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:bulletgreen: Amazing episode IN SOME MANY WAYS!!!! I don't understand why but personally, I haven't found it a filler episode at all! They are talking about an akatsuki member's past. I wish we could see someday another episode about WHY he turned into a human puppet and killed 3rd kazekage!

:bulletgreen: I'm SO glad that Sasori flash back has been drawn and colored SO GOOD (the characters looked so good and some background scenes looked like a true masterpiece) if we compare it with the non-flash back scenes in the same episode about Chiyo vs. Kankuro fight. I loved Sasori's workshop btw (although it looks so different from the one of the old shippuden episodes)

:target: MY DOUBT

Ok, I have seen the episode subbed in 2 languages: in english and my native language. Both versions said just the opposite and the subs translations from the japanese audio looked so confusing and lame to me, so please I hope you understand why I'm still confused:


The english version I saw SEEMS to say that Chiyo was partially guilty of Sasori's friend death because she barely got the poison formula to the standard size and Sasori blindy trusted her (?) and this is why he delivered his friend turned into a puppet to Chiyo and the client who requested Sasori a puppet so they could feel remorse (?).
Question: It it's true that Chiyo was partially guilty for not checking the poison proportions carefully, then WHY did she suspect something about Sasori and what? Was she only afraid of the obsession his grandson had with HUMAN puppets after remembering that Sasori's friend told her that his grandson is so into human puppets? or... did she think that she made a wrong decission of letting Sasori try out that poison on his friend?

The clue to understand what's going on is in minute 11:20 - 13:20 of Naruto Shippuden episode #319

The english dialogues literally say there:

Sasori: I don't like to make people wait. From what I can see, I thought there would be more progress (ok, what kind of progress is Sasori talking about?).
Chiyo: Sasori, what are you doing?
Sasori: You (CHIYO) barely got it (the poison concentrations I guess) to the standard size.
*Chiyo vs. Sasori's friend human puppet fight scene*
Sasori: As requested, the model is finished


The version that I watched subbed in my native language suggested that Sasori tested out the poisson on his friend DELIBERATELY for his own purposes.
I don't know if he did it because he found his friend annoying, or just to use him as an experiment for his own purposes (to build his firts human puppet), or to make Chiyo guilty about her lack of responsibily when checking the poison concentrations.

Here you are what the dialogues literally say in the other version I watched:

Sasori: I don't like to make people wait, I (SASORI) took all the meassures at a guess and I think it/he (this pronoun in my language is neutral so I don't know if he's talking about the progress of the poison formula or his friend's body) already grew a little bit more.
Chiyo: Sasori, what are you doing?
Sasori: It's (I guess it's the poison) barely adapted to the standard size, isn't it?
*Chiyo vs. Sasori's friend human puppet fight scene*
S: As requested, the model is finished.

:target: My doubt is: Did Sasori killed his friend on purpose or was Chiyo partially guilty? If Sasori really killed his friend deliberately, WHY did he do it??? was that kid annoying and clumsy for Sasori or was he jelous about his friend's familiar situation and happiness? afskdfjklsdjfklashdgjsdghasdj

:bulletred: REFERENCES FOR ARTISTS :bulletred:

Since we aleady know more about Sasori's and Chiyo's place, I would like to share here some screenshots I did for those writers and artists who would like to draw some fanart/doujin. I removed with Phosohop Sasori's friend from some backgrounds to make the whole background easier to see. Click on the images to save them in a bigger version if you need it:

Sasori's Workshop:

Sasori's Workshop by Kaoyux
Chiyo's Bedroom:

Chiyo's Room by Kaoyux

Sasori's Bedroom:

Sasori's Room by Kaoyux

Sunagakure by Kaoyux

Extra - Cuteness and Randomness:

(lmao at Sasori's face here)
Cute1 by Kaoyux

Cute 2 by Kaoyux
Cute3 by Kaoyux
Cute 5 by Kaoyux
Nieto2 by Kaoyux
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Prettify Your Bloom: Tips and Tricks

Wed Mar 25, 2015, 3:00 PM by C-91:iconc-91:

Fractal Art Week

Hello! :wave: It's C-91 here and, after people asking me tips on how to make flowers with Apophysis, I decided to write this introduction guide for the Fractal Week. There might be more in future. :flowerdread: 

Live with it: crafting flowers with Apophysis isn't the most original thing ever, but at least we can try to approach to the technique in another way and try to make them different from the multitude of results that can be found here on DeviantArt.

First of all, check the two blooms tutorials by lindelokse, which are the starting point for this technique:
Apophysis Blooms Tutorial by lindelokse Apophysis 3D Blooms Tutorial by lindelokse

Before we start...

Just so you know, 2D flowers are generally more versatile and suitable for crazy experiments than 3D ones. You can use more variations and plugins on 2D flowers without messing the shape up (and they will still be as spectacular as 3D flowers).:flowerflirty: That's why, in this guide, I will work on a 2D bloom.

A simple Apophysis flower shape is made up of a minimum of three transforms, which I usually call:
  • the blur transform;
  • the shape transform;
  • the final transform (a regular FX).

I will go through every transform and give you tips, and make a simple yet presentable. :lmpo: 
Remember there's also the possibility to add extra transforms to make lights, bubbles and other special effects. In this guide, I'm just doing a basic bloom with no extra stuff.

I made my basic shape! :flowerla: (gamma: 2 ; brightness: 7)

Basicshape1 by C-91
Let's try to tweak it. :floweraww: 

The Blur Transform

The blur transform gives texture to your bloom. It's recommended to keep its weight at default value (0.5), otherwise the fractal will lose brightness either on the edges or on the buldge of the flower (depending on whether you set a higher or lower weight). Although, in some cases, this fact can come in handy. :flowerslow: 

Basicshapelowerweightblur1 by C-91 Basicshapehigherweightblur1 by C-91
(Left: weight < 0.5 ; Right: weight > 0.5)

Blur transform - tips:

  • Add flatten if you're working with Apophysis 7x.15C or higher, otherwise your bloom will be super dark! :floweromfg: 
  • Try to use different kinds of blur, other than gaussian_blur: there are blur_circle, starblur, sineblur, blur and many others! (set the opacity of the blur transform to zero if you don't want the external part of the bloom to be blurred - the circle around the flower)
    Basebloomblur Circle by C-91 Basebloomsineblur by C-91 Basebloomstarblur by C-91
    (Left: blur_circle; Center: sineblur; Right: starblur)
  • If you prefer to keep using gaussian_blur, lowering its value will make some sort of shadows under the petals, while increasing it will make the petals look less solid. Add a tiny bit of another non-blur variation (like log) to make the color spread differently. Balance the values of the variations wisely, to get a better effect. I changed the colors a little bit to make the difference more visible:
    Confrontosenzalog by C-91 Confrontoconlog by C-91
    (Left: gaussian_blur; Right: gaussian_blur + log)
  • You can use something else rather than a blur! Try disc, eyefish or swirl with pre_falloff2 to get funky textures!
    Basebloomprefalloffeyefish by C-91 Basebloomprefalloffswirl by C-91
    (Left: eyefish + pre_falloff2; Right: swirl + pre_falloff2)
  • Instead of putting the value of the blur manually, click on the name of the variation you're using and drag the mouse back and forth. You will be able to control the blur better and obtain nice shadow effects. :flowerjoy: by Helen-Baq (this trick is valid for every occasion!!!)

The Shape Transform

Self explanatory... :lmpo: 
Changing the weight of this transform will have the same effect as if the weight of the blur transform is changed...only the other way around. :flowerdread: Try on your flower to understand better what I'm talking about.

This transform can be changed in size, moved, rotated, deformed, and you can add a multitude of variations that will bring special effects. :flowerdance:

Shape transform - Tips

  • Getting cracks and folds is really easy! A bit of log, polar2 or wedge will do. Positive values for cracks, negative values for folds!
    Step2logcrack by C-91 Step2logfold by C-91 Step2polar2crack by C-91 Step2polar2fold by C-91 Step2wedgecrack by C-91 Step2wedgefold by C-91
    (1st and 2nd: log; 3rd and 4th: polar2; 5th and 6th: wedge)
  • Speaking of wedge, it's the responsible for the delicate thin lines that appear on many flowers. Treat them as thin folds (hint hint) and mind that wedge has a variable called wedge_count. A similar result can be achieved with shredrad2. I said enough! :lmpo: 
    Step2wedgethinlines1 by C-91 Step2wedgethinlines2 by C-91
    (Open the images, otherwise it's impossible to see: I like 'em very thin)
  • There's a plugin called whorl which is very interesting, especially for the borders of your petals. Keep it at a maximum value of 0.2:flowerboogie: In the examples, I kept the variable whorl_outside at 1.5.
    Step2whorl1 by C-91 Step2whorl2 by C-91 Step2whorl3 by C-91 Step2whorl4 by C-91
    (whorl increases in this direction >>>>>>)
  • Other plugins and variations (try to guess what I used :flowerdread: ) can give funny results. Just try them in combos and see what you get!
    Step2xvaryxforms1 by C-91 Step2xvaryxforms2 by C-91 Step2xvaryxforms3 by C-91 Step2xvaryxforms4 by C-91
  • Replace linear with another similar variation or plugin. You can try loonie, falloff2, bwraps, curve and many others!
    Ztransform2curve by C-91 Ztransform2falloff2 by C-91 Ztransform2lazysue by C-91 Ztransform2mobius by C-91
    (1. curve; 2. falloff2; 3. lazysusan; 4. mobius)

The Final Transform

Without discussing about what the final transform specifically does, let's say that juliaN et similia are not the only variations you can use to obtain a bloom (or something else which is amusing to see anyway). :flowernoid:You can also combine them with pre_ and post_ variations and get nice results. 

Let's see some examples.

Final transform: tips

  • bipolar and mobius can do something too, as well as ngon! Play with the variables and adjust the transforms to get a bloom!
    Finalxformbipolar by C-91 Finalxformngon by C-91 Finalxformmobius by C-91
    (Left: bipolar; Center: ngon; Right: mobius)
  • Try other variations, such as log or escher. For a better looking result, remove cross from transform 2.
    Yfinalxformbwraps by C-91 Yfinalxformescher by C-91 Yfinalxformlog by C-91 Yfinalxformngon by C-91
    (1. bwraps; 2. escher; 3. log (with cross); 4. ngon)
  • Try some pre_ or post_ variations: post_bwraps, post_curl, pre_falloff2...and many others!

In conclusion...

Don't be afraid of experimenting. Get inspired by your fellows and challenge yourself to discover how they did their works. That's how an artist grows. :flowerhugs: Here some examples that go beyond the classic bloom result (from every program!):
Dark Bloom by tatasz
Divine by BoxTail 
Sparkling Souls by SaTaNiA old things by monsan
233 - Gentle approach by russianlad Scarlet flower. by semenocatya
Posy by ellarien

I have nothing left to say! I hope you enjoyed this guide, and I wish you happy fractaling!

A little take on a very well-known technique!
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Basic Photojournalism Tips

Wed Jul 8, 2015, 1:00 PM by 1pen:icon1pen:

Photojournalism Week

Get high:

Dancer's Whirpool by ShakilovNeel

Get low:

No Way! by ShakilovNeel

Get close:

Smile... by nader-tharwat

Get far:

The Last Stand by ATAPLATA

Get fast:

Kis by 1pen

Get slow:

The Garden of Earthly Delights by DougNZ

Get wet:

As  Happy as the Rain is Heavy... by dannyst

Get moving:

Take me home by GMBAkash

(use ear plugs or) Get hearing damage:

BOOM by Steezy303

Get nervous:

Stage fear by L0LLA

Get excited:

Houston Dynamo - This Is HOUSTON by ScottDeW

Get creative:

little kitesurfer by tomislav-moze

Get weird:

Panic by uk-antalya

Get daring:

Snake Kiss by Jaime-b

(but try not to) Get arrested and/or injured and/or taken hostage and/or tortured and/or killed:

Rodillazo by AriCaFoix

(so it helps to know when to) Get out of the way:

Don't take This PERSONALLY by donaldsart

...and for when that last one didn’t work fast enough?

Get insurance.


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If you have a hard time finding colours that work together, or need inspiration. I found a colour scheme generator!

The site generates a colour scheme with colours that compliment or work well together. And from there you can edit them to be darker, brighter, softer, cooler, etc..
This is particularly helpful if you're planning a large piece, or painting. If you are experienced you know that choosing your colours before hand is important for the overall impact of your piece. This is even more important for traditional work, because you cannot edit the colours once they are on the paper/canvas. 

The site is

More tutorials on colour schemes and the rules of the colour palate: 

Colour and Atmosphere Tutorial by inklou     Colour tutorial...kinda by chicinlicin      Practical Colors Tutorial by KelliRoos
Shading Colour choice Tutorial by cherubchan
Colour Theory by envisagedesigns
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Learn Anatomy!

Here is my first ever article (one that's legit and proof-read several times that it's giving me a headache - and btw I suck at writing essays and such when I was in high-school, leave me be! XXD ^^)  that talks about the importance of having a fundamental and visual understanding of how the human anatomy works for comics artists like myself. It is now added to my 'Making Comics' section which I hope will provide useful tips and suggestions to comic artists who want to improve on their craft!

Why Understanding of Human Anatomy is Useful for Comic Artists

  • Mood: Optimism
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life drawing 5 by algaegoblin
'Life Drawing 5' by algaegoblin

Do you know how to sketch human figures but do you want to refine your anatomy skills? Or do you not know anatomy at all and you are tired to trust your imagination? Did you notice you create disproportions in your drawings?
If you are aspiring artists and you already have your own style, you might as well believe you have no need of a guide, but you are wrong. Before exaggerating human proportions and begin to have your own style, you first have to know the basics. 
This little guide is the result of an accurate research and 5 years of high school of art, and it's created for all those who want to learn something new or just make a useful review.
For those who have already studied art, my suggestion is to go to step 6 or trying to repeat all steps in Digital format. 


First of all, if you want to learn faster you should draw using traditional tools.  It may seem a stupid or banal rule but it is not. 
You will need a piece of paper and a pencil, preferably a medium-hard pencil or HB ("H" stands for "hardness," while "B" stands for "blackness"). If you  have already familiarity with this hard drawing medium you could obtain different soft pencils instead: B, 2B and 4B will be fine. A putty rubber and a white rubber from a good brand will work fine. 
However, I'm not here to describe which tools are better for drawing traditionally, and for me a hoe would work fine as well: it's the passion that counts!

My tools by thepunisherone

 Now that you have a pencil and F4 paper (F2 is less thick and if you erase often you could ruin it, that's why F4 is ideal) you can start your work. You can also make out with A4 paper which is thicker than normal,  otherwise you will pass the sheet if you use a hard mine (or if your hand is too heavy, if you know what I mean...). 
Well, now that you have the tools, sharpener included, get in a bright spot of your house, preferably on an inclined surface (otherwise your future drawing will look in perspective, and you may not be happy with the result!) and copy the hand your not using for drawing. Try not to erase too much. Try to grasp the structure of your hand through many sketches in which you should only draw the outlines of your hand and fingers, you should forget about the shading for a moment. 
Fill the paper with these sketches of your hand in different poses and please include your wrist if you can. Continue your workout every 2/3 days (preferably daily) for 2 weeks, what am I saying?  Do it until you could see significant improvements! 
Write the date on each work you have done and keep them carefully without rubbing them. The first step to be a good artist is to give value to your works. When the hand really looks like a hand and not a mass of sausages then you're ready for Step 2.

The result will be similar to this, only the folds of flesh and contours of the hands should be visible.

Hand proportions work this way...
Hand Tutorial -Tips+Reference- by Qinni Hand Tutorial 2 by Qinni


So now we better move to the second point. Ok guys, do you remember your own hand? That hand you copied so many times, that fist, that cramp that came while you deformed it? Here you are, you should repeat the procedure but this time you will not have to copy only the outlines of your fingers. You must work hard and point on your hand the dramatic light of a lamp, because this time you should draw your hand and shade it. 
If you are drawing using a HB  pencil then shade using a B or 2B. You will realize soon that it is not so difficult to find the darkest points: the hard part is not to make the whole drawing uniformly black or uniformly gray and creating well balanced halftones. 
You may find some difficulties, yeah right! all normal, because in fact you're seeing your hand in colors (as long as you're not color blind) and you're just simplifying your hand colors using the greyscale instead. So, don't give up! It was hard for everyone at the beginning.
Repeat this exercise every 2/3 days until you can see a clear difference between the first hand  (remember to write the date on the drawings!) and the last hand you drew. Are you satisfied with your improvemente?  Good, because you will have more fun following STEP 3. 

These are practical examples of a good result.
Hand anatomy by Elthenstorm 


Since you are already conversant with your left hand (or right that it is) and you say you know it by heart (if you say so...), now I'm asking you to take your colored pencils and do an experiment. This time I'm asking you NOT to do a preliminary sketch in pencil of your drawing: just draw one or both of your feet, using colored pencils only on semi rough paper F4 of different colors (I recommend a white, a grey, a blue and a black for a good start). Again, do not stop until the result satisfies you. Write the date on the work because now the interesting part begins.
The result should be similar to this, of course in colors.

Feet proportions works this way...
+TUTORIAL-Feet drawing guide+ by goku-no-baka


Now that you have experimented with various techniques and you quite understand how your hands and feet are made, you need a model for understanding how the face works. 
Ask one of your friends, your parents, if nobody wants to pose for you then use a picture (but it's always better to do life drawings first!). As tools you will need a ballpoint pen, preferably black or blue, and a white smooth paper (A4 copy paper is fine too). Now make a copy of the person in front of you (face, neck and shoulders), and remember well that you can not/must not erase this time! Yes, I'm evil. Try to do several sessions of the same person until the drawing is really similar to the original and recognizable from others. 
Begin with a front and profile view, then try out 3/4. 
'Portraits 2' by ArandaDill

The proportions of the human face work this way...
Face Proportion by endzi-z Profile Proportion by endzi-z


It 's time to understand how the human proportions work. A tip? Never stop taking references from the human figure (as long as you're learning) or you will make a lot of mistakes or exaggerate many anatomical features without even noticed it! 
Now use your live model of choice, or look in fashion magazines and copy a full human figure in different poses, focusing on lines, shading, dynamism and execution speed.
To improve your speed you should first start with 15 minutes poses, then reduce the time to 10 minutes and 5 minutes at last. Use a timer: leave the drawing unfinished and start another one when the time elapses. 
Do many of them, every day. 

The results should be something like this...
Life Drawing Collage 4 by travelingpantscg
'Life Drawing Collage 4' by travelingpantscg

figures 8 by Luthie13 .Life Drawing 2010: 5 Mins. by hino-kitLife drawing 2010 by jeffsimpsonkh
Figure Workshop 13 by JerrySabatini Figure Set 1 by ethician
Figure Studies: 1 by beavotron life drawing: 5 minutes by scaragh
figures 3 by Luthie13 figures 5 by Luthie13
some figure drawing by Luthie13 some more figure drawing by Luthie13
Figure Drawing Collage by JillJohansenFigure studies. by RoscoeFink
Life Drawing Collage 3 by travelingpantscg
life drawing 042511 by bigbigtruckLife Drawing at CDA 3 pt2 by reiq

If you didn't understand how the anatomy works, you can study some good tutorials for the human body...
Arm Anatomy by Azot2015 Trunk Anatomy by Azot2015
Man Anatomy by Azot2015
 General Body Tutorial by shark-bomb


The time has came. It is time to finish something guys! You should be really excited: you reached execution speed and some anatomy skills but you lack accuracy.
Use your awesome live model again and ask him to pose for a longer session (2/3 hours minimum). Use the tools you like the most, sit comfortably, tools in the hand and start your session.
Here are some good results you may find inspiring.
Prenda XXVII by napoleoman old man_figure drawing by michalivan
12hr figure drawing by infernovball Life drawing:  A sitting by thienbao

I really hope you will find this journal useful and I really hope you enjoyed the journey. ^^ 
Ps: Sorry my English is not my mothertongue. 

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Fractal Art: How We Grew Up

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 7:31 AM by tatasz:icontatasz:


Just a little story of how the fractal art galleries and, of course, all the awesome artists grew up :hug:.
I couldn´t include all works that deserved to be here, since it would require quite a big number of posts :hug: Hope you fractal artists will help to complete it, by writing your own 10 years story feature :la:
So, lets start with...

10 years ago

Death is an Angel by Sya Sanctuary by rougeux La Derniere Fois - Partie 1 by EtienneSaintAmant

9 years ago

Cubik Olympic by DigitalPainters Cherries on a Vine by onebadpenny Rainbow Ocean. by Thelma1 Spineshank by MelonLogic

8 years ago

Fall.... by Gurly Blossoming Joy by NatalieKelsey Exclusion with Sadness by denise-g 
Indigo Soul by Lilyas Awakening PRINT by Lilyas Passion by JacobLarenArt

7 years ago

Melt the Ice by Zueuk -Air- by silwenka The dream of a butterfly by titiavanbeugen
Fusion Redux by Traelium Star Burst by x-seraphin Furnace by Aexion

6 years ago

Mitosis by ibon16 Nexus by NinthTaboo Le Paradigme du Temps by EtienneSaintAmant
The King of Spades by Fiery-Fire try by philsh Thaumaturgy by Val-Cali

5 years ago

The Manhattan Project by Jeddaka Juice by rougeux Northern Symphony by magnusti78
Jade Garden by Phoenix-22 Nature by Naviretlav

4 years ago

CLASSIFIED by Translucent-Image Flower II by lucid-light Sunset Lullaby by lindelokse InBox by Naviretlav
No Boundaries by Beesknees67 Mobius Wave by SaTaNiA Blur Mania: Macro Explosion by XSindy

3 years ago

Queen of the Rain by lindelokse Hiver de Neige by heavenriver Rainy night on Ice Cold Ocean by marthig
The Ride of 'La Navidad' by raysheaf icecream by vepman Balloon launcher by hmn

2 years ago

Fleur cristalline by Digithalie Layered Dreams by raysheaf Light of night by fractist
Song of the Sun by seven-s Encapsulation 1 by MarkJayBee Yes it's a fractal by netgenetics

1 year ago

seductress by lyc Revelation by Juniae The MOTHER, the Son, and the Moon and the DNA... by MANDELWERK
Antique Forge by C-91 Macro Galaxy by zy0rg STARS ARE FALLING by d-b-c
Dance No.4 for floating windows by Vidom Volcano Tempting by ChaosFissure Alien plant by lucid-light


Lament by ChaosFissure Sci-fi City by cat-meff
snow queen by jagerion 223 by Arkadius13
 Near another planet by KPEKEP King by BoxTail Gray winter morning. by Kondratij
Laatikko by C-91 Aesthetic Scene by SallySlips



Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :icondigitalists:

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[original source:… ]
  1. Exclaimed
  2. Replied
  3. Queried
  4. Questioned
  5. Murmured
  6. Muttered
  7. Screamed
  8. Shouted
  9. Whispered
  10. Laughed
  11. Cried
  12. Whined
  13. Yelled
  14. Answered
  15. Encouraged
  16. Complained
  17. Rasped
  18. Whimpered
  19. Barked
  20. Giggled
  21. Ordered
  22. Implored
  23. Insisted
  24. Interrupted
  25. Lectured
  26. Mimicked
  27. Uttered
  28. Objected
  29. Observed
  30. Offered
  31. Cowered
  32. Sneered
  33. Snarled
  34. Remembered
  35. Lied
  36. Exaggerated
  37. Cackled
  38. Squealed
  39. Fretted
  40. Sobbed
  41. Hollered
  42. Persisted
  43. Pestered
  44. Pleaded
  45. Pondered
  46. Prattled
  47. Prayed
  48. Proclaimed
  49. Proposed
  50. Protested
  51. Snapped
  52. Added
  53. Advised
  54. Agreed
  55. Allowed
  56. Announced
  57. Apologized
  58. Argued
  59. Began
  60. Begged
  61. Blurted
  62. Started
  63. Recalled
  64. Remarked
  65. Repeated
  66. Responded
  67. Revealed
  68. Scolded
  69. Simpered
  70. Snobbed
  71. Spluttered
  72. Shrieked
  73. Groaned
  74. Sighed
  75. Gurgled
  76. Promised
  77. Grumbled
  78. Rumbled
  79. Mumbled
  80. Wondered
  81. Thought
  82. Told
  83. Asked
  84. Informed
  85. Moaned
  86. Breathed
  87. Coaxed
  88. Chanted
  89. Howled
  90. Spoke
  91. Stammered
  92. Sulked
  93. Tattled
  94. Teased
  95. Threatened
  96. Tormented
  97. Urged
  98. Wailed
  99. Boasted
  100. Called
  101. Chatted
  102. Chuckled
  103. Concluded
  104. Decided
  105. Declared
  106. Denied
  107. Disagreed
  108. Drawled
  109. Inquired
  110. Finished
  111. Gasped
  112. Gloated
  113. Grunted
  114. Hinted
  115. Hissed
  116. Warned
  117. Wept
  118. Wheezed
  119. Yawned
  120. Tempted
  121. Reflected
  122. Bellowed
  123. Googled
  124. Burble
  125. Commanded
  126. Wheedled
  127. Grizzled
  128. Gripe
  129. Sang
  130. Twittered
  131. Demanded
  132. Wooed
  133. Blasted
  134. Bawled
  135. Toasted
  136. Growled
  137. Joked
  138. Mourned
  139. Stuttered
  140. Dribbled.
  141. Pronounced
  142. Spelled out
  143. Went on
  144. Continued
  145. Blustered
  146. Nagged
  147. Shouted down
  148. Squeaked
  149. Wished
  150. Related
:icondestroyplz: hope this will help out on writings..
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EDIT 6: Hej, hej. ^^ Ostatni weekend na narysowanie pracy został. Mam sześć prac, jeśli cztery osoby nie oddadzą (tak, powtarzam się) to nie będzie nagrody od denevert.
Przy okazji przepraszam za to, że pewnie wszyscy dostaniecie też tę wiadomość jako wspomniani niżej... >.< Kochajmy update'y.
EDIT 5: Jutro deadline. Ale prace oddały trzy osoby, a kolejne trzy informowały, że mało czasu, w związku z czym czas macie do poniedziałku czternastego października. ^^; Jeśli jest ktoś, kto nie ma zamiaru/wie, że nie zdąży z pracą, to niech da znać. Można komentarzem, notką...
EDIT 4: Przypominam, że deadline jest 30-ego września. Jeśli co najmniej pięć osób poprosi o przedłużenie, to dołożę dwa tygodnie. Dodatkowo mówię, że jeśli prace odda mniej niż dziesięć osób z dwudziestu jeden zgłoszonych, to za drugie miejsce nie będzie chibi od denevert (jej własna decyzja). Liczę na to, że wszyscy oddadzą prace. :D
EDIT 3: Jako że jestem sklerotyczką - nie pomyślałam o poinformowaniu Was o tym, co powinniście zrobić po narysowaniu pracy. Otóż - należy taką pracę wrzucić na dA (bądź do stasha, wolałabym jednak dA) i wysłać do mnie notką link do tejże pracy. Zapiszę te notki we wspólnym folderze i gdy już nadejdzie koniec września obejrzę je jeszcze raz i wybiorę najlepsze. ^^
EDIT 2: Okej, wybaczcie mi editowy spam, ale po pierwsze jestem w szoku, bo jest już dziesiątka chętnych, co oznacza dodatkowe chibi od :icondenevert: dla drugiego miejsca... A po drugie :iconopoof: dorzuciła się do nagród i w związku z tym za pierwsze trzy miejsca otrzymać można również digital chibi jej wykonania, które są po prostu cudne i chibiaśne (… ). ^^
EDIT: Padło pytanie o ubrania - można wymyślić samemu, ale należy pamiętać o tym, co jest w opisach postaci. Czyli Infor chodzi w długich rękawach i nogawkach, Fjaln w ubraniach luźnych, a Tero w obcisłych koszulkach. ^^

Okej, z racji tego, że kilka *ekhu, ekhu* osób się zainteresowało, to ogłaszam konkurs oficjalnie.

Konkurs nie posiada motywu przewodniego. Jego tematem są moje postacie. (oj tam, że sama ich nie rysuję... Nie na tyle ładnie, by pokazywać)
Są to:
- oraz dodatkowa opcja, czyli Infor z Censorem (należącym do :icondenevert:)

Gift- Fjaln and Teramo by denevert <- Fjaln i Teramo
Infor and Censore by denevert <- Infor i Censore

Do tego załączam krótki opis postaci, z cechami do uwzględnienia przy tworzeniu.

- należy się zglaszać pod tym journalem; każda zgłoszona osoba zostanie dopisana na końcu
- można się swobodnie wypisywać
- prace oddawać można do końca września (a co, zapowiem sobie trzy miesiące przed)
- praca ma przedstawiać jedną bądź dwie postacie z wyżej wymienionych (tylko w kombinacjach takich, jak na rysunkach powyżej, Infor nie może być z Teramo ani z Fjalnem, itd.), w dowolnych okolicznościach, miejscu, porze roku, itd.
- prace mogą mieć tylko jednego autora
- narysować na rzecz konkursu można tylko jedną pracę
- technika dowolna, preferuję jednak metody tradycyjne, nie komputerowe (co nie oznacza, że nie umiem docenić porządnej pracy digitalowej)
- należy liczyć się z możliwością, że będę chciała dostać pracę (wykonaną tradycyjnie) pocztą do rąk (nie ma to wpływu na zajęcie miejsca w konkursie i odbywać się będzie po zakończeniu), w takim wypadku będę się kontaktować z autorem przez notkę i uiszczę opłatę za przesyłkę (oczywiście jeśli autor odmówi przysłania pracy, to nie będę zmuszać)
- nie życzę sobie yaoi InforxCensore, bo moje oczy wypłyną i nie będę w stanie wydać nikomu nagrody, co najwyżej shonen ai, możliwe są też sceny przemocy (ale tak samo, Censore nie poderżnie Inforowi gardła, najwyżej go pobije)
- prace nie muszą mieć tła. Ponadto obecność tła zwiększa prawdopodobieństwo zajęcia wyższego miejsca tylko wtedy, jeśli pasuje do reszty - nie wysilajcie się na tło, jeśli nie czujecie się pewnie z rysowaniem go, bądź nie macie konkretnego pomysłu na jego wygląd i przeznaczenie
- linki do skończonych prac należy przysyłać mi w notkach!!!

Wszelkie pytania należy kierować do mnie, te o Censore'a również. Będę konsultować odpowiedzi z denevert, więc będą one wiarygodne.

Ulubiona część, czyli nagrody:
I miejsce - 130:points:, jakieś tyci cudo do wyboru z fimo ode mnie, oraz chibi digital/traditional od :icondenevert: (możliwe do otrzymania pocztą w formie przywieszki), llama, chibi digital od :iconopoof:
II miejsce - 100:points:, tyci cudo do wyboru z fimo ode mnie, llama, również chibi od denevert na zasadzie takiej jak wyżej, chibi digital od :iconopoof:
III miejsce - 50:points:, llama, chibi digital od :iconopoof:

Ponadto jeśli będę miała powyżej dziesięciu uczestników, to drugie miejsce również otrzyma chibi od denevert. W zależności od kondycji moich finansów nagrody mogą nieco wzrosnąć.
Osoby chętne do dofinansowania/dania więcej nagród proszę o zgłaszanie się notkami. (ha, ha, akurat się tacy znajdą XD)

Opisy postaci

Ma 21 lat, jego imię to tajemnica (wstydzi się go). Jest albinosem, ma czerwone oczy (wiem, że u ludzi albinotycznych oczy są zazwyczaj błękitne lub fioletowawe, ale on ma czerwone), prawie białą skórę, a okulary nosi, żeby nie straszyć ludzi swą aparycją. Praktycznie zawsze ma na sobie długi rękaw i spodnie - tak mu najwygodniej chronić się przed słońcem. Włosy ma oczywiście farbowane, inspiracją do tego "wzoru" były pasy trawy (nie moją inspiracją, tylko jego) i ziemi na przemian.
Pali, pije i tak dalej, jednak się nie uzależnia. Jest wiecznie obojętny na wszystko. Wszystko z przemocą względem niego samego włącznie.
Zarabia na życie jako mim i spec od komputerów, informatyki.
Wzrost: 165 centymetrów

Commission 07- Infor - Before and Now by denevertKIRIBAN #Tuptaju by namioki-chan200k - Infor by Amarevia
Infor by QueengaCommission_1 Tuptaju by Lil0Kiseki
Infor - ref by Tuptaju

Około 300 lat, na nazwisko ma Kwin. Jest czasem nazywany Czarnym ze względu na pechowy - według wierzeń jego świata - kolor maski. Jego włosy są naturalnie granatowe, oczy błękitne, nosi głównie luźne ubrania. Jest Jeźdźcem Drzew, w co nie będę się teraz zagłębiać, ale oznacza to między innymi, że jest blisko z naturą i żyć będzie tyle, ile jego Drzewo - nawet ponad tysiąc lat.
Kocha rośliny (miłością romantyczną, nie przyjacielską) i dba o nie. Optymista, wiecznie uśmiechnięty; jeśli ktoś zrobi groźną dla życia bądź zdrowia głupotę, to będzie mu potem (o ile dana osoba przeżyje) dokuczać.
Wzrost: 220 centymetrów

:thumb355484976:Kiriban Tuptaju by SashaVasileva
Fjaln by LuuPetitek:thumb348086193:

Mature Content

Dat Porn by Tuptaju

Ten pan jest jeszcze starszy, ma kilka tysięcy lat i może żyć w nieskończoność. Tak naprawdę nie jest człowiekiem, tylko pewnego typu istotą, która może przybierać postać człowieka. Ma fioletowe oczy, jest dobrze umięśniony i ma świetną kondycję (500 pompek i tylko lekka zadyszka), ponadto żyje w lesie wraz z Fjalnem i swoją dziewczyną, która podobnie jak Fjaln jest jeźdźcem - Zieloną. Odnośnie ubioru - koszulki z krótkim rękawem, obcisłe. Używane głównie do pokazywania dziewczynie mięśni... Mimo, że nawet sam prezentujący o tym nie wie.
Osoby obce łatwo go irytują, ale jeśli jest przy nim ktoś, kto go uspokoi, to do rozlewu krwi nie dojdzie. Jest osobą bardzo przywiązującą się do ludzi, stara się wykorzystywać cały dany im czas na świecie (krócej mówiąc - żyje długo, więc każde ~50 lat znajomości z różnymi osobami jest dla niego ułamkiem sekundy, co sprawia że dba o znajomości i cieszy się nimi póki może).
Ogółem jest po prostu normalną, towarzyską względem przyjaciół osobą.
Wzrost: 160 centymetrów

Ma 25 lat, jest blondynem o nieznanym nikomu poza nim kolorem oczu. Nosi okulary, z którymi się nie rozstaje.
We wczesnym dzieciństwie został porzucony przez rodziców z niewiadomego powodu. Przez krótki czas mieszkał na ulicy a potem znaleziony przez gangsterów wychowywał się w domu publicznym burdelu. Jest osobą brutalną, wulgarną, o przerośniętym ego oraz niewykształconym poczuciu przyzwoitości. Ponadto jest biseksualny, zdarza mu się ujawniać skłonności nekrofilskie. Nie żywi szacunku do ludzi, kobiet w szczególności. Znajomości utrzymuje dla własnych celów, wykorzystuje innych.
Podobnie jak Infor (choć właściwie to Censore wciągnął Infora w to bagno) pali, ćpa i pije. Uprawia hazard, który traktuje jako pracę. Zdarza mu się kraść, jeśli jest to konieczne. Często korzysta z usług kobiet bądź mężczyzn upadłych.

Characters by denevert…;…;…;…;… (uwaga, Cens sypie "słowami")

Relacja Infor<->Censore:
Infor służy w tym wypadku za popychadło Censore'a i jego chłopca na posyłki od załatwiania ciemnych sprawek. Ponadto jeśli Cens czuje się znudzony, to ma ze swego towarzysza worek treningowy bądź "mężczyznę upadłego".
Innymi słowy Infor<->Censore = obojętność<-> sadyzm.
Infor with Censor by ElaRaczykTuptaju - kiriban by vanilova

To chyba wszystko. Niniejszym glebłam i nie wstanę.

1. :iconbloody-fire-wolf:
2. :iconsmokini:
3. :iconjustsilvia:
4. :iconladymilka:
5. :icongingerbread-frog:
6. :iconluupetitek:
7. :iconklaudiso:
8. :iconspookychester:
9. :iconpankolanko:
10. :iconmikixd:
11. :iconrodgier-xd:
12. :icongreyinvidia:
13. :iconmakaronwciaga:
14. :iconarcanusdusty:
15. :iconsaina-chan:
16. :iconestra-chan:
17. :iconagamibara:
18. :iconciastekk:
19. :iconanett98:
20. :iconvanilova:
21. :iconfrrancisca: 
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Best way to record yourself drawing digitally

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 10:05 PM
Update: Added section about CONVERTING video sessions below.

Quick bit of help here, because I'm not sure if everyone knows the best way to handle this if you want to record your progress while drawing in Photoshop, Manga Studio, Painter, whatever.

You may have tried some of the screen recorders out there like CamStudio, FRAPS, or some free ones out there. You may have noticed, or had become frustrated with, the fact that many of these programs cause a significantly huge hit on your system's performance. When you try drawing in Photoshop, your tablet response comes to a screeching halt. Then you find a program that records without impacting your drawing performance -- only to find that the resulting video recorded at about 1 frame every 3 seconds. Then you tried FRAPS, then found out that 4 minutes of video resulted in a 3.2GB file. All of these are less than ideal.

A while back, I searched all over the net for a program that encoded video from my screen on-the-fly without 1) impacting performance, 2) creating massive file sizes, and while 3) doing it a frame rate between 15 to 30 per second. It took a while, and so many programs were nothing but disappointing, but I managed to find ONE.

And it's the ONLY one I've ever found to meet those requirements: and it's Camtasia Studio by TechSmith.

It's not a free program, (and not cheap either,) but it's worth it if you intend to do this kind of stuff. I'd suggest messing around with the trial. (Hey, freddiew got through all of college by just using Adobe products on a trial basis. Works, right?) It records the whole screen with great quality, high frame rate, next to no impact on performance, and encodes on-the-fly so your file sizes are reasonable. The interface for it is top-notch as well, allowing you to quickly choose sections of the screen to record, or entire separate monitors if you need, and you can pause easily if you're taking a break. (You can set global macros that will start camtasia recorder automatically and start recording. It's great to set Pause to one of your tablet buttons, if you have one free.) What's nice as well is that Camtasia comes with it's own pretty good video editing platform for the footage you end up with. It's nothing like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, (closer to iMovie actually,) but it'll do the trick to get your stuff up on Youtube -- especially since it supports clip speed up by as much as 800%.

Camtasia was used in the recording of this video I did:… -- although the jaggedness of the video is actually caused from a badly encoded output file from Premiere. The originally looks just as good as the real thing. Oops.)

nervene also writes about his experience using LiveStream's software as an additional method. It's not as full-featured as Camtasia, but hey it'll do the job nicely since it's mostly free.
"Livestream has an option to save a local MP4 video of whatever you are streaming, and a recent update enabled it to continue storing this local file even if your connection to their servers drops; they also made the audio frame-synchronized so the files can be dropped in a video editor without audio synchronization problems (if you so wanted to).

The streaming resolution is limited to 640x480, I'm unsure if the local video file may be able to pass this; but I think this would be fine for the majority of people when taking into account that you can focus on a smaller region of your screen (cutting out borders/menus/ other things that take up real estate), and that it is entirely free. Ctrl+Q toggles showing the green border on your desktop (it could get distracting while painting).

I don't notice any performance impacts for desktop apps, some games may get a bit of a drop in FPS during intensive moments, but some games also seem particularly friendly and don't seem to suffer at all. I recorded Just Cause 2 with no perceivable performance impact for 3.5 hours @ 320x180 20FPS, 363kbps (64kbps stereo audio) and the file turned out to be 564MB. That's a relatively big file and a small resolution, but it's 3.5 hours - I was expecting at least a gigabyte based on my previous screen recording experiences. Other programs might be even better, but I was more than happy with that. I think by playing around with the FPS, resolution, and quality settings, a good balance could be found between visuals and file size.

You won't get as high a resolution as you might be able to with other programs, but what it does it does well. Some conveniences like auto-focusing on the mouse, setting at a very low FPS to do time-lapse, and undoubtedly a lot of features for more detailed control aren't there. In the end the reduction of resolution shouldn't make much of an impact if you're demonstrating a painting method, you can still see every stroke but the very smallest of pixel brushes (depending on your desktop resolution and how much screen area you are recording). At 2x scale the blur from filtering is easily tolerable unless you're trying to display small text (in which case you'd want to zoom in during menu navigation if you're doing tutorials). And of course, at least when you start recording you'll need an Internet connection to initially log in. You can set it so that it won't actually go live on the Internet if you want, I believe that it will still log the local file."

Then don't worry, you're all set! You guys got this easy. While TechSmith does make Camtasia Studio for Mac OS X, it's not at all as necessary provided that you have Mac OS 10.6 or higher. If you DO NOT have Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, I suggest using Camtasia Studio just the same as Windows. Although, since Camtasia costs $300, I'd say just upgrade yourself to 10.6 if your computer meets the specs so you can follow this method instead:

Quicktime X. Go to your applications folder and open up "QuickTime Player." (Or Quicktime X if it's called that on your system.) Go to File and select "Start new Screen Recording" (or something like that, I don't have my mac with me at the moment to check.) Hit the record button and bam, you're all good to go.

The QuickTime Player recorder captures the entire screen while encoding on-the-fly H.264 from the leftover frame buffer of the system. This means that you will see absolutely NO impacted system performance, and the file size will be very small. iMovie can be used to easily edit your captured video to be ready to send to youtube. (or wherever else.) That's it!

You might find out that the resulting recordings from these softwares could potentially be incompatible with SOME video editing software such as Adobe Premiere. If you need these files to become compatible, you can use a video converter to change it over to a compatible format. One of the best conversion programs out there, compatible with both Mac OS and Windows, is an open-sourced community project called Handbrake.

Handbrake can convert most types of video into a number of choice formats and industry-leading codecs. This is a great way to turn those proprietorially encoded files, say from Camtasia within an AVI container, into an H.264 encoded video in an MP4 format. Handbrake is a remarkably light weight program packed full of features to make minor adjustments to the video file in terms of crop, frame rate, aspect ratio, and audio/subtitle inclusions. Based on the speed of your system, Handbrake can take advantage of beastly processors to encode video files sometimes 3 to 4x faster than normal playback. (An hour video could only take about 20 minutes or less to re-encode. It depends on the frame size.) Using handbrake, I can take a one hour recorded session from Camtasia and re-encode it with no visual quality loss to H.264. Better yet, the file size of the re-encoded video shrinks to only about 50MB from its original 524! (When they say H.264 is a remarkably efficient codec, they are NOT kidding.)

From there, you can then take your videos and import them into a wider variety of video editing suites.

Even if you don't end up uploading the drawing session you recorded by the end of the day, or by the end of the image, it still has a profound effect on your working efficiency. When the recorder is running, it has a tendency to make it feel like an audience is watching you, so you focus more on doing the work directly in front of you to "please" the outcome of the recorder, instead of drawing for a bit and then succumbing to mindless distractions.

I'd suggest testing it out, see what it can do for you and your workflow. Plus, it's a really fun thing to show people. Just don't get overloaded with recorded files. If you end up never uploading them, it's probably safe to delete them, or save them for a "Sketch Dump" sorta all-inclusive video you might piece together at some point later to consolidate those unwanted videos.

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