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Random drawing of two of my Skyrim characters - Wood elf Rienna and the dark elf Leif.

Who knows what is going on here,
I think at one point I had something planned..and then lost it XD So it's just a random thing lol make of it what you will ^^
also can't think of a title..again, so bad at that.

Rienna : Bastard!
Leif : ..She loves me really
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FINISHED!!!!! See here!…

I discovered Worbla's finest art recently.

Here is my current project, I plan to do the Nightingale armor from Skyrim. The side parts will be vegi leather.
Thanks a lot to Kamui for her Armor tutorial(s)

This will be a scale armor kind of outfit and the scales will be attached flexibly.

Next: Smooth, primer and base color
Long term: Sewing! I will need a cape, and the leather parts of my armor.
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Having fun with my tablet and blog and friends and omg I'm so tired!
No more drawing from me this tuesda- :icontrollfaceplz: oh wait it's wendsday already

Argonian (C) Bethesda Softworks
Julei-Zu (C) ~BlueReptile
Hunter (C) [link]
Quell (C) [link]
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“Do not pity me
I was born for this”

Tumblr post here, please reblog instead of repost -> [link]

Taken in a very cold and snowy night in Winterberg (Germany), I guess I never freezed so much during a shooting…and was also never more afraid that something bad would happen.
Journey is an absolute wonderful game made by ThatGameCompany.

Photographer: me, *AraDolls
Cosplayer: ~ChocolateDecadence

PS: I promise the next picture won't be horizontal and with snow, urgh >__>'
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I decided to revive Adalia for Skyrim on the theory that elves in the Elder Scrolls universe seem to live incredibly long lives if they manage to avoid all the things that want to kill them and pursue magical life-extending things.
Also because it amuses me to think that she became Listener in Oblivion, left, and ruined everything for the next two centuries.
This is part of a meme, which I may or may not finish.
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Apparently, my previous horker scribble was the first actual drawing of a horker on this site, which is...odd. So, here, have another!

I promise, my next upload will be 100% horker-free.
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:star::trophy: IS NOW ACCEPTED EXCELLENT BLOOD! :trophy::star: :la:

Design holder:

Registration ID: #873
Name: EWS Callula 873
Nickname: Cally, Callu
Meaning: "Little Beauty"
Status: :star: Quality Blood
Gender: Mare
Breed: Nordanner
Age: 15 years
Height: 16.2hh
Color: Gold champagne Tiger Roan splash
Markings: Splash dipped.
Eye Color: Blue
Genotype: ee/Aa/nCh/nSpl/nTr
Sire: GSR Raghnall 115…
Dam: :star: RC Araishia Tohiri 66…
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: GSR Raghnall 115
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: RC Araishia Tohiri 66
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Base Personality Flight Risk: Things can be all dandy, untill something scary catches me eye - and I'm off! Oh, and the scary part depends on my mood, so you never really know what your ride will be like.
Querks 1Tosses head a lot
Querks 2 Stands nicely while you mount
Worst Fear/Spook Being left alone
Herd Mentality The follower, happily set in the middle of the herd
Horse vs. Owner/Handler/Rider Easy horse to be around
Favorite Treat licorice
Discipline: All Around.
Training: Basic Training.
Tack: Daily & Dragon Hunter Full Gear

Breeding: Slots Filled.
EWS Breeding Rules: eclipsedwolf-stables.deviantar…
Restrictions: Purebred Nordanners Stallions Only.
Breeding Price: Fullbody breeding image, background optional.
Future Breeding Slots:
:bulletblack: Reserved for WeyHeyitsKey
:bulletblack: Reserved for Neko-Raccoon
:bulletblack: Reserved for AhernStables
:bulletblack: Reserved for crimson-forest-farm 
:bulletblack: [Reserved for Justalittlelost]
:bulletblack: Reserved for joesse
:bulletblack: Reserved for Xunau66 to
:bulletblack: Reserved for RoseCrossStables
:bulletblack: Reserved for Cloudrunner64
:bulletblack: Reserved for moonlight270

200 Kaaring Breeding Slots:
:bulletblack: Goldenstables
:bulletblack: Undecided.
:bulletblack: Undecided.
:bulletblack: Undecided.
:bulletblack: Undecided.
:bulletblack: Undecided.
Nordanner Kaaring “Quality Blood” Credit Points

Kaaring Journal: eclipsedwolf-stables.deviantar…

Art/Callula (C) Me
Nordanner Breed/Stat System (C) AgerskovArt
Personality Randomizer (C) MamaT06, Hathien603, AgerskovArt
Ref (C)
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'...With his knife in the night.'

Cicero art! Because I love the mad, little jester.

It started out as practice, then I added more into it. I just wanted to experiment with the brush in Paint Tool Sai.

This was sitting on my computer. I was looking through my files and found this. I thought I may as well upload it.
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Haskill: You look very uncomfortable,My Lord.
Sheogorath: It's disgusting! Heavy,humid...and a bit sweaty.:dead:
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This is my favorite screenshot of Ulfric Stormcloak from Skyrim I was able to do with Steam. Up cloase and personal, this was taken when he was talking to Stone-Fist.

Skyrim Bethesda Softworks
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