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"Alleviate: to make suffering more bearable; to lessen"



I just realized I use this color scheme like, all the time.
And I also draw characters with their hands weirdly close to their mouths a lot too wtf :iconmingtearsplz:
//end edit

;__; Moleskine doodle.
Product of feels + procrastination

I have an addiction to upside-down things lately. I never use to care about it, but now almost every time I draw something I look at it upside down and want it too look interesting from both views. I'm so strange. //slapped

My OC, Phyre. Just for you guys because you all seem to love him so much and request more of him ;//u//; :heart:
although my gallery doesn't really think I do. OTL
e__e do I explain this without invoking an "eww" reaction asdfghjkl-
Uhm.... okay I can't. I'll just be blunt.
Phyre has a fetishistic addiction to blood and though half of his addiction is perversely kink based, the other half is brought upon by honest (and non perverse) physical need. You could (loosely)relate it to food, as though it is necessary for life, it is possible to become excessive and even addicted to it and sometimes even on a more perverse level.

.//_//. Anyways, there you go.

//hides in the awkward corner and continues to procrastinate

Phyre belongs to me and is part of my personal story, "Sleight"
Media: 0.03 B mechanical pencil, red Prismacolor Verithin colored pencil, chalk pastels, eraser
Time taken: About 3 1/2 hours
Date: January 26th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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who am I to disagree


Coloring video will be up tomorrow

Hahahaha oh man i'm so lame with the song lyrics/ art thing omg :iconmingplz:

My OC, Rem. who weirdly enough looks a lot like Phyre without distinguishable coloration or clothes. OTL

Just a quick doodle, but I got really inspired to refine it and make something out of it. Pretty much everything about this doesn't make any sense, but that is the point. xD You'll have to read a bit more as to why.

Anyways, sorry for lack of art recently. ;__; So many things to do, so little time...

Err, I don't really want to explain this too much but...
Rem tends to hallucinate a lot which is to be expected of one who never sleeps. Rem cannot sleep so in turn he cannot dream, and he wonders if dreams are anything like reality or if reality is just a dream.
EDIT: Since I was kind of vague and it may not be obvious, various things were drawn in "reverse", like the upside-down crosses. He is also in moonlight, but the color outside is reversed to red to make it appear as sunrise. Hopefully that makes more sense TvT
;___; Gah, I hate talking about Rem because he's such a sad character...I love him so much, but unlike many of my other characters I can identify with him on a very personal level, but not in a happy sense. ;___;

....also lol, speaking in canon terms, Rem doesn't get anywhere near beds, but I thought it was more symbolic that way haha.
and nakedness because vulnerability. ;__;


//flys away

Oh yeah, really the song reference doesn't have anything to do with anything. At least, not in the sense the song was intended anyways haha xD
But the reference does have to do with the story, so there you go.

Rem belongs to me and is part of my personal story, "Sleight"
Media: Prismacolor colored pencils, white paint + toothbrush
Time taken: About 6 hours
Date: January 16th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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Obviously! xD Haha~
me personally, I really don't like raw tomatoes at all though OTL

;w; Etzel's favorite fruit is tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes are fruits and Pluto isn't a planet come on now you guys know this- imeanwhat
xD I love how eccentric Etzel is~ He has a lot of unexpected quirks which are always fun! xD While Calliope is never surprised buy his eccentricity, Shu tends to be caught off guard by it xDD
;//u//; Etzel is another one of those OCs of mine who always make me smile. I think its because he's so lighthearted despite his situation. Truthfully speaking, he has learned to wear a happy attitude so others will not see his image negatively. Because his appearance is as the other person's perception, if he acts cheerful and happy, others will most likely see him in a positive, non-threatening way. Its sad really, the idea of others not seeing you as you truly are. But despite that Etzel always maintains a happy attitude. Even if it is partly just for his own protection, I think there is still a lot to be said for someone who can smile through pain.

Anyways yeah, another doodle. TvT Drawing fun, silly things helps with stress!
There are a lot of dumb mistakes in this though. And this pose made a lot more sense when more of it was showing. OTL

le coloring video will be on my YT channel soon TvT

...Also I never know what category to put things in asdfghjkl-

Etzel belongs to me and is part of my original story, "Unitrios"
Media: Copic Sketch/Ciao markers, Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Chalk Pastels
Time taken: About 7 hours
Date: March 8th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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Edit: yeaaaah sorry its kind of hard to see details. Small scale on A4 size paper = fail. OTL

ahaha another completely unnecessary song reference haha omg I just can't resist! :iconmingplz:
But no seriously, its like a curse. I can't get this song out of my head whenever I think of him asdfghjkl-
Song derp derp: [link]

Oh hay look, its this color scheme again. Whoops. ;__; I must bore you guys to death with my oh so varied color schemes. OTL

//Blah textwall OC blah if you care:

;//~//; Err...excuse me i'm just being a silly person and obsessing over this character and just so much anticipation for his dollie version and- asdfghjkl-
So yeah. OTL
His name is River, hence le title xD -shot- He's a character i've had in my head foreverrrrr but never really made much progress on until recently. yay for BJDs giving inspiration!
eve I joke and call him "Catfish" as a nickname. You could say he is a bit misleading. Well, a lot misleading really. Its hard to explain but...basically he is like an Egyptian deity. Many of them bare animalistic features and had specific roles or "powers" over certain things, Ra the Sun God is a well known example. River and his kind are sort of like "demi gods", or more accurately a successor to that of the Egyptian Deities. Kind of like "watered down" lol pun versions of the original gods as time had evolved and the days of omnipotent gods were no longer necessary. River is believed to be a successor to the Godess of cats, Bastet. However, He is also believed to be a successor to Apep, the evil serpentine enemy of Ra/Bastet and is a doppelganger deceiving the cat deities. These two are mortal enemies, but River is incredibly coy and he never makes it known what is the truth. For a cat, he is strangely fond of water and does not like to eat anything aquatic, but he does not like darkness and shadow and prefers to bathe in the sun as cats do and against the typical darkness snakes represent. He is commonly seen with both parties, but the cat deities can't confirm and the snake deities are so secretive they wouldn't tell if they do know. ...e3e Err, of course all that is my own little interpretation of Egyptian gods etc. and not 100% factual of course lol.
xD So anyway as a joke, I call him Catfish, which i'm sure makes much more sense now. Reference to modern/slang definition of Catfish + name being River and appearing like a cat. xDDD
+ 1000 irony points if you noticed that his tail looks like a False Water Cobra too trolololo

....Yes I am the master of stupidly ironic/ contradictory OCs and painfully obvious names.
But i'm sure you guys are well aware of that by now. xD

//end textwall of OC blah

;v; So yeah. Another one of those cases of doodling something and then deciding to refine it. I haven't used watercolor is so long...but I got some fancy new ink watercolors a while back that I haven't had the time to use so I really wanted to try them out! @n@ Looooove the intensity and purity of the pigment!! ;__; Still hate mixing paint though...OTL
;__; I was going to make a video for this but mid-way through I just sort of...froze. I feel so weird recording things when I'm experimenting with things so i'm sorry about that. OTL

xD Anyways, feel free to lol at those incredibly derpy looking fish things.
;__; Oh and yeah sorry for being just utterly dead lately. I'm sure you guys know why by now so yeah. Have this nonsensical nonsense. OTL

River belongs to me.
Media: Winsor & Newton + Dr. PH Martins Hydrus watercolor, Prismacolor colored pencils
Time taken: About 8 hours
Date: February 27th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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EDIT: xD Lol please don't take my usage of the word "swag" in seriousness. Everyone knows that using the word seriously is stupid, I'm just making a joke out of a joke.

....oh my gawd I am so lame. :iconpapcryplz:

Doll!Faustus has so much swag. Like, whoa.
Like, you though unicorns were all glittery and rainbow and stuff BUT NO. UNICORNS ARE SWAGALICIOUS.
....well at least Faustus is.
Or tries to be.

TwT Hehe, anyways, just a doodle.
xD Been wanting to draw Faustus in his dolly style for a while now. xD He kind of looks like a douchebag with his sort of "urban" style, but it suits him. Not that he really acts that way often but he likes to carry the persona at least. He's all about dat swag.
ewe Anyways, just my "ghetto fabulous pimp swag playa' unicorn boy". Hot damn that is a lot of adjectives.

e_o Don't ask me about that hand. It made sense before I colored it. And then it became a banana peel.

oh hay look, two generic signs of Arkelle's art; abusing primary colors and pointless white dots everywhere.
...also unicorns.-shot-

Oh also sorry I didn't record this one ;__;

Faustus belongs to me and is part of my original story, "Unitrios"
Media: Prismacolor Premiere/ Verithin colored pencils, white paint +toothbrush
Time taken: About 8 hours
Date: March 14th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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Click itttt for better view. OTL Deviantart Y U NO like properly sized screens?!
TuT Yay. I finally finished something...! :iconmingtearsplz:
;//~//; I'm sooooo super sorry guys for not posting for so long! I'm on vacation now but asdfgh it hasn't been as easy as I thought. I'm having a major existential crisis that won't go awaaaaaay so please don't hurt meeeeee. I'll put a little something at the bottom as to why i've been so inactive lately if you care but yeah ARTSU OuO


TvT Uhm, but yeah. My OC, Minerva.
o3o I don't think i've actually posted anything of her here before.... //fail
o uo She is actually another one of my "dream characters", or characters that i've imagined in my dreams (like literal "asleep" dreams lol). xD I actually have like, 8 of them so far, but yeah I think i've only got around to drawing two OTL
e u e Yes, the other one is Spore, you smart little gumdrop sugar candy princess you.
;3; Unlike Spore though, I couldn't remember much of her backstory, if I even dreamed it. But I don't know if I mentioned it or not but I sort of connect all of my dream characters together in some way, so like they are all in some way part of the same story. But more like each one or few characters in excerpts like a story book, if that makes sense. Like, they are part of the same "world" or universe but have their own little mini stories that connect to a common place, if that makes more sense. n___n Ugh, how do I even words.

TuT Anyways, Minerva and Spore are part of the same "mini story". In my dream, Minerva was a witch, or more accurately, an "enchantress". I actually dreamed about her reaaaallly vaguely before Spore, and then again after. The first time, the only thing very distinct that I remembered was the way she looked (xD Yess she has giant pig-tail braids that are super long. Her hair is suuuper thick and huge and would made Merida from Brave's hair look tame were it to be unleashed xDDD) and that she (don't laugh) did some sort of spinning dance similar to the Flamenco and made withered flowers bloom from her skirt. Yeeeeah I don't know don't look at me like that I have no idea why my mind imagines these things :iconpapcryplz: It looked cool and pretty in my dream tho. //slapped
Anyway, later I had another, more substantial dream of her again after that of Spore, connecting them together but lets just say not in the way that would have been logical given his backstory. xD //slapped
But without giving it all way, Minerva and Spore meet and at one point she tells him they are what she referred to as "enablers". The way she put it they "cannot give life or cause death, but [their powers] only coerce something to walk down a certain path".

TwT So yeah. I wanted to draw something pretty and vibrant and full of flowers with Minerva. xD She's also sitting on a swing if you couldn't tell. I don't know, thinking about how apparently flowers bloom from under her skirt I thought it would look cool if she was swinging over a field and a bunch of flowers bloomed TwT I don't know.
ouo Oh, the flowers btw if you want to know are Pansies, Mallow, Dahlia, and Forget-Me-Not.
I love flowers. Yes I do. e u e

T//u//T Yeah, i've rambled too much about this so yeah i'll just stop this textwall is huge omg OTL
>//u//> I hope you like iiiiitttt <333 And yay for my finally drawing something just of one of my lovely ladies TuT :heart:
I'll try to get the coloring video up tomorrow!

Minerva belongs to me.
Media: Prismacolor Premiere/ Verithin colored pencils, acrylic paint, brush, chalk pastels
Time taken: About 25 hours
Date: July 12th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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Le colored version xD

>w< Yaaay I'm glad I finished this fast! I tend to sketch things slowly and then they end up sitting on my desk for all eternity, so I wanted to try and work more exclusively on one thing at a time. TwT It worked out well for me this time!
>u> My Ocs, Shu (left, boy), Etzel (middle, boy), and Calliope (right, girl) in modern day fashion! TuT I've been really inspired lately because of Doll!Shu and Doll!Calliope to think about their fashion sense and character in settings other than the canon ones.
Basically Shu's style would be wintery hobo Mori Boy, Etzel is fetishist Punk, and Calliope is neon hipster Oshare Kei, in an alternate reality/ modern day. xDDD

...xD Anyways, its been a while I think since i've done a big textwall of junk about my OCs, but this is a good time to talk about these three in particular a bit more because they are all together! So if you don't care about that then feel free to leave now xD -shot-


...xD I find it kind of funny actually that for some reason (especially in Livestreams) a lot of you guys aren't aware that these three are a trio. AS IN YES EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE THINKING.
So if I don't/haven't made it clear enough before, yes they are a trio and yes that means more than friends .

;u; M-moreso than any of my other characters, I think about them and their lives at multiple ages and think about how they each grow up. Especially Shu, who i've basically written detailed ( as in like almost daily) courses of events for from 6-16 years old. xDD lol
TuT But yeah...When it comes to these three, its just really fun and inspiring to think about how they grow up and the things they go through. Not everything is butterflies and rainbows. Things happen, they meet people, they loose people, discover who they are, discover each other, deal with the past, what it means to live and to love... judgement...sacrifices...
But through everything they learn every day a little bit more that it is worth the effort and that happiness and love aren't things that follow rules. That people don't just ride off into the sunset and it ends like in books, but that there will always be new adventures and stories to tell. They are all individuals and have different needs and feelings and perspectives and for them, even though they are bound together by destiny, that doesn't mean their relationship is without trials and errors.

TvT Thinking about them in a more modern setting is really fun because I can see more intricately how different they are and can relate more to their struggles, if that makes sense. Even something as silly as thinking about what your fantasy characters would wear in modern day is a great way to expand their development and think about how they would act in different situations. xD It was a lot of fun thinking about what each of their styles would be given their personalities and such. xD Oh, and in keeping with the whole "thinking about their characters at different ages" thing, I wanted to draw them a year or two older here <3

I'd say Calliope's style was the easiest because she already tries to be a fashion rebel as much as she can canon, so in an environment where she is not forced to look a certain way she would wear all the bold and eccentric things she wants! xD Especially really weird contrasting super bright colors which are considered inelegant by the Unitrios. xD In a modern setting, Calliope wears glasses and pulls her hair up into one ponytail instead of pigtails (eve she's copying her brother in case that wasn't obvious hehe). >v< I thought Oshare Kei would be the perfect fashion for her because it has an edge of rebellion while still being cute and whimsical which I think suits her well. Fairy Kei is too soft and cute, Decora too extreme, and any Lolita would be too restrictive. Plus, all three aren't (usually) known for eccentric bright colors other than pinks and blues. She would also wear more Gyaru style in some instances as well though. xDD If I didn't mention it before, Calliope prefers to wear...err...kind of promiscuous clothing, despite not doing so for sex appeal (Unitrios don't have the same outlook on nudity equaling sexuality etc.). Sooo it is kind of hard to find a fashion that would allow for a bit of wiggle room in this respect, but Oshare kei is pretty broad so I think it would be reasonable. Plus, it actually uses a wide range of colors other than just pinks and blues.
o3o Etzel's fashion was definitely harder to figure out, but wasn't the hardest, weirdly enough. Etzel has a similar rebelliousness to typical Unitrios fashion, but is also not familiar with the more "human" concept of nudity etc. equaling sex appeal.... whatsoever. So err....yeah even canon speaking Etzel sometimes wears questionable things oh gawd I haven't mentioned the boy corset yet asdfgh- so I kind of thought about that sort of innocent side of him and what fashion he would probably not see out of context. xD Considering his spidery nature and his affinity for night-like things, I sort of was slapped in the face with a DUH for his modern fashion choice xD. I just laugh at how he would be like "omg, collars with spikes?! Thats wicked!!" and wouldn't think anything more of it haha. TvT Also considering of the three he is definitely the most...err..."devoted" (I don't really think that is the right word but how do I articulate asdfgh-) and prideful of the trio he would wear a lot of things referencing it. ....xD People are going to think weird things about you Etzel for the way you dress with that belt...//slapped
e3e Weirdly enough it was Shu who I had the hardest time thinking of a fashion style for. I mean, I know to a very detailed extent the type of clothes Shu prefers to wear, but I couldn't really think of any legitimate fashion style that would represent that. Shu likes to wear darker, more unsaturated colors (bright yellow being the one exception) and nothing that has a lot of quality detail or ornateness. Completely rounded buttons are the only things he'll tolerate, but every other err...what is the word..."hard" detail on clothes he won't wear. Nothing with zippers, pointed or harsh edges , metals, plastics, etc. Shu only likes clothes that are soft to the touch and that lack "expensive" quality. Its hard to explain, but Shu likes the things he wears to have an obvious home-made and rustic feel. xD I joke and call him a Hobo which is kind of mean considering its kind of true, but really it was the only way I could explain it for the longest time. Anyway, like, forever later I eventually remembered about Mori Girl fashion and the use of layers and neutrals tones that is simplistic in detail and was like "wtf why didn't I remember this ages ago". So yeah. Though the Mori Boy variation isn't really as "set" of a fashion as Mori Girl is in trend and acceptance, it is generally defined by similar rules. Technically speaking there is often more greens and browns in Mori style, but unsaturated greys and blues are neutral colors as well so I think he can get away with it. xD Oh, and i'm sure he wouldn't wear such wintery things all the time, but I think he looks cute in them xD -shot-

....xD Not that any of these are the best most direct representations of any of the fashion styles, but, you know.


xD So yeah, more retina burning colors etc.
Practicing texture etc.
Fun with Copics etc.
Video will be up on my Youtube soon etc.
Procrastination etc.
Existencial crisis etc.
No time for anything etc.
Fails at life etc.

TvT ILU all, and hope you missed the dreaded textwalls!



Shu, Etzel, and Calliope belong to me and is part of my personal story, "Unitrios"
Media: Copic Ciao/Sketch markers, chalk pastel, Prismacolor Verithin colored pencils, hand sanitizer (xD for effect)
Time taken: About 16 hours
Date: February 17th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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ouo Yay finally finished this! //slapped
because you guys keep asking when i'll finish it asdfghjkl jk jk jk

T//w//T Err, yeah. My OC, Kairos, or as he's usually called, "Traffic". He's part of my original story, Sleight.

x3 I just wanted to draw something representative of him and also something messy and colorful. ;//3//; I realize that I don't use a wide range of colors when I draw usually. I tend to prefer very specific color schemes and I am not one to add more hues randomly just because I can. Its also a key point of mine that when I color I tend to focus on the same level of tint/shade for each hue. Obviously you'd still have your extreme highlights and shadows, but I mean that each individual hue has a similar range of tint/shade, for example all pastel colors or all highly saturated etc. I feel things are a bit more cohesive to say the least that way, but sometimes it is fun to play with the range of colors more like with this! xD Kairos is like, the best OC of mine to do that with because he is usually always surrounded by the highly saturated colors of street signs and stuff, but his hair, eyes, and skin are very light and contrasting, which most of my OCs don't have. xD They usually blend in more with their fashion choices, but Kairos is a rebel or something xDDDD

Also because I know someone will ask, their is a bit of a backstory for the drawing itself xD
A lot of the characters from my story, Sleight, are....uhm....w-well kind of juvenile or uhm...xD well troublemakers. There are reasons for that but thats not really the point right now lol. Anyways so I got a random thought in my head that some of my Sleight OCs would go on a vandalizing run through the city and dirty a bunch of traffic signs along the way. And I thought it would be funny to draw Kairos in his traffic sign infested environment but vandalized by the other characters xD
There are a few little hints as to who the vandals in question are, but i'll just leave that to myself because i'm sneaky e ue
xD But I'm only really mentioning this because of the Yield sign. That one in particular was messed up by Phyre, and he has a habit of spelling things technically wrong, but in a way that they still make sense or would be read the same way. Hence why he spells his name "Phyre" and not "Fire". He's a total douchebag and likes to make unnecessary alterations just to annoy people. Also hence why the same sign is colored inverted xD

TvT Anyways yay now its time for pointless OC blah that nobody cares about and doesn't make sense go!
So, I can't really say too much about Kairos as a character, or more importantly exactly how he interacts with the other characters in my story, Sleight, for spoiler reasons. But, I will say that he has a strong connection to IbbI mainly. I'm sure that if you know where his name comes from, you can figure out a lot about his character from that. Kairos is a Greek word basically meaning "opportune moment" (or alternatively "Caerus" the personification) , and goes hand-in-hand with the word "Chronos", which refers to chronological flow of time. While Chronos is like the ticking of the clock, Kairos is the moments in time on that clock when significant things happen. xD I'm sure paired with the traffic signs, you can understand Kairos as a character better knowing the meaning behind his name. But for those of you who don't quite get it, i'll just say that he has a lot of... "influence" on other people's lives. e u e
Personality wise, he's rather hard to explain. He gives the immediate impression of a "normal", casual, late-teenaged guy, but has an indescribable awkward dissonance between his actions and his mentality. It is like he simultaneously does know and does not know how his actions effect others, or just how influential and important they are. Without saying too much or being too direct, his mentality is oddly neutral, but in a chaotically random way. Some may interpret it as cowardice or ignorance, but Kairos has a very definite image of who he is and regardless of how that effects anything around him, he will not change it. He lives by a very strong sense of purpose, but lets just say that purpose it not necessarily... logical...or helpful. xD
e3e Err, most of my characters don't have "exact" ages because of many factors, but you can interpret Kairos as being about 17ish and pretty baby-faced, but taller (5'7) (and lankier) than some of my other OCs who are technically "older" than him xD

;//u//; Yeah. So thats about it.
;__; Oh man I sure do ramble on about stupid stuff asdfghjkl
T//v//T B-but you guys seem to like it so...I hope you enjoy the textwall xDDDD //shot

;u; Anyways yeah the coloring video for this will be up by saturday most likely. T//~//T I'm suuuuuuper sorry again for my inactivity here and on YouTube, but i've already told you why that is so I won't say it again. But I haven't got around to replying to tons of Notes or comments yet so please don't think I'm ignoring you or anything I just haven't had the time to both read them and comprehend them coherently with all that is going on. OTL
Don't hurt meeeeeee :iconcryforeverplz:

//flies back into pile of stress

Kairos, "Traffic" belongs to me and is part of my original story, "Sleight".
Media: Prismacolor Verithin/Premiere colored pencils, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, toothbrush
Time taken: About 12 hours
Date: August 15th, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

TvT My OC, Shu. He is a boy.

I shall let you interpret this however you like :heart:
It could be happy, sad, or bittersweet.

e u e Also lol I guess technically spoilers but I don't know if anyone will know why. xD
>3< Maybe i'll explain this drawing in the future, but it would be fun to hear your ideas behind it first x3

T//u//T Haven't done many pencil drawings these days, I really miss them. I remember back those few years ago when I was scared to death of coloring because I had no idea even remotely what I was doing, pencil was my best friend. I'm so rusty now though. I try to push myself to color and to always work a little bit more outside my comfort zone each time I draw now which i'm sure doesn't even seem that apparently but asdfghjkl, but I miss having more free time to just draw for the sake of drawing, and not always focusing on improvement or expectations, even if they are only my own...OTL
;u; Anyways i'm rambling as usual, but I hope you like le drawing <3
The video for this should be up on my Youtube channel tomorrow I think~
;~; Still taking forever finishing more intricate things, but I wanted to have something to post as a small thanks for 6k subscribers and you all seem to love Shu so yeah. >//w//< Unf so crazy though, I still don't believe all the kindness and support I get from all of you lovelies. I don't think i'll ever be worthy, and i'm sure someday people will realize that, but I cherish each and everyday and every memory I have with all of you, even if I can't always find the time or right words to say that. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Shu belongs to me and is part of my original story, "Unitrios".
Media: 0.3/0.5 Mechanical pencil, eraser, Photoshop
Time taken: About 6 hours
Date: August 31st, 2013
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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Happy Birthday Cyril!!!
....a few hours late, still counts!!//shot
TvT He's 2 years old now...I can't believe he's been with me that long....!


TvT H-hi guys...! Moar artsu...! xD Lol its been like, a day since I submitted something haha lol that never happens pfft.

TvT Anyways....this is a contest entry for lovely ~LunarHoney's contest on YouTube. ;w; M-more so entered because she is awesome rather than because I want to win....xD Do you guys notice? I tend to only enter the contests of my friends and don't care about winning~ lololol
TvT B-but yeah, theme is Magical Girls/Boys, so I couldn't resist drawing my Chimecho gijinka, Cyril, because his design was inspired by Magical boy concept. xDD
;v; Plus its his birthday! And I've been meaning to draw this for a while now. ;3; Y-you can read more about that in the below part if you care.

;v; Uhhm, so yeah....
The short explanation is that Cyril is a sort of "jester"/entertainer for my Frillish Gijinka, Princess Pilulu. He's a bit younger than her, and is very timid in nature. Pilulu is more interested in older, more "manly" and mature boys, so she doesn't think much about Cyril in the way he sees her. He loves her a lot, but isn't noticed by her because of his timidness and rather "feminine" look. All he wants is for her to notice him, and if he had the power he would make the world her perfect dreamland. She always talks about "dying the world in pinks and blues, where the the water tastes like sugar and bubbles like cotton candy" "A world where the sky and sea never separate, and where everything is perfect like a dream." TvT Ironically, Cyril just blends in so perfectly into that "dream" (color wise, symbolically), so much so that maybe that is why she doesn't notice him. He's her dream, she just hasn't seen it yet. TvT :heart:

The real reason I drew this:

TvT I love.....drawing children. And I love to see that beautiful, perfect, innocent love that they have. Call it "infatuation" or "puppy love", it doesn't matter. The love children can have for each other is more beautiful than any love I have ever seen between adults. There are no technicalities or deceit. Children have the ability to love with closed eyes- to love indifferently. And in case you've ever wondered why I love drawing children or why most of my characters are young, that is the reason. I don't think love should be a game. I hate seeing the sadistic interpretations of love that adults often have, how they can use the term "love" so loosely when they don't invest their whole self into that "love". Children don't think about looks or money or satisfaction, when they like someone, they like them. They can't explain why, but trying to explain an unexplainable force like love is stupid. When you start piling up reasons "why" you love someone, you loose track of the love itself. Its unexplainable. Its a force that has no reason. You love someone because you just do. If you feel the need to justify why, or your love comes from a forced place, then it isn't my definition of love. Its that gross, twisted kind of love that multiplies in your heart until you eventually can't even look at the person you "loved" anymore because its become so deceitful, lost in meaningless justifications.
Its probably stupid and naive, but i'd rather put faith in the beautiful and innocent love that children have than step one foot into that disgusting excuse for love I see all around me. Innocence is the most beautiful yet rare thing in the world because once you loose it you can never get it back.

;__; I don't mean to ramble on about nonsense, but it matters to me. And a big part of my reason for doing art is to show beauty in ways we often cannot see.

Saying a boy can't love a girl because he's too "pretty" is stupid. Saying that anything so frivolous can come between people when it comes to love is stupid because again, it is unexplainable and has no reason or rules. Gender doesn't have to do with real love despite common belief, nor does looks or anything so trivial. And if you think it does, then I feel sorry for you.

Everyone should learn to see with their eye closed once in a while.

And I wanted to draw this for Cyril because he reminds me of all the people out their who's sexuality is prejudged based on the way they look, or the pressure to fit into a particular orientation based on stereotypical standards society sets. I hate seeing the "tough" boys pick on the one quiet boy and calling him gay when he isn't. It isn't as bad with girls, but it happens too. I just really hate that pressure that is placed more so on boys to look and behave a certain way, and if they don't they are somehow automatically classified as "gay" or less of a "man" or even person because of it. There is nothing wrong with being gay, first of all. Second, who are you to judge someone or define them as "a lesser human being" based on what genitalia they happen to like. If you don't like it, fine. But do the world a favor and stop hurting innocent people and making them feel inferior for being who they are. //ENDRAMBLE

Media: Winsor & Newton + Reeves Watercolors/ Prismacolor Verithin Colored Penicls. White gel pen and chal pastels for effects
Time taken: About 15 hours
Date: September 18th, 2012
Characters, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always allowed however)
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