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You took a deep breath as you pushed open the doors to the World Conference building. You had never been more nervous to start a new job. You walked into the lobby, looking around sheepishly at the busy people rushing through. You had no idea where to report to or even who to ask; the receptionist was on the phone. You took the opportunity to take in the surroundings. The décor was delicate, and you contemplated taking a seat in one of the plush armchairs. You had barely sat down when someone called your name. You stood up again right away.

"[Name]? Are you ready for the new job?" A tall man walked towards you, his blonde cowlick bobbing comically. It was America, the one who had gotten you this position.

"Ah, yes. I'm so glad you're here. Do you know where I'm supposed to go?"

He shook your hand as a greeting. "Of course, man! I'm here to escort you. Come on, I'll take you to your office," he said as he put a hand on your shoulder, steering you towards an elevator.

America pushed the button for the second floor, and waited for the elevator doors to close. The silence wasn't making your nerves any better. You decided to ask questions to take your mind off of it. "So, why is the old secretary leaving?"

"I don't know, dude. Probably having her baby or something. She seemed about ready to pop."

"This is a pretty big building. Is it just for World Conference stuff?" You fiddled with the clasp of your briefcase. This was a really slow elevator.

"Yeah, well, we've got to have an office for every country, don't we? And then there are the lesser conference rooms. Of course we have a kitchen, recreation rooms and then the sleeping quarters. Switzerland and Liechtenstein are so lucky. They actually get to go home every day. I'm so jealous, dude."  

You nodded. They'd needed a neutral spot for the World Conference, and not everyone lived close enough to commute every day. That included you. You hadn't been sure about moving to a different country at first but Lucerne was really beautiful and you had always wanted to travel.

        The elevator doors finally opened and America lead you down a short hallway to the larger office area. There were offices along three walls, and a desk against the last one.
       "Okay, so this isn't technically an office, but you get this whole big open area all to yourself. A lot of these offices belong to the major countries. Most of the other countries are still on this floor though, just take that hallway to the other wing," America pointed. "Germany's been doing most of the work since that other lady left, so he'll come by in a few minutes to start training you."

       You walked over to the desk and set your briefcase down. It looked lonely sitting by itself, so you resolved to bring personal items for decoration as soon as possible.

       America checked his watch. "All set for now, [Name]? I gotta get to a meeting, but my office is that one to the right. Let's get lunch later and you can tell me how it's going. Okay, dude?"

       You opened your mouth to reply, but he had already left, taking the hallway at a high sprint. Instead, you sat in your desk chair making sure it was at the perfect height. As you waited for Germany to arrive, the names on the office doors caught your attention: France, England, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Japan, Spain, Italy North and South, Russia, and America.

      "Hallo. I take it you are the new recruit, ja?"

      The German voice behind you made you jump. You turned and stood up quickly. A little too quickly, because your chair slammed into the wall behind you with a bang. You felt heat rising to your face.

     "Y-yes. Yes. I'm [Full Name]. I'll be the new secretary."

      The blond man's ice blue eyes were severe, and his solemn tone made you even more nervous. "Hmm. Yes, I know," he said simply. "I am Germany. Well, shall we get started?"

     "Oh. Yes, of course." You retrieved your chair. "I heard that you have been taking care of everything for awhile. That must be hard to do with your regular duties."

     "Ja. Although, if I wasn't doing it then it wouldn't get done. These dummkopfe have no respect for order," Germany griped. Maybe he wasn't as stoic as you had first thought.  

     Germany got his desk chair from his office so that he could sit beside you. He immediately started training you in your duties, speaking quickly.

     "Okay, [Name], your main responsibility is to file all of the paperwork that we do. There are a lot of contracts, memos, memorandums, notes, treaties, etc. that go through this office, and they will all need to be filed by you when we are through mit them. You will have to make sure that everything is signed before you put it away."

      He kept going, hardly even waiting for any sign of acknowledgement from you. "You will also be in charge of scheduling. We have a lot of meetings, ja? So we need you to make sure that a meeting room is not double-booked. Also, these dummekopfe don't remember anything. You will need to e-mail reminders to them, and even fetch people to their meetings. Most of the meetings you will not need to attend, but when we have a Great Conference you will be needed for notes."

     "What is a Great Conference?" You finally managed to stick a question in while he took a breath.

     "It is where the major countries all come together to work out the results of the other meetings."

     "It sounds efficient."

     "It isn't." Germany only frowned harder as he spoke. You decided that it would be best not to mention efficiency or work ethic with him.

     After you knew your major duties he started making sure that you were familiar with all of the computer programs. You struggled to keep up with the man; he was being very thorough and strict. It felt like you a soldier being drilled for hours on end.

    "-so you should always save before closing the program. It never hurts to be sure, ja? So when you are done entering that, you should-," he was going to keep you going until closing if you didn't say anything so you cut him off.

    "Germany, I'm sorry for interrupting, but do you think I could take a small break?" You smiled sweetly, silently begging to be allowed to stand and stretch.

     He stared at you a moment, put off that you would interrupt a superior. Then he relented, shaking his head. "Alright, I suppose you've been making good progress. You are a fast learner, [Name]. I will give you a five minute break. The restrooms are down that hallway on the right, and the break room is on the left."

    Only five minutes? He was even stricter than you thought. You hustled down to use the restroom. When you'd finished you turned to go back to Germany. However, you were pulled to the side as you passed the break room. It was America.

   "Hey, [Name]. I totally thought that we were going to have lunch together. What happened, dude? It's, like, two o'clock already." He looked really put out, and your heart dropped a little.

   "I'm sorry. I forgot, it's just that Germany's been pushing me really hard and –," you were cut off as your stomach growled. You blushed. "I guess I haven't eaten yet, so if you still want to I can see if Germany will extend my break."

   "Whoa, he hasn't let you eat yet? Don't worry, [Name]. I'll talk to him for you." America's mood changed instantly from disappointment to indignation. He stomped out of the room with you following afterwards, your protests going unheard.

    The next half hour was spent with America and Germany arguing with you standing by helplessly. They seemed to have forgotten about you, because the argument was as far away from your lunch as you could have imagined.

   "Well, I won't send you anymore automobiles, if you can't appreciate what they do for you, Dummekopf."

   "Dude, I don't need your overpriced Beemers. Ford is obviously the pinnacle in automotive technology."

    You tried to interrupt them, but they weren't listening to you. So you pulled your sandwich out of your briefcase and went back to the empty break room. After choosing a table in the middle of the room you sat heavily and stuffed a corner of your sandwich into your mouth carelessly. Somehow you were exhausted. Well, it made sense when you thought about it; you had only arrived in Europe yesterday.

   "Oh, why you must be the new secretary, non?" The French accent jerked you out of your trance and the sandwich fell. How embarrassing. It was your first day on the job and you were already spacing out so hard you couldn't even remember to bite into something already in your mouth. The man just chuckled at you so you took the time to get a good look at him. Looking at his long hair you wondered if everyone who worked here was blond.

   "Y-yeah. Sorry, I was on break. I'm [Full Name]."

    The man stopped chuckling but still looked amused. "Well, ma fleur, I am France and you have something just there." He reached up and wiped some mustard off the corner of your mouth. You blushed and stuttered in response, but he frowned.

   "Did you say that you were on break? It is your first day here, you should not be working! Have you been able to move in?" France asked. You shook your head; your luggage was still in your rental car.

   "What a tragedy. Well, I will have you know that the French love to go on strike. And today, [Name], you are French. Let's go," France said as he pulled you out of the room leaving your sandwich uneaten on the table. At this rate you might as well wait until dinner to eat. Both of you ignored the still arguing American and German and chatted pleasantly as you went down to bring in your things. France was a nice guy, even if he didn't have a lot of respect for personal space and flirted incessantly.

    Since neither of you knew where you'd be staying, France asked the receptionist in the lobby and led you to the fifth floor.

    "There aren't many women here, sadly.  Most countries are male, and a lot of the female staff is from here in Switzerland so they commute. So the fifth floor is rather empty, but they space you out nicely so you won't be too close or too far away from the other ladies." You nodded. The lack of women was the reason that you were allowed to stay within the World Conference building instead of having to find an apartment elsewhere. You looked askance at France.

    "You know a lot about the women's rooms," you said suspiciously.

     He just laughed and winked. You rolled your eyes a bit.

    "Would you explain where everything is? I confess that I don't really understand the system here," you asked.

    "Of course, ma chere. The first floor is full of temporary offices and rooms for visiting officials. The second floor you know. Most of the conference rooms are on the third floor. The fourth is where you'll find the kitchen, cafeteria and laundry. The cafeteria is open from 8 to six on weekdays, but you can use the kitchen whenever you wish. The cleaning staff and utility rooms are on that floor as well. The women stay on the fifth floor and the men are on the sixth and seventh. There are small lounges on each floor, but the eighth is where you'll find the main social areas. We have a game lounge and a pool, too. Lastly there is a garden on the roof. Would you like to go get lost amongst the trees?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. It was your turn to laugh.

    "I'll pass, thanks."

    "Oh well. It is your loss," France said as you arrived at your door. He shifted the boxes he was holding so he could take out the key the receptionist had given him. Just as he unlocked the door, the small top box slid off his pile. You just managed to catch it by pinning it in between your shoulder and his. "Oh, pardon! Do you have it?" the Frenchman asked.

    "Barely. I can't grab it though. We'll have to crab-walk in."


     The two of you shuffled slowly through the door, careful to keep the box balanced until you could set the boxes in your hands down on a table.

     "Where would you like your bags, [Name]?" France asked once the wayward box was secure.

    "Just drop them here. I'll probably take a nap before I get started unpacking," you said as you glanced around the empty apartment.

    "That sounds wonderful," France said as he sidled up next to you. "Would you like me to join you?"

    "No thanks. But, I do want to thank you for helping me bring in my stuff. Can I cook you dinner later?"

    "Non, you may not."

    You frowned. "And why not? I'll have you know that I'm a pretty good cook."

    The French man just shook his head. "It is your first day here, ma fleur. I will cook for you tonight, you just need to relax and adjust to the new environment."

    "Well," you began, "I don't like the idea of making you care for me. Perhaps we can compromise."

"I would serve you with pleasure, but I will listen to your compromise."

"I'll help you make dinner." France started to make a face, so you spoke again quickly, "or I could do the dishes. I really want to help."

"Alright, I give in. You take a rest, and I will come get you when it is time to start, oui?"

You smiled widely. "Oui."
Here's the stupid, long introductory chapter. Hopefully I explained how the building is set up, and what your job is succinctly. I guess I didn't explain what your room looks like!

Well, here: You have a bedroom, a main room and a bathroom. You don't have a kitchen because you have to share with everyone else! Are you wondering why a place as ritzy as the World Conference Building wouldn't let you have your own kitchen? "Well, don't ask me these questions; I don't know why. I don't make the rules!"50 internets to whoever can name which movie that is from!

Of course, this is merely a fan-fiction using the characters from :iconhimaruyaplz: 's Hetalia!

Other vignettes:
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Matthew got up bright and early at 8:00 am to meet you at the park, just like he did every Saturday morning. He finished his pancakes, and walked out the door with a smile.

As Matthew strolled through the park, he stopped and sat down at the nearest bench; the same bench he would always wait at. Every great day between the two of you would always start here and get better. He patiently waited and scanned around the park occasionally. He loved sitting on the bench and watching you run to him from afar, apologizing for being late. The way your face would be flushed from running full-speed, and you're babbling excuses for your tardiness was found oh-so amusing to the Canadian.

It had just turned 12:00 pm when a few more people strolled by through the park. Yet, Matthew waited patiently with that un-dying smile.



At around 3:00 pm, Alfred happened to stroll by and notice Matthew sitting on the bench. "Hey bro, how's it hangin'?" He asked with his overly-enthusiastic voice. "I'm waiting for (__f/n__)," Matthew replied calmly. Alfred died a little inside at Matthew's response. "O-Oh. How long have you been waiting here?"

"……About 6 hours."

"…… But… what if she's not coming, dude? I-I mean like, if she doesn't show up today? Or next week?"

"I'll be waiting right here for when she does come then. When she returns, I'll be right here."

"…Mattie…" Alfred sighed, "…she's not gonna return. She's not coming back…"

"…What makes you say that?"

"Matthew, listen. Honestly, you have to let this go. You're in serious denial, and she's not coming back. You can't just waste away your hours sitting here doing nothing. Now c'mon bro, let's go to Mc Donalds--"

"She's probably at her family's house." Matthew stated absent mindedly, not paying attention to what Alfred had said.

"Matthew. She's gone. You would know if you attended her funeral."

"……W-Why would I do that…… when she's at her family's house?" He asked with a faltering smile.

Alfred couldn't convince Matthew anymore. He knew about how (__f/n__) and Matthew would always hit it off naturally, and were the best of friends. After she had passed away, he hated to see his brother in such sorrow state. With that all too fake smile plastered on his face to pass away his long days, trying to enforce happiness upon himself. And the saddest part yet, was that it was working. Alfred hated this so much, that he would sometimes cry himself, for the times that Matthew didn't. But Matthew's mind was in a state of denial; playing tricks to prevent Matthew from hurting himself. After all, what would happen to the country of Canada if Matthew was gone? Alfred felt responsible for his younger brother, and by reflex, acted upon protecting and caring for him.

"……Alright then. I'm gonna wait here with you until she get's here," Alfred sighed. He plopped down on the bench beside Matthew, and instead of pulling out his I Pod like he usually did, he put his arm around Matthew, bringing him closer to himself. Matthew leaned his head onto Alfred's shoulder with a peaceful smile and Alfred let a couple tears roll down his cheeks. They both sat there and waited…




The sun had started to set when Alfred noticed Matthew slightly trembling in his arms, letting a couple of tears escape from his eyes.

".........C'mon, Matt. Let's go home."

But every Saturday he'd wait. Wait for you to run to him with that smile on your face, not willing to believe that you were actually gone. Waiting for your presence that he had grown to love. For that moment that always seemed so effortlessly life changing to him.

But you never showed up.
:bulletred: SORRY SORRY SORRY. I'm kinda upset now, so I don't know how writing a story about killing reader-chan off, even helped. /shot/

:bulletorange: Little kinda drabble thing I made. I KNOW I SHOULD BE WORKING ON REQUESTS, but I barely had enough time to squeeze this one in! D: Sorry~!


:bulletgreen:Picture belongs to me and so does the story line! (LOOK AT THOSE FAIL GLASSES ON DERP-CANADA)

:bulletblue: Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz: (:

:iconcanadasulkplz::iconamericasulkplz::iconsaysplz:...R-Reader-chan... D:

More stories!!

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You pulled Arthur out of the restaurant and, totally ignoring your car, you led him to a nearby park a few blocks down the street. You refused to slow your pace after what had happened. You wanted to just run to the end of the earth to escape Alfred at this point. You had always known the American to be impulsive and hardheaded, but you would have never pinned him as the person to ruin an entire evening!

When you reached the park, you allowed yourself to slow to a gentle walk, a welcome relief to Arthur who was tripping over his feet the entire way. You looked at the clock on the church tower across the street. It was just after four in the morning. Alfred had to blow the last two hours you had with Arthur tonight. You and Arthur sat down by the fountain and sat in silence. After what seemed like an eternity, you broke the silence.

By crying.

Tears began to flow down your cheeks. Arthur, who had turned his face from you when he sat down, didn't notice until he heard you sniffle a bit. As soon as he saw you were crying he flew into a panic attack.

"___-_______, p-please don't cry, love. I-I mean, sure tonight didn't turn out swimmingly, b-but there's always some other time, right?" he blurted out quickly.

"It's-it's not that." You said through your tears. "I wanted tonight to be perfect. Just a normal night, in a lovely restaurant, eating fantastic food, drinking fine wine, and enjoying each other's company. But then Alfred ruined the whole thing!"

"No, _______, Alfred didn't ruin it! I had a wonderful time! I swear!" he grasped your hand in his. "The food was amazing, the wine was rich, the restaurant was beautiful!"

"I know I know! But I didn't care about the dinner or the wine or the restaurant at all." You hung your head lower. "I just wanted to…you know…make…you…make you feel…" you drifted off.

"Feel what?" he asked, leaning in.

"Human." You stated.

"Oh…I see. I suppose what he said hit both of us pretty hard then." He said with a small, sad smile.

"He had no right to say that." You said, more tears running down your cheeks.

"I know." He wrapped an arm around you comfortingly, "But it can't be helped. What's said is said and what's done is done. You know that he's right. I can't help what I am."

"Don't say that!" You snapped at him, pulling yourself away. "Don't agree with him! I can't believe what I'm hearing! You're anything but a monster! And you know that I will never say that!"

You continued to cry, dropping your head low again. Arthur scooted closer any held you again, remaining quiet.

"I just wanted one night." You continued, your tears turning into sobs "I just wanted one night where you weren't reminded that you were cursed. I wanted one night where you didn't feel like a monster. I wanted one night to make you feel like a normal human again. And I couldn't give it to you."

"_______" Arthur said, lifting your face so your (eye color) eyes met his emerald orbs "Your lips are moving but I don't understand a word you're saying. How could you believe you failed? Tonight was probably the best night I've had in 200 years."

"What are you talking about?!" you asked him, looking at him as though he'd lost his mind "It was a disaster! Alfred—"

"Forget about Alfred, _______." Arthur cut off your sentence. "Do you know what happened when we walked into that restaurant? I saw people look up. They looked at me. And do you know what happened? They thought I was completely human. Not one person in that eatery saw me as a monster or a doll or a soulless shell of a man. For a few hours, I was a human. I was just as human as the man at the table across from us, as the woman behind us, as the old man on the other side of the garden, as human as all of them. More human than I've been in two centuries."His voice lowered to a whisper "I can't thank you enough for that."

He began to lean in closer. Instinctively, you leaned in too. Both your and his eyes closed. You and he got closer and closer until your lips finally met. His lips were warm, inviting, and tasted of the veal he had eaten before. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms wove around your waist.  Just as the kiss got deeper, the wind suddenly picked up. It began to swirl and spin around the two of you.

You and Arthur broke the kiss and gazed at the swirling winds around you. It spun faster and faster until it reached the equivalent of a tornado.  It closed in closer and closer until it focused on Arthur. The Englishman began to lift off the ground. You held his hand and tried to keep him anchored, but the wind was too strong. His hand slipped from your grip and you fell backward, landing on the grass. Arthur was carried higher and higher into the air until he was a good thirty feet above you.

Suddenly, the wind gained a voice. In a stoic, ancient, monotone voice that at the same time sounded like a chorus of angles it whispered "True love's kiss. True love's kiss. True love's kiss. True love's kiss. True love's kiss."

It repeated the same words over and over, faster and faster. Arthur began twirling and spinning midair. Then the wind seemed to change its form and was replaced with golden glitter that illuminated the night. The light was blinding to say the least. You had to shield your eyes from the glow. Not that you could see Arthur anymore anyway; he had long since been engulfed by the light and was no longer visible.

Suddenly, without warning, the glitter exploded in all directions. The winds stopped blowing, the noise ceased, and Arthur slowly descended back to earth. You ran over to him worried about what had happened. He fell limp at your feet. You kneeled down and helped him sit up. He slowly opened his eyes again and gazed at you sleepily, his lips forming a smile.

"__-_______, w-what happened?"

"I-I don't know."


You looked at the church clock. Five in the morning.


You turned your attention to the east.


The first rays of sun began to show.


You could see the sun slowly rising over the horizon.


Arthur grasped your hand and looked at you. You grasped his hands and returned his gaze. As the morning light stretched over the two of you, you waited for what you knew would happen.

But nothing did happen.

Arthur was still human, even though the sun light clearly hit his pale skin. You both stood up wordlessly, trying to comprehend what was happening. After a long, quiet pause, you and Arthur broke into smiles that led to laughter. Arthur grabbed your waist and swung you in circles before he set you down and hugged you tightly. You hugged back and buried your face in his chest.

"_______" Arthur finally said "I…I…"

"I know" you said, your voice lighthearted and gleeful.

"But how? W-what it the…the kiss?"

"Y-yeah, I think so." You of course already knew that was the cure, but you were shocked nonetheless.

"Doesn't this all sound a bit cliché?"

"Do you want to be a toy again?"


"Then shut up and roll with it."

You both laughed and began dancing and twirling around. Then you both stopped and stared into each other's eyes for a long time. You both leaned in again and began kissing passionately.  The kiss was broken when you gave a heavy yawn. You only just realized that you had been up for close to twenty hours now and you were exhausted.

"Come on, love. Let's get you to bed." Arthur said, picking you up bridal style. All you did was give a sleepy nod in agreement. You would have to go back for the car later.

As Arthur carried you home, he leaned in close and whispered in your ear "I love you."

You gave him a peck on the cheek "I love you too."
The end! ^_^ Sorry if it isn't great, I was running out of ideas T-T I fail.


Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz. It is not mine, never has been mine, never will be mine.
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Full Summary: Dear mom and dad, I'm safe and still alive but, I won't be home for awhile. I ran away with the personified Nordic 5 and Baltic Trio. So when I come back home, it'll be with one of these sexy men!


You closed your laptop shut for the night. It was now ten-thirty p.m. and it was about time for you to stop watching Hetalia and started getting ready for bed. You walked over to your dark purple bed and pulled the covers away so you could get under. You climbed into bed, pulled your blankets up, then shut off your lamp on the nightstand.

"Goodnight sexy men." You said as you blew a kiss to your Hetalia poster on the ceiling, you then closed your eyes and fell asleep.

Your first name was [Y/N]. At your school when anyone said your name then the two words that came to mind was: Hetalia Fangirl. You were, sadly, the only girl in your school who adored anime, manga, and Japanese stuff and especially the anime Hetalia. It was kick-ass educational and it had sexy men in it! But, you were very much unlike other Hetalia fangirls. For a fact you were sixteen, yeah that sounded weird but the most weirdest thing even for a Hetalia fangirl was that you loved the Baltic Trio and Nordic 5 out of all of the other absolutely adored them to fangirl-death and you would always love them the most...because they were sexy.


The next day at school, you and your best friend Vanessa walked down the hallway to your last period. The day had gone by fast as usual with your required classes then your elective. Your last period was your favorite out of all of them because your last period was non other then...History.

Your class-mates hated history even more because of you. Each day you would somehow end up teaching the class instead and if not you would be crying or laughing over something "stupidly-history" as your class-mates would say.

"Aw, crap." Vanessa cussed as the two of you opened the door to your history classroom. Vanessa took her seat in the back as far away from you as possible as you took your seat in the front of the classroom.

As the class started to fill in soon, your history teacher, Miss Bigger came in. She sighed as she dreaded her last class since it had [Y/N] in it. She set her plan book down and sat in her chair by her desk. She then waited for the class to settle down before she started.

"Today, class, we will be starting chapter six in our history books. Please open up to page 238." She waited for everyone to do so. She knew what would be coming next from you as you turned the pages in your book. She plugged her ears just in time for when you squealed.

"OHMIGOD! WE'RE GONNA LEARN ABOUT THE NORDIC FIVE!" Everyone in the class groaned. Here you went again...fangirling in history class. This is why you only had one BEST friend.


As you walked to the park from school, you started to dig through your messenger bag (backpack) for something. Oh your were going to the park alright...but you weren't going to do anything normal. You were going to cosplay as Iceland and pretend to be looking for your "Onii-Chan." Oh how you loved that line.

The park soon came into view as well as the park bathroom, where you would change. You increased the speed of your walk to a sprint as you ran into the bathroom to change.

When you came out there was one last thing you said before you started your cosplaying.

"It's fangirl time." You then smiled as you strolled through the park, ignoring the weird looks you got even when you started to say "Onii-Chan...where are you?"

Oh you were the ultimate fangirl.


End chapter one...this chapter was only to show how OBSESSED you are...believe me this WILL get better!

Oh, and you can vote for this one too! Just like the Axis Powers & Allied ForcesxReader one!
They pile us high,
Leave us to rot while skies
Turn to the darkest night,

The ground shook with the force of a thousand giants running across the Earth.
"What's going on?" You hear the confused yells and screams of terrified families and friends.
"It's the Earth. It's collapsing in on itself. The sky is going out, stars are disappearing. Don't you see it?" you reply calmly. The stranger that asked the original question looked at you, terrified and confused at your words and attitude.
"No! That was a myth! The government said it was a silly rumor!" they replied in denial. You avert your eyes from the ground to meet theirs. They are taken aback by the fear and sadness that filled them, after how calm and collected you sounded.
"They lied," you whisper.

They took our hearts
And left us with open scars,
Earth is an abattoir...

The stranger looked at you one last time before turning and running down the road, presumably to get to family. You sigh, looking back down to the ground, sitting on the curb of the street. You had no need to look for family. You had fought with them over the Doctor. They denied his existence, though they had met him. They called you crazy. They told you to let it go. But you couldn't...You loved him too much.
Your precious Doctor.
He promised to come back for you. 'Now would be the time, if ever,' you think. You smile as you remember how he was always late, even if he did have a time machine.
The familiar sound of the TARDIS engine whirring snapped you out of thought. You look up, and you see the blue box materialize across the road, into an alleyway. You bolt up and sprint to the doors, but hesitate when you stand directly in front of it. You take in a breath, and knock on the door.
The door is sudddenly flung open, and before you could say anything, you are pulled in by a pair of familiar arms. The door slams shut behind you, and you look up to your captor, who was hugging you, and had now proceeded to bury their face in your hair.

And silently you and I will slip into nothing...
And silently you and I will slip into nothing...

"____...My dear ____...I'm so sorry..." he says, squeezing you tighter. Tears filled your eyes as you hugged him back.
"D-Doctor..." you replied, sobbing. He rubbed you back, whispering apologies to you. You weren't sure why you were crying; You didn't know if it was because hellfire was raining down outside, or because you were so happy to see the one person you loved.
"I missed you," he says after what seemed like forever. You look up at him, tears still streaming down your face.
"I...Missed...You too," you stutter. He takes hold of your hand and leads you through the hallways, to your old bedroom. You run your hand over the soft blanket, and you both sit down. He brushes the hair out of your face and looks you in the eyes, saying nothing. You both lean closer to the other, and your heartbeat speeds. You take in a sharp breath.
"Doctor...I never got to tell you..." you start. He takes your face in his hands, holding you close.
"Tell me what?" he replies.
"Isn't it obvious?"
"...I think so, but I'm not one-hundred percent sure..." he replies. The TARDIS suddenly shakes, throwing you both backwards, as you were attached to each other. You shriek at the unexpected movement. The Doctor then jumps up, running out of the room, leaving you alone. Again.

Look at me,
Don't take your eyes off mine,
We're at the edge of time,

After a few minutes, he walks back in.
"Sorry," he whispers, walking back towards the bed. You sit up, nodding in acceptance to his apology.
"It's alright."
"No." You look up, surprised at his harshness. "It's not okay. I've left you once, I'm not doing it again."
You smile at his affection. He had always been protective of you. He lays a hand against your cheek again, pulling you closer to him. You two close the gap between your lips, an overdue action.

And slice your veins,
I will stay right here tamed,
Oh, by the horror of...

"Say it," he states. You two were now laying on the bed. After the kiss, you had felt as if a gap in your life had been filled. All you could think of is the adventures you used to have with the Doctor.
Your Doctor.
"Say what?"
"You know what."
"...I love you," you mutter.
"I love you, too," he says. Little did you know, he had been aching to say the phrase to you for a long time.
"I was so lonely without you," he continues. You nod in agreement.
"Me, too."
"Stay with me? I don't want to be alone again," he asks. It was true, he was terrified of the emptiness that had filled him when he left you. But he had to do it, for your safety. He knew he wouldn't be able to bear not seeing your wonderful smile ever again, so he made a promise to you, but more-so himself, saying he would visit you again someday.
You look at him in disbelief.
"Why wouldn't I?" you ask surprised.

And silently you and I will slip into nothing...
Into nothing...
And silently you and I will slip into nothing...

"I...I just...I just let the world burn for you..." he utters.
"So? I'm with you. I don't care," you respond.
"You're not mad?" he asks, shocked.
"No...I will miss them, my friends, and maybe some family...but you can always take me back to see them can't you?" He wanted to tell you that he couldn't, but he didn't want to ruin your mood. Besides, he was a Time Lord. The laws of time obeyed him.
He loved to see you happy, especially if you were happy over him. The way you made him feel was like nothing he had ever felt before, when he was with you, it was pure ecstasy. Just a mere touch from you sent shivers down his spine.
And now you were all his, till the end of time.

The two of you lay there, snuggling together like young lovers. You ended up falling asleep to the soothing sound of his voice whispering sweet nothings into you ear.
He lay awake that night, trying to figure out exactly how he was to make your love last. There had to be a way...
After hours of pondering, he finally came up with a plan. He wasn't sure it would work, but it was worth a try.
"My love," he whispers, trying not to wake you, "We have a very bright future together."
Ye here's another 4AM non-specific Doctor one-shot!
I made the song much less depressing than it needs to be
Song used: Sharp Nails and Malice, The Devil by Benn [I suggest giving it a listen before or after reading, it sets the atmosphere. It can be found
here ->… ]

I nu own DW
I nu own you
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When I went to my first Anime North 7 years ago, I was floored by how big it was and how overwhelming everything seemed to be. At that time, I could really have used a guide, but none seemed to exist. So if this is your first time or your 3rd time, I hope you can learn something new and get the most out of Canada’s largest anime convention.

So you’ve bought your tickets, booked your hotel, and arranged transportation to and from the Congress Centre. Now all you have to do is count down the days right? Not quite. There are a couple of other things you should prepare for.
When you’re in the Dealer’s Room (The area with all the merchandise), the last thing you want is to not be able to buy that special something because you spent your money on that “plushie you just had to have!” Make sure to save at least $100 before the con! That may seem a lot at first, but manga after manga after figurine after anime pile up and you run out of money very fast, no matter how good the deals are. Atm machines around the convention run out of money very fast during the weekend (Yes! They can actually run out!), so don’t depend on them for cash. The majority of vendors only accept cash and don’t have machines on hand for debit and visa. So make your life easier by saving up your cash or making a nice big withdrawal before the con.
Yes, there will be fast food restaurants near the convention centre, and even a Japanese restaurant! Food is also sold in the Dealer’s Room and at the Double Tree Hotel. But food will be extremely expensive and the wait at fast food restaurants will stretch to tomorrow! Don’t try making reservations either. Those nicer restaurants don’t accept reservations on convention weekends. So hit your closest grocery store a day or two before the convention and stock up on some small snacks! Something to tide you over for most the day. Muffins, candies, Pocky (A fan favourite and a must have at the convention), cup noodles, and those Singles snack packs are a great choice.
A List
No, not A-List, a list! What would you need a list for, you ask? Other than money, a list is your best friend in the Dealer’s room. Walking into that room is like walking into a treasure cove or a toy store. There’s a lot of things and you don’t know where to start! Most vendors have rows upon rows of manga and anime lined up on tables. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, all those titles could be blinding when you’re going through them and you might be deterred from them. Write a list of all the manga and anime you are either collecting or want to start. Conventions are a great place to start or add to a collection because of the mass quantities of each title available. A list is also good if you’re having a hard time looking for that specific title. The people standing behind the vendors’ tables are there to help you, so if you’ve found a vendor with the right prices, you can pass them your list and they will assemble all of them for you! I can’t tell you how much time and headaches I saved when I discovered I could do that! Walking through the long tables, looking over other people’s shoulders to find the one volume I’m looking for was way too much for me. Going into the Dealer’s Room with a list of what you know you want can also mean you’ll most likely be able to get what you want. If what you wanted was a popular title that had just released a new volume, and you remembered on Sunday you wanted it, chances of finding it are slim.

At the convention
So now you’ve done all your preparation. Time to hit the con! Here are some tips to help you ease into the convention with little trouble.
Be Early
How early can you get to your hotel? Getting there early is key to a headache-less start to your weekend. All the hotels of the area are booked full of convention goers that will all be checking in at the same time. If you can get there early, you can miss the long lines of people waiting to be checked in. Disregard the check-in time on the hotel’s website. That’s the time for when your room will be ready, but they will gladly check you in at the front desk at an earlier time.
So what do you do after you’re checked in and your room is not ready? Split up your party and have one half get in line to pick up your convention badge at the Congress centre and the other half wait at the hotel until it’s time to move into the rooms. Here’s where coming early is an asset. The line for pre-registered folk and non-pre-registered folk are equally long and often wrap around the perimeter of the building. So get in the line early and wait for the convention to begin. It would be wise to bring something to sit on and play with while you’re there.
If you are in highschool or younger and live in the GTA, DO NOT SKIP SCHOOL JUST FOR THIS. Just rush there after school. Remember, you must have an adult with you in the hotel room if you're 13 and under. Anime North is not a valid reason to skip school for.
Dealer’s Room
I’ve already mentioned this place earlier in the article. This is the large area of the centre filled with vendors from all over Canada  (And some from the US) that have brought their anime merchandise to sell. When you go in, DON’T and I repeat, DON’T spend money at the first booth full of manga or plushies that you see. Take your time to walk all around the room, asking about their prices and any possible deals. After you’ve looked at every booth, then you can go back to the vendor that had the lowest price or the best deal. Also, most people will be selling manga at US cover price. What that means is that you’ll be paying for the US equivalent of the manga with Canadian dollars. When that was first introduced to conventions, we were all floored. But now, fans are looking for better deals, and there are many people willing to provide them. So be cautious and check out all the vendors before you start spending your hard-earned money.
**From Rock-E-"Another tip, for the gamers: unless it's a super super super rare game (I'm talking Tengen Tetris, Snatcher, most Working Designs games, ICO, MGS3: Subsistence Limited Edition rare here), avoid buying games there. You may find some somewhat decent prices, but most of the time it's overpriced, especially RPGs."
Program Book
This is what you’ll get when you get your badge. A book that lists all of the events of the weekend, where they are, when they are, and what they’re about. It’s a good idea at the beginning of the con to sit down and go through all the events that are happening and maybe circle some of the ones you just can’t miss. It’s horrible to go home from a convention just to find out that you missed an event you really wanted to go to! Also, this is a good way of preventing the dreaded “Now what?” moment when you and your friends are sitting in the hotel lobby, bored and wondering what there is to do at a convention.
Comic Market and Crafter’s Corner (Originally Artist’s Alley)
Because this is the first time Anime North has had this, I don’t know much about it. I’m unclear of the rules and what to expect specifically, but I have a general idea about it.
This is the place where everyday people get to show off their art and sell it to other fans. Some people make buttons or pins and key chains that they sell here. Most artists are open for commission, meaning they take requests for specific drawings for a fee. If you commission them on Friday, they can usually have the picture ready for you by Sunday. Prices vary from artist to artist according to their skill and the details of the picture. For example, one person costs less than 2 people, and black and white (inked) costs less than coloured, and so on. I often commission at least two people because I like to support budding anime artists. If you happen to really like someone’s drawing or style, don’t be shy to ask them to draw you your favourite pairing or character!
So many people don’t know what these are, and that’s shocking! A convention is nothing without panels. Panels are basically discussion rooms where you go to a room and talk about the topic that the panel is on. For example, during a Shakugan no Shana panel, there will be people at the front of the room that have volunteered to lead the discussion, and an audience and all you do is talk about the anime/manga for an hour! It’s a great way to meet people that are just as into a series as you are and also to maybe learn something new about it. You can talk about the plot, the characters, the creators, anything that comes up about the series, you talk about. There are also panels lead by more qualified people, such as a props panel or a voice-acting 101 panel where you can learn how to do something. So don’t be afraid to check these out!
Major Events
The major events that happen at AN is the Friday Skit Contest, Saturday night Dance, and the Saturday night Masquerade. I recommend going to the first two. To even get in to watch the Masq, you’ll need to line up for a wrist band, then you’ll need to line up for a good seat, then you spend 3 hrs watching mediocre skits and costumes run up and off stage in less than a minute. Many many people make it their mission to video tape the Masq and then put them up on Y-Tube. So go do something more fun and watch the more interesting skits online when you get home.
If it's your mission however, to take pictures of the best cosplays from Anime North, hang out outside the area where the Masq entrants leave the stage. I did this one year and was able to get lots of great pictures. If you don't know where this is, you can always ask a con volunteer.
The Friday skit is a contest where groups are given a longer time for their acts and are much more entertaining than the Masq.
The Saturday night dance is just your regular dance with a DJ that plays anime and Japanese music all night! If you plan to go to the dance, I suggest you pack lighter clothes to wear because it can get VERY hot on the dance floor. And no, I’m not talking about that girl in the Yoko costume or that guy in a Kamina costume.

Taking Photos
There’s a certain etiquette to taking pictures of cosplayers at a convention. The procedure goes roughly like this:
1)You spot a cosplayer that you JUST have to take a picture of
2)You see they’re not eating or in a hurry. (VERY IMPORTANT)
3)You go up to them and ask “Can I take your picture?” They say “Sure!”
4)You take their picture and say “Thanks!” They say “No problem!” (Also very important. The thanks lets them know that you took the picture so they can stop posing.
5)You go on your way.
No-no’s of photo taking
1)DON’T take a picture of them without asking them, unless you were taking a picture of the room, and there just happened to be cosplayers.
2)DON’T take a picture in a super crowded place like the Dealer’s Room because you could be blocking a lot of people’s way.
3)DON’T go up to them if they seem to be running somewhere. If you do this and they deny your request, they’re not being rude, they just really have to be somewhere.
4)DON’T and I mean DON’T take a picture of them when they are eating! They are obviously busy with food in their mouth so either wait around for them, or look for them later. But don’t stand near them and actually wait there! That’s creepy.
As a cosplayer, please assume that there will be people stopping you on your way to somewhere or maybe when you’re just hanging out, for a picture. Don’t be shy and strike a pose! If they request a certain pose from you, only agree to it if you’re comfortable with it. It’s not rude to deny a request to do a pose you’re not comfy with. Also, people not from the convention may come up to you and ask you what all the people in costumes is all about. They’re not being rude or mean, they’re just very curious about something they probably haven’t seen. Just explain to them that it’s an anime convention. Believe it or not, much of the western world knows what anime is. If they don’t know, you can just say “Japanese animation”. Don’t be weirded out or put off by them. I know many cosplayers that take offence to people coming up to them, but there’s no need to be. Remember, you’re in a costume, so you’re bound to get all sorts of attention.

There is generally a 126 rule at conventions.
-1 shower a day
-2 meals a day
-6 hours of sleep a night
This is to keep you from keeling over on Saturday or Sunday morning and to keep you from smelling horrible all weekend. Often at a convention, all the excitement makes you forget about things like food and sleep, but they catch up to you fast and hard. If you really can't shower, many places such as Walmart of Shopper's now sell those tiny body sprays to keep you smelling fresh. It would be nice to invest in one to keep you from stinking up the con.
Some people can get away with the 411 rule. Which is:
-4 hours of sleep a night
-1 meal a day
-1 shower a day
I don't recommend that for younger con goers, but if you're over 18, that could be enough.

And thus ends my short guide for first-timers. There’s still a lot I can say, but it’s much better to find them out for yourselves. I hope you have a great time and plan to come back next year!
A short guide for first-time con goers.

Reminder, this is a VERY SHORT GUIDE! This is by no means complete and I understand many things have been left out. This is just a very general guide to give first-timers an idea of Anime North.

I also didn't include information that you can find anywhere else on the web. There would be no point in repeating what everyone else is saying.

If you want to know more about Anime North like hotels, what to pack, what prices to expect, and con rules, send me a note about what you actually want to know about.

I also don't call myself an expert, but I've been to 6 Anime Norths and many other conventions, and have learned a few things. I love sharing my experiences and have hosted this particular panel at Anime North last year and 2 years before that.

Directions to get to Anime North are here.
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Andrew Ryan mentioned me once, in one of his voice diary recordings. The Alpha series Big Daddy, crouched by a Gather's Garden, crying. Epsilon, that's what they branded me, the last of the official Alpha series. They stripped me of all my memories from the surface, and bonded me to a poor little girl, an orphan, and forced a Adam Slug in her stomach, making her a little sister.

I loved her like my daughter, though, and I was her Daddy. Mr. Bubbles she'd call me, though all Little Sister's called their Big Daddys that. No one got near her, and I was critically injured many times for her, and even died twice, but with the miracle invention called a Vita-chamber, I'd come back over and over. However, that wasn't the same for my little one.

The Splicers overwhelmed me, pinning me down momentarily, but it was too late once I broke free, and…Oh god…I can remember it so clearly, the bastards killed her right in front of me! They killed my little one, and broke our bond. Oh god, it hurts to think of her, my little one, my precious one.

She died in my arms, saying the angels were coming for her. I brushed her hair out of her bloody face, and her smile pierced my body more than any bullet or blade ever had or ever will. I felt her go limp in my arms, and her small body shut down.

It brings tears to my eyes as I repeat this event for you, I held her close, I stood shakily, and held her gingerly in my arms as I slowly started wondering aimlessly around. I cried, I sobbed, I moaned and I groaned, but the pain only grew worse in my heart.

In front of a Gather's Garden, my legs gave out, unable to continue, and I screamed, no, I roared so loud I was unable to even whisper for several days. I hunched over, holding her to my chest, her frail body so limp, so cold, god it was so horrible. I failed her, I promised to protect her, to give my life for her, and I failed.

I don't know how long I was there, sobbing and shaking uncontrollably when several other little ones approached me, here for their sister. I looked down at the lifeless corpse in my arms, my vision blurred by my tears, and handed her over reluctantly.  The Little Sisters all expressed Sympathy for me, and for my loss, as two of them took their sister away.

I didn't notice it until I had finally stopped crying, but one of them put a little doll down in front of me, one that looked just like her. I whimpered and picked the doll up delicately, holding it in one large hand "Nora…" I was able to choke out, throat sore, and I would have broke down crying again, but I was simply out of tears.

I spent every waking moment in front of that machine, that doll clutched in my arms, sitting in a fetal position and sobbing whenever my tears replenished themselves. It was one of those sobbing fits Andrew Ryan had seen me, and even the Master, the Big Boss, showed Sympathy towards me, and that's when the Alpha series was canceled.

But Big Daddies and Little Sisters were still being produced, and more little girls like my precious Nora were out there dying, orphans. But they did not die alone or forgotten, as I wrote their names down on the wall, and I cried for them too, because if I didn't, Who would?
Bioshock 2, Andrew Ryan, Alpha Series, Little Sisters, Big Daddy, etc all belong to 2K.

This little short story is about a Audio recording I found, and decided to write about. A hour and many tears later, here it is.

Hey, it's sad D:

*Edit 1*

Changed the Big Daddy's name, and fixed Grammar errors (Empathy switched to sympathy)
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It was the summer of 1957, and the night was calm and warm.  The storm clouds from earlier were now just a few harmless puffs on the horizon, but the air still held a faint scent of sweet rain.  A light breeze danced through the woods just outside of town, rustling the leaves of the oaks and maples and birches.  And within these woods were two travelers, seemingly following some unseen path through the growth.

“Come on, it’s just a little bit farther,” called the man in the lead.  He had short, scruffy, sandy brown hair and wore large, squarish glasses over his big sky blue eyes. He picked his way through the thick underbrush with an air of someone who had done it many time before.  The woman behind him, however, wasn’t having the same amount of luck.

“I sure hope this it worth it, Will!” shouted the petite Asian woman as she pulled her shirt free of another branch.  “I don’t know how much longer my clothes can last out here.”  She paused to untangle a strand of red-highlighted hair from a bush. “Or my hair.”

The man scoffed. “Pfft. It’s not like you don’t have enough clothes.  And besides, we’re here.”  Then he stepped out into a small clearing.

The woman followed him, glad to be rid of those pesky branches at last.  She swept her blouse and skirt free of any remaining leaves, then looked up at her surroundings.  And her heart leaped into her throat when she saw what was growing in the clearing.

“Happy Birthday, Cyphae,” said the man happily.

Peonies. Hundreds of beautiful white peonies were nestled in that tiny clearing in the middle of the woods.  The moonlight shone down in shafts between the tree branches, making the flowers seem to glow in the night.  The scene was absolutely beautiful to her; almost too good to be true.

She had never seen so many flowers in one place before.  Her eyes moved across the space, trying to take it all in.  “Did… did you do all this?” she whispered, afraid that anything louder would break the magic and send all the flowers blowing away.

Will smiled.  “Yeah.  I know peonies are your favorites, so I just thought it might make a nice small present for my best friend’s birthday.  It took a while to find a spot far enough away from town so no one would steal the flowers, and it took a long time to save up to buy all the flowers, but it was worth it.  I know it’s not much, but - ”

He was suddenly cut off by a tight hug from Cyphae.  “Don’t be ridiculous.  It’s the most beautiful birthday present ever.”  Her violet eyes sparkled with joy.

Will beamed and returned the hug.  “C’mon, I got a couple of Cokes hidden in the bushes.  They’re not cold or anything, but I couldn’t exactly plug a fridge in out here, could I?”

Cyphae chuckled and joined him for a soda.

They sat amongst the flowers and talked for about an hour.  Then Cyphae sighed and laid back in the grass, basking in the moonlight.  Will followed suit, and they both laid there and gazed at the stars for a while.

“I’m so happy I met you, Will,” Cyphae said suddenly.  “My people don’t make many friends apart from other members of our… ah… species.” She paused at the last word like it was a curse word.  A short silence followed before she continued.  “They say that humans are dangerous, and that we’re better off sticking to ourselves.  But I don’t care.  I know that you’d never do anything to hurt me.” She smiled as she finished that sentence, her violet eyes beaming as well.

“Of course I wouldn’t, Cyphae!” Will responded quickly.  “Let your family say what they will.  Eventually they’ll see that I mean you and your people no harm.”

Cyphae smiled contently.  “Will… Promise me that we’ll be friends forever. Even when we’re old and have our own husbands and wives and kids, promise that we’ll always stay friends.”

“I promise, Cyphae,” the man answered.  “Even when we’re old,” he finished with a quirky smile.  Then he picked off a nearby peony and sniffed it, taking in the scent.  “Even after all these flowers die.”

Suddenly, a voice broke through the trees.  “Well, I’m terribly sorry to burst in on this sweet moment, but I have some important business to attend to with that young lady there.”

Cyphae and Will sat up and looked around for the source of the voice.  Soon enough, a man in his mid-30’s stepped out into the open.  He had sleek black hair, a square jaw, he wore a gray suit that looked more suited for a business meeting than the middle of the woods, and held a black cane in his left hand.  It was obvious he didn’t need it.  The words “vanity cane” suddenly sprang to mind.

“Who are you?” Will asked as he and Cyphae got to their feet. “And what do you want with Cyphae?”

The man chuckled lightly.  “Oh Will, you of all people should know why I’m here for her.  After all, you know her secret.”  He paused for a moment. “As do I.”

The woman’s eyes suddenly widened with fear.  Will didn’t… He couldn’t have! He swore he wouldn’t tell anyone!

The man continued speaking.  “But let’s not dilly-dally any more.  I simply want to take what I want and then I’ll get out of your hair.  Just don’t try to run, Cyphae…” He dropped his voice to an almost inaudible whisper.  “My little dragon.”

Then there were men everywhere around them.  They ran silently from the dark woods, carrying ropes and chains and knives.  And they were all headed towards Cyphae.

Cyphae’s body suddenly began to glow and shift.  She seemed to become a tiny white star, glowing bright as the sun.  She got brighter and brighter as her body continued to change.  And then, less than a second later, the star faded to reveal a sleek silver Eastern dragon.

The dragon instantly took to the air, out of the men’s reach.  “Will!” she shouted. She looked around for her friend so she could snatch him up and take him with her to safety.  Her eyes quickly scanned the area, searching desperately for him.  But Will was nowhere in the tiny clearing.

Then she felt something around her tail pull her downwards.  She realized it was one of the ropes and tried to fly back upwards, roaring in defiance. But as soon as she was back within the humans’ reach, more ropes and chains followed, sailing over her back and pulling her closer and closer to the ground.  She was soon pinned to the dirt, struggling and growling menacingly against her restraints.  But the men that held her were strong and held the ropes fast.  One man sat on the back of her head and managed to duct tape her jaws together like a crocodile’s.

Her eyes were still searching wildly for Will when the man in the gray suit stepped forward and kneeled by her head.

“Looking for your friend?” the man shook his head.  “Tsk tsk.  My dear, didn’t you realize? It was your friend that led us here in the first place.  He’s long gone by now. Probably to go pick up that hefty reward we left him for your capture.  But don’t worry. I told you we’d let you go once I got what I wanted.”  

He pulled out a vicious-looking hunting knife from inside his jacket.

“I’m sorry to have spoiled your birthday, my dear,” the man said with no sympathy in his voice.  He raised the knife above Cyphae’s head.  “But it looks like checkmate for you.”

And then the dragon roared in pain and betrayal as the blade was brought down across her left eye.


When the sun came up the next morning, both the men and the dragon were gone.  

All that was left as evidence of the night before were hundreds of white peonies, trampled and covered with blood.
And so it begins!

I decided that I had enough of a solid story to begin writing it. =) So I spurted this out last night at 1 in the morning. I was surprised that I still liked it in the morning. xD

I'm pretty excited to finally begin writing this. The story's changed a bit since I wrote the "Sneek Peek" scene though, so don't expect things to match up with that.

I like picturing Will as a stereotypical-looking nerd with freckles. It amuses me. ^_^

Oh, and I've had that logo figured out for two years now.
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(Requested by Dekler :3)
Fleet waited.
And waited.
And waited.


She opened her eyes, and saw that the Enderman had backed away slightly, and was now holding out a hand to help her up. The blond stared. What... Why on earth? In utter confusion, she grabbed it's hand and let out a yelp as it hoisted her to her feet with ease and held out the diamond block she'd abandoned when she'd run away. But why? Fleet tilted her head and took the block, looking into the Enderman's eyes. It stared back and seemed to quiver a little, but it could still move. Why? Just... Why?

The answer was because it liked those big bright blue eyes, and the shiny hair. The Enderman wondered whether or not the hair was soft. Fleet didn't understand why it was staring at her hair... Did it want to pet her or someth- Her question was answered as it raised it's hand to her head and ran it through her short hair. It sent a small shock through her, jolting her body. It was indeed soft, and the Enderman could detect a faint sugary scent wafting from the pretty locks. Fleet on the other hand just felt sort of awkward. This was sorta weird... A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, because she was so confused and embarrassed. Did this tall gangly thing just follow her to her house to pet her, or what?

She looked at the floor, down at the Enderman's feet. The second she did, she saw him take a step forward and looked up in surprise- SURPRISE! Much to her absolute confusion, she'd looked up and locked lips with the Enderman. Almost immediately, she took a step away. However, the Enderman just wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close again. He liked her. He liked her a lot. He liked the feelings his tummy had when he looked into her eyes, and he especially liked the feeling that he'd had just now. Fleet's face was bright red... This was so awkward. Did this beast.. No, this person have no idea what was coursing through her mind right now? In all honesty, it was like it had a crush on her or something... Oh god. Oh god. Her eye's widened, and she looked up at the tall, dark shadow she was being hugged by. Despite being rather naive when it came to love, she knew what she saw in those eyes. Infatuation. Curiosity. But no lust. That was interesting. But still awkward. Here she was being apparently courted by him, even though he'd just been terrifying the hell out of her a few minutes ago. What. The. Heck? She thought, unconsciously leaning her head onto his chest.

The Enderman let out a gleeful whisper and hugged her tighter, wishing it could speak to her. But it couldn't, not in this realm. In this realm, he was paralyzed by the stares of everyone until they looked away. And for some reason, after they stopped looking at him, he would attack most of them. He didn't understand why, though. Nor did he understand how this girl was any different, other than the fact that he liked her a lot. But he didn't know if she knew. What if... he took her to his realm, to The End? After all, he couldn't court her correctly, otherwise. When Endermen found mates, they went to the Great and wise Enderdragon and asked for a scale with which to propose to their mate. The dragon would give them the scale, and they in turn would give the scale to the lucky Enderman/woman. Or, in this case, Human. The idea in his head felt great, so the Enderman went with it. He let go of Fleet, who'd been sort of comfortable for a while there and tore one of her heavy curtains from the window, draping it over himself. It was daytime now, so they needed to make a break towards the portal.

Fleet stared, not really happy with him for ripping her curtains off of their hinges, even if it was probably to protect him from the light. However, she had no time to say anything about it, because the Enderman grabbed her by the hand after wrapping himself tight with the curtain and threw one of his Enderpearls to the ground. Fleet let out a yelp of surprise- Not the first one today- as they were instantly warped to the inside of a Stronghold, in front of a large glowing square with lava below it. Fleet had no idea what it was, she only knew that the seemingly suicidal Enderman was pulling her along with him into the portal, straight towards the lava. "Are you crazy?!" She screamed in total horror, not wanting to die today. However, they didn't die. The bright portal blocks caught them instead, and they fazed away instantly. Fleet blinked.

Then unblinked. Suddenly, the two of them were in a strange world, where there were Ender people everywhere. They looked up with interest, seeing one of their brethren covered in a strange cloth, and him holding hands with a pale skinned girl. One of the female Enderman came up to him and asked, "What is this?" In a whispery voice. She wasn't mean about it, just inquisitive. Another one came up. "A ghost?" He suggested, tilting his head. Fleet's Enderman shook his head. "No... Human." He stated, smiling. Within the actual realm of The End, one could actually see an Enderman's features quite well. Fleet was confused. "Umm.." She murmured, tilting her head. The Enderwoman looked up in surprise. "You can... Speak?" She asked innocently, so much so that Fleet had to crack a smile. "Well, yeah. But... Um... Where are we?" She asked, tilting her head. The Enderwoman smiled back and giggled. "In The End, of course. Ec'e Has brought you here, for reasons we don't know..." She explained, reaching up suddenly to run a hand through Fleet's golden hair. It shone brightly within the dim light of The End, making her truly seem like a ghost. Fleet blushed a little, not used to so much attention. However, she turned to Ec'e, the Enderman who had brought her here, and whom she'd seemed to develop a small attachment to. "Why did you bring me here... Ec'e?" The young woman asked, tilting her head. Ec'e Looked away slightly, and a tinge of purple came to his cheeks. "I can't ask you until I go get something." He explained, then turned to the Enderwoman who was busy petting Fleet. "Eun'e, can you maybe show her around while I go do something?" He asked, and Eun'e nodded. She knew exactly what was going on. But first, she looked at Fleet, who had a look of confusion plastered onto her pretty face. "What's your name?" She asked, smiling as she led her off towards god knows where. "I'm Fleet. Nice to meet you." She said happily. Eun'e's smile widened. "I am Eun'e, as you know. Nice to meet you as well, Fleet. I'm Ec'e's sister, by the way." The two walked off, with a few other Enderpeople following along to question the Human about her world. In the meantime, it was up to Ec'e to get a scale from the Almighty Enderdragon.

It wasn't all that hard to scale the islands of Whitestone to get to the Enderdragon. What was hard was getting him to give him permission to become lifemates with the human girl, Fleet. The dragon simply did not understand. "You..." It rumbled in it's deep voice, which still had an echoey tone to it, "Wish to take a human. Not from this realm, not even your own species... That's interesting. But why do you wish to do so?  Is it because she's a shiny new toy, to show off to all the others?" It asked, tilting it's head as it inspected it's huge claws. Ec'e shook his head, but had trouble finding the words to speak. The dragon smirking and leaned in close, until his large snout was a mere inch away from Ec'e's face. "So. You don't want to show the human off. I can see into your mind, why you like this human. No Enderperson has ever caught your eye, but when you saw the human today, you felt a flipping in your stomach, didn't you? Something new, special, pretty, full of wonder and life. Something you could fall in love with." It murmured, making Ec'e's face go dark purple. That was exactly how he felt. But the way the Great Enderdragon had put it, it sounded like it was shallow and not even real love.

Suddenly, the dragon turned away and let out a great, laughing, roar. He plucked a scale from his hide and turned around, handing it to Ec'e. "Go now, little Enderman. Just go." He ordered, still chuckling. Ec'e booked it off the mountain, grinning like a madman. He was going to get Fleet, and take her. They would be each others. As long as she accepted the scale.

And you now what?

She did.
xD Ending requested by :icondekler:
I fail at cute endings, so it's really super duper uber sappy. xD
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"You got Kid!" Black Star laughed.

"Eh!?" You yelled at him. You had a crush on Kid for a long time now. Plus, you thought it was adorable that he thought that everything had to be symmetrical. You looked over at Kid. You swore he had a tint of blush on his cheeks.

"Well, let's get this over with." He walked into the closet. "Are you coming or what?"

"Eh? Uh? Mhm!" You walked over slowly. Soul and Black Star were getting impatient, so they pushed you into the closet and locked it quickly.

It was dark in the closet. And small too. You both were squished together so your chests touched. You felt heat rising to your face and Kid looked away blushing. You were about to say something but he cut you off.

"Hm?" You replied looked him.

"Y-your body... Is so symmetrical..."
You blushed madly as he said that.

"A-and I also wanted to say... I love you." He said before his lips met yours.

You're eyes flew open at the kiss. He pulled away and hugged you.

"I love you too, Kid." You said before he kissed you again, pushing you against the wall so hard that the others could hear.

"Heh, I never knew Kid could play this game so good." Soul said.

Kid started nibbling on your mouth, wanting an entrance inside your mouth. You obediently let him inside and it was a fight for dominance, he won.

He nibbled on your neck. You moaned at the action. He then nibbled your weak spot on your neck and you bucked your hips against his, making you both groan in pleasure. You rapped your legs around his waist and he put his hands on your waist.

You kissed him once more, blushing. You both explored the roof of each others mouths and you fought his tongue, again. You moaned in pleasure as bucked his hips against yours.

He pushed you against the door and licked your neck. You shivered and groaned at the same time.

The door finally opened and Kid fell down on top of you. You both turned to look at the others, who were surprised. You both got up.

"I had a lot of fun doing this with you, ________. Perhaps we can do this again sometime?" He asked.

"Sure!" You smiled as he kissed your hand. He hugged you and stroked your hair.

"That's my symmetrical girl."
*Puts on Sunglasses* IT'S TIME.
Now you get your fun time with Kid~ NOW TIME TO GET BACK TO WIKI! *Starts searching* I-I.... eh? This is my first lemon thingy so be nice. T_T :iconlazycryplz:
Nahaha~ While writing this I was half :iconwthplz: and :iconloveloveplz: Took so long to write this.

Link to beginning: [link] :P
And you don't belong to me. (K that sounds awkward.)
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