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The first of two portraits of Sir Ian McKellen.
The greatest Shakespearean actor, who played my favorite character from the fantasy world: Gandalf.

Made in 8 or 9 hours
Pencils 2h hb 2b 3b 4b

I apologize again for my scanner and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your visit!
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Where is the horse gone? where the rider?
Where the giver of treasure?
Where are the seats at the feast?
Where are the revels in the hall?
Alas for the bright cup!
Alas for the mailed warrior!
Alas for the splendour of the prince!
How that time has passed away, dark under the cover of night,
as if it had never been.

(from Wikipedia)

I didn't spot a stamp devoted to the Rohirrim yet, so I decided to make one.

Design is the banner of Rohirrim from the Lord Of The Rings movies directed by Peter Jackson. The original Rohirrim are of course copyright to J.R.R. Tolkien.

So nothing in this is mine. : D


To me, the Rohirrim, horse people, are possibly the most enjoyable aspect of the whole book. Also, the best part of the RotK movie, in my opinion, is the part where Rohirrim come to Gondor's aid. And the Rohan theme made for the movie always makes me cry. As does thinking of how Théoden passed away. (Also Éomer is hot.)

I think that's more than enough reasons to make a stamp. : D
The Rohirrim are just made of awesome, epic and win~
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I just had to do it <3


stamp template: $zilla774 [link]

idea: purgatori [link]

tutorial xD: Mr-Stamp [link]

img: internet!

put together: me =3
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Rose: OK OK just one more I promise :rofl: You know how earlier I said Thranduil was creepy? Well, he's also kinda good-looking too... (And somewhere Ink is facepalming me XDDD that's our thang, people, LotR and facepalming are our thangs :iconteheplz: ) So yeah, for those of you WHO DIDN'T READ THE HOBBIT... Thranduil is Legolas' father... Which makes Legolas a prince :la: :la: :la: on this forum that Ink and I go on, there's a LotR thread, and it has a list of puns and pick-up lines... This was one of them:

"This is a pick-up line," -Legolas

You know, that's all Legolas needs to pick me up... Just sayin... :iconbadassoverhereplz:

Well that was off topic. I have another Legolas poster to put up in a second so... Just hang tight XDD

Thranduil (c) J.R.R. Tolkien
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Stamp two in a the Cannot Cope series. This pertaining to those LOTR fans who want to pack it up and head off to the White City and beyond.

Inspired by the blinkie: Cannot Cope. Off to Mordor.
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*~*Edited 11/14/2012*~*

Because I wrote the comments section so long ago, when my views based around people romantically shipping my favorite "brotherly" relationships was considerably differently than it has become in recent years, (Most because of the Smallville fandom and the awesome fans of all views and shipping) and because the comment section came off as rather offensive to the people who enjoy shipping slash relationships now and again, I finally decided to go back and edit what I said in this area--as it was written so long ago when I was pretty silly, and was rather rude to certain people's views.

And I realize now that that was wrong, and I deeply apologize to anyone I may have hurt the feelings of with my angry words.

So all in all, this is a stamp that I created a long, long time ago for the fangirls out in the Lord of the Rings fandom that think of Frodo and Sam's relationship as nothing more than a deep and affectionate brotherly love, and doesn't see them as romantic lovers as many of the rest of the fandom does.

However, if you enjoy their relationship in that way, go for it! I won't change your views whatsoever, as they are your views and you are completely entitled to them!

But when it all comes down to it, I just see Frodo and Sam as brothers. And if there are any other people out in the fandom that feels the same...well then, this stamp is totally for you! Please enjoy!! :heart:


(c): Frodo and Sam, Lord of the Rings and anything else isn't mine. I don't own them and I never will. They are JRR-T's and the movies are Peter Jackson's. If I owned them, Frodo sleeping in Sam's lap would have been in the movie, but it wasn't. I only own the stamp that I made.

The Stamp Template is [link]
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Thorn and company from The Hobbit.

Please fave if you use. :meow:

The dwarves (c) J.R.R. Tolkien
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I had a request from *ErinM31 to put three of my dwarf stamps together in a cycle. So here it is! For the fans of Thorin and his nephews, Kili and Fili.

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dA Stamps For All To Use

One ring to rule them all!

If you like stamps check out my stamp group :horns:
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