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Boyd and I decided a lot time ago that we wanted to do a "Fallen Angel" set together. The original idea was to just have me in a ripped up slip, with angel wings, and chained up. When we first attempted this idea it got mixed in with another shoot 'cause the girls were late to make it to their time slot at the group shoot. The results were lacking.

After thinking about it I decided I wanted it to be darker. I sent a message to another photographer named Kevin (a.k.a LazyI) who does a lot of special effects make-up in the bloody type fashion (he did my "Black Daliah" Stitches) and asked him if he'd be willing to help for this shoot. I wanted it to look like my "wings" had been ripped off, and that a cross had been burnt into my chest over my heart. He excitedly agreed. I explained to Boyd the new idea of it and he loved it as well.

I wanted to look truely forsaken. Like I had done something so horrible that I had been cast out of heaven with no chance of return. A cross burnt into my chest to show the world of my sinful ways. Distraught from my fall from grace I beg for forgiveness to take me back. Hiding in the dark corners for no one to find me because I am ashamed of my blasphmey (sp?).

Model: Sleep_to_dream (me)
Photographer: Visions Of Excess Studio [link]
Wings and cross: Dark Desires [link]
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:star: Starring :star:


I give permission to & to exhibit this image in their galleries.
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This is the outfit of my "Vampire Gorelesque" solo performance :)

If u want to know more about this shoot and the show, have a look at my blog:

Please add my facebook page for news, recent informations and private pictures [link]

... and don't forget to check the facebook page of the awesome photographer Moritz Maibaum [link]

Model, make-up, styling, wigdesign, retouch: :iconophelias-overdose: |

Photographer: :iconmoritzmaibaum: |

Costume design: :iconophelias-overdose:

Fangs: Custom-made by Father Sebastiaan (FR) | [link]
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One of the worst nightmares of my childhood, I never forgot to lock the damn closet... to switch the tiny night light on... to open the door and to close the curtains...

FACEBOOK:… (Sometimes I post making-offs there :) )
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