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Similar Deviations
Many color variations, resolutions and ratios included. As always.

Inspiration: My Marlboro cig.
Made using: Photoshop and

This was a suggestion from my friend =Osox. Thanks brother bear :hump:
I hope you like it!


Note: I'm gonna use bigger previews to all my upcoming walls, so u can see a bit of them in "actual size".
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I am including screens for both single and dual display setups, including dual and single widescreen setups, so there should be a wallpaper in this file for absolutely everyone.

This wallpaper works with any of the following display setups:
+Dual Display:
-3840x1200 (2 displays @ 16:9)
-3840x1080 (2 displays @ 16:10)
-3200x1200 (2 displays @ 4:3)
-2560x1024 (2 displays @ 5:4)
+Single Display:
-1920x1200 (1 display @ 16:9)
-1920x1080 (1 display @ 16:10)
-1600x1200 (1 display @ 4:3)
-1280x1024 (1 display @ 5:4)

I needed something new for my desktop... :D

This one is not part of the My Bliss series, as the image is not very like the others. It is dirty, grungy, and plain. The colors are not highly saturated, and there is noise in the sky. I wanted to make something different, something I often see in photographs, but never in wallpapers. I was inspired by the works of several artists, namely =petitescargot. Obviously I am not trying to recreate his work, but I like his style. I have always wondered how some of his photographs would look if they had more colors. I like the desaturated look, but I think a few more colors could really add another dimension to his work. But he has his style and I don't want to change that.

I wanted another farmland-like image, but I wanted a different one. I like the way this one turned out, and I made it for myself, so I don't think I will be doing much to it.

Thanks for looking.

P.S. - Sorry for the large download, but it is the only efficient way to offer plenty of resolutions. I often have people ask me why I don't include resolutions like 1024x768, to which I reply: I do include them! People just have to learn how to use the proper size, and let Windows scale it down. The only resolution that someone can possibly have that isn't included in this is if they are using one or more 30" screens. So unless you have a 30" screen, you can use this wallpaper! That goes for all of my wallpapers, just READ THE README!!!
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Hey My Friends ! :)
I'm Proud to show you my first wallpaper pack for windows XP / Vista.
This package contains 40 High-Quality Wallpapers. The package contain images with thoose dimensions : 1600 X 1200 , 1024 X 768 , 1280 X 1024 , 1024 X 767.
All the images are in JPEG Format. and they are without WaterMarks. [ Cause I believe you won't copy my pack... ;)]

Using Instructions :
To See the files go to :[Install-Drive] \Program Files\CoXtreme\Wallpaper Pack 1 (Default). And browse the files.

> This Package was released at 2 versions : Setup File (.exe) ,and WinRAR File (.rar).

The RAR Version is coming soon...
N O T E : If you don't have WinRAR Archive Program download it Here : [link]

This Package created with support of CoXtreme (TM).

Please do not reproduce or copy without permission from me.

Special thnks to : Dave`Nevel , Mike Shamo.

Enjoy :)

If you have some notes please leave comment.
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Creative name heh? ;)
//Quick wallpaper only resolution of 1280x1024 sorry, might make it bigger if people are interested. if so please comment...

Edit: added 1680x1050 res...
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My first WallPaper Pack named "The Wallpaper Pack" for my friends of DA and everyone who likes my works, I really appreciate for all kind comments and words from all of you.

I have little modification on the wallpaper to make it look better...^0^

Screen resolution available ::


File size is about 5Mb.

If you want other size, just feel free to note me and I will do it for you.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for everything.

Happy viewing and Peace!
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The sequel to my Winter Wonderland wallpaper :aww:
I have had quite a few people ask when I was going to release another snowscape wallpaper so here it is!!
I would like to thank :iconresurgere: for the wonderful stock image used for this wallpaper!

Comes in two versions!! :w00t:

Enjoy!! :D
Download Includes:
1920x1200 (two versions)
1600x1200 (two versions)

Please use 1920x1200 for: 1280x720, 1680x1050, and 1440x900

Please use 1600x1200 for: 1024x768 and 1280x1024
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Just a tribute to the summer :) It´s a dualscreen wallpaper made of stockimages from sxc :)
The zipfile contains:
Full view is recommendable :)
Hope you´ll like it, every comment is welcome. Enjoy :)
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My 100% own-maded new windows 7 style wallpaper.

5 color variation: blue, green, orange, red, all-of-these
5 resolutions: 1920x1080, 1680x1050, 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1024x768

Hope you like it!
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another minimalistic kind of wallpaper. hope you guys like it. 1600x1200.
please +fav :+fav: if you like it :D
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Original idea and design by Xiaon and I, long time ago, I' decided to rework on these, and here is what I've arrived to:

A set of 80 icons for Mac and Windows, with the most common files and folders from both world in a neat aqua tone.

available for mac as .icns or folder with the icon applied and as .ico and .png for windows. Color variations might come if people asks for...

Comments welcome of course
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