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(Requested by Dekler :3)
Fleet waited.
And waited.
And waited.


She opened her eyes, and saw that the Enderman had backed away slightly, and was now holding out a hand to help her up. The blond stared. What... Why on earth? In utter confusion, she grabbed it's hand and let out a yelp as it hoisted her to her feet with ease and held out the diamond block she'd abandoned when she'd run away. But why? Fleet tilted her head and took the block, looking into the Enderman's eyes. It stared back and seemed to quiver a little, but it could still move. Why? Just... Why?

The answer was because it liked those big bright blue eyes, and the shiny hair. The Enderman wondered whether or not the hair was soft. Fleet didn't understand why it was staring at her hair... Did it want to pet her or someth- Her question was answered as it raised it's hand to her head and ran it through her short hair. It sent a small shock through her, jolting her body. It was indeed soft, and the Enderman could detect a faint sugary scent wafting from the pretty locks. Fleet on the other hand just felt sort of awkward. This was sorta weird... A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, because she was so confused and embarrassed. Did this tall gangly thing just follow her to her house to pet her, or what?

She looked at the floor, down at the Enderman's feet. The second she did, she saw him take a step forward and looked up in surprise- SURPRISE! Much to her absolute confusion, she'd looked up and locked lips with the Enderman. Almost immediately, she took a step away. However, the Enderman just wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close again. He liked her. He liked her a lot. He liked the feelings his tummy had when he looked into her eyes, and he especially liked the feeling that he'd had just now. Fleet's face was bright red... This was so awkward. Did this beast.. No, this person have no idea what was coursing through her mind right now? In all honesty, it was like it had a crush on her or something... Oh god. Oh god. Her eye's widened, and she looked up at the tall, dark shadow she was being hugged by. Despite being rather naive when it came to love, she knew what she saw in those eyes. Infatuation. Curiosity. But no lust. That was interesting. But still awkward. Here she was being apparently courted by him, even though he'd just been terrifying the hell out of her a few minutes ago. What. The. Heck? She thought, unconsciously leaning her head onto his chest.

The Enderman let out a gleeful whisper and hugged her tighter, wishing it could speak to her. But it couldn't, not in this realm. In this realm, he was paralyzed by the stares of everyone until they looked away. And for some reason, after they stopped looking at him, he would attack most of them. He didn't understand why, though. Nor did he understand how this girl was any different, other than the fact that he liked her a lot. But he didn't know if she knew. What if... he took her to his realm, to The End? After all, he couldn't court her correctly, otherwise. When Endermen found mates, they went to the Great and wise Enderdragon and asked for a scale with which to propose to their mate. The dragon would give them the scale, and they in turn would give the scale to the lucky Enderman/woman. Or, in this case, Human. The idea in his head felt great, so the Enderman went with it. He let go of Fleet, who'd been sort of comfortable for a while there and tore one of her heavy curtains from the window, draping it over himself. It was daytime now, so they needed to make a break towards the portal.

Fleet stared, not really happy with him for ripping her curtains off of their hinges, even if it was probably to protect him from the light. However, she had no time to say anything about it, because the Enderman grabbed her by the hand after wrapping himself tight with the curtain and threw one of his Enderpearls to the ground. Fleet let out a yelp of surprise- Not the first one today- as they were instantly warped to the inside of a Stronghold, in front of a large glowing square with lava below it. Fleet had no idea what it was, she only knew that the seemingly suicidal Enderman was pulling her along with him into the portal, straight towards the lava. "Are you crazy?!" She screamed in total horror, not wanting to die today. However, they didn't die. The bright portal blocks caught them instead, and they fazed away instantly. Fleet blinked.

Then unblinked. Suddenly, the two of them were in a strange world, where there were Ender people everywhere. They looked up with interest, seeing one of their brethren covered in a strange cloth, and him holding hands with a pale skinned girl. One of the female Enderman came up to him and asked, "What is this?" In a whispery voice. She wasn't mean about it, just inquisitive. Another one came up. "A ghost?" He suggested, tilting his head. Fleet's Enderman shook his head. "No... Human." He stated, smiling. Within the actual realm of The End, one could actually see an Enderman's features quite well. Fleet was confused. "Umm.." She murmured, tilting her head. The Enderwoman looked up in surprise. "You can... Speak?" She asked innocently, so much so that Fleet had to crack a smile. "Well, yeah. But... Um... Where are we?" She asked, tilting her head. The Enderwoman smiled back and giggled. "In The End, of course. Ec'e Has brought you here, for reasons we don't know..." She explained, reaching up suddenly to run a hand through Fleet's golden hair. It shone brightly within the dim light of The End, making her truly seem like a ghost. Fleet blushed a little, not used to so much attention. However, she turned to Ec'e, the Enderman who had brought her here, and whom she'd seemed to develop a small attachment to. "Why did you bring me here... Ec'e?" The young woman asked, tilting her head. Ec'e Looked away slightly, and a tinge of purple came to his cheeks. "I can't ask you until I go get something." He explained, then turned to the Enderwoman who was busy petting Fleet. "Eun'e, can you maybe show her around while I go do something?" He asked, and Eun'e nodded. She knew exactly what was going on. But first, she looked at Fleet, who had a look of confusion plastered onto her pretty face. "What's your name?" She asked, smiling as she led her off towards god knows where. "I'm Fleet. Nice to meet you." She said happily. Eun'e's smile widened. "I am Eun'e, as you know. Nice to meet you as well, Fleet. I'm Ec'e's sister, by the way." The two walked off, with a few other Enderpeople following along to question the Human about her world. In the meantime, it was up to Ec'e to get a scale from the Almighty Enderdragon.

It wasn't all that hard to scale the islands of Whitestone to get to the Enderdragon. What was hard was getting him to give him permission to become lifemates with the human girl, Fleet. The dragon simply did not understand. "You..." It rumbled in it's deep voice, which still had an echoey tone to it, "Wish to take a human. Not from this realm, not even your own species... That's interesting. But why do you wish to do so?  Is it because she's a shiny new toy, to show off to all the others?" It asked, tilting it's head as it inspected it's huge claws. Ec'e shook his head, but had trouble finding the words to speak. The dragon smirking and leaned in close, until his large snout was a mere inch away from Ec'e's face. "So. You don't want to show the human off. I can see into your mind, why you like this human. No Enderperson has ever caught your eye, but when you saw the human today, you felt a flipping in your stomach, didn't you? Something new, special, pretty, full of wonder and life. Something you could fall in love with." It murmured, making Ec'e's face go dark purple. That was exactly how he felt. But the way the Great Enderdragon had put it, it sounded like it was shallow and not even real love.

Suddenly, the dragon turned away and let out a great, laughing, roar. He plucked a scale from his hide and turned around, handing it to Ec'e. "Go now, little Enderman. Just go." He ordered, still chuckling. Ec'e booked it off the mountain, grinning like a madman. He was going to get Fleet, and take her. They would be each others. As long as she accepted the scale.

And you now what?

She did.
xD Ending requested by :icondekler:
I fail at cute endings, so it's really super duper uber sappy. xD
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The hole is open. The story begins.

The sky is dark over the Everfree forest. There are stars that shine in the air, but they do not glitter. They seem painted on, mainly for show. They seem slightly wrong. Even the moon, caught between half and crescent as it wanes in time and fades away, seems strangely artificial, with a shape too bulky, and craters too big.

The Everfree forest seems natural enough, darkened to near blackness as it is, but it is strangely without sound. There is wind, as it blows at Force Three or Four, tugging at every branch and leaf, whistling as they undulate in the breeze. But the animals are absent. Nature seems silenced. As if all that grew, moved, thought and ate were at some secret place of worship. Or if they had fled from some great, powerful force of destruction.

A few leaves individually flit between the trees. Was that a rabbit, darting behind the tree? The grass bends and sways.

Then comes the step. Water parts and leaps, in the wake of the step. The step with nothing preceding it. The step of a foot totally alien, in almost every way. Then as the second step comes, muffled by the parting mud, the frog that sat in silence leaps away. The wind picks up, howling and whirling in a wide, wide circle, as if it too was trying to flee from this strange being whose every motion was wrong.

The presence moves into a ray of light, which illuminates its chest. It raises a limb, topped with a thing so like but unlike a claw, to adjust the length that circles its neck. The presence looks about, slowly, analysing every detail. The presence hears the rush of the wind, but also a slower, rhythmic passage of air, one it alone can hear. The thought might have gratified it, if it could feel so, but for the single determination filling its mind.

The presence allows the light to dance upon it a moment longer. Then proceeds to move. A red eyed rodent darts, as if free to move from some terrible entrapment. Other eyes watch from an absent wall, as the presence moves past and fear chains them in place. Where does it go? Where does it come from? Why does it pass this way and will it find what it seeks? None of these questions leave an impression. Least of all on the presence. It is there, and it moves. All else is lost to the world.

At long last, a speck of light breaches the trees. Not the pure white light of the stars and moon, but a warmer yellowed light like the imitation of a dawn. The vines and branches part before the presence. It beholds a sprawling cluster of houses, near and far. Dominions. Havens. Fortresses all. The warm light glows from a few, but many are nestled in the cool shadows of night.

The presence sees all, flexes itself, and prepares to begin its dark work.
So, my first deviation, and it's a MLP:FIM crossover. Who'd have guessed?

This marks the (probable) beginning of my first FIM crossover, and my first Slenderman crossover. I only thought of this today, or rather, I only just grouped together my different ideas today, and the current plan in my head is something of a schizophrenic mess. But hopefully, by the end it should all come together and work. And, with any luck, I won't be the first person in the world to create an unpopular Friendship is Magic Fanfic!
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Fallout: Equestria
Broken Steel


Stable 88, a control Stable constructed by Stable-Tec over two hundred years ago to protect over five hundred ponies from a Mega Spell Disaster. It did its job, it saved those who made it into the Stable when the call came out, but it also sealed the fate of them all too. When the bombs fell and the giant steel door rolled into place and was driven in by the mechanical arm, it broke. No pony had ever found out what happened but they say that the vibrations from the bombs damaged a vital internal component that jammed the steel door's locking system in place, permanently sealing the Stable from the outside world.

For two hundred or so years the huge Stable continued life, everypony lived and died as the years passed. The Stable was supposed to house six hundred but when the door closed, only five hundred and fifty two made it in. Despite this, the Stable was said to house enough genetic diversity to allow the populace to live in the Stable for at least a thousand years. As the years passed, that number began to drop. The math was sound, but nopony really expected to live their entire existence in a giant underground bunker. This caused problems.

Ponies never believed they'd be locked in the Stable for that long, but as the years went by ponies began to panic. Within the first ten years at least a hundred ponies died, many of them being the elderly. It wouldn't of been odd if not for the sheer number of them so quickly. The doctors and nurses diagnosed their deaths to be related to the panic attacks that ponies had been having frequently. Granted it wasn't the panic attacks themselves that killed the ponies but it was the heart attacks and strokes brought on by the panic attacks that did so they classed their deaths as Panic Attack victims.

At least two hundred years later, the Stable's populace had more or less stabilised around about four hundred and sixty ponies. Being born in the Stable and only knowing the Stable was what it took to stop the panic attacks.

My family had always run this Stable, from the day Stable-Tec put my ancestor in charge as the Overmare. It seemed the daughter of the Overmare would inherit their mother's position as Overmare.  I was a bit mythed to why nopony tried to change that but I guess my family did a good job at running the place.

I was born premature by a couple of weeks that didn't seem bad but my birth was the most unusual thing that ever happened in Stable 88. When I was born, everpony didn't expect me, not because I was born a Unicorn, not because I am a girl, but because I was totally white. I was so damn white I almost light up the room. The doctors and nurses did tests on me to see if I was ok and the only thing they found was that I was born an Albino. Nopony knew what that meant apart from the eggheads of the Stable, including the doctors and nurses so to most other ponies I was like an alien to them.

My mother, spent hours reading up on what an Albino is. Ugh, I am just a totally brilliant white unicorn with pale skin and to top it off, bright red eyes. My mother also had trouble trying to name me too. A tradition with my family was that we were usually named after a desert or a sweet. My mother was called Blueberry Muffin because she was a dark blue Earth Pony with soft brown eyes and a brown mane and tail. She struggled trying to name me because I so white. In the end she just named me the first sweet thing that came into her mind and that was Appletart.

With my name and my condition, you can say I didn't have much of a good childhood. I was the centre of attention…for bullies. First off, me being an Albino didn't help, I was teased constantly about my brilliant whiteness and my bright red eyes. Name calling was constant, twenty four seven. I couldn't escape it, there was nowhere to hide in the damn Stable. I was commonly known as Ghosty for my total whiteness but the name that hurt the most was "Tart" or "Slapper".

It turns out the first couple of Overmares had a bit of an over active sexual life style. They said to care more about sex than running the place and it was no surprise that one of them had the largest number of children born by a single mare. The fillies and colts of my age group were quick to learn this about my family and used it against me. Making me feel like I was just like my ancestors. Hell, I was a damn kid, so were they so why the fuck would they go on about my ancestors' sexual life styles?

After many years of this abuse I learned to ignore it but it still didn't stop the tossers. I couldn't care anymore until these bullies picked up on something else. And that would be that I was the oldest filly in my age group to not have her cutie mark. Even when I was older than the average age when a cutie mark appears I was still blank. Again my accursed white coat made it damn easy to see I was bare. Being a blank flank hurt more than being made out to be a sex mad loony. I was pushed out of ever social event my age group took part it, I was being isolated.

My mother was the only friend I had in the Stable. Even she was concerned about me still not having a cutie mark at my age. She tried to teach me everything she knew, even starting my Overmare training earlier than expected to see if that could help my cutie mark appear. Unfortunately not even that seemed to bring it out, even me learning to make apple tarts didn't do it, even when I seemed to be able to make them so damn well too. It was looking like I'd be blank forever.

Well, things were gonna get a shit load worse before they got better. One day while my mother was teaching me about running a community meeting the emergency alarms started blaring. We were already in my mother's office and on the many monitors on the back wall we saw a large group of horribly dressed ponies outside the Stable door. Several of them carried a huge device which to our horror was cutting through the door. Once the ponies had cut through the door and pulled out the thick cylinder they had cut free the Stable's automated defences activated to repel the invaders. Unfortunately they did fuck all, as these ponies were armed to the teeth, literally.

Seeing how the defences were failing to repel the bastards my mother hit the panic button in her office. This opened a secret room in the office, she dragged me inside and then ran out to help the stable. I was locked inside the room, it was designed to seal itself until the threat had passed. I cried for my mother to come back, to stay with me. But she was locked outside, I could hear the gun fire and the screams, oh dear sweet Celestria, the screams. I was stuck in that room for two days, within the first twelve hours the screams had stopped, I guessed the Raiders had finished slaughtering everypony. The panic room didn't open until thirty six hours after the attack when everypony was dead and the bastards responsible were long gone. I emerged to the most horrific sight I had ever seen.

I walked down the corridors of the Stable, my Eyes-Forward-Sparkle active as I moved. I was horrified to see that my EFS was showing nothing. No red marks, no white marks no nothing. Everypony was dead. Everywhere I went the floors, walls and even ceiling had blood splattered all over it. As I cried seeing how everypony I had ever known lay dead, my fear and sorrow started to give way to an anger I didn't think I had. I looked through out my Stable for my mother, to find her, to make sure she was ok even though I knew she was dead like everypony else. I stopped and sat on my hunches as I came to the door that lead to the Stable Door. Closing my eyes I stood up again and used my magic to push the door control to open it and with a soft whir of the motors the door slip open and laying in a pool of blood by the stairs leading to the hole in the door of the Stable entrance was my mother.

My mother was laying flat on her belly, her legs spread out from her sides and her head on the floor with a pool of blood around her. I noticed her rear was badly scratched and bruised and lot of dull white liquid coming out of her private area. I suddenly saw red, my anger boiling over as I realised what had happened to my mother. The fuckers raped my mother, repeatedly, before they killed her. Using my telekinetic magic I picked up my mother's limp body and floated her behind me as I did the long trek to the lower maintenance levels of the Stable. I came to the furnace room where most waste was incinerated. I opened one of them and pushed my mother's body into it and activated the furnace to cremate my mother, giving her a decent send off. Looking through the door at my mother as her lifeless body burned, tears running down my cheeks I cried out loud "I love you".

After I watched my mother's body turn to ash in the fire, the feeling of rage came flooding back and I stomped all the way into my mother's office and stopped and sat looking at the wall with the huge circular glass window over looking the atrium. On the wall to the right of the window was a display case that had a magical lock that could only be opened by magic. Inside the case was a black shiny lever action repeater rifle with a custom attached scope. The weapon is a family possession passed down to generation to generation. I reached out to the display case, letting its magical lock get a feel for my magic and with a soft click it unlocked itself as it recognised me as part of the family.
Inside the box the rifle sat on a stand and behind it in the corner were two boxes of ammunition. I held the weapon in my magic and my PipBuck beeped as it added the weapon to my inventory labelling the weapon as "Overmare's Fury". I was amazed that my wrist mounted device knew its name when I did not and the fact it could tell the weapon was loaded with seven rounds of .357 Magnum Rounds. I slung the weapon onto my back on top of my saddlebags and picked out the two boxes of ammunition. My PipBuck even knew what they were as it added forty rounds to the .357 Magnum Round count in my ammo tab.

I spend a little while packing my saddlebags with essentials like food and water before I headed to the Stable Door. I stood at the huge hole cut into the three foot thick hole in the door, looking out into the dark stony cave like corridor leading away from my old home. Closing my eyes and with a deep sigh I left, my life officially over as Appletart the Stable Blank Flank.

I pushed open the wooden door that lead to the outside world, I was immediately hit by the foul smell of the dead land and before I could take it all in I saw two red marks appear on my EFS. I became more focused on them that I missed the four white marks moving slowly towards me on my right. The two red marks were directly ahead of me. I had to climb up onto a rock to see where they were. I could make out two ponies down the hill a good distance away that I couldn't quite tell who they were. I reached behind me with my magic and pulled Overmare's Fury off my back and levitated it so it was pointing out towards the marks, resting the butt of my gun against my shoulder and peered down the scope to get a better look of the ponies and I saw red again. I recognised the ponies I was seeing, they were part of the Raiders who attacked and killed my Stable.

I seemed to go into auto-pilot as before I knew what I was doing was aiming the weapon at the first pony I saw, the red dot of the cross hairs floating up onto the head. While I was busy getting my aim I failed to notice the four white marks were getting closer to me. I was totally unaware of four large armoured ponies heading towards me. The lead pony had seen me, hard not to too when you stick out like a sore hoof amidst the gloom of the dead world around me. They must of noticed me holding a weapon and pointing it at somepony and they watched while still moving towards me.


I fired and my shot struck the first pony in the eye which exploding on impact and showering the other Raider in gory mess. The four armoured ponies stopped for a moment as they must have seen my shot. The second Raider turned his head to my direction as I focused on him and fired again. My second shot struck the Raider in between the eyes and blowing his brains out over his back before he crumpled to the floor in a twitching heap. "Eat that you fuckers" I said out loud to myself as I slung my rifle. Sighing with some satisfaction I turned and was nose to nose with one of the armoured ponies and like a real girl I screamed.

"That was some impressive shooting girl" One of the armoured ponies said with a deep gruff but feminine voice.

I sat and blinked at them, I was feeling scared of them but when one started talking to me I didn't know how to react.  As I looked at the four armoured ponies I soon began to recognise them, I had learned during school about armoured ponies the Ministry of Wartime Technology created, the Steel Rangers. I also noticed that one of them, the one who spoke had three V shaped stripes on her shoulder armour which told me she was a sergeant.

"Where did you come from?" a much deeper, male voice rung out from one of the other Steel Rangers which made me cringe and wince.

Shakily I pointed to the open wooden door which one of them quickly trotted over too and peeked inside before calling back to his comrades "Stable 88 ma'am".

If I could see the Sergeant's face I would of thought she had a look of amazement on her face as she looked from me to the two raiders I had took down. "two minutes out of the stable and already killed two Raiders with a bullet each to the head, impressive" she said as she looked at me and noticed my blank flank "And a god damn filly at that…..very interesting. I think you may have some potential"

Before long I was walking between the four Rangers heading towards their base of operations which as it started to come into view looked like an old abandoned Sky Chariot Port. The place was surrounded by rows of high chain link face and razor wire all over the top of it. The building had seen better days as it looked like somepony had been bashing it with a sledge hammer for years. It was covered in cracks and crumbling concrete and bricks.

I was presented to this group's elder who didn't seem impressed nor happy that his Rangers brought a sniffling scared filly into his base. The sergeant explained what she saw back out in the wasteland and in detail explained how I put a bullet into the heads of the two Raiders. The Elder looked at me with a raised brow and looked back to the sergeant before looking back at me. The sergeant requested I be trained, saying my skills would be very handy for the Rangers. It took a little convincing but finally the Elder agreed to have me trained unless I could prove myself which meant me being dragged down to the shooting range that was built into the Sky Port's many large underground rooms that used to be for sorting luggage.

The tests were simple, shoot the target. I did exactly as I was told, to hit the targets at various distances. When I was looking down the scope, all my fear and nervousness disappeared as I entered tunnel vision as all I could see was what the scope could see and shot after shot on the targets that appeared my .357 rounds struck the head of the dummies each time. I felt slightly proud of myself with my good aim but the Elder wasn't convinced yet. I was later dragged outside to do one last shot.

Outside almost all the base's Steel Rangers had gathered to watch. The mid ranged scope on my Overmare's Fury made it hard to get a good view of my target as the red dot in the middle of the cross hairs was larger than the head of the target I was aiming for. I was told to take all the time I needed, I wasn't being rushed so I relaxed the best I could as I stared down the scope. After ten minutes of aiming I finally pulled the trigger. I let out a squeal of relief and excitement as I saw the head of the target dummy explode in a shower of fabric and wool.

As soon as that target dummy's head exploded, there was a flash that consumed my flanks and I finally had my cutie mark. My mark resembled the cross hairs of my Overmare's Fury. The Elder was finally convinced of my worth and agreed that I should be trained. It seemed I was destined to be a sniper.

Indeed it was as the years passed and I fulfilled my training in power armour and being a Steel Ranger, I was trained in various long ranged weapons and I had little difficulty in using them but none of those were suitable for the Battle Saddle I received. My battle saddle was a rare one, it had ports for interchangeable weapons with ammo feeders on the top that rested against my armoured back. I asked the quarter master if there was any sniper rifles designed for this battle saddle that I could use but unfortunately he didn't have any. However he did tell me he had a special weapon that could be used as a sniper but it wasn't working and so made me a deal. If I could fix it I could keep it.

Over the years I realised I loved guns, I think it was the kick they had when they fired of the sound they made when you pulled the trigger but when I saw the weapon the quarter master had in the back of his armoury I nearly wet myself with glee. Sitting on a table was a huge 50 Caliber Anti-Machine Sniper Rifle. It was one of ten, well, four. The other six were not finished before the bombs dropped and their components were lost over time from ponies stealing them or that they had not finished making them all.

I went to work, my telekinetic magic peeling the gun apart as I found its fault, strangely without reading the manual on this thing. It turned out that the firing mechanism was damaged and it was a simple fix, again I didn't read the manual but I was able to fix it as if I've always known how. Before long I had a huge weapon mounted to one side of my battle saddle which has a gun barrel sticking three feet in front of me. I guess I made some Steel Rangers jealous of my weapon as many kept staring at me as I trotted by.

This weapon was so damn powerful I couldn't believe it. I tested it greatly, nearly having an orgasm from its roar and kick and the sheer joy of using it. The weapon had the power to punch through anything solid that I fired it at, even old Steel Ranger armour. It seems nothing solid like armour or material like stone or concrete could stop a bullet from it. Its recoil would send me flying onto my back if I wasn't wearing my armour and its roar of a boom would deafen an unprotected pony as it was that damn loud. I even tested firing it next to an intact pane of glass that shattered as soon as it fired. Even with this beast I was still hitting my mark on my targets. By the time I had finished my training I was known as the best sniper pony in this regiment of the Steel Rangers and I received the title of "Longshot".

During the celebration for completing my training I was still getting those looks from ponies at my brilliant white body like back in 88. Being a mare old enough to make my own choices I decided to do something about this and visited the resident barber pony who had cut my mane and tail short into a buzz cut. I got her to dye my mane and tail the same bright red as my eyes to make myself look more normal and it worked.

A few years later when I started going out on missions I was finally happy to be doing something but that happiness soon faded at the things we did, at what I did. I killed ponies along with the other Rangers when we went on missions. Taking technology or exterminating locals because they sat on something the Rangers wanted. At first I did it to fallow my orders and didn't think much about it but as time passed I began to see this was wrong. I continued to follow my orders despite it tearing me apart as more innocents died from my shots or theirs for things that seemed unimportant. I tried to tell them we should be helping them rather than killing them for shit. But they wouldn't listen.

I was on patrol one day with the sergeant who found me outside Stable 88. I had already lost my faith in the Rangers for the things they did. I didn't know what to do about it until then. We heard a scream from a mare and I thanked Celestria that we could finally do some good. We found a Raider raping a mare no older than me. The mare saw us and screamed for help and my sergeant opened fire, shooting a dual rifle shot from her battle saddle and killing the Raider before he could run. The mare shakily got up and started to trot towards us, crying in happiness as she screamed thank you to us and then she dropped to a twin rifle shot to the head as my sergeant shot her too. As I watched her body fall, I filled with the anger and the fury I felt after my Stable has been destroyed by the Raiders and the fact they killed my mother. That was it, I had enough of the shit. As my sergeant turned around she found herself looking down the barrel of my 50cal.

If I could see her face I would of seen a look of sheer terror behind that visor and helmet. I didn't say a word, in fact I basically just pushed the barrel further against her armoured snout. "Appletart, wait" she bellowed before I fired, the boom from the muzzle of my gun was swiftly followed by the explosion of her head as it blew up in a shower of blood, bone and shrapnel as the powerful 50cal tore its target apart.

"NO MORE, NO FUCKING MORE" I screamed in pain and fury.

The Steel Rangers would have noticed that the sergeant's power armour signal had disappeared which usually means the ranger in that armour had died and immediately called me.

"What the hell is going on out there Longshot? What happened to Sergeant Nightingale?" Came the voice of the Elder.

"I killed her"


"I killed her asshole….No more will the Steel Rangers kill innocent ponies for your own gain. I have had it. I will kill every Steel Ranger I see doing bad, anypony hurting the innocent. This world has seen enough of that shit" I told him before I severed my link with the Steel Rangers, my signal to them died. They wouldn't be able to contact me or track me now. They would likely want to kill me now but they would have to find me first.

I looked down at my dead sergeant and shock me head "I'm sorry Nightingale, I really am" I said to her headless body before I began to run, getting away from the area before any other Steel Rangers came in search of me.

I decided I would dedicate myself to helping anypony who needs it, something the Steel Rangers should have done to begin with. As far as I'm concerned now, they are nothing more than more organised and armoured Raiders.

Now I start a new life, a rogue Steel Ranger.

For the hell of it found a stone wall that was virtually blank and using my armoured hoof I started to scratch onto the wall.

"I am Appletart Longshot, wrong doers will face the wrath of my 50cal Anti-Machine Rifle"

I found a tallish building that looked fairly intact and after checking my EFS for any contacts and luckily there was nothing inside. I stepped inside and closed its door. The building had been long since been looted leaving nothing useable and the walls and floors were a mess with all sorts of crap and deteriorating furniture and decorations. I climbed up to the highest room of the building, there were two windows and a door that lead onto a balcony that gave me a good vantage point.

Looking around I found an old bed. Using my magic I started to disconnect my armour. Stepping out of my open armour I cringed at the rotten smell of the old room. I sighed softly to myself as I lay down onto the bed and laid my head down onto my fore hooves and soon drifted off to sleep.
This is the start to my Fallout Equestria fic of my rogue Steel Ranger, Appletart Longshot.

I couldn't think of a good title for this so if anyone has a better idea please let me know.

Also, forgive me, i'm not much of a writer so i'm sorry if it sucks.

Revised version here [link]
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Part Four: Ponies Don't Fear The Reaper

Twilight sat at the bottom of that dark pit cradling Dewdrop's body for what seemed like an eternity, though it couldn't have been longer than a few seconds. She shook constantly, sobbing into Dewdrop's matted, dusty hair.

"You stupid, silly pony" she whispered hoarsely to Dewdrop as she held her in her hooves, though she wasn't sure if she'd aimed that at Dewdrop or herself. Her head was awash with angry, guilty thoughts, her stomach was a boiling maelstrom and she wanted to be sick.

"There's no such thing as 'evil'" Princess Luna had once told her. "No pony gets up one morning and decides that they're going to go out and do bad things. They do bad things thinking that they're the most reasonable and logical reactions to a situation." Was it true? Had Twilight really gone too far? Was it more than just a terrible accident?

Not even Princess Luna in her darkest of hours had ever killed another pony. It was unheard of. Inconceivable. And yet there she was, Princess Celestia's star pupil, the best and brightest of Equestria, holding the body of a pony whose death she had caused.

The only sound in that cold, lonely hole was Twilight's ragged sobbing.

No pony had seen her; no pony knew she had sent Dewdrop to her death. Twilight could always leave her for somepony else to find. She rolled the thought around in her mind, knowing that there was an alternative. That she could escape this situation, run and hide in her own guilt.

"No!" She straightened up, her face set in determination as she laid Dewdrop onto the cold ground. The little pony looked so small and pathetic sprawled out on the ground, her eyes closed, body getting colder by the second. "No!" Twilight shouted again. "This isn't how it's supposed to be! I won't let it!"

She leaned over Dewdrop, pressing her hooves against the pony's chest, and pushed hard. Again. "Come on Dewdrop! Don't you dare do this to me!" she hissed as she put all her weight on the pony's ribcage, rhythmically compressing it. Her knowledge of Equestrian first aid was fuzzy at best; she remembered vaguely that a pony could last for up to three and a half minutes without a flow of oxygen. There was still time. There had to be.

Dewdrop hadn't moved. She was still cold and unbreathing. Twilight used her hooves to clamp shut Dewdrop's nose and hesitantly pressed her lips against Dewdrop's, breathing in one full breath, before starting compressions again. "Come on! Come on!" she wailed, her face a mixture of despair and resolve. She knew there were medical unicorns in Canterlot who could use magic to restart a pony's heart, but she'd never even thought of taking her studies in that direction.

She'd never even passed her basic first aid training.

The theory was simple enough, but in practise you were supposed to push down hard on the chest – really hard, and Twilight was uncomfortable enough doing that on the dummies provided, let alone the kiss of life. But there was no-one else, and no matter what she'd done, Dewdrop didn't deserve this.

"Hi Twilight, have you – oh, awkward!" Spike's head had popped over the edge of the hole and retreated almost as quickly as soon as he'd seen Twilight giving Dewdrop mouth to mouth.

"Spike!" Twilight's head jerked up, her eyes red, her cheeks stained from tears. "Spike, I-I think she's dead. Get help!"

Spike froze and scampered off. Twilight was alone again.

She crumpled next to Dewdrop, defeated. It was no good, Dewdrop was still lying there lifeless, and it was all her fault. In despair, she pressed her hooves together and, looking up, prayed to the heavens.

"Oh Princess Celestia!" she wailed, "I didn't mean for this to happen, please believe me! Please let Dewdrop be okay! I promise to be good to her; I won't get annoyed at her ever again, she can stay as long as she likes, forever!" Twilight sighed and broke off. It was useless. Silence reigned in the pit.

Suddenly there was a sharp intake of air and Twilight leapt back, terrified out of her wits. Dewdrop Dazzle sat bolt upright, her hair frazzled in all directions, staring wildly ahead. "WAS SOMEPONY KISSING ME?" she blurted out.

Twilight coughed and stared up at the sky. "Uh... backsies?" she offered.


Twilight Sparkle was a hero.

She wasn't a hero of course. All the other ponies were treating her like one, as she hauled Dewdrop out of the hole having saved her life. They didn't know she'd been the one to put it in danger in the first place, and Dewdrop hadn't said a word. She had fallen into a deep sleep as soon as the rescue team arrived.

Apparently Pinkie Pie was holding a celebratory party but Twilight had declined to attend. She'd made excuses about needing to make sure Dewdrop was all right, and that was true, but mostly she couldn't face being congratulated for having nearly killed the one pony who trusted and idolised her above all else.

Twilight sat next to Dewdrop, who was now sleeping soundly in her bed. Twilight had found a crudely sewn little cuddly toy of Twilight which she'd placed in Dewdrop's hooves as she slept. Normally such a discovery would have crept Twilight out, but right now she was just glad that the little pony was still alive. Nurse Mercy had been round to check on her but she still hadn't woken from her slumber. The house was very quiet. Twilight had a lot of time to think about things.


Dewdrop's eyes were open, and she weakly stared up at Twilight from the bed. "I did it!" she whispered. "I didn't want you to be in danger so I went out and I found that idol and destroyed it, but then I fell into this deep hole!" Her eyes misted over slightly and she choked. "A-and I'm sorry. I was hanging there for ages and I think I started seeing things because I thought you were there pushing me in, but that couldn't be true because you're the nicest, most wonderful pony ever, and I feel awful for thinking that about you even for a second!"

Dewdrop looked up at Twilight wide-eyed, and Twilight gave a nervous gulp. "Dewdrop, listen" she softly replied.

Dewdrop pressed her head into the warmth of the pillow and continued, now staring up at the ceiling. "It was awful in Canterlot, you know" she spoke out, and Twilight wasn't sure if she was talking to her, or just to herself. "They say it's the place of opportunities, but that isn't always true. I worked copying manuscripts in one of the palace outbuildings. There were hundreds of us, at desks all day every day, just writing down word after word. Then I'd go home and I'd eat and sleep, and then I'd go to work again, then eat and sleep. The same thing, day after day, a grey life in a grey building."

Dewdrop let her head flop back towards Twilight, and she could see tears in her eyes. "And one day I read about you. About your life and your friends and your magical adventures. You showed me a different way of living, a better way, and I never said thank you."

Twilight just sat in silence, taking this in. It was impossible for her to feel more awful than she did already, but her mind was doing its level best to achieve that. "Dewdrop..." she finally said, simply. "It's good that I inspired you, but you can't live your life trying to be somepony you're not. No pony is perfect." She paused. "Apart from Princess Celestia. But I'm certainly not. I'm insecure, I do stupid things, and I find confrontation hard."

Dewdrop looked as if she was about to deny all this, but Twilight continued. "It was me, Dewdrop. I set a trap and made you fall into that hole because it was easier than just confronting you about how uncomfortable you were making me. It was stupid and cowardly of me. You shouldn't be looking up to me, you're a braver and better pony by far, you just need to be yourself."

Dewdrop shrunk into the bed, pulling the covers up as she looked at Twilight wide-eyed in shock, her faith shattered at the revelation. "B-but... you're Twilight Sparkle!" she whispered.

Twilight hung her head. "Yeah" she said bitterly. "I'm Twilight Sparkle. Just another silly pony. And I let things spiral out of control because I couldn't pluck up the courage just to talk to you. I think I know what my next report to the Princess will be about." She looked over at Dewdrop, who hadn't moved. "And you, Dewdrop?"

Dewdrop nodded in a disheartened manner, her eyes cast down. "Yeah Twilight" she replied sadly. "I've learnt a lesson too."

Twilight gave Dewdrop a friendly if awkward punch on the shoulder. "Look Dewdrop, I'm really sorry about everything that's happened. If you want to go, I'd understand, but I'd like to get to know the real you too."

Dewdrop simply nodded, and turned over to go to sleep.

The next day, Dewdrop was gone. All that remained to show that she had even existed was a scruffy, much loved cuddly toy shaped like Twilight Sparkle, tucked up neatly in bed.


The storm raged over Hoofington, but to the Great and Powerful Trixie who was safe at home practising her magic tricks, the rumble of the thunder sounded like the applause of a grateful crowd.

"Yes, yes, I am rather wonderful!" she purred into the mirror, as she levitated a spoon. The thunder tapped in appreciation.

Only it wasn't the thunder. Trixie turned in annoyance as the tapping turned into banging, coming from her front door. She threw her mane in disgust. "The Great and Powerful Trixie does not appreciate being disturbed in the middle of her rehearsals!" she announced loudly, even though the room was empty. Angrily, she threw open the door.

A streak of lightning arced through the sky, illuminating the form of a blue and pink unicorn, caked in mud and utterly drenched. She was clutching a battered yellow suitcase.

"Hello!" chirped Dewdrop Dazzle, already pushing her suitcase past a confused Trixie and into the house. "I'm Dewdrop Dazzle. Can I come in?"
Last part! I hope you guys all enjoyed it, any and all feedback is welcome, nay encouraged! I was going to hold off on posting the last part, but I didn't want to leave people hanging too much.

Also bonus points for spotting the Doctor Who and Father Ted references!

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]
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Part Three: Dewdrop Dazzle Must Die!

Twilight had woken early the next morning just as the sun was rising. She had managed to sneak out of the house without Dewdrop waking up, or so she had hoped. Ponyville looked beautiful as the sun reflected off the glistening water left from last night's storm, but Twilight had no time to appreciate it. She was on a mission.

Carefully making sure she wasn't followed, Twilight had trekked to the far outskirts of Ponyville, to a mountainous, treacherous region just outside of the Whitetail Woods known locally as the 'Rocky Mountains' despite technically being a collection of rocky hills. Ponies generally never ventured this far out – there was nothing interesting for miles save for craggy rocky spires and stony mounds where nothing would grow. It was here that she lifted the spade she had brought and began digging.

The ground was hard, and even though Twilight was using her magic to lift the spade, it still took a good few hours until she had dug a decently sized hole. It was deep enough that a unicorn wouldn't be able to use teleportation magic to escape, but not deep enough that they would hurt themselves falling in. Twilight had been feeling slightly guilty as she worked on the hole, and so had tested this last hypothesis out by flinging herself into the hole several times to check that it wasn't too dangerous. The battered purple pony had then hauled herself out using a rope ladder she had brought, and when satisfied at the hole's effectiveness, had used her magic to carefully position twigs and leaves over the top, and then as a finishing touch placing a small paperweight she had taken from home in the very middle.

The trap was complete.

The construction of the hole had taken nearly all day, it was tiring work and Twilight had half expected Dewdrop Dazzle to pop up behind her at any moment and ask what she was up to. Thankfully this hadn't been the case. The hole was now perfectly disguised, just another part of the rocky landscape.

Twilight smiled to herself, and then went home. At least, it would be her home again soon.


"Hi Twilight!" Dewdrop looked up brightly from her book as Twilight entered the house. Spike was sitting next to Dewdrop, listening to the blue pony intently. "I was just reading Spike a story; do you want to listen too?"

Twilight simply continued walking across the room. "No Dewdrop, and I need to talk to Spike. Spike, kitchen, NOW!" she snapped, marching into the kitchen. Spike hung his head with a whine of protest and followed her in, sure that more washing-up related punishment would follow shortly.

As Spike entered, Twilight slammed the door shut and rounded on the little dragon. "So Spike!" she said, a bit too loudly. "It turns out that an evil cursed idol is causing all the storms!"

Spike stared back, confused. "B-but I thought it was the Pegasus Weather Patrol, Rainbow Dash said they were supposed to-"

Twilight continued over Spike, talking very loudly and clearly, just in case anyone was listening in on the other side of the door. "No Spike, it is an EVIL CURSED IDOL doing it. It is just outside the WHITETAIL WOODS, near the ROCKY MOUNTAINS."

Spike blinked, looking around in panic. "But that's awful Twilight, we should go and sort it out right now!"

Twilight shook her head. "No Spike, I'll do it TOMORROW. TOMORROW I will have an adventure and defeat the idol and be a HERO to all of Ponyville. Not tonight, TOMORROW."

Spike was very flustered by this turn of events. Twilight turned to go, opening the door. Dewdrop Dazzle was standing on the other side, a bit too close for comfort. Twilight closed the door quickly and opened it again, and Dewdrop was suddenly back on the other side of the room as if nothing had happened.

"Night Dewdrop!" she smiled sweetly. "Are you coming to bed, roomie?"

Dewdrop looked up from her book and blinked, shaking her head. "No no Twilight, I thought I'd stay up for a bit."

"Good." Twilight gave a grin and climbed the stairs.

Outside, the rain was starting to fall again. Another storm was brewing.


Twilight hadn't gone to sleep of course. She had sat upstairs until she heard the front door slam, and could see Dewdrop Dazzle making her way through the wind and the rain outside, towards Whitetail Woods. There was a part of her that didn't believe she would fall for the bait, but at last things were going her way.

She picked up her book and began to read. She'd give it an hour before following to make sure the next part of the plan was successful.


The wind and rain had really picked up by the time Twilight had decided to venture out after Dewdrop. It had been a struggle to make it through the town of Ponyville, let alone further into the dark, muddy area of the woods.

Caked in mud, wet and exhausted, Twilight finally made it to the Rocky Mountains. In the dark, the landscape looked even more oppressive. Tall piles of stone reflected the flash of the lightning bolts as they arced through the sky, the wind howled like a banshee, and the rain pelted down, making the ground slick and slippery.

From a distance, Twilight could see that her trap had worked – Dewdrop had obviously been convinced the paperweight was a cursed idol, and tumbled into the hole it was concealing. The covering of leaves and twigs had fallen away; she only hoped that it wasn't a stray animal or curious pony who'd fallen for it first. Gathering up her courage, Twilight moved closer to the hole to peek in.

She recoiled in shock. Dewdrop Dazzle's face was a metre from hers, wide-eyed and terrified, soaked through as she hung by her hooves for dear life onto a root that had protruded near the top of the hole.

"Twilight!" Dewdrop called up in a panic, a shake in her voice. "The ground just gave way, I-I've been hanging here for ages! I knew you'd save me. Twilight...?" Dewdrop trailed off, quivering slightly as Twilight stood above her motionless, silhouetted in the gloom. A flash of lightning broke across the sky, to reveal Twilight's face for a split second, set in a mask of contempt.

"Why Dewdrop" Twilight smiled sweetly with a rictus grin, lowering her head to be closer to the pony struggling in the pit. "So nice of you to hang around for me. I'd help you, but..." she paused, shrugging her shoulders "if you're me, and I'm up here, then you're fine. Nothing to worry about."

"B-b-but..." tears started to well in Dewdrop's rain-streaked face as she looked up at Twilight, trembling and struggling for dear life to hold onto the root.

"This is tough love, Dewdrop" Twilight snapped down. "You brought this on yourself! I'll come back for you in the morning when you've learnt your lesson. Don't hang around."

Twilight's horn glowed, and the root Dewdrop was so desperately hanging on to shrivelled in her grasp. The last Twilight saw was Dewdrop screaming as she vanished into the inky blackness of the pit. Twilight stood there for several moments with just the roar of the storm for company before turning wordlessly and leaving for home.


Twilight trudged back into her house silently. The initial elation at getting one over on Dewdrop had quickly faded, leaving only a sickly, guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach. There was a voice whispering in her head that she'd gone too far, that Dewdrop hadn't deserved that, but she buried such thoughts.

"Hey Twilight!" Spike called happily, a chef's hat on his little head. "Taking a stroll? I thought you were in bed!" He waved a wooden spoon in Twilight's face. "Have you seen Dewdrop, she said she'd bake some cookies with me!"

"Dewdrop's popped out Spike." Twilight stared back. "Go to bed."

Spike's face fell. "But I was hungry, and she said she'd-"

"Spike, go to bed." Twilight was not in a confrontational mood, and she certainly didn't want Spike to make her feel worse than she did already. She'd done the right thing, she knew it. Dewdrop wouldn't take the hint; she had to be taught a lesson. It would all be better in the morning.

That night, sleep came harder to Twilight than ever before. Every crash of thunder, every flash of lighting, reminded her of the little blue pony who had looked so confused and hurt, alone in the bottom of that dark hole. That little blue pony who had spent last night whimpering about the storm, even tucked up in the safety of her house. That little blue pony who she last saw vanishing in terror into the black clutches of a pit.

"Tough love" she whispered to herself, in her very empty room. "Tough love."


Twilight rose even earlier the next morning, racing out across the glistening landscape as it recovered from the storm, the rays of the sun breaking over the horizon. Try as she might, she couldn't escape the heavy, gnawing feeling of guilt that had been eating away at her, even though she knew what she had done to Dewdrop was a fraction of what the interloper had done to her.

She would haul Dewdrop out of the hole, Dewdrop would be upset but realise how much she'd hurt Twilight, and either leave or tone it down. Everything would go back to normal. Twilight laughed to herself; there was always a chance Dewdrop had somehow escaped from the hole and would be sitting at home  cutting out photos of herself to stick in Twilight's photo album or whatever weird stuff she did in her spare time.

This thought abuptly died in Twilight's mind as she cleared the wooded area and reached the Rocky Mountains. A sickly feeling bubbled in her stomach and twisted as she surveyed the scene: where rocky hills had once risen like craggy fingers reaching for the sky, there was now nothing. The entire landscape had been blasted flat by the storm; a smooth level plain of rocks was all that remained, stretching as far as the eye could see.

Twilight galloped onto the new plain, scrambling about in an attempt to get her bearings. She couldn't even work out where her hole had been, and didn't even want to think about Dewdrop at the bottom when it had all caved in. "Dewdrop!" she cried out wildly. "Dewdrop! Can you hear me?"

"Hey Twilight!" Twilight leapt out of her skin, but the initial sense of relief was quickly washed away when she realised it wasn't Dewdrop who had responded, but a blue Pegasus pony, hanging casually upside-down in the air, a hard-hat covering her rainbow mane.

"R-rainbow Dash" Twilight gasped to her friend. "What's going on?"

Rainbow Dash simply grinned. "Did you see that storm last night? Boom! Crash! Pow! We really went for it this time! Now the Princess gave us that renovation grant, we can get a proper mountain built here, not that rubbish little thing we had!"

Twilight's mouth hung open. "R-renovation? But Dewdrop was here last night!"

Rainbow Dash just rolled her eyes. "Don't be ridiculous, no pony would be out here, its way too dangerous. Besides, I was telling Dewdrop about our lightning demolitions the other day. She'd have to be crazy to come here."

'But she is crazy!' Twilight's inner voice wailed. But then crazy or not, Dewdrop DID have a good reason for going into danger; she thought she would be saving Ponyville from a terrible, if fake, idol. The colour drained from Twilight's face as she resisted the strong urge to dry heave. She leapt at Rainbow Dash, shaking the Pegasus until her hat fell off.

"Dewdrop DID come out here last night, and it's all my fault!" she cried, shaking. "Y-you've got to get help, we have to find her while there's still time!"

Rainbow Dash just stared back wide-eyed a she took in what Twilight was saying. "O-okay" she croaked, and in a flash took to the skies to summon aid.

Twilight stood there alone, looking out across the wide, lonely plain. And then she did the only thing she could. She started to dig.


Twilight looked up into the sky as another wave of Pegasus ponies roared overhead. The search and rescue team had been out all morning. In fact, nearly all of Ponyville had turned out to look for Dewdrop but there was just too much ground to search and Twilight had been reluctant to divulge any more information, especially the fact that Dewdrop had been trapped in a hole of Twilight's own devising.

Twilight had attempted to retrace her steps, but this had proved impossible given how thoroughly the storm had flattened the land, so she had been left to methodically dig holes at regular intervals in an attempt to get lucky. She was currently at the bottom of her fifth such hole, and was having no luck.

"This is impossible!" she sighed as she continued to pick at the rocky earth, her head throbbing and whirling with guilt and self-loathing. She had tried to assure herself with the idea that Dewdrop would be waiting for her at home; that she would look up and Dewdrop would be staring down from the top of the hole Twilight was currently standing in; that everything would work itself out in an hilarious series of misunderstandings and comic pratfalls which they could all laugh about later. Wasn't that how things usually transpired?

Such ideas swiftly left with a sickly certainty as Twilight's spade hit something soft amongst the rocks. It was a little blue hoof, battered and bruised.

Twilight immediately scrambled into action, digging and pulling and tugging in a desperate attempt to unearth Dewdrop. "HELP!" she called up out of the hole. "SPIKE! RAINBOW! ANYONE! HELP!" But there was no reply forthcoming.

With a heave, Twilight pushed a worryingly heavy boulder out of the way, to reveal Dewdrop Dazzle, lying there filthy and tattered, her mane a mess of hair, and her body covered in scratches. There was none of the usual impossible energy about her, she simply lay there a floppy mess, looking up at Twilight.

"I knew you'd come!" she croaked out weakly, her little chest struggling to rise and fall. "I knew you'd save me."

Twilight panted out, guilt and relief flooding her veins at the sight. "Don't worry Dewdrop!" she fussed, clearing away more rubble. "Everything's going to be okay."

As Dewdrop's head lolled to one side and she gave a rasping croak, Twilight froze in panic. Everything wasn't going to be okay. Dewdrop's eyes had closed, she had stopped breathing, and a check of her hoof revealed no pulse.

Dewdrop Dazzle was dead.
Twilight's Best Friend Part 3

I know this part gets a bit dark, but trust me on this! One more part to go!

Part 1: [link]

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]
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Where am I?!; is the first thing that goes through your mind after you've opened your eyes.

You're surrounded by huge trees and thick, green bushes. You blink perplexed, aren't you supposed to be [insert former whereabouts and occupation here] and now you're in this vast jungle, for that is what you have confirmed.
You can hear the sounds of distant and nearby animals, the rustling of plants on the ground and leafs high above your head. And then the heat hits you. It is a dry heat that makes it hard to breath for the first few seconds. The air seems to be thick around these parts, almost like you can cut it with a knife…but you have no knife with you. In fact, all you are wearing is [insert sparse clothing here].

How the hell did this happen?!

You are confused, but strangely not afraid. There has to be an explanation why you're here.
After some more wondering inspection of your new environment you decide that there is no point in just standing around. Driven by curiosity you start to walk into the only direction that doesn't seem to be blocked by the flora of this jungle.
You keep on walking, always keeping an eye out for signs of civilization or human settlements in general, but this place seems untouched and so natural that you could swear it hasn't been discovered yet.
You don't know how long you have been walking, but it feels like it has been hours. The heat starts to take its toll, you are bathed in sweat and the wind isn't enough to cool you off. Right then, you realize that you can't wander aimlessly through this place. You look up the trees and search for a spot that would be reachable and high enough so you could get some kind of overview.
It doesn't take you long to find a suitable branch on a huge tree. You start climbing and thanks to the rough bark it isn't as hard as you had anticipated, since you find several excesses you could hold on to. Still, you're exhausted when you reach the solid branch. You breathe heavy and your sweaty fingers are red due to the effort when you clawed them into the edged wood, but you made it and a mild breeze rewards you with some cool air. After you caught your breath again you sit down at the verge of the bough, your legs dangling in the air.

All right, now I have to…; you start to ponder, but the rustling of leafs above you interrupts your thoughts.

You look and get up, stepping away from the origin of the noise.

" My, my…what do we have here?", a hissing voice asks and some leafs are pushed aside by something coming down.

" A lossst human it ssseemsss."

You have recognized that voice right away yet you couldn't believe it of course. But as soon as you see the expected owner you couldn't help but yell surprised:

" KAA!?"

The huge serpent furrows his brow and eyes you from head to toe.

" Have we met?"

You're still too taken by surprise to respond. After a second and closer look you are sure that this is the famous Disney snake, the one that is always hunting for…

Oh crap…; you think alarmed.

" No anssswer, hm? Well, I'm sssure I will remember."

Then the snakehead starts to move closer to you.

" I'll jussst need to take a clossser look."

When you see the two huge yellow eyes approaching you immediately turn away. You are aware of what he will do and though you always wanted to know what it would be like to be hypnotized by Kaa you can't take the risk. Unlike Mowgli you are in the disadvantage that you have no Bagheera around to bail you out should he succeed, but admittedly the temptation is great.

" You don't want me to look at you?"

Those were the exact same words he said to Mowgli during their second encounter in the movie. You remember the scene as clearly as day and also that he would use his tail to turn your head towards him.

" Then…", he began and sure enough, you suddenly feel something on your head.

" …you look at m-…"

" No way!", you declare and at the same time brush his tail away before you balance over the branch to the tree trunk to get down to the ground again.

" How rude!", you hear behind you as you start your way down.

As you descend to the ground you can't believe that you just met Kaa, even if it was for a brief moment. You really would have liked to talk to him a little more and of course experience his hypnotic ability first hand, but you know that would have ended badly for you. It is simply too dangerous if his powers are anything like in the movie, all it takes is one careless moment.
The ground is now close enough for you to jump and after you do so you land steady on your feet. A throbbing in your hands makes you look down. They are even more reddened then before and here and there splinters from the wood have pierced your skin. With your sight set on your hands you turn around, when you look up however…

" Not ssso fassst…"

…you stare directly into the eyes of the waiting python. They have already changed and you behold the famous hypnotizing colors from the movie for yourself now. And just like you have thought, a careless moment is all it takes.
Instinctively you try to close your eyes, but instead they widened on their own when met with the luminous circles of Kaa.

" Look into my eyesss...", he hissed as he moves his gaze directly in front of you.

You want to look away or cover your eyes, anything to avoid being hypnotized, but you simply can't. The worst part however is the longer you're being exposed to the enchanting rings the more your resolve crumbles. One moment you know of the danger and in the next the notion is swept away by the pulsating pattern in the eyes of Kaa.
All of a sudden you feel light-headed and all strength is starting to leave your body with every shining color that enters your mind. Your arms and your head become heavy, your knees begin to shake and you know that if this continues you will be completely immobilized.

" K-…Kaa…", you mumble and are scared how faint your voice already sounds.

" Hush little one…jussst look deeper…", he insists in a frightening emphatic tone, his eyes now directly before yours.

A yellow circle flashed, followed by a blue one.

There was nowhere else to look and from one moment to the other you ask yourself why should you look anywhere else? …your mouth opens in sheer amazement.

A green circle, then a blue one again.

You were afraid a second ago, but can't remember of what. …your shoulders drop and your arms dangle motionless beside your body.

Again a yellow circle, then a green one again.

So beautiful and…and…an-…

You fail to finish the thought. Suddenly it is hard to think straight, to connect your thoughts how you should. You begin a notion but just before it could make sense to you it somehow melts away, but strangely you don't mind. However, the burden of the messy chaos in your head is immediately pushed away by the enlarging colors that are about to become your whole world. You simply have to let go…

" Relaxxx little one…"

The hissing sounds are echoing through your entire being and simply become overwhelming. Like a tremor the words and its implication vibrate in your mind and every last bit of tension in your muscles dissolves into a tingling numbness. Your entire body feels like it is floating in a pool of warm water.
Then you sense something foreign around your waist. Your feeble arms are pressed to your sides by a smooth entity, it feels comfortable and secure like it is protecting you. More and more of your body is covered by this strange phenomenon and the pleasant pressure and secureness encourages you to drop every remaining barrier without hesitation.

" That'sss it…"

And all of a sudden you feel a happiness you've never known before, like someone pulled a lever in your head. You are drifting in a bliss you never want to leave again, illuminated by beautiful colors and held tightly and comfortable in a relaxing grip.

[ Insert your rescue here…otherwise congratulations, you are officially snake food!]
Not much to say about this. I wrote this during a boring lecture and thought maybe somebody would like it.

Strangely I struggled with the grammar more then usual...and I struggle with it pretty often. I hope it's bearable.

Oh well, I hope you enjoy a little out of it.


Kaa belongs to Disney

p.s.: For anyone who isn't keen on being hypnotized yourself, just imagine the thoughts of a character of your choosing.
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Today in Ponyville the streets were bustling with noise. It was market time, and so most of the town was out enjoying the sunny day. Suddenly, from the center of town, a bright light began to appear. All the ponies stared in aw as it grew in intensity, before it finally let out one last giant flash of light. When the crowd was able to look again, what they saw sitting on the street shocked and awed them all.

A horribly sun baked couch, now pink, sat on the cobble stone walkway with a scorch marks all around it's edges. Then, they all realized something else was on the couch. Something no pony had ever seen before. It sat in a manner that only a pony the locals knew would sit. It's back was against the back of the couch. It's rear legs ran along the cushion and down to the ground, where odd looking horse shoes covered it's... hooves?

Not one pony made a peep as the strange creature stared on into the crowd. A strange orange object was seen in one of it's hands. A plad baseball cap was on it's head, and it's clothing consisted of a red shirt and blue denim pants.

"Uh... sup?"

Immediately after it's first words the entirety of the pony mob broke apart in screams and cries of fear. Most ran for the nearest buildings or into each other, while others hid behind hay piles or under market carts. The creature on the sofa didn't move as it watched the chaos unravel before itself. Word was spread around town quickly of the strange creatures arrival, and within ten minutes six brave ponies marched towards the being on the pinkish sofa.

"Alright there you monster, get out of our town!" A cyan pegasus screamed in the creatures face.

There was the sound of a chomping muzzle, as she was quickly drawn back by a orange earth pony.

"Easy there sugarcube. We dunno know if it means us any harm, 'n yer not helping actin' like that."

"I'm not a monster," the creature said in protest.

"Girls, we need to tackle this calmly," a purple unicorn began, then turned to a yellow pegasus hiding behind herself, "Fluttershy, any idea what it is?"

"I'm a human."

"I'm, um, not sure," the yellow mare quietly spoke, before diving back behind her own pink mane.

"Well, whatever it is it has startled the entire town," a white unicorn added, looking over the strange creature, "And my my, what a sad looking wardrobe it's wearing. Jeans with an red shirt? Oh please. And just look at that tacky couch it's sitting in."

"I said I'm a human, and what's wrong wi-."

"I don't care what it is, but if it don't get it's rear outta here I'm gonna give it a reason to leave," the cyan pegasus said, trying to once again get into the creatures face.

"Girls, please, we need to remain calm. We might startle it," the purple mare added as she drew from a saddle bag a large book.

"I'm calm if that's what you're wondering. I think it's you who is-"

"I'm not finding anything remotely close to it's species in my "Encyclopedia to all creatures you may or may not recognize", fourth edition,"

"Hey Twilight, look, it's shirt says somethin'. Can ya decipher it?"

"It says-" the creature began.

"Hm, I think it says 'I put Ketchup on my Ketchup', what does that even mean?"

"That I really like ketchup."

"Is it some sort of code?" the white unicorn questioned, still straining her eyes at the sofa's existence.

"Are any of you even listening to me?"

"Maybe we can jus' ask it ta leave?" the orange mare asked, stepping forward, "HELLO THERE. WE DON'T MEAN YOU ANY HARM. WE JUS' WOULD LIKE TA KNOW WHY YER HERE."

"Jesus, you don't have to yell," the creature said in agony, covering it's ears.


"Girls, I think we are over our heads with this one," the purple mare began, "Sure, Nightmare Moon and Discord were tough opponents, but I fear it's going to take more than our Elements of Harmony alone to deal with this threat."

"Wait, I'm a threat?"

"Do we contact Princess Celstaia?"

"No, you don-"

"Yes, I think we must. It's apparent it won't leave our town without force, and it's strange pinkish and yet horribly ugly seating apparatus looks suspicious."

"It's a couch. And it wasn't always pink. It got-"

"NOW LISTEN HERE YOU," the cyan pegasus finally broke away from the orange pony, and got right into the creatures face once more, "YOU BEST LEAVE OUR TOWN OR I'LL MAKE YOU LEAVE MYSELF."

The creature rose an eye brow, looking oddly to the pony in it's face, "Uh, sure, go for it."

The creature then placed it's free hand on top of the orange object it had been holding onto. Then, a loud crackle echoed throughout the entire market place.

"DASH! Look what you've done, you've angered it. Now it's arming it's weapon! Quick, get out of there before it attacks you!" Twilight screamed, readying her horn to defend her friend.

Dash backed away without a word as she continued to glare at the creature before she and her friends. The creature shook it's head, and raised the orange object to it's mouth.

"What's it doin'?" the orange mare asked.

The creature lowered the object, "I'm having a drink. I'm thirsty."

"It must be some sort of enhancing liquid to boost it's strength. We don't have much time girls."

"It's Sunksit."

Suddenly, the being began to create a sound from it's mid section.


All five mares scattered, taking some sort of cover where they could.


"Excuse me."

"Is it... over?" the white unicorn spoke first, peaking her head from behind a wagon.

"I'm not sure," the yellow pegasus spoke from beside her.

"We must contact the princess quick, before it does something else that is more catastrophic than that!"

From a distance, all five mares talked and planned out a strategy to get rid of the strange creature that occupied a ugly looking sofa and drinking a soda pop.

"Well, I never thought this was how it would all go down."

"You and me both."

The creature looked to it's left, and sitting beside it in a similar manner on the sofa was a bright pink pony.

"Oh, hey Pinkie Pie."

"Oh, coolio! You know my name!"

"Yea, I know all your names."

"That's funny, I know everypony's name also!"

"Yea, you do. So, uh, are the others gonna be ok?"

"Oh, don't worry about them. They're just being silly fillies."

"Hey, want a drink?" the human offered another orange object which had been sitting beside it.

"Sure, I'd love one."

The creature opened the can and handed it to the pink mare.

"PINKIE! DON'T DRINK THAT!" Twilight shouted, using her magic in an attempt to tug the can out of her grip.

Using powers that only Pinkie could have, she managed to resist, shaking the can vigorously until the entirety of it spewed out from the top in a massive geyser.


Pinkie, sensing no danger once the foam subsided, shrugged and downed the entire can of now-ruined soda in one massive gulp.

"Mmm, that's good."

There was a loud and aggravated moan from the purple mare as she returned to the others.

"Yes, it is," the creature agreed.

"Hey, you want some cookies, or cupcakes? I make 'em reeeeeal goooooood."

"Why does this sound like it would result in my imminent death?" the not-pony thought, as it's face gave off an expression of slight familiarity.

The creature shuddered as it's mind filled with horrors best left unexplained, "Uh, I'll pass on the cupcakes. The cookies sound nice though."

So the creature stood up, stretched followed by a groin scratch, then followed the bouncing pink mare into Sugarcube Corner where they enjoyed some tasty treats and Sarsaparilla. Later, the princess arrived with 10,000 troops to deal with the threat. Lucky for the creature, it was sent back home with a severe scolding about breaking the fourth wall. The couch was banished to the moon for being so ugly, and Pinkie Pie now sells a new line of soda pop called Sunkist in Equestria.
So, for a while now people have been saying that my two current My Little Pony stories "Divergent Days" and "My Little Dashie" have been self inserts. So, to clear everything up I wrote an actual self insert of myself going to Equestria. This was all written with the intention of being dumb, stupid, horrible, and possibly funny to some of you.

So yea... enjoy?
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Little Pixel Heart FINALLY DONE WITH PART 4!! Finally! Uh... that was an ordeal!! aw... man I fell out of breath ^^;Little Pixel Heart
:heart: rvmp PART 1:
:heart: rvmp PART 5: COMING SOON!
 Heart Animation I was on a strict diet of water and Raspberry yogurt to make this... uh... Part 5 will start going into near diary entires because yeah... don't want to bore you, I want to speed things up!
:+fav: :bademoticon:
Heart Animation Divider II by :iconfallow-saluki: Heart Animation
See an Ufrid visual here: !~
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When your hands can mimic birds,
you lose the need for sound.
A flight of words that bear no chirp
are none the less profound.

They don't perch on a pitch.
They don't possess the need .
They fly until you've seen their song,
then silently recede.

No one could find more freedom than
the freedom granted flight.
No one can see more beauty than in
words passed left to right.
Been studying ASL on my own from a book and I don't understand the grammar that well, but my vocab is getting bigger and bigger everyday. It's such a pretty language.

OMFG you guys, a DD?! I've been hanging out with my husband while he's been home so I totally missed this. I wondered how I had 400 some comments. I've wanted one of these since I joined this site like, 2 years ago. I'm so honored and I'm just thrilled to have so many people read my work. Thank you all so much!
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Why should I believe that I don't see?
Why should I care if you don't agree with me?
Why should I accept things I don't like?
Why should I love everything you do?

Why can't I believe in what I don't see?
Why can't I care for what you say?
Why can't I accept things that we can't agree?
Why can;t I love the things that goes between us?

I chose to believe what I don't see.  
Not because I'm an idiot,
Because I want to put faith into something,
other then myself.

Why should I care what you have to say if you don't care for me?
But I chose to care even if I don't want to.

Why can't you accept that not everyone is like you!
Who cares if people don't like a certain thing?
Who cares if one is fat or one is thin?
Who cares if one is a homophobic or one that supports?
Who cares if one is happy or sad?
Who gives? Who cares? Who are you in my life?

Who cares! We're all are human,
and we see different perspectives.

Sooner or later your going to find
someone you hate,
and I wouldn't care.

I won't convert you,
force you to love
or care.
I wrote this in my high school paper. It had been a year since I wrote it.


EDIT: Wow no hate comment? Thanks for the faves guys =3= I feel loved.
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