldiers by Nephire PC: CrispySketch by azuriin :thumb378624745:
Ryan Gosling portrait by Empsuli :thumb383137190: Super Sonico SONICOMI by Ihsnet
Howl and Calcifer by Londei femme fatale by Silence-is-gold Shamim by Jii-en :thumb376954831:

All upcoming projects, works and news I'll post on my Twitter account TincekMarincek. I won't post these kind of things in dA gallery, so you'll be able to check this there (I'll also post these stuff on our Tumblr account, when I edit it ;P). I already posted many WIPs and models there, so feel free to check. :la: And my newest work is Heaven VS Hell.

It's feature time again..check rules in the article on how to post. :dummy: Good luck :heart:
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Paint my OC contest... semi-finalists

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 22, 2012, 6:44 AM

Paint my OC contest semi-finalists
And now I'm finally posting semi-finalists from our contest Paint my OC. Judges and even I was busy lately, so I hope you'll understand why they needed some time to make their decisions (after all... there was so many amazing entries). And I think it's time to finish this contest. All prizes you can check in this article. I hope I'll post winners tomorrow, so you won't have to wait too long.

What homework judges had ;P Well, each judge had to choose 8 semi-finalists from each category (there was drawing category and painting/coloring category). Here in the journal I posted top 10 drawings/paintings which got most votes, from each category (paintings in journal are not in order from many to less's random). 

:iconviccolatte: :iconphoenixleo: :iconshingorengeki: :iconhyazintha: :iconathenatt: :iconmartanael: :iconexillior: :iconmemod:

First category semi-finalists
Under this category you had to draw/paint one (or more) of our original characters which you found under this folder. Here are 10 semi-finalists chosen for this category (note... if you made more entries then just one entry could be chosen as semi-finalists/winning piece. This is piece which got more votes by judges).

Contradictory sides: Kyle by SourAcid <da:thumb id="332725150"/> Desiree by juuhanna Frailty by CristianaLeoneRaven by Smilika Kai by VargasNi Contest: Eden Rose by kuroi-onee Self Suicide by leefaan July by mannyyannipennynanny Angela Eanor - come get some! by me-illuminated

Second category semi-finalists
And here are 10 semi-finalists for second category. Under this category you had to color one (or more) linearts which I made for the contest... here you can find them. And here is the same as before... if you made more than one entry then for semi-finalists/winning piece was chosen just one entry which got more votes by judges.

Blind by eecb Tincek-marincek's Blind by Swaja In Cold Summer Nights She Visits Me by Eeren
Blind by SweetChiel Blind by xilveroxas Contest Entry by Flubberwurm
Forest Fantasy by ArisT0te CE: Forest fantasy by DonguriArt Bloom by Little-Miss-RiikoRed Forest Fantasy by IvannaMatilla

And this is it... congratulations to all semi-finalists :heart: There was so many amazing entries that I bet that judges had tough decision to make. It'll be so hard to select 6 winning pieces :faint: All other amazing entries you can check on buttons below (Entries 1C and Entries 2C). Enjoy :heart:

Here are chosen semi-finalists from our Paint my OC contest, which were chosen by many judges. Congratulations to all semi-finalists. :la:
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Art Feature Blue and Purple+win 200points

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 27, 2014, 4:13 PM

Featuring deviation with blue/purple colour schemes :heart:

Sorry I couldn't feature everyone! There were 180+ responses.
:+fav: for the chance the win 200 points

Edit: The winner of the points was :iconaaraujo: :la:

  Commission- Tagma by Cryophase  Anabel by LadyKuki  Demonic Night by Silverlykta  My Gaia Aquarium Bump by Angel-somaWonderland by iAmoret  Character Icon: Volsung by Vol-chan
My Winter OC by Aye-dichanCommission: Chibilolita76 by VonDiezyl  Angel!Ronald by StickieBun13

Elsa by Ex-Trident  Indian Peafowl by flowerhippie22  Alone I Break by RoxanneMilsonPandora Flora by priteeboy  What have you done to me by aliphelps  I see you. by Ninfheus

Nacridan character : Dorane by M0onQueen  Medesta - Water Colossus by dieJodis  In Her Frozen Masquerade by Endorell-Taelos 
  Miku fishglobe by E-tane COMM: Fearless Swordmage by Eeren  Aqua by JaezX  :: Sexy Leaper Girl :: by Sangrde  Unicorn.1. by pauscorpi  I'll bring you home by DamaiMikaz  Commission - Cover by Aaraujo  Purple Devil Aiden by FeliceMelancholie

Sailor Mercury by HaruShadows  Tree of the Night by FarawayHana  My little machines by Hera-of-Stockholm  Gemini by Pikatoro

Jack Frost . Edge of Submersion by phoenixleo  That Earl, Recalcitrant - ciel by used-rugs  Fofiria Resurfaced. by hybridgothica Fragile by Gallynette
Mod Circle Dress 3 by Elfedward  Painting of Ceil by Koralene  Prince Soma in the lotus pool by Sakura-ShinRa The heaven's pearls-two sides of the soul_comm. by marurenai

 And even though it doesn't fit with the them, this makes me lol everytime I see it.

whiteknight vs internet :lmao:

The brave little white knight VS the internet by Horresco

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CSS Did You Know? - October 10th, 2012

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 10, 2012, 12:15 AM

CSS uses a system called Selectors to determine which elements on a page should be styled. Each selector determines which elements to style in a different way, meaning you can create more complex designs if you use a wide range of selectors.

deviantART does not allow us to use every selector, but the ones they do permit us to use cover the needs of most designs. In this "tip", I will cover the selectors most commonly used on deviantART.

Class Selectors

HTML allows you to define a "class" for each element. Just give any element a class property, then define anything you like. Usually you will want to pick something that is meaningful to you, your users, and your design. Here's an example:

<div class="container"></div>

That will give your div element a class called "container". Classes can be called anything, there are no rules when it comes to naming them. You can apply your class to any element you like. You can then use a class selector in your CSS to style all the elements you apply the class "container" to. A class selector looks like this:


All you have to do is place a period (full-stop) before the name of your class. You can then declare you've completed your selection by opening a bracket { and styling your element as you normally would. For example:

.container {
color: red;
border: blue 1px solid;
background-color: white;

Combining the CSS and HTML, you'll get this result:

Your text here

Element Selectors

Pretty much everyone using CSS knows about class selectors, but something not as many people are aware of is element selectors. If you wanted every single link in your document to be a certain colour, it would be tedious to give every link a class. Using element selectors, you can select every link in your document. When you use an element selector, all you need to type is the element's name. Then, use an opening bracket and style your element. Here is an example:

a {
color: red;

This will cause every single a element on your page to be red.

Hover Selectors

You've likely seen really cool CSS designs which change slightly when you move your mouse cursor over certain elements. You can do this too through hover selectors. To do this, you are required first to use another selector, and then use the hover selector. This is combining selectors, which I will cover shortly. Here is an example of using the hover selector:


I first used the class selector from before to select our container again. Then, I applied :hover to the end, to declare that I only want the following style to be applied when the user hovers their cursor over the element. Then, use the opening bracket again, and define your style:

.container:hover {
color: blue;
border: red 1px solid;

If you aren't changing a certain property, like I'm not changing my background in this example, you can leave it out. Here is the result produced:

Hooray for a budget hover effect!

Combining Selectors

It's possible to combine many selectors if you want to select a more exact group of elements. Just place the selectors together. Let's say you had a span element and wanted to colour all the as inside it differently:

span a {
color: green;

As a result, all a elements placed inside a span element would be coloured green.

I hope this little tip has been useful to you! If you'd like to see a comprehensive list of CSS selectors, you can do so here.

How to: Advanced CSS 3D button

CSS is a standard language to style your HTML, but we're all artists right? With it comes many possibilities to use CSS to create the most striking content; with a mix of both some CSS and artistic style. Today we will create a 3D button by simply using the standard 'box shadow' CSS to get the 3D effect.

This is a continuation of my previous tutorial: How to: Custom Buttons.

What we shall create:

Your Text Here

The code for the button:

You should paste this code in the 'CSS' section in the 'Extra' tab of your journal writer.
min-width: 100px;
max-width: 250px;
padding: 8px;
border: 1px solid #999;
border-radius: 5px;
color: #555;
font-size: 18px;
font-family: Trebuchet MS1, Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;
text-shadow: 1px 1px #fff;
cursor: default;
box-shadow: -2px 2px 0px 0px #999;

.button2:hover {
color: #777;
text-shadow: 1px 1px 0px #fff;
box-shadow: -1px 1px 0px 0px #999;
cursor: default;

.button2:active {
color: #0fbbfb;
border:1px solid #c4c4c4;
box-shadow: 0px 0px 4px 0px #fff;
cursor: default;

How to insert it to your journal skin?

<div class="button2"> Your Text Here </div>

What it all means:

This only explains the new code introduced; for the basic code descriptions see the previous tutorial.

:bulletblue: background:url() : This piece of code is used to set an image as a background instead of a color. You have to place a full link to the image in-between the brackets.

:bulletblue: font-family: This can be used to set the font. For example, if it is "font-family: Trebuchet MS1, Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;" The Trebuchet font world be applied.

:bulletblue: box-shadow: -2px 2px 0px 0px #999;

:bulletpink: The First "-2px" states how much to the right the shadow is, (negative values move it to the left)
:bulletpink: The Second "2px" states how much to the bottom the shadow is, (negative values move it to the top)
:bulletpink: The third pixel value states how dispersed (/shaded/blurred) the shadow should be.
:bulletpink: The fourth pixel value states how thick the shadow should be, if set to 0px then the shadow would be the same size as the box.
:bulletpink: The last HTML color code states the color of the shadow.

:bulletblue: Position: If you specify position:relative, then you can use top or bottom, and left or right to move the element relative to where it is in the document.

:bulletpink: eg: 'top:1px;' and 'right:1px;'

The best way to teach yourself CSS is by actually using it, changing all the values one by one and checking your end results. So get started now using the code I have provided above and try creating something of your very own (how about a reverse animated 3D button; where it pops out when you hover? :giggle: ) , and if you run into any problems feel free to ask as comments here or send me ( UJz ) a note.

What would you like to know?

CSS will be difficult when you're unfamiliar to it. So that's why we're writing these articles! If you have any suggestions or would like to write a section in future CSS Did You Know? articles, please note bradleysays.

If you write a section for us, you will be credited! :)

Previous editions

Want to learn more about CSS and how to use it? We've collated all of our previous articles and put them into one document for your convenience.

Read the CSS Did You Know? archive :pointr: here!

CSS Did You Know? is an article series that gives you tips and lessons on CSS. This edition includes tips on selectors and advanced CSS 3D buttons.
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Artists of Loreithia - Vol. 9

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 20, 2014, 9:14 AM


Artists of Loreithia is a feature article series featuring artists and artwork from my novel series project Chronicles of Loreithia (otherwise known as Loreithian Chronicles), this article series also doubles as an article series featuring gifts and art for me.  As I usually showcase works made for me whether in polls or various journals, I wanted to try and do a more formal series in which I will be publishing once a month whether it would be contest entries, gift art or commissions, anything will be featured as a show of gratitude, of course I cannot feature every single piece an artist creates but you can always find them at LoreithianChronicles or in this folder. So here it is! 


:iconfayerin: :iconeeren: :iconmoonchildinthesky: :iconliberlibelula: :icondjinngin: :iconkat-nicholson: :iconluciana-lu: :iconrui-shi: :iconjenniferhealy: :iconelfdust:

Works by Fayerin 

Commission 2 - Danny and  Luciana by Fayerin
Emmanuel by Fayerin Amazed by Fayerin  feel free by Fayerin 

Other Works by Fayerin

Mature Content

Touching the treasure by Fayerin
 Wet Lips by Fayerin My Precious by Fayerin I found you by Fayerin


Comm: Mother and Daughter by Eeren
 FS#11 Mirz-Alt and Endorell-Taelos by Eeren FS#2 Shisleya 4 Endorell-Taelos and PiccolaRia by Eeren

Other Works by Eeren

Rain by Eeren COMM: Eldaein by Eeren Growing Up Beside You by Eeren COMM: Fearless Swordmage by Eeren

WORKS BY MoonchildinTheSky 

Chibi Miya by MoonchildinTheSky 

Chibi Luciana by MoonchildinTheSky Merry Xmas!! by MoonchildinTheSky

Other works by MoonchildinTheSky 

Luna Lovegood by MoonchildinTheSky Fall in Love by MoonchildinTheSky learning magic by MoonchildinTheSky child Lily with snapie plushy by MoonchildinTheSky

WORKS BY LiberLibelula 

Commission - When worlds collide by LiberLibelula 

Commission - Best friends forever by LiberLibelula WWC Luciana by Liberlibelula by mirzendo

Other works by LiberLibelula 

Commission - The Arcanist by LiberLibelula Disney meets Warcraft - Hellfire Esmeralda by LiberLibelula Warfairy by LiberLibelula Commission - In the Eversong Woods by LiberLibelula

WORKS BY Djinngin

Human In Nature by Djinngin

Loreithian Chronicles ID by Endorell-Taelos Luciana, Vincent and Sara for Endorell-Taelos by Djinngin Elf Boy by Djinngin +Inaiyah Zavirone+ by Djinngin

Other works by Djinngin

 Angels In The Water by Djinngin The Ice and The Storm by Djinngin You Are Far From Angels by Djinngin Mortis Daughter by Djinngin


works by Kat-Nicholson

First Skating Lesson! by Kat-Nicholson

Princess Luciana by Kat-Nicholson Luciana by Kat-Nicholson

Other works by Kat-Nicholson 

Giant Panda  Earth Hour Fundraiser  update: SOLD by Kat-Nicholson Devil's Advocate by Kat-Nicholson 

Mature Content

A Touch of Sorrow by Kat-Nicholson
 Titania and Oberon by Kat-Nicholson


WORKS BY Luciana-Lu 

Contest: Hot chocolate. by Luciana-Lu

Commission - Emmanuel by Luciana-Lu Commission - Kaliya+Emmanuel by Luciana-Lu

Other works by Luciana-Lu 

Commission: Nikku by Luciana-Lu Amets by Luciana-Lu Aurora and the flowers by Luciana-Lu Commission: Wedding by Luciana-Lu


Vision by Rui-Shi

As Tangible as Chains by Rui-Shi Vision: Alternative by Rui-Shi

Other works by Rui-Shi 

Valley of the Seekers by Rui-Shi  Demi-Human by Rui-Shi A new Lease on Life by Rui-Shi Child of the Doombringer by Rui-Shi

WORKS BY JenniferHealy 

Kaliya by JenniferHealy Lykaios by JenniferHealy

Other works by JenniferHealy 

ImagineFX Issue 104 Cover by JenniferHealy Evelyn by JenniferHealy Repressed Memories by JenniferHealy Memento Mori by JenniferHealy

WORKS BY elfdust 

Commission: Evil by elfdust Commission: Emmanuel by elfdust

Other Works by elfdust 

The Youth of Spring by elfdust The Unearthly Queen by elfdust Surviving a Curse of High Seas by elfdust I've Seen Your Face Before by elfdust

That's all for now! See you in two weeks!


I would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the Chronicles and everyone who has ever created artwork based on it.  I am very much appreciative. :thanks:


Vol. 1 |  Vol. 2 |  Vol. 3 | Vol. 4 |  Vol. 5 |  Vol. 6 | Vol. 7 | Vol. 8

... this article series was inspired by Mirz123's Artists of Relativity series ...

Artists of Loreithia is a new monthly feature series exploring the artistic creations by various artists who have created work based on my fantasy fiction series Loreithian Chronicles. This article explores the work of ten talented artists!
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Challenge 6 - Angel/Evil - Top 5

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 27, 2013, 3:09 AM

I wish u all best. All successful will come to you all:smooch:, you r wonderful when u give me ur sweet and very lovely supporting:blowkiss:
Art-trade/ Request: Sorry but no, I am just too busy now :heart:.


Sorry for making you wait for too long. This challenge doesn't have much entries like last challenge but more quality entries. That makes me so happy it means somehow we are improving. Isn't it cool?
 Now I would love to announce 5 top entries here:
Heaven Or Hell? by sirocco-rc :iconsirocco-rc: - Broken by mollus:iconmollus: - Celeste by lu--24:iconlu--24: - Angelo dei fiori by Yun-Afezeria:iconyun-afezeria: - Lilith by Aeylan:iconaeylan:

Trust me, I want to have top 10, not only 5 at this time so bad cause there are some very nice other entries too. That's why it takes me more than a week to choose top 5 ;^;
And for peoples who couldn't make it this time, please don't be upset. As the point of this challenge is not for winning but for improving and it's like a motivation for us to draw/work more on art :meow:.
 Please never stop working and improving your skills. Well, I have to back to practicing more now too, ^^
Please don't forget to drop all loves for out wonderful entries:…

  Please give me time to announce the top 5. The challenge is closed now. Thank you for joining it and we will have another challenge when another 1000 points are reached ^^.

Another 1000 points goal is reached (thanks to all donations) so we are going to have another challenge this month. This time, the theme is Angel/Evil Yes, whatever you want, as long as it's angel/evil relation. After you done your drawing, please comment here (don't send me note cause I am already dieing in them and I am sure I will miss your work x__x).

Let make it short with rules here:
    1. Draw Angel/Evil theme. You can draw angel or evil or both of them (choose one yourself, any thing you feel comfortable with). This theme is familiar so try to be creative. Yeah, be unique :love:. 2. Submit your challenge entry by comment in this journal (please upload your work on DA). 3. Don't send me note with your entry (entry sends by note won't be counted). 4. If you don't follow the rule, your entry won't be count. Sorry, 5. You can have many entries as you want but only one get top 5. 6. If you are already in top 5 at last challenge (challenge 5) then you can't win this time, but you still can join if you want (just not win). If you were one of the winners of last challenge, please write next to your entry's comment dear (so it saves my time, thanks a lot for your helping dear). Ex: This is my entry: [link] - I was in top 5 of last challenge. Top 5 of the challenges before last challenge (challenges 1 -> 4) still can win. 7. New works only please (after this journal is submitted) since this is not a contest, again, this like a 'little push' to push we all do art ^^. 8. Deadline: End of April (so you can have plenty of time ^^). 9. Link the journal under your artist description/works so more peoples can know & join it.

Any tools are fine from photo to drawing except literature. I know it's unfair for writers but I am truly sorry about it because I am not good at literature :(.
It would be nice if you link this under journal your entry so more people can join it ^^.

I will chose top 5 drawings end of next month and each of them will get 200 points & featuring in my journal.

This is not a contest, it's just likes a little "push, inspire, reason etc" for you to draw and just think it's like a chance for practicing therefore don't be so serious to win. Make it likes a good time to draw :)
Grab you pen/art tools now :la::eager:.

Winners of last challenges:
Challenge 1: Moon - Top 5
Challenge 2: Bird - Top 5
Challenge 3: Book - Top 5
Challenge 4: Yellow - Top 5
Challenge 5: Music - Top 5

Thank you for taking time to read my journal:tighthug:.
Have a great day :huggle:

My photo account :iconhbisnt:

Transient Dream by HBisntLet me free by HBisntPoison Love by HBisntA letter for you by HBisntGolden Spring by HBisntWaking up midnight by HBisntWhisper of morning by HBisntFilled with pink by HBisnt

Can you believe they are hand embroidery (hand made) works??? :faint:

Lotus - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-HandLotus 2 - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-HandMeditation - Hand Emboirdery by X-Q-HandWild Rose - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-HandBeetle - Hand Embroidery by X-Q-Hand

Featured artist: :iconadmx:
What's worth solving... by admxYou fill me up by admxQuality by admx:lovelymelt: by admx:admxla: by admx

My awesome contest winners of coloring contest please:
Please share your loves for all awesome entries too, Traditional & Digital.

Commissions status: Close

All information of commission and commission list can be found here:

Treasure Box



:hug::hug: Thanks a lot:smooch::glomp:

They are newest gifts :hug:. Please check the rest here… cause my journal doesn't have enough space to post all :(...Sorry.
If I miss your then please note me cause I may lost your comment dears:tighthug:

For Her by Mako-yo:iconmako-yo:--170612- by Amdhuscias:iconamdhuscias:-Gift for hellobaby by fatpear:iconfatpear:-hellay by silk501:iconsilk501:-Taika the Fox Witch by Amdhuscias:iconamdhuscias:-Happy Birthday, Hello! Cheshire says by ApocryphionXII:iconapocryphionxii:-Birthday Gift by kjajw:iconkjajw:-Comm : Hellay by menolly-48:iconmenolly-48: from angel :iconelyra-coacalina: - Something for Hello Baby by Rubilisa:iconrubilisa:-Pisces by ShyGirl0-0:iconshygirl0-0:-Hatsune miku fanart by ShyGirl0-0:iconshygirl0-0:-Gift for HellowBaby by Sarah17GE:iconsarah17ge:-Hellay and Piggo by Altonaix:iconaltonaix:-Delinda, Sculpture + Reference by ArtyAMG:iconartyamg:-Carnaval by Sakon04:iconsakon04:-Elf Girl by Bobstickles:iconbobstickles:-HelloBaby La :animation: by Hinotechi:iconhinotechi:-Elementaliste by Clad95150:iconelementaliste:-:iconmaevachan:-Hello Yamasoko by Inklingirl16:iconinklingirl16: -hellobaby avatar by CookiemagiK:iconcookiemagik:-:iconerebun:-SS - Bi - by Sakuli:iconsakuli:-8.innocence by zulou:iconzulou:
:bulletblack: And the rest here… . A lot of amazing arts there, be sure dont miss them :love:

Give them more love please cause they r really nice:hug::hug: Thanks again for all of your lovely gift:smooch:

Design by super awesome & sweet shebid for me. How sweet!:happycry:. Please visit and drop her some loves and you wont regret cause she is an amazing artist herself:love:.
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Ifigenia - CrowsReign by Codinas Tribute 24 by E1969R Chloe Moretz by AmBr0
SPRING GIRL by ericstavros Susan Coffey by Statham75 smile by zanoob
Rocket Girl by trixxx Photographer's Niece by mmuch Empty space by Q-Le
 Sir Ian Mckellen by HyperionDreams Margo's morning by Azalea2010 Johnny Depp by MrsButterD

Lady Godiva by PMucks Baby Panda by BannanaPower Washes and Lions by Novawuff
A Moment Suspended in Time by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro :thumb295139666: when Im with my music by niki426
Eyes cast down by Briscott 1054. portrait oil by dry brush. Adriana Lima by yakovdedyk Peacock by tacsitimea
Seawitch by Asfahani abyss by Afdemridge :thumb282832177:
grace by Vitadog Brandy in Bedroom by lenapo Souls of Earth by wolf-minori

before the night (H.Zidovnik L.) by HelaLe Spring Music Hall by Monaco29 The Forgotten Boats by BarbaraPommerenke

Thank you for taking a look and I hope you enjoy the featured artwork and find some faves amongst them! 

It would be great if you could fave this article so that more people will see it and enjoy the art. 

You can see more amazing artwork in the groups traditional art folders here >> thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… 


:iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconartsexplore:

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The Favourite Showcase traditional art feature 4.
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Do you want a feature 22... finished

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 25, 2013, 11:19 AM

Alright... the feature is finished. And OMG :omg: I got so many comments. So it took me a while to make this feature. I said that I'll feature first 80 thumbs, but because so many of you wanted a feature I decided to post them more. So I featured first 136 thumbs. :la: Unfortunately I couldn't feature more, cuz I get errors when I want to put more thumbs. :saddummy: I hope I'll be able to make this kind of articles more often. And I hope you'll enjoy this feature and give these artists more love :love: If you want you can fav :+fav: this journal, so that featured artists will get more attention which they deserve. Thank you :heart:

+ My work The Way I Feel was featured in digital art collection by 3dtotal called PRIME
+ And my first traditional tutorial I made for 3dtotal book Beginner's Guide to Creating Manga Art. I drew drawing with markers and I detailed explained whole process.
+And if you would like to help a puppy who wants to live, then you can visit h-leao journal here. You can donate or help spreading this word. Thanks :heart:

Kymopoleia's Headdress by Aryiea :thumb352891195: Evigilantem Ignis Dominus by noctem-tenebris

Rexi Film 10283 by 3litza Following Storm by RestrictedShadow Liberty by Wild-Shay

Yes I Am... by JonyRichardson .: Valen :. by Chronic-Shadow

:thumb360703214: Synthetic Flower by kiwiliko

Come On by Wolvesoftime27 Falls of the Gard by Istebrak A Happy Lovely Halloween by AiKoNaishinno

Adomone by DILAGO My Captive Heart by CinamonGirl ''All I ever wanted was... by Sketchevrywir

As long as you love me by Davi-Go

Nama Naga by lufidelis Minerva Amigurumi by kowai-usagi

awakening by mizueyes777 :thumb351457296: Don't want to listen by Lyrialia

Arcana by Keimichi Final Kiss by Strifegirl Seraan OC by Kakera-Art

Personal - Muzafr Reference Sheet by TwilightSaint STRING QUARTET: Canon in D by elisegahara Fire- by anime-halo

Sneaky Tyki by Xovinx Time is Gold by joeart-tn daisies spring by MIhrAhrI

Adventure Time: Finn and Marshall Lee by Taimuaki Co-Exist is Possible by FlygohrEmeraldine SAO : Those Peaceful Days... by Kai-Yan

Zoro and Robin by Goddess-Storm Lupus and Merodach by Nick5200 Silent Midnight by Eikomi

.light by of-the-skies Iyoss the Templar by Gnome64 Rose in the dew by MSamsonov

Anemone 2 by YvdlArt moarspace.jpg by IllusoryFox New Feelings by ZedLord-Art

Wallpaper 2 by SerenaDream Down deep in the sea by NekoHimi Rose is Bad Wolf by Alea-Lefevre

Spring Fever by JoshCalloway Broken by NesoKaiyoHYou shouldn't be here by Shiranukii 

Art of Repetition by vaunu :thumb355567279:HeyHeyHeadshot by TheGimpStory

Follow The Noise by Eeren Cold by Chel-chu Golden sunshine by ElyonBlackStar

 Come to me by CarusimaHikura Cry Plays: Dragon's Dogma by CDee23 Sinepha. by nepheme

red balloon by DeBegottenMY GN: Cover by pazlowq Leaning Ice cream of Pisa 2 by Pushok-12 :thumb359858070: New ID by RabenKaras

Aphrodite by Jessica-Prando World's Edge by beastace As I'm Falling Down by Selkyee  Listen To Me And I'll Tell You A Story by ArtOfEdge 

:thumb352034069: Airport Snap by erniedoc Together: Finn and Fionna (Into the Fire Kingdom) by PandaLee88 Dancer lust by h-leao 

DoomsDay Marzie by ElMarten Brictom full body by Sylthuria regreso al pasado by Nesgodraa :thumb359967332: 

Inkydrifter by DicedPears Maerchen V - Maerchenstunde by KawaiiSweet-Nyasa Fantasy Original Character- Arekupacific by DarthDovahkin :thumb357029380:

:thumb360022204: Happy Passover! by EyalDegabli Love is blind by Allantiee 

Steampunk 2 by adwantic Phoenix Flyer_OC by ArtFurry Raven King by ameoname Take my Love by milli-san

Light by 7anime7drawer7 SamGen: Collision Destiny by SAMURAI-GENJI Boredom by Shanteer

MiyoChu by YumiKF -OZ- by ShadowofChaos666

Weight of the World by Wicked-Illusion Caid Sidhe - Aoife - by TheLeopardwerecat Raphael by superhermit Cap. O. Zero by KidiMaster

Little mermaid by milyKnight Mint Chocolate and Charcoal Skies by TagFox Shirtless Wraggle by Susi-THzombie Amaryllis by Tishawish

.:Soldiers best Friend:. by FinalGenesiss :thumb357348737: -Wake Up- by HennaLucas

ID3 by LittleBlueOwls :thumb300609306: kodran by AkaruiChou Kurai Shin by MrGutierrez 

Contamination by TheFieryNuisance Comm: Salvaging by baiwuzhi An Unexpected Pursuer by iZonbi

Serpent Song by xsierramichelle :thumb360121034: Loki by BlackEyesSnowAngel Water ripples by LunarMew

Bittersweet by PointlessMu Aqua - Resurfacing Elegance by ProcerDeCrepusculum Autumn leaves by Alislinn

Good and Evil by YorukoChikokoro Load up your guns by cibo-black-cat :thumb358436214:

.:BELIEVE:. by DTrain2695 Leiona, the Warrior - Character Design by SinLei :thumb361150701:

A naughty night in : Comomission by stickerheart Myuria Tionysus: The Symbologist by maiyouka

Chocolate Heart by Cocodoo Sigeel's Doctor Stein fan-art by Luckeux Giant! Tomatoes - THE MOVIE - T r a i l e r by GiantTomatoes

Brothers by Kouri-n In Memory of Micmac and Darcy by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy  

 Contest entry: Milla-chan by naitsuko Pein is an orange. by cioccoMELLO  Dreamland by zylanthe 


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:bulletorange: Our photo account qoex

And the feature is finished...I featured first 136 thumbs (even that I said 80 ;P), so now you can check them all and fav their work if you like it :love: You can even fav this article if you want to support these artists. Thank you :heart:
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Wonderful Artworks!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 9:26 PM
Some of my recent faves :heart: I think these are awesome! :D
'Midday Stroll' - Oil on Canvas By Robert Hagan by robert-haganDaenerys Targaryen by Psycholand1think pink by loish.. by hoooookStill Life by Fredrik-RattzenBraced by VampireHungerStrikelovely dinosaur by lisansStar by MaGLILflower mohawk by variationsThorin Oakenshield by Gold-SevenSpeedpaint by lithrielAriel by rianbowartcartographer by Chaotic-Muffinsummer rain by hayzyHead sketches by rianbowart:thumb126346946::thumb331667236:The Veil by alifannblab blab blab by Miles-JohnstonThe Blue girl by Mapache-SaladoMy Coolest Boyfriend by ZombieyueIntense return by Mapache-SaladoLiv Tyler by MariaNovikovaMemento Mori by JenniferHealyWHERE'S WALDA by EddieHollyArawak by Rustveld'S' by PinkParasol186 by StudioUndertheMoonElizabeth Taylor Minimal by IleanaHunter.. by hoooook:thumb297976599:Love by adollableThe sound of the ocean by AuroraWienholdLilac by oireveslice by turningshadow:thumb326604634:Melodia by frecklefaced29Indian Chief by targetllwiseman by alrasyidAutumn wind by kosharik69violin by SssssergiuQuick Study Golden Snitch by JalbennSilent ghosts. by laura-makabreskuLandscape 7 by SnowSkadiJourney to the Mine by jcbarquetBallpoint Pen Big Wings by kleinmeliHair by Bea-GonzalezA September Remembrance by kkartGo go by David681Grand Illusion by robrey.. by hoooookFace Time by babsdrawslight by derekjones.:Simplicity:. by LT-Artsgrapefruit by turningshadowGray. by Fezat1Red by lieveheersbeestjeT.A by viet-famwang

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Promenade on the beach by cloudmilk The Hunger Games by Kristelok Olivia Wilde 02 by Ilojleen
Morgan freeman portrait by romonimo :thumb243397943: Brad Pitt by ChrisWoottonArt
KORNELIA by Kardaev Naomi Watts_High Key drawing by salomnsm Charlize Theron 2 by JairoxD
In front of The Darkness by Skippy-s HOPE by GauravHalbe Sunshine by JustABeautifulDream
Trilogy Of Souls 2 by sentientmaster thirst by szog88 PORTRAIT OF HORSE by blanket86
Ducati Monster by nguyencongdanh :thumb172641878: Wabash by masscreation
Selfportrait by Si3art Undertone VII by greQ111 Saeglopur by phoenix132
Love Flowers by ArtisAllan :thumb309511161: Christina Aguilera by PriscillaW
:thumb324892085: Chameleon by THE-RAttie Little Wonder by Crynyd
Praha by takmaj Lalic by thesvetislav black peony by kosharik69

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: :iconartsexplore:

My Facebook>
My Twitter>!/DeanoSidwell

Dean sidwell Art fan page on Facebook -…

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The Favourite Showcase Traditional Art Feature. September 2012.
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