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For day six of JxC week [link] , I decided to draw Jimmy and Cindy dressed up as figures from Greek mythology! :thumbsup: I don't know about you, but when I watched Clash of the Titans as a kid, I couldn't help feeling bad for Medusa...she's such a tragic figure; cursed, feared, alone, and constantly hunted by nasty men who want to kill her and cut off her head.

In my version of the myth, Perseus falls in love with Medusa when he glimpses her reflection off his shield. She returns his affections, but because even a passing glance would kill him, she commands him to leave rather than risk turning him to stone. Determined to be with her at any cost, he does the only thing he can think of - he cuts out his own eyes so that he can remain by her side without fear of ever looking upon her. (Or, if you want the kid-friendly version, he puts on a blindfold and never takes it off, and the blood is simply a metaphor for his sacrifice).

Hope you like it!
Textures: [link] [link]

Be terrified,
It's you I love,
Imperfect boy, my own;
But I know you'll go, betray me,
Stray from home.
So better for me by far
If you were stone.
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EDIT: I combined the pics into one massive deviation - click twice for full view!

Merry Christmas to my Secret Santa, the lovely and generous ~Katia711! Back in August, she asked me to draw the cast of Jimmy Neutron as Hogwarts students, so when I got her as my SS, I knew what I had to do :salute:

As I may've mentioned before, I don't like crossovers that involve the characters from one story meeting characters from another (like what happened in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hours). However, I LOVE crossovers that involve taking the characters from one story and re-imagining them in the world of another (awhile back, I drew a lineart of the JN gang as benders in the Avatarverse, for example). Anyway, this is a series of portraits featuring Jimmy, Sheen, Carl, Cindy, and Libby as wizards and witches in the not-too-distant future of the Harry Potter world (cell-shaded because my wriiiiist). :la: Since they live in America and not the UK, they attend Hogwarts U., a branch of Hogwarts founded in the U.S. shortly before the Salem Witch Trials (it's on the fanon wiki, which exists for exactly this sort of nonsense ;) ). The characters are in their 3rd year in these pics, so that makes them about 13(ish?) years old. I used Pottermore info to create character profiles for the gang, which I've included below. If you've bothered reading this far, then you're probably keen on this whole concept, so let's nerd it up together!

Sorting Hat Says: Every generation of witches and wizards has its share of magical pioneers. Some invent techniques and devices that benefit people for centuries to come. Others accidentally blow up the lunchroom. Jimmy, as you may have guessed, fits into both of these categories. While he might seem like a shoe-in for Ravenclaw (being a genius and all), his propensity for show-boating heroism lands him square in the Gryffindor camp. If there's one thing he's good at, it's saving the day...even if, more often than not, he's the one who imperiled everyone in the first place ^^;
Wand: Walnut with Dragon Heartstring core, 12 inches, unyielding
Pet: Barn Owl
Family Background: Magical mother and Muggle father. Both are loving and supportive, though perhaps a bit out of their depth when it comes to their gifted son.
Best Subject(s): Transfiguration and Arithmancy. Jimmy is a natural when it comes to numbers and logic, and he has a special knack for transfiguration (though there was that one time he accidentally gave himself a hamster head...but we don't talk about that). In fact, he has top marks in all of his classes - except for Potions, where Cindy has him beat...but that's only because he can't resist the urge to “improve” the recipes. ;)
Hobbies and Extracurriculars: When he's not doing schoolwork, he spends most of his time hanging out with (and occasionally experimenting on) his best friends Carl and Sheen. His favorite extracurricular activity is Dueling Club, which he founded along with his arch rival, Cindy Vortex. As the only two members of the club, Jimmy and Cindy get together once a week to hex the crap out of each other. :bonk: They've developed a complicated system of self-imposed regulations, and there's a lot at stake...because each week the winner gets to issue a single order, and the loser has to do anything, and I mean anything, the winner says. ;P Their rivalry is common knowledge throughout the student population, and other 3rd years have been known to place bets on the next week's winner. A couple of the older pupils have a bet of their own going: namely, how long it'll take Jimmy and Cindy to use the winner's order as an excuse to start snogging. :giggle:
At his worst, Jimmy is: A self-important show-off and an overly-analytical buzzkill. Because he's overconfident, he frequently acts without thinking, and he occasionally lets his temper get the better of him. When he fails to foresee the consequences of his actions, disaster and mayhem are sure to follow.
At his best, Jimmy is: Courageous, devoted, and high-minded. Despite his occasional lack of judgment, he is always able to correct his mistakes before anyone is seriously hurt. He excels at solving problems under pressure, and he has repeatedly shown himself capable of overcoming great danger.
Random Fact: He developed a hair-elevation spell to make himself appear taller.
Scarf of Sexual Preference Says: Heterosexual

Sorting Hat Says: Cindy is ambitious, clever, and not above manipulating people to her own ends. She yearns for success above all else, and she works herself to the bone trying to attain it. Opinionated and driven, Cindy is also a gifted athlete, and she possesses a brash streak and a willingness to stick her neck out that most of her fellow Slytherins lack.
Wand: Acacia with Dragon Heartstring core, 11 3/4 inches, unyielding
Pet: Siamese Cat
Family Background: Born into a pure-blood family, Cindy has an overbearing witch of a mother (literally and figuratively) who constantly pushes her daughter to be better than everyone else. She has a healthier relationship with her father, who is an expert in martial magic.
Best Subject(s): Potions and Ancient Runes. Cindy is a precise and assiduous student whose entire academic life revolves around the fact that she is the 2nd best student in her year. Though she follows the rules and produces consistently excellent work, she simply cannot compete with Jimmy's natural genius. She covets the #1 spot, and she resents Jimmy for stealing her thunder and for routinely endangering their teachers and peers with his careless experimentation. Nothing frustrates her more than spending 5 hours slaving away on a project, only to be upstaged the next day by a badly-coiffed idiot who produced a better project in 30 effortless minutes. Despite her feelings of jealousy, she can't help but admire her rival at times, and deep down, she yearns for his attention. But of course she can't let him know that – I mean, a Slytherin, crushing on a Gryffindor? Never! ;P
Hobbies and Extracurriculars: A superb broomstick-flyer, Cindy is a Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch team. Her competitive nature and willingness to train hard make her a valuable player, and she hopes to someday become the team captain. She is an accomplished duelist, better even than Jimmy, seeing as she's won 56% of their shared duels (a statistic she takes great pride in). During her down time, she hangs out with her best friend Libby. The girls knew each other before coming to Hogwarts U., and the fact that they aren't in the same house has done nothing to diminish their friendship. In fact, it's saved Cindy from the elitist “Slytherins are best!” view that many of her housemates espouse.
At her worst, Cindy is: Vindictive, reactive, and insecure. Cindy has trouble dealing with emotions in a constructive manner, and she often covers up her feelings with sarcasm or cruel words. Because she's so concerned with how other people perceive her, she sometimes behaves in ways that are contradictory to her true thoughts and desires, and this self-deception prevents her from being as powerful as she might otherwise be.
At her best, Cindy is: Quick-thinking, strong, and resourceful. She has a gift for getting to the heart of a problem – she sees what needs to be done, and does it. She confronts danger head-on, and she's one of the best people to have on your side when everything goes to hell (which happens. Frequently). She truly cares for Libby, and despite her rivalry with Jimmy, she has on several occasions come to his aid when nobody else would.
Random Fact: Cindy's favorite kind of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean is Pecan Ripple. Unfortunately, it looks an awful lot like the “farm dirt” flavor, so...
Scarf of Sexual Preference Says: Dangerously Frustrated

Sorting Hat Says: Although the house of wisdom and wit might seem like a strange place for the academically-challenged Sheen, the Hat knows what it's doing ;) Sheen excels at out-of-the-box thinking, has a remarkable (one might say obsessive) memory for things that interest him, and is hella freakin weird. Still, his poor grades have not endeared him to his fellow Ravenclaws, which is perhaps why he's made all his closest friends outside his own house.
Wand: Dogwood with unknown core, 13 inches, surprisingly swishy
Pet: None. Instead, he has a bewitched action figure of his favorite wizard, Xavier Rastrick, a flamboyant magical entertainer who vanished unexpectedly while tap dancing to a crowd of 300 and was never seen again.
Family Background: Sheen never talks about his mother, and since none of his friends have ever seen her, her fate is unknown. He has a good relationship with his father, a magical repairman who is more than happy to indulge his son's peculiar interests.
Best Subject: History of Magic. The famous witches and wizards of the past are like comic book heroes to Sheen. His interest in their stories gives him an edge over other students in the class, who tend to be more interested in the celebrities of the present. However, because he treats historical figures more like legends than actual people, he occasionally mixes up fact and fiction...which gets him into a lot of arguments with his teacher. ^^;
Hobbies and Extracurriculars: Sheen is an avid collector of Chocolate Frog cards, and he's memorized volumes worth of obscure details about every single individual who appears on them. He loves blabbing about that one time Glanmore Peakes slew the sea serpent of Kromer, or the time Flavius Belby survived a Lethifold attack, or the time Norvel Twonk saved a muggle child from a runaway manticore... and God forbid he really gets going, because then he might just launch into a yarn about Mirabella Plunkett's life as a human-turned-haddock, and then you'll never get him to shut up. ;P
Most people find Sheen tiring, so he spends the majority of his time with Jimmy and Carl. He actually looks forward to the boy genius's inevitable screw-ups, because that means an adventure is sure to follow. He is quite open about his crush on Libby, and can frequently be found tagging along with her.
At his worst, Sheen is: Scatterbrained, impulsive, and obsessive. He often wildly misinterprets situations, and his hyperactivity gets real annoying, real fast. He can also be a bit of a womanizer, especially when Libby isn't there to keep his rear end in line.
At his best, Sheen is: Hilarious, genuine, and intrepid. Inspired by his heroes of the past, Sheen has on many occasions risked his own safety to rescue his friends, particularly Libby and Jimmy. He frequently cracks jokes, and his bizarre sense of humor alternately amuses and exasperates the people around him.
Random Fact: At Sheen's insistence, Jimmy once brewed an aging potion so that he and Carl could experience life as adults. Jimmy screwed up, as usual, and the three of them spent the next 24 hours as old men.
Scarf of Sexual Preference Says: Into Role-Playing

Sorting Hat Says: Libby is a natural Hufflepuff. She has great people skills, is loyal to her friends, and tackles problems with a no-nonsense attitude. She's chill, fun, and comfortable in her own skin...though she does have a bit of a weakness for the latest fads and inter-house gossip. But then again, who wouldn't, when there's such interesting stuff going on!
Wand: Pear with Unicorn Hair core, 9 inches, slightly springy
Pet: White Cat
Family Background: Like Cindy, Libby comes from a pure-blood family, but none of her relatives really give a crap about that status. Both of her parents are magical entertainers.
Best Subject: Charms. Libby is an average student who doesn't really stress too much about grades or class rankings. However, she is quite adept at utilitarian magic, and knows a useful charm for just about every situation. Of the five of them, Libby is also the best at Defense Against the Dark Arts, mostly because Carl gets scared, Sheen doesn't pay attention, Cindy looks for shortcuts, and Jimmy gets too caught up in the theory.
Hobbies and Extracurriculars: Libby has a busy schedule. She adores music, and she performs with both the Frog Choir and the Hogwarts U. Orchestra. She keeps tabs on all her favorite magical celebrities and loves doling out commentary on the latest songs, plays, fashion trends, and the like. She wants to learn Mermish so that she can communicate with the merfolk, who share her love of music.
Libby has friends from every house, but her best friend is Cindy, and they spend most of their social time together. They were already close before coming to Hogwarts U., so it was difficult for them when they were sorted into different houses. To demonstrate their loyalty to each other, Libby wears Slytherin colors in the form of green hair bands, green earrings, and a silver and green broach. Cindy, for her part, wears Hufflepuff-yellow earrings and a yellow and black striped hair-tie. She also enjoys hanging out with Sheen, who she finds a geeky, hyperactive sort of way ;P
At her worst, Libby is: Superficial, bossy, and frivolous. Every once in awhile she lets her desire for attention get the better of her, and when that happens she's been known to let a secret slip or start an unfounded rumor. Like Cindy, she craves fame, although of a slightly different kind than her friend.
At her best, Libby is: Fun-loving, levelheaded, and supportive. When everyone else is flying off the handle, Libby keeps it together. She's secure in who she is and is generally honest and up-front about her thoughts and feelings. In times of danger, she's reliable and ready to do whatever it takes to help her friends.
Random Fact: Libby once back-sassed a Grindylow so magnificently that it retreated to the water in terror.
Scarf of Sexual Preference Says: Wants Roses First

Sorting Hat Says: Awkward, pudgy, and prone to physical ailments, Carl has to work twice as hard to achieve the same results as his peers. He asked the Hat to place him in Hufflepuff because of its reputation for tolerance and acceptance...though, funnily enough, he ended up making most of his friends outside his house.
Wand: Willow with Unicorn Hair core, 10 inches, solid
Pet: Common Toad (fur makes him sneeze, and feathers give him a rash)
Family Background: Carl is a muggle-born. His parents are obsessed with cleanliness and personal hygiene, and his overly-structured home life contributes to his inflexibility at school.
Best Subject(s): Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. Carl has an aptitude for working with difficult plants and animals, even if he's allergic to half of them ^^; He is especially fond of Yeros, a magical creature similar to a llama (the only real difference being that Yero spit is the best known cure for male pattern baldness, whereas llama spit is just...gross).
Hobbies and Extracurriculars: Carl spends most of his free time getting dragged into wacky hijinks with his best friends, Jimmy and Sheen. He reluctantly accepts his role as Jimmy's de facto guinea pig, and he secretly wishes he could be more like the boy genius. Carl is an important member of the Muggle Art club – he is, after all, the only member to have actually been raised by muggles, and is thus considered an authority on all their traditions. During his 2nd year at Hogwarts, he mentioned his mother's habit of putting his artwork on the fridge, which led to the widely-circulated misconception that macaroni sculptures are the most highly-prized form of muggle art. :D
At his worst, Carl is: Whiny, clueless, and prone to hysterics. He gets scared easily, dislikes leaving his comfort zone, and doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.
At his best, Carl is: Loyal, honest, and loving. When his friends need him, Carl's got their back. He has a sweet, generous side and isn't afraid to show his emotions.
Random Fact: He developed a crush on Jimmy's mom after a love potion went horribly, horribly awry. Even though he was given an antidote not long after, his crush never went away entirely (which creeps his friends out. Understandably).
Scarf of Sexual Preference Says: Future Cougar Lover

Thanks for reading, you delightful, patient souls :cuddle:, and Merry Xmas ~Katia711! :w00t:

Brush credit: [link]
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"Kirsten Larson is a pioneer girl of strength and spirit growing up in Minnesota in 1854."

I don't know about you, but I was a huge fan of the American Girls book series when I was growing up, and Kirsten was always my favorite. Not only is her design just...AWESOME, but her stories really showcased her resilience and creative response to hardship.
For my 11th birthday, my Mom bought me Kirsten's blue dress from the American Girl catalog, and to this day it remains the most loved piece of clothing I've ever owned. (and yes, I know it's gingham and has little red flowers on it, but I didn't add them to this pic because they just didn't work with the composition).

Anyway, since it's sort of anime-ish style, I made the title a play on words, combining anime and American to get "Animerican Girl". Hope you guys like it! I'm especially proud of her basket :D

Oh, and if you've read the series, tell me who your favorite girl is! :#1: Maybe I'll draw her!

Reference: [link]

Other girls in this series:
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Just an experiment~ I screwed up her outfit. Oops

For real though, this season of Korra is like, ridiculously better than the first two. I finally give a shit about the characters :wow:

Ming Hua (c) Bryke
Art (c) me
Resources: Reference | Watercolor texture | Watercolor texture 2
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"Josefina Montoya is a Hispanic girl whose heart and hopes are as big as the New Mexico sky."

I was a huge fan of the American Girls book series when I was growing up, so I've decided to do a series of drawings as a tribute. I only read the first of Josefina's books (I was getting too old by the time her stories came out), but I've always been fond of her design, so I decided to include her.

Anyway, since it's sort of anime-ish style, I made the title a play on words, combining anime and American to get "Animerican Girl".

This is my last American Girl, since she is the last classic "historical girl" whose series follows the traditional six book format.

Pattern: [link]

Other girls in this series:
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Saw Wreck-it Ralph the other was soooo good.
I'm a huge fan of Vanellope's design...I mean, she has Reeses wrappers for a skirt for Christ's sake. :iconblushplz: Though honestly, I think my favorite part of the movie was the fact that the cops were donuts :XD:

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"Molly McIntire is a bright, cheerful girl who schemes and dreams on the home front during World War Two."

I was a huge fan of the American Girls book series when I was growing up. Lots of you have requested Molly, so here she is! "Molly Saves the Day" was my favorite story, but in this pic she's wearing her school uniform from "Molly Learns a Lesson". I gave her a dweeby smile, because she always struck me as being kind of a cute nerd :XD: . I'm totally unsatisfied with the pose, but...oh well. I tried.

Anyway, since it's sort of anime-ish style, I made the title a play on words, combining anime and American to get "Animerican Girl".

Other girls in this series:
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Granado Espada - Fuego

Royal Vespanola double agent. Working for Arch-wizard Hernandez but loyal only to Ferrucio Espada.

Once a Ferrucio Espada's subordinate. Ferrucio saved him from being killed by pirates on a distant eastern sea when he was 12. Soon after that he join Ferrucio on his journey to find the New World and become the youngest member of Ferrucio Expedition Squad

Many years later, after return to Vespanola, with his vastly experience and combat skills that he acquired from countless battle in the New World, he quickly rise through the ranks of elite officers.
Knowing that Hernandez wanting to locate Sierra (Ferrucio' daughter) and capture her for his treacherous plan. Fuego quickly cut off all of his ties to Ferrucio, and accept Hernandez offer to work for him. So that he could collecting information to inform and protect Sierra from any further threats.
As Hernandez's agent. His job is what he can do best: assassination, sabotage, spies, stealing intels... anything to cut down everything that stand in Hernandez evil way.

I redesigned him, to make his visual appeareance more original. And rewrite his bio

Render with 3Ds MAX and VRay (´・ω・`).
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Le froid est pour moi le prix de la liberté.

:iconpatreon: PATREON
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My Harry Potter character, Isadora, and her pet owl Cinnamon :heart:

Isadora is kind, polite, admiring, bashful, hard-working, and eager to please. She lacks confidence and feels very uncomfortable in her own skin, which explains her strange fascination with the powers of metamorphmagi, and her desire to become an animagus. A solemn child, she generally blames herself when things go wrong, rather than find fault with others.

The items arranged around her (like the golden egg and weirdly glowing toad) are all silly things that came up in our first few sessions of play.

More realistic portrait:
 Isadora Shearwater by Acaciathorn
Stock: Watercolor Brush Vol.1, watercolor galaxy textures, Texture - Sandstone, Dirty Grunge, Watercolor 01
Heavily inspired by: Alcor
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