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Mr. Polite Enderman

Drew this last night, could use the scanner until today eAe




Minecraft belongs to Notch... Yush.. e3e
Art belongs to me (no durr)

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Again, trying to draw guys, im still ify about male faces, so i said, wtf, why not Pyramid Head, i love him, he has a great body, and i dont have to worry about the face!!! P.S. thats me being dragged away to be molested, oh darn hehe.....^_^

and no i DO NOT own Pyramid there
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pyramid head , de silent hill , em supersculpey
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It has been over 13 weeks since I uploaded art here.

Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill game series. (and the movie) This character belongs to my fav monsters ever. There is something in his design that is utterly epic

Done with watercolours, pencils and copic markers.


Pyramid Head (c) Silent Hill 2 Konami
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Here it is finished!

A gift for:

His wish was a drawing of Finn & Jake, made in style that's similar to this one:
Happy wolf mutt by roxy932211
I planned to do it the same way but I think it looks better in colors. I really hope you like it!
Thank you again for what you did for me, I really appreciate it. And I'm so sorry for making you wait so long T.T

I never watched Finn & Jake except for one time when I stumbled into one episode on some random deviant's profile. I think it's hilarious xD

Thanks to everyone for checking this drawing, like and comment if you think it's worthy!
You can also check my gallery and you'll get one almost free overpriced ice cream as an extra.
If you by some chance don't get it, you'll still have my gratitude and me spying on your profile and gallery.

-Colored pencils
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Yay my second army of chibies is done! Not as various as last time but I think I'm getting better at this :D

The smaller ones at the top will be cheaper bookmarks than ones bellow.
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Have a Kill la Kill fanart without any obvious fanservice (unless you’re into art like this then enjoy)~

Hoping to print these as a poster at the con. The quality isn’t the best but there you go~ :U

Done with copics, ink and white color for splatter effects.

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Dark Beast (C) :iconmistthedeath:
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My entry for :iconguardianofire:'s contest, to show your trainer with a pokemon of theirs.

SO! I give you miss Charlie White, with Lockjaw the Feralagatr. Charlie totally is taking over Locky's sunbathing spot, Locky ain't to impressed. But oh well, Charlie don't care.

And yes, that is a duskull on her bikini. XD


Name: Charlie White
Nicknames: Kid

Job: Trainer

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: A whopping 5'0"
Weight: A measly 101lbs *she's a stick really*

Appearance: Rough and tumble, she wants you to think 'badass' when you see her; and usually she either gets that thought, or, 'where did her parents go wrong?' Normally clad in nothing but black, and more black, and the occasionally black and white striped shirt, she almost gives a pirate like feel to her. Her shirts never cover her midsection though, the warmer temperatures of the climate deeming it all right to wear such garb. Hitched to her waist by studded belts are usually black men's cargo pants she probably stole from one boyfriend or another, but oh well, their loss, her gain. When she can get her hands on them, tripp pants complete with rattling chains and enough pockets to choke an ox take up her legs and have them vanishing under thick black cloth. More often than not she's got some kind of combat boot on beneath it too.

Never will you see her in girly attire, dresses and skirts are scowled at and shunned like they carried the plague itself. Makeup, other than black eyeliner, nail polish, and the occasional lip stick, is frowned upon as well. Her ears are just about the only girly thing about her, pierced all the way up to the cartilage and then some, hoops, industrial, and spikes jut out of her ear and threaten to cling to the nearest Magnemite. Her left eyebrow and naval also carry metal of some kind, she want's to get a septum piercing, but is to chicken shit to do it.

A lot of times her arms are adorned with wrist bands, fingerless gloves, to many rings and all kinds of other things she seems to adore. On her neck is usually one to five different necklaces, depending on her mood.

Her hair is dyed as well, a bright candy red that fades to black that needs to be redone every two weeks or else it fades back into its normal dishwater dirty blond hair color. Her eyes are a natural bright green, sometimes mistaken for blue, and always framed with thick dark eye liner. Her height is something to marvel at, an astounding 5'1" tall, but with an attitude thinking that she's 30 feet tall and bullet proof. She's also thin, only just about 110lbs total, a bit of a stick really.

Personality: As said before, she wants you to think she's a hardass, the queen of hard core, queen bee, top bitch and all of the above. She puts on a hard outlook on life, a hard mask if you will, she likes it when people think shes hard core. She is not afraid to throw punches if the world makes her do so, and for a tiny stature, her lungs are quite the things to behold. She can yell and scream louder than anyone else in the fight, and if she wants people to hear her, she -will- be heard, no questions asked about it. Her temperament is quite the thing to behold as well, able to turn a complete 180 in less than .2 seconds, when she gets mad, the world knows it and heaven help whomever pissed her off because she will let you know she's cranky. But she is also very smart, and sometimes she thinks she's a bit to smart, but she is smart enough to negotiate well, and has gotten herself out of some tough situations when she needed to. She is not very book smart, but instead she tries to think of things and situations from the third party perspective, though she will resort to wheedling her way in and out of things if she can.

Well...That's what she wants you to think about her. True she can swindle her way out of jail if she needs to, and can put up a badass front, making herself look like a scum-of-the-street bad girl, she really isn't. Yes she was that way in the past, but raising pokemon has brought out her better half. Now she may put up her front, but give it ten or fifteen minutes tops and she'll dissolve away, to her normal personality. She's a spitfire, she's a bouncy little thing honestly, something that can't sit still for more than ten minutes at a time, with the attention span of a goldeen. She's prone to talking about one thing, then being distracted and wholly forgetting or changing the topic on a dime, she's a scatterbrained little thing. She's got askew thoughts that are random at best, and usually sees things through a creative eye. Though that fact can sometimes get her into trouble, with her odd plots and plans to get things.

But if you really get to know her, her wild temperament aside, she's actually quite loyal, she does not bode well with people who turn traitor against her, whether it be friends, boyfriends, or anyone really. She's actually very loyal to the people she trusts. When she wants to, she can be quite sweet though, paying for drinks or food, or whatever if she's out with one of the few trusted friends. However she likes having nice things that other people don't have, and sometimes can be downright greedy when she wants to be. This is a terrible fact considering that if anything shiny dangles before her vision she wants it, and she wants it bad.

She also hates seeing anything in pain, the sound of something yelling in pain can quickly send her into a tailspin. Also she's horrific when it comes to the sight of a living body bleeding, give her a dead hunted animal to gut, but have her have to hold a cloth on an open wound on anything can quickly make her queasy. Actually its been known that when her own ear piercings have gotten infected, she got herself sick cleaning them out. Shes certainly not Nurse Joy material at all. So sometimes in bad pokemon battles, she downright quits if things are getting to bad or rough in the fight. But she loves winning, and is a very sore looser, so she has troubles with her little quirks.

History: Born into a very sheltering family that consisted of her, her mother, and her father and that alone. Both her parents worked as pokemon breeders, giving new pokemon to the pokelab for new trainers to take along on their journeys. Charlie enviously watched as pokemon after pokemon left their care and into the arms of professors, or trainers themsevles. But her parents, being fearful of the world, kept her inside most of the times and did not allow her to start her own journey.

This led her to rebel at a very early age, and get herself into some quick amounts of trouble fast. But she was smart enough to worm her way out and flee back to the safety of her home, staying for a few weeks before her parents pissed her off and she disappeared again. She made some friends in the world , but she also made enemies too, but that's when her friends found her and helped her out.

But after six years of rebeling against her parents, she finally had had enough of them saying no to her and her dream of becoming a pokemon trainer. So one day when she returned home, she took the bag she had packed specifically for the purpose she had in mind, what money she had, and set off on the road without a single glance behind her. She traveled to a professor whom wasn't connected to her breeder parents, and out of the three pokemon offered to her, a little big mouthed crocodillian looking thing called to her most. The little Totodile and her seemed to be a perfect match, sure they hit their rough parts, but it soon came to be that Charlie was a very good trainer.

So her and Lockjaw slid from town to town, battling and collecting pokemon. And over time the Totodile evolved into a Croconaw, then to a Feralagatr, huge and powerful. At first the massive outcome of her wee bitty beasty unnerved her, the Feralagatr being so tall, but he was still her Locky, and she still loved him. And they continued to explore the world, not quite to the pokemon league yet, but in time she's got plans to take them on.

Likes: Lockjaw, techno/industrial music, water, dark, the color black, the color blue, pokemon, hats, legendary pokemon.

Dislikes: Being told what to do, authority, getting into situations she can't get out of, being bested in a dispute, needles, Raticates, woods.

Personal Quirks: She has a habit of rocking back and fourth without noticing when she's sitting still. She also cannot say the word 'Feralagatr', and unless she's thinking about it, she'll say 'Ferlagator', which often times turns into ';percolator', which has given Lockjaw the second nickname of ';Perky' which he hates. She is also hunting legendary pokemon, its her dream to be able to successfully gain the trust of a pokemon such as that.

Secrets: She's signed on willingly to Team Rocket/Team Aqua (generation depending for you, so if she's used anywhere, its either or) (THOUGH! Me being me, I still havn't decided if she is or isn't yet XD)
She's hunting a Deoxys, something fierce. She wants a Deoxys, yes she does. (She HAS a masterball, just in case she ever runs into one. Which she's determined to do)

Other pokemon:
Though if drawn, it'll probably just be Locky and Hooka, the paras >3>


Species: Feralagatr
Nickname: Lockjaw (occasionally Perky, by Charlie)
Age: 6
Hight: HUGE. Like, towering over normal Feralagatr huge.
Weight: HE'S A FATTY TOO. *honestly I have no idea how heavy they are >> so uh...lots?*

Appearance: More narrow in jaw than normal Feralagatrs, Lockjaw is aptly named though. His teeth stick out from his mouth helter skelter, and give him a mouth that looks better fitting on a shark than him, though it gives his crunch attack a nasty edge. His coloring is a bit more dark blue than the norm of his species, and his spikes are a bit redder than normal, though the cream of his throat and belly band are quite average, nearly matching Charlie's pale skin. He is an absolutely massive beast though, and clearly towers over his trainer (all the better for her to 'attack' him by leaping clean on his back) and just about everything else, which he'll use to his advantage.

Personality: Lockjaw, like all of his kind, is absolutely hopeless in cool weather or before he's had the chance to heat up his cold blooded body. Because of this he's often aloof and liking more to do rather nothing than anything, if there's a patch of sun, its a sheer battle of wills between he and his trainer to get him moving away from it, often times with Charlie loosing.
He has retained some of his Totodile nature though, and can often be seen ';playing' with Charlie, which more or less entails playing pranks on her, one of his favored being waking her up by flipping her mattress from beneath her, or holding her beloved hat above her head, where she cannot reach it.
Though should anyone threaten his Charlie, there is hell to pay from this blue beheamoth, for Lockjaw is a horrifically possessive creature when it comes down to his Charlie. And should anyone upset her, then they have a seven and a half foot monster with lots of teeth on their hands to deal with, one with a horrible temper that's prone to biting first and thinking never. Flooding with a nice surf attack has worked in the past though, ex boyfriends have returned to their homes or belongings with everything soaked and torn up to shreds.

Mastered attacks: ( Asterisk indicates an attack most used)
Ice Fang*
Aqua Tail
Iron Tail
Water Pulse
Rain Dance

Pokemanz aint mine
The drawings and characters are
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