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    ¡Hola! En este tutorial aprenderemos Como poner el Id grande c; Empecemos.. Todos sabemos que al poner la opción "deviantID" nos pide una "Foto de perfil", por decirlo asi xd Pero al dar en la opción "Upload Image" Al guardar, la foto se ve realmente pequeña D: [*Ejemplo]

    ¿Qué hago para ponerla grande?

    Seguir estos pasos c; •Primero Ve al lápiz de la esquina superior derecha & seguido de esto da clic en la opción "Edit this widget" [*Aclaración]Para el siguiente paso es Necesario tener una "Deviation" categorizada en "deviantART Related > deviantID" •Segundo Damos clic en "Profile Picture" & vamos a "Use Deviation" •Tercero Elegimos el Id & hacemos clic en "Ok" •Cuarto Finalmente damos clic en "Save"

    & ¡Listo, nuestro Id se ve grande!

    [*Aclaración.]Recuerden que esto era únicamente un ejemplo. Es decir, que al ir a mi dA, el Id sera diferente c; Espero les haya servido. No olviden agregar a :+fav: & comentar c; ¡Adios!:rose:
  • Listening to: Rockstar -Sj♥
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Here's an average summary of a private message that I receive on a weekly basis:

I just came by your profile and saw your art, and was very impressed. I think you have a very nice art style. Now I'm working on this project. It's called <project>. It's an awesome story about <subject>. I'm currently writing the script for it, but I'm planning to make a visual novel. I can't tell too much about the story, since I don't want it to be copied, but it's going to be really cool. The point is; I need illustrators. I'm an excellent writer, but I can't do illustration at all. And therefore, I wanted to ask for your help. I need about 60 pages illustrated and colored. Would you work together with me on this one? I don't have any money to spend, as I'm not an established writer yet. But when the visual novel gets published, you can get a percentage of my profit.
With kind regards,
Person X

Well... let me translate this for you.

This Person X is a writer. An excellent one, if you have to believe his statement. He came to my profile, and was very impressed with my art. But as there are at least 20 other names in the CC, I probably wasn't the only one artist that he was impressed by. And since the message lacks a personal reference, it's highly assumed that he send that same message to about a hundred of other artists... in the hope that somebody --anybody-- picks up his illustration request.

He says he is an excellent writer, yet his gallery doesn't show a single piece of writing. I basically have no idea what this project is about, and he ain't gonna tell me either. He's so damn afraid that someone copies his oh-so-awesome plot line, that he even refused to give a small summary. But seeing a gallery full of below-average-level illustrated fanart, and his age being about 15 years old, I assume this 'excellent writing' is either the next piece of anime fanfic, or just another generic anime-based story with characters whose look is probably the only awesome thing about them. Don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with anime. I watch it a lot. But good luck if you think you're gonna sell a manga-styled visual novel with a plot that looks like it's ripped from just a generic anime. It's not gonna happen.

He wants 60 pages illustrated and colored. That's quite a lot, if you ask me. And I might be a slow illustrator (really, I am), but drawing and coloring a single page is gonna cost me at least a few hours. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. There's a reason why most Japanese manga's are in black and white. Not only to save on printing costs, but also to increase production speed. Because.... coloring takes time! A whole damn lot of time!

Last but not least. The costs. Of course Person X has no money. No wonder. He's a 15 years old kid that probably never had a job and haven't got anything published either. Yes, this an assumption. But seeing he hasn't taken into account how much money printing and shipping costs (it really is expensive), and the fact that he hasn't listed a single plan how to actually promote and market this thing, makes me think that he gave only little thought to that subject. Hence, I think he's inexperienced.

Well... let's be honest. 
These things can be fun and flattering once in a while. But getting them on a weekly basis is annoying the shit out of me.

Why? Because I think it's damn arrogant to go around artists, beg them if they can do hours of hard work for free, just to see your project illustrated. And then get angry if an artists turns their offer down. I've seen so much of this already, that it makes me sick.

First of all, I'm not a professional illustrator. I might have decent artwork quality, but I'm not a professional in the sense that I illustrate for money. I have health issues. I have a full-time job that is demanding enough already. Luckily I earn good money by doing that job, so I don't need the extra money from art commissions. I have the freedom to spend my free time however I want, by illustrating whatever the heck I want, and I'd like to keep it that way. One look at my profile front page would've learned you so. Reading my FAQ (the link is also posted at my homepage) would learn you the reason why. So why would anyone even bother sending me that kind of message? Are they that arrogant to think that their request could change my mind on the entire subject?

But let's say that I took commissions. That I did do art for money. They send me a request for illustrating and coloring 60 pages. Let's say you work real fast (I don't, but let's say you do) and you finish one page in about 4 hours. That takes 60 x 4 = 240 hours. On a full-time job, I work 40 hours a week. That means 6 weeks I could've been working. I could've earned 1.5 monthly salary at an average job during that time. And this isn't even a realistic expectation. If there is one thing that I learned from freelancing, is that you will never complete a project in the minimum time. Mostly because of the customer. They haven't got their source material together, they want changes, they want meetings... and whatever. In the early years, a freelance colleague once learned me that in order to guess a good time estimate, you need to take the minimum time required to get the job done, and multiply that by 1.5. And from years of experience in the web industry, I can say that way of estimating is quite correct. So yeah... that makes 9 weeks of my life I could've spend earning money on a regular job. 
To do the math; 9 weeks = 360 hours. Apply that to the hourly minimum wage of $10.99 in the Netherlands (where I live) and this whole project would be worth $3956. And that's only minimum wage. Yeah... we're talking about real money here.

And that's exactly the point I want to make. Because Person X has no money. He expects me to do $3956 worth of work to do for free. And maybe, if he's selling enough... I would get some of his money. MAYBE!
Well... let's do some more math here. Let's say the average full color manga is about $10. That means he has to sell 396 of those books to pay my costs. Not his, not the printing costs, not the shipping costs. No, he needs to sell 396 copies alone for me to get even.
Anyone with realistic expectations knows that that is never gonna happen. Not by a 15 year old kid, a book that has a generic anime plot line, and without a decent marketing plan. It's doomed to fail. Even if I illustrate his entire book, he might sell a few copy's to friends and family. But he ain't gonna sell anywhere over 50 copies. And yeah... I've talked to enough artists at anime conventions to know the average selling rate for original art. Unless you already have a massive fanbase and a solid marketing plan, you will be having a hard time to get even with the printing costs alone.

All in all, this is a selfish request from a kid that wants to see his concept illustrated. 
The sad truth is... it's not only kids I get those kind of requests from. I can forgive a kid for not knowing how the world works. But many of those requests where from people that were over 20 years old. People that I suppose have jobs and have an idea of how hard is it to pay their bills. People that willingly send out these requests to lure hard working artists into this kind of traps. They might be delusional about their ideas being a success, but most of them just want to see their concept illustrated, and can't be bothered about other people spending a whole damn lot of time on it.
Even many people from the game industry nowadays go to DeviantArt in order to e-mail artists to work for them on shady contracts. I'm talking about well paid recruiters from game company's that contact art students. Those students work for free, just to hope making something that's good for their portfolio's. In the hope they will ever get a small percentage of money from a game that will never sell, or even never see the light of day. And that's the sad truth.

To be honest; getting this kind of selfish requests on a weekly basis, makes me sick.
I have a project that I work on myself. I am a writer myself. And when I wanted my art illustrated, I learned myself how to draw in order to make illustrations for my concept. Sure. I perfectly understand not everybody is capable of doing that. But if you want people to help you out, then pay them. And if you don't have the money, then set up a solid marketing plan and get your money via crowd funding. Dragging others into your selfish issues, should never be an option!

So from now on, I will send all people that send me those kind of requests, to this article. 
That will perfectly explain them why I refuse this kind of requests, and what kind of selfish leeches they actually are.
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I just went back and read some of the horrible comments I've received from people in the past.
I remember how hurtful it was and how much I wanted to just dissapear from it all. I felt helpless and hopeless.

The internet can be a terrible place.

When people aren't accountable for what they say they feel a certain sense of power. The ability to judge others without being judged ourselves is a position of immense dominance. It's exhilarating to exercise that dominance over another person.

But now, looking back, I realize that it doesn't bother me anymore. I don't even bother hiding, deleting or responding to those comments because it just doesn't bug me. I feel a resounding "eh",

I keep those comments up so that people can see the kind of behaviour that people reduce themselves to when they're behind a computer screen. Every "this is shit" or ""he" is just a dyke and a "she"" has meaning to me now. It means that I've overcome something that I never would have thought possible. I'm not hurt by that anymore. Why would I be?

I know my cosplay isn't great. But I love to do it so negative comments aren't going to stop me. Really you're just telling me what I already know! And it pushes me to try harder next time which is always positive. As for the more personal comments... well, I am who I am. And although I've been prone to pretty intense insecurity and self-dissastifaction in the past, I'm in the best shape of my life right now (physically and psychologically)... and I owe a lot of that to criticism and negativity. It only pushes me to keep going.

I'm happy. And I'm thankful that I don't need to lurk behind anonymity and animosity to feel exhilaration and strength. I feel that every day when I look back at how far I've come and look forward to how bright the future looks.
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Sketch of my new project... a Night Light
Sheogorath by ReneFelem

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CI Monthly Feature - # 21

Thu May 1, 2014, 6:32 AM
Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 44k members and 39k watchers!

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Strange friends by KaymaroUntil Death Parts Us by elli-zhuGrape Hyacinth by wuestenbrandReimu Gif Animation by s-buttonsUba and Feeshehs by confetticandie
#22 Wash me away by GelodevsIntro- Un beau leopard violet by ClausuFayce by RustyCroutonsBe what you want by Graphite-Paws:thumb437925220:
Floriane by MarcherinComm: God of Chance by zwxARTConscienceness Broken by anime-haloGumi by Risa1Rin Okumura by n-Night-Star-n
MODERN TEZCATLIPOCA by AcaciathornMyucel by PrinniaLife's struggle by annagirl59It Never Snowed by votrebellelaideLucy Cosplaying As Misty by RiaSenpai

Dragon Art (Where Are My Dragons?) by AngeloOlson35.Rini-Chibiusa by AnimecolourfulLove is War - Denki Sai by AsymptoticWayNightmare-Kat by katsuroyasuFrozen: Chibi Snow Queen Elsa by izka-197
2013 SS_cynnscarlet Alibaba by kura-outhe moment love makes sense. by ExuberantStarchildWhat the Future Holds by freuddwynCompany policy [EN] by Nastix24The Flag Full of Pride and Honor by AkuToSeigi
Attack [Contest Entry] by moggy2007Panorama: Veli Vrh... by Dark-IndigoDaryl Dixon by Puppet-Girl86Here comes the wind by Rinoa-Light-LeonhartOther Side of the Fence by Lumnili
The Colours of Her Hair by TishawishAdoptables  ( closed) by Mezamete-Akai--TsukiEmoboy by Ravna-RestaWattcher Chibi by RukuaThe Flowers at night Wallpaper by Meiko55

Elyxia  Fantasy Statue  SOLD by SonsationalCreationsWOODWORK - HERE COMES THE SUN by b-DediCrimson by DavesPineappleAph by GlassesBlu Weight Of Forgotten ThingsBroken statues of forgotten kings
Lie in the dust of cast away things.
Their last thoughts said and their last words hurled
Their blank eyes now stare at the world
One was bound by his own peoples' ropes
And pulled down to bolster their hopes.
Another stood at the edge of town
Until time finally wore him down.
They will all lie under the future's feet
Tread on by victors they will never meet.
Broken statues of forgotten kings
Cannot see what hope their absence brings.

Impresarium-13 by GregorKerleNew fox patch - preview by goikuFemale Badass Trio by SamciuSabretooth Oni X Mermaid by TOYDREAMERLight Feathers by Saito-san97
Peeper by FuzzyPug:thumb428240417: Mythology with a Twist: Meleager and Atalanta“I can’t believe you’ve allowed a woman to join our hunt! People are already talking behind your back.” Plexippus said.
“She’s very skilled.” Meleager answered calmly. “You’ve seen her in action.”
“That does not change the fact that she is a woman!” His uncle responded. “She has no place here!”
“I can’t ask her to leave! She was one of the first people to answer my call for help!”
“Who would want a woman on their team?” His uncle pressed. “And if they did, it certainly wouldn’t be because of her skills!”
Meleager felt his blood beginning to boil. He was head of this mission, he would not stand being told what to do.
The boar that Artemis had sent against Calydon was wreaking havoc on his father’s kingdom, so he’d do anything in his power to stop it.
All good hunters were more than welcome; what if one of them happened to be a woman?
Violet Rose by EnniArt
May Death Never Stop You Doodle by AndrelicaI'm not afraid by ColourcloudDreaming with Cats by haphweiPixel art - Tales of symphonia by CheapcookieCloti in Kingdom Hearts Style by WishingDreamer5

Sun Stroll by InaWolfsimageThe eye of the tiger by ZipercooDeStarshine as human by StarshineHaste:thumb446785430:I miss you... by Crimsonyc
Dream Big by Bella-AnimaGathered here within our hearts by ashoffeathersQuest to The End of Ponyville by Pony-BerserkerMarker practice by KatieNewbieSun Dragon by Seminon
guess I finished it -.-'' by YureiGuuruCastle In the sunset by BillyNikollBunbun by StuffedPolarFoxLil SP Detective Agents by IVSMAPixel Sprite Montage by GodofDarness18
When I Found Out Color Pencils Were Useful.. by SakumaDropMorgan by Bastian2670:-- Code Geass: *Poke* -- by KaishiruScream, if you see fish by wdnestOstin and Huntz - HASE by hase-illustration

The Gangs All Here by Bizarre-LegacyRonin by Vilenchik:AC: A is for Astrid by Kallian91Image by NightfurystarsCousins by Art-in-heart4va
Lioness enough for you, Mana? by IdiotTwinsYou smile like the Mona Lisa by HoshinoDestiny[KnB] C.O.M.A Ch1 cover by AeveternalUnforgettable Dreams by Yenni-VuRoronoa Zoro - Prize for KFour9 by Kimidoll
One for the Throne by RebroshBondi Angel - Maxi by AnarchyWulfGoing online, away from Real Life by tashaj4deThe Winter Soldier by comicon-nerdPortrait - Colour Version by PoisonedOracle
IB by YushikuniUmbreon by alewismSpringtime by theNightwishmasterCobalt Blades by CGreyManga Coloring - Pharaoh by selinmarsou

Temple of Light (Painting) by DouxpixartTake Me Away by dizzyflower28Hatsune Miku by DragoRaven'Eyes on me' silver pendant (for sale) by seraluneThe Tree of Life (2014) by Meekochan
Abandoned Room by StarfireArizonaLost and Found by GiuseppeTriaPastel Goth Donuts Fairy Kei Dark and Cute by OkashiBurochiOdin Sphere - Gwendolyn by MoochirinCheldorado by LilMissPeppy
Ene by ShironaiiHitsugaya Toshiro by kaliyuga10Blood Red - Miku x Len by digitalpastelAidan Turner by SHParsonsThe Estranged Hut by Razowi
Fuuenken (Fire Seal) Active by RavP342014 Enters by LonPiSpirit by Kaitlin73Random Guy lol by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunksPagedoll Commission: Ruby by SinfullyCute

Battle Bunny Riven by martainolindsey Stirling- updated by aswhiteassnowHazy Spring by ErisiarPrize: Sylveon Chibi by Friend-OwlRelativity by TylerXy
Cats Eyes by RobydudeLady with Zaichanscientist by StudioIJBInception by lollypop3000Zodiac Page Dolls ~ Aries by MyStarryDreamsBeetle by Paivatar
Party Girly by The-Real-DevilapeAdam and Xertis by GlyphBellchimeMushroms Swamp by PiunaLil Mononoke by KipliMagical by YorukoChikokoro
Friendship Bracelets by BrooketteI tried by NikaerinMini!Thor - The Last Pop-Tart by caycowa7252 3 by Magnius159Lycan Warrior by TigerDragonMaster

Zelda Twilight Princess Shoulder pieces by x-Angel0Pajama party with chibi homies by charisischazzAllusion To A Dream by kanaderoMika Nakashima by sailornoelleKuruxHaru 3rd Anniv by Kuru-sann
Marowak by OdetteryRandom Practice by Art2KeyHaruka Kokonose - Kagerou Project by illuminatedflowerAngel Of Beauty And Death 4 Wwm by Toadman005
Threathening by NekkohimeBurning shadows by MidnightArtDragonCommission: Jamin Gene X by orribu:thumb446841244:
Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons by C21Light Blast by KidiMasterPoison by PeppermintRainDat Booty! by FollowsChalkChibi sketch in History book by Glooriah

Megamind -THE EVIL MASTERMIND- by LA--RANADural Sinuses by RitterstandSpring Pink Sunset by annewipfEclipse by TheScribbler12Ace of spades by LadyCarnal
Angel of Death by jeckaldYou're the Only One...Ever by calbhachI'm so totally Kawaii!! by Cray-MonsterAngel and a bird by AleayoCerise and Citron by Keralice
Spring by clsanchezSuccubus lines by Stroke1986Ree'Ardana vas Univoyt by Stroke1986Being Different Is Not Always Bad by fantreasureplanetljsThe lightning strike by GodessFae
Fate- Attack on Titan/Shingeki no kyojin by To-Ka-RoLong-eared Owl by linneaphotoEternal Jupiter by Stacy-L-GageSpring Dragon by SeangelSaphTealight light by Arayashikinoshaka

After bath by Emi-GeminiAPH: Strangeness of a flower by TearsDissolvedMonte Negro Panorama by Miguel-SantosWater's Dream by SepticSkeptikImage by Nightfurystars
Rin Matsuoka by AmandaMary28Dragon and Egg by KatherineReedKSSnow White by theheekCOM: Ex Squared Part 1 by rainbownoteEagle Speed Paint Practice. by Mz-S
Black Rock Cry Animated (TEST ONLY) by KiranaKikoeru917Commission: Stitchie vs. Shadow by MarzzelLanChan2-2 by AlNiCo-ismReflection by CathleenTarawhitiPreserve or Possess by YaensArt
Swallows on a cherry tree by PetiteBubuUnder a concrete sky by Babou-ShkaUndying Warriors by StarWarsJediAmy

I love deviantART!

also feel free to join our monthly give away we give free Premium memberships each month :happybounce:

CI Pm Give away(Help needed) ends 20 Mayit's 20 April
happy easter fellow members  and also time for a new give away 8D

but first a very special thanks to my donators  below we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support

:happybounce:~~A  big thanks to our donators for the Month April:la:

(I send you a note fast as possible if you didn't got featured yet!)
for  those of you who do not know, I, Tsuki-SoraRuki decide to do a project

called project Pm give away here yo

Ci monthly featuring :)
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Design OC Contest | CLOSED

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 4:25 PM

This contest has ENDED. Thank you!

But not everyone lives in the same time zone as me! You may be eligible to some extra time if you live in a certain time zone!
Please check the following journal for more information!
<da:thumb id="510659288"/>



Just a friendly reminder that JANUARY 31st is the deadline! If you have already submitted an entry but would like to try for another, the same rules apply!  Thank you.


:1-31-15:  Entries Updated!
:1-30-15:  Entries Updated!  FIFTH PLACE ADDED
:1-29-15:  Entries Updated!
:1-28-15:  Entries Updated! Prizes Updated!
:1-25-15:  Entries & Prizes Updated!
:1-24-15:  Entries Updated!
:1-23-15:  Entries Updated!
:1-22-15:  Fourth Place added! New prizes added!
:1-17-15:  Entries Updated!
:1-14-15:  Entries Updated!
:12-17-14:  Raffle Updated
:12-7-14:  Deadline Extension!
:11-16-14:  Raffle Updated
:11-05-14:  Entries Updated
:10-18-14:  Entries Updated | Raffle Updated:
:10-13-14:  Entries Updated | Prizes Updated | Raffle Updated
:10-10-14:  Prizes Updated!
:10-09-14:  Prizes Updated!
:10-07-14:  Prizes Updated!  Entries Updated!  Raffle Updated!

Hello & Welcome!

To celebrate reaching 1,000+ Watchers, (even though I'm totally late OTL) I have decided to hold my first ever contest!!

I am in need of an outfit design for my other main OC, Ten.

He and Sonny are a couple!  I have tried to come up with a design that suits him, but I seem to fail.  And because I can only do pixel art, I was planning on getting a true-blue ref of him anyway.  But I have decided, why not hold a contest? XD

Everyone is welcome to enter!
Prize donors are greatly appreciated!  

(you can donate a prize and still compete!)

> Grand Prize is a THREE MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP (or the equivalent in points) <

If you advertise this contest on a journal or a poll,

you will be entered into a RAFFLE to win an icon from me!

Deadline - December 31st, 2014

EXTENSION!! - January 31st, 2015 @ 11:59 pm EST

I may extend the date, so please keep an eye out!

What to Draw?

Contestants will need to design an outfit for my OC, Ten!

General Info

-  Ten is a skilled assassin who, while completing a job to do away with a gang leader, inadvertently saves Sonny, who somehow winds up in a strange new world.  She later hires him to be her bodyguard, and the two go on an adventure to find a way to get her back home.

-  Age:  23  |  Height:  6'3"  |  Weight: 200lbs  |  Build:  Athletic  |  Race:  Human

-  Hair Color:  Very dark brown / black  |  Eye Color:  Green  |  Skin Tone:  Medium

-  Personality:   An assassin-for-hire, spy, conman. His real name is forgotten so he goes by the age he was when he joined a rebellion group and trained to be an assassin. He lost his real parents when he was younger.  Ten is blunt, focused, and usually grumpy. He is intimidating to others so no one really approaches him. He can be bitingly sarcastic and rude, but all of that covers up how he truly is. Ten is actually very dependable, trustworthy, loyal, and genuine. He is quite honest and very honorable, although he tries to hide it. He is kind and gentle.  He secretly hates being an assassin and refuses to kill women and children. He is shy and a little socially awkward, so he keeps everyone at arm’s length. Ten is incredibly skilled at his job and no one has beaten him in a fight to date. He is also afraid of the ocean.  

-  Anime Keywords:  'Manly' Bishie, Tsundere

- Weapons:  Uses mainly daggers, darts, etc.  Can wield a variety of weapons, though.

02 By Ijuwaruu-d80xsr6 by sunarii


These are OLD references of Ten. 

Please keep his hair and face
the same / similar
 (i.e. eye color,
hair color / shape, etc.)

Feel free to use his old outfit (the following refs) as inspiration.

Credits:  BlazingBacon | sunarii | Oriiole | ikeemen



-  Original work, please.  Any traced work will result in disqualification.

-  Collaborations are allowed, but it will be up to you on how to split the prizes.

-  Bases are allowed.

-  Each contestant is limited TWO entries.  (However, only ONE of the entries is eligible to win a prize, not both)  Remember, quality over quantity!

-  Please mention me in the description of your entry.  If I do not favorite or comment on the piece within a few days, please leave me a link in this journal.

-  It's only a design contest, so keep it G to PG-13  (no nudity / sexual themes / offensive content)

-  Please no uplaods--upload to DA

-  Entries must be in full-color.  They may be full-bodies or chibis, as long as the outfit is clearly visible.

-  Entries do not have to be reference sheets.  Additions such as items and multiple views (front, profile, back, etc.), is entirely optional.  However, I would like a palette beside the outfit.

-  Please use .png or .gif file types!

-  Please do not heavily reference other art.  If any sort of clothing / costume / outfit inspires you, please mention it in the description of your entry.

-  Failure to follow any of these rules will result in disqualification.


-  RPG-themed, please!

-  Ten is an assassin during an RPG-themed, medieval era!  Please design accordingly.

-  Please DO NOT just submit an outfit on a blank base!  Please draw my character, Ten, in the outfit  ; 7 ; )/

-  Ten uses a hood to conceal his identity, so please include one!  You may draw it up or down!

-  Ten doesn't use just one weapon--he uses many, so belts and holsters are a must!

-  Be creative!  You can add some armor, belts, fabrics...anything you like!

-  Remember to keep Ten's title and personality into consideration when you design!  For example, don't dress him up in frilly clothes  
o 7 o )/

-  Please use dark, muted, and masculine colors when designing his outfit!  Tip:  Ten is usually in stealth mode when on jobs!

* Please ask any questions at all! *

Media Allowed

-  Digital, full-colored
-  Traditional, full-colored
-  Sketches, full-colored
-  *maybe* Pixel, but the entry MUST BE 250x250 or larger.


All entries will be judged by me, sunarii, based on the following:

-  Originality / Creativity
-  Quality and Effort
-  Character Accuracy
-  Theme Accuracy  (RPG / Medieval / Assassin)
-  Color Palette
-  Design 


Prize donations of any kind are welcomed and appreciated!

. :  FIRST  PLACE  : .

-  Main outfit of my OC, Ten, always with proper credit
- Three Month Premium Membership or 636 points from sunarii  (winner's choice)
- 1 Mini Chibi and 2 icons from sunarii
- 1 traditional piece OR 1 icon from BlazingBacon
- 1 Anime-Cartoon piece and 1 pixel chibi from QueenBeeCoffeeQueen
- 1 Digital Chibi from Oriiole
- 1 Pixel Piece from papercharm
- 1 Traditional Waist-Up OR 1 Traditional Chibi from maiSakura95
- 1 pixel icon from qorilla
- 1 full-body Chibi from DeathStaravian
- 1 Anime full-body from Leren-Love
- 100 points from ReversedClock
- 1 Chubby Chibi from NaipesInk
- 1 icon from aadvdrak
- 1 Chibi from robotswilcry
- 1 Chibi from namiirin
- 1 icon from xLemonBerryx
- 1 icon and 1 chibi sketch from Levy-House

. :  SECOND  PLACE  : .

-  Alternative outfit of my OC, Ten, always with proper credit
- One Month Premium Membership or 396 points from sunarii  (winner's choice)
- 1 Teeny Chibi and 2 icons from sunarii
- 1 traditional piece OR 1 icon from BlazingBacon
- 1 Paper Craft piece and 1 Paper Mario style piece from QueenBeeCoffeeQueen
- 1 Digital piece from papercharm
- 1 Traditional Waist-Up OR 1 Traditional Chibi from maiSakura95
- 1 Bust-up from DeathStaravian
- 1 Digital Chibi from Leren-Love
- 50 points from ReversedClock
- 1 icon and 1 chibi sketch from Levy-House

. :  THIRD  PLACE  : .

-  Alternative outfit of my OC, Ten, always with proper credit
- One Month Premium Membership or 396 points from sunarii (winner's choice)
- 2 icons from sunarii
- 1 traditional piece OR 1 icon from BlazingBacon
- 1 Sharp Doll and 1 Mini Chibi from QueenBeeCoffeeQueen
- 1 icon from papercharm
- 1 Traditional Waist-Up OR 1 Traditional Chibi from maiSakura95
- 1 Bust-up from DeathStaravian
- 1 icon and 1 chibi sketch from Levy-House

. :  FOURTH PLACE  : .

-  Alternative outfit of my OC, Ten, always with proper credit
200 points from sunarii
- 2 icons from sunarii
- 1 icon and 1 chibi sketch from Levy-House

. :  FIFTH PLACE  : .
-  Alternative outfit of my OC, Ten, always with proper credit
200 points from sunarii
- 2 icons from sunarii

. :  SIXTH PLACE  : .
-  Alternative outfit of my OC, Ten, always with proper credit
- 100 points from sunarii
- 2 icons from sunarii


Ten Design by CherushiMetsumariTen Design Contest Entry by OriioleTEN by SilverFang1794Ten by KAI314CE: Ten by BlazingBaconCE: Ten Outfit Design by ciao-7Contest Entry - Ten by yoolinTen - Entry for contest by XxXakemi-koumoriXxXTen - Entry for contest 2 by XxXakemi-koumoriXxXce: Ten by amakiyoTen - Design OC Contest by Sommeil-eternel[CE]: Ten by TheShatteredParadox<da:thumb id="510312721"/>TEN :: Outfit Design for Sunarii by NesteryTen (Incomplete) by SownmistTen (Contest Entry) by 7namineCE: Ten Design by ArcsolCE: Ten Outfit Design by Cross-Angel-ChanTen Design by Friend-Owl

Thank You Donators!!

Thank you to all of the lovely people who have donated prizes!!!


Thank you very much for reading!  Have fun!


1. :iconfaunav:
2. :iconmango-shiro:
3. :iconjustlovearts:
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5. :iconrobotswilcry:
6. :iconellabunny123:
7. :iconririchuu:
8. :iconfenru:
9. :iconimperfectangell:
10. :iconxlemonberryx:

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Illegibilus Uniform Guide by row

Welcome to the Character Creation Journal. Please take the time to read and follow along carefully during the course of this guide. We will be covering both the written and drawn portions of the application. First of all, read the guidelines for creating a character.

    • Drawn portion must be full body and in school uniform.
   • Use of bases are prohibited for all applications and submissions. You may commission an artist
      to illustrate your application art, but said artist must be credited in the artist's comments.
    • Add details in the personality and biography, as much information as possible.
    • Keep your character as real to the HP universe as possible. Are they believable?
    • Your character MUST get their Hogwarts letter at age 11. No earlier, and no later.
    • Your character must live within the UK, as Hogwarts is a UK school. There are different schools for different countries.
    • Once you are in a house, you may not change houses. 

Please try not to use the following items that have been seen MANY, MANY times before:
    • Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum is of NEWT level or beyond. 
• Muggleborns. This spontaneous magical child phenomenon is rare. Most magical children have some kind of magical parent.
    • Orphans. Contrary to common belief, Hogwarts is not an orphanage.
    • Adopted children. Not every family in Britain is adopting children from East Asia. Britain actually has Asians.
    • Growing up in another country then moving to the UK to attend Hogwarts. There are other schools in other regions.
    • Having a medical disorder. Not every student has a rare medical disorder.
    • Killing off family members. You don't have to have a death to make the backstory interesting.
    • Growing up in an abusive home or as a neglected child. 
    • Having bullying issues with Slytherins. Turns out that there are fewer pure blood Slytherins than mixed blood Slytherins. 
    • Red eyes and white hair. Albino pets. There will be no more acceptance of white haired children. Period.
    • Potion or spell accidents that change colours of eyes or hair.
    • Eyepatches or missing eyes.

These traits are becoming rather tedious. They have been commonly used in the applications sent in so far. It is possible to make an interesting character without any of these aforementioned oddities. And for the love of all things holy, do not combine those traits into one character.


  1. Choose a House. There are four Houses, each with a different set of traits. To be in a House, the student must exhibit particular emphasis on one particular House trait but may possess all other traits not dependent on House.
    Gryffindor Application by row Slytherin Application by row Ravenclaw Application by row Hufflepuff Application by row
  2. Choose a Year. Hogwarts students range from first years to seventh years. All eleven year olds whose birthdays are before September 1st of the school year will begin as a first year. Students afterwards will wait until the next year. Thus, make sure the age correlates to the year and birthday.    
  3. Choose a Wand. Most Hogwarts students receive a wand from Ollivander's. The only wand not available is the yew and phoenix combination. A list of all possible combinations is provided here
  4. Now that you have chosen the basic materials, you should fill out the following information listed below in the description box of your deviation. If you need help, try Pottermore or ask a mod! 

            • Name:
            • Age:
            • Gender:
            • Height:
            • Weight:
            • Birthday: (Must be 11 years of age by the first day of the first year at Hogwarts. Optional)
            • Nationality: (Optional)
            • House:
            • Year:
            • Wand Ingredients - (Same as before)
                - Core:
                - Length:
                - Wood:
                - Flexibility: 
            • Spells: (Each year equates to one spell. Ex: 6th year, 6 spells. Must be year appropriate. Patronus is a seventh year spell. Remember, spells listed will be the spells your character is most proficient at casting!)
                - Spells according to year
            • Personality: (Be very detailed with complete descriptions of each character trait, both positive and negative.)
            • Background: (Be as detailed as possible. Ex: childhood, important events, Hogwarts letter, years at Hogwarts.)
            • Family: (If any)
            • Likes & Dislikes:
            • Elective Classes: (Third year onwards, students must choose a minimum of two subjects from the following list)
                - Study of Ancient Runes
                - Arithmancy
                - Care of Magical Creatures
                - Divination
                - Apparition (Sixth year, those of age only)
                - Alchemy (Sixth and seventh years, only if sufficient demand)
            • Extra Curricular: (Optional, no more than two)
                - Ancient Studies
                - Art
                - Earth Magic
                - Muggle Art
                - Music
                - Muggle Music
                - Ghoul Studies
                - Magical Theory
                - Xylomancy
                - Frog Choir
                - Hogwarts orchestra
            • Pet: (Optional) - List 
                - Name:
                - Species: 
                - Gender:
                - Personality:
            • Achievements: (Optional)
                - Badges and Trophies earned

  5. Once you have completed all the information, send in a Join Request! Join Requests must be made in the following format. Any deviations from this format will be automatically declined.

        Name: [Name of OC]
        House: [Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff]
        Year: [First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh]
        App: [ or link]

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2014 June UPDATES:

PS. Keep the feedbacks going! I read them all and will reply to them one by one, as always, it means a lot to me and thanks so much guyss!


Busy busy week, been dying to update some drawings of Neo Japan 2202, hopefully will be dropping a few these two weeks and currently having a collab with a fellow artist friend of mine, who paints really kickass vehicles. Anyway, I'm happy to announce that i will be joining the team@ Project Triforce in the coming period as a full time concept artist, and we're working on tons of cool projects out there, im so pumped when i get to see most of them announced on E3. 

On a side note, if you guys havent check it out yet, Mortal Kombat X looks amazing and gory :D or maybe im just biased, anyway i've been working on it for more than a year and it has been an awesome experience so check it outt!

As for the Neo Japan book:


Yeap, been lucky enough to be approached by a couple of publishers and in the midst of discussing the whole project, gonna take some time but it's definitely happening. All the comments and feedback means a lot to me and it's what made the book happen! But keep it going guys! The more feedback i get the better i can make sure it can meet everyone's needs and expectation as much as i can. 

Thanks guys and I'll keep the updates coming!
Neo Japan 2202 coming this week!

NEO JAPAN 2202 - THE BOOK by johnsonting

As for Neo Japan 2202 project, I need some pretty big favor from you guys! Currently im looking to make Neo Japan 2202 into a book before into a game! (hopefully), so there's a poll above this journal (Main page) that i hope you guys dont mind doing a pretty fast two-click survey for me. If it were to be made into a book, it's going to be roughly like this:

-- English! But will probably have japanese translation/subtexts.
-- Most probably hardcover
-- 150 - 200 pages.
-- 50-100 artworks (Illustrations and sketches)
-- At least 30-50 Exclusive artworks that can only be in the book. 
-- The Story, tons of it! Not just plain texts but with visuals as well. 
-- Documents from the Neo Japan 2202 universe, maps/files/pictures/blueprints/namecards etc.
-- Price wise, im not really sure right now but i will definitely keep it as low as possible, the same goes to shipping, but if its not too much of a trouble i hope you guys dont mind dropping me a price range you would buy it!
-- Probably a digital ebook version as well (Download code for physical book buyers included)
-- Hopefully some soundtracks! (Currently looking for collaborators, you guys recommend anyone?)
-- Prints / posters inside!

I'm planning to make it like "The Dark Knight Manual" book, its really great in terms of the readability, design and information. It's one of my favorite book and the style is really close to what i want the Neo Japan book to look like! Here's a youtube video review of the book:

Feedbacks! These are the most important! Also, if you are a publication company, feel free to contact me if you're interested in speaking with me about it. Email:

P.S: Any 3D modelers/sculptors want to model some of my characters? :p

Anyway, thank you so much guys and hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks and have a nice day!

Here's a link to my store on society 6!…

**But would never hurt to email me if you have a commission in mind, I'll open up slots if im really interested in it!

**Please contact me at for further commissioning infos or inquiries.
Deviantart notes are not recommended as I check my mail 24/7 compared to DA notes.

Commission Samples:

Character Concept Illustrations.

NEO JAPAN 2202 by johnsontingHey Steve, what are you doing outside by johnsontingSea Golem by johnsontingRed by johnsontingPut it down, Dr.Wayne by johnsonting
Dark Knight by johnsontingArmor study by johnsontingCursed by johnsontingThey're back. by johnsontingSketch #40 by johnsontingNEO JAPAN 2202 - SHIROBAI by johnsontingPlants vs zombies by johnsonting

*Refer to gallery for more*

Environments paintings/keyshot illustrations:

The Tojinbo Cannons - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsontingUSS NAUTILUS 2.0 by johnsontingDeparture by johnsontingThe Biwa Generators - Neo Japan 2202 by johnsontingRail racers by johnsontingSketch #37 by johnsonting
Exploring the monos by johnsontingKel Canopy City - Kingdomrealms by johnsontingSketch#38 by johnsontingRandom Sketches by johnsonting

*Refer to gallery for more*

**Commissions Terms of Service:

These Terms of Service are relevant to non-commercial projects only, and are subject to revision, without notice. The Client must read, understand and agree to all the below terms before entering into an agreement with the Artist. 

• The Artist has the right to refuse any commission request.

• The Artist reserves the right to issue a refund and cancel a commission due to poor communication, rude/inappropriate behavior, or an inability to effectively communicate in the English language.

• The Artist will not create any depiction of illegal activities, sexually explicit (x-rated) materials, or hateful/racist imagery. 

• The Artist retains all rights to the commissioned artwork, including the rights to distribution (i.e., to create prints, merchandise, etc.). 

• The Artist retains the right to display all commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, or journal. If the commissioned work is time-sensitive, the Artist can delay public display of the art at the request of the Client.

• The Client may not re-distribute, reproduce, or sell the Artist's work, or profit from the artwork, beyond the resale of a physical original painting or drawing (traditional media only).

• The Artist is not responsible for printing (digital media). Works will be uploaded to this site and will be available for Clients to purchase at the cost of printing (no markup).

• The Client may exhibit the Artist's work in any online/offline art gallery without the permission of the Artist but require proper credits.

• The Client is advised to specify the size of his/her commissioned image, whether digital or traditional. Excessively large images (larger than the download size of the samples listed below) will cost more. Excessively small images (smaller than the full-view size of the samples listed below), may reduce the price.

• The Client may resize/crop the commissioned artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but the client cannot alter the artwork itself.

• Client rights can be negotiated for an added fee. If the commissioned image will be used for commercial purposes, the Artist must be notified prior to the start of work. Commercial use of images will be decided upon on a case-by-case basis, and will result in an increased commission price. New terms of service must be decided upon before the Artist begins any work on a commission for commercial use.

**Payment method:

•  All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars, and payments are expected to be made as such. The Client is responsible for sending the correct amount, equal to the listed U.S. dollar amount.

•  Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size, and medium of each individual piece.

•  At least 50% deposit or a full payment has to be delivered before I start the commission.

• If the Client wishes to cancel his/her commission during the sketch stage, he/she will be refunded 50% of what he/she paid. No refund will be issued beyond the sketch phase of a commission.

• I prefer commission payments be made utilizing Paypal services, and addressed to , if the Client does not have PayPal, other means of payment can be arranged. However, payment is still required up front.

**Paypal address:

Drop me an email at if you're interested!
Deviantart notes are not recommended as I check my mail 24/7 compared to DA notes.


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This was one of my favourite features! :D
And yes, i included two of my own photos... usually i don't do that, but i needed a filler and they fitted in quite well (:
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Legends of Havai Team Wanted

Sun Dec 7, 2014, 9:58 PM

We need your help to make Pokémon Legends of Havai happen!
Currently looking for:
- Composers
- Mappers
- Pokémon cries
- Pokémon info (movesets, egg group, catch rate, base exp, etc etc)

I'll be making all the sprites and tiles (mainly buildings and trees) with a few exceptions for free for use tiles made by others. However, I may need help make some overworlds and trainer sprites.
*Overworlds should preferably be in DPPt/HGSS style

If you are interested, please provide some examples of your work and I'll check em out.
Thank you for reading!

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