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Similar Deviations
These were originally taken for a site that was to be launched called Devil Dolls - and I don't know what ever happened with it.
These are all pretty low quality pics

Model = ME AKA


**please credit if used**
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Update 1st April
I've had a few people say they have had problems viewing the PCStitch files so I have now added PDF versions of the patterns into the ZIP file available for download.

I've also tweaked the colours used in a few of the patterns. I recommend downloading the new patterns if you have not already started stitching the old ones.

I am also thinking of doing some quote bookmark patterns. If you have a fave quote or character you would like bookmarked feel free to leave me a comment!



I haven't done any cross stitch patterns in ages but the urge suddenly grabbed me earlier this week. I am absolutely in love with Game of Thrones at the moment. The TV series is amazing and I'm almost finished the second book (I know it will spoil the next TV series... But I just HAD to know what happens next!).

So there are five patterns, each featuring the sigil and motto of a major house: Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon and Greyjoy. The sigil's are based on the artwork of the TV series. Each bookmark measures approx 2x7" when stitched on 18-count aida.

Click download on the right to get a ZIP of all the patterns. If you stitch one of these please send me a message when you're finished so I can see the end result! (also please credit me with a link back to this page). I have not yet stitched any of these myself, so I warn you to double check that the cotton colours I suggest match what you have in mind for your design.

Completed projects using these patterns:

Patterns for four more houses are now available:
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1. You must have a deviant art account. 

2. You can not use our stock in anyway that promotes or contains animal cruelty, sexploitation, or pics depicting cruel and otherwise socially, morally reprehensible acts or we will KILL you!! 

3. You must give this account credit when using these stocks always. 

4. To give proper credit you must provide a link back to our stock account *AshenSorrow in your submitted artwork descriptions and please include links to which of our stock you used.

5. You must give us a link to your deviation. You may send us a note, leave a comment on our front page or reply under the stock you wish to use. 

6. You may not redistribute these stocks. 

7. You may not use these stocks in the creation of other stocks. 

8. You may submit your artwork as prints on DA, but not as is. You must thoroughly manipulate it by mixing it with other stock or your own imagery, so that our stock does not constitute the majority of the picture.

9. COMMERCIAL USE: You MUST NOTE us and tell us what project you plan to use it in FIRST. In some cases we might charge for usage, and in others it may be free depending on the stock and the project it is used for.

10. You may display your work on other sites, as long as you credit this account.

11. Feel free to post your beautiful Art where ever you want Myspace, Facebook or any other online site you visit. You do not need to ever ask, YOU ARE the artist and you have the right to show off your wonderful creations where ever you want as long as you provide proper credit.

12. If our art is used in book covers & CD covers there is a fee. Contact us for more information. 

13. AND MOST OF ALL...Have lots and lots of FUN!! 
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this file can be very helpful to know wonderful steps
All Stocks with PSD File , and File.txt
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Finally another edited tutorial :D Hope you all enjoy it! I did another one a little while ago making the ribbon kind but this is all about elastic ^_^

A simple tutorial on making elastic sock toppers.

Full original tutorial is here: [link]
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First of all, I didn't write down much of the pattern while crocheting so this is all from memory and counting stitches on the finished gloves. If you find something that I should change or add to the pattern please send me a note!

I used a 4 mm crochet hook and acrylic yarn for 8 mm hooks.

Make the "wrist part" first. You might have to make less or more rows depending on what yarn/hook you're using or how big your arms are.
The whole "wrist part" is crocheted only in the back loops of the previous row, to get the ribbed look.

Start with yellow yarn.
1: Ch 26, turn
2-9: sc 25, ch 1, turn

Switch to red yarn
10-35: sc 25, ch 1, turn

Fasten off and leave a long end, and stitch it together.

Now the "glove part". It might look complicated (at least that's what I though when I first found a pattern made with this technique), but if you try you will quickly get the hang of it. And the result looks really good!
You make "sets" of one single crochet and one chain to make small arcs, and then you make the next row's sc's in the arcs. (Not in the stitch, but in the hole under the chains)
Be careful to count the sets though, since it's easy to lose track and hard to find out where you were if you forget.

1 set = 1 sc and 1 ch.

Attach red yarn to the edge of the wrist warmer, in the middle of the yellow section.

1: Distribute 18 sets around the edge of the wrist warmer. (More if you made more rows before)
2-6: 18 sets
7: Left handwarmer: 8 ch, skip 8 st, 14 sets. Right handwarmer: 14 sets, 8 ch, skip 8 stitches. (You might have to this part a little differently, but the important part is that you make a gap of 8 stitches somewhere on row 7 so you can put your thumb through there)
8-12: 18 sets

Switch to yellow yarn and make slip stitches in every stitch around the edge. Attach all loose ends.

Use blue yarn and make a loop.
1: 6 sc in loop
2: 2 ch, 2 dc in every st, sl st in first dc.

Switch to yellow yarn.
3: 2 sc in every st, sl st in first sc.

Fasten off, leave a long end and stitch the repulsor to the glove.

All done!
Since a lot of people were asking for it, here is the pattern for the Iron Man handwarmers!

You are free to use this pattern, modify it or do whatever you want with it, as long as you give me credit and don't claim it as your own!

I would also love to see the result if you use the pattern, so send me links! :D :heart:
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I used the upper body as part of a mermaid manip, Model is Brandi-lee, please link back with your work :)

rules [link]
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Here is the tutorial for make origami stars.

Tutorial en español: [link]
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Here's Lulu, my adopted cat. We found her when she was only 8 weeks old on a street being attacked by a dog. Lost 2 fingers on her paw. She is deaf as a post. But grows up to be a beautiful cat with brilliant pair of eyes!
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