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Pokemon Legend
• A truly bonded Pokemon and Trainer is a pair who follows the others' wishes without question, putting full trust in one another's reasoning.
• As with any friendship, the bond between them is a mutual debt. They are equal in one another's eyes and their love for each other is the driving force behind many victories and sacrifices.
• Many people feel it is inappropriate to refer to a Pokemon as an "it" when its gender is either nonexistent, ambiguous, or unknown. It is more common for people to use gender-neutral pronouns such as "ze", "hir", and "hirs".
• While male and female Pokemon exist, there have been cases of certain Pokemon of a gendered species possessing both male and female qualities. This is extremely rare and is still being researched. It is unknown how or if they can produce Eggs.
• Animals still do live in the wild, however, most non-insect, land-dwelling species have been hunted into extinction by the far more powerful Pokemon. The evolutionar
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Analysis of the Psychic-type
The Psychic-type is perhaps among the most misunderstood of types but nonetheless serves as one of the more powerful elements and is well-respected among all types of trainers for its sheer ingenuity and seemingly limitless might in battle. The Psychic-type does not have enough in the way of type advantages for most trainers to give it a shot, but because of how the type works in battle and its potential for unbridled destruction in almost any type of environment, few ever dare to question its advantages in battle. It is almost ironic in a sense that while humans often dismiss the powers of Psychics and similar people, they wholly verify the existence of such power in Pokémon and are more than willing to believe in its features outside of the human brain. Whether this is merely bias or something else is uncertain, but if there is one thing that can be said about the Psychic-type, it's that few other types can possibly reach the level of devastation that it's capable o
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The Evolution and Classification of Pokemon
Every day, trainers and people in general interact with Pokémon and see them from their doorstep without ever thinking twice about their existence. But that begs a question, one whose answer defines not only what humans see in Pokémon but perhaps what has made them the spectacular creatures they are today: What exactly is a Pokémon? At one time, there truly was no distinction, and humans and Pokémon lived together and even married as if part of the same biological group…but today, the modern world has moved past such actions, and demands an explanation behind what makes these beasts so unique compared to the rest of the world. It is the purpose of this report to explore this question and, perhaps at long last, demonstrate what truly makes Pokémon different from the rest of the planet's life forms.
When trainers battle alongside their Pokémon and eventually allow them to gain experience, they will often times evolve into a more
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Shedinja Report
Shedinja (the Shed Pokémon) is an exceptionally rare Bug/Ghost-type Pokémon found among forests within the Hoenn and Kalos regions as well as the Johto and Sinnoh regions on rare occasions. Though certainly not among the sturdiest of combatants, Shedinja are surprisingly dangerous creatures that truly push the limits of scientific knowledge in relation to Ghost-types far off the edge of comprehension. No one may know what they are truly after or what they even are, but for a one-trick pony, Shedinja aren’t too bad; after all, it’s not like there are any other Pokémon out there that are naturally immune to 13 different types!
When Nincada go aboveground and evolve into Ninjask, they end up leaving behind about half of their original exoskeleton in the form of an empty husk. Under most circumstances, this chitin construct simply crumbles apart shortly after evolution and becomes integrated into the underlying soil. In extremely rare cases in the wild and if a t
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Analysis of the Ghost-type
The Ghost-type is perhaps the most poorly-understood type in existence and effectively straddles the line between what is definable by science and what isn't. The Ghost-type is the least common type out of all recognized types (tied with the Fairy-type) and has a limited capacity to deal damage effectively in battle, but this flaw is more than supplemented by the type's specialty in causing panic and Confusion among all that dare to challenge it head-on without some serious backup plans. For those who believe in spirits, the Ghost-type is merely just another addition to the miracle that is existence, but for others, it is a dangerous type that is often times ignored simply for its unusual features and powers. For those willing to put aside such thoughts and look carefully at the type, though, a world of pain and misery opens up that very few opponents, regardless of how skilled they are, will be able to handle completely.
Defining what a Ghost-type ex
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12 Days of Armageddon: A Pokepasta Carol
In honor of the holidays, the 12 Days of Armageddon, a Pokemon Creepypasta parody.
On day one of Armageddon, Hurry gave to me:
A Ghost from Lavender Town.
On day two of Armageddon, Hurry gave to me:
Two White Hands,
And a Ghost from Lavender Town.
On day three of Armageddon, Hurry gave to me:
Three Pika Z Dolls,
Two White Hands,
And a Ghost from Lavender Town.
On day four of Armageddon, Hurry gave to me:
Four missing limbs,
Three Pika Z Dolls,
Two White Hands,
And a Ghost from Lavender Town.
On day five of Armageddon, Hurry gave to me:
Five Missingno!!!
Four missing limbs,
Three Pika Z Dolls,
Two White Hands,
And a Ghost from Lavender Town.
On day six of Armageddon, Hurry gave to me:
Six Unown floating,
Five Missingno!!!
Four missing limbs,
Three Pika Z Dolls,
Two White Hands,
And a Ghost from Lavender Town.
On day seven of Armageddon, Hurry gave to me:
Seven lonely Eevees,
Six Unown floating,
Five Missingno!!!
Four missing limbs,
Three Pika Z Dolls,
Two White Hands,
And a Ghost from L
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Analysis of the Dragon-type
The Dragon-type is widely respected among all other types for not only its sheer power but its unusual combat characteristics, which are so dazzling in many cases that mere words alone cannot define them. Fueled in life by genetics and radically different from any other similar creatures, Dragon-types are truly the stuff of legends and can outmatch the best of fighters with a penchant for elemental resistance and a host of devastating attacks unlike any seen elsewhere in the world. Though they might be vulnerable to their own powers, extreme cold and the effects of the Fairy Force, Dragon-types nonetheless are dominating life forms that possess untold power delivered to them from long ago…and in some cases, since the beginning of the universe itself. Few trainers will ever be able to completely master the Dragon-type and fewer still will ever be able to utilize it to destroy anything that comes their way, but for those willing to try and tame these beasts, the sheer
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The Path Of Destiny Part Two
The Path of Destiny
Chapter Two-New Allies

By nightfall, Darkclaw had returned. Blazefang had been waiting by a big jagged stone that was flecked with snow. Wildflame and his other companion, a young houndour named Boneclaw, were also crouched beside the boulder.
The murkrow swooped down low toward the ground, landing on the topmost point of the rock. Folding his wings, Darkclaw looked down as the three houndour gathered below. He began speaking, “I managed to hear two growlithe talking. They say the one with the crystal shard has gone to find Articuno, so he can bring back the snow and restore the land they’ve lost. Of course,” he added, noticing the houndour’s angry expressions, “She has little chance of actually finding that pokémon.”
Blazefang sighed. He knew the trials the houndour had faced in the past years. Food was becoming scarcer, and they needed every bit of territory they could get. For reasons unknown, the wasteland surround
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Fullmetal Heart chapter 1
So this is another fanfiction created by me and my dear friend Edward Uzumaki (aka Uzu-chan!) This time we bring you *drum rolls* Fullmetal Alchemist and Kingdom Hearts!! Hurray! Anyway, this fanfic is completely AU, so if you don't like it, then too bad! (In other words, I accept criticism, not bull crap… If you have something to say, say it nicely please. I have emotional problems and I take things way too seriously.)
So, let's get things rolling! Here you go! Chapter 1 of Fullmetal Heart.
Chapter 1: Dive into the Heart
Ed lied on his back on a park bench in Central and sucked in a breath of air. It was nice and sunny out and he was enjoying it while he could before the Colonel called him in for some ridiculous mission again. He peeked his eye open and glanced over at his brother who was sitting next to him, a little blue bird sitting on the horn of his armored helmet. He was so still, he almost looked like a statue. "You okay, Al?"
The armor didn't move but a meek voi
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Bisharp Report
Bisharp (the Sword Blade Pokémon) is a rare Dark/Steel-type Pokémon found near grassy, mountainous environments within the Unova and Kalos regions. Unbelievably dangerous and cold-hearted, Bisharp are lethal fighting machines that even the best trainers have a tough time restraining in battle; if given even an inch of space, Bisharp will gladly cut their opponent's life-line order to win a battle more quickly. Keep far away from these monsters when they enter combat, or you will be in major trouble; if you thought that Pawniard were evil, you haven't seen anything until your best Pokémon are literally cut down by these destructive commandos!
Both Pawniard and Bisharp are highly unique in that their entire external frame is comprised of thick, plated armor and blades. Although their insides are as soft as most other creatures, few life forms are capable of penetrating their thick armor in combat; this is because it's mostly comprised of titanium, a metal that is in short
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LoZ .:. Repeat Offender
"Shh!" the green-clad boy hissed from his place on the ground. "I'm hunting!"
"But, Link, don't you remember what happened the last time you tried this?"
The boy shrugged, keeping his eyes on the birds nearby. "That was just a fluke. Those Cuccos were rabid or something. Tonight I'm gonna have roast cucco for supper!"
"But..." Navi protested
"Ahhh! No go away! Get off me! Help me! Someone help! Heelp!"
Navi uncovered her eyes and sighed. Floating over the carnage and scattered feathers she smirked down at the boy.
"See? I-"
"-told you so"
"You're next."
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Duskull Report
Duskull (the Requiem Pokémon) is an uncommon Ghost-type Pokémon found among graveyards, abandoned buildings and forests within Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. Though often times ignored in favor of more offensive creatures, Duskull are frightening specters that can utilize raw fear to simply scare opponent into submission with little difficulty. They might not be able to bring much in the way of pure trauma into battle, but if you dare to challenge one, make sure that your Pokémon is used to battling against Ghost-types; otherwise, the introduction will likely end up being much more frightening than you could possibly anticipate!
As with most Ghost-type Pokémon, Duskull are primarily nocturnal creatures and absolutely hate sunlight, preferring to hide under the veil of darkness at all times. Similarly to how Shuppet feed off of negative emotions for sustenance, Duskull must rely on the spiritual energy of a specific emotional state to survive; in their case, however, that
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Pokemon Naturelocke
Pokemon Naturelocke
1. Can only catch first Pokemon in area.
2. Must box fainted Pokemon in a PC labeled Grave, Tomb, Paradise, Heaven, etc...
3. Pokemon get certain abilities corresponding to nature:
Adamant: Firm. Sturdy.-Takes two deaths to fully die.
Bashful: Easily embarrassed. Shy.-May not be set to lead party.
Bold: Fearless. Daring.-Can survive one death from Pokemon of higher level.
Brave: Risk taker. Heroic.-Can sacrifice itself to revive a Pokemon.
Calm : Undisturbed. Peaceful.-Psychic Pokemon cannot kill this Pokemon.  
Careful: Cautious. Protective.-Can revive one Pokemon of its own type(s).
Docile: Easy to manage. Ready to learn.-
Gentle: Sensitive. Polite.-Can not battle against Fighting types.
Hardy: Healthy. Tough.-Pokemon cannot be killed by K.Os.
Hasty: Done too quick. Short tempered.-Can not hold items or berries.
Impish: Immature. Mischievous.-Not allowed to evolve.
Jolly: Cheerful. Pleasing.-After capture, allows you to catch the n
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Released to Elsewhere
Drowzee sighed as he glanced at his trainer fiddling with the PC. Messing with it was never a good idea; after all, it only made the voices worse. He rubbed his temples at the thought of thousands upon thousands of beings telling him what to do, all pushing and pulling on his mind as if it were putty. No wonder the boy acted so erratically, he was surprised that he hadn’t gone insane from them yet. He jerked his head towards the flapping of wings.
Drowzee,” the Pidgeot said gruffly, dipping his head in greeting. He returned the nod.
Hello, Pidgeot.” The flying-type shook his head.
You know that’s not my name now,” he sighed, “It’s aab- a…” He screwed his eyes shut and cocked his head to one side as he tried to remember how his name went.
I won’t call you by that name,” the psychic-type huffed, “Your name was Pidgeot when I first met you and I
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It is?
Jeremy Clarkson's ability to offend and wound one's pride is notorious, and Richard Hammond glared at himself heatedly in the mirror, asking himself why he had failed to remember this.
Jeremy is, everybody knows, the kind of person who will chip away at your esteem with acidic words, allowing it to erode until his insults have become a recognised nickname, and he must think of another batch whilst perusing health and safety documents. Then you will be under siege by this abuse for another few weeks at least, until the process begins again.
Of course, retaliation was a trait both James and Richard had refined whilst working with Jeremy. They could strike back at their co-presenter with wit, and they all had names for each other that were commonly known; James was Captain Slow, Richard was called Hamster, and Jeremy was otherwise known as Jezza.
Then there were the actual insults; the quips at each other's personal lifestyles. Throughout the time he had been working with Jeremy on Top Ge
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Pokerus Report
Although it is quite rare in the wild and almost never seen by most trainers, the Pokérus is an amazing and utterly unique organism that can make life for trainers trying to train their Pokémon through EV-oriented methods literally twice as easy as before.
The Pokérus is different from all other viruses in that it actually does not serve a damaging relationship with other life forms. The name of the virus comes from the fact that it is only capable of infecting Pokémon but is otherwise able to infect any type of Pokémon regardless of how powerful or weak it might be. It is commonly believed today that the Pokérus is of an ancient design due to its capacity to actually infect any species of Pokémon and may have been one of the earliest types of viruses to actually exist, though a lack of fossilized virus material makes such a statement a bit presumptuous. Regardless, the Pokérus is essentially everywhere and has no preferred environment of habitat
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Honchkrow Report
Honchkrow (the Big Boss Pokémon) is a rare Dark/Flying-type Pokémon found among cities and forests within the Kanto, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Alola regions as well as parts of the Sevii Islands and the Hoenn region on rare occasions. Though they might not be anywhere near as diverse or combat efficient on their own as Murkrow, Honchkrow are exceptionally powerful creatures that can more than deliver a serious beating to anyone foolish enough to get in their way. You would be wise to avoid confronting these vicious birds if you're ever unlucky enough to encounter them in the wild; they might not want to fight you directly, but when you have an entire swarm of Murkrow at your disposal, why bother?!
When Murkrow are exposed to extreme sources of negative energy (such as those contained within Dusk Stones), they radically mutate into a pseudo-adult form and change completely in terms of personality, behavior and combat ability. As Honchkrow, these creatures suffer a reduction in
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The Voices Phenomenon
    We all have that feeling that there is a little voice inside our head telling us what to do, where to go, which Pokémon to use in a battle. Most of us call this our conscience and it usually helps dictate our daily lives. Most people have only one conscience. But what if you had more than one?
               In the past few weeks, there has been news from the Kanto and Johto region that several young trainers have not one, but hundreds and even thousands of consciences controlling their lives. One case had reported that he heard more than 100,000 voices in his journey. Naturally, these reports have caused panic across the regions, with some parents outright forbidding their child to go on a Pokémon journey.
               But what exactly is it that is raising so much concern? No one knows for sure; while the s
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TCC 33: Council of Shadow 5
The Commission Chronicles
Chapter 33: Unforeseen Gift
     I felt the energy field around me dissipate, and I wasted no time in getting to Latias, or Latria. I couldn’t tell what was going on anymore.
     “Latias!” I yelled. “Wake up! Come on…”
     I shook her a few times, and her eyes opened slowly. No longer were they golden, but now a bright sky blue. She blinked a few times and looked up at me.
     “L-Lateon?” She mumbled.
     That was all the response I needed. I scooped her up into my arms and hugged her. Was it just me, or had she grown?
     She woke up now, that was for sure. “Gah!” She gasped. “Lateon… I’d like, to breath…”
     I let her go quickly. “Dang, sorry about that…” I mumbled, shifting away a bit.
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Report -- Pidgey
Common Names: Pidgey, ポッポ (Poppo), Taubsi, Roucool, 구구 (Gugu), 波波 (Bō Bō)
Scientific Name: Orniacroadustus Lophominor
---Type: Animaero
Physiology: The Pidgey has an average height of 10-13in (0.3m), a length of 12-15in (30-38cm), a weight of 4.01lbs (1.8kg) and a 20-26ins (51-66cm) wingspan. Pidgey are a short dumpy passerine with 4 toes in typical perching configuration, their legs are stocky however, and strong, allowing Pidgey to move happily on the ground, their main modes of locomotion on the ground being hopping and strutting.
From the forehead the median crown stripe and crown stripes grow up and out resulting in three tufts of feathers, the Pidgeys' dark eyes are circled by dark feathers which run down the cheeks. A Pidgey's short thick beak is a fleshy blue-pink and multi-purpose, allowing it to crack moderately hard seeds and deftly pick up small bugs. Pidgey tails are com
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I Just Met a Weirdo - WhitexN
A Pokemon Black and White fanfic, focusing on Ferriswheelshipping
"Hm…what do you think about what they said Tokou?" Cheren asked thoughtfully after the weirdo men who looked like knights from the middle ages left to the next town.  I for one had no idea what they were talking about. It was confusing and sounded pretty boring, so I just stared blankly at them throughout the whole speech. Unable to answer Cheren's question, I just shrugged and said:
"Beats me."
Cheren rolled his eyes and was about to say something else (more nerd talk maybe) when some green haired guy from the noisy crowd walked toward us.
"Your pokemon…they speak to me.." he muttered, and stared hardly right at me. I raised my brows at him with a confused look.
"W-what?" I asked dazed by the man's stern look. Cheren stepped forward a little confused himself.
"Boy, you speak too fast. And  what do you mean 'the pokemon speak to you'? What an odd thing to say." he said eying the mys
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Report -- Pidgeotto
Common Names: Pidgeotto, ピジョン (Pigeon), Tauboga, Roucoups, 比比鳥 (Bǐ Bǐ Niǎo), 比比鳥 (Bî Bî Nîao)
Scientific Name: Orniacroadustus Lophomajor
---Type: Animaero
Physiology: Pidgeotto have a height of 3 - 5ft (0.9 – 1.55m), and length of 3.5 - 6ft (1.1 – 1.8m), they have a wing span of 8.9 – 10.2 ft (2.7 – 3.1m) and a weight of 66.11lbs (30.0kg). They have retained the toe configuration of their Pidgey form, however show characteristics more closely related to Falconiformes than Passerines. Their legs are longer and they can no longer walk easily on the ground, instead adopting a sideways lope.
With each moult as the Pidgey enters its Pidgeotto form its crest becomes longer and of a uniform shade of orange-red, its tail feathers become barred: orange-red and yellow, otherwise it retains the same markings and coloura
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Touko idly stared out of the Ferris wheel carrier's window.  Touya and Jessi, her companions were talking in the seat across from her.  Everything would've been perfect if not for the empty seat next to her.
Cheren and Bianca were on the carrier below them, and as they ascended to the top, Touya noticed something.  Someone was manifesting next to Touko in a green glow.  And Touko was in a daze and depression to even notice it.  A hand was beginning to appear on Touko's hand.  Touya's eyes widened.
"Jessi.  Hey Jessi." he hissed.  Jessi turned.
"Look."  Sure enough, when Jessi turned, she saw the manifestation becoming clearer.  Green hair was beginning to grow on the head.  A void cube appeared on its pants.  The hand began to look more alive…and fleshier.
"What the-?!" Jessi whispered anxiously.  She spotted the Void Cube, and smiled.
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A Hero's Welcome
Red never slowed down. With him it was always a race against the world, a triathlon against time. He had no reason to look behind him, he only faced ahead. He was anxious to see what adventures lay ahead of him, not bothering to think back to the people he left behind that didn't make a significant impact, the adventures he already had. He wanted to see more, learn more. He wanted to experience all that the world had to offer, to continue growing stronger. He wanted, no, needed to feel strength surge through his veins like blood. If not for him, then for his Pokémon. If not for them, then for his friends and family. They were important to him, and he wants them to see that he is important, that he is strong.
Because something Red never does is forget. He sometimes goes off track, but he never loses his way. He knows his mom worries for him. He knows that Professor Oak expects great things from him. He knows that Pallet Town was, and always will be, his home. His sanctuary, his saf
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