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Vampire Slave I The Club
She could feel how wet she had become. Her body was begging her to give it release. She didn’t know how much more her torture she could take. Watching the beautiful man on stage dance and act like he was fucking a chair was horrible to the body. Her imagination just kept putting her into that seat. That he was fucking her, and not just air. She whimpered a bit and looked around at the rest of the room. They all seemed to be having the same problem.
The other ladies who had come to watch the show were all now transfixed and a few were fidgeting in their chairs trying to relieve the ache, they no doubt felt. She sighed helplessly and got up to leave. Only to have a hand put on her shoulder, and push her back into her chair roughly.
“You don’t want to leave.” A male voice whispered to her low and haughtily next to her ear. “Look at him, he’s watching you. You’re the one he wants. Only you.”
The voice kept her enthralled, made her believe that he was
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Death's Servant - Chapter 17
Chapter 17 - Almost over... or not ?
Hands stuffed in his pockets and his hood and mask still carefully covering his head and his face, Vicente Valtieri was wandering through the Cloud Ruler Temple, trying to divert his mind by contemplating the very particular architecture of the building. It was now Martin's turn to make sure the Oblivion Gate to Camoran's paradise was fed with enough magical force to remain open, and the vampire was feeling a bit at loose end.
After a while, Vicente finally arrived in the East wing of the Temple the one sheltering the library which appeared to by very busy. Some of the Blades had gathered here, as well as Countess Nirana Carvain and Captain Burd and a few of his guards, all talking quietly in a corner of the room. Scanning the rest of the library, Vicente quickly identified two well-known figures, sitting in the opposite corner. Smiling, the vampire walked toward Teinaava and Gogron.
The Argonian was reading, looking very conce
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Phan - Phil Is Not On Fire
Dan and Phil were kneeling on the floor, side by side, the camera in front of them as they finished filming for their question answer video. It was companionable, the pair sharing jokes that would never make the final cut but making them giggle all the same. Dan was looking at the camera, preparing to sum up, flicking his long brown hair out of his eyes.
"Well, that was the most fun I've ever ha- Argh" he squeaked as his best friend tackled him to the ground, their bodies pressed together as Phil wrapped his arms around his younger friend. They lay there for a moment, laughing, their chests heaving, faces inches from each other. Phil opened his eyes, not remembering having closed them, a smile drawn across his lips, as he looked down at the face of his closest friend.
Dan looked back up at him, eyes lidded as he tried not to show how excited he was to have his friend pressing down on top of him. An idea popped into his head, screaming to the forefront of his mind. He acted on it, not t
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After Hours - PHAN 8
I kept licking my lips, trying to savour the taste of Dan. He tasted of Autumn, secondhand lasagne and a hint of apple.
My eyes remained closed for what seemed like a million years after our lips seperated, trying to lock every detail, every movement, every flavour inside my mind.
When my eyes finally did break open, I cautiously looked up at Dan. He was staring back at me, eyelids covering half of his eyes in a sexy way. The sunlight was still keeping his bare body warm and it glowed around his head like a halo. I giggled to myself and looked down again.
"W--wow.." I whispered.
"What, Lion?" Daniel asked, pulling my delicate body into his toned, bare chest.
"I just.. Can't believe this is happening to me.." I trailed my hands over the bruises on him, trying to think how his 'parents' could do such a thing to such a terribly perfect boy.
Dan chuckled and then released me, pulling me over to a wall. He then used it to lean on and slide down to the ground, then crossed his legs. I joined
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Phan: Megan's Here For Dinner
Title: Megan's Here For Dinner
Pairing: Phan
Author: EmzSwigglez
Genre: Fluff :)
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: Megan's a bitch <3
Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Dan/Phil!
My stomach hurt from laughing so much. We'd been talking about boys, lazily slung over my blue and green bedsheets, when Megan had decided to start singing Friday for no reason. I love that girl.
Me and Megan had been best friends since dinosaurs walked the Earth. I told her everything, as did she with me. Megan was a beautiful girl, she had amazing blonde hair with a fringe (though desperately wanted to dye it red) and huge eyes that always got people's attention. We had everything in common, from music taste to bra size... (wait what?)
"Phiiiil!" Dan yelled from outside.
I looked over at Megan, who's eyes shot open and a smirk slid across her face. She was the only person that knew I was gay. Especially for Mr. Howell.
I had the hugest crush on Dan - Well, I say crush, but it's undoubtably love. The way his
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After Hours - PHAN 6
I think it was about afternoon when the questions began to resurface. Why was Dan here? Why was he spending his time talking to me? Why did he have those scars on his arm?
I watched Dan, spread lazily across a table in the canteen. We'd finished our meal and walked through to chill. There were about 12 tables spread out evenly, 2 tables being slightly larger than the rest - 1 was for the teachers, the other had slowly turned into the 'cool' table. Dan sat there at lunch.
Howell was lazing on a smaller table, breathing slowly, letting his eyelids droop and sag as he'd nap silently. He'd obviously tired through our all-nighter, but the questions were keeping me awake.
Feeling as if Dan needed his beauty sleep (not that he needed it), I grabbed a napkin, fished a pen out of my small, old backpack and wrote on it 'Will be in Art Room - 307! Love you, you sleeping twat'. Giggling to myself, I lightly penned some cat-whiskers onto his face aswell... Quite an improvement to his perfect little
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Phan - The First Kiss - part:1
Phil's POV
'He placed a soft kiss upon my lips, for a moment I didn't know how to respond, I'd been in love with him since I first met him, but I never imagined that he felt the same way about me. My heart pounded heavy in my chest, when he pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes. He was so beautiful, when he looked at me like this. I gave him a smile and placed a hungry kiss upon his soft lips, before pulling away again. I placed my forehead against his and whispered those three words "I love you". He smiled and whispered "me too" before he placed another kiss upon my lips.'
I didn't bother reading my fanfic through, so I just posted it. I'd been writing these stories for a long time now, but I'd always been hiding behind a fake account I made some years ago, everybody was convinced that I was a girl living in the north. But that was a lie, I wrote Phan about my best friend and myself, and even though I knew that it was wrong in many ways, I just couldn't help myself. I kept wis
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Phan - The First Kiss - part: 2
Dan's POV
After I'd taken a shower, put on some clothes and straightened out my hair, I walked out of the bathroom. I wanted to say goodbye to Phil before I headed out, Phil, my beautiful, best friend and flatmate. I stopped my thoughts there, cause if let my thoughts take me along I'd never stop thinking about him. I'd been in love with him for years; I realized that about a year ago. And after it hit me that I was in love with my best friend, my male best friend, I started dating again. I knew that Phil and I wouldn't be together, so I had to get on.
Phil wasn't in the living Room, so I figured that he was in his own room. I knocked his door, and when he didn't respond I opened it slowly and gave him a smile, which turned into a slightly chocked face. Phil was crying "What's wrong?" I said in a slightly painful voice, Phil couldn't cry, he mustn't cry! Quickly He wiped away the tears and sent me a smile, a smile that didn't reach his beautiful blue eyes, ice blue. "I'm just a little
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Phan: Happiness -Part8-
Dan's POV ---
"Phil!! You never told me you'd-"
"It was a surprise. So.. Yeah. I got them," Phil was smirking at me through Skype.
He'd told me to check the post and open his letter on webcam. Inside was a picture of Delia Smith, a shirt saying 'SHUT UP WOMAN GET ON MY HORSE' (if you don't get that reference... go and bury yourself in cat faeces) and tickets.
Train tickets.
Phil had bought me train tickets for tomorrow, tickets for Manchester.
I was finally going to meet Philip Lester - Face. To. Face.
It was an understatement to say I was excited.
Phil's POV ---
Dan's face made me feel all warm and fluffy inside. He was grinning ear to ear, eyes shining, voice going shaky with disbelief.
I'd never told Dan about this, but I'd been planning our day together since the day we'd first started Skyping eachother.
We were going to go to Starbucks, obviously. Then we'd head back to mine and I'd introduce him to my parents...
Though, first I had to tell Dan the bigger surprise...
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Phan: Happiness -Part12-
Dan's POV ---
I grabbed my bags clumsily, in a daze from knowing Phil was here. Right now.
Jumping off the train, I started to wonder how I'd introduce myself in person.
Hey!... No... Too average...
Maybe I can just fling some Placenta in his face and laugh at hi--
Wait, that was how I'd pay Alex Day back..
Shit, I was getting closer to him...
Phil's POV ---
Oh my god, he's walking up to me...
He's so close...
How can I introduce myself to him...
Dan's POV ---
Maybe I can...
Phil's POV ---
What if I...
Dan's POV ---
OK. I'll just be super cool and...
Phil's face seemed to light up.
We ran at eachother, flinging our arms out in a hug.
It felt normal to be in Phil's arms. Like I was safe, meant to be in his embrace.
Yeah, I could've been cooler... But I didn't want to be a dick.
Phil's POV ---
The way Dan said Hi really made me fall in love with the guy.
Screaming me name, making people stare... He's awesome.
After the long hug, we let go and just grinn
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Phan: Drawing In The Sand
The air was fresh, a taste of salt drifting in the chilly breeze as seagulls squeaked overhead, searching for food as they swarmed around the tanning people below, salty chips and melting ice-cream dropping to the soft sand as children screamed with excitement and parents watched with smiles, couples without children enjoying the loving relationship they had before settling down and beginning a family.
Closer to the blue of the sea, away from the colourful tents and wind-breakers, where the sand was browner, wet and firmer, two young men walked side by side, laughing as they spoke, arms gently brushing while they walked along the water's edge, admiring the surfer's in the cold sea as the bright sunshine beat down on them, practically blinding them.
The more pale of the two men smiled, bending down and drawing a lion's head in the firm sand, the words 'RAWR!' written beneath the spikes of its mane as the tanned male beside him smiled, bending down and drawing a llama in response, making
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After Hours - PHAN
"It'll be fun... what? Is wittle phillywilly scaaaawed!"
Alex, Charlie and PJ were laughing at me, poking at my stomach. Chris was nervously laughing behind them, obviously not too into the idea, but his head was so far up PJ's arse he'd agree with anything.
I gently tugged at my fringe, trying to redirect my embarrasment. "Phil." PJ finally got annoyed that I wasn't giving in, "You're gonna stay here or you just aren't cool enough for us... Right Chris?" PJ bit his lip after he said 'Chris', forcing the other man to answer with his penis--
"Yep, PJ. If he doesn't do it he's out, for good," Chris stumbled out, playing with his collar.
The guys, who I'd thought were my friends, had dared me to stay at school over the weekend. That is- in a cold, non-heated, huge building, with no company and locked in.
Obviously I didn't want to do any of this shit they wanted, but they were all I had. All I'd ever had...
(Play Group...)
"HEY. YOU!!" Tiny PJ had screamed in my ear, showing off a toothy
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Of Witches and Men. :iconbanshee-x:Banshee-X 16 2 More Like This
To the Boy Who Likes Poetry
He was a maze of metaphors
but she didn't mind
getting lost in him
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Hurt - Phan
"Hey Dan, wanna play sonic with me?" Phil asked sitting on the sofa, Dan sighed
" go ahead, I'll be in my room," Dan muttered. Dan hasn't been himself lately, school was bumming him out, he hadn't had a proper conversation with his family in weeks, his father never accepted the way Dan was, Dan was Bi and his father didn't like that. Dan didn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend but his dad still didn't like it. His dad could tell Dan liked Phil, wither if was best friends or more than friends his dad could tell, and he still didn't like it. Dan felt that his family was caring less and less with each day. His mum stopped calling, him and his brother never really got along all that great, his father practically hated him.
So he just gave up on trying to call them for a chat, he'd just sit in his room on his computer. Which is where he went now, Dan laid down on his bed, he couldn't explain exactly what he was feeling, Depressed? Stupid? Lame? Unloved? Confused? He didn't know, all h
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Last Testimony
"Enjoy life. I'll see you later."
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"The heart doesn't go there, silly."
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It was the year of 2027 and full prosthetic bodies were now at hand. Car companies began creating them in hopes of making more money and profit. Once there is much money and profit, there is crime such as burglary, theft, and even homicide. At this time there were two humans, Adam and Eve, who fought crime in the big city and practiced the old "Good Cop, Bad Cop" routine; Eve being the good cop as Adam being the bad cop. Adam was a man who had much pride in himself as for Eve was gentle and caring woman yet she can even be considered "bad cop" but only on rare occasions. It was no surprise that Adam and Eve were lovers since they knew each other's every move, every thought, and every scent when it came to more difficult missions. Yet there was one problem..a problem for Eve and it occurred a long time after the two went steady.
Eve was with Adam, drinking coffee, after they finished a very difficult mission.
Adam said, "I can't believe we did it! After all of that tracking and ugh, I t
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Dear Feliciano
Dear Italy, how long has it been? I've missed you so much, it really hurts sometimes, but I've waited this long.
I remember when I first met you in that tomato crate. You were so funny and helpless, barely able to get around on your own. I thought you were strange, but after I got to know you, I realized how perfect you are. Those smooth lips of yours, the perfect browness of your eyes if you'd ever open them. They make me the happiest man alive when I think about them.
Countless nights that I've been here, I've thought about you. What you were doing, what you smelled like, what you cooked for dinner that night. I smiled in spite of myself when I thought about the pasta you'd make for me. I really love everything that you do for me.
Italy, what I'm trying to say to you is that I love you. I've loved you since the 900's when I met you when I was Holy Roman Empire. I kissed you once, then I left and completely lost my memories --- of you. I didn't know you, so I never came back, that's w
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Found Poetry: Do not think :icondgi-markosias:DGI-Markosias 18 10 More Like This
Sometimes I Lose Things
Sometimes I lose things.
Sometimes it's little things.
Things like my ipod or my keys.
Bobby pins and chapsticks often evanesce without warning or cause.
Sometimes I lose bigger things.
Things like my favorite sweater or my school bag.
Things like the reason I came into a room,
Or the memories of what I had for breakfast that morning.
Sometimes I lose my train of thought, or the point I was trying to make or an idea.
Sometimes I lose arguments.
Sometimes I lose friends.
I like to think all the things I lose go to the same place.
A plain white place full of hair ties and dollar store bracelets,
And I like to think they all wait there, patiently.
Wait there to be found.
One day I lost my passion.
It floated away like a helium balloon drifting toward the sun.
But I couldn't let it go.
I chased it into the sky,
Past the moon and the stars and the milky-way,
I followed it into the white place,
I faced a sea of bobby pins and hair ties and chap-sticks.
I faced all those lost arguments and id
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Borrowed Omniscience
"Is she the one?"
"... Heaven knows."
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A Late Night
Vash could see his home up the long drive. It was a bright night; moonlight lit the open yard and surrounding fields. The ground floor had most of the lights on; the other two floors were dark. He could tell the television was on in his living room but the room lights were off. Lili must be waiting for him.
Ever since Vash found his sister, Lili during World War II they have stayed together. Both possess the same short blond hair and emerald green eyes. Vash was raised harder and has a short temper, where as Lili is calm and sweet.
Lili had told Vash before he left home that the Latvian boy was coming over later that evening. Vash wanting to be nice to his sister said it was fine as long as he left at nine. Vash looked at his wristwatch; it was now close to one. He walked up the path to his home; everything was quite inside except for the muffled sound of a telelvision. Vash pulled out his key and entered, there was a pair of boots by the door that were too small for himself and too bi
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Phan - Rooftops
"What do you think'll happen to us, in the future?" Dan asks.
I look up at the darkened skies above Manchester. It seems every star is out tonight. "I don't know," I say. "Who knows, maybe we'll get married and have kids."
Dan laughs. "Phil I don't think that's physically-"
"I know! We can adopt, you know that." I nudge his arm slightly. Looking at him, I notice the way the shining stars bring out his stunning brown eyes.
We sit on the roof of our house. We upgraded from our flat about six months ago, purposely choosing a house which was isolated and had roof access.
"Who'd have thought," Dan says almost to himself, "we would end up like this."
"The fans?" I joke.
Dan laughs again, this time not at my expense. "Yeah, they are kinky."
I move closer to him so that we are touching, and we lock hands. I lean my head on his shouder and that's the way we sit for a while.
"See those stars up there?" Dan whispers.
"They're the great kings of the past staring down at us."
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