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.mp3 files are a butt to load... patience will probably be necessary.

:pencil: When it's done loading, click "PLAY" and then just click on any song title to hear it.
If that's not working, then your internet/computer is probably still catching up on loading. Downloading this (the download button is off to the right side) may help your computer load it properly.

:pencil: If there's a song that you heard in the game but don't see it here, it appeared in the first season and can be found here.

:pencil: Also added a "stop" button this time around. Hopefully some people will find that convenient.

So this is a list of all the songs used in Xolga and Mr. Toko Again.
If you're going to download them, keep in mind that some of these may sound a little bit different than what you hear on this. Some of these songs were cut/edited for the game.

When you click on the download button, your computer should automatically download the file and it'll show up in the place where ever you set your downloads to go to.
"Bounce" will take you to Flash Kit though. For Flash Kit, the download links are under "Download Loop as". You have the option to get it as a .wav, .mp3, or a flashtrak.

If your internet's being a butt, you can look up the titles and download directly from this site.

Enjoy/help yourselves! ;7;
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For those of you who don't like Newgrounds, you can play it here instead.

If you want an ending with a guy other than Lewis or Joseph, you have to invite them to your wedding. :/ How? Keep on talking to them until you can bring the subject up.
P.S. Cheat codes are hidden throughtout the game. Some of them may be kind of tricky to find.

--------- Good Ol' Character Popular Poll By Comments ---------
(This is an ongoing poll. Feel free to vote anytime by commenting.)

:bulletgreen: Lewis Ashton: 50 votes
:bulletblue: Daniel Claud: 65 votes
:bulletred: Ian Leroy: 47 votes
:bulletyellow: Ferris Vidal: 73 votes
:bulletwhite: Joseph Knight: 60 votes

Click [link](here) for the "official" poll.

-------------------- Fan Art --------------------

See more [link](here.)

-------------------- Fan Comic --------------------
Kingdom Days fan comic can by found here: [link]
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:new: Episode 1 is now outttt...!

All I can say is that this visual novel series will be a direct sequel to Xolga and Mr. Toko. I predict that it will be around 8 episodes long. (Game play probably won't change much either)

More info on this may be released later~
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Can everybody reading this do me a favor and go over to NatsNeko and send her lots of hugs, love, llamas, etc. And comment on her page saying something along the lines of "Thank you very much you lovely person for giving a subscription to Pacthesis because without it, she wouldn't be able to post a lovely new journal with lovely pictures."
But please, no spamming. Or if you're too lazy and don't want to, that's a-okay too.
Thanks in advance. ;o;

After approximately 168 hours of playing video games, sleeping, walking on my treadmill, watching movies/anime, and doing leisure activities that are rare for me, I've decided to start another project.

Star Days

It is said that when people die, they become stars. A group of people from different parallel universes and planets go on a journey to travel outside the Solar System and bring back loved ones who have passed away.


I suppose you could call it a dating sim about aliens, but technically they are all human… just from different planets in different parallel universes in which their planet is the only known one to be able to support human life. (example: in one universe, Mercury has oxygen/water and is the 3rd planet from the sun while Earth is the 1st.)

Right now you see 4 bachelors, but this game will have a total of 8… at least one (if not two of them) will be a bachelorette.

Release Date

My goodness, it's too early to tell. I think this project is going to be big… even bigger than Number Days. I might even break my 6 month "rule"/limit. I MIGHT. BUT I REALLY HOPE I DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE DANG GURL HALF A YEAR IS A LONG TIME AND I WANNA MOVE ON. My early dating sims took me about 2-3 months to finish each… my more recent ones have been in the 4-5 range… I'll post a release month/date when I think I have one, okey-dokey.


Tara has never been good at making friends. While she does have a few close ones, her best friend, Lee is one of the most important people to her. When he is diagnosed with leukemia, Tara finds it hard to imagine life without him as she has known him since childhood. She holds strongly onto the belief that Lee would recover, but he eventually loses his battle with cancer. Despite feeling prepared for the worst outcome, Tara feels deep anguish.

Later she encounters an odd bunch of individuals and what looks like a spaceship. They are apparently on a journey to travel outside the Solar System to "The Constellations", an area inhabited by people from all universes who have died. It is said that if a price is paid, one can bring a deceased person back to life. While Tara initially considers joining the crew, she ends up refusing and going home.

The following night, Tara is "abducted" by the crew. No, they don't want to probe her brain, but she happened to have dropped the gift she received from Lee on her birthday and they just wanted to return it. (apparently ringing the doorbell would've been too suspicious, so abduction it was) As the crew was about to set Tara back on her way, she requests to come along and they welcome her aboard. Tara embarks on a journey to not only give Lee a second chance at life, but to also discover how to make new friends and what life really means to her.

As each character's story gets deeper, they will show off more of their true personality and eventually they will reveal the identity of the person they wish to bring back to life.
Genre of the story is best described as adventure, sci-fi, romance, comedy ("pacdabutt" humor), and a bit slice of life.


Star Days
From Earth and is the main character (that you can rename of course). Sometimes plays the role of "the only sane person". While she's the adventurous type, she's cautious and skeptical. Might be the "smartest" out of all of the main characters/players I've made. Enjoys challenges, but sometimes sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. She recently donated her hair which made her friend, Lee a little upset before he passed away. He thought that she looked better with long hair.

Star Days
From Pluto. Earthlings aren't the only ones who don't classify Pluto as a planet. The other crew members never even heard of Pluto before. Ry constantly insists that Pluto is the most awesome and planet-like planet to ever be. Often likes to think that he's in charge even when he's lacking the authority. He's the type that goes out of his way for others, but can be too compassionate for his own good… which gets him in trouble. Despite wanting to be good for the world, he almost seems to enjoy causing trouble. "A bad boy with morals"… I suppose that's what he's called.

Star Days
From Saturn. Sometimes referred to as "Mag" by the others. In English, his name sounds like a thing we read while taking a dump, but in his native language, "Magazine" is just a name… like "John". (they overcome language barriers are with a special device) The technology in his world is beginning to cause major problems as people are abusing its power and causing war. He's technically the "captain" of the ship because it belongs to him, but he doesn't act like one due to his apathy. Sometimes his personality is so mechanical, it's humorous. Things that look "cute" tickle his fancy though…

Star Days
From Neptune. In his culture, exposing one's face in public is just as inappropriate as walking around without pants on. The face is something only lovers are supposed to see. It's even inappropriate for family and close friends to see faces. Children and the elderly are excused from this "norm" however. He still finds it a bit uncomfortable being around people who expose their faces so much. He lost his mask and is resorting to a box to cover his face. While he's a gentleman at heart and has good manners, he is paranoid and freaks out often… and I mean often.

Star Days
From Mercury. Has little compassion for others but often finds himself being dragged into situations he'd rather not take part in. Not initially part of the crew but joins later in the story. He actually never wanted to be part of the crew but his own transportation device broke down while he was trying to get to The Constellations. He should be thankful that they even took him in, but he acts very bitter towards everyone. Perhaps he just doesn't know how to express his gratitude. (my a**hole senses are tingling… but who knows, I might not hate him as much as I think I will… just look at Xolga, he was able to get on my good side)


Like Number Days, there will be objectives/quests/etc. but they will play out more like "side quests" that are unrequired to continue the main story, but lead to different story/character paths. If one were to ignore all of the objectives and quests, the gameplay will feel more like my older dating sims. That way, if one's browser were to crap out on them, they would have to make up less progress. (save systems on flash with action script 2.0 are rather iffy, and they don't work with every browser… for the most part, I'm going to avoid them because they are not reliable enough)

There will be different worlds (I'm planning for Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and maybe one extra which is a secret right now) the crew can travel to where the player can meet and unlock more characters they can befriend/"date".

I'm splitting the bachelors/ bachelorettes into two groups: the main "crew" (all of them are shown in the poster) and side characters. All of them will have story routes and you can get endings with each one. Main differences between the two groups is that the main crew plays a large role in the main plot while the side characters just play a role in their own story in their own worlds.

The side characters will be from one of each: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. At least one (if not two) of them will be female… and one of them is going to be a guy with glasses because I love guys with glasses and I'll be too sad if I have to make a game with no glasses guy.  So actually, there will be 8 different characters to choose from… whew, a lot of work up ahead…

I might not l reveal their identities prior to the release of this game just for the sake of surprising you guys. But who knows, pictures of them will probably get leaked onto my tumblr eventually.
There will also be multiple endings similar to Memory and Number Days.


I know that a lot of people out there want me to go a little more "mainstream" with the theme/concepts of my dating sims (vampires, demons, wizards, ninjas, magic, creatures, fantasy, music/idols, school setting, cat/dog/animal people—I've done a few of those by the way) but when I think of an idea, I try to let it flow. I guess my ideas don't always flow in the direction of vampires and stuff. When my ideas go mainstream, I let them go mainstream. When's the next time that's going to that happen? It's hard to predict that kind of stuff…

A part of me feels like I should be making stuff that pleases you guys and another part of me says that I should be free to make whatever I want because this is my hobby and people just happen to support t it. Well this isn't an actual occupation and it's not my job, but I think I can find a happy medium between the two.

And I can't make dating sims about your favorite anime/manga, other TV shows, books, movies, etc. Or else the ad company will steal my kidneys and eat my face off, remember? Or if they don't… I'll probably get sued. I don't own any of those characters or stories.
Don't get this confused with making fan art/fan games/fan etc. that are nonprofit. Fan stuff is mostly harmless until one starts making a profit off of it without the rights—but that's another territory and I'm not going to go over it because I don't know all of the rules.

Eventually, more info/pictures/WIP stuff will be posted on my tumblr.
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EDIT: The silly sack barrow resets the game when you use it on other stuff because I forgot to set its variable. D:
I uploaded a new unglitched version. Should be showing up normally now, kthxbai~

*shakes fist*


Took me a bit longer than usual to get this episode done. I’ve been hanging out more with my friends and family the past week. Mmmmnn, summer vacation is a pretty awesome thing. C:

I don’t think there’s anything too nifty going on as far as the puzzle part. But if you get stuck, have a discussion down in the comments below with your other fellow deviants.

<< Part 6 Part 8 >>
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HRRRGGGGGGHHH here we gooooo...!

I've been holding in my urine for a good three hours now. I had to go pretty badly about an hour ago...
Okay. I'll stop talking about my personal life now.

Getting back to the actual subject, I just hope you guys enjoy this episode. ;w;

:pencil: EDIT: A note about the "disappearing" mustache. After you throw the fork at it, it'll fall on the ground and vanish... and then it'll appear in your inventory on the top. ( since it's black, it is kind of hard to see... ;o; )

<< Episode 2 :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: Episode 4 >>

More episodes can be found here.
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I bought a few expansion packs a while back... ;7;

This game

I swear


:pencil: EDIT: to answer some questions... as of now, I have these expansion packs: generations, ambitions, late night, and show time

Extra note:
Please don't ask me where to download Sims. I bought my copy, but I bet that there are many pirated versions of it out there on the interwebs.
Most of the custom content I downloaded came from My Sims 3 Blog, RAONJENA, Lemonleaf, XM Sims, Mod The Sims... I can't exactly remember all of the links of course. I mostly blindly downloaded everything I found to be of interest.
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*No, I did not avoid him for a whole month. We still hung out and stuff. I just never gave back a proper response... until now.
(“Probably” was the reply I came up with to his text: “But... I have to ask. Do you like me back?” ...because I'm really lame like that sometimes) :iconrazycryplz:

halp i'm gonna cry brb gotta go break and smash some things

Jon, if you're reading this right now sorryalksdjflaksjdflkjasd
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Jon think it's really cute when people draw fan art of us (really, he saves all of them to his computer) so I thought that I would give my own go at one.

And yes, that's a maneki-neko/beckoning cat/lucky cat. That was my birthday gift for him. ;_____;

If you guys wanna make his day, I guess he wouldn't mind more fan art...? //shot EDIT: And yes, of course I would enjoy fan arts too :U I love all of you stalker butt munchkinsalskdjlkasjdkl <3
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IF I MAKE ANOTHER ONE I'LL aldjfl;jsalkdjskldkjdflkjaskjldsljkad


seriously though
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