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Oddly colored hair (naturally or dyed) ie: blue, pink, streaked hair, "bottle red" (Think Rihanna)

Oddly colored eyes (and colored contacts) ie: red, yellow, pink, COLOR-CHANGING EYES

Unnaturally beautiful characters, ie: perfect proportions and complexions, etc.

Being an animagus or a metamorphous  (meta is very, very rare and ani is hard to achieve and  you have to be registered)

Being a half-breed creature, ie: half-veela, half-vampire, half-werewolf (or a werewolf, for that matter)

Having your character self-harm, ie: cutting, popping pills, etc. (This is a very over-done thing in oc's, and it's frankly not something healthy)

Having them dress in clothing outside the time-period (do your research)*

Having them be goth/emo/scene (seriously over-done)

Giving them tattoo's and piercing (they go to a boarding school in Scotland, seriously guys)

As just a general statement; "Scene",  and "Emo" fashions didn't start up until the mid-to-late 2000's. Mind your time periods when creating characters.

    *Wizarding clothing is more of a Victorian-influenced style (according to the movies and books), Muggle clothing would be early 1990's to late 1990's


Most clichéd romances for your oc to experience: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black,  Fred and/or George Weasley, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger (basically, main characters. I'm not saying all of these romance stories are horrible. I've seen some wonderful ocxcanon pairings)

THE WORD OF JK ROWLING IS PRETTY FINAL; we know who marries who and who dies and such for the most part. Please stick to the storyline.

More clichés: having your oc sleep with a canon character, be raped by a canon character, dating/loving a teacher (anything past a crush), having a canon character's  baby, marrying a canon character, etc.

You can always make up your own love interest for the your oc, you can mold them into whatever you want and you're free to create your own storyline without having to worry about sticking exactly to the book.

Family and Friends:

Killing off your oc's parents is so overdone it's not even funny (~90% of all oc's I've seen are orphans)

Having Voldemort kill the parents is even more of a cliché

Having them grow up with horrible guardians or having them raise themselves is another big cliché

Having them be sexually/mentally/physically abused in their childhood is very cliché


Having them be closely related to canon character's is commonly overdone as well

If you're making them pureblood, do a little family tree research. I looked alot at family trees and such, and it helped me understand relations much better

If they are the child of any of the following, throw the character out and start from scratch: Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Dumbledore, Voldemort and Hagrid

If they are friends with Draco Malfoy's crew then they are probably not going to hang out with the Golden Trio, and vice versa. It's just not very logical.


They are not on the Gryffindor Quidditch team while Harry Potter is attending school

No girls are on the Slytherin Quidditch team while Harry Potter is at school


Uniform violations are getting to be ridiculous (check out my uniform guides for info, posted below)

  No wands with Phoenix feather cores

Giving them a wolf/dolphin patronus is very overdone (no mythical creatures as well, like dragons and unicorns)

They cannot have a pet at school that is not an owl, a cat, a toad or a rat

Transfer students would be very unlikely (American and Japanese transfer students are so overdone)



possible the most clichéd house, "Brave, loyal, sometimes stupidly courageous, etc." Colors are Red/Gold, Boys cannot be in Girl's dorms.

Typically the "good" house, where all the heroes and heroines are. They might tragically die during the Battle of Hogwarts and then are later brought back to life.


Another clichéd house, "ambitious, cunning, etc.", Silver/Green colors, very blood-purist.

Typically, this is the "bad" house, full of the party girls/boys and the "rough" crowd. This is a split when it comes to the Battle of Hogwarts though. Either they're Death Eaters or they fight with the good guys and  almost die for a canon-character (usually Harry or Draco). Usually labeled as "misunderstood and emo/goth".


not as clichéd but it has it's few sues. Usually portrayed as the "nerd" house because it's full of intellectuals and people who love to learn. Colors are Blue and Bronze in the book and Blue and Silver in the movies.


The least-clichéd house. Very underrated house full of loyal, hardworking students.  Colors are Yellow and Black.

There are no other houses at Hogwarts besides these four, unless you count the fictional Mary-Sue house of  SparklyPoo (:

Okay, before everyone get's all up in arms over this let me just say that these are stereotypical things that I've seen. Just because your character has one of these traits doesn't mean I'm calling them a Mary Sue. My oc, Merope actually has a trait or two of the ones I've listed above, as does her love interest, Phineas.
Here are some tidbits to follow up on:

Hogwarts Uniform Guide: [link]

A Mary Sue Limitus test: [link]

A list of Pureblood families:
if anyone want's me to add something to this list, please tell me (:
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Harry, Harry come over here,
Voldemort needs you dead. 
Bring your wand, bring your owl,
Make sure Hedwig is fed.
Get on the bike, get on a broom
The burrow is now in view,
Lost only one, only one!
The oldest of the order crew.
Give me a lighter, give me a book
But not the golden snitch.
If there three wizards in the room,
Why is there only one witch?
I do, I do and now they are bonded,
Bill and Fleur are Wed.
Talk to him, and then to her
Saw lynx and then they fled.
Go to alley, go to street,
Dig deep into her pouch,
Drink and duck, stun the men
Until at least one say "ouch"!


Part 2 can be found here
Here is a just a poem following 'The Deathly Hallows', I did for fun.
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Fred & George: A Short Character Analysis

Right, so first off I'm a big fan of the twins: both twins, not just Fred. I've always appreciated both as separate characters and I've never really understood how so many people never picked up on their differences. So I decided to do what I do best - RANT (wayhey!). Keep in mind this is just my own opinion based on what I've read in books 1-7.

In the first place it's important to know and understand the twins' differences, especially if you're writing a story that puts particular focus on them. Yes, both twins are bonkers, fun-loving, flirtatious, stubborn and lest we forget both in the possession of a razor sharp wit. The books may describe them as identical right down to the last freckle, but this doesn't mean that they are one hundred percent identical in personality - no twins are. In fact, if Fred and George were the same they wouldn't make such a good team. Fred and George are a perfect double act and in any double act you have to have an alpha and omega. Can you imagine the battle of egos there would be if George was an exact duplicate of Fred (dear gods, the humanity…)? But that certainly doesn't mean one is a "lesser person" than the other. On the contrary. Fred may be the ringleader, as JKR states, but I believe he relies heavily on George to have his back. These are two people who continually bounce off each other - it's the subtle differences in their personalities that allow them to work as such a good team. And that's what makes them fascinating characters for me.

Here's a very brief breakdown of the twins' personalities:

Fred: Confident, fun-loving, stubborn, the ring-leader, more daring, driven by instinct, has less of a regard for the rules than George, less sensitive, arrogant, reckless, but knows when to get serious if a situation calls for it.

Some moments of significance: the Potterwatch 'better safe than sorry' speech (DH), supporting Harry the "seriously evil wizard" (CoS), his argument with Sirius (OotP), forgiving Percy (DH)

George: Confident, fun-loving, protective, stubborn, more grasping/sensitive of people's feelings and needs, more cautious, thinks more logically in comparison to Fred, always has Fred's back covered.

Some moments of significance: arguing with Fred over blackmailing Bagman (GoF), "I'm holey, Fred, geddit?" (DH), punching Malfoy (OotP)

George Weasley mini Analysis

I've read a lot of stories where George is overly sensitive, even weepy, and I find this to be very out of character. George is more emotionally in tune than his twin - that is to say, he is more sensitive and perceptive of people's feelings, certainly not a cry-baby. Remember he can be a fierce protector of his family and is not above punching certain ferrety Slytherins in the schnozz if they insult him, his friends or his family. George is also aware of the possible consequences of his and Fred's actions, as evident in his argument with Fred over blackmailing Ludo Bagman in GoF, suggesting that he is a more logical thinker than the latter. In addition, I would argue that George is the more patient of the two, having earned one more O.W.L than Fred. Course, we have to keep this all in context. I'm not arguing that George is an especially emotional, patient or logical character, but rather that these are some of the qualities that make up his personality; qualities that Fred doesn't exactly share to the same degree.

I think some readers ignore George as an individual because the more subtle aspects of his personality are surpassed by Fred's louder, in-your-face character. I often wonder if we are to believe that this is also how the HP cast see the twins, with Fred being slightly bolder and George the more logical, or if they are so flawless a team that they are seen to be practically interchangeable. Personally I think it's a bit of both. I think the twins' closest friends/family can and do tell a difference, as seen in DH when Ron recognises Fred's voice on Potterwatch.

If JKR labels Fred as the ringleader of the pair (or perhaps the trio if we include Lee Jordan), then I'm sure George is aware of this. But as far as we can tell in the books, Fred's role as ringleader doesn't upset George in the slightest, because he's that bit more mature and completely confident in himself (and seriously, what's sexier than that? XD). It's difficult to imagine George as a jealous character - he's just too laid back for that. Fred may be ringleader, but George is definitely not a sidekick. He is every bit as quick witted and crafty a prankster.

I think my respect for George really escalated during Deathly Hallows. Despite being in shock due to the trauma of losing an ear and a lot of blood, he still manages to crack a joke for the benefit of his family and friends. Family, and the friends he considers family, come first to George and I think he'd do just about anything to make them smile. That shows real character strength. Selfless bastard.

Fred Weasley mini Analysis

Fred is a bit more wild, and could likely win any argument with his frequent witticisms and blinding flamboyancy. In an interview, JK described him as the funnier, crueller twin. Why crueller? He is definitely willing to risk more to get what he wants, as evident in the Ludo Bagman case. Thinking on it, a lot of similarities can be drawn between Fred and James Potter, except for one important point. Fred may be the crueller twin, but he is never shown to be a bully as James Potter was.

Fred is observant enough to know when someone is upset, but unlike George I think he tends to believe people just take care of the emotional stuff by themselves (e.g. St Mungos scene, OotP), but that's not to say Fred isn't supportive. Fred is severely protective of his friends, as demonstrated several times throughout the series, but he's more likely to offer support via a joke or hexing your enemies, rather than a big comforting hug.

His ego and pride is a little more inflated than George's, too. A good example of Fred's more arrogant side takes place in GoF when he asks Angelina out. At first I thought it was a bit off that George wasn't shown to have a date. He may not be quite as smarmy and bold as Fred, but he's still pretty damn charming. So why not mention George asking some pretty little witch out, eh? Well thinking on it, it allows a better insight into the twins' personalities and differences. The "Fred asks Angelina out" scene emphasises his boldness and arrogance, especially as he simply assumes Angelina will say yes before he asks her. We get a similar scene in Deathly Hallows when Fred steals away the two French girls from George.

Fred as a leader? Yes, I do think he makes a good leader to an extent. He's good at rallying the troops, being confident, outspoken and well-liked. People react to that (e.g. Potterwatch and the final battle of Hogwarts, DH). But try imagining Fred without George. I said before that George is the more logical thinking twin. To parallel that, Fred is driven by instinct and perhaps even a little by greed and a desire for glory (e.g. GoF, Bagman and the Triwizard tournament), which is why he needs George who is that little bit more grounded and mature. Without George, he'd probably make quite a wreckless leader.

Fred prefers to think on his feet, enjoys taking chances and, I'm guessing, puts a little too much faith in his own luck, which is probably why JKR bumped him off.

"I always knew it was going to be Fred, and I couldn't honestly tell you why," - JK Rowling

Fred's specific character archetype more often than not dies in stories for two main reasons: 1). The age old folktales of cocky pranksters who cried wolf and thus met an untimely end have been used as cautionary tales for children for centuries, and are therefore deeply ingrained in our psyches, which probably explains why JKR knew 'instinctively' that Fred had to die. 2). Comedy is often used to emphasise tragedy. The death of the comic who so enjoyed life, and thus embodies it, really hits the reader with the sheer, harsh reality of war. That's why it is far from uncommon for characters like poor old Fred to be bumped off. Our muses often draw on such popular tropes, cliches and social norms. That's why muses are dangerous things. (And incidentally, these are some of the main reasons I hate Fred's 'DeFredding' - poor way to treat a character, turning them into an overused trope and emotional shock device).

Fred is one of the more passionate, instinctual characters in the series. What I truly love and admire about his character is that despite being a bit of a chancer, he's not so daft or arrogant that he doesn't know when to stop fooling around and be serious.

Being typical Weasleys, Fred and George tend to judge people on their personality, not their social status. Even when the entire school has turned on Harry in CoS, Fred and George stick to their own beliefs and support Harry. You couldn't dig up two more true Gryffindors if you tried.


I've always imagined that Fred's Patronus or Animagus would be a fox. I mean think of all the foxy connotations - crafty, tricksey, cunning, fast on their feet... ginger. I'm not so sure about George. I've used a cat in my stories before, cats renowned for being sly, intelligent and cunning customers - not quite leaping into action, but rather watching everything with careful eyes before acting. But truth be told, George's Patronus stumps me here. I've read great suggestions in the comments to this analysis, so keep them up! I will continue to expand on this piece, so keep an eye out.

Anyway, let the analysis continue in comments! Please add your two cents ^_^
Thought I'd do a brief character analysis on Fred and George Weasley (my favourite HP characters). Why? Because I'm a gigantic geek, deal with it :p

Feel free to add your two cents and carry on the character debate!
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Together Fox and Otter trot
Though secrets kept, it mattered not
He fears them all while she fears none
But Deer beware what Phoenix sung:
"To live, then die, then live again"
All held in silver 'till his end
For what is seven, what is eight?
Just ask the Knight, "What is Queen's fate?"
The pawns in question number three:
The rock, the stick, what you can't see
But now that Fox and Otter trot
The choice to heal has saved a lot
Some fan . . . poetry? for the amazing Chasing the Sun by Loten
This is the first time I've actually posted any fan work for a fanfic regardless of how many times I've intended to do so before XD Anyway, it's an amazing HG/SS fic and I highly recommend it!~
To those who have/do read it, can you pick out who's who, what's what and any other references? Most of it's pretty obvious but a few parts should be more tricky to figure out ;P

Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling
Chasing the Sun (c) Loten
Poem (c) Moi
Preview picture (c) RavenWing31 [link]
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The Demi-Potter Games
Chapter Nineteen
I stared nervously at Luke. Sandra had given me my sword back, so why wasn't I drawing it? I sighed, why was I so shaken up to see Luke? I'd known that I'd see him again, one way or another. I just didn't expect him to be so… evil.
"They all died heroes! Why would they join you?" I cursed my voice as it cracked.
"Percy," Harry growled. "He's lying!"
"Am I, Potter? You don't know me. You don't know anything about our world. Did Percy tell you about our war? About the prophecy that foretold his death. I bet neither of you know the truth about the prophecy that you have right now! What was it again? You will find the one that you will seek, in the land in which no one sleeps, and in the chosen one's final hour, he shall fight evil's final power?"
"How do you…" I trail off, of course he knows. Villains are always… what's the word? Omniscient.
"Percy, we've always known. And by the way, neither of you are the Chosen One. NONE OF YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU ARE JUST STUPID BOOK CHARACTERS CREATED FOR CHILDREN'S ENTERTAINMENT!"
That's when I understood.
"He's not real…." I mumbled.
"Percy…" Harry growled. "We need to find Nico and get out of here!"
"Oh but you can't leave yet!" A sickly sweet voice cried.
I didn't have to look back to know that it was Sandra, the fake sweetness was a dead giveaway.
"What in Hades did you do?" I growled at her.
"Ah, so you still don't know…" I pictured her pursing her lip. "All you heroes really are stupid…. All brawn and no brains. You have to rely on girls to do the thinking while you beat things up without a second thought."
I wanted to ram my sword through her little know-it-all head. Who did she think she was? I only clenched my jaw.
"See? You don't have a reply, so it must be true. Luke," I pictured her turning towards my only enemy with a sickly sweet smile. "kill them, I don't want any evidence that they were ever here, it would making things…. Complicated."
I couldn't help but shudder. Complicated. Annabeth had tried to explain to me about that space-time continuum thing. Like if you went into the past and told someone what would happen they would change it. Maybe even wipe out all of existence, or just your existence.
Luke grinned. "With pleasure. What about the Panem kids?"
"Cato will take care of them, won't you?" Sandra said dryly, as if she was getting bored.
Luke lunged and Harry drew his wand. It was time to test my theory… I parried Luke's blow with ease. Another indicator to my theory. I wouldn't have been able to block one of Luke's blows so quickly. I twisted his blade, the first move Luke had ever taught me. To my surprise, it worked. Luke's blade clattered to the ground and the look in his eyes was pure rage. I couldn't bear it anymore. I stabbed my blade into his chest.
Immediately, Luke dissipated. He turned into a cloud of black smoke. "Oh," Sandra said and I could hear a slight edge to her voice that wasn't there before. "So you HAVE figured it out! It took you long enough."
"Percy…" Harry demanded. I'd almost forgotten that he was there. "What did you just do?"
Well.... that took longer than I thought. Anyways, I want to apologize about how long this took. XD well I hope you guys enjoy it. The Demi-Potter Games are almost coming to an end. The last one in this series will bring the Egyptians back into the story (But I'm not going to give any spoilers) and it's going to be called Is This Goodbye? So look for it! If you guys have any questions what so ever just ask. I have left you guys hanging for sooooooo long!

Can you believe that on June 4th 2012 it would be exactly a year since I started these stories. I can't believe how far my writing has come since starting Carter Vs. Percy.

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It had been days and days and days... And even though Scorpius was really glad that they'd found daddy and super happy that he was able to spend the past few days with Harry and not worrying about where daddy was... he still hadn't been able to see daddy. He was at the hospital, Harry had said and Ron and 'Mione and Mrs. Weas-a-ley and even Mr. Weas-a-ley.

How come he couldn't go see daddy at the hospital? Harry had told him it was because the healers didn't think he should have any visitors yet til they made sure he was all the way okay, but it'd be so long and it wasn't fair.

"Harryyyy," he whined, clinging to Harry's hand. "Pleeeease! I wanna see daddy!"

"I know, Scorpius. I know. That's where we're going."

The boy looked up, puzzled. "You told 'Mione we weren't gonna go to the hop-sikal."

"Well I have to ask him a few questions. We're only stopping in for a few minutes and they still don't want him to have any visitors, so you're going to have to be very quiet while I talk to him."

"But Harry..."

"Trust me, Scorpius. Now you just bundle up in this and walk right behind me. Don't go anywhere else."

The boy did trust Harry, so, eyes wide, he reached out and touched the shimmery cloak. "This is really pretty. Are you sure I can wear it?"

"I'm sure," he promised and draped it over the boy himself. "Stay very quiet." Scorpius nodded, unaware that Harry couldn't see him, and took a hold of his robes as they made their way into the hospital and to the right floor. He argued with the receptionist before simply going right past her and into a room at the far end of the hall. At the door, Harry looked down. "Don't come out from under there until I say you can," he murmured.

"Okay," Scorpius whispered, heart fluttering. Daddydaddydaddydaddy.

He walked in, the child slipping in behind him. "Oh, for Salazar's sake, now what?" Scorpius pressed a hand to his face to keep from squealing. Daddy!

Draco blinked, taken aback when he saw who was there for a moment. "Auror Potter," he greeted, looking the man over carefully. "I was wondering when I'd get someone besides Weasley to get my statement. I assure you it's the exact same one I've been giving."

"I know. We may need you to testify at the trial."

The smallest of smiles graced his features as Harry sank into a chair near his bed. "Yes, well, I do have some experience in that."

"I know." Harry studied the blonde carefully. He seemed much better than he had when Harry had first brought him in. There was color in his cheeks now and there didn't seem to be any bruising from what little Harry could see. His eyes were clear, focused. Harry had no real idea why he wasn't being released. His lips were moving, no longer curved, and Harry abruptly realized that Draco was speaking.

"You're staring, Auror."

"Thinking," Harry corrected, though both were accurate enough. "I know that you said you became aware of who had you captive. Do you know why?"

Draco looked away. "I testified against Greg's father. The Ministry wasn't satisfied with what I'd already given them; they wanted more. They wanted to break me down to make sure that no one would ever trust me when I resumed my dark activities."

"When?" Harry repeated and earned a humorless smile.

"Really, Potter, I thought you would've learned something by now. There was no 'if,' and, in the case of some, there still isn't." He waved a hand dismissively. "But, yes, I do know why as far as Goyle goes. Money and the return of his father through my overturned statements. The Ministry never would've taken my word if I attempted to retract them. Astoria's motivation is a bit more difficult to puzzle out, I'm afraid."

And it wouldn't be best to explain that with Scorpius in the room. Harry only nodded. "Yeah, well, they're questioning her."

A slim, pale brow arched. "And you're not?"

"I have been put back on vacation - also known as Kingsley's making me take a break - now that you've been found."

"Back on it?"

"It was just starting when Scorpius showed up."

Everything about Draco went at attention at the mention of his son. He stood up a little straighter, his eyes got just a little wider, and his lips parted just so. ...And Harry should stop noticing these things right now. "How is he?" Draco asked. "Weasley's said he's just fine, but it's you he's been with."

"He misses you," was the honest reply. "I've lost count on how many times I've heard 'Daddy says' the past few days, and he's actually somewhere 'round here because I smuggled him in."

"Under that cloak of yours?" Draco looked around avidly. "Scorpius, come here."

There was a sudden impression on the bed and Draco reached out, pulled the invisibility cloak away and his breath caught. "You still need a haircut."

"Daddy." Scorpius threw his arms around his father's neck, clinging for all he was worth. He even let go of Perry, leaving him partially invisible under the cloak. The child sniffled, face pressed against Draco's shirt. "The bad guys took you and I did just what you said. I found Harry and I gave him your wand and I asked him to find you and he said he would and it took lots o' days but he and Ron found you and 'Mione helped and let me touch her belly 'cause there's a baby inside that Ron said comes out with magic and now you're here 'cause they found you and Perry missed you as much as I did and-and-and-"

Already filled in on his son's activities, Draco began to rock and pressed his face into his son's hair. "Shh," he soothed. "It's alright now. Everything's just fine. Ron told me all about your pensieve and how helpful you've been. You've done so well, haven't you?"

"H-harry said I was r-really brave."

"You are extremely brave," Draco praised, stroking the child's back. "If not for you, it would have taken them even more days to find me." Draco flicked his gaze up; Harry nodded mutely as they came to a mutual, quiet understanding. They wouldn't have found him alive. "I'm so proud of you," he murmured and Scorpius looked up with big, damp eyes.

"Harry said you would be."

The adults locked eyes again, Draco's gaze hinting at amusement. "Occasionally, Harry's rather wise."

"Harry's real smart. He gave me a ducky. He's an auror. And he read me stories, but he reads different from you, and he makes the best apple pancakes in the whole wide world and we went to a Muggle store!" In the way of a child, Scorpius was quickly rebounding from his tearful episode. He had his daddy back now, after all, and tons of stories to share. "And Mr. and Mrs. Weas-a-ley have a dog. Can I have a dog? I helped give him a bath. It was fun. And I had nightmares and Harry let me stay in his room. And Harry brought me Perry all the way from at home."

This reminded Draco of something that had been nagging at him for a while. "Which I seem to have forgotten. It's one of the issues the healers here are still troubled by."

"Right..." Harry reached out, quite forgetting that Draco was more than capable of covering Scorpius's ears. "They imperiused you. Had you... convince Ernie to remove the fidelius. Ron and I put it back in place with him as the Secret-Keeper."

"Wonderful. You left Weasley in charge of my home. I feel so secure."

Harry laughed, removing his hands from Scorpius's ears. The boy caught his hands again, though, and held on, snuggled happily in his daddy's lap. Harry smiled at him, letting him play with his fingers. "I'll just have to tell Ron that you need your address. He should've already told you."

Draco sniffed haughtily. "Perhaps he forgot it was mine."

"I like Ron," Scorpius put in. "He kisses 'Mione a lot. Harry said married people kiss lots 'cause they love each other."

"Oh, do they, Harry?" Draco looked up, definitely amused now, and watched Harry's cheeks color.

"I don't know... Ryan. Do only married people kiss?"

Draco didn't blush as Harry had been expecting. Instead, his head tilted to the side and he gave Harry an appraising look. "Found that out, did you?"

"Hermione did. It took three days."

"That's a year and a half for anyone else," Draco mused.

"Careful, Draco. That was almost a compliment."

"It was a compliment." He shrugged at Harry's surprised look. "Clearly, all three of you have had some hand in taking care of my son the past few days. Not only that, but you left your vacation - forced or not - to locate me. Compliments are the least I can provide in return."

"We'd take advanced copies," he tried, unable to resist and surprised a laugh out of the blonde. Scorpius beamed, looking back and forth between the two adults. This was good. This was like friends. Daddy had to let him see Harry after they went home now!

"All three of you?"

"Ron skips certain bits," Harry replied, Draco's smile confirming that he knew which bits those were. "They make him queasy. But he enjoys the rest. Who's your in at the Ministry? You can't possibly know all that without someone giving you information."

Draco sighed. "He's an abhorrent twit, really. I won't say his name as he's requested I never divulge it. He's not entirely pleased with the idea that he's helping me write things that hold those certain bits your Weasley isn't fond of."

"Why would you use someone who doesn't like your books?"

Lifting a brow, Draco took a chance. "I don't really see how that matters unless you're offering your services."

Rather than looking at father, Harry turned his attention to son. "D'you think I should help him, Scorpius?"

The boy giggled, curling his hands around Harry's fingers. "Yes!" He looked up at his father, smiling. "Harry's the best auror ever."

"I have little doubt of that," was the reply and Harry wasn't entirely sure if it was a sarcastic response or an honest one.

He took it as honesty since Draco had, after all, sent Scorpius his way. "Then perhaps I am offering my services." His lips twitched. "Do I get those advanced copies now?"

"You want them that badly, do you?"

Harry smiled. "The sister was kidnapped. You can't just expect me not to want the next one after a cliffhanger like that."

Draco's eyes danced with mischief. "Ah, yes. My, what did I do to that girl?"

"That's what I'd like to know."

"You will know." There was a short pause. "When the next book comes out."

"That's really not fair," Harry decided and a smile lit Draco's face. This was nice, the blonde realized. Chatting face to face with someone who read his books, who knew it was him writing them, was nice.

"I'm afraid you'll just have to suffer, Potter."

Scorpius looked up, surprised. "Daddy, you can't be mean to Harry!"

"Yeah, Draco. You can't be mean to Harry."

Draco smirked. "Well, Harry, what if I told you right now that she dies?"

The auror's eyes narrowed a fraction. "You're lying."

"Am I?" He was. He very clearly was, but watching certainty become uncertainty was incredibly amusing.

"Bugger. What if-"

"Auror Potter!" The healer's voice rang out through the room and Scorpius was quickly covered by the invisibility cloak, much to his confusion. "Mr. Malfoy has had enough questions for one day, if you please. He's still not fully healed."

"I'm healed enough to go home," he argued and was entirely ignored.

"Auror Potter, I must insist that you go."

Harry nodded, getting to his feet. "One more question and then I'll be through. If you could step out." And he loomed over the apprentice healer until she wrung her hands together and sighed.

"Of course. But only one more." She sent Draco a look that promised a swift returning before striding away again.

Draco flung the cloak off his son and gathered the boy close for a tight, tight squeeze. Scorpius giggled, wrapping his arms around his father's neck and burying his face in the curve. "I love you, daddy."

"I love you too, Scorpius," he whispered.

The child sniffled, pressing his small body closer. He didn't wanna go yet. But then he felt strong hands at his waist, lightly tugging him back. "Come on," Harry murmured. "He'll be out soon, Scorpius."

He turned damp silver eyes on the brunette, lower lip quivering. "Promise?"

"I absolutely promise." Harry flicked his gaze to Draco.

He nodded once and released his son. "Scorpius, go ahead. We'll be able to go home very soon. Just like he said."

The little boy finally released his father. "Daddy, when we get home, I can still see Harry, right? I want to see Harry lots."

"And what does Harry think about that?" Draco wondered, running his fingers through Scorpius's hair.

The auror smiled. "Harry's perfectly alright with that."

Draco looked from the brunette to his son, who was nodding emphatically. He gave Scorpius a last squeeze before bundling him beneath the invisibility cloak. "Well, Potter, it seems we'll be seeing quite a bit of one another."

He felt Scorpius clasp onto his robes, and smiled slowly. "I'm looking forward to it... and to those advanced copies."

Draco laughed, waving a hand. "Out, Potter. I'm suddenly feeling faint."

"Don't be a git, Malfoy, or I'll have to regret saving you."

Draco leaned back, pressed the back of a hand dramatically up to his brow. "You only want me for my books, Potter! Admit it."

"Freely," Harry joked and threw a grin over his shoulder before walking out. Scorpius peeked out from under the cloak to wave happily at his daddy before scrambling after Harry. He'd found his daddy, and everything was okay now.

Yay, lol. Scorpius got his daddy back~

Thanks, everyone, who's been following this since the beginning!
And even those of you who came in late ;p
Or those who'll read this long after I forget about it :D

The sequel will be out soon, everyone! Keep an eye out!


Thank you, ~Pandas-and-Pocky, for being my beta for this! I appreciate your corrections of my "tehs" :giggle:



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Once a powerful dark wizard
Entered a house from the moonless night.
He cursed a little boy’s parents who died
Instantly in a flash of green light.

The sorcerer then pointed his wand
Toward the child who remained.
But all his powers were gone instead,
And shall they ever be regained.

It happened many years ago
When every heart had flamed.
All because of one wizard:

Harry, the hero, the boy who lived,
Knew none of this at all.
For his uncle’s family that adopted him
Had built a preventive wall.

They lied to Harry about his parents’ deaths
And forced him to be their slave.
They made the cupboard his room and said
“Look at the space we’d save!”

All this ended when the moment came
On Harry’s lucky day.
Hagrid the giant had came along
To take him far away.

Into the magical world he went,
At Hogwarts he found his friends:
Ron the redhead and Hermione
Whose lecture never ends.

Along with them Harry studied magic,
What made chairs fly and tables crack.
Then they discovered a dangerous secret,
Something that could bring “You-know-who” back.

Together they fought the evil’s hand
With clever spells and bravery.
Righteousness won and we all know
Triumph is on the delivery.

Another year had gone away,
And what a year it has been!
But the story hadn’t finish yet,
For there’s more adventure you hadn’t seen…
It's a poem I wrote a long time ago (I've decided to put my poems here^^)....basically translates the first Harry Potter novel into a poem...I'm very proud of it.
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And I heard it.
A voice.
Your voice, Hermione.
You said my name. Just my name. Like a whisper.
So I took it, clicked it, and this tiny ball of light appeared. And I knew. And sure enough, it floated toward me, the ball of light went right into my chest. Straight through me. Right here. I knew it was going to take me where I needed to go.

Ron Weasley

Like a Whisper

Nunca pensei um dia chegar
I never thought would come the day
Te ouvir dizer:
That I would hear you say
"Não é por mal
"It's not that I want
Mas vou te fazer chorar
But I'll make you cry
Hoje vou te fazer chorar
Today I'll make you cry
Não tenho muito tempo
Not much time left to me
Tenho medo de ser um só
I'm afraid to be part of the "one"(to be alone)
Tenho medo de ser só um
I'm afraid to be the one
Alguém pra se lembrar
The one to be remembered
Alguém pra se lembrar
Someone to be remembered
Alguém pra se lembrar"
Someone to be remembered"

Faz um tempo eu quis
It's been a while that I wanted
Fazer uma canção
To make you a song
Pra você viver mais
For you to live more
Faz um tempo que eu quis
It's been a while that I wanted
Fazer uma canção
To make you a song
Pra você viver mais
For you to live more

Deixei que tudo desaparecesse
I let everything desapear
E perto do fim
And close to the end
Não pude mais encontrar
I couldn't find anymore
Mas o amor ainda estava lá
But the love was still there
O amor ainda estava lá
The love was still there

Faz um tempo que eu quis
It's been a while that I wanted
Fazer uma canção
To make you a song
Pra você viver mais
For you to live more
Pra você viver mais
For you to live more
Pra você viver mais
For you to live more

"Mom, Hugo went to check if your garden is too gnome infested and I came to ask you if you want some chocolate cake?" Rose said from the bottom of the stairs.
"Tell him to leave it! It's been ages I decided to leave the poor little creatures there! They make me laugh, when I look at the window, blowing me kisses! And don't worry dear! I'll go get changed, get some rest and when I come down I'll have cake!
"You haven't been making wool hats for the gnomes too, have you mom?"
"Well…" Hermione smiled and looked down at the top of the stairs, while Rose laughed out loud down at the other end.
Recovering her breath again, she remembered a message "Oh, mom, uncle Harry just spoke to me on the fireplace and he wanted to know if you'll have some time for him later this afternoon, 'cause he wants to discuss with you some proposals suggested to him yesterday by the Members of the Wizards Council."
Harry had reluctantly become the new Minister for Magic; all his life, the position had been offered to him numerous times, but he had always refused it vehemently. This last time, however, he had gave in, half provocatively, half tired of them insisting so much, winning the election by unanimity, a result never before seen in the wizarding world, and leaving only Harry surprised by such a singular event.
He embraced his new position passionately, dedicating himself to one more task given to him by the wizarding world with all his might; actually, as he had done all his life.
"Tell your uncle, if he calls again, to ask himself how many times in this life have I not had time for him?" she said with a small smile, making Rose laugh again and walk away, shaking her head, back to the kitchen.

At the top of the stairs, Hermione started walking towards her bedroom. She was exhausted from all the running going on that morning. No matter how many times it had happened in her life, every morning of returning to Hogwarts, at the train station in London, it felt always to her as if it was the last of the days! And in the last few years it was also one of the saddest.
That morning, they had taken the last of her five grandchildren who was going, for the first time, to the wizarding school. Little Rupert, Hugo's youngest son, had just become eleven years old a couple of days earlier. He, her youngest grandson, was out of the three boys the one who resembled most, physically and personality wise, his grandfather when he was the same age.
As it happened in every birthday, the entire family gathered to commemorate at her house, and it was not different for the little one's birthday.
Well, almost all family. A lot of the ones she had loved, that she still loved, had already passed away, as it had happened exactly six years ago, on that exact same day.
No matter how much she insisted that they didn't need to miss their jobs for it, she knew Rose and Hugo would bring her back home, as they had been doing for years, to distract her. So that she wouldn't think too much.
And Harry could not fool her either; she knew that was his real intent, when he asked once again to get her advice later that night. Her friend wanted to distract her of her pain and of his own pain, wanted to make her forget, to make her not think. Right after his arrival, the house would start to get full of people, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, friends, all wanting to make her not think.
They all knew she didn't talk about it. But since when could anything or anyone make Hermione Granger Weasley stop thinking?
Since when could anything or anyone make Hermione stop thinking about…him?

Six Years Earlier

"I've gone tired of getting tired of worrying with you Hermione! Every time you have to go to that platform to get someone inside that bloody train, no one can handle your nerves! And everything always goes fine, and next year there you are all stressed out again!"
"Ron, please, did you wipe your shoes?" Hermione closed the front door of the beautiful house they had been sharing since they got married, which although it was big for just the two of them to live in, as had been happening for some time, was never empty, with all those people, friends, family members, grandchildren and nephews coming and going all the time.
"Hermione, if I get the rug dirty, don't forget as you seem to have done in the last fifty years, that I have a wand and I can use it freely ever since my long gone seventeen years of age! And also don't forget I have something else as big as my wand right here that I'm still as capable of using as I did at that time!" Ron slapped the front pocket of his pants where he kept his wand, his hand very close to his crotch, with a naughty smile on his lips.
Hermione put her hand on her waist after she dropped her handbag on the sideboard, looked at him and smiled "Yes, there are certain things that really never change! You are still a shameless pervert Ron Weasley!"
"And you still like me being that way exactly as you did all those years ago!"
Yes, it was true, how much she liked that old shameless man!

Ron had aged gracefully. He still kept his body in shape thanks to all those years working as an auror, training every day! He still ran through the fields around the house a few times every week. And his shoulders to her looked like they had never stopped growing! His skin had very few wrinkles and his hair was a mix of many white threads with others that still maintained a certain red shade. His blue eyes, that she adored so much, had become (if possible) even more beautiful; looking at them she'd see the brightness of their entire shared life and all that their love had built, including a big beautiful family.
Ron, kissing her lips lightly, took her out of her quick thoughts "I'm going in to the living room to catch the end of the game. Please, love, get a left over piece of Rup's birthday chocolate cake to this old but still in shape man of yours!"
"It's a good thing you're still in shape! I hope you keep that way for a long time!"
"Ah, but you have nothing to fear! When age starts showing its claws, many years from now, don't forget the first spell you taught me and that I learned was "Wingardium Leviosa"! Since then I can make "anything" levitate with it! You were quite smart. And then you say I'm the pervert one! I think even then you were already thinking how you could take advantage of it with me!" He was now speaking with a huge grin on his lips and his cheeks red.
Hermione shook her head also laughing and when she turned towards the kitchen, Ron slapped her butt "And a glass of pumpkin juice too, Mione!"
He went in to the living room where he enjoyed spending a few hours of the day listening to his small radio, one of his favorite hobbies and a habit he had acquired in his youth, during the time they were running away and hiding from Voldemort, using the small object desperately in search of news.

Hermione was cutting the cake after levitating a small plate from the cabinet across the kitchen and she picked up the juice jar the same way, thinking absent mindedly of how, a few years earlier, she was worried about their retirement, afraid of the routine of not working anymore.
How foolish of her!
How could she ever think her life would fall into a routine with Ron Weasley by her side!
He, who was the joy of the entire family, the great love of the grandchildren, with a sense of humor and disposition that had only improved with the years!
They had intensified their voluntary work even more, visiting hospitals, organizations and of course giving many lectures all over the world about the war times and their work rebuilding the wizarding world after it, being treated at all occasions with the upmost respect and grandeur, something that in all truth they had never grown used to.
They made sure to relax everybody, anywhere, taking off the weight of the Ministry's protocol, imposed in the end of the war, to all who welcomed them and Harry since their youth.
They had finally got to know Brazil and helped for a few days the work the native wizards and witches were doing there to rebuild the Amazon rainforest with all of its incredible and diverse fauna and flora, muggle and magic, which had left Hermione fascinated! But she had to admit she had not shown it with as much excitement as Ron did when he, at a friendly game set up especially for their visit, met the World Champions National Quidditich team.
They went back to Australia many times to give special classes, as guests, in the world's most recent wizarding school and in their most recent visit, they had stayed in the same hotel they slept in when they were there for the first time, assisted by the Ministry, when they went to get her parents back, who were still under the memory charm she had made. They stayed there, in the same bedroom where they had made love for the first time.

Hermione was already levitating the small plate with a generous piece of cake on it and the glass of juice towards the living room when she heard Ron's voice calling euphorically "Hermione! Hermione! Quick!"
She quickened her steps, trying to walk as fast as possible with the two objects floating close to her body.
When she walked in to the living room, Ron came to meet her, took the plate and the glass and put them down on the small table next to his favorite armchair where his radio was playing a well known song.
"Listen Mione, it's that song!" he said, smiling.
"It's that stupid song you told me you danced to with Harry, during the search for the Horcruxes, you know, when I wasn't there!"
"Oh, that one! It's a beautiful song, you fool!" Hermione expelled air through her nose. Ron never missed a chance to make a joke when he heard that song wherever he was and it started playing.
"Yeah, come on!" he took both her hands and pulled her close to him squeezing her against his chest strongly. "You know, Mione, I know I've had the chance to dance to it even with Harry himself at his own wedding, after my best man speech, but I've just realized I've never danced it with you!"
She smiled, remembering the moment, Harry looking frightened, tripping over his own feet, much as he had on that dark and distant night, trying to steal a few smiles from her, while Ron made him spin to the sound of the music and the laughs of all the wedding guests, including the bride herself, Ginny.
"That shameless little bastard! While I was desperately trying to find a way back to you two, deadly wounded, without my little finger nail, he was having fun, dancing with my girl in that tent!" he said, laughing while he moved around smooth and gracefully to the music, taking her body close his, his head leaning on the top of hers, like they did every time in all the parties they attended.

Hermione moved her face away from his chest, where it had been resting, and slapped him there "Ron, how many million times must I tell you that Harry was only trying to cheer me up because I couldn't focus on anything but crying nonstop in every corner of that tent for your absence, holding that damn radio in my hands and smelling the clothes you left behind, snuggling in your bed! Imagine his desperation!"
He lowered his head, leaning his forehead against hers, and with a small smile on his lips he said "I know, I know! And every time I think about it, I love him even more, if possible, for what he did for you !"
She looked deep down in to his eyes and said, touching the middle of his chest "And it's for that huge heart of yours that I've always loved you!"
"I know my heart isn't the only huge thing about me you have always loved" He laughed, grabbing her butt, lowering himself a bit and rubbing his hips on hers mischievously.
She pushed him away softly also laughing "You really don't change! I need to go feed the cat and the owl and get the clothes from the laundry room to put them away!"
"Yeah, there are certain things that really never change!" he looked at her raising his eyebrows
"Should I give more affection to Ron Weasley or some orange cat?" he said, trying to imitate her voice and mannerisms.

She walked away puffing, but meanwhile he was sliding his hand on her arm and holding her hand firmly, pulling her close to him again and resting his hands on each side of Hermione's face " Have I told you how beautiful you are and how much I love you?" And carrying on with a game they had been playing since they had confessed their love for each other out loud for the first time, Hermione answered "Nine hundred and eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred and eighty-eight times!"
Looking at her that same way she recognized since the first time he hold her in his arms, she heard him answering "Great! I'll get to the one million mark before you!" and wrapped his mouth around Hermione's with his fleshy lips, resting them on hers with a calm, warm, wet kiss.
Releasing her he said "Alright then! I'll eat my cake and drink my juice, you do what you need to do, but in a little while I'm going to take you to the bedroom and show you everything this huge heart full of love for you has to give you!"

That's how every one of her days with Ron Weasley had passed, since that first desperate, passionate, unforgettable kiss during the final battle.
She walked in to the laundry room and as she pointed her wand to heat and fold the washed clothes, she leaned back against the counter and thought of how she loved to snuggle with him on their bed, both of them naked, under the covers.
After they got married, that was the only way they slept, but they had to stop with that habit after they had children and it was one of the first things they went back to after Hugo left to Hogwarts. That was the way they still slept most of the nights, or how they stayed after the not so frequent anymore times when they made love in the late afternoons. Or just to spend hours talking about everything.
Yes, they're love making wasn't wild and never-ceasing as it used to be, but she still could see how much he desired her every day and how he still held and kissed with teenage-like passion her not as firm as before breasts, the same way he did the first time he saw them and covered them with his hands and mouth on that long ago afternoon they flew to The Burrow's orchard, and laid on his old Chudley Cannons quilt a few days after the end of the final battle and before they went to Australia, when, in a wild night of love, they finally gave in to each other.

She opened the laundry room's door with her body holding the clothes basket the muggle way to carry it.
That's when she thought she heard Ron's voice very low, calling her name.
She put the basket down on the table and noticed the sound from the radio had gone extremely high in the living room "Ah, will he call me to dance again?"
She leaned down to grab the cat's bawl and the sound of the radio, which was not tuned to the station right, started to bother her.
"Ron, keep the radio volume down! I'm going to get a headache and if I do, you know what will happen don't you? You won't be giving me any of that huge love of yours!"
The hungry cat walked around her legs while she poured its food on the small bawl with her wand, looking towards the living room and consequently, being distracted, she poured more than necessary.
The sound coming from the living room had not lowered.
Of course, with the sound so high how could Ron have heard her request?
But why was he listening to the radio in such high volume and not even tuned correctly?

She felt a heat up her body when she decided to go in to the living room and ask him to stop it.
Walking in through the hallway she saw his armchair's back, it was facing the window as always, his arm falling on the side of it, the small radio fallen in the floor!
From then on everything inside Hermione's head seemed to move in slow motion.
Although she was running, how long and slow those steps until the place where he was!
And still slow was how she felt when she put herself in front of him.
Ron was sitting down, he had slipped slightly in the armchair's seat, with his arm resting on his chest and his hand loosely holding the deluminator, his lips slightly parted and his opened blue eyes stared, motionless, pale, not seeing her anymore.
She released a hoarse scream calling "Ron!", putting her hands on his face.
She quickly grabbed her wand and pointed it to his chest towards his heart and she used magic to release shocks against it, using cardio resuscitation spells.
His body shook violently with her spells, but besides that, no other sign.
She threw her wand away and was now hitting his chest desperately with her closed fists, while she screamed, realizing what had happened and tears flowing down her face "Ron, don't leave me here alone again! Don't abandon me! It's me, Hermione! It's an order Ronald Weasley! Come back to me! Come back Ron!" and she collapsed on his chest, now sobbing strongly "Come back my love, my love, my love…"

She cried compulsively for many minutes on top of that body she had touched and kissed so many times, worshipping it like a temple to the feelings she had for its owner, that was now laying there abandoned.
Since she was a little girl, Hermione had known one of her great qualities was her courage which had been confirmed when she went to Hogwarts, but in that instant she thought she'd never find enough of it inside herself to do what was necessary.
Still sobbing, she summed all her strengths and raised her hand from the position it had been on so many times in her life, resting against his chest, which now emanated only a terrifying silence to her ears.
Her face remained very close to his.
The expression was the same she had seen minutes before. He was serene, the gleam she adored now gone from his eyes.
She looked at him and with surprise she felt all oxygen leave her lungs, forcing her mouth to gape open in desperate attempt to pull in as much air as possible so that she could breath, shaking violently she saw, right there at the same spot as in the first time, that distant first time when she looked at the face of the young boy he once had been, that first look at the one who would become the man of her life.
A brown stain in Ron's nose.
"Oh, you have always been perfect to me Ron Weasley!"
And now holding his face with her hands on each side of it, as he had done to her only a few minutes earlier, she started to kiss the small stain over and over again, in a crazy action, until she made it disappear and she continued to kiss all of his face, feeling the saltiness of her own tears on her lips, while she whispered his name, getting his motionless face all wet.
She stopped, sobbing, and moved away a bit. With her eyes open, Hermione kissed his still warm mouth, in a long kiss, her eyes loosing themselves in that immense blue, now empty, that was Ron's eyes.
Still not blinking she positioned her fingers over his eyes, admiring their color one last time, and closed them.
"Ron, love of my love, wait for me…"

Six years later

O children
Ó crianças
We have the answer to all your fears
Nós temos a resposta para todos os seus medos
It's short, it's simple, it's crystal clear
É curta, é simples, é clara como cristal
It's round about, it's somewhere here
Ela está ao redor, está em algum lugar aqui
Lost amongst our winnings
Perdida entre nossas vitórias

O children
Ó crianças
Lift up your voice, lift up your voice
Levantem suas vozes, levantem suas vozes
Rejoice, rejoice
Alegrai-vos, alegrai-vos

They had all come, talked, had dinner, tried to make her not think, and they had left.
She said goodbye to all of them with kisses, hugs and a smile.
One smile for each one of them.

Hermione walked in to her room, closed the door, leaned her body against the cold wood and took a deep breath.
She was alone again with her thoughts.

Since that afternoon six years ago she had been trying to put out an image of a very strong woman, much stronger then she had ever been.
However, only she knew that nothing she had ever faced, the war against Voldemort, the death at the tip of Bellatrix's knife, nothing had demanded so much of her, of her courage, of her determination, of her heart and soul, as much as surviving until then, through all those years, without him.

The day after Ron was gone, she asked Ginny to gather all his belongings and donate them, not before she separated herself a few things and stored them in a beautiful wooden box Rose had provided.
He had always been a simple man who lived with little since his childhood and even having earned enough money to give his family all the comfort he could have ever dreamed of having someday, he had realized he really didn't need that much to be happy.
And so she thought as well.

During those years, everybody thought the way she had reacted to it was weird, but they respected it.
Harry most of all. And he was the one Hermione knew, one day would understand her mode of being perfectly.
He was always in the circle of friends, on family meetings and specially gathering all the children on the living room floor, telling, remembering something they had lived together. How Ron had faced a troll on his first year at Hogwarts and saved Hermione from it, of his big chess game, of the wild journey both of them had in the great grandpa's Ford Anglia, how he was a great Quidditich Keeper, how Ron had saved the Cattermole family and much more.
Hermione would most of times stay in a corner or lean over the doorstep listening and most of the times respond to her great friend with a smile.
To her, Ron was everywhere, in everything she saw around her, in every familiar face looking at her every day.
Everything reminded her of Ron!

And still the pain of not being able to hug him, kiss him, hear his voice, his laugh, smell him, stabbed her more and more hurtfully with each minute of her days.
Each memory she had to face also reminded her of the truth behind the decision she had made on how to face that separation in that long gone moment when she had closed her lover's eyes for the world.
One smile and silence for all of them.

And inside that box was maybe the biggest of all truths that seemed to have been locked away.
More than anything else or anyone around her, that piece of wood resting intact on the dresser drew her attention every time she walked in the room or when she lay on their bed.
Ron was there more than anywhere else, and she knew it.

She sighed and turned her face to where the box was, clean and polished, on the dresser.
She looked at it and even with a pain stabbing her chest she took the steps she had decided to take that same morning.
She slid her hand over the dark wood paying attention to the details she had never ceased to observe in it.
She grabbed it and held it close to her body as she turned around towards the bed.
She sat down and put the heavy object in front of her.
She opened it quite slowly and peacefully she looked inside.

She looked at Ron once more.

His beautiful long wand rested on top of everything else.
She took it in her hands carefully and looked at all the details in it that she always admired when she was younger, the shades of the wood's color.
She raised it, remembering his hand holding it, pointed it to her own wand that she had left on the dresser and said "Wingardium Leviosa!"
Smiling, she saw her wand levitate and come to meet her, and she put it down carefully on the bed, next to the box. She took his wand and put it on top of hers, as Ron did every night when they laid on that same bed.

She looked inside the box again and there was his maroon sweater with a big R in the front. He had lent it to her when they were still at Hogwarts in a particularly chilly night when they were together in the Common Room.
She unfolded the sweater and looked at it, her imagination filling it with a young Ron, who had worn it one day. She smiled, remembering him extremely red, when she went to return the piece of clothing to him, telling her she could keep it "You can have it if you want. I already have enough maroon sweaters and I'll probably get another one this Christmas" She accepted it even more shyly, but with her heart exploding of happiness.
Since that day she couldn't remember how many times she had slept snuggling in it, feeling Ron's smell in it.
She grabbed the piece of clothing and raised it to her face. The smell had disappeared long ago, but smelling it was as if that gesture had brought back the smell to her memory, as if she smelled Amortentia again and the perfume invaded her mind and warmed her body.
She stayed there for long minutes, inebriated with memories, hugging the piece of wool. She raised it in the air, looking at it again, and then folded it neatly showing the front letter, and as she had done with the wand, put it on the bed.

She turned to the box and took Ron's small radio, which had been present on those last instants they spent together, witnessing their last gestures of companionship and love, the radio that Ron may had used to warn Hermione of what was happening to him, warning her that he was leaving.
With her fingers she touched those buttons that had felt Ron's fingers touch so much and she put it down over the sweater.

And there it was, at the bottom of the box, a cylindrical wrapping of velvety fabric.
The deluminator Dumbledore had left Ron.

She took it carefully and observed it. Perhaps it had been Ginny or Rose who had put it away in that wrapping it had been given in to Ron by the Ministry of Magic, in that distant afternoon in which he had read the old headmaster's will to the three friends at the Burrow's living room.
Ron himself never kept it in that fabric package because he always carried it in his pocket.
Of all the magical objects she had ever encountered, none fascinated Hermione as much as this one, not only for its ability to be the "master light and darkness" wherever it was, but as Ron used to say, "to see the darkness in its owner's heart and take him back to the light", as had happened during those war days, making their love bring him back to her.

She untied the fancy ribbon carefully and unrolled the velvet.
There he was, and not containing the tears she had been constrained for so long anymore, she let them flow freely down her face looking at the cylindrical silver object that, without Ron's cares, had gone darker as the time passed and to her amazement, now held his fingerprints clearly visible, maybe printed by the sweat of his hands in those last instants.
"Oh, my love!" she said, putting the tips of her own fingers over each fingerprint.
She stared at it for awhile, lost in her gesture and thoughts.
She took a deep breath to concentrate.

That same morning, leaving her last grandson on the train going to the wizarding school, she had felt like she had fulfilled all her self-imposed missions, Ron's memory and everything they had lived and meant to build and complete together.
The goal had been reached for her.
Now holding the deluminator in her hands, more than ever she was certain, and she felt free and unafraid to face reality! Her truth.
She felt in her heart the time had arrived.
He had perhaps waited for too long already!

Carefully, with determination and courage, she raised the dark silver object in front of her, looked at it and whispered the word that had been imprisoned all those years in her throat, and that her heart desperately asked every minute to say:
And so it happened, just as Ron had told her.
She listened.
A voice.
Ron's voice.
Calling her name. Only her name.
Like a whisper.
She held the deluminator firmly and clicked it.
And there it was. A tiny ball of light.
And Hermione knew. And sure enough, she saw the tiny ball float towards her chest and go straight through her heart.
She closed her eyes happy, because she knew it would take her where she needed to go.

Title:Like a Whisper
Characters: Ron and Hermione
Word count:around 5.000
Warnings: angst

Summary: They all knew she didn’t talk about it. But since when could anything or anyone make Hermione Granger Weasley stop thinking?
Since when could anything or anyone make Hermione stop thinking about…him?

Notes: I am not a fanfic writer and I don’t have any intention to become one. While I’m working on my fanarts, many times, ideas for stories plots come to me, and I already passed few of them to some of my friends, “real” writers. This time, this scenario appeared to me while I was reading a drabble of one of the most amazing Brazilian (and of the world, I can say) fanficwriters, my friend Disomers called “O suéter de Ron” (Ron’s sweater) and it was so full of details that I tried to put it on words. It was written and posted originally in Portuguese at the fanfic section of Brazilian site Potterish last December.
My lovely friend from LJ, Wickedjo gently translated it to me so I can share it with my friends here. I hope you enjoy it, although I’m almost sure today I’ll make you cry.

Banner made by Disomers
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The Demi-Potter Games
Chapter Two
I yelped softly as the girl cut me free. As she did so I tumbled to the ground.
"Harry? Harry, where are you?" I asked, standing up and brushing the dirt from my jeans.
"Who are you?"' Katniss, the girl, asked.
"The name's Percy Jackson, where in Hades am I????"
"Hades?" Katniss asked, the name sounded odd when she said it.
"Your in district twelve." the boy said, disregarding the Hades thing.
"District twelve??" I asked, looking around at the woods. "Where in the world is district twelve? All I remember is Harry and me leaving camp and falling into a black hole, then I got caught in your stupid trap and now here I am." I took a deep breath, where were we? Why were we here?
"Look," the boy said. "don't take this the wrong way but you don't seem very right in the head. We should take you back into town, see what's wrong." The boy grabbed my arm and stared to pull me away.
"WAIT! What about my friend Harry? HARRY!" I yelled.
Harry came out of the bushes and ran towards us, I hoped he would hex the boy for trying to kidnap me but then I noticed that he didn't have his wand, I felt my pocket, Riptide wasn't there. We were both unarmed, in a strange world, this was bad, very, very, bad.
* * *
Sandra woke up in the Nike cabin, her heart bounding so hard she was nervous that it might just pop out of her chest. She had just had the strangest dream; Percy and Harry had fallen into a black hole and were now in some kind of alternate universe.
Most kids would totally ignore a dream like that and fall back asleep, not Sandra, she had learned young to trust her dreams. No matter how crazy they seemed at first. she slipped out of her bunk, careful not to wake Sam who slept below her. She felt a bit embarrassed, she was wearing the frog pajamas that he father had sent her for her birthday, evidently he thought she was still ten instead of fifteen. Sandra sighed, she had to talk to Annabeth and after that probably Ron and Hermione. She put on a pair of her brown leather flats mad quietly stepped outside, making sure to closed the door quietly behind her.
She was out after curfew, nothing unusual about that, Sandra usually went on midnight strolls through the forest and was never caught. She ran towards cabin six, trying not to scream when she tripped over a body. She looked down to see a white, blonde hair and blue eyes. Sandra let out a small yelp and backed away. The boy didn't look familiar, and he definitely wasn't a camper. She kicked at him experimentally and he sat up. Sandra kicked him in the head, harder this time and he fell to the ground, unconscious. She picked up the boy, he was surprisingly light. She looked around then hauled him over to the Athena cabin.
Sandra knocked on the door lightly, and no one answered. She tapped harder, still nothing. She rammed her knuckles into the door then looked around quickly. The door opened a crack, it was Malcolm, and Sandra was happy that she wasn't the only one wearing embarrassing pajamas, Malcolm wore Pj's with little owls on them.
"Sandra, what do you want?" He asked sleepily.
"I need to speak with Annabeth, now." Sandra whispered sternly.
Yeah, I basically gave the chapter to Sandra, I know, but I was running short on ideas and now I'm not so there =P ENJOY! I hope you like it!
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Before I begin I would like to clarify that I'm not either a crazy Harry Potter fan or a Twihard. I've read both series and being completely honest I loved the Harry Potter series. But when I read the Twilight series I didn't think it was that good as people make it out to be. And when I heard someone say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter I felt inspired to make a comparison and show that Harry Potter far more superior than Twilight. For those who love Twilight to death
                      (YES THE TWIHARDS. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)
And don't agree with what I wrote, its my opinion. I'm allowed to say what I believe just like you're allowed to express your love and devotion for Twilight. With that being said I hope you enjoy.

1- Descriptions:

In the Harry Potter books everything and everyone with rich detail. All characters of the series have their unique description of their personality and physical aspects. Making the readers actually care for the main characters and even some of the secondary characters and find themselves fascinated with the magical creatures and objects. On the other hand Twilight only centers on describing how perfectly handsome Edward is and neglects all other characters other than Bella and Edward, making the rest of the characters seem less important. It gets very annoying having to read 15+ pages on how Edward is handsome, smart, classy, etc. and how perfect and lovable is our clumsy heroine, Bella (ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF MARY SUES). If you think about it, if you remove the parts on the book that Edward is being described Twilight would've been 130 pages max.

2- Love and Romance:

The argument I've heard from most Twilight fans is that Twilight is a love story and that's why it is superior to Harry Potter. I strongly disagree with that logic! The Harry Potter series may seem like it's just about adventures in a magical world of wizards and witches and it doesn't have the emphasis on love that Twilight has. TWILIGHT IS NOT ROMANTIC! There's nothing romantic about a guy who stalks you and watches you sleep. They don't portray romance in Twilight, only an unhealthy obsession. Also Edward and Bella "fell in love" based only on looks instead of actually having to get to know each other before having a relationship. In Harry Potter they make it clear that love is an important key of magic. And they explore many types of love like:

-The love between parents and their children, for example:
Lily and James with Harry. And also Molly and Arthur with Ginny, Ron, Fred, George, and the rest of their kids.

-The love between friends, for example:
Ron, Harry, and Hermione. And James, Remus, and Sirius. I'm not counting Peter because he's a traitor. Sorry if I spoiled it for anyone.

-Romance, for example:
Harry and Ginny, Hermione and Ron, Lily and James, etc.

And the romance in the Harry Potter series flows naturally and the characters don't easily fall in love and actually had to work so their relationships can work.

3- Plot:

This is a very easy subject. The plot in Harry Potter revolves around Harry as he develops through his adolescence, learning to overcome the problems that face him, magical, social and emotional, including ordinary teenage challenges such as friendships and exams, and the greater challenge of preparing himself for the confrontation with Lord Voldemort. If I'm not mistaken and please correct me if I'm wrong the only plot there was in Twilight was first to run away from a bad vampire named James, then later to save Edward from committing suicide and spend two more books on running away from James' girlfriend and having a "complicated" love triangle between Edward, Jacob, and Bella and to finish off this very interesting series of events wedding, having a baby, a not interesting fight with the apparently vampire kings (the Volturi) and then they stroll of into the sunset holding hands and singing Kumbaya. FASCINATING ISINT IT!

4- Villains:

In Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort is such an effective villain that the characters are so afraid to say his name and just call him You-Know-Who. He created two Wizarding Wars and caused millions of deaths. In Twilight, James was the 1st villain. The Cullen clan killed him right away. 2nd was his girlfriend Victoria. She spends 2 whole books trying to kill Bella. She sucks that bad at being a villain that she couldn't kill an accident-prone wreck that if you leave her a second without Edward she'll probably die on her own. Then there were the Volturi, they're not villains. They just do their jobs and then they go away. Yes, they're mean (Jane, mean ass bitch) but when they confronted the Cullens about Reneeseme they explained she's just a human/ vampire hybrid and they just went away.

5- Heroism:

In Harry Potter, all the characters risk their lives for the people they love and even for complete strangers. In Twilight, the characters they don't really care about others than each other. An example, in New Moon when they're taking humans to the Volturi so they could eat them Edward, Bella, and Alice just walk away and pretend its not happening. We all know that the Cullens don't agree with the whole drinking human blood idea, but did they do something to save them? Did they even say anything to stop them? I think not!

6- Heroines:

I'm only going to use the main heroine in Harry Potter, Hermione. In Harry Potter Hermione Granger is an intelligent girl that uses her knowledge and common sense either get good grades or helping her friends to save the wizarding world. And it is constantly remarked that the boys would be lost without her intelligence. And she also shows that even though she is a muggle born witch she is good enough or even better than some pure blood wizards. Even though at first she wasn't described as the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts (Buck teeth and bushy hair) she proved that she was beautiful when she fixed herself up for the Yule Ball, winning over Viktor Krum and Ron Weasley. She's independent, smart, and brave. She did get on my nerves in the first book (she was smart but to an annoying degree). But as the series kept going she became less annoying became one of my favorite characters. On the other hand Bella Swan is totally dependant of Edward for everything, when many people tell her to take it slow and not to make rash decision (The wedding and turning into a vampire) but it goes into one ear and comes out the other. She's described as perfect and popular even though she's a bitch to almost everyone, except for Edward of course. And as I previously said she's a freaking accident waiting to happen, all she does is bring danger to every one around her. Oh and who can forget about the Edward/ Jacob/ Bella love triangle. She teases the poor guys to the max. She loves Edward and just got engaged to him and what did she do afterwards, she went off and kissed Jacob in front of him. And when she turned down Jacob she felt so bad because she broke his heart and caused him a lot of pain and what did she do, she sent him an invitation to her wedding with the guy he hates. That's just adding insult to injury. And people say that Bella is a powerful heroine.

7- Names:

In Twilight they use fairly common names like:

And the rest of the characters. But then there's the case of Reneeseme Cullen. Stephanie Meyer wanted to give the half vampire half Mary Sue, I mean human, baby girl an uncommon and special name so she fused two names together. What the hell was she thinking? J.K. Rowling on the other hand, she had common names like:

But she gives unique names to characters using:
-Mythology (Remus, Narcissa…)
- Astrology (Sirius, Draco, Bellatrix, Scorpius…)
- Literature (Hermione, Lysander…)

Those are great and unique names for characters, it does not work when you mix and match names. Take Rowling's example Meyer.

I'm going to finish this comparison because if I continue comparing these two books I'll basicly waste my life in front of the computer. And I believe I made my point. Harry Potter is far more superior than Twilight.
Declaimer: The Twilight series and Harry Potter series belong to Stephanie Meyer and J.K Rowling respectively.
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