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EDIT: Asdfghjkl; this won first place I can't breath. <3<3<3

A contest work! :D Someone brought up the fact that I never draw men, and not too much later I saw the contest advertisement in a group journal. I put two and two together and here he is. I finished him up with a mouse since I'm out of stylus nubs... :P

Contest ---> :iconrotg-central:

I LOVE him. I did the old-fashioned Raven-styled hood and he came out looking like the main character from Assassins Creed. (Almost a little too much) I've wanted to start playing that series on the PS3, but never got around God of War and Transformers :P

I also used a St. Patrick reference [link], the original Bishop who drove away the snakes in Ireland.
Legend credits St. Patrick with teaching the Irish about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity by showing people the shamrock :shamrock:, a three-leafed plant, using it to illustrate the Christian teaching of three persons in one God. This is why shamrocks are a central symbol for St Patrick’s Day. History Lesson! :clap:

:note: Please, if you are extremely religious, do not take offense to my skewered version of the tale of St. Patrick. This is just for fun, and to include an explanation of how a frikin' youth was a guardian of a holiday. As another note, I KNOW the Leprechaun is a canon character, but I wanted to enter this contest and I cannot resist the urge to make a historical profile. :giggle: (I am not at all religious, in fact I am Agnostic...but that did not prevent me from studying and getting my facts straight).

Name: Patrick
Nickname(s): St. Patrick, Saint, Bishop.
Center: Faith
Age: 1552 years
Gender: Male
Nationality: Romanian, declared Irish
Birthplace: Scotland
Places Lived: Northern and Western Ireland, Britain
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 185
Birthday: Forgotten
Weapon: Patrick's staff stands beside him often without much action; It does prove to be a stable weapon when used as such.

Good Traits: Wise, funny, compassionate, considerate, grateful, courteous, devoted, kind.
Good Habits: Is always listening, is often determined, well-mannered, lives off the land.
Bad Habits: Often lazy, sometimes irrational, forgets to eat.
Fears: Death.
Favorite Food: Squirrel
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Time of Year: Spring

History: After being captured and sold into slavery, Patrick died in 461 while on a slave ship being sent into Ireland. There, due to his good nature and extreme bad luck, he was brought back as a watcher. Patrick didn't understand his purpose, and in thinking God and Christianity had saved him he spread the word and preached. He was named a Bishop at a young age due to his solid beliefs and words. Eventually he realized he was no longer aging, and asked two of his friends (twins Fredrick and Kief) and fellow Bishops to speak for him as they physically grew old. They understood, continuing as his colleagues and friends with full acceptance of his 'unusual gift of the Lord'.

At one point he and the twins were attacked by snakes; Kief being bitten and killed forced Patrick to null away almost all of the snakes in Ireland out of rage and mourning. Fredrick took on the visual roll of St. Patrick alone, still standing beside his non-aging Bishop. Years later Fredrick grew violently ill, and after the last and single snake in all of Ireland bit the man, he healed without explanation. Patrick immediately felt remorse, and kept the snake rather than banishing it as he had it's brother's.

Eventually, on March 17th, Fredrick died...ending the life of St. Patrick and leaving Patrick himself to continue on unnoticed. March 17th was then declared St. Patrick's day, leaving Patrick to watch it as the other Guardian's watched their own, and grant others faith and luck in the name of Fredrick and Kief.

St. Patrick © Evangeline73

Rise of the Guardians © Dreamworks
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Third in a small group of comics again made for reddit's r/skyrim!

The forsworn have impeccable hearing.
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Sorry for the crap drawings... I go through like three different styles in this one XD
Fist comic totally drawn via computer though... I plan on practicing more, so hopefully these will get better XD

And stupid title is stupid...I can never think of things

And yes, Skyrim has taken over my life. I'm surprised I actually got off it to draw this comic. I plan on not playing as much any more and focusing on other things...but sometimes that's hard
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Some bandit called Archer a lizard, and he doesn't very much appreciate that. Have you ever been in a fistfight with an Argonian? Even if so, you've never been in a fistfight with Archer.

He's a lean, green, fighting machine, and if you're a bandit... you'll end up like this poor fellow about to get smashed into the floor headfirst.

And those silly console commands? They won't save you, either.

Originally taken from the Skyrim 1.5 Beta patch.

Still Pissin' Off Argonians? Sequel:
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Most Bat fans will remember this animated movie.

The time period of Batman: The Animated Series was a great time for the Batman. The animation was so different and had stories that grown up fans like myself could enjoy.

I just wanted to throw my own spin on it.
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Pencils / Inks by me
Colors by JJ Kirby.
Just want to give an extra shout out to JJ Kirby, he is an amazing artist and person and has helped me so much that I am in eternal debt to him.
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Just added some Photoshop colors to the pencil drawing. I'm trying to develop a decent method of adding color, without resorting to inking, while still preserving the integrity of the pencil drawing. Right now I think I've found a decent method involving Hue/Saturation adjustment layers and the Color Range selection tool.

I also developed more of his chest and upper body; but the perspective is creating some issues, so I've cropped out the real problem areas until I can get a decent photo reference.
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EDIT 2:...note to self, never post/edit TLDR posts when half asleep, get Marta to do it.



Warning, huge file, is effing huge.

Name: Passero Da Ceprano
Passero: Sparrow in Italian
Ceprano: Is the city in which his family originated from, pronounced, Chiprahno.
Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Ethnicity: Full-Blooded Italian


Born into a family devoted to the Creed, he was taught everything about the Creed's history. What he wasn't taught was that his family was one of the few families that were given the task of guarding the Pieces of Eden. He was also taught at a young age how to assassinate and run, so close combat fighting is not really his forte. His family was made up of his father, who gathered information for the creed, his mother, who was a seamstress, and his little brother and sister who were in kindergarten.

As he progressed through school, he was always on the track team, and participated in the 100 m dashes and hurdles. Being on the track team helped him as an assassin in training because it gave him the skills he needed to get him out of tight spots with the Templars. As he went through high school, he developed a close bond with his history teacher, Mrs. Paxton, whom he always went to her rather than his guidance councilor.At the age of 17, he graduated from high school, and to celebrate this, he went out partying with his friends. He returned to his house to find it ransacked and his entire family slain. His family was waiting at his house to throw him a surprise party, but the Templars from Abstergo came and raided his house in a search for the Piece of Eden the family was protecting. Having not been successful, the Templars killed everyone that dwelled within. When Passero returned home, his father was just barely holding on for life, and with the last of his strength, he handed him an elastic band. At first he didn't know what it meant, until he went searching around and found a glowing ball of elastics in his little sisters cluttered toy box.

Having nowhere safe to stay, and literally nowhere, he ran to Mrs. Paxton's house. She gave him shelter, and after telling her exactly what happened, and what his family was involved in, she revealed to him that she was also apart of the creed and that she was the wise woman of New York City, and that her husband supplied the Creed with weapons. He told her that he was in possession of a Piece of Eden, and she informed HQ, in which they demanded the immediate possession of it. Passero, however, wasn't too keen on giving up the only thing he had to remember his family by, so after a great deal of negotiating, he was allowed to keep the peice on him.

Today, at the age of 22, he is still living with Mrs. Paxton, in her new 'Bureau' building in the heart of New York City, and is now a highly regarded assassin.

TLDR: An italian boy who grew up learning the arts of the assassins, and becoming an actual assassin after a great tragedy. 8D;

Personality: On missions, Passero is incredibly serious business; get in, assassinate, get out. He is incredibly conscious when it comes to the safety of his fellow assassins, and he, will by no means compromise the creed. If he has to pop a cyanide pill if he gets caught, he'll do it. Off missions, however, hes a pretty cool guy. He'll crack jokes and try and make light of any situation. He's very approachable and is quick in making allies/friends.

Likes: Daft Punk, Sprinting, Electronic Devices.
Hates: Wearing his hood, Close Combat fights, Swimming.

Irrelevant Facts:
- Refers to Mrs. Paxton as "Mah" or "Miss"
- Can outrun anyone.
- ...Oh how he loves mint tea.


In regards to his hidden weapons, I needed to justify the hidden blades....and his gun...think of the gun Professor Moirarty had in Sherlock Holmes, except, a tad bigger |D;

And ~foxmon's other awesome ACOC XP


For the Modern Day Assassin Contest going down at :iconnothing-is-true:

Wish me luuuuuck~!

Assassin's Creed Concept(c)The lovely people at Ubisoft


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Another in the run im doing , enjoy
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werewolf pen and ink
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