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Un Veiled Affection

A Harry Potter Fanfic

After awhile, exhausted and drained, Harry found himself sitting on a bench beside Luna.
"I'd want some peace and quiet, if it were me," she said.
"I'd love some," he replied.
"I'll distract them all," she said. "Use your Cloak."
And before he could say a word she had cried, "Oooh, look, a Blibbering Humdinger!" and pointed out the window.
The crowd around them reacted just as Harry knew Luna knew they would. No one was looking at them. Harry slid under the cloak in an instant. It was the first feelings of relief Harry felt in his mind. It was all thanks to Luna's quick and clever thinking. Without any conversation she had know exactly what to do for him, to help him. Harry knew in this moment he loved her more than he had ever before in the three years they had gradually grown closer together. A love that would only continue to grow after this moment. He would have given up all his gold in his Gringotts vault to just stay where he was beside her but there were things he had left to do before he could fully relax and enjoy the safety of the world that he had just provided. He still had to finish this story he had been brought into.
Still he couldn't just leave her. Harry reacted quickly, he knew the pause of the crowd wouldn't last. Still under the cloak he stood up and leaned into her, planting a soft kiss on her cheek. He let his lips hover near her long enough to whisper "love you" to her. He then left knowing she would understand the implied feelings of thanks from his message. Harry went directly towards the other two people that were as dear in his heart. The three of them had begun this journey together and he wanted to explain everything to just them first. He owed them that courtesy.
They were waiting for him, he could tell, with each other's hand in their own, a simple showcase of where their hearts belonged. There had always been strong bonds between them. It was a funny feeling for Harry as the thought of how, after it being the three of them for so long, it would be four from now on, came to him as he approached the other two. Ron and Hermione were meant for each other, from the beginning it seemed, but for Harry it took the loss of them and a strange conversation of thestrals for him to meet the one he was meant for. The one who was just as right for him as he was for her.
Un Veiled Affection
LunaxHarry pairing

just me playing with the ending of book 7 so that it reads as though Luna and Harry have been a couple recently ^_^ because I prefer to think of them as one.

This is a short oneshot from my collection of short drabbles and oneshots Short Sorcerer Scenes I post on FanFiction.Net, if you want you can read them all here: [link]
or you can just read the ones I post here if you want.

Harry Potter and characters belong to J.K.Rowling.
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Dear Harry,

When you saw that flash of green light, a sinister laugh knocking in your ears and a searing pain on your forehead, did you ever think that you would start childhoods and set souls ablaze?

When you were locked in your cupboard after your awful aunt and uncle refused to give you dinner, again, did you know that you would soon have millions of children smile at the sound of your name?

When you were on the train to Hogwarts, and you met your best friend Ron, did you ever wonder that we were all on the train with you, we were all excited to go to school with you, and we were estatic to be sorted into our proper houses?

Whenever you felt like you were all alone in the world, did you know that we all stood up, applauded and cheered you on, with grins outstretching the world, tears rushing down our cheeks and glasses similar to yours on our faces?

When you were terrified and thought that you had truly met your sticky end, did you know that millions of people would dress up exactly like you, your friends and your enemies in remembrance of your epic and incredible journey?

Did you know that you have given us so much more than a story?
And as the eighth, and final, movie hit the theaters, do you know that millions of Muggles were in tears at the sight of the ending credits, raising up their makeshift wands, crying out, 'Mischief Managed'?

There will never be a story like yours again. There will never be the same joy, magic and whimsy with each waking word and each page turning.

Harry James Potter, we love you and we always will.
Harry Potter.
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In the middle of the dark road on Grimmauld Place stood a man who was staring between houses number eleven and thirteen. Slowly, the two houses moved aside, revealing another between them.

For the first time in almost twenty years Sirius Black walked up the stairs of Number Twelve.

"Home, sweet home," he thought bitterly as he entered the place he hated most, slamming the door loudly behind him.

"BLOOD TRAITOR! FILTH! SCUM! SHAME OF MY FLESH! HOW DARE YOU RETURN TO THE HOUSE OF MY FATHERS! - "the portrait of Walburga Black started screeching.
Sirius hurried towards the painting and struggled to cover it.

"Always nice talking to you, Mother," he grumbled, as he finally pulled the curtain shut over the screaming portrait.

The house became completely silent. He looked down the dark hallway. Every surface was covered in a thick layer of dust. He could see the dark shapes of the heads of the house-elves on the walls. To say that he was unhappy about being back would be a big understatement. However, he was still considered a wanted criminal by the Wizarding World, and had to remain in hiding.

Dumbledore had re-formed the Order of the Phoenix and Grimmauld Place was to be used as headquarters. It was protected by a Fidelius Charm cast by Dumbledore himself and various other protective spells that had been cast by his father years ago.

Sirius sighed. Offering the house to the Order was the only helpful thing he was able to do. He was absolutely useless.

The reason the Order was being reformed was because the Ministry of Magic refused to acknowledge Voldemort's return. Cornelius Fudge was determined to make Harry look like a self-centered, attention seeking lunatic. Of course he didn't realize that by ignoring Voldemort's return, he was helping him, giving him time to become more powerful.

Idiots, Sirius thought, spitting on the filthy floor.

He took his wand out of the pocket of his tattered robe.
"Lumos," he muttered. He held the lit wand in front of him and began to walk further into the house.

Sirius caught his reflection in a mirror hanging on the wall. Azkaban had taken its toll on his looks. He was no longer the effortlessly handsome young man he once was. His skin was pale, his face gaunt, and his cheeks hollow. His hair was long and tangled and he really needed a shave. His grey eyes were tired and framed by dark circles.
Sirius shook his head and continued down the hall until he reached the staircase. Buckbeak was in his mother's room upstairs, waiting to be fed.

On the topmost landing he saw a door with his name hanging on it. Sirius opened the door and entered his old bedroom.

The entire room was decorated in red and gold and a large Gryffindor banner hung on the wall. The rest of the walls held various pictures of bikini-clad Muggle women on motorcycles. His mother had been furious with him, but was unable to remove them thanks to a permanent stick charm. Sirius smiled to himself. He had wanted to set himself as far apart from his family as possible.

Sirius walked up to his writing desk and opened the top drawer, taking out an old photograph. Two sixteen year old boys were standing outside Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour, holding two large ice-cream cones. Both were grinning broadly.
One had untidy black hair and round glasses. The other had shoulder-length black hair.
Sirius grinned, remembering the day the photo was taken. During Christmas holidays in his sixth year he had had a big fight with his mother and had stormed out of the house. Using their two-way mirror he contacted James and they spent the entire day at Diagon Alley.

Tears began to well up in Sirius's eyes. He missed James so much. He had never felt worse than on the night of October 31st in Godric's Hollow: seeing James lying lifeless on the floor, his eyes wide-open but seeing nothing. He cursed Voldemort for murdering his best friend. He cursed Wormtail for betraying James and Lily.

Sirius couldn't believe that people thought he would ever serve Voldemort; that he was responsible for the deaths of his best friends. And yet in a way he was. James had wanted Sirius to be their secret keeper, but he had declined, thinking it would be less obvious if it was Peter. How could he have been so stupid as to trust Peter with something so important? Wormtail had always been the weakest and the most cowardly of the Marauders. Clearly they had underestimated him.  He was smarter and more cunning than they had ever given him credit for. Why hadn't he just killed the bloody rat when he had the chance?! Why hadn't he just gone along with James's plan? If it hadn't been for him, James and Lily would still be alive.

Sirius looked down at the photo of the laughing boys once more.

"I'm sorry Prongs," he whispered as tears fell from his eyes.
A fanfic written by me :D
I have this on but I decided to post it on here too :D

All the characters and settings belong to JK Rowling
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Harry, Harry come over here,
Voldemort needs you dead. 
Bring your wand, bring your owl,
Make sure Hedwig is fed.
Get on the bike, get on a broom
The burrow is now in view,
Lost only one, only one!
The oldest of the order crew.
Give me a lighter, give me a book
But not the golden snitch.
If there three wizards in the room,
Why is there only one witch?
I do, I do and now they are bonded,
Bill and Fleur are Wed.
Talk to him, and then to her
Saw lynx and then they fled.
Go to alley, go to street,
Dig deep into her pouch,
Drink and duck, stun the men
Until at least one say "ouch"!


Part 2 can be found here
Here is a just a poem following 'The Deathly Hallows', I did for fun.
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Sirius gazed at the worn tapestry of his family tree, particularly the burnt mark that was once his name. Not seeing himself among his relatives gave him a pleasant feeling. He glanced at the rest of the tree. Under Cygnus Black and Druella Rosier were two names and another burnt mark. His three cousins: Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda.

Sirius had always hated Bellatrix. His deranged cousin was just as obsessed with blood purity as his parents. She was already a devoted Death Eater when he started his first year at Hogwarts and was just as furious as his mother when she found out he was sorted into Gryffindor. She would often fire curses at him when he came home for the holidays, which he would skillfully dodge. The last time Sirius had seen Bellatrix was when she was sent to Azkaban. He had caught a glimpse of her from his cell. Her dark eyes were wild and she was screaming that the Dark Lord will return.

He had never cared much about Narcissa, and she never showed any interest in him either. She was always the perfect, prim and proper pure-blood daughter who did well in school and made a respectable marriage.

Her parents had been very pleased with Narcissa, unlike her sister, Andromeda. To his mother, Andromeda was "an ungrateful blood-traitor scum", but to Sirius she had always been his favourite cousin, who would always play with him, tell him stories about Hogwarts and prevent Bellatrix from picking on him. She never seemed to care about blood-purity as much as the rest of the family, even though she was raised to believe that pure bloods were superior to all.

She did not approve of Bellatrix becoming a Death Eater. She stopped talking to her older sister completely, and then she met the Muggle-born, Ted Tonks, and fell in love. They secretly dated during her last two years at Hogwarts, but then the family found out and Andromeda was disowned. Sirius, then ten years old, watched his mother blast Andromeda off the family tree, and it broke his heart. He hadn't seen his cousin ever since. He had tried to find her when he left at sixteen, but without any luck. He had however heard that Andromeda had a daughter, Nymphadora, who was now an Auror...

A cluttering sound from downstairs brought Sirius out of his trance. His hand instinctively reached for his wand as he ran downstairs.

"Who's there?!" he yelled pointing his wand in the direction the sound had come from, "Show yourself?!"

Slowly, an aged house elf, with bat-like ears and folds of wrinkled skin stepped out of the kitchen closet. He was glaring at Sirius with pure hatred in his eyes.

"Kreacher," Sirius spat. He had forgotten about the horrible elf that had served his family with sickening devotion.

But what is he still doing here? Sirius wondered.

And then it hit him. Sirius was the last living male in his family. He was Kreacher's master now, he realized with disgust.

"Master Sirius has returned to the noble House of Black after many years of disgracing his family and Kreacher's poor mistress. The friend of mudbloods and blood traitors. Brought shame upon his noble family, he did," Kreacher croaked in his bull-frog voice.

"SHUT IT KREACHER! GET OUT!" Sirius bellowed.


His yelling had awakened the portrait of his mother, causing her to start screaming again. Sirius ran into the hall.

"DIRT!! SCUM!!" the portrait continued to yell.

"SHUT UP YOU OLD HAG!" Sirius barked as he shut her curtain again. He returned to the kitchen. Kreacher was still standing there with a disgusted look on his face.

"Get out," Sirius hissed at the elf.

"Oh my poor mistress, what would she say if she knew Kreacher was serving the foul blood traitor..." Kreacher continued to mutter to himself as he walked out of the room.

Sirius sank down into one of the dusty chairs. He was stuck in this house with Kreacher and his mother's  portrait for company.

Great, he thought bitterly as he summoned a bottle of Firewhiskey.
Part 2 of my fanfic Return to Grimmauld Place.

All characters and settings belong to J.K. Rowling.
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                              The Realization – For *burdge-bug

    Lily sighed as she moved down the hallway, clutching her books and papers in her arms. How had she let Alice talk her into throwing away her bag and getting a new one? Sure, it had been kind of old, and a little stained, but it was better to have an old bag that no bag at all. These books felt a thousand times heavier when she had to carry them in her ARMS! She would have some serious muscles by the time her bag came in, she was sure of it.

    “You could always levitate them around,” Alice said from beside Lily, making her turn her head and scowl. “You don’t always have to follow the rules, Lil. It would be easier to just levitate them around than carry them; they sure do look heavy.”

    “Why don’t you put them in your bag,” snapped Lily, “since it was YOUR idea and all that I get rid of my perfectly fine bag and get a new, ‘better’ one.”

    “Lily, it had a million stains on it!” Alice exclaimed, laughing as she turned, walking backwards down the hall. “You need a new one, honey, and you know it.”

    “My bag was perfectly fine, thanks,” Lily sniffed. She closed her eyes and lifted her nose into the air in her best spoiled-brat manner she could manage. “And another thing—Oof!”

    Lily felt her books fly from her arms as a person knocked into her. She opened her eyes and watched them scatter to the ground as she stumbled sideways slightly, feeling a little more than annoyed. This day just couldn’t be easy for her, could it?

    “Ugh. Oh, hey, sorry,” a familiar voice said.

    Lily didn’t register the voice, nor turn towards the person who had bumped her, as she crouched down and reached for her yellow transfiguration book. ‘Alice isn’t saying anything; that’s odd,’ Lily thought, before she realized WHY Alice wasn’t saying anything. Because the owner of that familiar voice, the person who had bumped her, had knelt down beside Lily Evans, and had started gathering up some of her things. It was a polite gesture, sweet, and the person HAD apologized.

    That person also happened to be James Potter.

    “Sorry about bumping you, Lily,” James said, not looking up as he let his bag slip from his shoulder to the floor. He reached out to a paper that had slipped out of book and put it back in place, not noticing that now nobody in the area was saying anything. Everybody was waiting for an explosion of anger from the beautiful, intelligent girl who absolutely hated everything about ‘that bullying toe rag Potter.’

    Lily didn’t say anything as she clutched her transfiguration book in her right arm while reaching for another book, all the while staring open mouthed at James, not believing her eyes. Lily felt slightly horrified as she felt her cheeks heat up, but she couldn’t force herself to look away from James. She took in every detail about him subconsciously; from his rolled up long sleeves of his white shirt, to his green under shirt, to his watch on his left wrist. Lily felt even MORE horrified when she realized that she was checking out POTTER.

    “Um…” Lily said, because she felt she needed to say something. “I…that’s alright?” It sounded like a question, and she knew it, which just caused Lily to blush more.

    “It is?” James asked, glancing up with a small smile. He held out the book he had picked up, and watched in confusion as Lily slowly took it from him. “That’s new. Well, sorry anyway. See you, Evans.”

    And James Potter stood up, after helping out somebody, who technically ran into him; after he didn’t even try to ask out Lily Evans ONCE; after being nice and friendly and not the least bit big headed or bullying; after not being yelled at by Lily, who usually hates him; James Potter stood after this phenomenon happened, and just walked away.
    “Lily, what just happened back there?” Alice asked in a hushed voice, staring with a disbelieving expression back towards the corridor they had left. “He…and you…he was…and…Lily, what just happened back there?”

    “I don’t know,” Lily muttered, looking down at her books, her face still feeling warm. She quickened her pace, looking to Alice. “Hurry, let’s get to the dormitory.”

    The two girls half jogged through the corridors, panting and agreeing, without voicing it aloud, that they would be skipping Herbology, which started in about five minutes. They didn’t slow down until they were right at the top of the girls’ corridor, where they stepped into their dormitory and closed the door behind them softly.

    “Lily, what the heck was going through your head?!” Alice exclaimed, her voice sounding oddly excited. “When you figured out James was helping you pick up your stuff and being nice…well…your face got bloody brilliant! It was all red, and your mouth was hanging open, and you looked like your brain completely melted! YOU WERE CHECKING OUT JAMES POTTER!”

    “Alice!” Lily exclaimed, pulling out her wand and pointing it at her friend, pulling off a nonverbal silencing charm. “Be quiet! Bloody hell, I KNOW all that, thanks. You don’t need to point it out.”

    Alice glared at her best friend until she lifted the spell, before saying, “First of all, RUDE! Second of all…Lily are you fancying James now?”

    “No! Not at all! I HATE him! He’s stupid and mean and immature,” Lily said firmly. “I was…just surprised, his all. Surprised that he would help somebody after they ran into him.”

    “He wasn’t so stupid and mean and immature then,” Alice pointed out, and then grinned wickedly. “Besides, you totally looked like you didn’t care how he acted right then. You were looking at him like he was, dare I say, hot?”

    “No, I wasn’t,” Lily snapped, blushing again. “Alice, I don’t like James. I couldn’t like James Potter. Not after everything he’s done.”

    “And what has he done?” Alice asked, moving to sit down on her bed.

    “Bullying Severus, hexing people for the fun of it, nicking the snitch from the Quidditch storage, asking me out every five seconds…” Lily said, waving her hand. “You get the picture.”

    “Who cares about Severus anymore?” Alice asked, looking bitter at the thought of the Slytherin. “And anyways, Severus started a lot of the fights. As for hexing people, he hasn’t done that at all this year; he’s been a really good Head Boy. He hasn’t nicked the snitch in a while, and he just had about three minutes to ask you out and he barely looked at you.”

    “You’re right!” Lily exclaimed, moving to sit down on her own four-poster. “What is he UP to?!”

    “Lily, just admit you like James so you won’t go crazy,” Alice said exasperatedly.

    “I don’t like James!” Lily exclaimed.

    “Okay…” Alice said, leaning back on her hands. “So, did you like James’ brown shirt?”

    “It was a white shirt with a green undershirt,” Lily corrected quickly, before blushing.

    “Oh sure, you don’t like James at ALL,” Alice teased, laughing.
    After a lunch spent at the exact opposite end of the table from James, Lily and Alice headed to their charms class. The two were about to sit at a table in the back, when Professor Flitwick came up to them.

    “Girls, you won’t be sitting together today,” he squeaked, smiling. “I thought it would be grand if I partnered up people today. I was thinking a boy and a girl per table.”

    The two girls looked at each other in slight dismay; afraid of whom they might have to sit next to. Once all the class was present, Flitwick split up and paired the boys and girls.

    “Let’s have Alice and Frank over at this table,” he said, pointing to one at the front, and then pointed at a back table, “and Lily and…James at this one.”

    “What?!” both girls exclaimed, looking horrified. Flitwick didn’t seem to catch what they had said, so the two moved to where they were assigned grudgingly.

    “Hullo, Alice,” Frank said, knocking over his mercifully closed inkwell as the girl approached him.

    James didn’t say anything to Lily as she sat down next to him and got herself situated. He already had his wand out, and a quill lying off to the side. Lily pulled her wand out of her book and set her books under the table; her thoughts would have been turned towards not having a bag if they had not been turned towards the boy sitting next to her.

    “Lily--” James started to say, turning towards her.

    “Potter, I don’t want you bugging me for a date, okay?” Lily snapped, not looking at him. “I won’t go out with you.”

    “Er…I was just going to say that Alice is trying to get your attention,” James said, smiling a little. “But thanks for putting me in my place.”

    Lily’s eyes widened as she mumbled, “Oh,” and turned quickly so that James couldn’t see her burning face. Alice was indeed waving in her direction, so Lily stood and hurried over to her friend.

    “What?” Lily hissed at Alice. She knew she shouldn’t, but she found herself blaming her friend for the embarrassing conversation she and James had just had.

    Alice glanced at Frank to make sure he wasn’t paying attention and then said, under her breath, “Frank asked me out!”

    “He--” Lily started before Professor Flitwick said, “Please sit down, Miss Evans.”

    “Yes sir, sorry,” Lily said, darting back to her table, where James smiled slightly at her, twirling his quill with his right hand.

    Lily tried to concentrate as Flitwick began teaching, really she did, but she couldn’t help being distracted by two things. One, she kept mulling over the fact that Alice had been asked out by Frank and had seemed to be…considering it. She had always thought that Frank was pretty annoying and useless, so why the sudden change of heart? Second, she kept thinking of how…nice and normal James was being. He was whispering annoying brags about himself, or asking her out. Or even looking at her, for all she knew.

    ‘Is he looking at me,’ Lily wondered, leaning on the desk with one arms as her other hand absentmindedly reached for her wand. She stopped the motion and looked to her left.

    Lily froze as she saw James, his head propped on his arm, staring at her. He was smiling slightly, and she realized that their arms were touching. Without warning, Lily felt her cheeks warm drastically, so much that she knew her blush would be visible even from a distance. And then…and then something really odd happened. Lily felt her stomach flip, dance, and tie itself into a knot. Her vision tunneled down to James, her hearing cut out all sound, except for the merest breath of a whisper, “Hey, Lily.” She stared into James’ eyes and found herself startled at the fact that they were hazel, instead of a regular brown like she thought; she was so close she could see flecks of green in his eyes.

    Lily could have stayed that way forever, her stomach squirming pleasantly, James staring at her in a way that she couldn’t describe. She WOULD have stayed the way forever, except that James broke their eye contact and sat upright so that they weren’t touching anymore. Lily felt horrified as disappointment washed over her; she was disappointed that James Potter wasn’t staring at her or touching her?! She looked around, feeling dazed, as Flitwick demonstrated a euphoria charm on Blake Abbott at the front of the class. So James had stopped staring at her to pay attention in class? Could this day get any MORE weird?!

    Lily should have known that was a dumb question.

   Lily would have been content to sit in class and day dream as Professor Flitwick talked about the euphoria charms, but she knew that everybody had been partnered up for a reason. Sure enough, after having them take down a few notes down on the charms, he clapped his hands twice with a huge smile.

    “Alright, gentlemen and ladies; don’t forget that while this charm is much like a cheering charm, it is much, much stronger, and the effects won’t last as long,” he squeaked. “Now it’s time to practice the charm on your table partner. Remember, a flick of the wrist, and not a twist! Hop to it!”

   Lily turned to James, picking up her wand as she did so. James stood and stretched, grabbing his wand. He looked to Lily and offered a hand, which she ignored. Lily stood up and moved behind her chair, crossing her arms, trying to get rid of the thoughts about how she had just been feeling moments ago.

    “Do you want to have a go at it first, or shall I?” Lily asked stiffly, her tone sounding irritated and rude.

    “Er…I guess I will,” James said, recoiling slightly from Lily’s tone. He brandished his wand in front of him and flicked his wrist.

    Immediately, Lily felt herself feeling light and happy. Why was she complaining about having that odd feeling? It was WONDERFUL! Lily began to grin, feeling at ease, happier than she had in a while. Her brain was cleared of all thoughts but how happy she was, and that while looking at James, she had almost had this feeling, which must mean something, right?

    “Did it work, then?” James asked, smiling as Lily grinned. She nodded. “Ah, that’s good. Your turn.”

    Lily flicked her wrist at James, who grinned after a second. He ran a hand through his hair as he stared at Lily, who took a slow step towards him.

    “James,” she started, smiling broadly, “about earlier…”

    “You felt it too?” James asked. “It was quite exhilarating, eh? It made me feel almost as happy as right now.”

    “Yeah, I think-” Lily started to say, before shaking her head, as if clearing a fog. ‘What the heck…’ she thought, before her eyes widened comically and her mouth dropped open, a blush tingeing her cheeks .

    “Lily?” James asked, as slowly his smile dissipated, and he shook his own head. “Bloody hell, that was weird…What were you saying, Lily? You felt it too, but you think…what?”

    “Oh my God,” Lily whispered, mortified. “Oh my GOD! I didn’t say that—tell me I didn’t say that!”

    “You said it,” James said, grinning again. “You felt something when looking at me, huh?”

    “I didn’t mean that!” Lily snapped at him. “It was the charm talking, Potter.”

    “Was not, Evans,” James said, rocking forward and backward on the balls of his feet. “You felt something, and you know it. Admit it, Evans, you like me.”

    “Potter, I swear, if you don’t shut up I’ll kill you,” Lily said angrily, glaring at him. She could feel her anger rising; he was saying just that thing that she was trying so hard to prove wrong. “I didn’t feel ANYTHING. I don’t like you, I could never like you!”

    “Could to,” James said, taking a step forward. “C’mon, Evans, quit lying to yourself.”

    “Potter!” Lily exclaimed, putting her wand tip on his chest. “Knock it off, right now! God, I was so stupid, I had thought you might have actually changed, but you’re the same arrogant toe rag as always.”

    “I have changed,” James said, sounding a little hurt now, his smile fading. “I’m just joking around, Evans. I mean, you said it, not me. If you’re touchy about if you like me or not, I mean, its okay-”

    “I HATE YOU!” Lily shouted, causing the background noise of the class to go silent. Lily was pressing her wand into James’ chest so hard now he could feel it making a dent in his skin. “I HATE YOU, POTTER, YOU STUPID BASTARD!”

    “I—what?” James said softly, definitely looking hurt now. “Evans—I mean Lily…I just…You had said-”

Well, here it is! For burdge-bug, inspired by her one picture, All For You, and by another picture. Whoever figures out which other picture is in there gets a cookie! I want to credit her entirely for letting me use her pictures, which gave me the ideas to make this story. Thanks, burdge-bug!

Jk rowling owns all the characters you recognize (which I think is all of them for now), but I kinda made up the personality for Frank and Alice. No copy right infringement intended.

This is James and Lily, of course, in their seventh year. You don't what season yet, but you will soon. Because this is not the end! Yay! Read, Review, Enjoy! (I wrote some late at night so...yeah.. :D)
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Oddly colored hair (naturally or dyed) ie: blue, pink, streaked hair, "bottle red" (Think Rihanna)

Oddly colored eyes (and colored contacts) ie: red, yellow, pink, COLOR-CHANGING EYES

Unnaturally beautiful characters, ie: perfect proportions and complexions, etc.

Being an animagus or a metamorphous  (meta is very, very rare and ani is hard to achieve and  you have to be registered)

Being a half-breed creature, ie: half-veela, half-vampire, half-werewolf (or a werewolf, for that matter)

Having your character self-harm, ie: cutting, popping pills, etc. (This is a very over-done thing in oc's, and it's frankly not something healthy)

Having them dress in clothing outside the time-period (do your research)*

Having them be goth/emo/scene (seriously over-done)

Giving them tattoo's and piercing (they go to a boarding school in Scotland, seriously guys)

As just a general statement; "Scene",  and "Emo" fashions didn't start up until the mid-to-late 2000's. Mind your time periods when creating characters.

    *Wizarding clothing is more of a Victorian-influenced style (according to the movies and books), Muggle clothing would be early 1990's to late 1990's


Most clichéd romances for your oc to experience: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black,  Fred and/or George Weasley, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger (basically, main characters. I'm not saying all of these romance stories are horrible. I've seen some wonderful ocxcanon pairings)

THE WORD OF JK ROWLING IS PRETTY FINAL; we know who marries who and who dies and such for the most part. Please stick to the storyline.

More clichés: having your oc sleep with a canon character, be raped by a canon character, dating/loving a teacher (anything past a crush), having a canon character's  baby, marrying a canon character, etc.

You can always make up your own love interest for the your oc, you can mold them into whatever you want and you're free to create your own storyline without having to worry about sticking exactly to the book.

Family and Friends:

Killing off your oc's parents is so overdone it's not even funny (~90% of all oc's I've seen are orphans)

Having Voldemort kill the parents is even more of a cliché

Having them grow up with horrible guardians or having them raise themselves is another big cliché

Having them be sexually/mentally/physically abused in their childhood is very cliché


Having them be closely related to canon character's is commonly overdone as well

If you're making them pureblood, do a little family tree research. I looked alot at family trees and such, and it helped me understand relations much better

If they are the child of any of the following, throw the character out and start from scratch: Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Dumbledore, Voldemort and Hagrid

If they are friends with Draco Malfoy's crew then they are probably not going to hang out with the Golden Trio, and vice versa. It's just not very logical.


They are not on the Gryffindor Quidditch team while Harry Potter is attending school

No girls are on the Slytherin Quidditch team while Harry Potter is at school


Uniform violations are getting to be ridiculous (check out my uniform guides for info, posted below)

  No wands with Phoenix feather cores

Giving them a wolf/dolphin patronus is very overdone (no mythical creatures as well, like dragons and unicorns)

They cannot have a pet at school that is not an owl, a cat, a toad or a rat

Transfer students would be very unlikely (American and Japanese transfer students are so overdone)



possible the most clichéd house, "Brave, loyal, sometimes stupidly courageous, etc." Colors are Red/Gold, Boys cannot be in Girl's dorms.

Typically the "good" house, where all the heroes and heroines are. They might tragically die during the Battle of Hogwarts and then are later brought back to life.


Another clichéd house, "ambitious, cunning, etc.", Silver/Green colors, very blood-purist.

Typically, this is the "bad" house, full of the party girls/boys and the "rough" crowd. This is a split when it comes to the Battle of Hogwarts though. Either they're Death Eaters or they fight with the good guys and  almost die for a canon-character (usually Harry or Draco). Usually labeled as "misunderstood and emo/goth".


not as clichéd but it has it's few sues. Usually portrayed as the "nerd" house because it's full of intellectuals and people who love to learn. Colors are Blue and Bronze in the book and Blue and Silver in the movies.


The least-clichéd house. Very underrated house full of loyal, hardworking students.  Colors are Yellow and Black.

There are no other houses at Hogwarts besides these four, unless you count the fictional Mary-Sue house of  SparklyPoo (:

Okay, before everyone get's all up in arms over this let me just say that these are stereotypical things that I've seen. Just because your character has one of these traits doesn't mean I'm calling them a Mary Sue. My oc, Merope actually has a trait or two of the ones I've listed above, as does her love interest, Phineas.
Here are some tidbits to follow up on:

Hogwarts Uniform Guide: [link]

A Mary Sue Limitus test: [link]

A list of Pureblood families:
if anyone want's me to add something to this list, please tell me (:
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Together Fox and Otter trot
Though secrets kept, it mattered not
He fears them all while she fears none
But Deer beware what Phoenix sung:
"To live, then die, then live again"
All held in silver 'till his end
For what is seven, what is eight?
Just ask the Knight, "What is Queen's fate?"
The pawns in question number three:
The rock, the stick, what you can't see
But now that Fox and Otter trot
The choice to heal has saved a lot
Some fan . . . poetry? for the amazing Chasing the Sun by Loten
This is the first time I've actually posted any fan work for a fanfic regardless of how many times I've intended to do so before XD Anyway, it's an amazing HG/SS fic and I highly recommend it!~
To those who have/do read it, can you pick out who's who, what's what and any other references? Most of it's pretty obvious but a few parts should be more tricky to figure out ;P

Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling
Chasing the Sun (c) Loten
Poem (c) Moi
Preview picture (c) RavenWing31 [link]
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a Harry Potter fanfic

Between Nargles and Kisses

Harry had just finished removing the embarrassing decorations he knew were all Dobby's doing when the door creaked open behind him. The room of requirement had been kept a secret so far, but that didn't prevent Harry from being slightly jumpy about who entered, especially when they entered when he wasn't expecting anyone just yet. He turned around quickly, but his moment of being startled instantly dissipated with the entrance of Luna Lovegood, looking dreamy as always.
Harry smiled her way. His awareness of this came only a second later and then he was thankful she was too busy looking round the room to notice.
"Hello," she vaguely greeted him, still distracted by the decoration it seemed. "These are nice, did you put them up?"
"No." Harry replied quick to have a normal conversation with Luna, it was a rare occurrence after all. "It was Dobby the house-elf."
Luna turned to face him nodding at him, then she pointed upwards about his head.
"Mistletoe." she said dreamily. Harry followed her eye and finger line and sure enough he was practically standing directly underneath the clumpy white berries. "It's okay, I don't see any signs of a nargle infestation though."
Before Harry could think to move out of the way or ask what a nargle is he felt a soft, warm press against his right cheek. Luna pulled away from the kiss quickly and hoped away, leaving Harry standing there stunned, watching her hair bounce and sway behind her. Harry slowly reached up and touched his cheek where Luna had kissed him and another smile crept across his face.
Harry wondered if he should say something to her, but lost his chance as the door opened behind him and Angelina, Katie, and Alicia walked in with 'hellos' and their own compliments on the decorations. Harry was thankful no one mentioned the redness that he was sure was present on his face.
Yes, I'm a Luna and Harry fan. This a short scene with a different spin of the scene from book 5.

Harry Potter and all related characters don't belong to me, and some of the beginning dialogue is from book 5 too.
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Fred & George: A Short Character Analysis

Right, so first off I'm a big fan of the twins: both twins, not just Fred. I've always appreciated both as separate characters and I've never really understood how so many people never picked up on their differences. So I decided to do what I do best - RANT (wayhey!). Keep in mind this is just my own opinion based on what I've read in books 1-7.

In the first place it's important to know and understand the twins' differences, especially if you're writing a story that puts particular focus on them. Yes, both twins are bonkers, fun-loving, flirtatious, stubborn and lest we forget both in the possession of a razor sharp wit. The books may describe them as identical right down to the last freckle, but this doesn't mean that they are one hundred percent identical in personality - no twins are. In fact, if Fred and George were the same they wouldn't make such a good team. Fred and George are a perfect double act and in any double act you have to have an alpha and omega. Can you imagine the battle of egos there would be if George was an exact duplicate of Fred (dear gods, the humanity…)? But that certainly doesn't mean one is a "lesser person" than the other. On the contrary. Fred may be the ringleader, as JKR states, but I believe he relies heavily on George to have his back. These are two people who continually bounce off each other - it's the subtle differences in their personalities that allow them to work as such a good team. And that's what makes them fascinating characters for me.

Here's a very brief breakdown of the twins' personalities:

Fred: Confident, fun-loving, stubborn, the ring-leader, more daring, driven by instinct, has less of a regard for the rules than George, less sensitive, arrogant, reckless, but knows when to get serious if a situation calls for it.

Some moments of significance: the Potterwatch 'better safe than sorry' speech (DH), supporting Harry the "seriously evil wizard" (CoS), his argument with Sirius (OotP), forgiving Percy (DH)

George: Confident, fun-loving, protective, stubborn, more grasping/sensitive of people's feelings and needs, more cautious, thinks more logically in comparison to Fred, always has Fred's back covered.

Some moments of significance: arguing with Fred over blackmailing Bagman (GoF), "I'm holey, Fred, geddit?" (DH), punching Malfoy (OotP)

George Weasley mini Analysis

I've read a lot of stories where George is overly sensitive, even weepy, and I find this to be very out of character. George is more emotionally in tune than his twin - that is to say, he is more sensitive and perceptive of people's feelings, certainly not a cry-baby. Remember he can be a fierce protector of his family and is not above punching certain ferrety Slytherins in the schnozz if they insult him, his friends or his family. George is also aware of the possible consequences of his and Fred's actions, as evident in his argument with Fred over blackmailing Ludo Bagman in GoF, suggesting that he is a more logical thinker than the latter. In addition, I would argue that George is the more patient of the two, having earned one more O.W.L than Fred. Course, we have to keep this all in context. I'm not arguing that George is an especially emotional, patient or logical character, but rather that these are some of the qualities that make up his personality; qualities that Fred doesn't exactly share to the same degree.

I think some readers ignore George as an individual because the more subtle aspects of his personality are surpassed by Fred's louder, in-your-face character. I often wonder if we are to believe that this is also how the HP cast see the twins, with Fred being slightly bolder and George the more logical, or if they are so flawless a team that they are seen to be practically interchangeable. Personally I think it's a bit of both. I think the twins' closest friends/family can and do tell a difference, as seen in DH when Ron recognises Fred's voice on Potterwatch.

If JKR labels Fred as the ringleader of the pair (or perhaps the trio if we include Lee Jordan), then I'm sure George is aware of this. But as far as we can tell in the books, Fred's role as ringleader doesn't upset George in the slightest, because he's that bit more mature and completely confident in himself (and seriously, what's sexier than that? XD). It's difficult to imagine George as a jealous character - he's just too laid back for that. Fred may be ringleader, but George is definitely not a sidekick. He is every bit as quick witted and crafty a prankster.

I think my respect for George really escalated during Deathly Hallows. Despite being in shock due to the trauma of losing an ear and a lot of blood, he still manages to crack a joke for the benefit of his family and friends. Family, and the friends he considers family, come first to George and I think he'd do just about anything to make them smile. That shows real character strength. Selfless bastard.

Fred Weasley mini Analysis

Fred is a bit more wild, and could likely win any argument with his frequent witticisms and blinding flamboyancy. In an interview, JK described him as the funnier, crueller twin. Why crueller? He is definitely willing to risk more to get what he wants, as evident in the Ludo Bagman case. Thinking on it, a lot of similarities can be drawn between Fred and James Potter, except for one important point. Fred may be the crueller twin, but he is never shown to be a bully as James Potter was.

Fred is observant enough to know when someone is upset, but unlike George I think he tends to believe people just take care of the emotional stuff by themselves (e.g. St Mungos scene, OotP), but that's not to say Fred isn't supportive. Fred is severely protective of his friends, as demonstrated several times throughout the series, but he's more likely to offer support via a joke or hexing your enemies, rather than a big comforting hug.

His ego and pride is a little more inflated than George's, too. A good example of Fred's more arrogant side takes place in GoF when he asks Angelina out. At first I thought it was a bit off that George wasn't shown to have a date. He may not be quite as smarmy and bold as Fred, but he's still pretty damn charming. So why not mention George asking some pretty little witch out, eh? Well thinking on it, it allows a better insight into the twins' personalities and differences. The "Fred asks Angelina out" scene emphasises his boldness and arrogance, especially as he simply assumes Angelina will say yes before he asks her. We get a similar scene in Deathly Hallows when Fred steals away the two French girls from George.

Fred as a leader? Yes, I do think he makes a good leader to an extent. He's good at rallying the troops, being confident, outspoken and well-liked. People react to that (e.g. Potterwatch and the final battle of Hogwarts, DH). But try imagining Fred without George. I said before that George is the more logical thinking twin. To parallel that, Fred is driven by instinct and perhaps even a little by greed and a desire for glory (e.g. GoF, Bagman and the Triwizard tournament), which is why he needs George who is that little bit more grounded and mature. Without George, he'd probably make quite a wreckless leader.

Fred prefers to think on his feet, enjoys taking chances and, I'm guessing, puts a little too much faith in his own luck, which is probably why JKR bumped him off.

"I always knew it was going to be Fred, and I couldn't honestly tell you why," - JK Rowling

Fred's specific character archetype more often than not dies in stories for two main reasons: 1). The age old folktales of cocky pranksters who cried wolf and thus met an untimely end have been used as cautionary tales for children for centuries, and are therefore deeply ingrained in our psyches, which probably explains why JKR knew 'instinctively' that Fred had to die. 2). Comedy is often used to emphasise tragedy. The death of the comic who so enjoyed life, and thus embodies it, really hits the reader with the sheer, harsh reality of war. That's why it is far from uncommon for characters like poor old Fred to be bumped off. Our muses often draw on such popular tropes, cliches and social norms. That's why muses are dangerous things. (And incidentally, these are some of the main reasons I hate Fred's 'DeFredding' - poor way to treat a character, turning them into an overused trope and emotional shock device).

Fred is one of the more passionate, instinctual characters in the series. What I truly love and admire about his character is that despite being a bit of a chancer, he's not so daft or arrogant that he doesn't know when to stop fooling around and be serious.

Being typical Weasleys, Fred and George tend to judge people on their personality, not their social status. Even when the entire school has turned on Harry in CoS, Fred and George stick to their own beliefs and support Harry. You couldn't dig up two more true Gryffindors if you tried.


I've always imagined that Fred's Patronus or Animagus would be a fox. I mean think of all the foxy connotations - crafty, tricksey, cunning, fast on their feet... ginger. I'm not so sure about George. I've used a cat in my stories before, cats renowned for being sly, intelligent and cunning customers - not quite leaping into action, but rather watching everything with careful eyes before acting. But truth be told, George's Patronus stumps me here. I've read great suggestions in the comments to this analysis, so keep them up! I will continue to expand on this piece, so keep an eye out.

Anyway, let the analysis continue in comments! Please add your two cents ^_^
Thought I'd do a brief character analysis on Fred and George Weasley (my favourite HP characters). Why? Because I'm a gigantic geek, deal with it :p

Feel free to add your two cents and carry on the character debate!
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