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You smiled as you sat up in bed. Pulling the sheets closer to your body you looked over at your sleeping husband. He was snoring. Mouth hanging open, drooling on the pillow.
Brushing a bit of hair out of his face you leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. You always got up this early to make him tea and breakfast before he woke up. Slipping out of bed you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.
He was trying to pull you back in his sleep. Gingerly you disentangled his arms from you and slipped on your bathrobe.
You made him his tea and some eggs and toast.
“Mama,” a little voice from the kitchen whispered. You turned to see Matthew.
“What is it baby?”
Matthew was holding his toy bear to his chest, “I’m hungry…can we have pancakes?”
You shook your head, “How about toast?”
The ten year old sighed, but nodded and sat at the kitchen table rubbing his eyes.
A few mintues later rapid footsteps were heard, “MA!”
“Alfred shhhhhhhhhhhh!” you put a finger to you lips furiously.
“there you are Matt, I thought you were still in bed!”
You clamped a hand over Alfred’s mouth, “What have we said about that big mouth of yours?”
“Mmmth mmm mmmth mmph.”
You released his mouth, “Repeat.”
“You’ll get duct tape and superglue it there,” he whispered.
“Thank-.” It was too late, a small weak cry was heard from the nursery, “you…”
“Great job Alfred,” Matthew whispered, “why don’t you wake up dad while you’re at it?”
You left the two brothers and went to attend to your baby. “Shhhh, don’t cry Peter,” you cooed, “Mommy’s here, mommy’s here.”
“Now how did that happen?” a voice from the door asked.
You turned to see your husband, “Al was being loud again.”
Arthur walked over and held you around the waist, “You know I don’t like it when I wake up and you aren’t there.”
Giggling as he placed light kisses on your collar bone you said, “Well you also like to wake up and get breakfast.”
“True, love. But I’d rather have you,” he said kissing you on the lips.
Peter finally settled down.
“Ewwww,” Al shouted, “old people love!”
“I’m not old you little-!”
Peter started to cry again. You glared at Arthur as you bounced the baby trying to make him clam down. This was going to be a long day.
I. Need. Inspiration! :p

I have no requests for the series I'm doing so if you want to make a request now, go a head and click on the [link]
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            2p!Neko!England X Kitten!Reader

"Papa?" you mewed softly looking around the whole house for him, with your small size you hated to be seperated from him.

You stayed close to the walls and under tables, you didn't want to get stepped on.  Your worst fear was running into Americat he always bullied you and destroyed your things but you were to small to fight him yourself.

"Papa?" you mewed again checking the Tan guy's room, you stood in the doorway not wanting to move. Americat was on the bed stretching, with his reddish-brown fur he clended in with the dark covers.

"Oh well lookie here" he smirked hopping off the bed, you dashed down the hall and into the living room. You looked around  quickly for a place to hide, you chose to hid under the couch. Just as the last bit of your tail was under the couch he casually trotted in.

"Lil one where are you?" he said in a sing song voice, without your Papa he would probably beat you sensless or kill you. Huddling under the couch you took small breathes, you fur was fuzzed up like the puff ball you were.

'Papa were are you?' you asked yourself over and over in your head, you felt a sharp pain in your tail and you were dragged ut from under the couch.

"Ouch let me go" you cryed, Americat  just laughed and bit your tail. He never liked you, he hated you if anything. You yowled  and scratched him in the face, he hissed and let you go. The door had opened and shut but you were to busy runnning, you tail was bleeding slightly. You ran into your father's room to hide, you found the perfect place to hide.

"(Name)~!" you head Swirly eyes yell from downstairs, Americat stalked around the room still. As he passed you, you bolted out of the colorful room and down the stairs. Your dad was walking into the kitchen, you ran after him.

"Papa!" you cryed making him turn his head, he gave a smile until he saw your tail.

"Oh my poor dear who did this to your tail?" he looked down at your tail and licked your head.

"Americat Papa!" you whimpered, he said nothing but just walked away. You sniffled, feeling 2 hands pick you up, you mewed softly.

"My gracious you poor thing" Swirly eyes said laying you down on the table, he searched the drawers for the first aid kit. You raised your hearing 2 loud yowls and hissing, Swirly eyes quickly bandaged your tail and ran up stairs. You sat up looking at your tail.

"What the bloody heck!?"Swirly eyes screamed from upstairs carrying Papa and Americat down holding them by the nape of their necks. Americat had multiple wounds and was bleeding heavily, Papa had no wound but blood on him. Swirly eyes spent at least an hour patching America up, he was covered with white bandages and limping slightly.

You were laying on the couch, staring blankly at the Tv your tail throbbed painfully. Papa leaped up on the couch and laid down next to you, he softly licked your head making you purr.

"Don't worry poppet I'll protect you from that meanie face" he licked your cheek and you nuzzled up against him.

"Thanks Papa"
Random sweet idea that is incredably short, I can hear you all now memow write more lemons thats the only reason I watched chu.
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"So, _____-san, which one do you want to keep?" Kiku asked me as I petted the cats.
"I'm going to keep Iggycat" I said. It's been hard decision but... what else I would do. Americat looked at me with his bright, blue eyes and started to panic. He was running around the room and meowing all the time.
"Now, now, be a good cat and go with me" Kiku grabbed the larger cat and walked out. Iggycat meowed at me and licked my cheek. I petted him as he purred.
"So... you're happy about that you're staying?" I smiled and he meowed louder. I took him onto my arms and looked at him. Somehow he looked really familiar.
"You are just like my friend, Iggy..." I smiled sadly. "His name is Arthur, he's so nice to me, you know?"
The cat turned his head to the side and I giggled.
"Yes, just like you" I rubbed his ear "he has green eyes, like you. Also, he has those crazy, thick eyebrows... and it looks like you have pair of them too"
He purred and rubbed his head on my neck. It's like he understood me.
"It's nice to have you around since I haven't seen Arthur for a while" I continued "sorry, I just needed someone to talk to. It's boring, I know"
He shook his head and meowed. "You want me to continue?"
He nodded and touched my teacup with his paw.
"Oh, right... I should make you some tea, shouldn't I" I giggled as his green eyes sparkled. I made him his favourite tea and sat down in front of him. He drank a little and nodded, as if he wanted me to talk.
"He is such a gentleman... I think it's hard to be one nowadays" I sighed, I felt like an old cat-lady. The cat shook his head and purred. "You think it's not?" He meowed
"Maybe it's not... maybe it's hard just for me to be a lady around him" I laughed and "or I should try harder"
Iggycat trotted to me and rested his head on my shoulder. I petted him as he nuzzled into my neck again. "How about we go to bed earlier?"
He nodded and licked my lips... and then... blushed? In one moment his face became all red. I chuckled and kissed him. Hah, he looked like he would pass out in a second. I took him and went to bedroom.
"Okay... Iggy, turn around, I will change" I said and cat turned around quickly, his tail twitched back and forth. I grabbed my pyjamas and changed.
"Done" I sang and jumped onto bed, where Iggycat lay already. I pulled up a blanket and hugged a cat.
"Good night, Iggy~" I rubbed his ear, he answered me with quiet 'meow'.

England's POV
I watched her in her sleep. She looked so peaceful. She said that she can't act like a lady but for sure she is one. Nice personality in beautiful body, perfect. I loved her and she sounded like she liked me back. If I was a human again, not some stupid cat I would tell her my feelings.

Reader's POV
I woke up and first thing I saw was my cat. He looked... happy? Yeah... his tail waved slightly and he was purred. I jumped out of the bed and stood in front of my closet. What should I wear? I pulled pair of dark jeans and white sweater. When I was changing I looked at the bed. Iggycat stood there with his head in a pillow. Also he was hissing.
"Iggy, what's wrong?" I asked. He meowed and looked up at me, than blushed more.
"Don't tell me you're embarrassed?" I smiled and got dressed fully. I stroked his fur on his back. "Shouldn't you be embarrassed around female cats, not your owner, hmm?"
He nodded and then quickly shook his head as a no. I giggled and kissed his ear.
"Come on, I will make us some tea"

England's POV
I was there all alone when I got changed into a human. My luck _____ was out for her work and she didn't see me naked. I found some clothes which fit me in her closed. I wondered why she had few men clothes in her wardrobe. Anyways... only thing what I can did was waiting. She was back around 4pm. I walked to the hall and greeted her.
"Arthur? What are you doing here?" she asked and blushed "where's Iggy?"
"Here" I said with a smile
"I'm sorry... I don't understand" she walked into living room and me after her
"I mean, Iggycat was me" I sighed "somehow I and Alfred got changed into cats"
"Oh..." _____ looked at me and then blushed really hard "that means you saw me in my bra... and I told you about.... oh, God"
She ran to her bedroom and I ran after her but she locked her door.
"Come on, love. I am sorry" I shouted "please, open the door"
"No" she answered. Great! I upset her!
"Please, let's talk" I tried to open the door but nothing. I heard her walk to the door and opened them. She looked at me, her face red and tears in her eyes.
"Arthur... why Kiku didn't tell me? Probably I sounded like a freak"
"No, _____, listen... I am happy you say good things about me" I grabbed her hand and pulled her into living room again and we sat on a couch. "And I need to say that... I... I love you, _____"
She smiled gently.
"I think I love you too" she kissed my cheek which made me blush.
"I'm so glad, love" I hugged her and she chuckled

"What the heck is that?!"
Loud shouting woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked at ____ who was sleeping next to me on a couch. I looked up to see my stupid brother and Kiku right behind him.
"Shut up, wanker. _____ is sleeping" I said and brushed some hair of her face.
"Arthur-san, did something happened between you and _____-san?" Kiku asked and I immediately blushed.
"No! Nothing! We were talking and.... well..." I started
"And?" Alfred jumped on a couch next to us, which of course, woke _____ up. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. It looked so cute, like a little child.
"Yo, dudette. I've heard that you two had excited night" Alfred grinned
"Go away, I want to sleep" she turned around and nuzzled into my chest
"Alfred-kun, we should go... Arthur-san and _____-san want to be alone" Kiku smiled
"Thank you, Kiku... " you mumbled "oh, and Kiku... we need to talk about two cute cats which you gave me before"
"Oh... well... I can explain, _____-san"
"I hope you have good excuse"
With that Kiku and Alfred left us alone. I brushed her hair from her face. ____ snuggled closer
"Arthur... say that again" she whispered.
"Of course, love~ I love you" I said. The day before, she asked me to tell this few times. It was adorable.
"I love you too, Arthur"
Happy ending, just like in my favourites fairy tales.
Second story of my 'which one?' little series.

Intro: [link]
England's ending: Here~
America's ending: [link]

I want to sleep!!!! Good night.
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You arrived the next day to the pretty bakery in hopes to see your new friend Ollie, you ran through the cat door and spotted him quickly on the other side of the bakery playing with his tail in boredom. Ollie looked up from his tail and beamed with happiness as he saw ____ standing there, he quickly jumped up and greeted her properly (like a gentlecat)."Oh hello there poppet! How are you doing on this fine day?" Ollie inquired, you grinned and meowed "I'm doing very well thank you,by the way, the cupcake was absolutely delicious yesterday" and you rubbed up against him showing your appreciation causing Ollie to become bashful and play with his tail. You giggled at him and asked "What do you want to do today?" he pondered for a few moments and then jumped up happily saying "I could let you meet my master, he's a very chipper master if I do say so~" You smiled and agreed, wanting to meet the person who made such a marvelous cupcake.

Ollie walked into the back kitchen of the bakery with you where you both saw Ollie's master skipping around in a pink apron making more cupcakes.Ollie meowed and his master turned around to look at you two before squealing and running over,scooping you up into his arms and hugging you. "Ohhhhhhhh, such a pretty little girl kitty! She's absolutely adorable!" Ollie's master said with much glee as he set you down before turning to Ollie, "You better be a gentleman with her, and keep her away from those mean old stray cats, ok?" Ollie nodded and his master shooed you two out of the kitchen as he pulled a batch of pink cupcakes out of the oven.

Ollie and you trotted around the block just chatting happily about this and that, and you began to realize you really like Ollie, you grew embarrassed at the thought as you looked at the attractive male cat go on and on about how good tuna cupcakes were. "Hey Ollie?" you said as you both sat down under a random tree resting from the trotting you two were doing, he looked up and smiled flicking his tail happily "Yes,____?" You smiled nervously back and shakily said "Y-You know, I-I'm really glad I met you, you make me happy" you quickly turned away from his intense neon blue stare, feeling weird for admitting something so sudden.

You felt Ollie stand up and walk closer to you scooting up right next to you to were you could feel his whiskers tickle your ears, "______" Ollie meowed quietly next to your ear, and you shivered slightly as you turned up to look at his face. "I really like you _____, you make me happy too" he said quietly as he bopped his nose on yours, you melted instantly and smiled up at your Ollie as he smiled down at his ______. You two just stared into each others eyes savoring the moment till Ollie stiffened and puffed up, abruptly getting up and standing in front of you. "Ollie?" you asked, frightened by his sudden change in demeanor, then you heard other voices "Yo Pinky! Who ya' got hiding behind you,aru~?" Ollie hissed and growled "Get away 2P!Chinacat, she is mine"  You peeked over to see a evil looking cat sneering at you, "Ohhhhhh,she's pretty Ollie~ Mind if I try her, aru~" Ollie growled and got puffier as the evil cat started to get closer. You started to get up when there was a dark brown and blonde blur in front of Ollie. "What do you think your doing, eh?" the blonde one said, and 2P!Chinacat started to back up outnumbered. The brown one growled at him till he backed up and ran down the street, then the two huge male cats turned to Ollie and _____, you got up and stood next to Ollie frightened by the two huge cats. "Don't worry poppet, these are my friends" Ollie explained "2P!Canacat, and 2P!Americat" they both nodded to you and you calmed down a bit.

"2P!AMERICATTTTTTT!!!!!!!" you heard a female cat screech, and the brown one looked frightened then said his goodbyes before running off to a very pissed female cat."Honey? I'm hungry" you saw a very pregnant female come up to 2P!Canacat and he sighed "Let's go get some tuna then" before leaving you and Ollie alone. Ollie came up and nuzzled you, you nuzzled back happily, "_____, will you come and see me tomorrow?" Ollie asked nervously as you two sat curled up on each other, you laughed and said "Will there be cupcakes?" he nodded eagerly and you answered "Then yes I will" He sighed "Are you only coming for the cupcakes?" You pretended to think about it for a moment before saying "You know, there is a really cute guy cat who I like, he usually hangs around the bakery so I simply must be there more often" you looked over to the bashful Ollie before nuzzling into is furry neck and falling asleep. Ollie looked down at ______ truly happy that you'd become his friend, or more, he'd have to ask his master to make him tuna cupcakes more often.
PICTURE: :iconuhoh-beek:
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You were feeling positively chipper about today it was absolutely beautiful,so your master had let you out to explore.You wandered around the streets letting all the sights and smells entrance you, you felt happier than you have in awhile. You started to smell something that made your little kitty mouth water, you instantly took of running in the direction of the smell. You ran down three blocks before you spotted the source of the smell in a bakery window, a tuna cupcake, you trotted up to the window of the store and stared at the tasty morsel.

2P!Ollicat sauntered around his master's bakery enjoying all the pretty pinks and blues but most of all the sweets. His master had made him a special cupcake today, it was made with tuna and catnip so it was virtually irresistible, and 2P!Ollicat couldn't wait to get his paws into it. He stood looking at his special cupcake as it cooled by the window, patiently waiting for it to be cooled when he saw a particularly cute female cat standing outside the window eyeing his treat.He assessed the female cat and decided he would go greet her, and possibly make a friend.

You were so focused on the cupcake in the window you didn't notice the fluffy pink and white cat standing next to you. "Hello poppet, I see you're eyeing my cupcake" you jumped as you heard the smooth male cats voice and turned around to meet vibrant blue eyes."Y-Yeah,H-Hi my name is _____, who are you?" you asked a tad embarrassed you were caught staring, the male cat smiled and said "I'm 2P!Ollicat but you can call me Ollie" you smiled back at Ollie than fell silent not wanting to screw anything up. Ollie quickly injected "How about I show you around my master's bakery?", you quickly said "That would be lovely" and you two bounded inside.    

Ollie was so excited he had someone to play with, and ____ was a very pretty kitty so he was positively giddy at the arrangement. He showed you around the bakery and showed you where he liked to sleep,play etc., he even showed you all the sweets his master makes and you were awestruck with how beautiful they were. You two spent the whole day talking and roaming around the beautiful bakery, and just as you were about to go home Ollie stopped you."____, I never ate my cupcake and I don't really feel hungry so I was hoping you might take it home and enjoy it" Ollie said bashfully as he played with his tail, "But Ollie, it's your special treat,you should eat it" you said not wanting to take it from him. He looked up and took the cupcake in his mouth, placing it carefully into a bag before turning to you, "____, think of it as a token of friendship, I want you to have it"  he nudged it over to you and you looked at him.You walked up to him and nuzzled him in a thank you, then meowed as you took the bag "I'll see you tomorrow Ollie!", you walked out of the bakery and back to your house feeling happy about your new friend.
I find 2P! England so cute! :iconomgsocuteplz:


Art belongs to: :iconuhoh-beek:
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 Your tail twitched impatiently as you waited outside his person's housing. 'Why isn't he back by now? He's been gone for almost 2 months now...'

 Iggycat, a rather handsome Scottish Fold who lived nearby your former persons left abruptly nearly 2 months ago. Every day you had come to see if he had come back but unlucky for you, not.

 Right as you were about to leave, a car pulled into the driveway. When the door open, you saw the tom emerge, looking around as if he hadn't been in this area before.

 "Iggycat!" You cried, quickly looking both ways before crossing to him. "Iggycat!"

 He looked over surprised, rushing to your side soon after. "___________! I told you not to leave the house-!"

 "You ass! Why did you leave me!?"


 "I've been alone! I didn't know where you went!"

 "My person had to go away!" He cried back in despair. "I've been stuck in a kennel for months-!"

 "You need to come with me right now!"

 "Go home-"

 "Come with me now!"

 Not wanting to upset you, he followed close behind as you continued forward. "Are you upset with me?"

 "Yes. Very."

 He was taken aback by the venomous answer. "What did I do?"

 "Everything." You growled. "Everything and anything. This is all your fault."

 "Listen, I'm sorry I left without telling. I didn't know myself-"

 "Just shut up!"

 He followed behind in silence, unknowing to what was making you so upset with him. Eventually, you sat down in front of a bush, waiting for the tom catch up. "I'll show you why I'm so mad in a minute. Hungarycat?"

 The she-cat poked her head out of the leaves, noticing Iggycat and purring. "They're all yours."


 Going under the bush, you led the tom to a large divot in the ground, covered by the leaves. Within the divot, three small kittens squirmed. You went over, laying down beside them as the tom entered and saw them.

 "I'm..." He took a step closer, slowly padding towards you. "Are they...mine?"

 "Why did you leave me?" You asked more painfully. "I-I had to leave my humans when I found out. I made this spot just before they were born and Hungarycat has been caring for them when I get persons would never accept me having kittens..."

 He came beside you, laying down and giving a gentle nudge against your forehead. "I...I didn't, I would've run away from my person if I would've known you were on your own...all of you..."

 His green eyes scanned the three small kittens laying beside you, sleeping peacefully beside you and cuddling close. "How old are they...?"

 "About a month..."

 Nudging your head lovingly again, he stood up. "Come on...we're going home."

 "Iggycat, I can't-!"

 "My person won't mind..." He concluded, looking at the little ones covered in dirt. "I can't leave you alone out here."

 "A-Are you sure...?"

 Quietly, he lifted up two of the kittens in his mouth and purred. Your (e/c) eyes lightened as you picked up the last remaining one. He waited for you and continued forward towards his person's home to offer his children some protection.


 Only hours after his arrival, Iggycat was once more relaxing in his home. He relaxed on the couch and watched you clean the squeaking kits. His person, seeing the dirtied kittens and mother quickly took them in and set up an old cat bed of Iggycat's for you to stay in.

 Iggycat jumped off his perch, his person watching as he went towards you and licked you're forehead. "You should all just allow your mother to clean your fur. All of you were so filthy, she's very good to you."

 You purred in delight, resting your head comfortingly knowing you would be safe for once. His person laid out a dish of food nearby you and sat down with a book on the couch. "Can you watch them?"

 He happily acquiesced, laying down as you did and curling up to protect the kittens. He rested his head, the little kittens swatting at his ears weakly. He purred as they did, amused at them. His prides and joy.

 Looking towards him, you noticed he was twitching his tail and letting the three pounce at it. His person came over and examined the three kittens. A look over suggested that you were nervous.

 "He's a good person." Iggycat tried to reassure. "If he attempts to hurt them, I'll be sure he'll regret it."

 His person took one of the three, a little tom who closely resembled Iggycat, disregarding the (e/c) eyes he had. Moving beside Iggycat, you could feel your anger getting more intense until you were literally growling.

 "Love, calm down..." He comforted, standing up and nudging his person's leg. The kitten was placed on the ground in front of him where he took it and placed him with his siblings. "He wants to name them. He just wishes to examine them is all."

 "For what?"

 "To be sure they're okay." He went beside you and rested his tail on yours as his person lifted the other tom, one that had mainly white fur, disregarding the small amounts of orange patches.

 Going back over to the other two, you watched keenly. He then proceeded to lift the other remaining one, the one who resembled you most. A little female who was very silent and still. She'd often times just sit around and sleep.

 "Oh dear..." The person spoke. "She seems to be...blinded..."

 Shooting up from your spot, you began pawing at him. It wasn't possible that she was blind. Your little child.

 Understanding, the person placed the kitten down by you. You licked her forehead, making her squeak silently. "You can't be...! My little one..."

 Iggycat lifted the kitten and put her back in place. "Don't you worry, everything will work out...just try and eat something, keep your strength up for them."

 Ignoring him, you rested with the three, looking at the she-kit. Iggycat nudged her closer to you, allowing you to keep a close eyes. "She'll grow up normally, I don't want you to fret..."

 "I can't help it." You stated simply, looking towards her. "I need to sort everything out in my mind."

 "I'll let you sleep then..."


 "I told you three to leave the person's things alone!"

 "But papa!"

 "No buts!" He looked back at the person's shoes, the plastic aglet chewed up and the laces pulled out of place. "Honestly, how can you three get into so much trouble is beyond me."

 "Oh now leave them alone." You purred, going beside them and sitting down. "Our person gave us food so go eat." As they got up and started dashing towards the kitchen, you added,"Mabel! Be careful!"

 "I'm not a kitten anymore mom!" She answered back, following her two brothers.

 "You need to relax too." Iggycat purred. "She's fine."

 "I just worry."

 "Mabel is smart." He continued. "She knows her way around the house and her hearing is impressive."

 "I know but still-"

 "Just relax."

 Doing as he said, you laid yourself down beside him. "I can't help it."

 "I know. But babying her isn't helping her."

 Silently, you looked toward the kitchen where she was standing around, shoving her brothers to the side to get to the food first. It was hard to imagine that her world was this dark place with noises and scents.

 When she began exploring, you followed her everywhere. You wouldn't let her out of your sight but she quickly learned to moved around on her own. It made you all the more nervous.

 "I know." You breathed out heavily. "I know."
This is based off one tha :iconmarshmallow-maraca: did a little while ago.
I'm going to do a parent reader with my guilty guilty GUILTY pleasure ship...
You'll see though. I love it but I ship one of them with Greece hard so it's not #1.
It's hetero btw, if you're trying to guess
No nyotalia

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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You had been living with Green eyes and Iggycat for about two months now and almost all of your wounds were healed. Everything seemed to be going good for you until…
"Where is my cat?" shouted an all too familiar voice.
"Iggycat!" you shouted running for the older and tougher tom. "Help!"
"There you are," snarled your old master grabbing you by the tail.
Iggycat jumped on his hand and scratched him, "Leave her alone," he hissed. "Don't worry __________ I'll protect you."
You whimpered and got behind him, "T-thank you."
"What the bloody hell are you doing with my cats?" asked Green eyes with a revolver. "Leave them alone." Both of you ran to your master. You purred as you nuzzled your master's leg, giving him thanks that he saved you.
Iggycat licked your cheek while Green eyes ran the man off, "Are you alright?"
Nodding you whispered, "Thank you Iggycat."
Iggycat turned red, "Umm, ________."
"I love you."
"Good, cause I love you too."
Part two!!!
Due to the requests for a sequel, I wrote this. Now I have to get started on the other requests I have lined up.

You can still make a request here: [link]
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You wandered down the allies of some ratty neighborhood trying to scrounge up food for the night. Your owner had abandoned you for some unknown reason, so you were forced to make it on your own, constantly getting harassed by the stray female cats who disliked your very existence. You trotted up to a trashcan fishing about, just looking for any scrap when you hit the mother load in the form of a full open can of tuna.

You quickly grabbed it making a sprint for your little "home" if you could even call the cardboard box that. You were in the final stretch to your box when you heard a familiar growl behind you, "Ohhhhh _______, now I know I told you to stay out of our territory, your scaring off all the male cats with your ugliness" you turned around to see the flock of female cat floozies stalking toward you with haughty looks on their kitty faces.

You cringed and tried to hide the can, knowing they'd probably almost kill you and take your food, but to no avail."_____! You have tuna? Hand it over,and we'll let you walk away with only minor injuries" the pack leader sneered as she rounded closer "Besides it's not like it would matter if you starved to death, your own owner didn't want you, you're pathetic ____" That was the last straw, you puffed  up and started to growl at the jabs, the leader looked shocked and growled "How dare you growl at me, you pathetic waste of fur, NOW you're gonna pay!" with that the enraged female pounced at you.

Knowing she was aiming at your neck you quickly dodged and swatted her directly in the face leaving a bleeding scratch going down her face, the pack gasped and stood frozen in their spots as they watched their leader get up."Your gonna regret that" the pack leader said and sprung at you for a second time, you closed your eyes to tired from starvation to dodge again. You waited for the blows but they never came, you opened one eye to see a burgundy cat with a strange curl in from of you."Ehhhh, it is you who is pathetic, now scram before I shred your worthless hind!"

You saw the pack scatter and then the male cat turned to you with a dark smile "Bella, you do not look to well, how about you come home with me?" Too scared and weak to refuse the strange cat you nodded,he put your small frame onto his back and started walking toward some unknown location.You sighed too tired to even care just thankful that you were being taken away."I'm 2P!Itacat, by the way, what's your name bella?~" You looked down into his red eyes and said "Um, my name is ____,and thank you for saving me back there" You could feel him chuckle as you thanked him, he trotted onto a porch and took you inside a very rustic looking cottage. "Well this is home, stay right here, I'll get something" he said before running off into some unknown portion of the house, you laid down on a
soft carpet and closed your eyes in comfort.

"Well hello there little one" your eyes sprung open at the unknown voice, you saw a giant pale blonde male cat in front of you smirking "Hmmmm, you look fun, mind if we play?" the blonde cat started to advance toward you and you panicked. But the blonde cat was hit with a flying object before he could even get close, "Hey 2P!Germouser, stay the hell away from my little principessa, or I'll kill you bastardo" you sighed and rushed over to 2P!Itacat, who was indeed your savior. "Here you go ____, eat" he said as he laid a can down in front of you, you quickly devoured all of it leaving nothing left. You looked up to see 2P!Itacat eyeing you curiously, "What?" you asked as he continued to stare but he smiled over at you and didn't say a word, instead he went over and curled up into a cat bed.

You took it as he didn't want to talk so you went to resume your spot on the rug, when his purr stopped you. "What are you waiting for? It's been a long day, come curl up with me principessa~" you shyly trotted over to the bed where you curled up facing away from your strange knight in furry armor, and he curled around you purring, lulling you into slumber.
NEW ONE :iconrainbowsheep2:
SEQUEL: [link]
PIC: :iconcatsmoothie:
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You heard your stomach grumble. You hadn't eaten in three days, ever since you ran away from your last master. He was a mean man who had inherited you from his old aunt. You loved his aunt; she was a sweet old woman with at least seven other cats.
Two of which ran away two weeks before you did. Three had died because your mast beat them to death, and the other one was still living with him.
You smelled food and your stomach rumbled; quickly you sprinted to the sweet aroma. There you found a plate of strange looking biscuits. You happily ate until you heard the sound of the angry human it belonged to.
"What the bloody hell happened?" The human had bushy eyebrows and green eyes. You mewed pitifully trying to make him understand you were sorry. His face softened, "Why you poor thing." He picked you up and you winced feeling him touch your bruises and cuts.
He took notice of this and brought you inside his house. You squirmed, the last time you were in a house you were being abused.
"Who are you?" asked a tom with the same bushy eyebrows and green eyes as his master.
You whimpered, "Please make him put me down."
The green eyed master put you on the table and left, the tom got up on the table and patted your head with his paw, "Don't worry, my master is nice. He won't hurt you, now what is your name?"
"Umm," after a long time of being beaten and called a bunch of mean named you had forgotten yours. "I don't know."
He frowned, "Alright then, my master will give you a name."
You smiled, "Ok, what's your name?"
"I'm Iggycat, my master's name is green eyes." He licked one of your wounds on your neck. You sighed and nuzzled closer purring.
"Oh, Iggycat," said green eyes, "I'm going to take care of his wounds." You didn't notice the male forum of the word until later. "Now hold still. You need a name don't you? How about (favorite boy name)."
Your eyes widened, he thought you were a boy. You hissed.
Green eyes flinched, "Ok, I guess not, (second favorite boy name)?"
"I'm a girl, tell him I'm a girl," you said to Iggycat.
Iggycat went red under his white and brown fur, "Y-you're a girl?"
You nodded, "I don't want a boy name!"
Iggycat nudged his master's arm and then moved you to roll over revealing your gender. Green eyes eyes went wide and then he went as red as his cat, "A girl?"
You nodded rolling back to your stomach, "Thanks."
"How about ___________?"
You mewed happily.
Green eyes took care of your wounds and left you with Iggycat. Iggycat snuggled close to you and fell asleep. You slept next to him and for the first time for a long time you felt safe.
Requested by :iconshadiee4129:

I love writing nekotalia. Mostly because I love cats and can't have one :(

I'm still taking requests [link]
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They were looking at me with their huge eyes. Kiku passed out them into my arms and left. He just said that their nice and to take care of them for a while. He didn't say anything more. Now they were sitting on my couch and I was sitting on a floor in front of them.
"So... your names are...?" I asked and reached my hand for their collars. They let me see. "... Iggycat and Americat, right?"
They meowed.
"What should I do with you, guys?" I sighed "what even a 'while' means to him?"
I got up and walked into kitchen, they followed me. I've never had a pet or anything so how would I take care of two cats. I opened a fridge.
"What do you want to eat?" I asked them and larger one, Americat, jumped into fridge and grabbed a hamburger I brought day before.
"Would you like me to heat it up?" I asked and he nodded. When I was putting it into microwave, the other cat jumped onto table and put his head into my teacup.
"What are you doing?" I grabbed his collar and setted him on the floor. He hissed quietly but stayed still. I served a warm hamburger to Americat and sat next to Iggycat. "So, you like tea, huh?" he meowed for an response. I was not sure if it's okay for cats but I did him some anyway. After their snacks they started a conversation, I guess. So I left them alone in the kitchen and sat in living room to watch tv. Few moments ago I heard some strange noises and hisses. I got up and checked. All my kitchen was in mess, pieces of my cup around the floor, plate into pieces as well and cats on a table.
"What happened here?" I yelled and they looked at me. "Why did you do that?"
I cleaned a mess quickly and sent a dead glare at them. "It was my favorite cup, you two. Thanks..." I ran into bathroom for a cold shower to cool down.

"See what you did?" England hissed at his brother "she's upset now"
"It's not my fault, Iggy" America meowed and looked at his paws.
"We can back to normal in any minute and if we change when she's upset she would kill us"
"Don't be stupid" larger one punched him slightly "she loves us, she would never does something like that"
"Shut up. We should fix it now" Iggycat looked around "but what?"
"Don't know, dude, something what she likes" Americat lay down
"She likes my roses" England smiled "but it's not as pretty as it used to be. I haven't took care of it since we changed"
"She likes to play games with me" America grinned "but I don't have thumbs, so I can't hold a joystick"
"Um..." smaller one jumped off of  the table "As a gentleman I should apologize first"
"Good idea!" America ran after his brother. They stayed in front of your bathroom's door, waiting for you.
They meowed at you as you walked out. You walked to your bedroom and climped onto it. Before you fell asleep, cats joined you. Iggycat nuzzled your cheek as Americat licked your other one. They both looked sad.
"Okay, I forgive you" you smiled and stroked Iggycat's fur, then petted Americat's head. They purred and get comfortable on your bed, smaller one on a free pillow and bigger one on your chest, purring loudly. He was heavy for a cat but you didn't mind and let him stay like this. You get comfortable yourself and pulled blanked around you and cats.
The next day your phone woke you up. You answer a call
"Good morning, _____-san" Kiku said calmly "how are you and cats?"
You looked at them. Iggycat woke up and were looking at you with his green eyes, since Americat was still sleeping at your chest.
"They're good, I guess" you said
"Good, I'm calling you because I have found a good home for one of them"
"Oh..." you felt sad, you actually liked the cats "I will be there in next two hours. Please, prepare one of them for me."
"Yes, sure"
"Thank you and see you soon"
So, you had to give away one of them. And one of them will stay with you. Which one will stay??
Next story, it's gonna be a 4 parts, kinda, series.
I am going to finish this series, series 'babysitting' and one more story I have in my mind for a while and... my LET'S MEET POLAND AND HETALIA COUNTRIES WITH ME! Yay!
I don't own Hetalia charakters and a picture which I found on

Intro: here~
England's ending: [link]
America's ending: [link]
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