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This is my first Journal CSS!! Woo!

Working example here: [link]

Warning: Works with Firefox, sorry IE users!

Get Firefox here, I promise you'll love it: [link]


Before anything, I would like to point out that the CSS foundation was written using `Elandria's CSS from [link] and was only edited by myself to suit the images and some other minor information.

The images are mine, just not the original CSS.

So many thanks `Elandria!!!!!


As far as rules, you all know the drill by now:

--- :+fav: if you like it or use it. I'll always appreciate it more than you could know!

-- If you REALLY like it and want to be the best person on the planet, you can donate a sub so I can use it! Wouldn't that be nice! (Yea.... Riiiiiiiight...)

--- Always leave the user links at the bottom, it's just polite.

--- Ask permission before you hack up the source files or use the images for other purposes. This permission isn't required for using it in your journal, but for using the CSS as a template or using the images in a different CSS. It took time to create and I'm probably going to say it's alright anyways. Just ask! It's that easy! :D


Any questions can be directed to me in note form or to!

Thanks again!
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A cleaner, installable version of my old one, since people were having trouble using it ([link]) :)

:sun: Please comment or fave if you plan on using it so I can check out your page and see how it looks! :sun:

Journal skin commissions are now open as of 7/13/12! See the journal for more info.

More Journal Skins: [link]

:bulletblack: To add your own links, replace the capitalized text accordingly in the "Header" section of the CSS
:bulletblack: If you would like to get rid of the links bar, simply delete everything in the header section of the CSS EXCEPT <.div class="body">
:bulletblack: If you would like to make all the content centered like it is in the preview, just add this to the beginning of your content: <div align="center".> but without the . before the last >

Stock photo: [link]

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Edit on 9/9/2009:
Thanks to =Keyafoxdoghanyou I've updated the code with some changes to the css that was necessary to fix a new bug. I don't know why it occured - maybe DA changed something that made it read the code differently? Anyway, it should be fixed now.
If you use this template it is adviced that you download it again and "re-install" it. You only need to update the css since there's no changes to the images, so your old links will work fine.
If you have any questions, as always, don't hesitate to ask.


PS. The bug is only visible in Firefox - just in case you wonder why you can't see any bugs o.O


This journal design was made before the new skins feature was implemented, so please be aware that you need to install the css manually to use it. It's not nearly as complicated as it sounds though XD

Just use the guide that's written on the preview image (above). The only thing that's changed is where you post the css code. Instead of CSS (beta) as it was called, you now go to 'Options' (a tab found in the top left corner of your new journal entry) and paste the css into the apropiate box. Remember to edit the links in the css to where you uploaded the images. And choose 'save as' :)

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to help.


:bulletwhite: A slight firefox problem has been fixed - please download the code again for the updates.

:bulletwhite: I changed the file from a .rar to a .zip file. There's no changes to the code.

Yay! I finally finished it XD

:bulletwhite: Feel free to use it here on DA. Credit isn't needed - just don't claim that you've made it yourself. Faves and comments are greatly appreciated though ^^

:bulletwhite: Remember to read the instructions on the preview image. If there's something you don't understand or have problems with, just ask.

:bulletwhite: As with the old one, you must have your mood box at the bottom. Also, if you write shorter journals you should use the bottom.png image instead of jpg.

:bulletwhite: The old version can be found here: Blue Grass

:bulletwhite: Also, go check out `anaRasha's and ~coolwing's galleries - they deserve it ^^

:bulletwhite: Please fave if you download <3
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Simple + Clean v.3 & v.3.5
User Level: Intermediate

Live version for Simple + Clean v.3: [link]
Live version for Simple + Clean v.3.5: [link]

I didn't expect to create any more CSS designs, but there were some elements that bugged me and I just had to figure out how to do them. This version is a more intermediate CSS layout than the original.

Two different versions, as shown in the extremely large preview image, are included in the zip file.

  • Minimalist design to match dA's layout
  • Sidebar (Now in an easier to code format)
  • Gallery Menu Bar
  • Sibebar Boxes
  • Scrollboxes
  • Journal Subhead and/or Journal Description
  • No mood box (I think :pray: )
  • No Journal Entry Date
  • Zero graphical elements (though they may be added)

More CSS Journal Layouts: [link]

dA members who have used this CSS:
~17oz | ~2ndart | =Adimo-Rosa | ~AGDemiGod | ~Ariel-G | =Arctic-Affinity | *AvalonSky | ~beastofoblivion | =beyond-frames | ~bLuTm8 | ~comfy-bed-stock | =CountessdeScarlet | *Craig-Miller | *Denchii85 | ~ellymarinova | =fireflyx | *flowers-are-forever | ~HungaroMania | *Issandre | =Jakumetsu | ~Kairek | =karusuman | =KittyD | =Kittyd-Stock | ~krylty | =KyT3m | `larafairie | *litNEWS | ~miksmote | *Moontimes | =Morbid-Tyriel | *NickCreevy | ~NightLolita | =ninazdesign | =noemia | =Otakugraphics | =photoparty | *Poisoned-Kiss | =rizzyart | =r4v1 | =Redpencil | ~roryvincent | =Shia-chan | ~Tanoshii-Chan | =theholysmirk | =vendingmachinelunch | =WyckedLilJoJo | =w1zzy | =yana-stock | *Yumehayla

Edited & Other Versions:
=acrylicana | =Adimo-Rosa | =angel-wolfmaiden | ~beirut ~bloodymarie | ~ByrneFoto | =cacell | =CaptainArdi | `DistortedSmile | *Doublecrash | ~DxButterfly | ~equinephoto | ~fieryamazon | `Foxfires | ~FromTh3Inside | ~Ghost-underwater | ~KidAngel | ~LadyLaReina | ~Landale | ~LonelyDesigns | =LoveTheVoid | =LuisaRafidi | ~MatthewThornton | =nawras | ~nk-daz | ~Orestesdenorm | ~popalogic | !Orionseven7 | =poisonedwaters |*Queen-Uriel | ~ryangolla | `S-Que | ~ShimmerStar | ~Spydergirl208 | ~Sunbirdshaman | =Sysikue | *Tainted-Innocence | ~The-Undiscovered | ~tinfoil-hearts | !ToxicQuiddity | ~wpe2006 | ~vampiremackenzie | ~Wolvenish

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July 2, 2007, EDIT:

It was brought to my attention that the original template wasn't properly working anymore for whatever reasons (changings in the DA procedure?). I had to take out the the menu to fix the problem. I hope it's ok as it is now and it's working again. Mail me if you still meet problems!

:target: Another correction: Sorry, sorry for bothering you again, I have mistaken the text and background colors of this blue version when I had made the update! Now it should be working.

Please download the file again if you should have a kinky version! Thank you!

Live journal: [link]


This is a variation of my CSS template Autumn.

=The-ShadowCat showed me her own version of the layout and I thought wow, that looks very good. So here it is the winterly Autumn for you! I hope you enjoy!

How to apply the code:

1. Download the .zip-file and unpack.
2. Read instructions.txt for precise informations.
3. Select preferred titles from the title graphics list.
4. Set the moodbox at the bottom, PLEASE!!!

Credits go to Andrew =psion005 who gave me kind permission to use one of his gorgeous Apophysis fractals in this design. Thank you very much, mate!

NOTE: You are allowed to use this layout for your journal and if you wish you can tweak the code and the graphics for your own custom purposes. I'd appreciate it to see your result but at least it is required to give me credits. Thank you!
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:points: Commission Me | Journal Skins | Gallery Skins

:eager: Make Your Own Skins!

how to use:

In order to use this gallery skin, please purchase the download using the widget on the right. :love:
Premium membership is required!

Live Preview Here

download includes:

- Gallery CSS
- Instructions for adding to folders and for using the six customizable options (overview below)


- Description Headings: <div class="heading">Heading Here</div>
- Hidden print icons, feed buttons, and More Like This
- Six easily customizable options for images:

1. Nothing: Default setting
2. Title only: Delete 1st line in code
3. Artist only: Delete 2nd line in code
4. Artist and Comments: Delete 2nd and 3rd lines in code
5. Title and Artist: Delete 1st and 2nd line in code
6. Display all: Delete the first 3 lines in code


  • Version 4.0: Newest fixes after dA's update (Jan 7, 2014)
  • Version 3.0: Fixed header after dA's update (August 30, 2013)
  • Version 2.2: Artwork details centered (July 15, 2013)
  • Version 2.0: Shadows now work for Chrome; Fixed margins so thumbs are spaced out more (June 14, 2013)
  • Version 1.0: Hidden "More Like This" links (April 27, 2013)

more skins

Petite Gallery Skin by SimplySilent
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Only Rules i have are:
1. Do Not claim my templates as your own.
2. Do not use my css codes in css contests.
3. Do not re-distribute

follow those rules and we will have no problems.

So i made a halloween journal a while back and never got around to coding it ... then i lost the PSD form of it. So i figured why not make another for you to use. This is a one click install ... Just click the Install to journal button and begin typing.

I should mention i only test my journals in firefox, safari, and opera .... if you are having internet explorer problems ... its the browser not the coding ;) For sure 100% the hovering effect of the mini-thumbs will not work in IE. Also i made this journal a bit wide ... those who have smaller screen resolutions ... 1024 x 768 may not want to use this. Ill be making a thinner version for you guys soon.

For a one column journal .... simply start typing into the journal entry box and click submit. That easy.

For a two column journal just add in the html code for a sidebar:

<$div class="sidebar">:thumb#:
:thumb#:<$/div> (remove the $'s)

The mini gallery is courtesy of `thespook and can be added by using the HTML coding:

<$div class="minigal">
:thumb#: :thumb#: :thumb#:<$/div> (remove the $'s)


The main titles you see in there are custom images to match the journal. I have made many custom titles to make sure theres one for anything you may need. Ive also included the .psd form of it for any photoshop user to edit and make their own. You can find that here > [link]


I have also made custom sidebar buttons (facebook,Twitter, etc..) to match the journal which you can find >Here< ... once i upload them ;P


Blood brushes: [link] and [link] and [link]


crows: [link]

vines: [link]

leaves: [link]
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Feel free to use it, you don't need to ask, I made it for you ;)
I always appreciate small donations, even just 5[points]. I have a little collection tin on my profile.
That's all I ask :D If you have any suggestions for other skins note me!

Beautiful stock is from here: [link]

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