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My own handwrite, hope you enjoy
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Enjoy this blank vector t-shirt template set to mock up your own designs.

The front and the back view of a men's tee, a women's tee and a long sleeves tee in different colours are fully customizable and available in a vector format (EPS).

Click the download button, unzip and open in Illustrator, Corel...

Terms of use:
You can use it for commercial or non-commercial work. Don't resell or redistribute it without my permission.
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Hair tutorial for: :icondorothyrox101:

Hope it's useful :pray:

PS: that's my OC Sara XP

other tutorials:

kissing: [link]
eyes: [link]
hair: [link]
coloring traditional: [link]
how I draw: part 1 - [link] part 2 - [link] part 3 - [link]
coloring clothes: [link]
coloring skin: [link]
coloring hair: [link]
coloring eyes: [link]
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The three basic steps of one of my ink studies. I really enjoy this technique! First, a sketchy drawing, then the basic drawing with ink (not waterproof) and at last adding water.

You can see the scanned version also on

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Genre & Equipment: Traditional Painting - Watercolors and Ink.
If you have any questions, please use my "Frequently Asked Questions" for asking:…

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Ink faces studies by AuroraWienhold Ginny by AuroraWienhold Closer - Preview by AuroraWienhold

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A short tutorial on how to make the cloud pendant in English. All steps have been described in great detail, 60 pictures. There are helpful videos. PDF tutorial, 14 pages.

This is a simple lesson.
Working time - 4 hours.

For sale in my store on Etsy [link]
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A Tutorial i made based on my Valentine picture i did.
It covers the basics.

For lineart, it works best for tablet users, but coloring + editing
can be done with mouse as well.

If you're wondering what brushes, they are all hard round circle brushes that you can find as Default in Sai and Photoshop.

It does not matter which version of photoshop you use, since the filters used are the same as well as layer properties.

-I meant a max of 1PIXEL when gaussian blur, otherwise it falls apart unless its a HUGE canvas that requires that much blur, so do not fall for the mark where it says max!!-

Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop

Hope you find it somewhat useful > . < ; ;

Link to Final: [link]
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So no one really said that they were interested to see it, but then again, you can't really see much of it in the piece.

It's relatively minimal, considering just how much detail you can see in the show.
This is a genuine vector. If you download this, you will have to open it in Photoshop or some other program that supports PSD files.
Since it is a vector, you can make it any size you need, change the colors, and add or take out any details.

-Free to use- Please do not redistribute or sell this as it is. Make significant changes (more than just color changes or just adding a couple of shapes) and/or use it as a background to your own central-focused artwork.

Canterlot is from 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,' copyright Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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You can view a speed painting of this tutorial in the beginning of the Youtube Marker Speedpaint of this illustration. The watercolor wash background part of it goes from 0:00 to 0:53.

I've been wanting to do a tutorial for a while, so I thought I'd start with something simple. Before I color any of my illustrations with markers, I always do a watercolor wash on them. Not only do I love how watercolor backgrounds look, but working on top of a different color other than white with my markers always yields a beautiful effect.

I hope this is of some use to someone somewhere. :)
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. ^_^

Commission info:

Finished illustration:
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You can find the FULL DETAILED TUTORIAL here ^^:…

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More tutorials can be found here:…

Thank you :heart:,


-Tool:  All information about my tool, works, inspires, etc  can be found here please FAQ.Dear friends, please read before you have any questions about my tools, etc ... I am sure you will find your needed answers there. I am sorry but I won't re-answer same questions which already have in FAQ then. Many thanks for understanding :tighthug:.

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