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Worbla's Finest Art Tutorial I

Thu Sep 13, 2012, 12:00 PM
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Hello and welcome to my second tutorial. I made this one especially for Thomas today.

Here are some pictures on "How to use Worbla's"


But first: What is Worbla's?

Worbla's Finest Art is a thermoplastic that's ultra cosplayer-friendly. It cuts easily with a knife or a pair of scissors. Then simply heat it up with steam, hot water or hot air (90C), and it'll become mouldable. Once it's cooled down it goes hard again.

Worbla's works with spray paints and acrylics very well. There is glue on the shiny side, so multiple layers can be added when it's hot. And because it's only about 1mm thick, it's very good for creating details.

Don't throw away any leftovers! They can be heated up and then rolled together, then you can use it like putty.

◊◊◊ copied by coscraft ◊◊◊

you can buy it here:
my costume


Here you can see how I made the medals for my Lady Loki cosplay step by step.


What do you need:
- pencil, scissors or a knife and maybe paper
- worbla's
- head dryer
- acrylic paint/ spray
- sandpaper and spackle
- basic model

How does it work, step by step:


Keep your materials and basic models ready. Here you can see the light brown Worbla's and the basic forms.


Draw a shape or the outline of your basic model.


you're done? then cut it out - wohooo. (You can cut it easily with a knife or a pair of scissors.)
just a hint: Collect all residues. You can use it later for another project!


Time for the magic weapon: the ultimate heat pistol!
Heat your Worbla's, it gets soft and pliable.

my second hint: it is TOO hot when your worbla's is brighter/white and rough.


Put your Worbla's on your basic model or bend it freehand.
Now you have to wait for it to get cold and solid again.


You should heat all your pieces and bend them into your desired form in one go. This is easier and saves you a lot of time.


You don't need to do this step, but you can use some spackle to make your worbla's smoother.

STEP 7 a

If you use spackle, you can grind it down to smoothness with sandpaper.

STEP 7 b

This picture doesn't show it that well, but you can make out what I mean.
Your goal: make it smooth smooth smooth, like a baby bottom. ^.~


Are you done with the previous step? Now you can use all acrylic paint and spray it as you need. Let them dry very well.
For special effects you can use a second paint to draw on it after the first dried through.


Wear it on a convention and be the proudest cosplay in this world ♡

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A while back I encountered the bug where the Spectral Assassin is missing the ghost effect when you summon him. I thought I'd take some screenshots so that everyone can have a better look at what Lucien looks like in Skyrim. ;)

I didn't spend too much time trying to capture cool poses or get great shots. But maybe later when I'm feeling more creative I can take some nicer screenshots. Anyway, click on them to get the full size.





Just for fun, I tried removing Lucien's hood using the console.

AND YESSSSS THEY GOT HIS HAIR RIGHT :heart: :love: :woohoo: :boogie: :hooray:







Th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!
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Great Portfolio is greater than College Degree.

Of Course, I’m not exposed to every school in the world but from my general knowledge, personal experience and some basic logic: School is way too expensive to attend, especially if it takes you years later to get a decent job after graduation.

Here are three reasons why I’m not happy with most, not all, colleges in america. Especially for artists.

Reason 1
IT COSTS WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! I hear now that some art schools are charging $30,000 a year, for three years. That’s $90,000 of debt. Most professionals in my field of concept art don’t make that in a yearly salary. It’s more expensive than some medical schools and that’s becoming a doctor of some sort. So why is it so expensive? Doesn't matter, it just is.

Think about it this way. You are about to invest almost a tenth of a million dollars for the promise of being a capable person in the industry. But by the end, all you get is a piece of paper and a pat on the back. GOOD LUCK! That sounds like more of a gamble than an investment. It’s like playing black jack and betting big. Except the dealer always gets 21, and you got to hope to get 21 just to leave with what you came with.

Reason 2
A degree doesn't mean you are a good at what you do. All it means is that you ‘PASSED’ and need a representation of that. Remember, most degrees don’t have any piece of evidence representing your actual ability. It just confirms you graduated. Because even if you struggled for that high GPA, your classmates, the ones who played minecraft all day, ended up with the same degree. So what does it come down to in the end? YOUR ACTUAL ABILITIES! Your portfolio won’t fool anyone. If you are good, you are good, if you are bad you are bad. It’s clear from the work you show people. They can LITERALLY see if you are a good fit or not. Diplomas don’t do that. Barely getting by does not cut it, good hard work always does.

Another perspective to consider is this: Imagine you are at work and you pass off some ‘C+’ quality of work. One might think, "Well hey I got away with that in school I’m sure my work will do the same." Nope. They tell you to do it again, and figure it out, and if you keep this up. You'll get fired. There are no weighted averages in professional work, there is either good work, or bad work. Of course you are allowed to slip up here and there, but within reason. The quality of your work shouldn't diminish, more like you need a bit more time, or you misinterpreted the assignment.

Reason 3
There are very few GOOD Teachers that actually know what they are teaching. I have had maybe five teachers I could name off the top of my head who had influenced me when I went to college. And one of them told me to drop out because I was wasting my time at the school. I loved that guy. The point being that some of the professionals at these schools actually are recycled students. They have come back into the education system and are ultimately teaching new students the very same skills that never resulted in employment for them, rather than emergent and dynamic skills that are actually useful. This is not inspiring. I even had a teacher tell me to stop drawing and pay attention in my compositing class. I told him politely that I wanted to draw to get better at concept art, and I had no interest in compositing. He got irritated and demanded me to stop. This was at an ART SCHOOL.

Imagine it like this. You go to a school of martial arts, and all the instructors have never fought a day in their life, and have never even sparred. But all the while, they are preaching that their techniques will save your life. Come to find out, that they actually learned there "skills" from “Martial Arts for Dummies.” The same book you could obtain for $5.

Closing thoughts
I’m not opposed to the idea of college. In fact I believe it should be more accessible to people, but it must connect you with ACTUAL PROFESSIONALS! People who are working in your field. There should be more open mentor-ships and internships and closer relationship between the teacher, and the student.

The internet is already there with online education which is more affordable. People can spend hundreds of dollars on their education these days, some education is even totally free from some of the biggest names in the industry.

I can tell you from experience, no one has ever asked me for my college degree and education. It’s always been portfolio/resume. Am I capable? Yes. Have I worked before? Yes. That’s it. I know this is true for many industry professionals.

College isn't entirely bad. You can meet life long friends, network and exposure. All of which are wonderful things, but ask yourself is it worth $100,000. For me it’s not. If you are on the fence about going to college I can tell you a few that are worth going to. A FEW. But if you can avoid it, I’d say you should.

On the other hand, If college is free for you and you've got the time, ignore everything I just said.

Good Luck,
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Morrowind Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2012, 1:30 AM
Morrowind dock icon by kassit

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is my favourite game of all time, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I've been planning for awhile to put together a game-inspired feature; unfortunately, it is very hard to find genuine fan art since most Morrowind-related deviations on dA are game screenshots (or manipulations thereof), and I found only a limited number of devs I could use.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Morrowind is an open-ended first-person RPG with an expansive and detailed world, released in 2002. The central plot concerns the deity Dagoth Ur, housed within the volcanic Red Mountain, who seeks to gain power and break Morrowind free from Imperial reign. In addition to the extensive main quest, there are detailed discursive quests for a variety of factions, including various guilds, religious organizations, and aristocratic houses.

Plot Related

Lord Voryn Dagoth had been a good friend of Lord Indoril Nerevar, but they turned against each other in the Battle of the Red Mountain, and House Dagoth was crushed and scattered. However, Dagoth re-awakened later and set up base in the crater citadels of Red Mountain, spreading his influence and seeking to cast down the current deities and eventually conquer all Tamriel. The central storyline of Morrowind revolves around the reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar, referred to as "The Nerevarine", who has been prophesied to oppose and defeat the malevolent Dagoth Ur and his followers, encompassed in a faction named "The Sixth House".

Main Story

Vvardenfell at peril by Swietopelk 1st Council by RisingMonster Lord Nerevar and Voryn Dagoth by Theophilia Morrowind: Dunmer Prisoner by x-AnEternalDeath-x Morrowind: Sixth House Dream by Sanguithar Dream Sequence - Sort Of by Hreztil Second Dream Sequence by Hreztil Many Fall, But One Remains by Theophilia :thumb333563666: Heart of Lorkhan by HestorNestor Uupse Fyr and Yagrum Bagarn by HestorNestor Yagrum Bagarn by The-Great-Shiniku Divayth Fyr by yoult Corprus upgrade by Righon Saying Goodbye by Tenshi-Inverse Nerevarine in Kogoruhn by Rastrelly Cavern of the Incarnate by Raniana Vivec by 1ndajone5 Path of the Nerevarine by Aznaddran Lord Kagrenac by TheMinttu Kagrenac's Tools by Derenge :thumb79604820: Battle of Gods by KronossLiandri TES - Disrupted Pace by Izz-noxfox :thumb79743580:

Nerevar and Nerevarine

The Nerevarine by TheMinttu Nerevar Indoril by RisingMonster Portrait of Nerevar by WilliamWeird Moon and Star by Juame Nerevarine by IcedWingsArt - Nerevar Indoril: outfit - by Ardariel TES: Nerevarine born and coming by Ti-R Nerevarine by Hreztil Red Mountain - Coloured by Hreztil

Voryn Dagoth

Sharmat by greedofan The Tribunal Will Fall Down by GothaWolf Dagoth Ur by Tsinji :thumb283160625: Dagoth Ur by curtsibling Lord Dagoth by DarianKite :thumb101630109: Praise Dagoth Ur by LandscapeRunner My Pecioussssss by GothaWolf Voryn Dagoth the Sharmat by RisingMonster :thumb86386126:

Nerevar x Dagoth

Friendship for life by greedofan Boo. by greedofan Moments that makes life great by greedofan Evening Star by greedofan Nerevar and Dagoth Ur II by TheFatalImpact Lord Dagoth and Lord Indoril by DarianKite Studying hard by greedofan Savior of the Dreaming Dead by Clockwork-Gears

Tribunal Gods and Daedra

Daily Drawing 40 by Fuelreaver ALMSIVI by GothaWolf ALMSIVI by Sanguithar :thumb300167557: The world's teeth by nadmoremtumana Lord Vivec by LordArkey Vivec by LordArkey Lord Vivec by RisingMonster - Beauty and the beasT - by mornmeril Morrowind by Draagonfly Who did you call GOOD deadra? by Abadir :thumb333894287: Never meant to belong by RisingMonster In the past by asunochka AlmSiVi blessings pic.2 by 000-Grey Azura Moon and Star by Righon Azura: Dawn and Dusk by TheMinttu :thumb73489789: Azura by GaspardART Mephala by Brand09 The Head of Boethiah by theOlven

Sixth House

Dagoth and Friends by Doomed-Dreamer Dagoth Shrine by dinmenel The Sixth House by J-Humphries TES - Ash zombie by Izz-noxfox :thumb121777200: Ash Ghoul by ValaSedai Ash ghoul by LeKsoTiger Ash ghoul by Orwan-Hull 2 by Shagan-fury Ascended Sleeper by IrisErelar Ascended Sleeper by DSiwek TES - Sleeper Wakes by calicogoat Ascended Sleeper by chrisbeaver Ash Vampire by Celestial-Polydegmon Ash Vampire by Walkingpalmtree Corprus Stalker by TheMinttu Haus Dagoth (Ancient One) by PriestMorokei The Sixth House by AmbrMerlinus


Seven prophecies by Ketzall Free as wind in Ashland by Ketzall Ashland by asunochka Hunter by greedofan Ashlander Camp by croicroga Native and his three wives by kungfubellydancer Ashlander by M-JulZ

Game Related

Fan art of different characters and OCs, scenes, battles, side quests.

Events, Scenes

Julan and the Clannfears by plangkye The Fall of Ald'ruhn by WilliamWeird TES - Sighting Port Telvanni by Izz-noxfox .Bad News. by sewreel Wanderer by Anastasia-N Welcome to Vvardenfell by Demi-urgic Sebyth's Fall of Ald'Ruhn by Sebyth Farewell, Ruhn by greedofan Malacath's Halloween by Percavius Berne Deception by Hieronymus7Z We are watching you, scum by DeepWoodian Da Valen's Gang by Rastrelly The gondolier by Lelek1980 Morrowind by Brogis There is no escape by Nordic-Dragon arganianin by 400004 Morrowind Still Life by JEMdark Jiub on his way to Sainthood by TheShieldofOak Ordinator by ArenSH :thumb159568896: balmora cut - couple and by Saito00 Morrowind by ladyofparanoia Dunmer in the Ashlands by Demi-urgic Ascadian Isles by hyperionwitch :thumb254340561: Morrowind: Ienith brothers by RisingMonster Anhaedra hates his life by TheMinttu Harvalic by Percavius Dunmer maiden in glass by Righon Khajiit's-dealers by HeloiseTheSiamese Vivec by hyperionwitch Twilight in Gnisis by LeKsoTiger :thumb311529915: Almsivi Sees All by Demi-urgic Crosier of st. Llothis by Ljuton St. Rilms by Ljuton Exorcist Morag Tong by KoTnoneKoT From Balmora... by Cerviero Got Skooma? by PaperandDust TES III: Asura Shores wip by atananuk Netch Plantation by TheMinttu Good deeds are punishable, the stranger by CKyHC Pilgrim_01 by Zdhifgjzhgu Morrowind by CKyHC The Ashlands Caravan by 000-Grey Cute little scrib by Einoin

Characters, Races

An argonian of Morrowind by DeerDandy :thumb263006334: Morrowind: Dunmer by thnts45 A young dunmer metis by HestorNestor  TES Aneleven WIP 2 by Velena-Gorosama Aryon .2 by 000-Grey Charm me Tevanni by Juame Morrowind: telvanni finished by atananuk Telvanni wizard by kissyushka Elf and a tree-fungus in color by Yamber Khajit by FuryOn1989 Morrowind Dude by ricey Khajiit of the Twin Lamps by lamarble Contemplation by Luthrai Kinsman of Hlaalu by Asraniel Jess and Goopy the guar by vampire-chicken Yuhha in Morrowind by Milulya Yuhha and broiler guar XD by Milulya jorney by dariiy Morrowind: Ashlands by Ti-R Unarmoured Dunmer with Spear by Sebyth Seyda Neen Sunset by KeksWolf Archmagistress by plangkye Tribunal Temple Disciple by AzakaChi-RD-17 Speedpaint: Ein by ArcaneChild Skooma by ket-golosov In Ashland by Eldanaro St. Jiub by Ketzall Ald'ruhn ash-storm by dariiy Ashlander Warrior by Brogis Ash yam by Mielipuolukka Swamp Sentinel by a-iccara Ashlanders dream by Ketzall Back to Aldruhn by Ketzall Look what I've found by Faasnu Museful Ashlander by HeavyMouse Lina in Morrowind by LikaLaruku :thumb174615552: Rufus for DarthBartus by Shagan-fury First Look by Hreztil Dagoth Gilvoth in his study by 000-Grey Swamps of Vvardenfell by SanguineDragon Boiled Netch Leather by Nordic-Dragon La' Zire - Morrowind by OblivionOverture


Kiss at Tel Vos by plangkye Caught in the Rain by hyperionwitch Unexpected by kungfubellydancer Growing Affections by Racheru - Dawn in Veloti mountains - by Ardariel Vivec and Maskerade by Lucie-P :thumb317545948: Morrowind-slavery delivery by jmynstyx Aeronwen and Voryn by Lady-MorningStar Our Night by Jeevana White_dame by Ljuton On Morrowind: Sleepers Awake by Doberlady That night, by the fire... by Hijiklomo


Morrowind: Family Portrait by Ti-R All truth about Sleepers by IrisErelar Morrowind days by SnowSkadi Dwemeres Disappearing by GothaWolf That's No Dragon by MasterGothren Morrowind FunFact Bull Netch by DrRiptide Azura's visit by asunochka TES - Fit for the role by Izz-noxfox I'm Creeping by sunshineley Best morrowind NPC ever by Jazon19 Looks Like Dinner by Atlur My Little Azura by Shark-Elder :thumb109925620:


The events take place on Vvardenfell, an island in the Dunmer province of Morrowind. The game environment is large and richly detailed, with real-time weather effects, day and night cycle, and a great variety of plant and animal life.

West Gash, Bitter Coast, Ascadian Isles

The Netch Bridge by IrisErelar :thumb300146727: Ascadian Isles by ValaSedai Morrowind..ish. by s0fus-snk Bitter Coast by TheMinttu morrowind by Milulya Morrowind Scape by Dremorax Somewhere in Ascadian Isles by Jorsoran In Morrowind by Jorsoran Path in the Hills by MKelland Morrowind - Ancestral Tomb by Arikhana :thumb328117192: Koal Cave by ValaSedai environment 01 by Ardariel Morrowind Style LandScape by coleruto Bitter Coast by yoplatz Ash Swamp by Tamriel-Rebuilt A View of Morrowind by mangoandpeaches

Grazelands, Azura's Coast, Sheogorad

Morrowind 1 by pietruszkowykr00lik Azura by dinmenel Sunset in Morrowind by Psyjick Morrowind landscape by Eldanaro :thumb340858548: At the Sanctus Shrine by ValaSedai Grazelands Caravan by TheMinttu Shepherd's Watch by THODRAGONFIRE An ancient ruins by Lelek1980 Dunmeri Temple by I-Worm

Ashlands, Molag Amur, Red Mountain

Trouble on the Winds by Demi-urgic Beyond the Ghostfence by Lelek1980 The Red mountain by LeKsoTiger Red Mountain by Skullbastard Red Mountain by Lelek1980 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind by vopoha Bal Isra by dinmenel Molag Amur by dinmenel :thumb347547889: Foyada Mamaea by fifi-la-fumeuse Molag Amur by hyperionwitch Morning in the Ashlands by Dremorax Ghostgate by Shagan-fury Cave - Enterance by Blervakh Somewhere in Vvardenfell by kitendawili Moons over Ashlands by isibis7 Ash Sands by 000-Grey Into the Ashlands by CapraScriba Dwemer ruins by Jorsoran Morrowind: Daedric Ruins at Sunset by MadEvilLydia Peace Over Red Mountan by Kiarushka


Towns, villages, cities of Vvardenfell. The developers, rather than choosing the common Medieval European setting of fantasy games, took elements from Egyptian, early Japanese, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Vivec City

Vivec sunset by Swietopelk Vivec street by Shagan-fury In Vivek by Jorsoran A view to the Palace of Vivec. by I-Worm Vivec by jupotter :thumb287613553: Ordinator by Kygetsu Law and Order by TheMinttu we're watching you, scum by Chilkat  Ordinator speedy by Parkhurst Morrowind Fan Art - Ordinator by DADDY-Z3RO

Hlaalu Towns

Ascadian Isles by SnowSkadi Morrowind. Suran on lake Masobi. by VorinEpo Morrowind Balmora v1_wip? by Saito00 Camonna Tong by Lelek1980 Night Suran by Lelek1980 :thumb306872210: Balmora Morrowind by DoppelGanger1332 Hlaalu Councilhouse Speedpaint by hyperionwitch WIP Egypt City - middle-class district by Dhattura A Quiet Night in Suran by TheMinttu Morrowind by WH2007 Hlaalu Warrior by Shabazik

Redoran Towns

Morrowind by Demi-urgic Ald'ruhn. Silt strider port by Lelek1980 Welcome Pilgrim by Ahmad-Shah-Masud Lights of Ald Ruhn by Ahmad-Shah-Masud Ald'ruhn by Lelek1980 :thumb336524364: Redoran Guard- Morrowind by DakotaCatagnus View to Ald'ruhn's Silt Strider port by RebornOnMars :thumb291340379: :thumb212649430: :thumb299606327:

Imperial Towns

:thumb281781681: :thumb149533761: :thumb28418798: :thumb74430977:


:thumb254423820: :thumb263271516: :thumb169072312: :thumb304743746: :thumb199672135: :thumb113074747: :thumb297403383: :thumb336523520: :thumb171650710: :thumb179643044: :thumb181522196: :thumb318382861: :thumb208167544: :thumb107331769: :thumb315119605: :thumb317582139:

Flora and Fauna

Animals, plants, monsters of Vvardenfell


:thumb116198175: :thumb123972776: :thumb171014692: :thumb158374175: :thumb35716179: :thumb118978546: :thumb115419535: :thumb260965682: :thumb158599749: :thumb101790543: :thumb334484534: :thumb307776196: :thumb121447734: :thumb215775675: :thumb269550224: :thumb115086538: :thumb127487897: :thumb160062955: :thumb299076582: :thumb299076849: :thumb46921089: :thumb82067628: :thumb292587021: :thumb318771861: :thumb263294025:


:thumb300157784: :thumb285755232: :thumb216947577: :thumb262257109: :thumb139474292:


:thumb110119038: :thumb80108876: :thumb44071731: :thumb191085332: :thumb183805235: :thumb325895424: :thumb257388868: :thumb256697899: :thumb261844962: :thumb126255853:

Other Fan Art

Stories, stamps, artisan crafts. For chaptered fan fiction, I included only the first chapter (or prologue), but I suggest to check out the rest of the story too.

Fan Fiction

:thumb112246312: :thumb107136912: :thumb272289966: :thumb212664376: :thumb156337083: :thumb285067557: :thumb125115589: :thumb71408062: :thumb39589557: :thumb280817157: :thumb103386613: :thumb202439209: :thumb161560417: :thumb123663409:

Fan Fiction - Mature Content

:thumb127391466: :thumb144495898: :thumb141437749: :thumb200394654:


:thumb326744889: :thumb90259105: :thumb172136533: :thumb89921009:

Artisan Crafts

:thumb279016946: :thumb307524908: :thumb307525105: :thumb274963138: :thumb215423908: :thumb340807808: :thumb296673733: :thumb274771204: :thumb301255715: :thumb316250366: :thumb283657531: :thumb290318472: :thumb173045939: :thumb287786307: :thumb199754751: :thumb284315874: :thumb36805779: :thumb277200900: :thumb136801675: :thumb286643745: :thumb346122506: :thumb303117199: :thumb174933642: :thumb209320640: :thumb321190828: :thumb325385887: :thumb203182928:

If you liked the feature, please favourite the article to bring more attention to it. For more Morrowind fan art, you can check Elder Scrolls related groups, or visit the galleries of the artists featured above.

You can check out my Oblivion feature here.

Enjoy and take care.

An Elder Scrolls Morrowind feature - fan art only, no screenshots. If there's more great art you think I should include, please send me a note and I will add it to the article.

First version 25 March 2012, last updated 10 January 2013.

Journal skin by ~Hadeki - you can get it here.
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Whatya think? :D
Questions and comments and such are welcomed!

We are over 50 members and 60 watchers :party:
(sudden awareness I wrote "watcher" instead of "member" in comic)
Please join and whatnot!

Avatar size: 50px x 100 px
Format: jpg/jpeg ; png ; gif

The winning artist who will be entitled "The first Thane" will also receive a huscarl drawn by the very talented :iconrskrakau: !! :D

Founder, Magithelion
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Cosplay Friday: Batman's Villains

Fri Dec 5, 2014, 6:33 PM
The Joker by LeanAndJess

Welcome to Batman’s Rogue Gallery of Villains

Chaotic, corrupt, and crazy criminals—the dark side of Gotham is all that and so much more.

These iconic villains have inspired people around the world to give in to their darkest desires and join the ranks of the cosplay elite. From warped clown faces and  poisoned lips, to jewel thieving catsuits and a two faced liar, see the best of the worst put on a mask to reveal the darker side of the human condition.

Who would have thought that being so deliciously bad could look so incredibly good?

Chaotic, corrupt, and crazy criminals - the dark side of Gotham is all that and so much more.

These iconic villains have inspired people around the world to give in to their darkest desires and join the ranks of the cosplay elite. From warped clown faces and  poisoned lips, to jewel thieving catsuits and a two faced liar, see the best of the worst put on a mask to reveal the darker side of the human condition. Who would have thought that being so deliciously bad could look so incredibly good?

Author: spotted 


For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at

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Procrastination is an infinite cycle that becomes bigger and bigger the longer it's there and the time wasted being sucked into it is a dark matter of nothing.
:P hahah I figured this was the most dramatic way to put it, but yeah, it's real and it sucks.

For those who don't know what it means: Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before the deadline.

We all suffer from procrastination. It is pretty innocent when you have it with household chores or packing your suitcase before you go on a holiday. 
But it becomes a serious problem when you do it with the important things in your life. I take it you're an artist if you're reading this and the biggest aim of being an artist is to be an even better one.
As shown in previous journals there are many things you need to study and train before you get to a professional level. Having a case of serious procrastination will really slow down your chances with that.
Having to deal with procrastination basically means you have a lack of self discipline. You need to become your own drill-sergeant!  (One that does allow free weekends and trips to the beach.)

This is the only way to beat procrastination:

:bulletblue: Stop making excuses and start working. Basta!

:bulletblue: Accept that the real results of your hard work is only seen in the future. It's like going to the gym, the first few sessions will show no difference in your body, but after some months or years of consistent hard training you see your body sculpt into something great and you will feel confident and good. Training yourself in art is exactly the same.

:bulletblue: Make a schedule to create structure. With that create milestones for yourself where you give yourself a reward for making it. We all need rewards/victory's along the way because the biggest encouragement to keep us going. Rewards/victory's can be things like: allowing yourself to buy you a treat or to make  a point system for yourself as if it's a game. Seeing yourself level up in statistics feels good :)
(This is not for everyone. Not everyone work well with a schedule when they have a problem with pressure, the next point will help you though.)

:bulletblue: Break things up in small parts. Instead of wanting to achieve something big you have to make sub-goals to check off first. It's always good to have big plans and dreams, but you got to learn how to play "Mary had a little lamb" before going to Beethoven's 5th symphony. Some examples of setting smaller, faster achievable goals to keep it fun:
:bulletorange: Learn how to use the lasso tool (out of something big like: become adequate in Photoshop.) 
:bulletorange: Learn how to draw/paint cylinders in different angles and light situations (out of something big like: painting fingers-hands-limps etc) 
:bulletorange: Learn how to break down a study in 3 values: black, white and grey (out of something big like: full black and white or full color.)
These small steps are different per person, but they are good steps towards a great goal. Jumping right into the big thing with high expectations can serve disappointing. discouraging and sometimes blind from seeing the small mistakes.   

:bulletblue: Give yourself the space and time to be creative. It's all about the process of making things and not the end result. Don't be afraid or ashamed of the result. Your next one will be better!

How to tell pressured guilt and procrastination apart.
Sometimes we get this incredible guilt when doing something other than painting. A little voice pops up in your head telling you that you're wasting time and should be working on your future/skills.
You might feel like you are being procrastination while you really are just taking a break. You need breaks from doing your craft to develop some inspiration and widening your visual library.
If you spend most of your time on art you are not procrastinating. You might be procrastinating on specific topics though. Some people only paint character while they also want/need to be better at other things like environments or creatures. Step out of your comfort zone often enough to keep the balance on challenge and pleasure. 

Here is a chance to appreciate all sort of art forms in all sorts of skill levels. They all have a story, and emotion and a meaningful thing for the creator. Look at them and remember where you once were or see where you might be going for next. No art is bad art. Art is just art. 

An Unnatural Abomination by lou2209Castle of Glass - Contest Entry by live2drummtree castle by denahelmiForest guard by JuliaNemoOldMates by ArtKoshLionGuyIDon'tKnow by AlbaFImperial Force Commander Anna - Frozen by Shizuru1412Hydra by GreyRadianCaramel by SC-NRInsane by SamGorsuchHorse monster by VirtuxaCoyote by AvondroodSpace Traveller Concept by hawthorneartsThe Exquisite Corpse by Fiction69First Sight by byAllexThe Mage by Rozen-ClowdLion Dance by CatCouch[P-N | ARC I] by ShaeDuriiTomb Raider by oO-Monkey-OoWIP - Like a knife  (II) by Observer14Collage Inspired By Basquiat by IneiaSenna and Mr. Siff by MahoHakuReinvention [Apr 25 14] by scarletfameDonatello TMNT by NakadaiShimadaCUTS Room REMAKE ((NOT FREE)) by ClockworkOfCUTSHolding on to memories by Whispering-forestsAce of Storms by chromaTinkerTotem thingie by kadomaruWith You At My Side by c-compilerGirl in the moon by PhantagrafieGreen City by llamllamKing of kings redo by KieranMorrisNew Age Warrior by oshirockinghamGrifter by dwaynebiddixartGhostly Owl by ElMartenAvengers Assemble pencils=me, colors=Luis Guerrero by figHeaven's Got a Place for You by fangCassandra by aelitacode59656Solitude by BernuvielCommission Jennifer Aniston by stargazerlily8DChallenge Piece 5 - Moonlit by calbhachEXTERMINATE! by BrainfruitOC- No rules for fight by AremisSMogena Ritxal by Lord-MorgaphusNach dem Tod by ArsFatalisSea serpent by metal-beakCommission: Dark Elemental by ThePurpleSorcerersay your wish... by konrei-sama

More journals for artists and creatives :D (Big Grin)
The 5 bullshit myths of concept art.Concept art is getting bigger and bigger. More people know what it is nowadays, it gets shown in the media more often and more books get released. This automatically results into more people wanting to become concept artists. So many artschools are now creating special courses all towards game art or concept art. (Game art can also include UI design, 3D modeling etc.).
Yet it is a fairly new thing to most people and the idea of "becoming a concept artist" has grown rapidly over such a short time that a lot of people who are new to it seem to get a lot of misguide info. I am going to try to list this misguided info and direct you to the correct info.
(Again I would always advise you to do your own research and form your own knowledge and not just simply agree with what you read online, not from anyone, not from me. Even though i'm right ;) .. ofcourse. :P *wink *wink )
  Are you on the right track? + Fuck Talent!Am I on the right track?
This is a thing people often wonder and think it's a complicated to find out, but it is actually pretty simple. It's a different question you need to ask yourself based on different topics.
As for: Fuck talent! You'll find it if you scroll down :P
:bulletblue: Topic 1: Am I on the right track to becoming a better artist?
Does your work from today, look closer to your initial goal than your work from last week? (this needs to be both in skill and idea.)
:bulletgreen: Good skills: Honing your technique, training you muscle memory, being more knowledgeable about your tools and art rules. With art rules I mean: Perspective, form, light, texture, composition.
:bulletgreen: Good ideas: Storytelling, characteristics, charm, emotion and design. Not just making things look polished but also convey something more, something that brings it to life and speaks to pe
How to win Art-contests! (+ Caldyra winners!)Let me start by saying how incredibly happy I am with all these amazing and inspiring entries! This definitely calls for doing another such contest soon!
Most of you have really tried their best and it shows! I couldn't have asked for better or more, choosing the winners among these was already aching my brains.
This journal will show the winners and the special mentions but also a bit about how to higher your changes on winning contests (maybe good for the next one).
This was my contest for those interested:

How to win contests?!
The change on winning a contest always gets smaller based on the amount of people joining in, however this doesn't mean that your work will be diminished by the numbers.
Here is a list of tips and tricks to make sure that your work gets into the top 10 !
:bulletblue: Triple read the contest's description. Make sure you got every detail right.
In this case it was pretty important that the Skyworm loo
A big black hole called: Procrastination.Procrastination is an infinite cycle that becomes bigger and bigger the longer it's there and the time wasted being sucked into it is a dark matter of nothing.
:P hahah I figured this was the most dramatic way to put it, but yeah, it's real and it sucks.
For those who don't know what it means: Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before the deadline.
We all suffer from procrastination. It is pretty innocent when you have it with household chores or packing your suitcase before you go on a holiday. 
But it becomes a serious problem when you do it with the important things in your life. I take it you're an artist if you're reading this and the biggest aim of being an artist is to be an even better one.
As shown in previous journals there are many
What do do as an artist in training.There are many ways to Rome they say. But I find most aspiring artists lost and asking me for guidance
and this is what I tell them.
Find out for yourself what you really want to do with art, there are so many different professions.
Graphic designer, Concept artist (mobile and high end), Illustrator of bookcovers, or card games.
Once you can make your pick, or at least pick 1 or 2 you must find the best work on the market in those fields. 
Find out what makes the best art of your favorite field the best art. What do they paint? How do they paint it? With knowing this you can find out about the things you need to study.
The most basic study aims are the following:
:bulletblue: Lighting.
What forms of light art there? And how does it influence things?
The book Color and Light by James Gurney will give you a lot of insight.
:bulletblue: Shapes.
How do you paint shapes? How do you light them the right way?
You will learn a l
Where to get started before you can apply for workThere is no such thing as suddenly knowing when you are ready to turn your
passion into your profession. But there is a way of measuring your chances on being
able to get work and eventually sustain a living from it.
Accepting commissions or freelance for low payment won't help you. You can think any penny counts, but it will lower the worth of your work and damage the market.
:bulletblue: How to measure that you are ready?
You probably have high goals, but they are usually not your first step. You must search out the clients who can be that first step. Often found in the card game industry, book cover illustrations and smaller game company's. 
Look at the artwork shown by a company such as the card game company: Fantasy Flight games. Compare your skills with the average of their artworks. If it matches yours, you will have a chance. However, keep in mind that those artworks had been done in a limited timeframe, usually within 12 hour
This is why you (and your art) get ignored.People often get the sense of being ignored in the art-scene, especially here online. We all try so hard to get our foot in the door, it's like trying to stuff yourself in an overfull bus like a sardine in a can.
Sometimes you just want to socialize with other artists you admire and you seem to be talking into a brick wall or perhaps you've send your portfolio to a company over a dozen times and still don't even seem to get the smallest response or feedback. I will try and tell you WHY you get ignored and HOW you can get noticed instead.
I will go through the following cases of being ignored:
:bulletgreen: Your comment.
:bulletgreen: Your art.
:bulletgreen: Your Portfolio.
:bulletyellow: Do know, that even though being ignored feels very personal it's hardly ever personal at all! 
:bulletblue: Your comment(s) gets ignored.
It happens ever so often. You notice an artwork or a discussion and you weigh in with your opinion or admiration, perhaps even some feedback? T
The problematic behavior of online artists.There is a bunch of things online artist do terribly wrong on a regular basis. Some of it might be directly aimed to you and some might be things you from others. 
:bulletblue: Way too little time spend on painting/practice.
:bulletblue: People making nit pick pointers.
:bulletblue: The extreme fuzz about labels and methods.
:bulletblue: Witch-hunting/ talking smack.
However I'd like to start with a totally opposite note:
This year I've also experienced great support from the art community for which I'm dearly grateful for.
:icontituslunter: got me an amazing birthday gift(video), made by him and fellow awesome artists:
And the support I've had this past week with the event of my sisters death has been incredibly helpful. (Thank you for all the donations, there are no more worries about money anymore thanks to you awesome people!)

:bulletred: (most of) You seem to spend way to li
Don't let the crap of the internet brainwash you.warning: This journal is my opinion and my view on things. I support open-mindedness and the possibility of anything.
The internet is full of it: People with strong opinions. Usually about 'how to do things' and 'how to absolutely not do things'.
Ask any given person this question: What is good art?
They will all give you a different answer and some of those answers are waaaay to specific for their own good.
Meaning they have a very specific view on what is good and see other work that does not meet up those qualifications as: bad, fake or cheating.
It is natural to have a preference toward certain topics or techniques when making art, but it's wrong to push those ideas upon others as a set of rules. (kinda like forcing someone into a religion)
Art should be a free medium for people to express themselves, even if this means their work goes against your standards or deems unpleasant for your taste.
(Child pornography, animal cruelty etc not included, there are limits to

The stuff that artists go through.There are so many pro's and con as to being an artist, professional or as a hobby. 
It feels nice to be able to express yourself through something you make and when that something turns out to be looking good we get this sense of accomplishment. 
Most of the time though there are bad feelings mixed with the good ones.
:bulletblue: Not being understood. Those moments where your friends or family does not understand that you have to desire to be alone and work on your art. Those copious amounts of hours you spend working and they wonder why you wouldn't rather be outside relaxing in the sun or hang out with your friends.
The only people who will ever fully understand this are other artists or simply very understandable people. It's important they they will eventually understand so there wont be any hurt feelings. Try to explain ti as calmly and rational as you can, perhaps with using examples in terms they  would understand.

  Overcome your unfair obstacles.We all have certain obstacles that gives us the feeling of: 'This is so unfair!.'
To me it's one of the most annoying feelings in the world because in general we don't really know how to deal with it. One little part of us says: 'Don't whine about it, you are just being jealous.' the other part of you tells you: 'If I didn't have this obstacle or disability I would rule the world!!'
So you bounce around  anger, sadness, hopelessness and envy. 
If you were just sad about something or simply angry it would be a lot easier to deal with, you cry or you just vent a bit towards a friend. 
But how to deal with he feeling of unfairness? 

:bulletblue: There are many things that can form this unfair obstacle for you.
Physical obstacles such as: MS, Lyme disease, Arthritis, Color blindness, missing fingers?
Mental obstacles such as: Depression, being a procrastinator (yes I'm naming it because it's a mental blockade that keeps y
Fast lane to becoming a better artist.I often get this very question: How did you get this good this fast?

Now as I consider myself not being as good as people tell me, even struggling quite often with being an artist in general. 
I do know how to get better and how to reach it fast. I'm still growing as I go and it's the main thing that keeps me going.
You need to get into the right mindset and the rest will follow. With the rest I mean:
1. Willpower.
2. Endurance.
3. Positive energy.
4. The NEED to draw.
:bulletblue: Seeing growth in your work gives you the courage to work harder. You know that feeling when you're just about done with an image
and feel like this image is better than your last one, that great feeling. Use it!
:bulletblue: Do studies! Lots of them!! Make film shot studies, live object studies, master-painting studies. They will teach you a lot about composition, lighting, colors, shapes storytelling etc. 
You will hardly notice that you are learning thing
Why it's so important to unite as artists.We are with many though yet we are with few. We're all divided over little subgroups such as, fantasy illustrators, concept artists, comic book pencilers, photomanipers, techartists, anime drawers, realism sketchers etc. You might even find your place at multiple sections.
I found that the biggest united groups on Deviant Art are mostly evolved around fan art, such as Sonic, or My little pony. 
Observations aside, I think the good thing about those groups is that they serve for companionship. Being an artist all by yourself with no one to share/talk about/discuss your work with can feel rather lonely. And that lonely feeling is not encouraging at all. Most of us  keep a lot of things taboo as well, like techniques or rates. If we were more openly with these the changes of being underpaid or missing out on a job because someone else does it for hardly any money at all will grow slimmer. People should know what they are worth and not be afraid to ask for it.
When I joined Devia
Are you being honest with yourself?As part of becoming good at something you need to be able to reflect upon yourself. Judge your own abilities and work and consider the possibility that what ever you have been doing it wrong all along. Or perhaps you're actually being to hard on yourself and you're better than your conscious is telling you. (This is bad too because it leads to insecurities.)

Signs that you might overestimate your current skills.
Do you often feel these things when you look upon work from good artists?:
I can totally do this too.
This is not so hard, I can do this faster.
My work is way more interesting.
It's not fair that this person gets way more attention than I do.
Why am I not being recognized for my skills.
This other technique is cheating! (photo-bashing, using reference, filters, effects etc)
I don't need to draw and learn all day to become this good.
I spend 2 hours on a painting, Masterpiece!!
Signs that you might underestimate your skills.
Do you ofte
When someone brings your art down...Putting our art out there makes us very vulnerable, especially when you've made something close to your heart. Perhaps something of your own fantasy, a story, a fan fiction your passionate about?
As much as most of us really want to improve, we also simply want to make art because we love it and when we share it there is a slight hope there is someone out there who will love it too.
There are all kinds of ways other people can bring you down by saying something about your art, or by doing nothing at all! Perhaps YOU are even part of making someone feel down and you're not realizing it!

:bulletblue: The harsh critique.
This person might want to help you or simply likes to bring you down. In either case this person will write in length about your lack of technique, uniqueness and/or skill. 
:bulletred: Respond option: Thanks but no thanks! Tell this person you appreciate the time spend on their post, but you rather hear constructive c
How to deal with or get feedback.Getting feedback or critiques may be hard for people.
Some people want it really bad but can't seem to get it, at least not from the people he/she is hoping for.
And other get it all the time but feel a little attacked or bullied by it.
Pretty much anyone with eyes and some intelligence is able to spot mistakes or irregularities in someone's work. This person doesn't have to be more skilled than you. 
However, this person... might be wrong.... 
:bulletpurple: How do you judge a critique?
You initially made your artwork according to the knowledge you currently have. Leaving room for mistakes in the elements you're not trained or knowledgeable in. Or perhaps you think you know something and you are not aware that it's wrong.
When someone gives you feedback, even though it might feel incorrect. Take a little time to do some extra research on the matter. 
:bulletblue: You can ask others if they agree with someone's  feedback.
:bulletblue: You can search online (wit
So tired of not achieving what you want?So tired of not achieving what you want?

Everyone has something they really want dearly, a career, to have a certain loved one, to be able to make certain things...
The most common one among us artist are:
- I want to be able to draw better
- I want to be able to draw like "this"person.
- I want to earn money with my drawing.
- I want to be able to draw what I imagine in my head.
- I want more people to appreciate my art.
- I want more feedback from artists I admire.
- I want more..
- I want better....
All this wanting.. dreaming of... hoping for.
How about doing it!! With these sort of "wants", it's a matter of DOING IT!
How? You ask?
There are many ways, but the usual and only answers to those desires are: 
- Spend the most time you have on drawing/painting.
- Go and ask people for help, it is okay to do so!
- Look at that amazing artwork and try and figure out how this person made it, perhaps he/she will tell you? Perhaps this person has made a video or tutoria
Avoid getting ripped off by a client.As a freelancer most of your business takes place online, which makes it really easy
for people to rip you off. How many times have we seen the following scenario's:
1- Someone offers a descent payment for your artwork but wants you to do an art-test first.
after the art-test you're being told you're not good enough. Later you find out that other people
got to do different art-test topics and also weren't good enough. The client clearly ripped people off to get free artwork.
2- Someone offers good money for your artwork. The sketch gets approved so you continue working. Right when it's done the total image suddenly becomes a great disappointment and the client ends up not paying you.
These were just 2 examples of situations that happen a lot to freelancers. There are many more like it.
:bulletblue: How to detect if a client is a bit fishy...
Does their email address look professional? Some legit people may use their Gmail address, with their real name or nickname, those are questionabl

The emotional shield that prevents hurt.Being an artist = Being sensitive.
We all know it. Making something and then showing it out there makes you very vulnerable, emotionally.
What if people think it's shit? What if they think it's weird... what will they think? Will that reflect on how they think of me as a person?
I know what some of you are thinking right now... 'You should care less about what people think of you or you art.'
In a sense you are right.. than again, you SHOULD care what people think of you and your art! They are your market and potential clients.
It's easier when you're already doing your dream job and couldn't care less for other potential directions... but most of us will always stay interested in new opportunities.
They= Everyone who see your personality and/or artwork.

Being an artist = Being lonely.
Artists of a certain type tent to stick together. Industry veterans seems to ignore the public eye and the internet fully. Some artists in the making clut
Being a miserable artist = being a bad artist.I recently felt it being one of the most important things, not just for an artist; being happy with what you do. No one wants to get up every morning thinking.. shit .. another work day. Of course there can be days, maybe even a full week of that, but the majority of your time you should be feeling content and happy even.
With that lack of love and enthusiasm it is most likely reflected into your work.

Now it's not always your own fault that your work doesn't make you happy and doesn't feed your creative monster. But it can be in these cases.
You make your OWN workday miserable when:
:bulletblue: If you don't speak your mind and stand up for your opinion and values.
:bulletblue: If you're not open minded regarding feedback and new techniques.
:buletblue: If you don't aim for improvement. (though aiming for perfecting all the time can be stressful)
:bulletblue: when you allow yourself to work under stressful circumstances for too long.
These are
Timing fucking matters.Time does a lot of things, it makes you older, it gets you to places, it never stops going forward. However you control when and how you use it!
Everyone makes choices on a daily bases, most of them are actually done with your auto-pilot function out of habit.

Most people usually sit in the same spot on the couch, chooses what to wear based on previously made combinations and so on, unless they consciously become aware of their action and might decide it's time for a change. It can be a small thing that makes people aware of their options
You can count that pretty much every person out there works like this and YOU often depend on THEIR choices.
My point of this journal is saying: Use this in your advantage!
Time can be compared to a diet. Eating to much bad stuff will make you unhealthy and feel bad, while eating healthy things will keep you going and feel good. So time can either make you feel stuck in one place, maybe even going backwards (ageing already does that for you) or
Things I learned at: The Industry Workshops 2014Holy shit amazeballs... this past weekend....
But let me start of by shortly telling you what the industry workshops actually were.
(The artwork in this journal are from some of the lecturers.)
:bulletblue: What is: #IW_14?
The Industry workshops took place last weekend August 29 to 31 2014, at 2 venues both located at Hoxton Square, London United Kingdom.
It was organized and hosted by a group of industry professionals in the fields of concept art, matte painting and illustration in film, games and freelance.
Let me name the people that profited the lectures and demo's from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening, ending with a 1+ hour QA session as seen on the picture below.

(Not in the same order as the picture)
Alex Brady, Alex Heath, Alex Negea, Andrei Riabovitchev, Björn Hurri, Dave Neale, emrah elmasli, Jama Djurabeav, Jon McCoy, Jonas De Ro, Kan Muftic, Levi Peterffy, Mark tompkins, Nadia Mogile
When inspiration is far to be found...We all get these anoying times when we really want to make something cool, get inspired and work that magic. We see everyone around us (online) do it, but how come we are not?
So we look for ways to get inspired, we ask around, find these usual answers: go watch a film, listen to music.. take a walk...
But even when we do that, we still end up stuck most of the time.
Part of the solution is knowing WHY we get stuck and this is my theory.

:bulletblue: ADT - Attention Deficit Trait.
'Experiencing an inner frenzy of distractability, impatience, difficulty in setting priorities, staying focused and managing time. Those are our biggest enemies as they all end up cluttering your head and keeping you from spending quality focused time on a singular topic.
Everything we do now a days is based around multitasking and it is giving us a constant overdose of information. Let me elaborate.
How many of you travel daily by public transport and don't look away

Thanks for reading, you amazing people! ^^ !
I write these journals to note down my thoughts and experiences and am really humbled by the fact it draws to many readers ^^ 
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Book of Life

Fri Jan 16, 2015, 6:51 PM
Img-10 by techgnotic

A Collaboration between MARX77 & DeevElliott

What must any of us do before we can understand what we read in the Book of Life? When is one ready to write upon its pages his or her own contributions?

Life is no passive gathering of information. It is not a spectator sport. Only in participation is one truly alive. In order to express feelings or opinions about anything in life, one must have a personal experience of it. Only personal experience conveys the qualification and the right to speak, to write or to create art as explanation and explication of any topic of discussion and debate.

We amaze ourselves with our achievement when we look at photographs taken of objects by man trillions of light years away, yet we are still so primitive a species that we throw rocks at one another. We grasp tightly onto the words, rituals, and beliefs of our ancestors, that our reverence might imbue them with magic and ultimate truth, so fearful and unprepared are we to attempt to understand or even acknowledge new realities and more accurate truths.

We clothe and feed ourselves from creatures we deem lesser than ourselves, even though technology has eliminated the need for this sacrifice. Can any of us who have been shown love by an animal ever look a pet in the eye and not see a kindred soul returning the gaze? Is it not our recognition of similar thoughts, feelings, needs and emotions in animals the very reason we are drawn to them and bond with them and bring them in to shelter within our homes and the bosom of our families?

We carelessly pollute our atmosphere, the single biosphere that sustains us, with the unnecessary waste products of our energy systems. Even though we have been gifted with the miracle of the singular star anchoring our solar system that made all Life on Earth possible. This same star can provide all the energy we will ever need.  Why do we allow the corrupt, greedy few endanger the future survival of the vast global majority? These are the shameful passages of fearfulness, cowardice and indifference that darken the Book of Life.

When did we stop listening to our elders—those with the life experience to know better?

Those whose deep wisdom is informed by the bitter struggles that are Life’s lessons?

They are founts of Information that could be invaluable and always available to us. Yet we choose to put them away in homes once their needs interfere with our lifestyles. Those who were the active participants in Life, whose minds are treasure troves of accumulated experience, are warehoused to await death along with those who chose to remain bystanders.

It is never too late to go back to the Book, to pick it up and dust it off. Open its pages and dip that quill deeply as you seek to capture the most honest and accurate assessments of your life experiences. Scratch into the pages the most salient and illuminating details of the experiences in your life. We have only each other and the records of life we leave in our wake to learn from. You are not inconsequential, not in your Book, for there you are a powerful transformative agent, the Hero who must triumph in writing his or her story – a tale instructing in how to protect and secure the future for all those wise enough to consider your words.

Every Book of Life can be read and experienced on its own, but there are always so many more things to be revealed in the sequels and prequels and contemporary narratives of other active participants in Life. Fulfill the promise of this greatest franchise by taking risks with your writing in the service of truth. This instruction may sound obtuse presently, but you’ll know what to “say” when your ultimate moment of truth presents itself at the most inopportune time and place.

What must any of us do before we can understand what we read in the Book of Life? When is one ready to write upon its pages his or her own contributions? Life is no passive gathering of information. It is not a spectator sport. Only in participation is one truly alive. In order to express feelings or opinions about anything in life, one must have a personal experience of it. Only personal experience conveys the qualification and the right to speak, to write or to create art as explanation and explication of any topic of discussion and debate.
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