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Vulpes Inculta of the Legion from Fallout: New Vegas.
His blonde concept art looked cool so I decided to practice some Flash by animating one of his soundclips.
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Hi All,

The studio I work for had it's annual '5 Second Animation Day' where the studio is shut down for the day and everyone in the studio, where you are an artist on not, get to create whatever we wish and it has to be 5 second minimum. We then have them compiled have have an in studio film festival! Every one had creative, funny, and beautiful works.

This 30 seconds of fun was my humble submission. A quick description of my animation: What you are looking at is a window into my brain. You will see basically why I became an animator. The wonderful kinetic and exuberant anime animation that I had a steady diet of growing up in the 80s. You would say, this is my homage to what eventually inspired me!

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A major LSS + a Monkey Island marathon= My first "serious" attempt on flash. XDD

To understand this, you must:

1. At least know what the Monkey Island series is about. (...pirates)
2. Go to Google, look up "lol limewire" and click "I'm feeling lucky."

The Curse of Monkey Island version of Guybrush is my favorite. His dorkiness is just adorable. :> Hence why he stars in this flash. XD

I finished the Tales of Monkey Island, btw. Its ending turned out to be way better than I expected. o_o

Made with Flash CS3. Anyway, enjoy? xD;

PS. There is no pause/play because I was lazy, and this was meant to loop and be annoying. >u>

Guybrush Threepwood and Murray, and the three-headed monkey(c) Lucas Arts
Song(c) Lazy Town
Font from Dafont
Animation (c) ~TheSketcher~WithSkechers (Ask before reposting elsewhere, please. >_<)
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Here is a small WIP of a Flash I've started to work on.

It's a simple navigation flash that will allow you to select a God Tier Class, followed by an aspect, and will give a detailed bio on that Class/Aspect combination.

Not sure when it'll be finished, though. Can't even say for sure.
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Which one of the 4 you like the most? :D

ok most people voted ass number 4, so here is the screen saver of it --> [link]

Official website :D
Ucogi DA folder [link]
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UPDATE: Added Punch, Kick, Damage, and Crouch. Damage does only that because I plan on having a system that makes Knick bounce (when he lands on his head from jumping far, or flying from damage. Damage flight depends on the damage taken)

UPDATE: Added an Idle Stance, and a Jumping Action. Also improved the visuals. Running Knick's face is fixed so his face only moves slightly, and added shading to show place difference between the closer limbs, and the further limbs from the screen. Makes it look... i dunno... DYNAMIC.

UPDATE: There. Done. Fully colored and animated. OH, and while watching this, listen to this: [link] they tend to sync. XD

+Fixed in one extra frame (16 now), and boosted the fps to 26.

Meh. I decided I'm going to do a Knick n' Lutri adventure for my first platformer. It's easy, simple, classic, and I've already planned it before.

Lutri might be the "Luigi" of this game; being a secondary, selectable character. Or something else.

Anyways, it's cute, no? his arms arent done yet. I just wanted to get the basic feet motions outta the way first. Every time I attempted to make a Knick run animation for a Knick's Adventure, I always failed. I think this is going to work out much better. :3

Knick will have basic movements in the game:
Run (DUHH)
Jump (DUUH)
Punch - Faster, but less damage
Kick - Tougher, but slower.

and he might gain extra abilities, like Double-Jump.

There'll be vehicle levels, with Submarines, Jetpacks, etc. Along with a whole bunch of worlds (planets) and major bosses. There'll even be a storyline for just WHY Knick (and lutri) are on this wacky adventure.

PS: I'm gonna see if I can mooch up a Flash 9, since i dont like the CS versions.

PSS: 15 frames! My longest walk/run loop yet! (flash runs at 24 fps)

ALL (C) by me, Nick Roger!
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Media: Flash MX 2004
Time: 2h

Not along thing to do actuly. But I actuly have to add more. >^^< You see I have to color him, add arm bands and wings. Take a guess who this really is.

But yea. I ACTULY DID IT!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was watching my neighbors dog for a bit today and I put him on the tredmill to walk for he has a nasty skin rash that does not really allow him outside for long periods at a time. So they told me to put him on the tredmill and have the TV on. He just walks himself with no problem. Well I watched him for a while and started to do this. Kinda looks like Graven in a way. He is an almost black siberian huski. Very loveable.

So enjoy this.

Art (c) Me
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Done in Flash CS5 for no damn reason
Also here is some crap-quality gif
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Bunni better not watch till the 9th, he knows better >_> *glare*

First off I wanna say the song is not mine o_o I'm posting this now cause I dont want accusing fingures. I just like the music copywrites are written at the bottom. I hope DA doesnt have some sorta rule against this but I've seen other stuff with songs. So I'm plaing it safe and just saying the MUSIC is NOT MINE.

Bunni's brithday is on the 9th, but I got done with this early and want to post it so badly. It's kinda blah, I just installed flash caise my trial verion ended. Theres so stuff thats not really the same, gotta figure it out =/. Anyways it's kinda sappy and all but I like the song and needed to pick something short so not to bore you all.

Oro (c) Bunni
Oniko (c) Me
Fruits BAsket Opening (c) Lyrics & composition: Ritsuko Okazaki

Rememebr to say Happy birthday on the 9th!!
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Wooohoo! It is teh fini!

I had a rather bitch of a time finishing this up (along with a probable developement of carpal tunnel...), but it came through just fine! Small file size, some REAL awesome animation if I do say so myself, and I just can't help but giggle at it every time. Hopefully y'all get the same reaction...!

So for a symphosis, we have Solid Mashi traversing through Metal Gear Solid 3 while Major TaB annoys her and sets her off to find Sokolov, the man with the hugest eyebrows ever. Will Mashi survive this adventure? Uhh...twice...?

And there's a real easy to find easter egg that you guys'll probably like too, though it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Metal Gear Solid. It was just something Kar told me to do.

So thanks to and for forming Not-Macrosick and draggin me into it! As long as we keep this up, we should make a fairly kick-ass name for ourselves...!

This'll be posted on Newgrounds, probably later on today. Still wanna kind of do some stuff to it first before it goes on there.

So stay tuned for the next Not-Macrosick production: Shadow Of The Karlossus! Which...actually won't come for a really long time...

EDIT: Fixed the sound. I guess. Now it shouldn't be all..."quiet."
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