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Can everybody reading this do me a favor and go over to NatsNeko and send her lots of hugs, love, llamas, etc. And comment on her page saying something along the lines of "Thank you very much you lovely person for giving a subscription to Pacthesis because without it, she wouldn't be able to post a lovely new journal with lovely pictures."
But please, no spamming. Or if you're too lazy and don't want to, that's a-okay too.
Thanks in advance. ;o;

After approximately 168 hours of playing video games, sleeping, walking on my treadmill, watching movies/anime, and doing leisure activities that are rare for me, I've decided to start another project.

Star Days

It is said that when people die, they become stars. A group of people from different parallel universes and planets go on a journey to travel outside the Solar System and bring back loved ones who have passed away.


I suppose you could call it a dating sim about aliens, but technically they are all human… just from different planets in different parallel universes in which their planet is the only known one to be able to support human life. (example: in one universe, Mercury has oxygen/water and is the 3rd planet from the sun while Earth is the 1st.)

Right now you see 4 bachelors, but this game will have a total of 8… at least one (if not two of them) will be a bachelorette.

Release Date

My goodness, it's too early to tell. I think this project is going to be big… even bigger than Number Days. I might even break my 6 month "rule"/limit. I MIGHT. BUT I REALLY HOPE I DON'T HAVE TO BECAUSE DANG GURL HALF A YEAR IS A LONG TIME AND I WANNA MOVE ON. My early dating sims took me about 2-3 months to finish each… my more recent ones have been in the 4-5 range… I'll post a release month/date when I think I have one, okey-dokey.


Tara has never been good at making friends. While she does have a few close ones, her best friend, Lee is one of the most important people to her. When he is diagnosed with leukemia, Tara finds it hard to imagine life without him as she has known him since childhood. She holds strongly onto the belief that Lee would recover, but he eventually loses his battle with cancer. Despite feeling prepared for the worst outcome, Tara feels deep anguish.

Later she encounters an odd bunch of individuals and what looks like a spaceship. They are apparently on a journey to travel outside the Solar System to "The Constellations", an area inhabited by people from all universes who have died. It is said that if a price is paid, one can bring a deceased person back to life. While Tara initially considers joining the crew, she ends up refusing and going home.

The following night, Tara is "abducted" by the crew. No, they don't want to probe her brain, but she happened to have dropped the gift she received from Lee on her birthday and they just wanted to return it. (apparently ringing the doorbell would've been too suspicious, so abduction it was) As the crew was about to set Tara back on her way, she requests to come along and they welcome her aboard. Tara embarks on a journey to not only give Lee a second chance at life, but to also discover how to make new friends and what life really means to her.

As each character's story gets deeper, they will show off more of their true personality and eventually they will reveal the identity of the person they wish to bring back to life.
Genre of the story is best described as adventure, sci-fi, romance, comedy ("pacdabutt" humor), and a bit slice of life.


Star Days
From Earth and is the main character (that you can rename of course). Sometimes plays the role of "the only sane person". While she's the adventurous type, she's cautious and skeptical. Might be the "smartest" out of all of the main characters/players I've made. Enjoys challenges, but sometimes sticks her nose where it doesn't belong. She recently donated her hair which made her friend, Lee a little upset before he passed away. He thought that she looked better with long hair.

Star Days
From Pluto. Earthlings aren't the only ones who don't classify Pluto as a planet. The other crew members never even heard of Pluto before. Ry constantly insists that Pluto is the most awesome and planet-like planet to ever be. Often likes to think that he's in charge even when he's lacking the authority. He's the type that goes out of his way for others, but can be too compassionate for his own good… which gets him in trouble. Despite wanting to be good for the world, he almost seems to enjoy causing trouble. "A bad boy with morals"… I suppose that's what he's called.

Star Days
From Saturn. Sometimes referred to as "Mag" by the others. In English, his name sounds like a thing we read while taking a dump, but in his native language, "Magazine" is just a name… like "John". (they overcome language barriers are with a special device) The technology in his world is beginning to cause major problems as people are abusing its power and causing war. He's technically the "captain" of the ship because it belongs to him, but he doesn't act like one due to his apathy. Sometimes his personality is so mechanical, it's humorous. Things that look "cute" tickle his fancy though…

Star Days
From Neptune. In his culture, exposing one's face in public is just as inappropriate as walking around without pants on. The face is something only lovers are supposed to see. It's even inappropriate for family and close friends to see faces. Children and the elderly are excused from this "norm" however. He still finds it a bit uncomfortable being around people who expose their faces so much. He lost his mask and is resorting to a box to cover his face. While he's a gentleman at heart and has good manners, he is paranoid and freaks out often… and I mean often.

Star Days
From Mercury. Has little compassion for others but often finds himself being dragged into situations he'd rather not take part in. Not initially part of the crew but joins later in the story. He actually never wanted to be part of the crew but his own transportation device broke down while he was trying to get to The Constellations. He should be thankful that they even took him in, but he acts very bitter towards everyone. Perhaps he just doesn't know how to express his gratitude. (my a**hole senses are tingling… but who knows, I might not hate him as much as I think I will… just look at Xolga, he was able to get on my good side)


Like Number Days, there will be objectives/quests/etc. but they will play out more like "side quests" that are unrequired to continue the main story, but lead to different story/character paths. If one were to ignore all of the objectives and quests, the gameplay will feel more like my older dating sims. That way, if one's browser were to crap out on them, they would have to make up less progress. (save systems on flash with action script 2.0 are rather iffy, and they don't work with every browser… for the most part, I'm going to avoid them because they are not reliable enough)

There will be different worlds (I'm planning for Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and maybe one extra which is a secret right now) the crew can travel to where the player can meet and unlock more characters they can befriend/"date".

I'm splitting the bachelors/ bachelorettes into two groups: the main "crew" (all of them are shown in the poster) and side characters. All of them will have story routes and you can get endings with each one. Main differences between the two groups is that the main crew plays a large role in the main plot while the side characters just play a role in their own story in their own worlds.

The side characters will be from one of each: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. At least one (if not two) of them will be female… and one of them is going to be a guy with glasses because I love guys with glasses and I'll be too sad if I have to make a game with no glasses guy.  So actually, there will be 8 different characters to choose from… whew, a lot of work up ahead…

I might not l reveal their identities prior to the release of this game just for the sake of surprising you guys. But who knows, pictures of them will probably get leaked onto my tumblr eventually.
There will also be multiple endings similar to Memory and Number Days.


I know that a lot of people out there want me to go a little more "mainstream" with the theme/concepts of my dating sims (vampires, demons, wizards, ninjas, magic, creatures, fantasy, music/idols, school setting, cat/dog/animal people—I've done a few of those by the way) but when I think of an idea, I try to let it flow. I guess my ideas don't always flow in the direction of vampires and stuff. When my ideas go mainstream, I let them go mainstream. When's the next time that's going to that happen? It's hard to predict that kind of stuff…

A part of me feels like I should be making stuff that pleases you guys and another part of me says that I should be free to make whatever I want because this is my hobby and people just happen to support t it. Well this isn't an actual occupation and it's not my job, but I think I can find a happy medium between the two.

And I can't make dating sims about your favorite anime/manga, other TV shows, books, movies, etc. Or else the ad company will steal my kidneys and eat my face off, remember? Or if they don't… I'll probably get sued. I don't own any of those characters or stories.
Don't get this confused with making fan art/fan games/fan etc. that are nonprofit. Fan stuff is mostly harmless until one starts making a profit off of it without the rights—but that's another territory and I'm not going to go over it because I don't know all of the rules.

Eventually, more info/pictures/WIP stuff will be posted on my tumblr.
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EDIT: The game is available to play now. Hope you enjoy! C:

:new: Number Days Sim Date by Pacthesis :new:

All right. I hibernated for the rest of the summer. Now it's time to get back into action.
My college experience so far and the people I've gotten to know within the past couple of months have given me some good inspiration.

Number Days promo poster by Pacthesis

This is Texting Days Sim Date *cough* I mean *cough* Number Days Sim Date.
But don't be fooled. I promise you, there is very little to no math involved in this game… So why does this dating simulation have a weird title? Read on!

(And yes, you can date the chick. If you're grossed out by this option or if you're just simply a straight girl with no desire to explore, you can avoid all the romantic situations by ignoring her… this also applies to any dudes that gross you out.)

EDIT: I finally have a release date for Number Days! Well… more like "release month"... but...
Release date: December 2012
(You may be wondering: "The beginning, middle, or... end of the month?" It's hard to predict the exact day I can release it but it'll be ready within December, I'm pretty sure of it) ;w;
*cough* disclaimer: this project may be delayed if not canceled if I suddenly kick the bucket, get abducted by aliens, or if the world comes to an end, etc. *cough*

Thanks for staying tuned, guys!


Today's the grand opening of the new amusement park in town so Evelyn and her friends decided to check it out. After a long day of waiting in lines and having fun, it was time to go home… unfortunately for Evelyn, she finds herself alone and lost in the park in a blink of an eye. A massive glass wall surrounds the park's borders and it seems that everyone had disappeared as not another soul was in sight.

Despite not having a signal, her cell phone receives a text from an unknown source: "Your time here will end when your number reaches zero." Evelyn soon meets others in the desolate amusement park. Like her, they also received the mysterious text message. When everyone put their heads together, they noticed that all of their cell phones display a number instead of the time. Uncannily, their phones also seem to correspond with their own energy. When their phone's battery is full, they feel alert and awake. In contrast, they feel exhausted when their phone has little to no power. Good thing a lot of kids nowadays bring their own phone chargers with them.

As days pass by, their numbers rise and drop in an unpredictable pattern. Evelyn and the others decided to work together and hope to not only solve the meaning behind these numbers, but to find a way out of the amusement park.


evelyn character sheet by Pacthesis
:bulletyellow: Evelyn (renamable): Passive and usually reserved around strangers, though she's not bad at getting along with them. She's generous and the type of person who gives more than she takes. Her number starts at 12. It's unknown to the group why her number is the lowest.

thane character sheet by Pacthesis
:bulletyellow: Thane: Calm and cool. He likes to get all the facts before making any conclusions and does a lot of thinking in his spare time. He was working in the arcade before the whole incident. It was his first day too. Tough luck. His number is the highest and starts at 29.

spencer character sheet by Pacthesis
:bulletyellow: Spencer: Smart, but impulsive. Sometimes he'll be aggressive and stubborn, but he genuinely cares for people close to him. He's pretty skeptical about the whole situation. Beforehand, he was also hanging out with friends at the amusement park. His number starts at 22.

bryce character sheet by Pacthesis
:bulletyellow: Bryce: Easy going and whimsical. He has a talent for calming people down and holds the group together despite not being the "leader" type. He is a psychology student who was studying human behaviors at the amusement park for a project. His number starts at 17.

lena character sheet by Pacthesis
:bulletyellow: Lena: Very quiet and extremely apathetic. She hardly speaks or shows any emotion. Evelyn seems to be the only person she's willing to talk to. Perhaps she's just shy. She doesn't reveal her reason for visiting the amusement park until much later. Her number starts at 20.

arlo character sheet by Pacthesis
:bulletyellow: Arlo: A strange but friendly guy. He's outgoing, curious, and playful. He always means well, but sometimes he'll cross the line of what's appropriate and what's not. Unfortunately for him, he lost his cell phone so he has no idea what his number is. (And yes, a lost phone is quite an issue... as his energy correlates with his phone's battery...)

This time around, the number of days you'll play for will depend on what you do in the game. There is a pattern and a cause behind what increases and decreases the numbers. You may even figure it out before the rest of group does. The longer you last, the deeper the story and characters will become. (Don't worry about not lasting long. Lasting a decent amount of time will be easy. Staying longer will take more effort of course.)

number days gameplay 1 by Pacthesis number days gameplay 2 by Pacthesis

There will be multiple endings and cut scenes. Major cut scenes will have nice CGs (like Memory Days) but I am going to incorporate the use of game (chibi) sprites more in this game. It might feel a bit RPG-ish or adventure-ish at times. I'll let you decide if that's a good or a bad thing. Regardless of opinions, this is one of my rules for this project: "I do what I want." (Projects I've done in the past that had me appeal to the audience as much as possible despite my tastes and objections seem to be less successful…)

I would like to have this story bring the characters together. Instead of having the player just interact one on one with each character, I plan to have more cut scenes where all the characters are involved. While the player will still have romantic interests, I want the group as a whole to be able to develop a strong friendship as the story progresses. The whole premise of this game might sound a bit dramatic/horror-ish, and while I can't deny the fact that the group will face some serious dilemmas, there will still be romance and my usual "humor" in this story.

Other Notes

:pencil: Many of you have requested for the option to customize the main/player character in my future sim dates. I appreciate the thoughtful suggestions and I do note them. I'm not going to say that a custom character would be impossible for me to do, but it would be a really great feat for me to take on. Drawing and coding wise, it would be extremely time consuming. (I try to avoid spending more than 6 months on a single project. *cough* Chrono Days *cough* Projects that last over half a year tend to take over my life since I work on them alone.)  I'm also wary of the fact that I likely will not be able to satisfy the many tastes/styles/preferences out there. People tend to get picky about hair styles and clothing when they get the option to customize their characters.
As of now, I do not plan to incorporate the option to customize characters in any of my future works, but it is not a completely dead idea to me.

:pencil: Some of you many have realized that this will be my first sim date that features a player character with black hair. Why have I avoided making a player character with this hair color for so long? My main reason was that I didn't want fans/people to compare me to the character. When I was younger, I would refrain from drawing girls with long or dark hair because I didn't like it when people asked me, "Are you drawing yourself?". Don't know why I felt that way, but carry on.
My second reason would probably be the fact that the guy with black hair tends to be popular in every game (I'll get statistics of it, I swear… no I won't. Don't get your hopes up.) and I have this unspoken rule that "everyone within a game/project all have to different hair colors unless if they're related." Well good for these guys, right? They don't have to compete with the "black-haired guy" this time around…
But lord, if anybody says something along the lines of "omg the main character looks liek u" I'm going to Amy Smash everythingggggggg alksdfjlsdf I'm not a 2-D person. I'm 3-D. Three. Dimensional. Not even my 2-D drawn avatar of myself looks like herrrrr. Actually, I probably won't even freak out. Maybe I'll be just a bit annoyed if over 100 people make that comment.
All right. I think I made my point.

:new: :pencil: Can't believe I forgot to also note the issue about making a sim date based off of shows/movies/manga/anime. Suggestions are nice, but unfortunately the ad network I work with will bite my head off if I try to submit a game to them with any copyrighted characters in it. Suggestions like "Make a Naruto/Hunger Games/Twilight/Harry Potter/Ouran High School Host Club/Power Rangers/Sponge Bob/Adventure Time/(ETC) sim date" are sadly suggestions I can't really note. I am aware that I did push it with Wonderland Days Sim Date (I was a rookie/noob at the time) Back then I actually didn't know that I was pushing the limits. It was a year later that I then realized that I was able to dodge that bullet since the characters were original despite the concept.

:pencil: You can creep on this project's progress here:

Occasional WIP screen shots/.gifs/quotes/stuff will be posted on my tumblr. I will refrain from posting major spoilers, but stay away from there if you don't want to see any spoilers.

number days sides by Pacthesis

Oh man. This journal is ridiculously long. Thanks for reading/skimming/checking this out. Likely there will be updates (WIP posts, month of release, etc.) I'm sorry, I do take a lot of time on these projects but I highly appreciate the amazing patience you guys have for meeeeee.
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Out of boredom, I decided to try and find every ending in Memory Days Sim Date by Pacthesis:
It took me several hours, but here is what I've found. Feel free to add any additional information in the comments section and I will add it in. If you have any questions about the guide, also direct them into the comments section below.

1. Your Next Phone Call – End the game with Haru (don't go out on your birthday, start going out on Valentine 's Day, skip week one, don't spend Christmas with him, and don't go on dates. That's what I did.)
2. Happily Ever After – End the game with Haru (do everything)
3. All the time in the world – End the game with Daichi (don't go out on your birthday, start going out on Valentine 's Day, don't go to the movies with him, don't watch him play basketball, don't spend Christmas with him, and don't date. That's what I did.)
4. It's a Promise – End the game with Daichi (do everything)
5. Until our Paths Cross Again – End the game with Kai, tell him to leave
6. Always by my Side – End the game with Kai, tell him to stay
7. The Fallen Prince – Get the key and skip to the end (key – lake- on a tree trunk, right side of the screen (it shines))
8. Three Evil Exes – break up with all guys (tell them it isn't working)
9. Queen of the Friend Zone – Deny everyone when they ask you out or break up with them and remain friends, though this way takes longer
10. Forever Alone – Date no one (skipping everything is fastest)

shutupandtakemymoney – infinite money
dontneeddrugstohavefun – infinite mood
thethuglifechoseme – infinite energy
awwwyeeeaaa – unlocks all buyable room décor

1st season Tuesday – classroom – go for lunch
1st season Wednesday – library – study for English test
2nd season Monday – hallway – work on project
2nd season Tuesday – mall – Christmas shopping
2nd season Saturday (Christmas) – library (Can date from this point) (Can only meet with one person)
(if dating) 3rd season Tuesday – lake – meet someone ^-^
3rd season Tuesday – hallway – birthday
3rd season Wednesday - cafe - go for ice cream (Can date from this point)
3rd season Thursday – library – Valentine's Day (Can date from this point)
4th season Tuesday – café – dresses as Saki
(if dating) 4th season Thursday – movies – takes you out

1st season Monday – classroom – attend class
1st season Tuesday – hallway – glasses scene
2nd season Monday – library – look for book
(if good friends) 2nd season Tuesday – café – meet someone
2nd season Wednesday – classroom – birthday
2nd season Saturday (Christmas) – lake (Can date from this point) (Can only meet with one person)
3rd season Tuesday – library – study for science test
3rd season Thursday – classroom – Valentine's Day (can date from this point)
3rd season Friday – lake – hang out (Can date from this point)
4th season Wednesday – café – eat lunch
(if dating) 4th season Thursday – park – takes you out

         1st season Thursday – hallway – birthday
1st season Friday – park – talk about breakup with his gf
2nd season Sunday – movies – watch a movie
2nd season Tuesday – library – study for math test
2nd season Saturday (Christmas) – park (Can only meet with one person)
3rd season Sunday – mall - go to park
3rd season Monday – hallway – go to basketball game (Can date from this point)
3rd season Thursday – hallway – Valentine's Day (Can date from this point)
(if dating) 4th season Wednesday – movies – meet someone >_<
(if dating) 4th season Thursday – lake – takes you out
4th season Friday – mall – hang out

Work bonuses/days not to work there (this part isn't as complete or as accurate because I had to go through it without any cheats to see what each day did):

        Don't: 1st season Wednesday – spend more energy
Don't: 1st season Thursday – spend more energy
Do: 1st season Saturday – earn more money
Do: 2nd season Sunday – earn more money
Don't: 2nd season Thursday – spend more energy
Do: 2nd season Friday – earn more money
Do: 3rd season Wednesday – earn more money
Don't: 3rd season Thursday – spend more energy
Don't: 3rd season Friday – spend more energy
Don't: 3rd season Saturday – spend more energy
Do: 4th season Wednesday – earn more money
Don't: 4th season Thursday – spend more energy

Do: 1st season Wednesday – spend less energy and mood
Do: 1st season Thursday – spend less energy and mood
Don't: 2nd season Tuesday – spend more mood
Don't: 2nd season Wednesday – spend more mood
Don't: 2nd season Thursday – spend more mood
Don't: 2nd season Friday – spend more mood
Do: 3rd season Sunday – spend less energy and mood
Do: 3rd season Monday – spend less energy and mood
Don't: 3rd season Wednesday – spend more mood
Don't: 3rd season Thursday – spend more mood
Do: 4th season Monday – spend less energy and mood
Don't: 4th season Tuesday – spend more mood
Don't: 4th season Wednesday – spend more mood
Don't: 4th season Thursday – spend more mood

Do: 2nd season Sunday – don't use energy
Do: 2nd season Saturday – don't use energy
Do: 3rd season Sunday – don't use energy
Do: 3rd season Monday – don't use energy
Do: 4th season Thursday – don't use energy
Don't: 4th season Friday – spend more energy and mood (if energy/mood is ½ full or less)
Don't: 4th season Saturday – spend more energy and mood (if energy/mood is ½ full or less)
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Dark Nights VN (otome game) development

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 11, 2014, 3:21 PM
♦ Update 9 - 12 August 2014, Words count is 100,000. I will no longer update the game progress in this journal, please check the official site:

This journal is getting too long o)---<
Please check the "To-do-list" for the game's progress.

♦ Update 8 - 27 June 2014, Completed Junoru's route. Moving on to Sachiro's story. Currently at 68,000 words and the story is about 28% done!

Update 7 - 10 June 2014, It's been a little while I updated this. You guys might wonder if I'm still working on this project and yes, I still do. Because of school it's only going a bit slow.
Current stats: over 60,000 words. Only 5000 left till Junoru's route is finished :iconsqueeeeplz: Done all screens and finished 2 background art. Scroll down for more screenshots! *_*

♦ Update 6 - 21 May 2014, Reached 50,000+ words, omg the story getting long lolz. Currently working on screens and backgrounds.

♦ Update 5 - 3 May 2014, Finally designed the heroine OTL. FINALLY.

♦ Update 4 - 27 April 2014, +10,000 Words, added more screenshots, updated progress, added game info 
Drawing sprites is so boring 
〜( ̄△ ̄〜)

Update 3 - 7 April 2014, +5000 words on the story and updated progress. 

I have so much trouble coding the gallery... Don't understand anything lol.

♦♦ Update 2 - 23 March 2014, added one side character, updated progress (+ 8000 words in the story, almost finished GUI) ♦♦

♦ Update 1 - 4 March 2014, added 1 screenshot, updated progress ♦


It's been a year I started this project and it's back from hiatus (/*u*)/
Maybe some of you know about my visual novel but most don't... xD
The reason I started this project is I used to write stories, Like a lot. I wrote over 180 pages A4 size back then in elementary school.
I still love to write, but have no much time. A year ago I discovered otome games, it's basically reading a book with pictures popping up and changing scenes. Also you make your own choices during the story to a different ending.
Then I noticed it's possible to make your own game. Combining my writing and artskills is perfect *u*

The story will be based on a 100% original story. There is no "main route" and each guy you pick has his own story. 
Firstly let me introduce the title: Dark Nights.
I picked this name because most events happen at night. Thats it xD"

Game info

Commercial or free? It will be freeeee \(*u*)/
Platform: PC, Windows/Mac/Linux
Release date? Somewhere this year? I'm so slow with CG T.T
Screensize: 1200 x 900 
Voiced? Not including voicing for now. I could change my mind, so keep an eye for updates.

Possible endings: 16 endings, 4 per storyline
Length: Atleast 2 hours playtime - 50,000 - 60,000 words per storyline
Genre: Mystery, fantasy, romance, horror, drama
Only a few routes have horror/action scenes, so pick an other choice to skip it xD
You may think it's a murder game after reading the prologue but it's not. The main focus is the story around the guy you pick.
The game isn't doesn't count as comedy but I try to put some 'funny' scenes in between xD
Rate: 16+, for violence, (mild) blood and ecchi

There are 3 different type of endings per storyline.

Romantic End | Normal End | Death End

If you have earned enough points by picking the right choice, you'll have a romantic end otherwise a normal end.
Death ends are spread through the story. The name explains itself, the story ends before you reach romantic/normal ending.

♦ Prologue ♦

You live in a small town near a big forest. Your parents are famous scientists who travel around the world and are never at home.
Every day is the same, boring day. You wish that something exciting will happen to kill your boredom. One day people suddenly start to disappear.
Rumors say it's a demon from the forest, while others think it's a serial murderer. At the same time 4 mysterious guys pop up. You know pretty much everyone in town and have never met these guys before.
You suspect one of them and start your investigation. Will you discover the truth before you are the next target?


The "you" in this game. I think to make an option to name her yourself =v=
I love her color palette lolz

♦ Obtainables ♦

A quiet guy you meet near an old house. He prefers to be called "Jun".
He is nice and kind though you think he is hiding something. Also he barely talks about his background, instead he is curious about you.
Even though he is wearing a school uniform, you never see him attending school.

You meet him during a schoo ltrip to the forest. While you're separated from the group, he helps you to find your way back. 
But he asks you to never return again. You wonder why he is alone in the big forest. 
You are stubborn enough to search for him again. This time he acts mean and leaves you alone. Luckily you manage to find your way back before night.

A strange guy who suddenly appears in front of your house. You think he is a stalker and ignore him. He asks bluntly to stay at your place.
Even though you decline, he doesn't give up. He is very straight forward and honest.
You think he is looking for a hiding place, even though he denies it.

A boy approaches you in the park, asking for help. You have no idea what he is talking about, so you politely reject. 
After awhile you see him more often in the park. There is nobody else around, so you wonder what he is doing there. 
You always see him alone during night.

♦ Side characters ♦

Someone who suspect you for kidnapping and murders.

An strange looking guy who keeps an eye on you.

Your best friend at school. You often hang around with her besides Lioji.

Blace and Jace :
Mysterious brothers who are after you. Are they good or evil?

A girl you meet at school. Is she a friend or enemy?

Lioji :
Your childhood friend. Recently you both are busy, so you don't often talk with each other.

♦ Screenshots 

Classroom BG:

Programs used:

Paint tool SAI
Photoshop CS6
Ren'py (otome game create platform)
iPhone 5 (typing the story on my phone when I don't have access to the pc)

Feel free to tell me your opinion ♥
Comments and critique are appreciated ^^

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dragonmunchies' guide* to Pacthesis' dating sims

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 15, 2012, 7:39 PM


Seizure Bullet by winehausTip For All GamesSeizure Bullet by winehaus

    :bulletblack:Don't use any max relation cheats. If you do, you miss ALL of the dialogue and practically all of the story. Also, don't use any unlocking cheats, because you may miss out on some cutscenes!

Coming Soon

seriously, i just need to find a time where i have the neccessary drive and time
maybe streaming it would help...

Coming Soon

as soon as i stop being lazy


    :bulletblack:To get the max enjoyment from this game, don't use any cheats. If you MUST use cheats, only use the $5000 money cheat. :bulletblack:What I mean when I say you get a cheat "by staying with" or "returning to" a character:
      :bulletblack:"Staying with": you get this cheat if you finish the game with that character, and choose to stay with them in the alternate world. :bulletblack:"Returning to": you get this cheat if you finish the game with that character, but choose to go back to your world to meet their alternate self.


    ~Unlocks~ Format: Person = code (how to get code)
    Veon = effthepolice (get by staying with cat Veon) Clyde = workingovertime (get by staying with Clyde) Raine = gardeningisforsquares (get by staying with Raine Sky = bartermaster (get by staying with cat Sky)
    ~Max Relationship With~ Format: Person = code (how to get code)
    Terrance = stealingistoomainstream (get by returning to Terrance) Elias = wafflesdontyoumeancarrots (get by returning to Elias) Fidel = letthecatoutofthebag (get by returning to Fidel) Aiden = gogoflowerpower (get by returning with Aiden)[the bestest ending if you ask me] Veon = ilikedveonbeforehewascool (get by returning to Veon) Clyde = whereishistophat (get by returning to Clyde) Raine = ihaveathingfortwintails (get by returning to Raine) Sky = canihaspicturebook (get by returning to Sky)
    ~Bonuses~ Format: Effect = code (how to get)
    Infinite HP = iwasntplanningtosleepanyway (get by staying with Elias) Infinite Hp, $5000, all Items + Tools = hatersgonnahate (get by staying with Aiden) All Items + Tools = iswearipaidforallofit (get by staying with Terrance(kinda funny)) $5000 = canipayinchange (get by staying with Fidel) everything: Infinite Hp, $5000, all Items, all Tools, max relations with everyone. = simdatinglikeaboss (found in "East Gate" area)


    Shovel = buy five roses Marker = click on the blue pail outside the flower shop Pencil = click on the green trash bin outside the talking teddy bear's shop (It's called Xolga, and it's shop is called "The Shop") Paper Clip = give Pencil to the purple cat in the hotel Scissors = give Paper Clip to Fidel (the cop) Knife = give Scissors to Aiden (the flower shop guy) Screwdriver = give Knife to Elias Magnifying Glass = give Screwdriver to the talking teddy bear Lint Brush = give Magnifying Glass to Terrance Flashlight = give Lint Brush to Mr. Toko (the dude in the bar, AKA the floating Humpty Dumpty, the thing that has been in EVERY Pacthesis dating sim in some way, shape, or form.)


    Terrance = Cards & Horse Elias = Harmonica & Yellow Book Fidel = Puzzle Cube & Blue Book Aiden = Horse & Stars Veon = Harmonica & Puzzle Cube Clyde = Cards & Rose Raine = Blue Book & Rose Sky = Stars & Yellow Book


    Terrance = go on a date Elias = happens when Elias becomes a Love-Interest, and you have other Love-Interests. Elias will run into you outside of the area that contains one of your other Love-Interests. Does not work for the Unlockable characters. Fidel = go on a date Aiden = date that sucker! Veon = happens when you complete the doodle on the ground in the South Outskirts. Clyde = become a Love-Interest, then leave The Carousel and return. Raine = become a Love-Interest, then leave The Woods and return. Sky = Sky has two, kinda... you see the first one when you first find out his name, and then try to leave. the next one is triggered after you become a friend, and have given him the yellow book, and then try to leave. Extra = there's an extra funny cutscene on the 12th day between Elias and Terrance. You'll have to choose a side. If you choose Terrance, something funny happens. If you choose Elias, nothing much happens. Take my advice, just choose Terrance! XD


    Veon = go to the South Outskirts everyday and doodle on the ground with the marker. Eventually, a cut scene will happen. Clyde = Work until you faint (will not happen if you used the infinite health cheat code) Raine = plant twelve roses in The Woods, leave, then return Sky = obtain the Flashlight (if you use the item cheat code, he's automatically unlocked)


Item (optional "real name") = place obtained; cost to buy
    Cards (Playing Cards) = The Bar; $5 Harmonica = The Bar; $50 Horse = The Shop; $15 Puzzle Cube = The Bar; $25 Blue Book (Project Toaster) = The Shop; $15 Rose = The Flower Shop; $5 Stars = The Shop; $10 Yellow Book (Terry the Toaster) = The Shop; $20


    ~Unlocks~ Format: Person = code
    Oz = screwtherulesihavemoney Cole = guyaissecretlyace Bianca = ohgoditsinfmajor Emmett = donotrytrainjumpingathome
    ~Max Relationship With~ Format: Person = code
    Roland = wegotsnakesonaplane Oz = allsimboysarerobotsanyway Nathan = redheadgingersamedifference Emmett = insovietrussiayouhealbandage Cole = ddrripoffsftw Landon = nerdsirldontlookthishandsome Bianca = doublerainbowpride Teddy = fanboyofaboyband ALL = whatisthisidonteven
    ~Bonuses~ Format: Effect = code
    Skip to day 30 = fastforward +2000hp = pillshere +$1000itstimeforinflation +2000hp, +$1000, +50 of all itemscoolstorybro


Format: Person = Item(+relationship points)
    Teddy = Lemon Pop(+20) & CD(+30) Landon = Tea(+20) & Book(+30) Bianca = Flowers(+30) Roland = Candy Bar(+20) & compass(+30) Nathan = tea(+20) & watch(+30) Oz = Stickers(+30) Cole = Candy Bar(+20) & Tokens(+30) Emmett = Candy(+20) & Plush Doll(+30)


    Teddy = First cutscene is at relationship 280+ and you enter the area he camps out in. Landon = Triggered when you reach 270+ relationship and enter the area. Bianca = There's one when you first figure out how to unlock her(see --Unlockable-- Bianca). The second is triggered when your relationship is 270+ and you try to leave the area. Roland = The first cutscene is when you reach 270+ relationship points and enter the area. Nathan = Nathan gets enough cutscenes. XP Oz = If you bought him(see --Unlockable-- Oz), then there will be a cutscene when you first meet on day 15. Then there's another when you reach 300 relationship points(leave the area, then reenter to trigger the cutscene). There's a funny cutscene after you give him some stickers, then leave and return. Cole = Depending on your choice with Emmett(see --Unlockable-- Emmett), there's a cutscene when you first meet on day 10. Then there's another cutscene when you reach 250+ relationship points when you enter the area. (I have to say, whenever Cole says "handicapped", it always makes me laugh...) Emmett = There's one when you first meet, and depending on your choice(see --Unlockable-- Emmett) then, there's a scene on day 10 when he comes back. When your relationship points with him reach 240, leave the train station and then return for a cutscene.


    Oz = You need to save up $300 and purchase Oz from your computer. He'll arrive at your apartment on day 15, triggering a cutscene. Cole = see Emmett Bianca = If you haven't figured it out yet, you need to use the piano to unlock Bianca. However, the only clue to the piano is in the future, on your computer, in the form of a music sheet. So unless you know how to read sheet music, you're pretty much screwed. So here's some help: number the piano keys from left to right, including the top(normally black) ones, like this: chrono days piano keys. by dragonmunchies. Then play this tune: 8-11-10-5-9-6-8-4-3-11 Emmett = The first time you enter the train station after your stranding(on day 2), you'll run into Emmett. You'll have to make a decision. Either tell Emmett that he can return the handkerchief so that you can date him in the past, or tell him to keep it so that you can date his descendant in the future. Depending on your choice: if you made him come back, then go back to the station on day 10, and he'll surprise you there with a cut scene; if you made him keep it, then in the future on day 10, you'll have a surprise cutscene with Cole(Emmett's descendant).


    ~Max Relations With~ Format: Person = code
    ALL = yaranaika? Daniel = azombiewouldhavebeenbetter Lewis = itseffingfuchsia Ferris = antisparkle Ian = youthoughthewasacatatfirst Joseph = istillthinkheisadouchebag
    ~Bonuses~ Format: Effect = code
    +100 items = workingisforsquares +$1000 = moneydoesgrowontrees +2000 HP = imcancerfree +$1000, +2000 HP, full stats, max items = imtoolazytoinputallofthecheats Skip to last day = tothebatmobile


    Ferris = wine (+15) & flowers (+25) Daniel = tea (+15) & angel (+25) Ian = bread (+15) & paints (+25) Lewis = candy (+15) & book (+25) Joseph = tea (+15) & book (+25) for dates give him roses


    :bulletblack:Mr. Toko will give you puzzle answers
      :bulletblack:He's in the maze~


    ~Max Relationship With~ Format: Person = code
    Elliot = ilovetherichjerk Oliver = bunnyiswatchingyou Lance = thisisnotikuto Jack = piratesarebetterthanninjas Clark = hesgotaghettohat
    ~Bonuses~ Format: Effect = (how to get code) code
    +1000 exp all character = (solve puzzle 4/8) idontwanttoplaythisgame +100 gifts = (solve puzzle 3/8) irobbedsantaclaus +$1000 = (solve puzzle 2/8) skywithdiamonds +50 all stats = (solve puzzle 1/8) imamarysue +2000 health = (solve puzzle 8/8) bottledfairy +2000 hp, +$1000, +50 all stats, +100 gifts = (solve puzzle 7/8) ipwnchucknorris Skip to 15th day = (solve puzzle 5/8) battleofmidway Skip to last night = (solve puzzle 6/8) isteppedonhistoe …I really shouldn't describe it, so I'll just say that it's really funny. At least for the first time. = (get by returning to the surface) aliceishigh


    Elliot = pen & newspaper(+15) & roses(+25) Oliver = pen & teabag(+15) & watch(+25) Lance = candy & newspaper(+15) & violin(+25) Jack = candy & newspaper(+15) & violin & roses(+25) Clark = teabag & candy(+15) & teapot(+25)


    ~Max Relationship With~ Format: Person = code
    Ace = spidermanisnothishero Zane = cuddlyemo Cody(Chad) = Chadisastupidname Emerson = nomorefangasm Devin = dontlethimtieanoose ALL = thisgameblows
    ~Bonuses~ Format: Effect = code
    Skip to the day of the Concert = woooooosh +100 of every item = grandtheftinventory +2000Hp = fooddoesnthealwoundsirl +$1000 = iliketodigoutcoinsfromthesofa +2000Hp, +$1000, +100 of all items, and max stats = mypowahlvlisover9000


    Ace = drink(+15) & plushie & book(+25) Zane = drink & popcorn(+15) & plushie(+25) Cody = fries  & burger(+15) & game(+25) Emerson = burger & drink(+15) & CD(+25) Devin = fries & popcorn(+15) & book(+25)


    ~Max Relationship With~ Format: Person = code
    Mako = nobodylikesanex Akito = 4eyesarebetterthan2 Kaoru = otakusarehot Ren(unlock) = screwthebento Ren(unlock+max) = charmingjerk
    ~Bonuses~ Format: Effect = code
    +1000 HP = medicplz +$1000 = ihasmoolah All Items = epicpickpocket Full Stats = arentishiny +$1000, all items, and full stats = worldismine Skips to the day of the cultural festival = hibernate


    Mako = ipod & plushie & watch & milk (+20) & soccer ball (+25) & bento & cookies (+30) Akito = coffee & cookbook & plushie (+25) & bento & cookies (+30) Ren = ipod & coffee & cookbook & soda & plushie (+25) & bento & cookies (+30) Kaoru = ipod & soda & watch & game (+25) & bento & cookies (+30)


    :bulletblack:Read the pink manual in your house as soon as you can.

--Secret Ending Codes(gotten from the book that you have to pay money for)--

    shyguysarecute = Haru's secret ending code n64isepicwin = Daichi's secret ending code sushiaddict = Kai's secret ending code purpleeyes = Sakka's secret ending code

--Cheats(put in phone in train station)--

    ~Max Relationship With~ Format: Person = code
    Get any guy's best ending after 30 days = theboysaremypawns Get Daichi's best ending after 30 days = imisshisbaseballcap Gget Sakka's best ending after 30 days = ihugemokids Get Haru's best ending after 30 days = foureyeslikesme Get Kai's best ending after 30 days = imhighoffofsushi
    ~Bonuses~ Format: Effect = code
    +3 all stats = imhotterthanyou +50 all Items(includes books(1) and key(1)) = santalovesyou +$1000 = isueyou +1000 Hp = dontletmattdrive Full stats and items, +1000 Hp, +$1000 = amyisgod Skips to day 30 = playtimeisover


    Haru = Notepad Daichi = Game Kai = Sushi Sakka = Anything

--Best Endings Require--

    Haru = EXP: 500+, STR: 1+, INT: 3+, CHA: 3+ Daichi = EXP: 500+, STR: 3+, INT: 1+, CHA: 3+ Kai = EXP: 500+, STR: 2+, INT: 3+, CHA: 2+ Sakka = EXP: 500+, STR: 3+, INT: 3+, CHA: 3+


    Haru = School Daichi = City Kai = Shrine Sakka = Gardens

--Personality(taken from ingame walkthrough, that you need to pay money to get)--

    Haru = "Haru is shy and timid, even when around the one he loves most. He tends to have secrets that you must uncover with your words." Daichi = "Daichi is carefree and not serious. Go with the flow and let your energy do the work. Be cheerful and live life as if there was nothing to lose." Kai = "Kai is passionate yet practical. Think a little bit more logically when around him. His love is more serious than the others." Sakka = "Sakka is a secret character. You need to buy the key from Mr. Toko."

I figured, "Hey, I'm writing all this other stuff down, I might as well put this in too."

--Personal Opinions of Secret Endings--

    Haru = cute Daichi = sweet Kai = bittersweet(because of a certain teddy) Sakka = comedic

    Kai's secret code = D3
      You get this from passing his sushi quiz. I'm not sure what happens if you enter the code even if you failed the quiz, so I would just play it safe and ace his quiz. If you don't know an answer, you can just google the question.

You'd get these codes, anyway, they're just here so you don't have to write them down.
    (flower) Ayame's secret code = B6 (book) Reina's secret code = C2 (food) Eri's secret code = A3


I am a lazy, lazy, lazy girl. I still need to post a section for her newest game, Memory Days... Hmm... Should that go between 2.5 and Festival Days, because Memory Days is part of the 1.0, 2.0, and 2.5 thing? Or should it go at the top because it's the newest game and the whole thing is going from newest to oldest?
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< a href="">>:\___/ Go take it yourself!
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Hello,Guys. I am not the most famous guide to start with,But I add many details on. But,This guide will 'guide' you there. To you guys,Please comment! Its important I have them becuase I want to let others know about me. And I also have Memory days and number days guide.
If you want to see it,Check out me,And you will find me. But, please read my guide to let you prove that I am good to start with. But I also need to go over some rules:

1.Please,No negative comments! That will just get my reputation down.
2. Share this guide,And It will be helpful!
3.No complaints,BUT feedbacks!
4. Reply now if problems! Its important to others too!
5. Enjoy! ^^ (Or die.)

New:Yep,You guys brought this up a notch to the 2nd most popular guide.

Extreme OMGOH MY GOD YOU GUYS!!! You guys made this the 2nd most popular guide. Thank you so much,It was supposed to be 2nd unpopular guide,But It speaks to you,Dosen't it?

Well,The faves are tied up with Memory days guide,But since there is more comments with other people (Excluding my replies and multiple comments they made.) So this is 2nd place. If you loved this WAY BETTER than memory days,Be sure to share it with others,Because they are having a competition. Also,I really thank you for the faves,And comments. So,I keep your comments,shares and when you add it to your galleries on my inbox. So far,This is my results:
21 Messages by TTPeriod

21 Messages by TTPeriod

21 Messages by TTPeriod

So many :'( But I know Amy has more,So I shouldn't feel...How
should I put this....AWESOME~!  I deleted some,But if you gave me one thing,like a fav or others, it will be kept. if you did multiple,ONE of your mails are being kept. Don't feel bad,All of you guys had a chance,All right? -_^

go to the game:…sim-date/Lunar%20Days%20Sim%20Date.swf
Memory days guide:

I                                                                                      ~ Cheats ~                                                                                                          I   
I                                                         hatersgonnahate - Gives infinite HP, $5000, max items, all the tools
¤ gogoflowerpower - Gives maximum relationship with Aiden
¤ simdatinglikeaboss - Gives maximum relationship with all characters, all tools, max items, infinite HP, $5000
¤ effthepolice - Automatically unlocks Veon
¤ ilikedveonbeforehewascool - Gives maximum relationship with Veon
¤ workingovertime - Automatically unlocks Clyde
¤ whereishistophat - Gives maximum relationship with Clyde
¤ canihaspicturebook - Gives maximum relationship with Sky
¤ bartermaster - Automatically unlocks Sky
¤ gardeningisforsquares - Automatically unlocks Raine
¤ ihaveathingfortwintails - Gives maximum relationship with Raine
¤ iwasntplanningtosleepanyway - Gives infinite HP
¤ wafflesdontyoumeancarrots - Gives maximum relationship with Elias
¤ iswearipaidforallofit - Gives you max items and all the tools
¤ stealingistoomainstream - Gives maximum relationship with Terrance
¤ canipayinchange - Gives you $5000
¤letthecatoutofthebag - Gives maximum relationship with Fidel                                                                                                                                                          I
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I   
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I
I                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I
I_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I

                                                                     ~ Characters Unlocks and Cutscenes ~
    Terrance = go on a date Elias = happens when Elias becomes a Love-Interest, and you have other Love-Interests. Elias will run into you outside of the area that contains one of your other Love-Interests. Does not work for the Unlockable characters. Fidel = go on a date Aiden = date that sucker! Veon = happens when you complete the doodle on the ground in the South Outskirts. Clyde = become a Love-Interest, then leave The Carousel and return. Raine = become a Love-Interest, then leave The Woods and return. Sky = Sky has two, kinda... you see the first one when you first find out his name, and then try to leave. the next one is triggered after you become a friend, and have given him the yellow book, and then try to leave. Extra = there's an extra funny cutscene on the 12th day between Elias and Terrance. You'll have to choose a side. If you choose Terrance, something funny happens. If you choose Elias, nothing much happens. 

Veon = go to the South Outskirts everyday and doodle on the ground with the marker. Eventually, a cut scene will happen.

Clyde = Work until you faint (will not happen if you used the infinite health cheat code)

Raine = plant twelve roses in The Woods, leave, then return

Sky = obtain the Flashlight (if you use the item cheat code, he's automatically unlocked)

Unlock cheats:

    Veon = effthepolice (get by staying with cat Veon) Clyde = workingovertime (get by staying with Clyde) Raine = gardeningisforsquares (get by staying with Raine Sky = bartermaster (get by staying with cat Sky)
                                                                                      ~ Gifts ~
Terrance = Cards & Horse
Elias = Harmonica & Yellow Book
Fidel = Puzzle Cube & Blue Book
Aiden = Horse & Stars
Veon = Harmonica & Puzzle Cube
Clyde = Cards & Rose
Raine = Blue Book & Rose
Sky = Stars & Yellow Book

                                                   ~ Tools ~
    Shovel = buy five roses Marker = click on the blue pail outside the flower shop Pencil = click on the green trash bin outside the talking teddy bear's shop (It's called Xolga, and it's shop is called "The Shop") Paper Clip = give Pencil to the purple cat in the hotel Scissors = give Paper Clip to Fidel (the cop) Knife = give Scissors to Aiden (the flower shop guy) Screwdriver = give Knife to Elias Magnifying Glass = give Screwdriver to the talking teddy bear Lint Brush = give Magnifying Glass to Terrance Flashlight = give Lint Brush to Mr. Toko (the dude in the bar, AKA the floating Humpty Dumpty, the thing that has been in EVERY Pacthesis dating sim in some way, shape, or form.)
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Edit: OKAY, it's been at least a year since I wrote this and I'll make a few things clearer:



I DON'T OWN Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 2 because I'm not that awesome. The game is by :iconnummyz: and you can go play the game on .

You play as Soffie stuck in the Dream World and you must find a soul mate to escape or else you're trapped forever. This guild will not cover every question, but will help you determine how to get which of the several different ending you want to see. There are 30 days which gives you plenty of time to pick the right answers, but only for ONE character's path. You can start another's path, but it's extremely hard to get the best ending for two characters (you will need over 2000 dollars).

Best Endings (YOU MUST GIVE THEM THEIR GIFTS ON A DATE *I usually go on multiple dates with the characters*) :

Cero likes:

Bunny (Plush bunny; 1st page)
Magic Cards (black cards; 1st)
Black and Yellow Gloves (1st)
Crown belt (white belt with a crown; 2nd)
Black and yellow boots (2nd)

Tips for Cero: He's found in the forest as a mushroom RANDOMLY. He's a brown mushroom. Eating another mushroom after the 20th one turns you back into a human. He likes the purple drink (on the farthest left). Stock up on money by looking for mushrooms and the matching card game. Only sing to him when you are closer to him. While selling musrooms, you can check if he's there or not. He likes girls who don't ask for anything in return of a favor.


Gage likes:

Gas Mask (2nd)
Spray Can (3rd)
Red Sneakers (1st)
Heart band (2nd)
Mustache (1st)

Tips for Gage: Gage is found in the green door and is obsessed with art more than Cero is. He's a tsundere character so listen to his story and praise his art. He likes the green drink (second farthest right). When he asks you out, ask him if he means it "date-wise". Show him sympathy. He'll warm up to you eventually.


Riley likes:

Wing Eyepatch (2nd)
Blue Stripe White Gloves (2nd)
Blue Charm (3rd page)
Blue Sports Band (1st)
Kitty (1st)

Tips for Riley: He's found in the red door and is in love with sports. He's very athletic and sweet, never joking around when asking questions like "will you be mine" so answer him a "yes". He went to school with you and his story is sad, so listen to him. Sing him a love song. Buy him the pink drink (second farthest left). If Xam tries to hit on Riley, make sure you beat him up. ;3


Angel likes:

Black shoes with blue ribbons (1st)
Heart hairclip (1st)
Top Hat with bow (2nd)
Black bow (2nd)
Panty Hose (2nd)

Tips of Angel: She's found in the teal door and was sick as in reality. Like the others, make sure you listen to her story and offer comfort. Compliment her. When she asks you if you've gone out with a girl before, tell her there's a first time for everything then wink. Give her the blue drink (the farthest right).


Neutral Endings: Complete the character's dialougue, but don't give them all of the presents. You'll ben eternally friends and you go back to reality with a gift. Yes, you have to give them at least ONE item on a date.


Bad Ending: You stuck der forevahhhhh. You do this by starting a path and you can finish it, but NOT giving ANYTHING to the character you chose or giving them an item using the "gift" button.


Terrible Ending: You're stuck asleep for eternity in a nightmare. You do this by not doing anything. I mean NOTHING. At all. As in. Spam click the end cycle. 8D  


Twist Ending: Eat the brown mushroom by clicking "MUSHROOM *EAT*". :)


Note 1: The best ways to get money is by playing the matching game in the game room and sell mushrooms.

Note 2: Eating mushrooms will do nothing unless you eat the brown one.

Note 3: The drink each person likes is the same color as their door.

Note 4: You can't date Xam D; (Talking to Xam will take 10HP so...)

Note 5: When ever anyone asks you a question and one of the answers is "I don't like to be alone", click that answer.

Note 6: Don't answer anything that says you're better than you are.

Note 7: Next to the menu button is a button with a "?" on it which tells you that you must give all the correct gifts. It also gives you basic hints.

Note 8: It doesn't matter what order you give the gifts.

Note 9: The game might crash so it's recommended that you SAVE your game.

Note 10: If I missed anything or you have questions, just comment or send me a note.
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(Update: NEW CHARACTERS) Chrono Days Sim Date Info

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 4, 2010, 7:43 PM
Questions? Please check out my FAQ first.

:new: Check out the trailer: Chrono Days Sim Date TRAILER by Pacthesis :new:

The news: There are now EIGHT different datable characters in Chrono Days.

C-C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER...!! Oh my god what am I doing? Th-this is crazy. By the way, as far as progress goes, I've got all of the characters and backgrounds drawn. The game will still be released around early or mid 2011 though. I'm about halfway trough drawing the kiss/events/ending scenes, I still have to design everybody's date outfits, and I've hardly written any script. :'D I've still got a long way to go, dohohohoho.

Cole's great grandfather. I didn't plan for this guy to be datable in the beginning, but then I started writing his script and got to know him better... and... and HE WAS TOO ADORABLE TO JUST LEAVE AS A SIDE CHARACTER. ;A; So he became datable. Unlocking him isn't hard at all by the way. Also, yes if you do get together with him then you would be Cole's great grandmother. BUT, if you don't then you wouldn't have any blood relations with him whatsoever. Is Saige (the player) Cole's great grandmother officially? I don't know, you choose.

A robot and a Tomo look alike. This guy is pretty adorable too. He's easy to unlock... if you have TONS AND TONS OF MONEY or the cheat code that gives you money. Oh you kids and your cheat codes.

Another fake screen shot for teh lulz. "WH-WHAT THE CRAP IS GOING ON??!1!1" is how I'm feeling about all of this.

That is all for now, peeps. :|


You can full-view the promo poster here.

Happy Halloween, everybody. As a gift, I'm releasing some info on Chrono Days Sim Date, a new sim date I'm currently working on. It's not a trick, it's a treat. But the thing is, it probably won't come out until early or mid 2011. Release date is scheduled for February 2011. Some weeks I don't even make progress because I'm too busy with work and school. It's just something that I'm working little by little on in my free time. It really puts too much stress on me when I make sim dates in less then 2-3 months.


So do you guys know how there was kind of a big jump in improvement from Festival Days to Wonderland Days? Well, Chrono Days is kind of like that compared to my latest sim dates. I'm using cell shading for a crisper bolder look and I believe that the story and characters in this are a lot more deeper than the ones in my others.

Here are some other new features/things I haven't done in my other games but will in this one:
:bulletblack: A character with an unatural hair color besides white or gray. (Well, I guess it's natural for old people...)
:bulletblack: Six... up to SIX datable characters. *dies* Eight... EIGHT. EIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTTT...
:bulletblack: Two different world maps.
:bulletblack: The "menu" will be located at the top right hand corner instead of just being a bar across at the top.
:bulletblack: A "science-fiction" and "steampunk" theme instead of a "city-life" or "medieval/fantasy".
:bulletblack: More noticeable height differences among all of the characters.
:bulletblack: Voice overs. HAHA... no. The sound files (even after compression) would make the game size way too big.
:bulletblack: An unlockable female character. (If you're a homophobic, then don't unlock her. :'D) Well, she's more like a "best friend" that you can hang out with, give gifts to, kiss, and eventually spend the rest of your life with if you choose so. Nothing too morally wrong or suggestive, I think.
:bulletblack: A new map system that moves with the mouse. It's pretty tight, yo.


Anywho, the story goes something like this:
You live in Reton, a city that has recently gone through a revolution in technology due to the discovery of IES. Which stands for "infinite energy substance" apparently. After another long day of school, you run into your childhood friend, Teddy. Teddy tells you more about how his older brother, Landon discovered a "hole in time". This hole in time goes back 100 years from your current time, but it will close in about a month. Teddy also tells you that Landon has finally built a device called a "time jumper" that allows people to access this hole in time. You and Teddy then decide to go to the lab to ask Landon more about his new invention. When you arrive at the lab, Landon asks you if you would like to be the first person to try out his time jumper. You take his offer, but when you put the time jumper on, it goes out of control. It brings you 100 years back, but you can't get it to bring you back to the present. A young man named Nathan appears and assists you. You tell him that you're from the future, but you can't return to it because of your broken time jumper. It turns out that Nathan is a clock maker and invites you over to his shop. Nathan tries to fix your time jumper, but doesn't succeed. He offers for you to stay at his shop for the time being and you agree.
Later, after like 5 days, Teddy uses a new time jumper and comes for you. After some talk, he gives you his time jumper so that you'll be able to travel back and forth through the eras normally. BLAH BLAH BLAH ETC, ETC, GOSH THIS WAS LONG.

Saige is her default name. Of course you can rename her to anything you want. Her outfits change depending on which era she's in. Left is present, right is past.

His real name is Theodore, but he absolutely hates his real name with all of his heart... so he goes by "Teddy". His hair is blond at the beginning of the game, but he dyes it later.

Teddy's older brother. Despite his somewhat intimidating appearance, Landon is actually really shy.

An unlockable character. He's my first handicap character for he was born without hands. (THIS IS NOT EDWARD ELRIC FFFF-) To unlock him, you actually have to do something in the past that will change the present. I'm not revealing anymore than that.

He likes to build things and he's a pilot. He's the angry, angst character if you couldn't tell.

Megane bishounen...! Nathan's going to be my first character with glasses that for once isn't shy and bashful.

This is not a trap. Actually, she's not even human. She's a living doll that was made by a wizard. Before you homophobes go: "EWWW! A GIRL!!1!1" Let me tell you that she's an unlockable character. So just don't unlock her if you're scared of girl love. And again, she's like a friend that you can go on dates with. Nothing dirty.

Mr. Toko and Xolga will also be in this game. They will just be running shops though.

SCREEN SHOT PREVIEW (this doesn't really happen, I was just testing stuff)


That's it for now. Be patient, peeps. I'll get this game done eventually as long as no disasters happen... like me dying, me getting cancer, my house burning down, my computer blowing up, etc.

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Lunar Days Sim Date Info

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2011, 2:18 PM
:new: It's out now~ Lunar Days Sim Date by Pacthesis Have fun and happy new year~ :new:

Sooo much for being lazy. Got this journal done a lot soon than expected.

Da dun dun dun daaaaaa~ ♫

This is my current project: Lunar Days Sim Date. Here, I already made a FAQ so don't ask unnecessary questions:

:bulletgreen: Q: Release date?
A: idk. tba. Maybe around 2012 like how it says on the poster above? Around January 2012...

:bulletgreen: Q: How many characters are datable?
A: Eight. Four are unlockable though.

:bulletgreen: Q: What about Xolga and Mr. Toko? ;A;
A: Like Chrono Days, they will be running shops in this game. Mr. Toko will not be Veon's partner in crime as shown in Emerald Moon.

:bulletgreen: Q: Is there anything different about this sim date compared to the others?
A: The story and cut scenes will run kind of like Xolga and Mr. Toko (visual-novely). This mean more drawing for me, but I think the extra work will be well worth it.

:bulletgreen: Q: So how's super hero life?
A: Don't tell me that you took that seriously...

As promised, here's more info on the game, but oh looooorrrdddd... this basic plot summary is too long. //dies

Do not read it. Even if you really want to or feel like it. Just... don't. Skip down to the TL;DR to save yourself.

:bulletgreen:Karina (or, insert player name here) is your average gal. Kind of a bookworm, slightly tomboyish, but can be hotheaded sometimes. Probably the only strange thing about her is that she makes a trip to the local library every week... the weird thing being her reason that is. Feeling like there is some type of calling towards her, Karina has been having a recurring dream where she finds herself in the library with a mysterious green covered book, but her dream always comes to an end when she opens it.

:bulletgreen:But then on one weekly trip to the library, Karina uncannily finds the book that she has been seeing in her dreams. Debating whether or not she is dreaming, Karina decides to settle the mystery by opening the book. Next thing she knows is that she's in an unfamiliar world with run down streets and a glowing green moon in the sky. Before she can comprehend what exactly is going on, a young man named Veon bumps into her. Turns out he's a thief on the run and quickly scrambles to gather the stolen goods dropped from the collision... including Karina's book. During the chase after Veon, Karina runs into two bounty hunters named Terrance and Elias, and a clumsy police officer named Fidel. More stuff happens, but in the end, Veon gets away.

:bulletgreen:Karina explains to the two bounty hunters of her situation and how Veon "stole" her magical book. Terrance feels guilty and invites her to stay at their residence for the time being. Elias objects, but unwillingly compromises. Fortunately later, Veon finds Karina and returns her book to her. He claims that he took it by complete accident but strangely starts explaining the book's magic. Turns out the book can bring one from their world to the world they're currently in, the "Emerald World". The book's magic only works when the moon of that world is full and it takes about a month for a new moon to become a full one in the lunar cycle. (So as always, the main character is stuck there for a month, etc, etc...) Karina decides to wait for the full moon so that she can use the book to return home, or at least that's her plan for now...


Karina is the name of the player character. A magic book brings her to another world, but it only works when the moon is full. She must wait a month for moon to be full again so that she can go back home. She also encounters lots of people. There. That prettyyy much says everything in the butt load of paragraphs above.

A bounty hunter who works with Elias. He's calm and mature, but can be very dense to how others around him feel.

Terrance's partner in bounty hunting. He's often hotheaded and jumping into action too early. Also calls Terrance "Terra" and refers to Fidel as "Giraffe".

The clumsy police officer who just can't seem to do anything right. He makes everybody around him wonder why he's an officer in the first place and awes them by how freakishly tall he is. Obviously by looks, he's the shy timid type.

An optimistic boy who runs the flower shop. Despite his friendliness and charisma, it's obvious that he's not telling others the whole truth about himself.

The infamous thief that many are after. He's cocky and flirty, but also seems to actually have manners. Even though he had a lot of involvement in the introduction, he is an unlockable character.

A street magician who strives to be a pure gentleman. Takes a fancy in the player early on and decides that making her smile with his wits and charm is his ultimate goal. He can be very forward about how he feels and is also unlockable.

A down to the earth girl. She's open to those close to her, but can be shy around strangers. She is a bit sickly, but she doesn't let her poor health get in her way too much. Also unlockable.

Another furry. A young man who also appears to be a "feline persona" like Veon. By talking to others, the player learns that the city doesn't have many felines because of discrimination. By looks I hope you can tell that this guy is not much of a talker. He does however, have a few "unexpected" traits and is also unlockable.

Stay tuned...

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Screentones Resource Compilation

Journal Entry: Mon May 24, 2010, 7:17 PM
Joining & Submitting | About Manga-Apps | Featured Article | Contest

Screentones Resource Compilation
What are they and where do I find them?
by bakenekogirl

:star: From the original article Screentone or are you...? by bakenekogirl!

What are Screentones?

:bulletred: "Screentone (or Halftone) is a technique for applying textures and shades to drawings, used as an alternative to hatching. In the conventional process, patterns are transferred to paper from preprinted sheets, but the technique is also simulated in computer graphics. It is also known by the common brand names Zip-A-Tone (1937, now defunct), Chart-Pak (1949), and Letratone (1966, from Letraset)."

:bulletred: A traditional screentone sheet consists of a flexible transparent backing, the printed texture, and a wax adhesive layer. The sheet is applied to the paper, adhesive down, and rubbed with a stylus on the backing side. The backing is then peeled off, leaving the ink adhered to the paper where pressure was applied.  A screentone saves an artist's time by allowing quick application of textures to line art where a hand-shaded area would not be reproduced in a timely or acceptable manner. Much like halftone, the size and spacing of black dots, lines, or hatches determine how light or dark an area will appear. Visual artists need to take into account how much an image will be reduced when prepared for publication when choosing the pitch of a screentone.

:bulletred: Screentones can also be layered to produce interference patterns such as moire effects, or to simulate multiple sources of shadow in an image. Different styles of screentone exist, variously intended to depict clothing, clouds, emotions, backgrounds, gradients and even objects such as trees. While the sheets are most commonly produced with black ink, there are also varieties in solid and patterned colors.Screentones can also be modified by lightly scratching the backing with an X-Acto blade to produce starbursts and other special effects.

:bulletred: Screentones are widely used by illustrators and artists, especially for cartoons and advertising. Use of the original medium has been declining since the advent of graphics software and desktop publishing, but it is still used, for example, by some Japanese Manga authors (Deleter and Maxon are common names within this specialty). While computer graphics software provides a variety of alternatives to screentone, its appearance is still frequently simulated, to achieve consistency with earlier work or avoid the stereotypical appearance of computer-generated images. It is sometimes accomplished by scanning actual screentone sheets, but original vector or bitmap screen patterns are also used.

Digital Advances in Toning

:bulletgreen: Digital halftoning has been replacing photographic halftoning since the 1970s when "electronic dot generators" were developed for the film recorder units linked to color drum scanners made by companies such as Crosfield Electronics, Hell and Linotype-Paul. In the 1980s halftoning became available in the new generation of imagesetter film and paper recorders that had been developed from earlier 'laser typesetters'. Unlike pure scanners or pure typesetters, imagesetters could generate all the elements in a page including type, photographs and other graphic objects. Early examples were the widely used Linotype Linotronic 300 and 100 introduced in 1984, which were also the first to offer PostScript RIPs in 1985.

:bulletgreen: Early laser printers from the late 1970s onward could also generate halftones but their original 300 dpi resolution limited the screen ruling to about 65 lpi. This was improved as higher resolutions of 600 dpi and above, and dithering techniques, were introduced. All halftoning uses a high frequency/low frequency dichotomy. In photographic halftoning, the low frequency attribute is a local area of the output image designated a halftone cell. Each equal-sized cell relates to a corresponding area (size and location) of the continuous-tone input image. Within each cell, the high frequency attribute is a centered variable-sized halftone dot composed of ink or toner. The ratio of the inked area to the non-inked area of the output cell corresponds to the luminance or graylevel of the input cell. From a suitable distance, the human eye averages both the high frequency apparent gray level approximated by the ratio within the cell and the low frequency apparent changes in gray level between adjacent equally-spaced cells and centered dots.

:bulletgreen: Digital halftoning uses a raster image or bitmap within which each monochrome picture element or pixel may be on or off, ink or no ink. Consequently, to emulate the photographic halftone cell, the digital halftone cell must contain groups of monochrome pixels within the same-sized cell area. The fixed location and size of these monochrome pixels compromises the high frequency/low frequency dichotomy of the photographic halftone method. Clustered multi-pixel dots cannot "grow" incrementally but in jumps of one whole pixel. In addition, the placement of that pixel is slightly off-center. To minimize this compromise, the digital halftone monochrome pixels must be quite small, numbering from 600 to 2,540, or more, pixels per inch. However, digital image processing has also enabled more sophisticated dithering algorithms to decide which pixels to turn black or white, some of which yield better results than digital halftoning.

Typical Resolution of Screentones

:bulletgreen: The resolution of a halftone screen is measured in lines per inch (lpi). This is the number of lines of dots in one inch, measured parallel with the screen's angle. Known as the screen ruling, the resolution of a screen is written either with the suffix lpi or a hash mark; for example, "150 lpi" or "150#." The higher the pixel resolution of a source file, the greater the detail that can be reproduced. However, such increase also requires a corresponding increase in screen ruling or the output will suffer from posterization. Therefore file resolution is matched to the output resolution.

:bulletgreen: Screen Printing 45–65 lpi
:bulletgreen: Laser Printer (300dpi) 65 lpi
:bulletgreen: Laser Printer (600dpi) 85–105 lpi
:bulletgreen: Offset Press (newsprint paper) 85 lpi
:bulletgreen: Offset Press (coated paper) 85–185 lpi

:bulletgreen: Wikipedia original context
:bulletgreen: More explanations

Buying Tones on the Internet


:bulletorange: Photoshop ($) > see tutorial and brush

:bulletorange: Manga Studio ($)

Manga Studio is aimed at desiging manga. The interface of Manga Studio is located in the line of Illustrator. The software multiplies the tool palettes. He offers many features: management layers, converting bitmap drawings in vector mode, multiple tools, brushes or effects, a wide selection of models of pages, and several features to work faster (scripts, use of several instances of the same design)...

:bulletorange: Powertone ($ - Japanese Site)

Powertone is made by the same company that makes Manga Studio. It is a filter plug-in for Photoshop and ComicStudio 2.0, so you can tone your page in Photoshop. Though the tone is not vector base, if you mess up, you have to retone it all over again. Powertone only work in Japanese OS. To use it, either you have a Japanese computer, or set your computer to Japanese mode.

:bulletorange: If you own Manga Studio 3 EX, the powertone comes free as bonus plug-in. (This is located inside install disk 3, and the name is changed to computone in the English version.) The free computone only works as filter under Manga Studio, and it can't work in Photoshop. It's different from the tone inside Manga Studio tone menu. In extra computone filter, you can set the tone to white ink color instead of only black.

Screentones ready for use

:bulletorange: Here is a partial list of traditional screentone retailers.

:bulletorange: Letraset Manga ($) >  (This is an ideal introduction for Screentone novices! CD and print are available.)

:bulletorange: ($)

:bulletorange: AKA: Akadot ($)  

:bulletorange: Maxon ( $ - Japanese Site )

:bulletorange: Deleter ( $ - Japanese Site )

Freeware Tones on the Internet


:bulletblue: Pixia  

Pixia, the original Japanese Edition was created and developed by the author, Isao Maruoka, but has also been aggressively raised by its fans, which makes this software to be quite unique and different from other tools.

:bulletblue: Texture Processor

Texture Processor is a program for creating various textures. He allows to get practically unlimited quantity of complex textures.

:bulletblue: The Rasterbator

The Rasterbator is a software ( Online or Downloadable ) that allows creation of large halftone type posters

Screentones ready for use in Devianart

:bulletblue: The links below include free screentones, but the use of some requires a permit! Make sure to read the author's notes and see if credit or permission is required for use!

:bulletblue: Use the dA search engine to search for screentones!

:bulletblue: :iconbakenekogirl: >… :bulletblue: :iconpinkcamellia: >…

:bulletblue: :iconscreentones: > :bulletblue: :iconshimmen-iero: >…

:bulletblue: :iconnirakone: >… :bulletblue: :iconkyouyatsu: >…;

:bulletblue: :iconjekylnhyde: >… :bulletblue: :iconamegoddess: >…

:bulletblue: :iconskybase: >… :bulletblue: :iconwyldflowa: >…

:bulletblue: :iconfylgjur: >… :bulletblue: :icondebh945: >…

:bulletblue: :iconkabocha:…

Other Internet Screentone Resources


:bulletblue: Aya's tone book

:bulletblue: Screentones

:bulletblue: Computer screentones

:bulletblue: Japanese Tones

:bulletblue: SCOF Kurse

:bulletblue: Fillamanga

:bulletblue: Milano Aoyama

:bulletblue: Photoshop patterns

:bulletblue: Yokohama Patterns

:bulletblue: Screen Tones

:bulletblue: Screentones Depot

:bulletblue: Mandichan

Other Traditional Methods

:bulletred: A sheet of paper, pencil, scanner and let's go! With a little imagination, you can create your own screentones!

White Ink


:bulletred: Pens, Nibs, Black Ink, White Ink, and Sturdy Paper. Sponges, gauze, lace, grass, fabric! Grab anything to create your own tones!

:bulletred: How-to: Traditional Mesh-Hatching

:bulletred: How-to: Traditional Chain-Hatching

:bulletred: How-to: Traditional Gauze Effect

The sky is the limit!
Enjoy! :dalove:

Written by: bakenekogirl
Original Article here. Original has pictures!
Edited by LOOMcomics

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