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IF I COULD.......

FOR HIM I WOULD..........

I would kill Judge Turpin, Beadle Bamford and anyone who gets in his way..... if I had been born and from that time I would kill them all..... and I would protect him......Let him know that his beloved was alive..... Tell him what really happened.... Not let Mrs. Lovett near him....So that he could be at peace..............

Protect him from all and everything.......

Be his anything his everything his world.....

Be there be here be where he needs me.......

Never leave never......

Unless he wanted me to........

I would say this.....this message down below to anyone.... I would shout this from the mountains the tree tops.....Anywhere....

"I am the devil incarnate. You will all suffer for what you did. I will kill you all. No one will escape my fury. Sweeney Todd shall be avenged! He did not deserve what you did to him. You and all your descendants will suffer! Sweeney Todd shall be avenged! I will kill you. I will kill you. I. will kill. you all! I will kill you all! Kill you all......"

And I would if he asked me I would kill you all....!!

If he asked me to I would.......

Ask me to stay I'll stay.......

Ask me to leave I'll leave.........

Ask me to sing I'll from depths of my heart.....!

Ask me to cry......I'll cry as though I'd lost everything......

Ask me to scream I'll scream my fears away!!

Ask me to........

Ask me anything.......I'll do, be anything.....!

Because my everything.....

No one can hurt him not with me around......!
No one can hurt me not with him around.......!

No one will hurt us as long as we're together........Forever.......

You all deserve..........

We all deserve to die........!!!

"Never Forget! Never Forgive!"
hope this is the right category...>_>

basically my feelings about Sweeney Todd himself.....well how i feel about him and what i would do had i been there....during his time......

must kill the judge!!!!

I updated it!!! Woooo!!


Ps:: if you don't like it... DON'T READ IT!!
It's a POEM!!! Don't take it SERIOUSLY!!

These are indeed my feelings.....

You'll never know how much of it is really real though.....
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Thank you to stock artists...

Words: Mine alone...

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She stands alone in the face of the wind,
Counting her courage on the edge of the cliff,
Not to jump but to dream - dreaming of flying.
No time like the present. No time for the dying.

She lets the Winter wind ruffle her hair -
Those Auburn of curls that toss without care,
In this moment she is as happy as life will allow her to be,
As happy as a caged sparrow on the verge of being free.

She surveys the ocean with her eyes of The Storm,
And in the depths of their blue, a fire is born
But in her heart seethes, a great,unsure sorrow,
Whilst dreams and reality conflict for tomorrow.

But in The Wind she can hear one, single voice -
The voice of The Wind that rides above noise,
And in herself she knows she will find the strength,
To overcome death at any length.
For she is the Celtic Warrior with autumn flames for hair.
The eyes of a guardian. The face of a girl.

But mirror, mirror on the wall,
Why is this warrior girl all forlorn?
What is the thorn in her side?
And what is it she longs to hide?
What is it she seems to seek?
And who is it she longs to be?
For freedom shall come at too high a cost -
But without The Wind, her soul is lost.
Inspired again by my dear sister who has made everything that has happened in these two years possible. Without her I am only half of myself.
The preview is she stolen straight from her Facebook, seeing as my new phone had no photo to fit - my sister who you can check out her profile and incredible jewelry and poems on her profile Tigraess.
She is the original Merida from Brave :)
Red xx
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Kurt sat by the bar, swishing his non-alcoholic drink around as he smiles amused by his friends attempt to talk up other guys. His roommates were as straight as rulers but were convinced they could flirt with anyone and still come back with a number. He shook his head and laughed loudly when one of the roommates got completely rejected by a red head. He turned around on his stool, facing the bar. Kurt didn't really feel like being here but his friends insisted that he should at least experience a New York club, once in his life.

Not that he was a prude, but he still didn't feel comfortable with underage drinking and he just didn't really want to experience the New York club life without his boyfriend.

Speaking of which, he starts to fiddle with the ring on his pinky finger, something he does subconsciously whenever his mind starts to wander back to Ohio, or more specifically to McKinley where Blaine was. It's been almost a year since he left for New York and three months since he's last seen Blaine during Christmas break. It felt too long but at least Blaine will graduate in two months and they will be together again.

Still, sometimes he just doesn't want to leave his room unless it was for class. However, he knows that Blaine wouldn't want him to mope around while he lived in the most interesting city in the world. So after weeks and weeks of begging, he let his roommates convince him to get out of the dorm and have some fun. He definitely didn't regret it as Kurt looked down at his phone and all of the blackmail he had on the two of them. Hey, they took him to a bar knowing he can't drink. He needed to have some fun too.

"Hey, gorgeous. You here alone?"

Kurt started and whipped his head up. A tall, broad, brown haired (handsome) man slid onto the stool next to him, giving him a bright lit smile. Kurt blinked in confusion. He was still a little shocked at how easily other people seem to just flirt with him when he got to New York. It was just a little thrilling to know there are other people out there that find him attractive.

He cleared his throat and smiled apologetically, "No, I'm just here to be designated...carrier if you will." As if on cue, one of the roommates started to do the Macarena in a very suggestive and loud manner which only got a chortle from Kurt. The tall man besides him just grinned more widely, "Come on, ditch 'em. Wanna dance?"

Kurt shook his head, "No, that's not a good idea. They need supervision." Smiley, as Kurt has dubbed him, leaned in closer, "Oh, come on. They're big boys, they can take care of themselves."

Kurt quickly scooted away, "I'm sorry."

Smiley (no longer smiling genuinely but looked forced) said, "What? Tied down already?"

The younger boy (no, he was a man now, he had to stop thinking of himself as a child) looked down at his fiddling fingers, playing with ring once more.

--ten months earlier--

After the graduation, everyone had gone to their respective homes to celebrate with their families but the glee kids swore that they would all get together the next day for a big party. Blaine, being practically part of the Hummel family anyway, had gone with them to their house for a big celebratory dinner and sleepover, as long as he slept in Finn's room that is.

While Kurt was ushered out of the kitchen by a very teary eyed but determined Carole, Kurt resigned to sit out in the living room with his dad and Finn. But someone whispered out to him from the stairwell. "Kurt," Blaine murmured, motioning up the steps towards Kurt's room. Being careful to make sure his dad was distracted by whatever it was that was on TV, Kurt followed him up, wondering what on Earth this boy was doing now. It wasn't like Blaine to be sneaking around his house, at least not this early in the day (just at night when he snuck out of Finn's room to get to Kurt's.)

Blaine took his hand and pulled him over to Kurt's bed, sitting him down. "What's this all about?" Kurt asked, a grin playing on his lips. Blaine settled him with a look, "I have a proposition for you."

Kurt gasped, "Blaine! My family is right down stairs!"

He laughed at Blaine's flabbergasted expression, taking his hand in his, "I'm kidding. Why are you being so secretive?" Blaine relaxed and gave him a halfhearted irritated look, "I'm not being secretive. I just want this to be...perfect. Okay?"

"Make what perfect?"

Blaine took a deep breath and asked, "Do you still have that gum wrapper ring I made you for Christmas?"

Kurt smiled warmly at the thought of it, "Yeah, it's on my desk, why?"

Blaine bit his lip, put one hand in his pocket and the other grips Kurt's, "Would you like to trade?" Kurt just looked at him bemused, about to ask what he was talking about when Blaine took out a small, delicate ring from his pants pocket, shaped like a knot. It was thin but absolutely stunning.

"Blaine...please tell me you're not about to do a Finn--"

"No! Well not no...I mean...umm..." Kurt rubbed Blaine between the shoulder blades to calm him down, which helped slightly. Once Blaine found his footing, he looked up, "Remember how I said that I wanted to show you that I'll forever be your boy?" Kurt nodded, waiting for him to continue.

"Well, you're going to leave this fall for NYADA and well, gum wrappers just isn't in style up there, if it ever was. I guess what I'm trying to say is...I wanted to give you a real ring. It's's not Elizabeth Taylor's collection but...I wanted you to be able to wear something to remind you that I'll always love you. And that I'll wait for you as I hope you could...wait for me?"

Kurt blinked back tears and leans in to kiss him. "Of course I'll wait for you. Haven't you gotten the memo yet? You're stuck with me, like or not."

Relief flooded off Blaine in waves, his smile more easy going and relaxed, "Oh the humanity. What horrible thing did I do to deserve such punishment?" They both laughed quietly, leaning their foreheads together.

"Will you put it on?" Kurt whispered, one hand curling their fingers into Blaine's hair at the nape. Blaine nodded and took his hand as he pushed the ring onto his pinky finger. Kurt blinked, "Why that finger?" Blaine looked into his eyes and smiled, "It's a pinky promise. To tie the knot. Get it?" The taller boy leaned in closer, wrapping his arms around Blaine's shoulders as he laughed into his neck.

"You are such a dork," he said breathlessly before mumbling, "I love you so much."

Blaine held him close, his arms tightening in their hold just a bit, as if thinking that if he didn't, Kurt would slip away from him. He wished he could assure Blaine that there was no way Kurt would ever try to get away. "It's not goodbye, it's never goodbye," was all Kurt could offer.

His shoulder suddenly felt warm and the boy in his arms trembled slightly. "I know," Blaine's voice wavered, "But I'll still miss you."

"Me too. But I pinky promised. It's the rule. I'll have to stick a needle in my eye or something and I really need those."

He was glad to hear Blaine giggle at his horrible joke, "Wrong promise."

And that was that. Both of them reassuring the other that they'll be fine and Blaine kissed the finger the ring was on and Kurt let him, holding onto this small moment for as long as they could until Carole called them both down for dinner. They held hands underneath the table, fingers interlocked and they just knew they were going to be okay.

--cut to the present--

Kurt's face must have shown that he was no longer paying attention to Smiley cause the man called him out. Kurt blinked rapidly, trying to remember the question, "I'm sorry, what was that?"

Smiley looked like he was about to lose his patience, "I asked, are you already tied down or what?"

Kurt looked down at his ring then back up, a blazing grin on his face. "Yes. I am." Smiley was no longer smiling but had a rather blank look on his face. He opened his mouth but they were both interrupted as Kurt's roommates clobbered over, one of them draping a hand over his shoulder, "Let's blow this cock stand. I'm hungry." The other friend glared at Smiley, "Beat it, he's already got two hot dates." Without so much as an apology, Kurt was dragged away by his roommates.

"Hey, sorry that you had to deal with that jerk, Kurt," the one on his shoulders said, pouting slightly, "I swear, I thought we were gone for like, a minute."

"It's okay, I could handled it."

"I don't know. He looked pretty pissed while you two were talking. What were saying to him?" the other said, who was slightly less inebriated.

Kurt shrugged, "That I was unavailable. Come on, let's go get you guys filled up on food before your livers turn black. And if you throw up in our dorm room, I'm playing my music up really loud tomorrow morning."

Kurt wondered how long he would have to wait to skype Blaine in the morning and tell him all about his adventures as a new ordained New York clubber and about Smiley and everything else. God, he couldn't wait to share all these things together in just two months. And he knew they would do it. Call him crazy, call him childish, but he knew that in just two months they would start their new lives together in the Big Apple.

It was a promise.
Klaine week day 5, graduation/college.
So I found this ring today at the store and I had to have it. It gave me a great idea for a klaine drabble for day 5. The line that started to whole thing as soon as I saw the ring was, "It's a pinky promise, to tie the knot. Get it?"
I can just imagine Blaine doing something silly and romantic liked this.
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I need feminism because
It’s acceptable to call me a slut.
I need feminism because
It’s okay for a guy to slap my butt.
I need feminism because
It’s my own fault if a man rapes me.
I need feminism because
I should look good for men to see.
I need feminism because
People think it means ‘anti-man’.
I need feminism because
I can’t do things that men can.
I need feminism because
Girls think it’s cool to shame each other.
I need feminism because
The world has higher hopes for my brother.
I need feminism because
My femininity makes me ‘weak’.
I need feminism because
If I act masculine I’m a ‘freak’.
I need feminism because
My boobs are my ‘best quality’.
I need feminism because
I believe in equality.
Please let me know what you think :)

Okay. Woah.

So this has gotten a very diverse reaction, which I think is great; everyone's entitled to an opinion. A few of the comments are a tad aggressive and I kind of feel like I'm being accused of being a man-hating bitch or whatever. I'm sorry if this poem made me come across as such; if so, I'm sincerely sorry. So, I've decided to clear a few things up.

Firstly, know that it's not okay "for a guy to slap my butt". I know that, technically, it's illegal and counts as sexual harassment. However, some people still think it's an okay thing to do. I can testify this as I've been groped a fair few number of times by men I didn't know. One example would would be at a gig I went to, a lot of gigs I've been to, and men thought it was okay to slap/grab my bottom or cop a feel of my boobs. Just because it's illegal, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, the same goes for drugs - just because their illegal it doesn't mean that people don't take them.

I know that, if I got raped it wouldn't be my fault. However, there is so much victim-blaming going on in the world that it physically sickens me. People saying that the victim was 'asking for it' by wearing skimpy clothes or flirting. At the end of the day, rape is wrong no matter what. If the victim was stood there absolutely naked then she/he still wouldn't be asking for it.  

Feminism is not anti-man. Some people who call themselves feminists might be that way but, personally, I am not. It's not what feminism means. Not at all. Feminism is a faction in the fight for equality for all, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, identity or any other issue. Feminism isn't about women being better than men; it's about all of us being equal. Feminism is an idea, a concept, and that's what it means to me.


I'm kinda sick of this poem, to be honest. Thus I'M NOT GOING TO RESPOND TO ANY MORE COMMENTS ON IT. However, feel free to comment and interact with each other. If you want me to answer something, feel free to note me.
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Little Psychics

In Lima, Ohio a six years-old Kurt Hummel is sitting in the living room with his mother, laughing and singing along to The Little Mermaid. When Kurt's favorite scene comes on—the one where Ariel is singing to a half-awake and dazed Prince Eric—he bounces and giggles and squeals.

"Mommy, Mommy," he exclaims, "someday I'm going to marry a boy like Prince Eric."

Elizabeth, not really shocked by this declaration, smiles and hugs her little boy, kissing his temple.

"I know, baby..."


In Westerville, Ohio a young Blaine Anderson sits with his older brother in the den watching Sleeping Beauty; when Aurora's singing and dancing in the woods with her animal friends, the six years-old grins widely and sighs.

"What's with the smile," sixteen years-old Cooper laughs.

"One day," he says, "I going to find my own Prince Phillip…"

A small pause follows, broken when the older boy snorts and they both end up laughing.

"Sure, Blainey, sure…"
Klaine Week (yes I know, super extra late).

Okay, why I choose these princes: they mirror our favorite boys (somewhat)

Blaine is Eric because: black hair, rich, falls in love with Ariel's voice (2.09/when he starts to wake up on the beach), is searching for love and doesn't really see the person in front of him

[Kurt is Ariel because: both fall for their princes when she/he first sees him preform ("Teenage Dream"/ the flute scene) and neither have a mother]

Kurt is Phillip because: brown hair, rich (because of the amount of money Kurt spends on his clothes), wakes up his true love (2.16/tower scene), falls in love with Aurora's voice ("Teenage Dream"/singing in the woods)

[Blaine is Aurora because: dreaming of true love, but is blind and rejects it at first (2.12/singing in the woods)--falls in love along the way (all of Platonic!Klaine/singing in the woods, when they dance together) and needs to be awaken (2.16)]

=D Tell me what you think!
:X But be polite!
:) Enjoy!

To :reading: more of my fanfiction, pieces click here please


Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuck
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Thank you to stock artists






Words: by me alone ~
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The ground of celestial perfection is infinity away from the tallest tower.
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Estrarra, a planet, is where the history of the Created Worlds began. It is associated with Earth in a special way. There was a similar evolution and Esvarra's telepathists have an unidirectional mental connection to Earth's inhabitants. This connection isn't completelly investigated, but it had a great impact on the civilizations of Esvarra.
The haynas are main intelligent species of the planet. By their phisiology they are more primitive than humans and more closer to baboons, than the anthropoids. Haynas have (like the most mammals of Esvarra) empathy and telepathy, specific "nonclosed" brain. This biological feature allows them to create a mental connection with their own kind or with other animals, and so they have collective intelligence (not the mind, the mind of each one is individual). Haynas create conditions and because of them all mammals-empaths have access to a shared intellectual resource and become reasonable. This mechanism appeared unconsciously, like a side effect of the evolution of species. Except for associations of mammals there on Esvarra live semi-reasonable carnivorous dinosaurs - raptors.

Haynas don't have countries (countries in our understanding). They can have so-called Aroses. Aros is a union of 200-600 adult individuals that occupy large areas. Aroses can be combined into pseudo-countries - changeable, unstable associations. They became necessary only in the time of the scientific and technological progress.
The largest and most significant association was Alliance. Late Alliance is considered as classical civilization of haynas.

By peculiar conditions of the evolution haynas became altruistic race. One hayn can feel him/herself good only when others feel themselves too. They don't have natural enemies. They are unpretentious. Haynas don't use money or something like this. Haynas have only two motivations: they can intervene when someone is suffering or can use an excess of intellectual resource for creative tasks, including science.

Haynas are the makers of the Created Worlds. This conception is a secondary reality that exists on the basis of quantum-organic machines that called Portalers. There are lots of worlds but the first and main - Luarill (First-world, Cradle, "training ground" for the future demiurges).

The civilisation of haynas was destroyed in a result of the experiment of a planetary scale. They tried to unite the whole entire biosphere into one "network", where every being (not just empaths-mammals) can have an individual mind and consciousness, complete itself's mind through external, global intellectual resources. The experiment was a disaster. Magnetic field perturbations that were caused by instability of mental fields made empaths blind and deaf. Most of empathic abilities were lost during the first few hours after launch. Haynas lost one of their sensory organs and this meant that they'll die.
Who survived in the chaos of first two years, united to improve the technology of virtual reality, and went to Created Worlds.
After almost five centuries haynas returned to Esvarra by technology of Portalers. And they weren't those haynas that left this world long ago. They were artahs.
Artahs were significantly different from their predecessors. They were new species. But they are heirs of main ideas of ancient civilization. Artahs successfully completed the project, that destroyed cilivisation of haynas.
You won't see any unintelligent life forms on Esvarra now. By empathic powers of artahs and their quantum computers, that generates additional mental fields, even most primitive beings have an individual mind.
Created Worlds live and evolve: virtual reality was not just a temporary measure, to be saved in an emergency, but it also made possible to expand Oyqumena
Many thanks to :iconcamarolp: for the translationand the opportunity to talk about my worlds of English-speaking readers.
This log reveals a series of articles about Created Worlds and Esvarra.

If you are interested in this world, you can learn more about the traditions and culture of hayns:
Hayns: attitude to death and to war
Attitude to death.

Hayns have very complex and ambivalent attitude to death. Unlike humans, hayns do not regard death as a mystery- every single hayns knows for sure what a living creature feels when dying. Despite all the advantages, empathy and telepathy have a downside as well- other's sufferings feel like their own, inability to divide anyone into "outsiders" or "their own" groups. It is easy to kill one of their kind by turning him into a rival in their mind, which is a salvatory for the psyche, but completely impossible for an empath action. This conflict is a foundation of hayns' belief system. Their whole culture is a search for a co
Hayns: priest institute
Usually the most sensitive, black hayns become priests. They find it difficult to kill, in a way it's even mor difficult for them to kill that to their tribesman, however empathy won't allow them to walk by somebody's sufferings. That kind of priest was the famous Hotis. All later cultures tied to be like him. Sometimes those who have predatory tendencies, who still show a will to kill despite the emotional paint become priests too. (Harro was like that). Those whose fur is lighter than average are usually not allowed to become priests, though among them are more 'predators'. Priests are those who have right to kill and do that often and publ
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Collision is a story written by LJ's imaginentertain (aka beautifulhigh on tumblr) for the Reverse Big Bang. It was originally inspired by art created by the lovely and talented Volsura, and in turn inspired me to play with book design and some fun art elements for the PDF.

This story has several different elements of communication: tweeting, longhand letter-writing, texting, email, YouTube posts, etc. that initially presented a challenge-- how to incorporate those things to be different from the text and other elements, recognizable as their signature style, and still flow well in a "print" style book. I think it works pretty well visually, but I invite you to take a look and let me know what you think.

All artwork in the story is mine EXCEPT for the fantastic YouTube page "screenshot" and original Kurt/Blaine art featured in that shot on page 20, which was created by Volsura.

If you like the story, please visit Imaginentertain (on LJ HERE [link] or on tumblr as beautifulhigh HERE [link]) and let her know what you think. Also, check out more of Volsura's great art on her tumblr HERE [link]
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