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//prepares self for unwatchers


TvT Uhm yeah. Doll!Faustus got his proper wig!
So I took him outside for some pictures and videos <3
Still need to do his faceup, but its too cold. ;___;

Anyways, i've been gone for the last week so I haven't done much artsu because I couldn't record it. //slapped
So have some resin lovelies instead. TvT :heart:
....and now I suddenly have the feeling bricks are aimed at my head.

also I still have no idea how to photograph. OTL

Faustus is a Soom Shale boy
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EDIT: e_e Wat. Why is this on the front page asdfghjkl-

TwT My lovely unicorn babies got new faceups! Yay!
@u@ Colorssssss <333

TvT Finally I am able to take pictures of these two together! I've been wanting to since forever, but one or the other didn't have a proper faceup until now. OTL

;w; Its so nice, you know? Having like, tangible representations of my characters. Whenever I see them I get really happy and inspired! >v<
Especially with these two, because they have such a beautiful bond. More close and personal than that of typical siblings, but without the complications of an intimate romance. TuT Its hard to explain, but yeah.
These two are very special to me, so its just so inspiring to have them close to me and each other. ;u; :heart:

TvT Anyways, enough of the silly dolly stuff for now. ;__; Because Calliope decided to faceplant yesterday I had to spend yesterday and this morning doing faceups which ughhh cut into drawing time hardcore. OTL

Also I apologize for not responding to messages as quickly these last few weeks. ;__; There are waaaaay more comments then there use to be, so its harder to find time to reply to all of them OTL

Calliope (right) is a LE Dearmine Rachel girl
Faustus (left) is a LE Soom R. Shale boy

Soom website: [link]
Dearmine website: [link]
These are BJDs, or "Ball-Jointed Dolls". They are expensive, articulated, highly customizable, hand-made dolls cast in resin.
Google is your friend.
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Q//w//Q I-i'm glad you guys like her so much..!!
Here is one more shot of her for you guys TvT

;A; I w-woke up with like, 500 more messages today omg, I thought something crazy happened!!!
TvT But thank you guys so much for all your support for both my art and the customization of my BJDs <333

^v^ Someone asked how you paint their faces. I use Faber Castel watercolor pencils, Schmincke pastels, craft acrylic paint, Tamiya gloss & Volks shine pearl powder.
xD And if you don't know already, she is a "BJD" or Ball-jointed-doll. They are expensive handmade dolls cast in resin that are highly customizable. She comes from this company: [link]

Calliope is a Dearmine Rachel girl
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TvT Have a silly quick picture of Shu! stupidly bright and awkward but yeah OTL
I've had these blue-green pants for a long time, which I originally got for Faustus, but I don't like the way they look on him. >_> Plus anything remotely green is just not his color i've noticed. Today for the lulz I tried this little YoSD shirt on Shu (e v e don't ask me why I have YoSD clothes ) and omg it looks so cute on him even though its not his size xD So I put him in these pants because I thought they kind of matched, and I actually like them a lot on him!
>w< I stuck him in his bed where I usually keep him, and he looked super cute so I took a few quick pictures. xD I didn't realize the cute animal theme until now though~ @U@ You can't see it really, BUT HIS HAT HAS A UNICORN HORN ON ITTTTT <333333 ;w; I got these hats for him so he can be closer to his trio, and look more like them! x3 sort of. I'll take more pictures of him in it later <3

;__; Anyway yeah. Hopefully more soon.

...e3e Also his faceup looks surprisingly nice in this picture I think. I mean, for being my second attempt ever at it I guess....OTL
And that yellow pillow is distracting. I think i'll stuff it more in the back...>_>

Shu is a (e3e now LE?) Crobidoll Camille boy.
Crobidoll Website: [link]

This is a BJD, or "Ball-Jointed Doll". They are expensive, articulated, highly customizable, hand-made dolls cast in resin.
Google is your friend.
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TuT Have some Calliope! You guys seem to like her a lot~ :heart:
>w< I wanted to show you guys her outfit! I made her a little skirt today~ @u@ IT HAS UNICORNS ON IT. Did I tell you guys how much I adore Japanese fabrics? @3@
x3 And I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of her with her little Alpacasso purse whichyoucantevensee OTL
@u@ I love how colorful she is! Like a package of fruity Starburst candy! and lawdy lawd knows that I loves me some retina burning colors

....xD Also i'm probably the only one who thinks this, but I actually really like the look of doll photos in obvious human scale environments. I don't know, it makes them look like cute little sprites or something. Or you dolls! x3 And though I love BJDs for the appeal of a strong sense of realism, I like my dolls to look like dolls, in a quirky roundabout kind of way.

;w; Anyways sorry for doll spam. But she's so cuuuuuute asdfghjkl I love having only one girl so I can spoil her xD //slapped

//runs off to reply to pile-o-commentsu


Calliope is a LE Dearmine Rachel girl.

Dearmine website: [link]
These are BJDs, or "Ball-Jointed Dolls". They are expensive, articulated, highly customizable, hand-made dolls cast in resin.
Google is your friend.
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TuT Finally!
x3 I've had a lot of requests to take pictures of my three BJDs together, so here you go~
xD I might post another shot later~
;_; Photography is hard. I don't....I don't even. So....much....dirt. And bending...and...sun. OTL
But at least a certain somebody didn't faceplant this time. *cough* CALLIOPE *cough*
;3; But man, it is weirdly difficult to take group shots. When River gets here I don't even. It was hard enough with three but four asdfgh- @~@

^v^ Anyways, I was waiting to take a group shot of them until their new things got here. So here they are modeling some new threads xD
>w< I also promised I'd show you guys the stuff they got, so i'll make a video of that when I get some time~

....xD Faustus you look too studious in those glasses. Those are like (--------)'s glasses or something haha. I need to get you another pair of your other ones because Calliope stole them. -shot-
And also pay no attention that Faustus is touching organic things. For the sake of pretty pictures I declare that temporary magic nullified his flame affliction xD

@u@ So yeah. My resin lovelies.
;//u//; A-and of course, thank you for all the comments, favorites, watches etc. especially from the DD today. @//~//@ You guys are too nice and sweet and awesome and- :iconcannotevenplz:

Faustus (left) is a LE Soom R. Shale boy
Calliope (middle) is a LE Dearmine Rachel girl
Shu (right) is a (e3e now LE?) Crobidoll Camille boy

Soom website: [link]
Dearmine website: [link]
Crobidoll website: [link]
These are BJDs, or "Ball-Jointed Dolls". They are expensive, articulated, highly customizable, hand-made dolls cast in resin.
Google is your friend.
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TvT Doll!Shu arrived the day before yesterday~ I wanted to post a picture sooner, but I needed to give him a faceup and stuff first WHICH wouldn't have taken so long if I wasn't an idiot and tried to spray sealant on him in 55F degree weather. //slapsself
TvT Anyways, temporary faceup is temporary. Still waiting on some stuff to arrive so this will do until then. ;__; But then I was a bigger idiot and somehow chipped his faceup not a few minutes after I was done. WTF self, HOW DID YOU EVEN DO THAT?!
It had to have been when I was putting in his eyes. URG EYES ARE A PAIN TO PUT IN //rage
But its okay, i'll live with the chip for now. >_> As much as I want to redo it, faceups take a long time and I've already taken two days fiddling with him and I need to do important stuff T^T

o vo Butbutbut! I was surprised that he doesn't have seams! I thought i'd have to spend a while sanding, but I didn't ;w; So awesome~
....xD His box is pink. I don't.....think he was super thrilled with that. Pfft.

QVQ Asdfgh- I just loooove his eyes omgggg
xD Its funny, I always try to make it a point that Shu's eyes have yellow pupils and are really creepy looking, but I don't think anyone ever really gets the creepiness by how I draw him. Its awesome to see them in this more tangible form because the creepiness factor is there xD

...also I can't photograph for crap, sorry. OTL
I have more pictures, but ughhh I suck at photography so I think they are terrible. //shot

QAQ B-but resin is sooo nice and smooth...! Its a wonderful texture! And I was a little surprised at first by his size (xD but I guess all new BJD owners are) but now I am use to it already and I really love it QvQ Not super huge like an SD, but not little like a YoSD. MSD is a really nice size I think <3
;o; Also! He poses really well I'm surprised! He can even stand on one leg and stuff! xD Except, his little quirk is that his right knee doesn't like to click all the way in place so he tends to want to stand and pose with one leg bent a bit....kind of femininely. xD haha but its adorable though, I love the little quirk~

xD Oh wow I'm rambling hardcore here whoops. //slapped
QwQ W-well anyways, I'm just sooo in love with him omg he is so adorable omg. >v> Can't wait till I get more time so I can work with him a bit more~
TwT For now he sits next to me on my desk as I work. ;v; Everytime I look up at him I smile~


Shu is a Crobidoll Camille boy
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Shu is a blanket thief.
eve All blankets belong to him.
and all bedding/ soft plushie things in general
o3o Did I ever mention Shu hates sharp edges? He hates anything with a pointed edge, which is why when he lived with Reysol the only furniture in his room was a bed, and it was drenched in pillows and blankets and plushies to cover up the edges and points. xD Yes, his room had no door either. Even as he gets older, he still hates sharp edges. You can see how this is funny, considering his loves are Unicorns. xD -shot-
e3e Wanted to take like... a reminiscence photo, if that makes sense. Like, his older self reflecting back. Asdfgh- how do I explain OTL
I just like goofing around with photos don'thurtme

...also excuse me i'm procrastinating hardcore right now asdfghjkl-

Shu is a Crobidoll Camille boy
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TvT I redid Doll!Shu's faceup~ This time, no chips! //slapped
QVQ ALSO. FUR WIG. Asdfghjkl- I love his other wig too, but this one is so much fun to play with! Plus, I can make the little curl and pointy parts of his hair with the fur wig xD I think it makes him look more childish though, which is a good thing because I like being able to change it up~

QVQ SO YEAH. I promised some more pictures when I was finished with his faceup again so....//throwsatyou
;3; S-sorry I suck at photography though. OTL


Q V Q OH YEAH. I didn't say what I was talking about before about a "special BJD related thing" because I didn't want to say anything before It was confirmed but its for sure now so....
There will be another doll coming home soon.

//explodes again


Shu is a Crobidoll Camille boy
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"Alleviate: to make suffering more bearable; to lessen"



I just realized I use this color scheme like, all the time.
And I also draw characters with their hands weirdly close to their mouths a lot too wtf :iconmingtearsplz:
//end edit

;__; Moleskine doodle.
Product of feels + procrastination

I have an addiction to upside-down things lately. I never use to care about it, but now almost every time I draw something I look at it upside down and want it too look interesting from both views. I'm so strange. //slapped

My OC, Phyre. Just for you guys because you all seem to love him so much and request more of him ;//u//; :heart:
although my gallery doesn't really think I do. OTL
e__e do I explain this without invoking an "eww" reaction asdfghjkl-
Uhm.... okay I can't. I'll just be blunt.
Phyre has a fetishistic addiction to blood and though half of his addiction is perversely kink based, the other half is brought upon by honest (and non perverse) physical need. You could (loosely)relate it to food, as though it is necessary for life, it is possible to become excessive and even addicted to it and sometimes even on a more perverse level.

.//_//. Anyways, there you go.

//hides in the awkward corner and continues to procrastinate

Phyre belongs to me and is part of my personal story, "Sleight"
Media: 0.03 B mechanical pencil, red Prismacolor Verithin colored pencil, chalk pastels, eraser
Time taken: About 3 1/2 hours
Date: January 26th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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