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Similar Deviations
We are the unwanted, the broken
The ones you forgot about.
So don't be too surprised when we
Start to scream and shout.

We are the living, the dying
The ones you all put down.
But you'll know who we are when we
Run this goddamn town.

We are the corpses, the maggots
The ones you all despise.
But you'll be the ones scared when we
Expose all your lies.

We are the hunted, the lost
The ones you all spurn.
But you'll cry for our help when we
Leave you all to burn.

We are the losers, the winners
The ones that you deny.
But you'll be the ones damned when we
Hear the angels cry.
Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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There are certain things I’ll never say,
Like how I thought about killing myself today
Just to keep my own scary thoughts away.
Like how I stay awake way too late
To be sure I don’t awake in a bloody state.
Like how I soaked white into red last night
And turned myself into a ghastly sight.
Like how it hurts too much to breathe
When I make my own skin seethe.
Like how I Google things I shouldn’t
When I want to do things I couldn’t.
Like how I’m scared of being alone
Yet I’m only happy when I’m on my own.
Like how I know I’ll wind up killing myself
And turn into just a dusty photo on a dusty shelf.
Like how I make myself bleed every day
Even though I know I can’t go on this way.
Like how I maybe want someone to see
And for them to somehow help me.

But nobody will ever help me,
Not really,
Because those are all the things I’ll never say.
Thanks for reading. :)
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When will the rain stop falling?
When will the reaper stop calling?
Did I do something wrong?
I must have
To suffer for this long.

It's not like I didn't try,
And it's not like you did
But I never got to ask why
I just ran and hid.

'Honesty is the best policy'
That's what they say
But I doubt they know truth at all,
Being who they are today.
If I could, I'd wish it away
But I can't
So I'm alone today;
Meant to die here this way.

Yes, I know it has no real structure. Yes, I know it has no rhythm. Yes, I know it kinda sucks like a whore. But hey-ho; this is what happens when I listen to 'Moonlight Sonata' too many times in a row.

Thank you very much for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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I'm a cutter
That's all I'll ever be
Once you've learnt that
Defining fact about me.

You'll call me mad
Assume that I'm sad
And that I want
Your help.

You'll check my arms
Only matters if you can see
But I can hide them
All over me.

You'll think I'm sick
Sick in the head
And that makes me feel
Like I want to be dead.

I don't do it
For attention
I don't do it
For a mention
I don't do it
To rebel.
I do it because of
The spell
That it's cast over me.
Meh. :)
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Sometimes the disinfectant hurts more than the infection,
Sometimes the pain is better than the protection.

Sometimes the tears sting more than the smile,
Sometimes the yard tires more than the mile.

Sometimes the blood shines brighter than the blade,
Sometimes the heart is blacker than the spade.

Sometimes the kiss is sharper than the slap,
Sometimes the lure is worth the trap.

Sometimes the night is lighter than the day,
Sometimes the beast is weaker than the prey.

Sometimes the cut hurts less than the sob,
Sometimes the break is harder than the job.

Sometimes the lie is prettier than the truth,
Sometimes the alibi is better than the proof.

Sometimes the hate is kinder than the love,
Sometimes the buzzard is holier than the dove.

Sometimes the loser gains more than the winner,
Sometimes the saint is worse than the sinner.

Sometimes the girl is stronger than the boy,
Sometimes the child is more broken than the toy.

Sometimes the poison is sweeter than the cure,
Sometimes the dirty are more perfect than the pure.

Sometimes the world is worse than the deepest hell,
Sometimes the silence is more powerful than the yell.

Sometimes nothingness hurts less than breath,
Sometimes this life hurts more than death.
Please let me know what you think and thanks for reading! :)
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Cross my wrists and hope to die,
I will only ever lie
When you ask me if I’m fine
Or if I like this life of mine.

If I had a gun,
I’d put it to my head
And turn bouncy blonde,
Into ruby red.

You want me to stop cutting;
I’ll stop when I’m dead.
The last time I’ll cut
Will be the last thing I see
When I finally put an end to me.

Dying sounds good right now,
Just fading into black
And never coming back
To the agony living brings.

Perhaps you’ll find me hanging,
Or bleeding,
Or after OD’ing;
Someday soon you’ll find me,
Finally free.

It’s too late now,
I’m too far gone.
Now I’m just a ghost
Of who could’ve been someone.
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I like sharp things;
The way they shine
The way they hurt
The way they leave a red line.

I like to bleed;
The way it's red
They way it hurts
The way it washes out what they said.

I like to live;
The way it's wrong
The way it hurts
The way it tells me that I am strong.
Please let me know what you think. :)
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I hate how I look;
The cuts,
The fat,
The bags beneath my eyes.
I hate who I am;
The hurt,
The angst
The endless torrent of lies.

Sometimes I do things I know I shouldn't
And I don't do things I know I should,
Only that I could and would,
So do
Because that's how people work.

Everyone has motives
And nobody is selfless
Only helpless
In this world that doesn't want
To understand.

Everyone's gonna die
And I'm not gonna lie;
Sometimes that thought is the only thing
That gets me through the day.

I miss my old razor blade;
Scissors don't go deep enough
This red isn't my favorite shade;
I like it purer,
More heartfelt
Then I could be surer
That I'm a threat to myself.

I'm trying to cut down,
As apposed to cutting everything else,
But I doubt I'll ever stop
Because every slash,
Every bloody drop,
The whole crimson rash,
Reminds me;
I'm still alive
And I am
Meh :)
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I saw something in the mirror today that kinda creeped me out.
It was a girl wearing a smile, not a frown nor a pout.

Her eyes were wide and shining, just as a summer sun.
Her laugh wasn't wooden and fake, but true and full of fun.

Her irises reflected happiness, not a trace of pain.
She was under perfect skies; not a drop of rain.

Angels swam around her, keeping the devil at bay.
Her life was precious and she wasn't throwing it away.

Her lips were red and shinging with a pure smile.
It was a sight her mirror hadn't seen in a very long while.

She wasn't at all pretty but a care she did not give.
Because today she woke up and said, "Today I am going to live."
I know it's kinda short, but I sort of like this one; it was fun to write and different to my normal style.

Thank you very much for reading and please let me know what you think! :)
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I'm just that fat kid
Starved of hope.
I'm just that cutter
Reaching for rope.

I'm just that dumb blonde
Reading all night.
I'm just that coward
Bleeding for a fright.

I'm just that child
Without care.
I'm just that girl
With messy hair.

I'm just that burner
Wanting to be cool.
I'm just that geek
Scared of school.

I'm just that emo
Smiling with glee.
You're just another drone
But you'll never be me.
Please let me know what you think :)
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