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You know you would...

Drawn for giraffe eating toast.

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Alduin bit off more than he could chew
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It's about time I drew something Elder Scroll related. =u=
Geez, this took like, 3-4 days. I lost count. I'm so dumb for wanting to try and experiment with different digital painting methods. //dies
It's of my Skyrim character, a female Bosmer. I suck at drawing the Elven long, pointed faces. But I tried getting the eyes right. |D
Also I'm quite sure many ES fans are well aware that the Nightingale armor isn't all that shiny. My apologies. I think. I kind of like it this way, though?
But yeah, 3. Whole. Days. щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

By the way has anyone heard of the Elder Scrolls Online coming out? Oh my goodness I am fangirling like the nerd I am. (✿ ♥‿♥)

:iconbubblestea: © Artwork
Bethesda © Skyrim & The Elder Scrolls series
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So,this is my page for the TES 2013 Calendar project by :icongreedofan:
I had done March again in the previous 2010 project,haha XD

Now,this image could get some reaction,since it is a pairing of opposing factions from Skyrim,Thalmor and Stormcloaks.Obviously,with Thalmor being the bad guys,there are not many fans of them around XD
But I don't like seeing things bure black and white.Unfortunately,I can only recall one or two "good" Altmer from the game,which were merchants XD Of course,a scenario needs good and evil,but I was really disappointed that there was no single Thalmor who acted friendly,or had doubts in their doings or ways.Personally,I think there should've been at least one character like that.
Anyway,since the game didn't give me what I was looking for,I created her myself =D To show that what's important are the individuals and not groups...
And I imagine that the younger recruits who are being fueled and possibly used by their elders wouldn't hold an equally strong grudge against eachother as the first generation.Living close for long periods leading to relationships is pretty possible I think.And this could lead to alternate ends of the war,probably one with less blood.

So,the pic doesn't really have any relation to the month,besides the weather maybe XD.But perhaps this could remind you to give a second chance to people you think you didn't like this month.Who knows what may come out =)

Technical wise,I'm unfortunately not really able to say I'm satisfied with this picture.The black and white lineart looked pretty good,but when I start coloring I have hard time maintaining the atmosphere I want the pic to have.Leading to colors that do not get along with eachother XD
But well,you gotta keep trying to get there,and here you're seeing one of the attempts.And of course,tomorrow was the deadline for this XD

Always waiting for comments and critiques =)
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Wow. . . SO no one else has done this as a meme yet. . .


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I wanted to make a base of my character from skyrim A dark brotherhood assassin. It took me a while to make the dark brotherhood armor.

My favorite weapon to use in the game is the Bow. I would love to make the bow into a Nightingale Bow or a Ebony Bow but it was way too much details on them, maybe someday.

Shadowmere is the demon horse from the dark brotherthood, and was originally owned by Lucien Lachance. The hard part to make Shadowmere is the eyes to make look glowing red just like in the game.

Base - Cloaked Elven Archer-

Horse base- warriorcatgirl365.deviantart.c…
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Ren from Uta No Prince Sama
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Finally I draw Inuysha ^__^
OMG I loved it and I still do :D this was my first Anime ever :D
hope like it ^__^

ps: I have this one from another artist..but I don't know who it is!
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Skyrim Vampire Altmer. Dark Brotherhood Black Hand Silencer. Named Loki, Morrowind born Altmer. Servent of Boethiah, (Tattoos says Boethiah, Mephala, and Nocturnal in Daedric Letters.)

My Skyrim Character with some funn Lore Aspects thrown in for some Spice. If like me you an Elder Scrolls Lore Fanatic you'll take notice that an Altmer raised among Dunmer Ashlanders should wield a very interesting character.

He's a Sworn servent of Daedra Prince Boethiah. He/She appears to him in a Gorgeous female aspect. He was blessed with Vampirism by Molag Bal (Minus the Rape).

Name: Loki
Race: Altmer
Age: 47
Occupation: Agent/Assassin
BitrthPlace: Blacklight, Morrowind
Specialization: Infiltration; Espionage; Assassination; Illusionist
Permanant Ressidance: Proudspire Manor, Solitude, Skyrim
Factions: Theives Guild; Dark Brotherhood; Former Morag Tong
Preferred Weapons: Deadric Daggers (BlackLight, Cloud Crystal) Deadric Katana (Vampires Edge)

Skills Set:
Stealth: Sneak *Master*
Pickpocket (Poisoning)
Speech (Etiquite, disguise, MultiLingual)
Alchemy (Survival, cooking, potions, poisons)
Archery (Throwing Knives, Ninja Stars) *Master*
Short Blade (Backstabs, neck slices) *Master*
Acrobatics (Climbing, Parcour)
Light Armor (Leather, Malachite, Elvish)
Unarmored (Dodging)
Combat: Long Blade
Hand-to-Hand (Martial Arts, Wrestling, Pressure points)
Athletics (Freerunning, Crosscountry, Sprinting, swimin’)
Magic: Illusion (Night Eye, Sound, Light, Shadow)
Destruction (Fire)
Mystisism (Soul Trap, Dispel, Spell Absorbtion)


Strength - 6

Endurance - 7

Intelligence - 9
Willpower - 8
Agility - 10
Speed - 10
Charisma - 10

Luck - 8
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Esto debí haberlo temrinado ayer :iconididplz: :iconlazycryplz:

Bueno, ahora si


Mi peque ;w; ya vas creciendo. El tiempo pasa tan rápido sfdsakfhsa :'D
Y aquí, un poquito tarde, está tu regalitou, que espero de todo corashón que te guste ♥
Pensé mucho que darte, pero nah, me parecía completamente necesario dibujarte a ellos, bcus primera OTP juntas plz, y los amo taaaaanto mis bebes hermosos ;__; :heart:
Soy pésima para lo sentimental, como muchos sabrán, pero al carajo todo.
Nena, te quiero mucho! Sos una persona tan única, divertida y genialosa. Es increible la cantidad de temas que podemos hablar, en serio te admiro muchísimo, personas con una cabeza como la tuya no conozco, por eso creo que podés hacer todo lo que quieras, sos capáz para cualquier cosa que te propongás. ¡Hay tanto que quiero conocer y aprender de vos nena!
Me encanta los momentos que pasamos juntas conversando y me encanta muchísimo rolear con vos, sos tan tieeeerrrrna y graciosa  y fdsnafs nah, te pediría matrimonio pero sería pedofília y el matrimonio ya no me va(?), so, te voy a adoptar, o secuestrarte, lo que ocurra primero, y viajaremos por el mundo y te enseñaré a hacer bombas de carburo 8D como se debe (?) xD

Y ahora, espero que hayas disfrutado mucho tu día >w< ♥
Y que este detallito te anime un poquito de tu bajoneo post Los Miserables (?)

Muchas felicidades de neuvo :dummy:
Te quiero muchísimo Kibuuu! Y me haría muy feliz compartir más años de amistad con vos ♥

Y por qué versión La Bella y la Bestia? Porque era necesario :iconmingplz: La idea la tuve desde hace mucho, par mi les pega :'D compara las parejas de disney con mis parejitas

Áyax - *Kibume
Ekaterina - ~i-Zorak

Muchísimas gracias Gato por ayudarme a guardarlo en png ;w;
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