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EDIT 5/11/2014: Guys. GUYS. STAAAHHHP. This journal is fucking FIVE YEARS OLD, and that's about how old all of you are acting. I would say sorry for ~ruining your life~ by venting about your favorite sparkly animoo, but I'm not. And if your whole identity is really tied up in a fucking fandom, you have serious issues. Seek help. Disabling comments when I can, because whether you're trying to prove some stupid point to me, defend me, or logic this out with me, you're all equally retarded. Go home, boys and girls, show's over!

So a few friends have been asking me lately what I've got against this inexplicably popular series that seems to have popped up recently called Axis Powers Hetalia. They love it... and I HATE it. Hate it hate it hate it!!! But the mere fact that it fills me with boiling rage everytime I think about it is not a good enough reason for them, so I guess I'll try to piece together why it pisses me off so very much. -I'm- not even entirely sure why I dislike it so much, so this'll be a learning experience for everyone involved, hmm? :)

First off: the concept. Yes, it's kind of a cute idea. Anthropomorphization of anything can be fun if done well. The problem is, it's not done well. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the series wasn't so fucking popular. You can get away with some historical errors if you're a little podunk webcomicker with a solid twelve fans, but not if your series is so big that it gets turned into an anime. And the whole WWII thing is just in bad taste, especially coming from Japan, a country that, to this day, tends to deny any wrongdoing in WWII. And that's certainly not me hating on Japan, that's just a fact.

Second, the characters. Jesus-fucking-Christ-on-a-cross, the goddamn motherfucking characters. Talk about the most uninspired, unoriginal, impossible to tell apart, two-dimensional, and flat-out insulting cast of characters you've ever seen!! It pisses me off both as an artist and as a writer to see so much praise heaped upon such bland, poorly-designed characters. Yes, you can argue that they're supposed to be stereotypes or something and ignore the fact that none of them have any sort of engaging personality. Fine. Whatever. Have your Sues and eat them too. But couple that with the genericness of their aesthetic design and the already-poor art style of the original comic and you have a perfect piss-off-Lissa cocktail. Note to any budding artists out there: changing the hair/eye color/style of a person DOES NOT A NEW CHARACTER MAKE. If people tend to confuse your characters with each other, you are doing it. Fucking. Wrong.

Third, the history. Listen, Mr. Hotshot-Hetalia-Writer, if you're not going to do your fucking research, don't get anywhere NEAR the subject of world history to "satirize" (and APH is not satire, as this Deviant's journal kindly points out). The history of any given country, particularly of the powers involved in WWII, is a touchy, objective, and sometimes downright painful subject. To not handle the matter with care is a surefire way to piss off anyone whose life has been affected by things like the Holocaust or the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or September 11th. If I've heard correctly, the comic completely glosses over the Holocaust. It's a comic about fucking World War II. Either include ALL of the war, both what little good is there to be found and the bad, or don't fucking cover the war at all. See what I mean? The very idea of trying to make light of such a dark part of history is incredibly offensive... and that's coming from someone who, to my knowledge, hasn't really been affected by WWII. Hell, I don't even give a damn about history and I don't claim to know much about it, I nearly failed that class a couple times. But I DO care about making fun of people who have done nothing wrong, and a LOT of innocents were wronged in that war. To pretend their suffering just didn't happen for the sake of entertainment is nothing short of despicable.

And I've saved the pettiest reason I hate Hetalia for last: the fucking fandom. I'll readily admit that mainstream anything tends to piss me off. Not always, but pretty damn often. I wouldn't even call Hetalia "mainstream," but it's popping up in enough places I frequent to REALLY get under my skin, DeviantART being the biggest offender here. A few people don't care for Hetalia because they're squicked by the yaoi it spawns. Well guess what? I love yaoi, and that's yet another reason I'm so pissed off by APH!! It's one thing to pair up fictional characters from a story and another entirely to slash entire countries with one another... and be entirely serious when you do so. If you were poking fun in an Encyclopedia Dramatica sort of way, fine by me. "OLOLOL THAT COUNTRY IS SO THAT OTHER COUNTRY'S BITCH LOLOL" and move on. But then people write fanfics and draw fanart of these bishounen that are supposed to represent countries and make them boink? And they actually try to make it serious? Excuse me?? I'm sorry, but the idea of countries even being attracted to one another is one I find so absurd as to be laughable. Countries, even anthropomorphized ones, do not have "relationships" with each other. It's all strictly business. Sure, you CAN twist all that around to fit your sparklypoo slashfics, but then you come right back to the issue of that whole "pissing off people" thing. Let's insult an entire generation of people for a silly little yaoi story. That sounds like a wonderful idea. :|

So there you have it, my overly wordy explanation for my anti-Hetalia-ness. All of that, plus the fact that I'm just really fucking sick of hearing about/seeing APH everywhere. Sane, rational people are treating this series like it's the best fucking thing to ever happen ever and that sentiment is pissing me off. It's not cute, it's not clever, it's not well-done, and no matter how many times you say otherwise, the fandom is fucking retarded... as most fandoms are.

And now I'm going to go read some nice, unoffensive, plotless yaoi to cool my rage - yaoi that is nothing more than two guys that are hot and want to sex it up. Nothing deeper than that. WHICH IS HOW IS SHOULD BE DAMMIT.
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500.000 KIRIBAN

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 3:29 AM

 photo 900.jpg

Kiriban set to 500.000 pageviews :)
Independent Game Projects with my sister













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The Unseen Stock - February (ll)

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 1, 2014, 2:59 AM
They all deserve a :+fav: , don't you think? ;) :heart:
Please add the journal to your favourites if you like it :hug:


Godess stock by KillerStocks Fae Exclusive by magikstock
Gluttony 18 by MajesticStock Right eye Stock by DarkAngel9050 Attractive Survivor 34 by Angelic-Obscura
  Sissy 33 by kirilee Native stock by KillerStocks Sloth 11 by MajesticStock Jane Benton Stock 1 by Cassy-BlueSTOCK - indian dancer by Apsara-Art
 8535 by QuantumStock The Ornithologist 3 by magikstock Violet Crumble stock 2 by charligal-stock Little Lady (17) by anastasiya-landa Evergreen Fairy Stock 3 by ClaimYourself


Ireland 10 by LeikyaStock Ruby Beach II by Track-Maidens
forest 04 by Pagan-Stock DSC00088 Trees by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 water by Simbabadass
Walk in the forest 3 by GraySho East Caribbean cruise by flowerpowerstock Beach Stock #002 by Sheriartea
Jungle Falls 3 by fuguestock  beach stock 23 by laceym83 240 arizona by I-Hate-My-Name 
Seascape background stock by YvaineGlareStock Ocean by Aredelsaralonde East Caribbean cruise by flowerpowerstock
Untitled by vin-stock Stock 87 by EvilHateYouAllStock Snow Stock 8 by Noxtu-Stock
   Grass by petronellavanreestock: winter forest 2 credit and show the result by amka-stock DSC03060 Icebergs, Tracy Arm by VIRGOLINEDANCER1
Falling snow by Ravenhart Stock. Frozen pond by taggathias Afternoon Sun by tragickatie
Waves by akio-stock In a land, far away..... by petronellavanree Water fury by Kharnet
CLOUDS INVASION 2 by A1Z2E3R Fiery Skies by Whimseystock House in the blizzard by mhyke1279
stock: stormy sky (credit and show the result) by amka-stock Clouds by LuguerDxis Stock 228 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
rando-la-valette-de-prals-12.01.2014 MG 8728.d by christophe-cochez Winter In Norway 2013 by Curiouz-Inspirationz In a hole in the ground... by Legends-Stock
Old Faithful by LuguerDxis Clovers 05 by kuschelirmel-stock DSC00325 View from Calshot marshes by VIRGOLINEDANCER1
Ireland 15 by LeikyaStock The White Tower by Aredelsaralonde Cave by Thy-Darkest-Hour
Nature 257 foggy pond by Dreamcatcher-stock Overgrown lane by buttercupminiatures Stock 86 by EvilHateYouAllStock
Frozen 4 by TabiKittie Snow At Night 16 by LightNDark25 RockStocks300S00989 by RockStocks Coopers Rock 01 by Thy-Darkest-Hour


Train by Victoria-Mava Lighthouse Island 3 by fuguestock
RockStocks300S00943 by RockStocks DSC00511 Kingston Lacy by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 Coopers Rock Cabin by Thy-Darkest-Hour
 Architecture  HDR stock by ha-rat-kiri Interventional Radiology Lab 3 6 by Ironmountain01 East Caribbean cruise Grenada chocolate factory by flowerpowerstock 
 Winter bush by CuccoFox Room by Simbabadass Door by Simbabadass
Housed by Simbabadass HOUSE by hepdarcan Stock. Water wheel by taggathias 
Ruined 06 by CD-STOCK gate... by mirandaarts Ruined 04 by CD-STOCK
Broken Window by CD-STOCK alte Muehle 2  scal. by Capricornus60 places382 stock by pranile
At-Stock Buildings009 by At-Stock Roof Top Building Stock or Industrial Parts 5 by BeccaB-323 Lormet-Western-0223sml by Lormet-Images
Cape Otway lighthouse 1848 - Victoria - Australia by petronellavanree STONE BRIDGE by hepdarcan Dock by thatoneangelfish 
Ford by Simbabadass Tombeau by Fae-Melie-Melusine Bridge by petronellavanree
  Landscape Stock 112 by BeccaB-323 Stairs - stone by petronellavanree Little bridge on sea by SilvieT-Stock Building stock 11 by TreasureTrove
Old American Vintage Kitchen by YvaineGlareStock Other - 17 by paths-of-life-stock  Places 476 graveyard by Dreamcatcher-stock Gregorian church 5 by Panopticon-Stock
Gran Canaria - 3 by paths-of-life-stock Lighthouse -1836 - Bruny Island Tasmania by petronellavanree RockStocks300S00958 by RockStocks Sintra Tower Stock by little-spacey


Casper [Stock-Image] by Niissi Gorilla 1 by destinysWalrus Paint horse stock - Gringo by SilverCrescents
Tiger 2 by fallen-cherubim STOCK by rhyth-la Walrus Stock 2 by BeccaB-323
Annoyed Sumatran Tiger by Track-Maidens  DSC00611 Young Donkey at Bolton's Bench, Lyndhurst by VIRGOLINEDANCER1Bluejay Sitting Straight by Lou-in-Canada 
 swan by svetamk DSC03880ps Goldfinch, Arundel by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 Chipmunk 007 by MonsterBrand-stock
Meerkat 015 by MonsterBrand-stock rourou en vadrouille by Flore-stock DSC03324ps 'Speedy' 5yr. old Grizzly Bear fishing by VIRGOLINEDANCER1
  Ireland 13 by LeikyaStock Butterfly Stock 09 by NellyGrace3103 Orangutan 002 by MonsterBrand-stock  
Bear Stock 4 by BeccaB-323 Jo by Flore-stock DSC02308 Fita by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 Zebra Finch 01 by NellyGrace3103

Fireworks stock free by chloe777619 BUDHA by hepdarcan
Strawberries 1 by meridianstock Rose Stock 4 by PT-SDM Wood in forest (german) by bykst
Old vs. New by SonyaSpiral dice by svetamk 3465 - Labradorite Egg 4 by HelenaRothStock
Ephesus Museum-20 by hepdarcan Seven years drought by petronellavanree DSC07180 Mad Hatter  1 by wintersmagicstock 
 Leipzig Suedfriedhof 9 by almudena-stock Teddy by ultraviolet1981 RockStocks300S01192 by RockStocksTelephone Box by petronellavanree
 Mummy Stock by BeccaB-323 vase by mistyt-stock crocus stock flower by Nexu4
White Bench Stock 2 by chamberstock Firework by Bolero-lief


Texture 1 by Galloping-Textures Digital Art Texture 92 by mercurycode Liquid Yogurt Tries to Escape from Oily Kettel by Black-B-o-x
 Digital Art Texture 100 by mercurycode Texture 22 by Rokita-Adopts Broken Glas 01 by CD-STOCK Texture Angela by CD-STOCK
 Texture 41 by NinjaRabbit-Stock Digital Art Texture 93 by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 94 by mercurycode dirty paper by mistyt-stock 
 Digital Art Texture 96 by mercurycode Large Texture - 2102 by Missesglass Sun by CD-STOCK 


Sardinia Stock 25 by Malleni-Stock Sardinia Stock 16 by Malleni-Stock Sardinia Stock 09 by Malleni-Stock Sardinia Stock 24 by Malleni-Stock

Contest - In Space- ClosedHi Everyone,
today we ( :iconcd-stock: :iconevelivesey: :iconybsilon-stock: ) start with our new contest.  :spaceship: 

Contest Theme
Our new theme is "In Space". Be creative and show us your imagination.  
You are given 30 stocks below. Your work has to include min. 1 of each of us. From stockpacks you are allowed to take only one. You are free to use more than one stock from each of us. The size must be so, that we can see it without a loupe and we reserve the right to decline the entry, if we can´t see our stocks. Credit all stocks you used with a direct link (equal it is our stock or an other stock). Only legitimate stock is allowed (no Google or something like this).
Your artist comment has to include a statement, that this is a entry for the  Contest "In Space" held by  :iconcd-stock: :iconevelivesey: :iconYb
  The Unseen Stock - February:heart: If you like this feature, feel free to :+fav: and share it! :heart:


Sloth 8 by MajesticStock Wheelchair 9 by Tasastock full by borisspears
 Stock - Dark Tree 1 by S-T-A-R-gazer Greed 8 by MajesticStock Little boy on tracks Stock 3 by BeccaB-323 girl with fruit by kozyafffka
  Cemetery Tears Stock 79 by LadyxBoleyn Brave 12 by Ineedyouaround Steam Darling 6 by HiddenYume-stock
  In The Stock-Light: MonsterBrand-stock:spotlight-left: In The Stock-Light :spotlight-right:
:star: MonsterBrand-stock :star:
     Welcome to the first volume of the weekly "In The Stock-Light" feature series. This series is all about featuring stock providers in our community! Each week we will be exploring the galleries of different stock and resource providers.If you know of a stock provider whom you'd like to see featured, please send me a note titled: "In The Stock-Light Suggestion." For the beginning of this series, I will be focusing on providers who have been on dA one year or less, or have less than 20k pageviews.  Keep in mind that each stock provider may have a slightly different set of rules regarding the use of their stock. By downloading and using their stock, you agree to abide by their terms of use. Remember to follow them as per each individual provider's instructions. 
Stock Rules


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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First Danish Sunrise by da-phil
:heart: The dark, the wonderful, the mysterious, the enchanted, the abandoned.  :heart:

Intim. by RAGEkay
Golden memories by PurebloodRose Golden memories part 2 by PurebloodRose
779 by Nigrita
How to disappear completely ? by PatiMakowska Forester House by AbandonedZone
staircase IV by Remiorski
Hospice des vieillards 14 by yanshee Hospice des vieillards 09 by yanshee

Dadipark 05 by Beauty-of-Decay-de kitchen G by ZerberuZ
The perfume of traitors by CyrnicUrbex
Angry Chair by szydlak
Who Is Next ? by Nichofsky
open the gate by PatiMakowska Exterior 3 by Blurred-perception
Exodus by OpheliasSonnet
In Memoria by arctoa Where old spirits live... by Topielica666
On My Way by MikkoLagerstedt
Outcast by erynlasgalenphotoart I Ching 23 - Bo (Splitting Apart) by annewipf
Autumn Walk by A2Matos
TwirlTree by A2Matos Nostalgic by Isyala
348 by EirikHavre
Sunrise by Rzast late summer III by indojo
Neverending story by m-eralp
Autumn's ray by FaeOfWinter Mist by spaicro
Let there be light II by starykocur
STOCK: Tree and fence in misty light by needanewname morning light by kt-fotografie
Spring by Neighya
Fort Story beach by PaulWeber Dreams by light-recycled
Pink Snow by sylverface
Remember that time by LordGuardian in the middle of nowhere by alfahd
memories by losgeloest
Windmills by Elestrenn little thing by BelcyrPiotr
When Autumn Meets Winter by jkrab
Tatry (31) by aallen96 The Snowy Winter by DeingeL
Where Horizons End by Ondskapens
Shell Beach Dawn by twelvemotion Cool and warm by isotophoto
Smoke on the Water by catch---22
Red Sea by eyesweb1 Wake up Baltic by Dybcio
As the Day Begins by tourofnature
...dubrovnik VII... by roblfc1892 Winter sunset from the Puy de la Vache by MaximeCourty
Bellinger Delight by DrewHopper
Coucher de soleil a la Gournaise by gaelboulay Discover by IvanAndreevich
Working by IvanAndreevich
Castle on the Coast by JeffreyDobbs Aurora Borealis by m-eralp
Harvest rain by NorbertKocsis
Never Ending Silence 0743 by WayneBenedet Westward Trail 0393 by WayneBenedet
Emmental by RobinHalioua
Part 21 of the landscape and scenery feature series :)
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Easter Eggs!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 6:00 AM

If the easter bunny somehow skipped your house like he did mine (WHERE'S ALL MY FREE CHOCOLATE DAMMIT?), here is some scrumptious crafted eggs to feast your eyes on instead.

Easter Wishes by Minifanaticus Marvel Eggs by Red-Flare
Happy Easter in Miniature by PetitPlat Origami Easter egg by memysandi
Owl eggs by Kolokolna Bracelet Easter day by allim-lip
Bunny eggs 2 by iwoanka Pokemon Eggs by Pandaphobia
Easter egg - goose egg Poet by FizikArt
Celtic Easter egg by mikesmom37  Happy Easter! by GemDeDude
Easter Eggs 2014 by MandarinMoon Easter Nest Cupcakes by CakeUpStudio
 Hand Carved Chicken Egg 2014 ^_^ by greborast Cupcakes Easter Handmade Jewelry Earrings by LaNostalgie05

Skin by SimplySilent
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Mass Effect References

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 9, 2011, 10:54 PM

Tools used


Requests can be made, within reason, for certain scenes to be rendered (a scene from a piece of fan-fiction, for example) and will be completely free.  However, the models themselves will not be uploaded in any format.  Requests for any model from the game to be rendered in any pose from either game will be completed as soon as possible, bearing in mind that human heads can't be done.


Troodon80 - As the author of the reference sheets, all I can do is hope that they are at least somewhat useful to someone; whether that be to make a costume, a model prop, a figurine, or drawing some fan art.  So far, the list contains over a hundred reference sheets and it's still unfinished.


All references are free to be used by anyone, linked by anyone, and altered by anyone.  No credit is required.  No permission is necessary.  All characters, animations, and textures (with the exception of one) in this list are owned by BioWare/EA.  No copyright infringement is, or was, intended.

Mass Effect Model Reference Sheets

Starting from the 19th of November, :icontroodon80: has rendered a number of references with the hope of helping other artists, this is currently still ongoing.  While not technically fan-art themselves and thus cannot be submitted to this group, hopefully this blog with links to the references will help others.  They cover a range of angles which may be difficult to see in-game -- or are, in some cases due to lighting or camera angle, almost impossible to see.

The characters from the games are generic unless otherwise stated.  So far, they also cover all major characters from both games.  Human NPCs are difficult to render due to the morphing technique that BioWare has used.  In this regard, Commander Shepard will be default for both genders.

Characters (Generic):

Characters (Plot or related to plot):

Characters (Protagonist/Squadmates):




Weapons (Heavy):

Weapons (Standard):

Unused in-game ship models can be found here.

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It's about time for me to get a new Icon, don't you think? In return for the 5,000 view accomplishment, I'll be hosting this contest!

You as the artist can come up with any eccentric design!

What should I draw?
What I'm looking for is a colorful creative design :D You could re-draw me, or create a design of your own!
This doesn't have to be 50x50! Go as big as you want!!!!
When is the deadline?
May 7th

Run out and tell everyone, yea?

If you'd like to draw me in your picture here is what I somewhat look like :D
Icon Contest Reference 2014 by QuinePeather
Do not recolor!
Go crazy with color!!!! And good luck!!! I love color!!!

Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy Trophy 

From April 1st - May 7th

Note me when you're finished!!!
Take your time!!!

1st Place:

Bullet; Yellow 700 :points: 
Bullet; Yellow I use the picture as my ID and Icon
Bullet; Yellow Gets a free drawing of what ever they want from me :D
Bullet; Yellow I re-design their current Icon (no animation)

2nd Place:

Bullet; White 500 :points:
Bullet; White Gets a free drawing of what ever they want from me :D
Bullet; White I re-design their current Icon (no animation)

3rd Place:

:bulletbrown: 300 :points:
:bulletbrown: I re-design their current Icon (no animation)


You must be watching me
You must favorite this journal


No mature content allowed
Nothing offensive to others
No stealing art from others
Have fun
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ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.
If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group :iconprojectporkchop:.

Previous issues of PPc:
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In the Transformation Challenge, we challenged you to create a whole new you! See which 25 transformational artists have moved on toward a chance to win a trip to Honolulu, New York, or Los Angeles to collaborate with a featured artist. Congratulations to our semi-finalists!
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