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That's one hell of a pump.

-basically musculature and vein practice.
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Y otra vez le cambio la historia ¬¬

Es un zorro negro y blah blah blah....

Es un poco pervertido en muchas ocasiones, Sabe técnicas de muay thai y un poco de karate...
Sus movimientos especiales mas bien son plageo de Sagat y Liu kang -w- ( si, amigo no tengo mucha imaginación total todo hacen eso de plagear ¬¬).
Es el zorro mas débil del habita que vive, pertenece a la raza de los ShiFoxes , la cual cuando esta en estado enojado o de peligro se puede transformar en algo con apariencia demoníaca aunque no lo es. Por ahora es el único que le cuesta convertirse.
Tiene 17 años, es un poco timido y terco, varias de las veces se preocupa en ayudar a alguien pero le da flojera si este esta cansado o en estado enfermo, su bebida favorita es el mate cocido, y su fruta favorita son las manzanas, A diferencia de los demas zorros este no le gusta la carne de pollo o de conejo, es tierno aunque el piense lo contrario. Su gran deceo es que su muerte sirva de algo (por ejemplo salvando una vida ajena importante)

Fan char by :iconjisthefox:
Art by :iconjisthefox:
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Mas bien esto es para una amiga del facebook en la que hicimos un ArtTrade, ni puta idea si tiene Facebook c:

Female Char :…

Male Char :…

Art by :iconjisthefox:
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Hello all it's me again with a new piece! (WHAT!? two pieces in the same month!? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!)
So, during my month long break from college, Skyrim basically absorbed any form of social life I had so, i just wanted to draw a picture of the two people I spent the most time with over break, which were my Argonian Requio-a sneaky mage type...who is kind of a douche- and my Khajiit Garfield who is mostly a warrior who occasionaly likes to blow people up with fire. He is a lot more noble to the people...mostly

I had a lot of fun drawing this, but coloring was !%*@#^! GAAAAAHH
Armor/ metal =/= fun times
I also had a particuarly hard time drawing my saucey lizard man. Lots of respect for scaley artists. They are a lot harder than those fuzzy mammals.
Overall, I am pretty happy with the end result, but I need to work on my coloring technique. All it really is now is BLUR TOGETHER ALL THE COLORS!! so that needs to be improved. :x
I also wanted to add some shelves, wine and fruit in the background to give the color some more variety, but I didn't have enough time.

Hope you all like it and tell me what you think!! ^_^
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Well I finally got a Halloween Picture down.  Wasn't too shabby with the effects as you can see. Better put them sunglasses on.
Here's the speedpaint which is rendered and stuff in program called Premiere Pro, for the first time. Have fun watching disaster:…

I will never break the halloween tradition of skulls everywhere. Never.
Besides..Some person liked last years picture I did and wanted an 'updated' version of that with more stuff in it, and use it for some Halloween Party invite whatever. Sooo yeah, hence the..Look-a-likes from last year's.
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A anthropomorphic dragon wearing armor is armed and ready to fight the viewer. Spent forever on this painting and constantly reworked parts of the painting many times

Created entirely in Sketchbook Pro. Armor and background inspired by the game Dark Souls.
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-He grew some hair!
-He can't randomly secrete a goo from his feets. Now he can secrete them at his will and also from his hands.
-New outfit added.
-He became more british than before.
-His stripe marks are replaced with diamond-shaped marks
-ankle and shoulder stripes are removed
-Now he uses generic (based on Carl Gustav) rocket launcher, though it's still infinite.
-His nose no longer glows( it was a unnecessary feature like very long tounge).
-Updated the localization files

Idea for goo sweating paws comes from :iconStrawberryPawz :
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Since it has been so long since I uploaded some art, I figured I should at least up load this. Normally I don't upload anything from my books, but there are a few of you that seem to be interested in my dragons.

Anyway here is Toe`ku, Getting his infant apprentice used to eating solid food, as he watches the smelting furnace during the night. But I think the little guy much prefers to play. I like this concept that a large old dragon is interacting with a young tiny dragon. Such strong and powerful arms, but instead of labor or destruction, provides care and protection. This apprentice will always be safe as long as his master is around.

Hope you all enjoy and appreciate the meaning of this piece. And hopefully one day the book can be published.
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Okay, here. Now happy? lol jk lol 11!

But seriously, how many times did I change Spyx by now? Yeah, I know. Hogger's been the same here and there, just a few minor changes.

Aaaanyway, I'm planning to somewhat team these three up doing random things. I'm not exactly sure for what yet. Since Lycan's kind of became another main-side character thing, I wanted to do something fun with all three. AND NO, I'M NOT DUMPING AFOID. D-don't worry. The fuzzy asshole will still be around.
It's just that Spyx and Hogzyy don't seem to be very happy about it. : ) Don't be so mean, guys. Give him a break.

Expect sum more Hogger stuff again after a long time. I guess.

Hogger wears his scarf

:bulletblack: Art n fictionaldonuts(c)SpyxedDemon
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-Retarded Dog Productions-
I took this photo WEEKS ago (when i made Metal Vinyl Scratch) and yes I SUCK at taking photos ._.
Anyway this is the new collection for now, sadly Metal Vinyl Scratch is already gone and many other old pony sculptures that I made for my Friends. All of these can be found in my gallery.
From left to right:
Discord retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Fluttershy  retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Gothic Fluttershy retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Gothic Rarity retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Halloween special Princess Luna retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Viking Celestia retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Bandy and Rainbow dash retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Happy holiday from Pinkie Pie (dat eye...) retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Princess Twilight retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Queen Chrysalis retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
King Sombra retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
GAK pony retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Archer Lyra retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Futtershy the angel of nature retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Metal Vinyl Scratch retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Metal-gothic-steampunk Octavia retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Pony Mercury retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Princess Luna retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Andrew W.K. retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Well that's all of it and like i said some pony sculptures are missins :( you can see them here if you want:
Aleks Ponymore retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Billie Joe Hoofstrong retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Airborne Snipershot retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Derpy Hooves retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Pilot Dash retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Nace retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Sprinkles and Everlight retardeddogproductns.deviantar…
Well that's all for now, new to come!
Enjoy the music…
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