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You pulled Arthur out of the restaurant and, totally ignoring your car, you led him to a nearby park a few blocks down the street. You refused to slow your pace after what had happened. You wanted to just run to the end of the earth to escape Alfred at this point. You had always known the American to be impulsive and hardheaded, but you would have never pinned him as the person to ruin an entire evening!

When you reached the park, you allowed yourself to slow to a gentle walk, a welcome relief to Arthur who was tripping over his feet the entire way. You looked at the clock on the church tower across the street. It was just after four in the morning. Alfred had to blow the last two hours you had with Arthur tonight. You and Arthur sat down by the fountain and sat in silence. After what seemed like an eternity, you broke the silence.

By crying.

Tears began to flow down your cheeks. Arthur, who had turned his face from you when he sat down, didn't notice until he heard you sniffle a bit. As soon as he saw you were crying he flew into a panic attack.

"___-_______, p-please don't cry, love. I-I mean, sure tonight didn't turn out swimmingly, b-but there's always some other time, right?" he blurted out quickly.

"It's-it's not that." You said through your tears. "I wanted tonight to be perfect. Just a normal night, in a lovely restaurant, eating fantastic food, drinking fine wine, and enjoying each other's company. But then Alfred ruined the whole thing!"

"No, _______, Alfred didn't ruin it! I had a wonderful time! I swear!" he grasped your hand in his. "The food was amazing, the wine was rich, the restaurant was beautiful!"

"I know I know! But I didn't care about the dinner or the wine or the restaurant at all." You hung your head lower. "I just wanted to…you know…make…you…make you feel…" you drifted off.

"Feel what?" he asked, leaning in.

"Human." You stated.

"Oh…I see. I suppose what he said hit both of us pretty hard then." He said with a small, sad smile.

"He had no right to say that." You said, more tears running down your cheeks.

"I know." He wrapped an arm around you comfortingly, "But it can't be helped. What's said is said and what's done is done. You know that he's right. I can't help what I am."

"Don't say that!" You snapped at him, pulling yourself away. "Don't agree with him! I can't believe what I'm hearing! You're anything but a monster! And you know that I will never say that!"

You continued to cry, dropping your head low again. Arthur scooted closer any held you again, remaining quiet.

"I just wanted one night." You continued, your tears turning into sobs "I just wanted one night where you weren't reminded that you were cursed. I wanted one night where you didn't feel like a monster. I wanted one night to make you feel like a normal human again. And I couldn't give it to you."

"_______" Arthur said, lifting your face so your (eye color) eyes met his emerald orbs "Your lips are moving but I don't understand a word you're saying. How could you believe you failed? Tonight was probably the best night I've had in 200 years."

"What are you talking about?!" you asked him, looking at him as though he'd lost his mind "It was a disaster! Alfred—"

"Forget about Alfred, _______." Arthur cut off your sentence. "Do you know what happened when we walked into that restaurant? I saw people look up. They looked at me. And do you know what happened? They thought I was completely human. Not one person in that eatery saw me as a monster or a doll or a soulless shell of a man. For a few hours, I was a human. I was just as human as the man at the table across from us, as the woman behind us, as the old man on the other side of the garden, as human as all of them. More human than I've been in two centuries."His voice lowered to a whisper "I can't thank you enough for that."

He began to lean in closer. Instinctively, you leaned in too. Both your and his eyes closed. You and he got closer and closer until your lips finally met. His lips were warm, inviting, and tasted of the veal he had eaten before. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his arms wove around your waist.  Just as the kiss got deeper, the wind suddenly picked up. It began to swirl and spin around the two of you.

You and Arthur broke the kiss and gazed at the swirling winds around you. It spun faster and faster until it reached the equivalent of a tornado.  It closed in closer and closer until it focused on Arthur. The Englishman began to lift off the ground. You held his hand and tried to keep him anchored, but the wind was too strong. His hand slipped from your grip and you fell backward, landing on the grass. Arthur was carried higher and higher into the air until he was a good thirty feet above you.

Suddenly, the wind gained a voice. In a stoic, ancient, monotone voice that at the same time sounded like a chorus of angles it whispered "True love's kiss. True love's kiss. True love's kiss. True love's kiss. True love's kiss."

It repeated the same words over and over, faster and faster. Arthur began twirling and spinning midair. Then the wind seemed to change its form and was replaced with golden glitter that illuminated the night. The light was blinding to say the least. You had to shield your eyes from the glow. Not that you could see Arthur anymore anyway; he had long since been engulfed by the light and was no longer visible.

Suddenly, without warning, the glitter exploded in all directions. The winds stopped blowing, the noise ceased, and Arthur slowly descended back to earth. You ran over to him worried about what had happened. He fell limp at your feet. You kneeled down and helped him sit up. He slowly opened his eyes again and gazed at you sleepily, his lips forming a smile.

"__-_______, w-what happened?"

"I-I don't know."


You looked at the church clock. Five in the morning.


You turned your attention to the east.


The first rays of sun began to show.


You could see the sun slowly rising over the horizon.


Arthur grasped your hand and looked at you. You grasped his hands and returned his gaze. As the morning light stretched over the two of you, you waited for what you knew would happen.

But nothing did happen.

Arthur was still human, even though the sun light clearly hit his pale skin. You both stood up wordlessly, trying to comprehend what was happening. After a long, quiet pause, you and Arthur broke into smiles that led to laughter. Arthur grabbed your waist and swung you in circles before he set you down and hugged you tightly. You hugged back and buried your face in his chest.

"_______" Arthur finally said "I…I…"

"I know" you said, your voice lighthearted and gleeful.

"But how? W-what it the…the kiss?"

"Y-yeah, I think so." You of course already knew that was the cure, but you were shocked nonetheless.

"Doesn't this all sound a bit cliché?"

"Do you want to be a toy again?"


"Then shut up and roll with it."

You both laughed and began dancing and twirling around. Then you both stopped and stared into each other's eyes for a long time. You both leaned in again and began kissing passionately.  The kiss was broken when you gave a heavy yawn. You only just realized that you had been up for close to twenty hours now and you were exhausted.

"Come on, love. Let's get you to bed." Arthur said, picking you up bridal style. All you did was give a sleepy nod in agreement. You would have to go back for the car later.

As Arthur carried you home, he leaned in close and whispered in your ear "I love you."

You gave him a peck on the cheek "I love you too."
The end! ^_^ Sorry if it isn't great, I was running out of ideas T-T I fail.


Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz. It is not mine, never has been mine, never will be mine.
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Full Summary: Dear mom and dad, I'm safe and still alive but, I won't be home for awhile. I ran away with the personified Nordic 5 and Baltic Trio. So when I come back home, it'll be with one of these sexy men!


You closed your laptop shut for the night. It was now ten-thirty p.m. and it was about time for you to stop watching Hetalia and started getting ready for bed. You walked over to your dark purple bed and pulled the covers away so you could get under. You climbed into bed, pulled your blankets up, then shut off your lamp on the nightstand.

"Goodnight sexy men." You said as you blew a kiss to your Hetalia poster on the ceiling, you then closed your eyes and fell asleep.

Your first name was [Y/N]. At your school when anyone said your name then the two words that came to mind was: Hetalia Fangirl. You were, sadly, the only girl in your school who adored anime, manga, and Japanese stuff and especially the anime Hetalia. It was kick-ass educational and it had sexy men in it! But, you were very much unlike other Hetalia fangirls. For a fact you were sixteen, yeah that sounded weird but the most weirdest thing even for a Hetalia fangirl was that you loved the Baltic Trio and Nordic 5 out of all of the other absolutely adored them to fangirl-death and you would always love them the most...because they were sexy.


The next day at school, you and your best friend Vanessa walked down the hallway to your last period. The day had gone by fast as usual with your required classes then your elective. Your last period was your favorite out of all of them because your last period was non other then...History.

Your class-mates hated history even more because of you. Each day you would somehow end up teaching the class instead and if not you would be crying or laughing over something "stupidly-history" as your class-mates would say.

"Aw, crap." Vanessa cussed as the two of you opened the door to your history classroom. Vanessa took her seat in the back as far away from you as possible as you took your seat in the front of the classroom.

As the class started to fill in soon, your history teacher, Miss Bigger came in. She sighed as she dreaded her last class since it had [Y/N] in it. She set her plan book down and sat in her chair by her desk. She then waited for the class to settle down before she started.

"Today, class, we will be starting chapter six in our history books. Please open up to page 238." She waited for everyone to do so. She knew what would be coming next from you as you turned the pages in your book. She plugged her ears just in time for when you squealed.

"OHMIGOD! WE'RE GONNA LEARN ABOUT THE NORDIC FIVE!" Everyone in the class groaned. Here you went again...fangirling in history class. This is why you only had one BEST friend.


As you walked to the park from school, you started to dig through your messenger bag (backpack) for something. Oh your were going to the park alright...but you weren't going to do anything normal. You were going to cosplay as Iceland and pretend to be looking for your "Onii-Chan." Oh how you loved that line.

The park soon came into view as well as the park bathroom, where you would change. You increased the speed of your walk to a sprint as you ran into the bathroom to change.

When you came out there was one last thing you said before you started your cosplaying.

"It's fangirl time." You then smiled as you strolled through the park, ignoring the weird looks you got even when you started to say "Onii-Chan...where are you?"

Oh you were the ultimate fangirl.


End chapter one...this chapter was only to show how OBSESSED you are...believe me this WILL get better!

Oh, and you can vote for this one too! Just like the Axis Powers & Allied ForcesxReader one!

The Dragon’s Bane

Chapter Eight – To Ride in Snow

The chill air plumed from her mouth as the horse cantered along the river’s shoreline. Spotting the ford to cross, Mira grinned, shot a look over to the other rider whose fair hair was flowing loose from any bonds, matching her steed’s pace easily. Kicking her heels into the horse’s ribs, Mira laughed as the horse bounded across the shallow water toward the snowy plains on the other side. The horse wickered at the sudden freedom of running. Mira could hear a yell coming from Ulfric as he urged his horse to chase after her.

They ran wildly over the snowy plain sparkling pristinely in the pale sunshine, enjoying the bit of freedom from war, politics, and the troubles of the land. It was if they were transported back twenty years when they were young and doing the same chase. Mira swerved her horse, to which Ulric laid a parallel run to Mira. Slapping the reins, Ulfric leaned down over the neck and urged his grey mount faster. Coming upon one dip, Ulfric led the horse over a short jump and then turned his horse toward Mira. The streaking form of Mira’s dark hair streaming behind her fast approached him. Grinning widely, Ulfric pulled his horse further toward intercepting Mira. Her face held surprise when Ulfric galloped up to her side.

Reaching over, Ulfric grabbed Mira’s reins and pulled gently, slowing both of them down. The horses slowed their gait to a cantor than a fast walk, steam blowing from their noses as they started to cool down from the run. They rode through a little maze of hillocks and drifts, wandering aimlessly. For Mira, it was good to be out of the palace and in the open again, and with Ulfric’s company, things seemed right. Spotting a deep snowdrift, she got a mischievous grin and turned it on the jarl.

“Oh no, I remember that look.” Ulfric shook his head.

“As well you should.” Mira responded and then shoved Ulfric’s large frame from his horse to fall into the large snowdrift. A cloud of glittering snow plumed into the air with the man exhaling a gust of air as it left his lungs. His horse continued to walk on for a little bit and stopped. Mira sat on her horse and smiled down at Ulfric. His eyes blinked a few times, shocked that she did such a thing. With a movement so fast, that Mira didn’t have time to react, Ulfric sprung up, grabbed the front of her cloak and pulled Mira off the horse and into the snowdrift, laying over her with a large toothy grin.

“…” Mira sputtered.

“Turnabout is fair play, Silver Wolf.” Ulfric chuckled, grabbing some snow and flinging it at her. He quickly backed away and attempted to get up, slipping in the drift as he was hampered by the thick wool and fur cloak.

Mira scrambled up, grabbed a handful of snow, and tossed it back at Ulfric. Then she took a second handful, compact it into a ball, and threw it at his back. Ulfric roared in laughter, turning around to gather snow into a ball and return fire. They fought with volleys of snowballs, chasing each other around, laughing in joy, for a half-hour. At the end, Ulfric tackled Mira, landing both of them into a deep drift and flurry of snow fluttering down on them. Out of breath and still laughing, Ulfric lay on top of Mira, looking at her, taking in the brightness of her silvery-grey eyes, the flush to her nose and cheeks and disarray of her dark hair that held a few strands of silver running through. He brushed his fingers through the strands by Mira’s face, admiring the silkiness of the dark hair. They were both older now but Ulfric knew that his old feelings for the woman remained. In fact, he found Mira more beautiful today that it made his heart ache in his chest. Ulfric was unused to simply feeling anything other than pain and anger.

She looked up at Ulfric as his long blonde hair fell around his face and cascaded over her face, the carefree and happy smile transforming the worn and tortured man. Right here was the man she had cared so very much for a lifetime ago. His own face flushed from laughing and their snow fight, lending a healthy and happy brilliance to Ulfric. Mira’s heart fluttered in her chest to realize that there was more than friendly feelings inside. Then again, when she was a girl, she would have never admitted that she was in love with the young man that Ulfric was. They had agreed to remain close friends and continue with their social activities. Mira however remembered that kiss he gave her on the day she left Windhelm. So much was left unsaid between them and then again, the most important thing was said through that kiss.

Mira leaned up, wrapping a hand behind Ulfric’s neck and kissed his mouth. His lips were still cold and wet from the snow fight but quickly warmed up under her mouth as he heartily responded. The open-mouthed kisses shared the hot breath between them, heating their faces under the cascade of Ulfric’s locks. The rising passion in both also made the heat rise between them around the cold snow, to where they didn’t feel the chill nip in the air.

However, it didn’t last long when Ulfric’s horse nudged his master’s back imperiously with his nose, wanting to get back to a warm stable with some sweet hay. Ulfric broke off the kiss, smiled at Mira and chuckled. “I think our mounts want to get back home.”

Mira grinned. “I can’t blame them.”

“Don’t think this is done, Mir.” Ulfric rumbled deep in his chest as he nudged at Mira’s mouth. With that said, Ulfric got up and held a hand out to Mira, to help pull her up from the snow bank. After retrieving her horse, Ulfric and Mira slowly rode back to the Palace of the Kings.


“My Jarl!” Ulfric’s steward, Jorleif, came up to him and Mira as they came in from the stables.

“Yes, Jorleif?”

“There is news from the Reach. Galmar wishes to speak with you immediately.”

Ulfric sighed quietly, the happy, carefree look on his face replaced by the weight of rule and war. He looked down at Mira sadly, speaking his regret to her in his eyes. She nodded understanding and squeezed his hand briefly before the jarl was led away to meet with Galmar. Not ready to retire to her rooms, Mira headed out of the palace and into Windhelm proper. It had been a long time since she had walked the streets of the city and it was a nice day, the sun still shining among the clear and cloudless day. Many citizens took advantage of such days, thus when Mira left the courtyard of the palace, the throng of people wandering around made the city lively. Many of the citizens greeted her, some recognizing her as the dovahkiin, others just a polite formality to meeting someone who was of apparent noble standing.

Mira picked up snatches of hushed conversations around about a series of murders happening in Windhelm over the past couple of weeks. This made her wonder if Ulfric knew and what was being done about looking into the matter. She decided to investigate a bit about the tragic events and wandered to the merchant quarter. However, as soon as Mira turned down one alley that led to the graveyard, a grisly scene met her. A woman was laid out on top of a bier stone, body mutilated by cuts in key areas that looked to be where certain organs or body parts were taken. Mira swallowed the rise of bile in her throat, as she looked at the murder scene as detached as possible. She walked down to where the city guard stood there, warning stray onlookers away from the crime scene, as he tried to question a witness who must have discovered the body. A priest of Arkay was already on the scene, chanting away the prayers for the dead while she looked over the dead woman’s body.

“Please move along!” The guard told her as Mira approached.

“What happened?”

“None of your business!” The guard grew agitated. “This is city guard’s business.”

“It looks like that you need some help.” Mira asked. “I am not just some ordinary visitor or citizen.”

“I wouldn’t care if you were Talos reborn; no one is to interfere in this investigation. Unless you personally are assigned by the jarl himself, I’m sorry, miss, I can’t…”

Mira grew impatient, knowing how a murder scene was critical in the first few hours to get the clues and evidence needed before it was corrupted. “I do not want to get you into trouble but understand, I am a personal friend of Jarl Ulfric, I am a Companion, and Dovahkiin. I can help you here. If you need more proof of my integrity, go talk to the jarl yourself.” She hated having to play that particular card but it was best to expedite matters in this matter.

The guard paled under the guard of his helmet. “…not necessary! I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you, Dragonborn!”

“That is alright. Now, tell me what has happened.” Mira politely and politely asked the guard.


“My lady!” Jorleif caught Mira’s attention as she walked back in through the main palace doors. “The jarl is waiting for you in the private dining room. I can take you there.”

She smiled at the steward, “That’s alright, I remember where it is.”

“As you wish.” He gave her a quick bow and went off to his errands.

Taking off the cloak and shaking it out, Mira walked down the great hall that served as throne room and formal dining hall. Veering to the left, she entered the new war room. Galmar was there, standing over the map of Skyrim, a finger tapping at his lips as he pondered something. His eyes looked up to meet hers and gave a nod to Mira. She returned it and proceeded to the residential door. Before she could walk through, Galmar stopped her.

“Lady Mirandra, a moment please.”

“I was off to meet Ulfric.”

“He can wait a moment more. I would like a word, however.”

“About what, sir?”

Galmar waved his hand dismissively at the formal title of respect from her. “You don’t need to address me so. I served under your father’s command.”

“So be it, as long as you call me by Mira. I always thought Mirandra was a bit too pretentious for conversation.”

The grizzled warrior chuckled. “Indeed, it can be. Speaking from one commander to another, take a look at the map and tell me your honest assessment, considering your time in the Legion. Something has me puzzled and I can’t quite put a finger on it.”

“Surely, Ric could have told you, as he served too.”

“I need a fresh perspective. Humor me, please.”

“Alright.” Mira turned back to the map table and stood over the map, looking over the color marked pins that denoted Imperial and Stormcloak control. Those loyal to the Stormcloaks stayed tight in the Eastmarch region. Whiterun remained unmarked and thus, neutral, the same with Winterhold where the mages school was. Now, why didn’t the Imperials have control of the coastal towns? Mira furrowed her brows in puzzlement. Solitude and Riften were the only ports in their control. However, Riften had no access to the seas.

“I understand why Solitude is in Imperial hands but what is with Riften? Is it divided?”

“Aye. The jarl is for Ulfric but is hesitant to give outright support. You see, the Dark Brotherhood is there and has a controlling interest of what goes on in Riften. They remain neutral, as they would prefer. Jarl Laila won’t put forth open support unless Ulfric can provide something to prove his claim for the high king’s throne.”


Galmar nodded. “Many of the jarls that lean toward Ulfric are asking the same thing. Now, obviously, the Imperials don’t want him to find this.”

Now things started to make sense regarding the Imperial placement on the map. “Divide and Conquer.”

“What’s that?”

“Imperial legion maneuver when you have few numbers to deal with a local army and the citizens. Divide and conquer. They are pecking away at Ulfric’s weaknesses in order to insert their influence with those that are sympathetic. Admittedly, I used the tactic myself when quelling some rising upstarts in the southern region of Cyrodiil. It’s slow but methodical, yet to those who don’t study tactics, it will look like a mess on the maps.”

“It makes sense now. We then need to solidify Ulfric’s claim. There is a legend about a crown.” Galmar half muttered to himself. “Yes, yes, I will need to talk with Wuunferth. Thank you, Mira, for providing the fresh perspective. You have your father’s sharp mind for tactics. I see that Ulfric learned the same lessons.”

“He would have, as father taught both of us.” Mira smiled fondly.

“Well, I don’t mean to keep you.” Galmar said, obviously dismissing Mira as he muttered under his breath as he saw the tactical map in a new light.

She shook her head, continued through the door, and headed upstairs. The corridors were not very wide, providing a very intimate feeling to the residence. It also helped to keep the warmth close in the large stone palace. The corridor only widened a few more inches when it reached toward the royal apartments. Mira stopped at the first door on the right as she reached the jarl’s section and knocked quietly before entering. Ulfric wasn’t in the private dining room when she entered, so Mira went to lay her cloak across a chest off to the left of the door. The table was set for two with covered dishes sitting in the middle of the table. The large hearth blazed merrily, providing comfortable warmth after the cool afternoon outside. Mira walked to the fire and stood in front of it, laying her hands before the heat, warming her hands.

Looking into the fire, Mira remembered all the evenings spent in this room with her father, the Bear, Ulfric and his brother. There were many discussions and laughter, happier times before tragedy struck and broke the close-knit circle of friends of her, Ulfric and his brother.


“Oh, come, Mira! Talos was a great hero but he was just a man, and one that dreamed too high!” Jurgen scoffed at Mira who was six years his junior.

“If we don’t dream higher above our own lot in life, then why live? Don’t we all aspire to better ourselves and our positions?” Mira replied hotly, deeply annoyed at Jurgen for his condescending attitude. Ever since he started training under the Bear, his attitude toward her and Ulfric changed to a superior arrogance that grated on both of their nerves.

“Everyone has their lot in life that is predestined! We can’t change that!”

“Jurgen, you are a fool!” Ulfric commented hotly as he rushed up from where he was sitting and took a couple of steps toward his brother. “So, you are saying that Mira cannot aspire to become….oh, let’s say, jarl, one day because she is destined to be just some soldier or wife to some officer? She fights better than you!”

“But she is only the daughter of General Urik, who is not even of noble blood!”

“Is SO!” Mira yelled her first balling up at her sides. “Nobility is something you have or don’t! No one gives you nobility because of circumstance of birth!”

“You are a child, Mira! What do you know of such political ramblings except what is taught to you by the priest of Akatosh.” Jurgen sniffed.

Ulfric’s nostrils flared at his brother’s attitude and dismissive demeanor toward Mira. For all that she was seventeen years old, Mira proved to be far wittier and more intelligent than either of them, and a capable fighter. Ulfric admired and loved Mira’s spirit and fire because she didn’t back down on her principles. It was something that was ingrained in both him and Mira by Urik. “You bastard! What has got up your ass lately that you treat Mira like this?”

“I learned that we have to live by our lot in life, Ric! Did I want to be heir after father dies? No, I have no choice but to learn how to rule Skyrim should the time come! Thus, you are destined to join the Grey Beards for the rest of your life after your twenty-first birthday, as you have already been in training to do since childhood and you had the talent for the Voice! That is just the way it is!” Jurgen yelled at Ulfric.

Mira laughed harshly, “Oh, so I am the poor woman here that is relegated to marry off to some soldier and play my part because that is my destiny? I thought we made our own destiny?”

“Please, spare me the philosophy debate, Mira!”

Without thinking, Mira launched herself at Jurgen, her right fist connecting to his jaw in a hard hook that sent him flying back against the dining table. His eyes glittered at her balefully and he tried to jump back at Mira. Ulfric attempted to restrain him but Jurgen ripped out of his arms and grabbed Mira by the hair. Grimacing in pain, Mira relaxed her body and turned in his grip to jab at Jurgen’s ribs then step on the insole. The grasp in her hair was let go but Mira didn’t let up as she let loose another swing toward Uflric’s brother’s head.

Jurgen growled and rammed into the slight form of the young woman, slamming her against the wall next to the door. Mira saw stars in her eyes as a gush of air left her. Jurgen backhanded her hard to where the taste of blood gushed into her mouth. A red haze fell over her eyes and Mira brought up her knee into Jurgen’s groin. She heard him grunt and Ulfric cry out. Jurgen ignored his brother and bore down the extreme pain in his lower regions. With a roar, his blood in a frenzy, he launched into Mira, sending them crashing into the sideboard. Dishes and glasses shattered to the floor. His fist slammed down into Mira’s jaw, making her cry out in sudden pain.

After a couple more rain of blows on her, Mira heard a demanding bellow.


Everything seemed to move as if underwater. Mira saw her father raise his arm to block a frenzied blow by Jurgen and the glimmer of a long knife pulled from behind his back sank into the unprotected midsection of the general. Urik’s cry stopped as his eyes widened in surprise and shock. Slowly, Mira watched the horror of what happened as her father started coughing up blood to trickle down the corner of his mouth. The clatter of the long knife of the floor snapped her from the surreality of the attack to see Jurgen lose all color in his face and drop to his knees, catching Urik in his arms.

“Oh,…” he babbled.

Snapping her eyes to Ulfric’s fool of a brother and her dying father, she pushed Jurgen off Urik, glaring hatefully at the man as she cradled her father in her arms. Ulfric arrived back at the dining room and took in the scene with a look of utter shock and disbelief. The Bear entered behind his youngest son and took in what transpired, frowning greatly. Giving a look to Jurgen that told him to leave and wait in his room, the Bear rushed to Mira’s side.

“Papa….papa…please…open your eyes!” Mira whispered over and over, as she rocked the old dying man in her arms.

His eyes fluttered open and a feeble hand reached up to Mira’s battered and bloodied face. “Silver Wolf, my d…daughter…”

“Papa!” She smiled brokenly.

Urik coughed, a small bubble of blood popped on his lips. “Don’t…worry about..m…me.”

“You’re all I have left, Papa!”

“I’ll always be with you…” Urik whispered as the last of his breath left him.

“Papa?” Mira questioned the sudden still form of Urik Dragon Bane, general of Skyrim’s legion, and distant descendant of Ysgrimmor. Only a select few knew the true lineage of the humble man, the Bear and Ulfric being of those select few. “Papa!” Mira cried as she crushed her father to her chest as it tightened painfully at the sudden crushing weight of grief took her.

“Mira…” the Bear gently called to the young woman.

“No…no…this can’t be…Papa! Wake up! You are playing with me! Wake up!” Mira babbled.

“Mir…” Ulfric squatted on the other side of her and placed his arms around her as she held her dead father. “I’m sorry, Mir.” He said quietly and full of sorrow. He had loved Urik as his own father, to which the Bear didn’t begrudge him that. The Bear lost a brother-in-arms, an advisor, a friend, and family, due to a stupid, unthinkable act of his eldest son.

“Papa?” Mira whimpered into the grey head of Urik, as tears finally flowed down her swollen cheeks.


Feeling gentle hands wiping away tears on her face, Mira snapped to the present and looked up to Ulfric’s somber face. He leaned down and tenderly kissed the tears from her cheeks and then her forehead. “I should have had our dinner someplace else. I’m sorry, Mir. I knew how painful this room is to you and I was thoughtless.”

Taking in a deep shaky breath, Mira gathered herself from reliving that fateful day of the unfortunate accident that killed her father. “I didn’t think after twenty years that the memories would still be so strong.” Her voice wavered a little. “I still miss him.”

“So do I.” Ulfric said. “I’ll have the servants set up a table in my chambers.”

Without hearing Mira’s quiet protest, he left her again for a few minutes and came back with a pair of servants. They went to the set table and gathered the covered dishes and place settings, whisking them off to the jarl’s private chambers, where he had eaten many of his meals in the past once Ulfric returned to Windhelm from Cyrodiil, mourning the loss of the Bear, his father. Placing an arm around Mira’s shoulders, he walked her out of the dining room and down the corridor to his chambers.

They arrived at his chambers and walked to the small sitting room that was Ulfric’s private library. It was cozy with a fire dancing in the hearth. Their food was lying on the desk with the plates on a table between two chairs before the fire. Ulfric led Mira to her seat while he went to serve the food. It wasn’t a large fancy meal one would expect of a jarl. It was remarkably simple. Elk meat in a red savory sauce, herb potatoes, and some greens. Ulfric was never much for the heavy or fanciful foods found in most courts, preferring the food that was fresh from the hunt with tasty simple sides to compliment the game. After pouring some red wine, Ulfric took a seat across from Mira. They started their meal in silence, enjoying the food in peace.

When they had their fill, Ulfric cleared the plates and refilled their wine glasses. Mira sipped at her glass and leaned back in the high back chair, staring into the clear red depths of the drink. The subtle spice in the winterberry spoke of where the wine came from and she had to give a small smile. “You still keep that vineyard?”

Ulfric smiled shyly. “Yes. It is doing quite well and has become one of the favorite wines in the Empire.”

“Empire, hmm?”

“Well, yes, because I am fighting for Skyrim’s independence doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of the trade. I haven’t become such an ogre as to ban all trade from the other provinces.” He finished his second glass and set it down on the table before them.

“And how is your rebellion going?” Mira asked, raising an eyebrow in query.

“Mir, no politics this evening. I set this day aside for us without worrying about the outside world intruding in the time. You will have to go back to Whiterun soon, I know that. So, let’s forgo talk about the war, dragons, or anything else.”

“Alright.” Mira gave a nod of her head. “What do we talk about if war, politics, and related subjects are not on the plate?”

Ulfric sat there for a moment, taking in the sight of a mature warrior and former commander of a legion squadron. The firelight next to them provided a golden glow to her sun browned skin and adding a softness to the sharp angles of her face. No, this wasn’t a girl anymore but a grown woman. A woman who had gone through many difficult trials and was now marching to another great trial against the return of dragons in Skyrim. Today, though, Mira was relaxed, softened in his company, which gave Ulfric a pleasant sensation that this fragile new relationship that started might work. He had to tread this carefully though, not knowing how much Mira had changed since their youth.

“Do you still sing?” Ulfric asked.

A flicker of a smile crossed her lips. “Once in a while. I used to when marching along imperial roads with my troop. It was surprising what a good harmony they provided.”

“There is a certain musical cadence when marching that leads to song.” Ulfric smiled. “My men would be counterpoint to my own verse which helped make the miles go by quicker.”

“It does at that. Did you find it difficult to integrate with your troops?”

“There was always some distance because I was their commanding officer.” Ulfric pursed his lips. “But because I was Nord, not really. I think I intimidated most of the men because well…I am no small man.”

Mira laughed. “Indeed, you are not! You did inherit the title of Bear, after all! After I proved that I was a capable fighter, I got the respect I deserved. Oh sure, a new young whelp would try to best his superior but it was over in one blow of my sword.”

Ulfric chuckled. “I can imagine! You were the stronger fighter, even over me, and I am no slacker.”

“You just prefer the finesse of that overgrown wood axe to a sword.” Mira grinned crookedly.

“Hey, now! There is finesse in an axe, and it can be thrown unlike that pointy piece of steel that needs to be led to a kill.”

“You had no patience in learning the forms.”

“Not when you were constantly distracting me.” Ulfric gave Mira a sultry grin.

“I didn’t distract…” Mira stopped and looked deep into the jarl’s eyes. “You were courting that girl from Solitude!”

“Was. At the time, I hadn’t seen her in a month’s time, not that it really mattered. She was getting on my nerves. She wasn’t you.” Ulfric spoke the last quietly.

“Ric…” Mira was speechless at the admittance.

“Do you remember when I kissed you in the war room before your departure?”


“I meant the intention and emotion behind it.” He reached into a pocket of his breeches and brought out a faded blue ribbon. “This slipped into my fingers when you had pulled away and for all these years, I have kept hold of it. Through combat, imprisonment, and torture this has never left my grasp.” Ulfric’s voice hitched on the last.

Mira’s eyes blinked as tears started to fill them. “You could have moved on, Ric.” She rasped out. “What if I never came home? Or had died somewhere?”

“Somehow, I would have known had you died, Mir. I didn’t defy father to go chasing after a dream. I did so to go after you and bring you home. It was also a time where I needed to prove to myself that I could be a man worthy of the daughter of Urik Dragon Bane.”


Ulfric got out of his chair, pushed the table between them aside, and kneeled in front of Mira, taking her hands in his. “I was a scholar then, Mir. Training to join the Grey Beards. How was I ever worthy to take such a fierce warrior for myself? Before Urik was killed, father had meant to make a marriage between you and Jurgen. I knew you didn’t care for him but to the Bear, it was a worthy alliance, especially considering your bloodline.”

Mira put a finger on Ulfric’s lips to stop his speech, giving him a small, gentle smile. “I knew about the marriage proposal but I flatly told father and yours that I wouldn’t go through it, even if Talos walked the land again. Jurgen was weak and arrogant, and not worthy of my attentions. He had no vision or ambition--unlike you.”

Ulfric’s eyes widened a little at what Mira was telling him. “Why did we ever make that stupid pact?”

“We were young and you didn’t want to be beholden to a girl who was your friend?”

“I was stupid and wanted to see if there were other women that could be more a match for me. I was wrong.”

“So, we were both stupid in our youth.” Mira laughed and then sobered. “And now that we are adults?”

“I…know what I would like but could this work considering the people we are today? We are scarred, Mir, and there is a mess of history that lies with each of us.”

“True. Then there is my fight with the dragons and yours with the Dominion. Yes, I see it is truly with the Dominion, Ric, not the Empire.”  Mira said when she saw his eyes opened wider. “The people see the travesty the Empire has heaped on them but they are but the puppets. Even I was seeing that when in Cyrodiil before I resigned my commission.”

“They do nothing, however, to overthrow their masters, Mir!” Ulfric growled low.

“I don’t know the circumstance, Ric, but I know the current emperor is weak. Enough, we said we wouldn’t talk politics.”

“Yes, we wouldn’t. I’m sorry, it is a part of who I am now, since starting this war for Skyrim’s freedom.”

“I am surprised you haven’t championed your cause toward me in order to join.” Mira quirked a smile.

“I would never do that to you, though Galmar has tried to persuade me to. I will use anything I think is advantageous, don’t think I won’t. However, I would never push you to join the Stormcloaks. If you wish to, that will be your decision and in your own time. I remember the last time I pushed you into something you didn’t want to do.” He gave a lopsided grin.

“You got a nasty right hook in the jaw for that, too.” Mira laughed.

Ulfric reached up to caress at Mira’s scarred cheek. “So…”

“Are we going to attempt this?”

“Do you want to? I remember those words you spoke to me after we escaped from Helgen.”

Mira reached out to cup Ulfric’s jaw, seeing the wariness in his eyes but the passion in them at the same time. What did the Thalmor do to him to make him hesitate with intimacy or opening up with people? He was trying though, in reaching out to her but Ulfric waited for her to encourage him. Unlike his youth where Ulfric usually got what he wanted when he pursued an object of desire. She saw his desire and passion for her but again, there was some hesitation because of her words spoke after a traumatic experience affected him deeply.

“There was so much happening then, Ric. I regret what I said for I was thoughtless. I guess I still keep my own personal wants and desires separated from everyday situations.”

“And your wants and desires? Have you changed your mind since Helgen?”

Mira leaned over and kissed Ulfric, letting her lips linger on his. Resting her forehead against his, Mira looked into those ice blue eyes of his. “What do you think?”

When Ulfric smiled, it was a free and joyous smile, one rarely seen by anyone except by those closest to him. For Mira, she remembered the smile from their youth when they were happier and enjoyed life. To see it on his face because of her words and simple act made her stomach flutter. He brought her face down into a deep, fierce kiss, his tongue pushing through her lips to wrap around Mira’s. Ulfric reached through Mira’s hair, his fingers grasping in the silky dark strands. Mira did the same, entangling her fingers in Ulfric’s fair tresses, meeting his hot desire with her own. This time, there were no interruptions from a horse or her sore shoulder. Mira didn’t feel any pain at all as her body flushed with rising heat and adrenaline.

Ulfric pushed the chair behind Mira away to open the space in front of the fire, as he pushed her down onto the rug. She reached for the laces at the front of his tunic, loosening them before grabbing the hem and tugging upward. The kiss broke off, leaving both Ulfric and Mira a little breathless. He helped her push the material off over his head and toss it to the side. Mira looked into Ulfric’s eyes, her fingertips running over his lips and chin, feeling the rasp of the close-cropped beard. Kissing her fingertips, Ulfric nudged his chin into her hand. Laying a leg behind Ulfric’s, Mira used her body as leverage and flipped the jarl over onto his back. He looked at her in surprise and a slow grin spread on his face. Mira smiled back at him, dipping her head to kiss at Ulfric’s chest. The pale lines and ridges of old scars were open to her sight. Mira kissed along one long lash mark, her lips teasing the skin. Ulfric shuddered under Mira’s touch, not in the least put off to show his marks of torment by the Thalmor to this woman.

Her hands caressed over Ulfric’s chest to his hips, working their way to untying the lacing of the breeches he wore. She slid down his body, her lips leaving a teasing trail of sensuous kisses to the top of the breeches. Mira pulled open the front, her eyes looking up at Ulfric through her lashes, as his hardness was apparent under her touch. When her lips kissed the head of his manhood, Ulfric let out low moan, his hand grasping at the fur rug underneath them. She kept on, encouraged by the man’s reactions, surrounding his manhood with her mouth.

“Oh, Talos…” Ulfric rasped as he felt Mira’s hot mouth surrounding him.

She had him captured with her lips and mouth, pleasuring the jarl in a way that made any coherent thought immediately fly from his mind. Mira kept a slow and deep rhythm, not rushing the enjoyable feeling of having this powerful man under her power. He bucked, moaned, and even his fingers tangled into Mira’s dark hair, keeping her head to his manhood. When she felt Ulfric nearing his end, he shakily pulled Mira off his manhood and pulled her into a hard and rough kiss. Using this break from her ministrations, Ulfric gathered Mira into his arms and gathered his legs under him, pushing them up from the hard stone floor. Mira held onto Ulfric as he carried her to the main bedchamber and then was set down on her feet at the foot of the dais.

No words were spoken as Mira started to unlace her tunic at the shoulders. Ulfric helped pull the material off her body, his rough callused hands sensuously caressing along her bare skin. When he leaned down to kiss Mira, it was gentler but no less passionate than before. Ulfric worked at her breeches, pushing them down over her hips, his hands caressing over Mira’s buttocks and hips. Goosebumps stood out over her skin as his touch stirred up the fire of passion in her to a new height. Mira was losing herself into this man’s touch and kisses, as Ulfric seemed to know exactly where touch that pleased her most. She gave a surprised squeak when Ulfric grabbed her thighs and picked her up so that she had to wrap her legs around his hips. Not missing any chance to kiss at her lips, Ulfric led them up the couple of steps to the bed and laid them down across the width.

He entered Mira with a smooth motion; resting in her while she shuddered at the feel of Ulfric’s hardness. Unlike that cold morning a couple of months ago, Ulfric didn’t rush into the lovemaking. Mira looked into his ice blue eyes noticing the passion and openness in them. The young man that saw her leave was before her and Mira felt a lump rise in her throat as she realized how blind she had been not to see how much he loved her then, and still loves her even after the years of separation. Moving slowly into Mira, Ulfric held Mira’s gaze, his lips giving a faint smile as he saw the various emotions run across her face. She cupped his jaw in her hand, only for Ulfric to lean in to kiss at her lips.

“So you see, my silver wolf.” He rumbled.

“Yes, I do.” Mira replied, letting her own walls down and open fully to the rebel jarl, the warrior, the poet, the scholar, and most of all, the lover.

Matthew got up bright and early at 8:00 am to meet you at the park, just like he did every Saturday morning. He finished his pancakes, and walked out the door with a smile.

As Matthew strolled through the park, he stopped and sat down at the nearest bench; the same bench he would always wait at. Every great day between the two of you would always start here and get better. He patiently waited and scanned around the park occasionally. He loved sitting on the bench and watching you run to him from afar, apologizing for being late. The way your face would be flushed from running full-speed, and you're babbling excuses for your tardiness was found oh-so amusing to the Canadian.

It had just turned 12:00 pm when a few more people strolled by through the park. Yet, Matthew waited patiently with that un-dying smile.



At around 3:00 pm, Alfred happened to stroll by and notice Matthew sitting on the bench. "Hey bro, how's it hangin'?" He asked with his overly-enthusiastic voice. "I'm waiting for (__f/n__)," Matthew replied calmly. Alfred died a little inside at Matthew's response. "O-Oh. How long have you been waiting here?"

"……About 6 hours."

"…… But… what if she's not coming, dude? I-I mean like, if she doesn't show up today? Or next week?"

"I'll be waiting right here for when she does come then. When she returns, I'll be right here."

"…Mattie…" Alfred sighed, "…she's not gonna return. She's not coming back…"

"…What makes you say that?"

"Matthew, listen. Honestly, you have to let this go. You're in serious denial, and she's not coming back. You can't just waste away your hours sitting here doing nothing. Now c'mon bro, let's go to Mc Donalds--"

"She's probably at her family's house." Matthew stated absent mindedly, not paying attention to what Alfred had said.

"Matthew. She's gone. You would know if you attended her funeral."

"……W-Why would I do that…… when she's at her family's house?" He asked with a faltering smile.

Alfred couldn't convince Matthew anymore. He knew about how (__f/n__) and Matthew would always hit it off naturally, and were the best of friends. After she had passed away, he hated to see his brother in such sorrow state. With that all too fake smile plastered on his face to pass away his long days, trying to enforce happiness upon himself. And the saddest part yet, was that it was working. Alfred hated this so much, that he would sometimes cry himself, for the times that Matthew didn't. But Matthew's mind was in a state of denial; playing tricks to prevent Matthew from hurting himself. After all, what would happen to the country of Canada if Matthew was gone? Alfred felt responsible for his younger brother, and by reflex, acted upon protecting and caring for him.

"……Alright then. I'm gonna wait here with you until she get's here," Alfred sighed. He plopped down on the bench beside Matthew, and instead of pulling out his I Pod like he usually did, he put his arm around Matthew, bringing him closer to himself. Matthew leaned his head onto Alfred's shoulder with a peaceful smile and Alfred let a couple tears roll down his cheeks. They both sat there and waited…




The sun had started to set when Alfred noticed Matthew slightly trembling in his arms, letting a couple of tears escape from his eyes.

".........C'mon, Matt. Let's go home."

But every Saturday he'd wait. Wait for you to run to him with that smile on your face, not willing to believe that you were actually gone. Waiting for your presence that he had grown to love. For that moment that always seemed so effortlessly life changing to him.

But you never showed up.
:bulletred: SORRY SORRY SORRY. I'm kinda upset now, so I don't know how writing a story about killing reader-chan off, even helped. /shot/

:bulletorange: Little kinda drabble thing I made. I KNOW I SHOULD BE WORKING ON REQUESTS, but I barely had enough time to squeeze this one in! D: Sorry~!


:bulletgreen:Picture belongs to me and so does the story line! (LOOK AT THOSE FAIL GLASSES ON DERP-CANADA)

:bulletblue: Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz: (:

:iconcanadasulkplz::iconamericasulkplz::iconsaysplz:...R-Reader-chan... D:

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I hope you enjoy the little gift I left behind. I'd love to see your face right now as you receive it. Your blood must be boiling over, your heart racing for the horror your eyes have witnessed, your mind flooding with adrenaline to come after me. All that drive and resolve drowning that constant stoic and brooding stare. Oh, how I'd love to be standing right in front of you to witness the reaction to my present. But alas, my attention is needed elsewhere. That idiot Harley Quinn of mine cannot function properly without my lead. But don't you fret my dear Dark Knight, by the time you finished reading this I'll be waiting for you. I will be waiting on the rooftops of Gotham; they will function as our stage. The scarce stars and moon hanging over the light polluted pestilent city will be our spotlight. Join me darling for another dance in our magnificent play. I'll be waiting, I always am.

- Joker

Batman crumpled the note in his black gloved clutches and threw it angrily at the ground. It infuriated him how the crazed and deranged clown talked and referred lightheartedly how he murders and causes pain onto the innocent. The "present" in front of him further illustrated this point. In front of the Dark Knight was a man tied to a chair in the middle of the desolate and abandoned room. There was a huge window that let in the bright moonlight from outside. It bathed the room and revealed clearly the aftermath of the clown's madness to the detective. The man tied to the chair was just a nameless casualty to the psychopath's fun, that's how the lunatic saw everyone in Gotham. Batman did not share this sentiment. The poor victim had a name, David Garrison. He had a family, a job and a life before unfortunately crossing paths with the Joker. Now he was just a corpse, a stiff and smiling cadaver. That sickly grin stretched mercilessly across David's face, his eyes wide and his cheeks wet from tears of agony. This madness needed to stop, the Joker needed to be brought back to Arkham and locked away for good.

He stormed out of the room and ran up the stairwell that led to the roof. This was his mission; this was his duty, to protect Gotham from madness and depravity. But with each death that hanged over his head meant another failure, it meant he has faltered and failed to uphold his duty.

Batman busted through the roof door and as the door flung open, nearly off its hinges he saw the Joker standing alongside the edge with his back turned from him. The Joker turned, a wide blood red grin surfaced across his stark white face.

"Glad to see you came. Did you like my little gift? I'm such a considerate guy, ain't I Bats?" he giggled sarcastically. Batman said nothing; he merely gritted his teeth in outrage to the madman's mirth. "Oh I can see you're still seething in pent up wrath. But darling, I worked hard enticing your nonsensical notion of justice. So you can come after me with your relentless drive and fury."

"Do you think I like what you do Joker!?"

"Yes, if I didn't go around killing I could never draw out my little bat to play."

"Joker I despise all this… this death and depravity. It has to stop!" Batman growled as he began to approach. The contorted grin on Joker's face widened, he threw his arms up in the air and laughed maniacally.

"Come on Batsy baby! Let us add another wonderful dance to our grand play!"
Well here's my second shot at a Batman fanfic. What can I say I get bored easily and love to write :iconboredomplz:

Same as before this is just a harmless fanfic I do not own any of the content mentioned. Batman is property of DC comics and characters mentioned (that aren't made up by me) are not my property and so on and so forth. Gonna be another slash fic folks so if you are not into that then please don't read or give me any flames about it, come on let's be nice now :iconnotlisteningplz:

Comments are always welcomed (just nothing negative out of hate criticism is good but no haters :icondotdotdotzplz:)

Here's the link to chapter 2. [link]
Batman is tired of all the depravity and madness that seems to envelop Gotham night after night. He has especially had enough of the deranged antics of his most dangerous and hated enemy, the Joker. The Batman has had enough of their constant and endless "dance" as the madman puts it. When a persistent force puts Batman's rogues in danger, can he put his biases aside to save them?
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"You got Kid!" Black Star laughed.

"Eh!?" You yelled at him. You had a crush on Kid for a long time now. Plus, you thought it was adorable that he thought that everything had to be symmetrical. You looked over at Kid. You swore he had a tint of blush on his cheeks.

"Well, let's get this over with." He walked into the closet. "Are you coming or what?"

"Eh? Uh? Mhm!" You walked over slowly. Soul and Black Star were getting impatient, so they pushed you into the closet and locked it quickly.

It was dark in the closet. And small too. You both were squished together so your chests touched. You felt heat rising to your face and Kid looked away blushing. You were about to say something but he cut you off.

"Hm?" You replied looked him.

"Y-your body... Is so symmetrical..."
You blushed madly as he said that.

"A-and I also wanted to say... I love you." He said before his lips met yours.

You're eyes flew open at the kiss. He pulled away and hugged you.

"I love you too, Kid." You said before he kissed you again, pushing you against the wall so hard that the others could hear.

"Heh, I never knew Kid could play this game so good." Soul said.

Kid started nibbling on your mouth, wanting an entrance inside your mouth. You obediently let him inside and it was a fight for dominance, he won.

He nibbled on your neck. You moaned at the action. He then nibbled your weak spot on your neck and you bucked your hips against his, making you both groan in pleasure. You rapped your legs around his waist and he put his hands on your waist.

You kissed him once more, blushing. You both explored the roof of each others mouths and you fought his tongue, again. You moaned in pleasure as bucked his hips against yours.

He pushed you against the door and licked your neck. You shivered and groaned at the same time.

The door finally opened and Kid fell down on top of you. You both turned to look at the others, who were surprised. You both got up.

"I had a lot of fun doing this with you, ________. Perhaps we can do this again sometime?" He asked.

"Sure!" You smiled as he kissed your hand. He hugged you and stroked your hair.

"That's my symmetrical girl."
*Puts on Sunglasses* IT'S TIME.
Now you get your fun time with Kid~ NOW TIME TO GET BACK TO WIKI! *Starts searching* I-I.... eh? This is my first lemon thingy so be nice. T_T :iconlazycryplz:
Nahaha~ While writing this I was half :iconwthplz: and :iconloveloveplz: Took so long to write this.

Link to beginning: [link] :P
And you don't belong to me. (K that sounds awkward.)
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It was 10 o’clock at night at the Toddson residence.  Crickets were chirping cheerfully in the warm summer air, quietly playing their soft, familiar tune.  A cool night breeze occasionally blew past, ruffling the leaves on the trees for a moment before continuing on its way.  A golden retriever sniffed about, looking for some small furry animal to harass.  Inside the faded white farmhouse around which all this was happening, a sleepy Maddy Toddson was watching TV.  

While her eyes were glued to the screen, she absent-mindedly fingered the pendent around her neck.  She felt the cold silver of the necklace rub across her fingertips; a stark contrast to the strangely warm gem trapped beneath the ‘cage’ of silver.  The gem was about an inch around, and seemed to contain all the colors of the rainbow, and yet have no color at all.  She had received it from her grandfather for her birthday; there was some story behind it about how the priceless gem had been cut from the eye of a dragon by a dragon hunter, or just simply ‘Hunter’ as the story had referred to him.  But her grandfather was always making up stories about fantasy creatures and mythical monsters.  It was just a tale he worked up to go with the necklace he had probably found at Target or something.  Dragons and magic don’t really exist… thought Maddy drowsily as she lay down on the couch.  She felt the necklace one last time before finally surrendering to sleep…

She awoke with a violent start, but didn’t know what the cause was.  The clock said 2:00 am.  Sure no noise had awoken her, she puzzled over what caused her to wake up with her heart thumping so quickly.  She turned off the TV so she could listen.  Then it hit her: the crickets weren’t chirping anymore.  It was a perfect summer night.  They should be chirping away, but total silence reigned through the house; even the occasional creaking of the old house had stopped.  It was like she was the only one left in the world.  Maddy shuddered, not used to the quiet.  She was about to turn the TV back on, just to have some background noise, when the barking started.  Normally she wouldn’t have been concerned; her dog Riley was always barking at some critter at night.  But this barking was different.  It was louder, definitely louder, and more menacing.  A frightening mix of yaps, growls, and snarls that chilled Maddy to her bones.  It was like a hound had been released from the bowels of Hell.  She had not known her dog could bark like that.  And it sounded like it was right outside the front door.

Maybe it’s human instinct to be drawn towards danger, or maybe it’s just stupidity on the part of the person.  It could even be some form of scared curiosity.  Either way, Maddy got off the couch and went out the door to see what was going on.  All sorts of images were running through her head at the same time, all of them grisly and increasingly horrible.  A burglar sneaking towards the house; Riley and a stray locked in mortal combat; a bear pinning Riley to the ground, it’s teeth inches from Riley’s throat… The door creaked open on it’s hinges as Maddy peeked outside, terrified of what she’d see.  She saw nothing.  She could still hear the eerie barking, but her garage kept Riley and whatever he was barking at totally hidden.  So, though every fiber in her body was screaming for her to go back inside, and she would have gladly obeyed, her feet began to carry her towards the garage, towards the strange barking that frightened her so much when at any other time the idea of Riley being scary would have been laughable.

As she got closer, a voice other than the insane snarls began to reach Maddy’s ears.  Smooth and feminine, and with a definite tone of anger, like a red hot chili pepper.  Maddy’s heart jumped up to her throat as the burglar scene she had been imagining became that much clearer in her mind.  No, wait.  Maddy stopped in her tracks as an idea began to form in her head.  She noticed patterns in the talking and the barking.  First a growl, then a response from the female voice.  No, it couldn’t be.  But it sounded like… the voice was having a conversation with her dog?  No, it was crazy… But the voice became clearer as Maddy got a little closer.  She was halfway across the yard when the voice became clear and she stopped to listen for a while.

“Why do you still insist to defend her, boy?  What has she ever given you to deserve such loyalty?”

An angry response from Riley.  Is this really happening? thought Maddy.

A laugh from the voice, sharp and cutting. “Love? Come now, you don’t honestly believe that a creature like that would ever be capable of—“

The female was cut off by a long series of furious barks that made Maddy tremble where she stood.  How could anyone stand to listen to that?  But then, this voice was also carrying on a conversation with a dog.

“ENOUGH!” the voice suddenly shouted, silencing Riley’s soliloquy.  The word rang through the darkness, echoing.  After silence reigned once more the voice spoke again, with forced calm.  And unless Maddy was mistaken, there was an underlying growl to the voice this time.  “You are not what I’m after, dog, but if you continue to stand in between me and my prey I will not hesitate to—  AHHGH!”
Maddy did not see it happen, but she could guess.  Riley had run up to the source of the voice and chomped down on the nearest thing he could reach; probably a leg.  
“Good boy!” she thought.  But the next thing she heard was far from the sound of feet running away that she expected, and made her heart leap to her throat.

Scared, high-pitched whines suddenly replaced the angry barks of just a second before.  And the voice she heard was far different than the smooth, feminine alto; instead it was low, guttural.  More of a growl than a voice at all.  But Maddy was able to pick out the words.

“My patience for you has just run out, you flea-ridden mutt.  You want to defend that despicable creature?  Protect her? … Love her?!”  There was a choking sound at the word ‘love’.   Then the voice dropped to an almost inaudible whisper.  “Then you might as well be a human yourself.”

Maddy desperately wanted to turn around, to run back inside to the safety of the house.  But her feet refused to move either forward or backward.

Suddenly, a faint white glow began to appear from behind the garage, getting stronger by the second.  Riley’s whines began to get louder, more persistent.  Maddy’s heart beat faster; she felt like it would pop from her chest.  She shielded her eyes from the growing white glare. What was going on around here?!  Riley’s whimpers got louder and escalated into a howl, like he was in severe pain.  The howl suddenly changed.  It got lower, sounding less and less like a canine.  

And within a second Riley’s howl had been replaced with a very human-sounding yell that decreased into a series of deep breaths.

It was at this point that Maddy’s feet decided to start moving again.  But it wasn’t towards the house.  Instead she began running at full speed the rest of the way to the garage.  Something had been done to Riley, she just knew it.  Something terrible, and she had only stood there when it had happened.  She ran.  Just ten more feet, and then she would see.  Seven, five, three, one…

She turned the corner of the garage and braced herself for the carnage she was sure would greet her.  Instead a very different sight met her gaze and made her breath catch in her throat.

In front of her was a creature unlike any she had ever seen.  It had to be at least thirty feet long.  Its body was long and sinuous and covered in short, silver fur.  A dog-like head perched on the top of a long neck, and a sweeping, sleek poppy-red mane ran all the way down its back to the tip of its tail, where it fanned into a furry tuft.  On top of its head was a small pair of antlers. It stood on pale yellow chicken-like feet tipped with deadly-looking black claws.  But it’s eyes… Or eye.  The eye it had was deep violet, like the color of royalty. The other eye was gone; the eyelid closed over an empty chasm, and two long, pink scars ran across it like daggers.  The creature in front of her could only be described as one thing: a dragon.

When Maddy had come around the corner, the dragon had turned to look at what made so much noise.  The dragon slowly smiled, showing sharp, white teeth.  It wasn’t a friendly smile, though.  It began walking towards Maddy, ever so slowly, it’s strange boy swirling hypnotically like a snake’s.

“So, this is the human that’s caused so much trouble here tonight,” the dragon said casually, softly.

Maddy was having trouble finding her voice. The scene in front of her was just too confusing.  What she did manage to get out was, “I… I heard barking and… a voice…dragon… and my dog… my dog.  Where’s my dog?” She finally managed to squeak a comprehensible question out.

“Ah, so you heard our little conversation, did you?” the dragon said. “I wonder how long you were listening.  But no matter, you’re what I came for so no reason to prolong my visit any more.”  The dragon moved a little closer.

“Where’s my dog?” Maddy repeated, trying to keep her voice level.

The dragon sneer got wider as she feigned innocence.  “Dog?  Dog… Hmmm.  Oh, are you referring to this?”  She reached back underneath her and pulled a large, struggling form into Maddy’s view.

For a moment the girl was confused.  What the dragon was dragging by the ankle was not a dog, but a human boy.  Looking to be about twenty years old, he wore a simple brown zip-up hoodie and blue jeans.  His hair was reddish-brown. Around his neck was a lightly jingling piece of silver, resting gently against his black under shirt.  It was a choke chain collar with a slightly bronzed round tag hanging from it, exactly like…

A horrible idea began to form in Maddy’s mind.  “No…” she whispered, blue eyes widening.  Her body started shaking slightly.  The idea was too horrible, too strange to think about.  She stared into the boy’s chocolate eyes, who returned her gaze with an equally terrified look.

“Maddy…” he croaked, terror ringing in his voice.

The girl’s frame fell, all the air let out of her lungs at once and she had trouble taking her next breath.

“Ah, I think she’s finally getting the picture,” the dragon sniggered.

“What... how... who…… why?” Maddy stammered, motioning with her hands towards whom she knew now was Riley.

The dragon growled and moved closer, still dragging Riley by the ankle.  “The fool was trying to protect you.  Disgusting creature.  Someone who tries to protect a human is no better than a human themselves.”

She suddenly tossed Riley at Maddy like a ragdoll.  Hitting Maddy in the chest, both of them were sent crashing to the ground.

Maddy gasped for breath, the wind knocked out of her.  Riley quickly got off of her and awkwardly helped her sit up.  She coughed violently, trying to get precious breath back in her lungs.  

“I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”  Riley stammered. “Are y-you ok?”  Maddy couldn’t respond.  Her brain wasn’t functioning properly and all she could do was look at him in terrified disbelief.

The silver serpent cackled, clearly finding pleasure in the current situation.  “But,” the dragon continued, “now that my quarry is here, his efforts to protect you were all in vain.”  She leaned into Maddy’s ear and whispered with bared teeth, “And now… you’re mine.”

All at once, a lightning-fast streak of silver shot forward and Maddy was suddenly dangling upside down in the air, her leg wrapped in the dragon’s tail.  She heard Riley’s yell of protest, and he screamed for the dragon to put her down, to let her go, but the silver creature didn’t listen.  She pinned him down with one front foot.  She seemed to be contemplating something.

“Let’s see…” the dragon looked at her dangling prey with vague interest. “What would be a fitting punishment?  Death would be too easy.  Something lasting, never gone, always present… Yes, something like that… Be still!”  She snapped at Maddy, who was trying to kick her way free to no avail.  Maddy obeyed, letting herself hang limp with the blood rushing to her head and feeling as if the tears would come at any moment.  What was she even being punished for?!

The dragon looked around, seemingly for inspiration.  When her violet eye fell upon Riley, who was attempting to bite at the dragon’s leg again, she grinned evilly and looked back at Maddy.  “I know.  I took a dog from the world when I made him human, correct?”  She spoke as if she were a teacher talking to a student.  “Well, it wouldn’t be fair if there were one more human in this world than there belonged, would it?  And since the dog population seems to be one short…”

Everything suddenly registered in Maddy’s mind in full force, and she at once was desperately trying to free herself, to run away back into her warm, safe house.  But the dragon held her tightly, and already a faint white glow was beginning to take shape around Maddy’s form.  She realized it was the same thing that had appeared before Riley was…

“No!” she screamed and tried blowing the glow away, rubbing it off with her hands, anything to get it off of her.  But the glow was getting brighter, and Maddy was starting to feel hot.  The white light got brighter and brighter, almost blinding.  She closed her eyes against the brightness.  It was getting hotter, almost scalding.  Too hot!  Fire was going to burn her to cinders.  Screaming, screaming…

And then she felt the blessed cool night air again.  She panted heavily , her heart still hammering.  Opening her eyes, she saw the upside-down dragon smirking at her.  “Yes, this will do.”  Then the dragon set her leg free and dropped her to the ground.

Landing with a thud, Maddy rolled to her feet and shook her head, trying to set her thoughts straight.  “That was it?” she thought.  “Well, as long as that’s all…”  She brought a hand up to rub her head…

And froze, because what was supposed to be her hand was not.  There, attached to a white, furry leg, was an equally furry paw.  Maddy stood up, frantic… And fell back down to all fours.  She looked underneath her and saw four white paws and legs.  If she crossed her eyes, she could see a nose extending what seemed like a mile out in front of her face.  She was mostly golden, but with a white belly and legs.  However, none of this really hit home until she realized that she had a tail.  She had a long, poofy, gold and white tail.

She whimpered, shaking from head to toe.  This wasn’t happening, this wasn’t happening!  Surely this was just a nightmare she would wake up from any minute.  Then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a figure crawling towards her.  It was Riley, who had been freed by the dragon.  He kneeled next to her, looking her over with a look of defeat.  His body sagged.  Suddenly, he pulled her furry head into a tight hug.

“Maddy… I’m sorry…” he whispered in her ear.  “I couldn’t… If only… I’m so sorry…”  Maddy, still in shock, didn’t know what to do.  So she just sat there, letting him pull her into his lap for a tighter squeeze.  Now the tears finally came, and they came in droves.  She lay against Riley’s shoulder, shivering and sobbing silently.

She wasn’t sure how long this went on for, but she was suddenly aware that the dragon was speaking.  That dragon… That damn dragon.

“Yes, this should suit both of you fine,” she was saying casually.

“Fine?!” Riley shouted, still holding Maddy in his arms.  Maddy only just realized that this was her dog that was speaking perfect English.  “You… you… How could you say this is fine?!” he let out through clenched teeth.

“Justice was served,” the dragon sniffed.  “My business here is done.  What you do now is not up to me.”  She started walking away, but then stopped and turned back for a second.  “Oh, but Maddy.  If you could give your back-stabbing grandfather a message for me, tell him that Cyphae never forgot him, and that she will find him one day.  Or tell your new human to tell him for you, since I doubt you’re able to speak “homo sapien” anymore.”  With one last laugh, the dragon with the scarred face took off and flew away into the night.

Maddy shuddered, staring off after the dragon until she was a little speck against the moon.  If she had only stayed in the house, this wouldn’t have happened.  If only her stupid curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of her, she would still be… human.  But she had left her house, and now she was paying the consequence, along with poor Riley, who shouldn’t have been involved in the first place.

The dog and human, still holding each other tight, watched as the dragon disappeared, and they wondered what would become of them now.

Aaaaand here's the story that I wrote. =) It's not the beginning of my actual story since there's some stuff that happens before this, but it's a scene from it. I like it cause it gives a good intro to most of the main characters, but I wasn't able to put my other dragon Bronar in there. =/ Oh well. That scene would've added on about 5 more pages anyway. xD

Anyway, enjoy. =)
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Only You

"Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright
Only you and you alone
can thrill me like you do
and fill my heart with love for only you

Only you can make this change in me
for it's true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand
understand the magic that you do

You're my dream come true
my one and only you

Only you can make this change in me
for it's true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I understand the magic that you do

You're my dream come true
my one and only you..."

Batman broke down as he stopped the last missed call he received from Joker.
It all happened so quickly. Why did he have to make things so difficult for himself all the time? 

"If he just calmed down and let me help him for once, then he might still be here.."

Bruce trailed off, staring blankly at his hands, the image of the limp body of the pale faced man was still in his mind. How he just lied there in his arms. Dead. How could he feel this way, towards someone who has only intended not only pain to him, but to others? To Gotham.
The Clown Prince of Crime, The Arch nemesis of The Dark Knight, was dead, and all he could do was sob over the badly sang song Joker sent him.

"Master Bruce?" Alfred called, gently tapping on the wooden door. His calm voice always comforted Bruce. He has always seen him as a fatherly figure since his parents died.

"Yes Alfred." Bruce replied weakly, his eyes red and sore, his nose blocked from the constant weeping. He tried to hide his deteriorating state, as the only source of light came from a small crack in the window.

"Are you OK sir? You seem to spend most of your time here in this shambles of a room." Alfred said in a concerned manner.

There was no reply. He continued.

"I know it seems strange, but ever since that deranged clown died, you have been out of sorts lately. Sir I only wish the best for you, and if you don't talk, I cant help you-." 

"Look Alfred," Bruce interrupted suddenly "I know you care, but there are just some things that should just be left alone.." He trailed off going back into his numb state of depression, blankly looking at his hands.

Alfred was no fool, he knew when something was up and when he put two and two together, everything made sense, no matter how ridiculously strange and impossible it was.

"I understand, but I think there is something more to this than just 'having a bad day'. You may think no one understands what your going through, and sir, I've know you ever since you were a little boy and from where I'm standing, I have a good idea of whats going on."

"What?" Bruce looked up, surprised at his remark.
There was a slight pause in Alfred's breath but he gradually began to talk again, trying to find the right words to say.

"Your.. in love sir. A very confused emotion I know."

The room grew quiet, as what Alfred has said, started to sink in. All you could hear was the heavy breathing of Bruce.

"Love.." He murmured, trying to get used to the fact, that this is what he felt for that Crazed clown all along.

Alfred saw that this had an effect on him, which he hoped was a good thing, and left the room to leave Bruce in his dark room, deep in thought, to figure out what he was going to do next.

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I grew up in the small town of Resembool. It lies in the grassy hills of no where, in the great country of Amestris. You’re probably thinking, ‘Oh! She grew up in the same town as the Elrics, they must have been best friends...blah..blah..blah.!’ You’d be mistaken. I didn’t meet the Elrics for several years. But I’ll get to that later. Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Avery Kinsle. When I lived in Resembool, I lived with my parents Phillip and Tanza Kinsle. They were simple bakers in town and usually left the kids home to watch over the house. I had two other siblings. There was my older brother named Hunter who was 2 years older than me, and my little sister named Finn who is 3 years younger than me. I loved to tease her and call her my little Finn Kin. She always gets so testy when I do, but we love each other very much. Both my siblings inherited my mother’s deep black hair and only I got the musty brown hair of my father. I had always loved my hair, when I was younger it always flowed down my back. My mother often braided the girls hair during summer, so it’d be out of our faces. Hunter had his short hair and he loved to spike it up in the front.
My siblings and I were all we had when our parents worked. We didn’t have any other friends because we had each other, and thats all we needed. We had no other family members except for our beloved grandmother. But she didn’t live in Resembool with us. She lived all the way in East City in her Flower shop. We didn’t get to see her very much, but when she did come to visit, we loved seeing her. Other than that, it was just us 3 while Mom and Dad were working. It probably doesn’t sound like the best childhood to others, but for us it was the best time ever. We loved going down to the river. It was our favorite spot to play in the summer. We were as close as close could be, and Hunter made it a point to keep us safe. We thought nothing could separate us, but we were wrong.
When I was six years old, the Eastern Rebellion War moved into our part of the country. There was a great uprising when these men from some other part of the country tried to convince the people of my town that the military were horrible people. They managed to convince half, and everyone else hid or fled from the town. I had never seen the military. I remember Hunter, Finn, and I watching the town from the front windows of our house. Little did we know that our parents had been brutally slaughtered in town during the uprising. We saw many explosions and lots of fire. I tried to make out who was down there. I saw a lot of the towns people, and people with weapons that I had never seen before. Hunter told us that he was going to go down and find Mom and Dad while seeing what he could do to help. He told us to stay in the house and to hide in case something bad were to happen. I grabbed my sister’s hand and we hid in our parent’s closet. It was probably the safest place we could think of. About an hour passed, and Hunter hadn’t returned. Finn had fallen asleep. I covered in one of our father’s giant jackets and crept out of the closet. The house was dead silent. I quietly walked down stairs and looked out the window. The fire was still blazing but there weren't as many people as before. I noticed people with strange clothes on. It was hard to tell, but they looked Blue. I had never seen people like that before.
Then suddenly I saw a figure running up the hill. I looked closely to see that it was Hunter! I tore open the front door and stepped out onto the porch. He was being chased by a group of men. They were wielding weapons. I was terrified that they were going to catch him.
“Get inside! Avery! GET INSIDE!,” Hunter screamed at me. I fled in and up the stairs. Hunter made it in and locked the door behind him. He managed to get upstairs and into the closet. By that time, Finn was awake. I hugged her tightly and pulled her into my lap and held her so she’d stay calm. I could hear the men banging on the door downstairs.
“Just stay quiet ok girls?” Hunter whispered to us. We nodded and I rested my head onto Hunter’s shoulder. I felt something wet and looked up to see my brother’s shoulder sliced open.
“Hunter! You’re bleeding!” I exclaimed as we heard the front door slam open. Hunter covered my mouth and shushed me. We listened as we heard the group of men trashing through our house. I heard picture frames crash. Tables and Chairs were thrown across the room. I could hear them yelling at each other.
“We need to find him! We can’t let that little runt get away!”
I felt Hunter shaking. He seemed to know something was going to happen. I just stayed quiet and listened.
“Maybe he ran upstairs. Let’s go!”
The men pounded up the stairs and trashed through all the rooms on the top floor. I was terrified they were going to find us. Then we heard them enter our parents room. Hunter held us tighter as we peered through the cracks and watched them trash the room. They began to leave. When we thought we were in the clear, one of them tore open the closet door right off the hinges. Finn and I screamed.
“There you are you little monster!” The man yelled as he grabbed my brother by the arm and dragged him out. The other men came running in and helped to beat down my brother. Finn and I hugged each other tighter. I covered her eyes so she wouldn’t see what was happening, but I continued to watch. After beating Hunter senseless, one of the men grabbed hunter’s hair and yanked his head up. I saw his face; Hunter was bloody and bruised, but yet, he smiled at me. I saw twinkling in his eyes and he mouthed the words “I love you..Be safe,” as the man sliced his throat with a dagger. It was over, or so it seemed. I saw as my brother’s lifeless body bled out. I screamed and ran to him. Blood soaked me through and I dragged his body back into the closet. The men just laughed as I hugged my brother for the last time. They began to turn on us, when all of a sudden flames poured into the room catching the men on fire. However, none of the rest of the room caught. One man avoided the flames and tried to escape through the window. That’s when gun shots came through the flames and hit the man dead center in the back. He fell through the window and died before he hit the ground.
That’s when a man with short, jet-black hair walked into the room. He was followed by a woman with light blonde hair pulled up in the back. They both wore the strange blue uniforms I saw down in the town earlier. They hadn’t noticed us yet and were examining the room as the flames began to die down revealing the charred bodies of the men. The smoke was beginning to be unbearable. I remember seeing the room beginning to spin. Finn whimpered, alerting the man of our presence. He turned and saw us with our brother’s bloodied body. I was soaked in Hunter’s blood. My eyes were distraught as I nearly passed out. The man picked me up leaving Hunter’s body. The woman called in one of their companions. I watched as a giant man with huge muscles and a thick, blonde mustache picked up my sister, who had already passed out. I looked up at the man who was carrying me. He just smiled as we left the house. That’s when I blacked out.
As I was wiped out, I dreamt. I was in a dark place. I couldn’t see anyone or anything.
‘Where am I?’ I thought to myself. Something tapped my shoulder. I turned out to see my mother forming before me. She was translucent, like an apparation, but I could visably tell it was her. My father came next and finally Hunter. They surrounded me, yet Finn was no where to be scene. My mother smiled and pulled me in for a tight hug. Hunter joined in, and my father placed his giant hand on top of my head. I was surprisingly small for my age, so his hand practically covered the entire top of my head. I began to cry because I knew this was only a dream. They all whispered simutaniously, “We love you Avery. Please take care of Finn. Bye..” Then they faded away, leaving me alone once again. I sobbed as I curled myself around my knees. My parents were gone, my brother was gone, and my little sister was no where to be seen. For the first time in my life, I was alone. And it was too much to bare. I screamed at the top of my lungs as tears poured out of my eyes. Then the world began to shake.
This is my FMA fanfic. Welcome to the POV of my OC Avery Kinsle. When you read this story, Imagine the Original series. Because I'm basing it off there and what happens to her is like the behind scenes of the original series! Yet its still my own story.


This is only part 1. Well technically its one long story....but I'm just breaking it up to put it here on DA. So I hope you enjoy it!
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