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:new:Edit: UPDATED HIS INFORMATION :icontearplz:

what am I doing laughs OTL reusing an old OC
Clearer view : [link]

    [N]ame: Adriano Cecilano
    [A]ge: 22
    [R]ank: C
    [T]eam: -None-
    [T]uner: -None-

      -Solo; has not decided-

      Given by a rider whom he met back when he was a child. The current design was made by his younger brother Jaelin.

      Chill || Easy-Going

        Simple minded, he doesn’t think anything too hard. Rarely seen without a smile, he's the type of going-my-way. Whatever situation he comes across, he gets through it with a positive attitude, often using occasional jokes or words of encouragement to lighten any mood.

      Loyal || Kind-Hearted || Resilient

        Any task or favor to be done he is very loyal to his duties. He is kindhearted and good-natured even if he can be a bit stubborn at times. Especially sensitive of his friend's feelings, and goes as far as to hide his own pain so that he isn't a burden to his friends.


      -Forever alone-

      - Rooftops
      - Ocean view [reminds him of his home city]
      - Hot weather [good excuse to dress less/SLAPPED]
      - Spicy/flavorful food; loves fruity popsicles
      - Accessory making; preferably necklace/charm related

      - Cold weather
      - Large crowds
      - Lack of fun
      - Bland food
      - Drinking [can’t handle the alcohol]

      - Prefers to cook actually, since he usually helped his mother with it.
      - His eyes are hazel brown
      - Chills and naps whenever he gets the chance.
      - Somewhat decent Japanese, level wise around middle school; studied the Asian culture back in Spain at high school/community college.
      - Prefers a flip phone than a touch screen :iconwind-plz: A cheap bastard basically.
      - Somewhat of a brother complex :icondeadbodyplz:

Adriano (c) :icontimecompass:
AeroBrake (c) :iconasphyxiion:
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Guess who's back ;v;


Name: Damien Carn

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 6'0" / 160 lb

Rank: F class Rider

Team: N/A

Tuner: Lana

Road/regalia N/A

Air treks

Damien's ATs were custom made for him by Astelle. While the material is slightly heavier than the norm and therefore compromises his speed, he is able to use the added weight to deliver harder blows.


A fighter through and through Damien isn't afraid to get down and dirty if he doesn't like someone's attitude. This can often make him out to seem like a bully especially because it's typical to see him with a frown on his face. But though he is often moody he has a great sense of right and wrong and will come to someone's defense if they are being harassed. Quite the loner, Damien will stick to himself because he isn't the best at socializing with others, but should you become his friend he'll be loyal for life.

History/team history

Born in Germany, Damien was adopted and raised by a single mother. Spending most of his time alone because of his mom's work he took to having imaginary friends. Even by the time he went into elementary school he was more likely to be seen playing alone than participating in any group activities. Once on a field trip he became lost and was helped by a man wearing a pair of ATs. After asking about the "interesting shoes" the man told him all about ATs and gave him an emblem of his team, the Ladybugs, making him an honorary member. It was then that his interest in AT blossomed, though his mother refused to buy him a pair saying that he was too young. Instead he launched into the world of athletics, practicing tricks nonstop on his skateboard and regular pair of skates.

At the age of 11 his mother got married and they moved to Japan for her husband's business. Damien began taking up martial arts, leaning kick boxing as well as karate. A natural fighter, he enjoyed the sport very much but he was still set on getting a pair of his own AT. At last on his 15th birthday he was given what he had always wanted. As soon as the AT were strapped on his feet he was off, racing through the city to his hearts content.

It wasn't long before he learned about the many AT teams competing in the Parts Wars, the group called Jurassic especially catching his attention. When he found out where they practiced it became a habit of his to go and watch them though being the loner that he was he never worked up the never to talk to them. It was on one such excursion that Astelle took notice of him. Striking up a conversation she soon learned of Damien's interest in the group and AT. After meeting up several times Astelle offered to make him a second pair of customized ATs, even going so far as to promise to become his Tuner when he became stronger.

Since then Damien practices almost daily with his ATs, staying up late at night and using all his free time to get better. Though only an F rank rider it is not his skills that are holding him back, but rather because he has yet to challenge anyone. Having never competed against another rider he is still considered a beginner even though his skills match those at the C rank.

Emblem N/A


Astelle: One of his few friends, she is one of the few people Damien is open with, feeling like he could tell her almost anything, almost anything.

Lana: While he was initially put off by Lana's bold and almost crude way of speaking, he couldn't help but find her sweet and open towards him. After many awkward conversations he asked her to be his girlfriend to which she agreed. <3

Trent: Though he'll act standoffish around him, Damien greatly admires the rider and is rather ashamed of how he treated him though he won't admit to it. He's looking forward to being trained by the king and hopes to redeem himself in the others eyes.

Basil: He's only met Basil once, but Damien already dislikes him. It seems only natural that a rivalry will spring up around the two.

Dawson: Damien has never met the queen, but she is one of his inspirations and hopes that one day he'll be able to challenge her for the fang regalia and the title of King.


-Martial Arts


-pink things
-dark places


-his biological parentage is German and Scottish
-knows German fluently and can speak English and Japanese decently enough
-has an irrational fear of really shadowy places though the night in general doesn't bother him
-still has dreams about his imaginary friends
-will blush bright red at any sexual innuendos and honestly doesn't know what to do when it comes to flirting or girls
-birthday: April 11, 1995
-huge fucking geek though he'll never admit it, his love for Star Wars and Star Trek is unparalleled
-his got super freaking good vision like eagle vision :iconzoominplz:
-Theme: [link]
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aofiasdfapsmd sob i've never read/watched airgear before but this group seems really interesting Q7Q;; let me know if theres anything wrong?


Name: 'Santa'
Age: 19
Rank: [rank D]
Team: n/a

    [= | ☆ | =]

    Air-Trecks: '☆ JACK FROST ☆'

    ☆ JACK FROST ☆
      light ATs. This AT has been with Santa for awhile now and he has been collecting parts (preferably red) and tuning it himself.. This regalia was built for speed and allows it's rider to move acrobatically with more ease because of it's light weight. Of course, with all of the customization Santa has put into it, it's more or less heavier than it was previously but still a light equipment.Able to withstand brutal cold and it's ability to keep in heat make it capable of defrosting, making it hard for riders who show up short from the wearer by leaving a slippery surface..


    free || energetic || restless || compassionate || Hobby jumper || Expressive || Loud & Rowdy || Obnoxious Punk || 'Endearing'

    Generally a free spirit at heart, Santa knows no limits to social 'cliques' and thus desires to befriend everyone despite their first encounters or conflicting ideals. He prefers actions over words so the majority of the stuff coming out of his mouth shouldn't be taken seriously. Wishing to be free and wishing to live a carefree lifestyle. Quite hedonistic and desires anything that deviates from a mundane life. His friendliness can be mistaken as flirtatious actions. He prefers to not flaunt his status around so that he gets to know people better and to avoid sycophants.

    history/team history

    "I want to fly"
    Age Six. A statement most kids let slip from their mouth during their young years. Adults laughed. A likely reaction.
    Age 14. The natural rebellious stage. Nothing too drastic, got called to the faculty office a few times but never did anything that drew too close to the illegal line.
    Age 16. Hormones. Started becoming wary of appearance. But not much. Air-Trecks
    Santa lived a mundane life through and through, nothing too drastic really. He was born to a mid-class family and had 2 other siblings both younger than he. His mother works in a family-run convenience store and father works as a salesman. Being around business influences while growing up it only made sense that he would get into entrepreneurship also, his personality developed and eventually he turned into the 'charismatic' person he is now. His siblings were excellent students and were both expected to do things far greater than their parents would.

    "I want to fly" he would say. His parents laughed at their son's silly and perhaps 'cute' wish. They responded by buying him toys of machines and things that fly. Airplanes became his absolute favorite object. Birds would be his favorite animal. Anything about the air and the vast space that is above him interested him. Why was it that humans were stuck to the ground? Why can't humans fly? Why wasn't he a bird?

    Time passed and of course his obsession with the sky grew old with his parents. Soon they became very wary of his tendency to keep his mind 'up in the clouds'. The support stopped and eventually he was scolded from time to time, this didn't stop his interest though.

    By the time he got into highschool his interest with outer-appearance sky-rocketed from his usual 'don't-care' attitude and he started to try and deviate from others and it was decided that he would study business in college. As soon as he caught glimpse of AT Riders he immediately bought himself a pair and eventually got into the AT-world. His parent's were of course not happy with their son's choices and are against him going out to skate and kicked him out of the house. With no living expenses he found himself wandering the streets looking for a cheap place to stay and work. Around this time he witnessed what seemed to be a Parts battle. After finding out he would be able to make some living expenses out of money bets he soon dived into Part battling. At times betting all he had in order to perhaps triple or double his money. Soon enough he was able to afford a small apartment and moved his belongings from his family's home to his own.

    He lives on his own and often lives off the vouchers he gets from regularing at several eateries



    Santa's not really an artist but he does enjoy displaying his own stuff even if it might not be the best. [this is his personal emblem, he has no team]




    -entertainment (games, music, ect)


    -hot weather


    -often seen placing high bets during part battles and looking up sleazy get rich quick schemes.
    -regularly eats at sweets parlors/shoppes
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Name: Dante Jefferson
Age: 22
Rank: B
Team: Ace Deuce
Tuner: None
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 165 lbs
Ethnicity: Half Chinese, Half American

None. He is en route for the Flame Road, possibly.

Air Treks:
His parents bought him his first pair of ATs - they were not too expensive and fairly durable. After going through several practices, accidents, some shope fixes and Dante's growth spurts, the ATs were then taken apart to be reconfigured (a gift from his Grandmother) to pursue the Flame Road. This second version is the current pair Dante is shown wearing above.

The fire-retardant layers of protection in his shoes and the fireproofed metal around it make it heavier than usual, though he is comfortable with the weight of the shoes, and favors them to lighter ones. Internal fireproofed clamps graze the wheels when activated, causing friction to build between the ground and AT. In addition, the layering of endothermic materials that boost the heat output from friction and exothermic materials to expel the heat keep the control of heat manageable during a ride. The design's composite metals that cover the toes and sides of the AT, including the spokes at the back of the AT, serve to create more friction from scrapping against objects. His ATs also have an adjustable lower ventilation tunnel (hidden) that allows air to freely flow through at a compressed, higher velocity, adding necessary oxygen as fuel whenever needed.

Dante is goodnatured, but acts pretty silly and doesn't seem to take things very seriously (on the outside, at least). As carefree as he may act, he does harbor some serious thoughts inside, though he is not one to share them easily. Amiable and cheerful, he's very accepting of others and hard to anger. He also tends to lapse into a childlike mischief at times, which paired with his large stature gives him an older brother-ly feel, if not just coming across as a plain idiot. He can also come off as insensitive at times, since he will often make light of a situation. Comfortable with his own personal space, he will express his affection towards you through touch, though his lack of ability to read the atmosphere might make him go too far.

History/Team history:
When Dante was in high school, mindlessly going through the motions of a mandatory academic path his Chinese mother had led him down, a few kids in his class had snuck into a parts war one day and recorded part of the event. After watching the video they had brought to class the next day and witnessing an experienced rider manipulating flames with his ATs, Dante became immediately intrigued. It was beautiful, how the rider had such effortless control of such a fierce and wild element. Maybe if he learned how to tame the fire, he could get a better grasp of his carefree life. Maybe it would give him the direction he needed.

His parents obliged, thinking this new passion could re-focus him. At first only an interest, it soon became more than just a hobby. Hooked on the rush of perfecting the next skill, Dante seriously pursued the world of AT alongside his academics, finally achieving Rank C after years of hard work and practice. But since he started a little late in the game and was about to finish college, parental and societal pressures of obtaining a job and being a responsible working adult soon hounded him.

He was reluctant to stop riding much to his parent's chagrin, intent on one day being able to master the art. But in one particular match he witnessed, the riders seemed more focused on beating each other up and defeating their opponents, rather than displaying the superiority of their art. It wasn't winning that mattered to him, it was improving his skills that mattered to him in ranking up. The violence unsettled him - was this truly what he was working towards? In the same devastating battle, he witnessed the full destruction of the Flame Road - the violent, untethered fury of flames that were under no one's control. He started to question his Road, and whether to continue pursuing the sport. Fire seemed too destructive, too wild. He didn't join to destroy anyone - he joined for the ride, for the skill and finesse behind the moves. But if he had to pursue violence in order to get better.... he began to have second doubts about his art. His progress slowed, his motivation was lost, and he finished college without ranking up any further.

It was in this slump that he saw Dennis practing. The rookie's persistance in practicing a single simple jump, and his singular and overabundant excitement when he landed it...moved him. This was how he started out, too - through the simple passion of the sport. He figured it was best to rank up, to learn a dangerous road the right way, and nurture the new energetic members rather than let the skills rot in violence from misuse. Of course, he wouldn't tell this to anyone...


Dennis ([link]) - Dante sees a little of his younger self in Dennis, and honestly believes in Dennis' potential. Dante's curious to see how this rookie's path will unfold, and after Dennis reignited a spark within him for the sport, he joined the group to rediscover his own passion. Calls him Denny and likes to ruffle his hair.

Midori ([link]) - Small, cute and skilled rider who he hasn't heard talk yet - maybe she's mute? Playful and expressive even without speech, Dante finds her a valuable asset to the team. Play with this big brother more, yeah?

Kotomi ([link]) - She doesn't seem to like him very much, but she's a skilled rider regardless and part of the team. Her dislike of him doesn't seem to deter his amiable nature towards everyone in the group, however.

Hoshi ([link]) - One of the few people Kotomi seems to like. Playful and cheerful, she might be the only reason Dante is still alive when he's interacting with Kotomi.

Patricia ([link]) - Well endowed girl. Weeeell endowed. Oh, what else? She's friendly, bold and not afraid to strut her stuff. 8D

:bulletblack: Playing card games (like poker!)
:bulletblack: Hats (fedoras in particular)
:bulletblack: People-watching from high places
:bulletblack: Asian food

:bulletred: Unnecessary violence and foul play
:bulletred: Throwing things (he's a horrible shot)
:bulletred: Blood
:bulletred: Alcohol and cigarettes

-Referred to as "Dandy" by his team members, since he has a habit of saying that. Thanks to a misunderstanding with Dennis, the name stuck.
-The fedora and Joker card that adorns his hat was a gift from his Grandmother, who is his single sole supporter in his family for continuing to be a Rider.
-He got his black band tattoos on his arms shortly after getting his ATs, as an attempt to ground himself from delusion and focus his carefree life to ranking up - it reminds him that we are all naturally limited, but that shouldn't deter you from finding your freedom. Of course, if you ask him about this, he'll just say the bands were there to help him measure his biceps.
-He is currently single.
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Name: Kimberly Arakaki
Nationality: Canadian-Japanese
Age: 17 (her birthday is on the 23rd of May /o/)
Rank: D
Team: nope forever alone
Tuner: nope also forever alone


Air Treks:
Kimberly's a little bit of a unique case. Having lost both of her legs below the knee courtesy of a motor vehicle accident, she's been relying on prosthetic limbs to walk for the past year and a half. Her air treks, despite a superficial resemblance, aren't so much high-tech rollerskates as they are legs-with-sick-wheels-and-a-motor. The ability to shove extra doodads, gimmicks, and motors into where a person's leg would normally go, however, has given Kim's pair of Air Treks more juice, more speed, and more stopping power than they have any right to. They're also able to withstand a crapton of damage, absorb most shocks, and are generally very sturdy. As legs should. However, even extensive tinkering with the parts seems to be unable to make the Air Treks any lighter than how heavy you would expect a pair of prosthetic limbs to be.

Personality: Despite Kim's (newly-acquired [she got the haircut only a few months ago]) punk-rock-yolo-thug-lyfe appearance, Kimberly's actually a pretty well-balanced kid, if you just ignore the fact that she doesn't have any legs below the knee. Generally quiet, soft-spoken, and a little bit of a wilting flower among strangers (she's trying very hard to get over it), she's also sensible, practical, and perceptive -- with just a little bit of a competitive streak.

She's currently attempting to cultivate a 'cool-aloof' attitude. Her tendency towards silence, coupled with her appearance, has granted her more success than she otherwise would've been able to attain.

To really understand Kimberly's life, you really need to understand that there's nothing really you need to get. An only child -- supportive parents, generally pretty good student (even if she could've used a few more friends from time to time), mentally stable, future secured, and raised between the two most stereotypically polite cultures on earth, there's really not much material for a gripping life-story in the first fifteen years of her life.

But then again, it's funny how one event can turn a life around so completely. Entire novels could probably be written about what happened after that. Crime-thriller, maybe. That seems the most likely genre. Biographies still seem terribly drab.

They said she was lucky to have been alive after being barreled into by a motorcycle clocked at going seventy miles an hour while crossing the road. Kimberly thought the exact opposite -- that she was terribly unlucky of her to have been the victim of what was essentially a freak accident because some hoon couldn't read a red light. A combination of the driver's veering, her diving out of the way, and blind chance had ensured most of her top half get out intact. The same could've have been said for the bottom half.

The rest really doesn't need mentioning -- the results speak for themselves. Though theoretically her legs weren't damaged beyond repair, it was far more of a challenge to treat spinal injuries (once again, doctors told her 'you're lucky you can still retain some use of your legs'. She wasn't very amused.). In the end, Kimberly had finally opted to have the useless bits of her limbs exorcized -- in no small part due to passing knowledge of Air Trek.

Rehabilitation took well over a year, and actually she still needs to go back for regular check-ups. Kim had to jump through a lot of hoops to get her prosthetics modified enough to pass as an Air Trek. So Kimberly keeps the whole Storm-Rider thing hush-hush in case that's something she's not supposed to do. Actually she's pretty sure it's something she's not supposed to do -- but even a taste of the raw energy of flying was too intoxicating to let go.

And just as she took to the skies, the skies seemed to take to her too. It's very likely the company that racing across the skyline at almost supersonic speeds got her was one of the things that prompted such a dramatic change in appearance. That, and the fact that a year and a half in rehab meant that she didn't have to keep up any more appearances with being a 'model student' after they'd switched to homeschooling her in acknowledgement of certain disabilities and insecurities.


ok she's not forever alone anymore but yeSAH FLIGHT CLUB WHOO

-Birds (she has a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets that won't shut up, and she still loves them.)
-She likes quiet areas, being on her lonesome, and long walks at night in the park.
-Reading, libraries, even studying, to some extent.
-Observing other people.
-Staring into the stars on a clear night. She only does it when nobody's looking, though. Otherwise it makes her look like an idiot.
-Being able to walk. Too bad she'll never be able to again without the aid of prosthetics.

-Despite her affinity towards avians, Kim's definitely not otherwise an animal person.
-Cooking, cleaning, housework, chores, and domestic things. She still does them, though. Because she's a good kid.
-Waiting around. It tends to make her jittery. And when she's jittery she likes to rock back and forth on her heels. Except now she doesn't have heels to rock back and forth on.
-Attention being drawn to her prosthetics.
-Actually any attention being drawn to her at all.
-Traffic lights, crossing the road, and generally automobiles. Taking to Air Treks is the exception, not the rule.

-When not zipping along on Air Trek, Kimberly typically uses a wheelchair to get around -- and it's not something that she's particularly proud of.



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Name: Azuma Yamauchi
Age: 18
Rank: C :new: *rank up from Parts Wars, vs. SubZero
Team: Ace Deuce
Tuner/Rider: -- // --- (Mechanic)
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 62 KG
Ethnicity: Japanese

--- // ----
N/A for now---might go for Thunder Regalia but he's a mechanic

air treks
G-Terra: Self-modified and self-made air-treks whose main feature is it's durability to withstand hard kicks needed for high jumping tricks, specially with the huge back wheels. It's wheels are also modified for rough terrain.
(ref later)

In a nutshell, Azuma is an idiot. Good-natured and will go along everyone unless you poke fun or flirt with his sister. Often times he acts like a little kid who likes poking fun or advantage of his general, lean physique (specially his abs). Though he seems to like to flirt, he's often not serious and just uses it to get friends or get some laughs. He also rarely gets angry, and smiles almost all the time.
But under that idiocy, he hides his smart brains and knowledge about ATs and will get serious when the topic arises.

history/team history

The older child of a pair of twins born in a middle-class branch family. He was taken in the Main family because of his birthright and being born male, to be taught the ways and round-about of the businesses they run. But this bored him, and his interests lies elsewhere. Until one day, after visiting his younger sister, he saw riders-- AT users, running about and flying. The sheer principle of how they were able to do that piqued his interest, making him pick up his own A-Ts to use for his own running then picking up parts along the way to upgrade--- but mostly he disassembles them and study their inner workings. As a rider, he's pretty good but usually runs casually and for fun. Unless he is in dire need or if it's his sister's orders, will he only participate into riding competitively.

As of current, he sells and modifies parts per order or commission. This is how he earns money for himself-- other than working for the main family's businesses, that is.



Azumi Yamauchi - His twin sister who he loves a lot and will follow everything that she orders him to do. He's basically her lap-dog.

Dennis Colt - pending

♥ His twin sister
♥ A-Ts-- parts and making/customizing them
♥ High (AT/trick) Jumps
♥ Speed
♥ Kids-- he like being around them and playing with them
♥ Jawbreakers

✖ Guys flirting with his sister
✖ Wimps

- He's good with children. Mostly because he kinda acts like one.
- Don't touch the headphones. His sister gave it to him.
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I rp mainly through notes and skype, don't be shy to ask ksdfjhsdbn


For #Furuya-H.
If I get accepted I might revamp the app because for some reason I'm really displeased with it. lkjhbdvBNHJHGFBNM.


    Name: Amai, Kimagurena
    Nicks: The Screamer, Kima, Gure, Kiki-chan. [TBA]

    Age: 17.
    Gender: Male.
    Original / New student: New.


      - Judgmental.
      Kimagurena is quick to glare, and file you into different categories. First impressions means a lot to him.

      - Honest.
      He never lies, because he is unable. Whenever he actually attempts to do it, he stutters and goes silent, most likely looking more annoyed than usual. If you want to know anything, all you need to do is ask, since he will answer truthfully. Can sometimes come off as rude, as he isn't afraid to speak his mind.

      - Courteous.
      He is well mannered, and finds it extremely annoying when people act in a way that's not proper. The main thing that's not polite which he does, is to be brutally honest. He hates it when he gets angry.

      - Easily annoyed.
      One of the things he dislikes about himself. He is easily angered, but tries to hide it by clenching his teeth or fists, or gnaw on something - commonly his hand.

      - Caring.
      He does actually care, and act in an affectionate way towards those whom he likes and hold close. Can be a bit rare sometimes.

      - Overprotective.
      Mainly towards his friends and loved ones.

      - The biting of items nearby when he's irritated or anxious.
      - The nearly constant eating of ice cream.
      - He can yell "wrong", if something is, just wrong.


      ♥ Ice cream
      ♥ Coffee
      ♥ Running
      ♥ Swimming
      ♥ Cute girls / boys (he won't admit it)


      x Violence (or rather, violent people, but he doesn't say this)
      x Sour things
      x Anger
      x Having to yell at people


    Kimagurena was born into a loving, but strict,family. After a few years, he also received two little brothers, born twins. He saw them as precious to his heart, as well as his parents, and he became slightly overprotective. The passion for sport developed quickly, and he began swimming and running more often. During his early teen years, he felt the need to rebel against his family's strong policy. His father had set very high standards for him, and even though Kimagurena was a very clever boy, the father's forcing words drove him into more violent ways. Spending more time with, what his parents described as 'the wrong kind of people', he learned how to fight. Since his strength was already being worked on since before he didn't have too much trouble with it.
    Though when he came home one night with bruises and wounds that couldn't be hidden, the expressions upon his brothers' faces broke his heart, and he promised not to use violence again if he wasn't absolutely forced to. Gradually, he moved himself out of the violent lifestyle. But he still felt a bit uncertain to do well in school, despite his quite high level of intelligence. Instead, he got known as "The Screamer", since he yelled quite a lot, especially to people who disobeyed his orders.
    He then had to move schools when his old one got damaged, yet he felt surprisingly neutral about this.



    - He loves to run and swimming, but he doesn't want people to see this. He usually goes out to practise when nobody can see.
    - Surprises many with how good he actually is at sports.
    - Has an equally surprising amount of strength, and is very capable of beating someone to the ground.
    - Says the word "right" and "wrong a lot.

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The Rider

Name: Dytale, prefers to be called Dy.
Age: 23
Rank: E
Tuner/Rider: Solo rider for now.
Occupation: Part time works retail and studies during the day. Wants to be a designer for street wear.

The Road

Aiming towards Wing Road.

The Treks

Customized treks he bought when he saved enough money to splurge. Light and rigid, they allow Dytale to use the power of his thighs to gain speed fast. Designed for quick acceleration and high speeds, they are awfully light yet not flimsy. Holding up remarkably well in the several years of use they've had. Their light weight allows Dy to perform tricks with some ease but in exchange he has given up offense almost entirely.

The Mind

Vain || Proud || Creative || Loyal || Sly || Slightly Narcissistic || Blunt || Flirt 

Vain and creative, he thinks he's always right. Prone to defend his point of view to the death. Modesty isn't really his forte, but he's one to admit when someone is better than him, quickly turning it into a challenge instead of a hindrance. Dytale has high affinity with the arts, generally muting the sounds and sights he dislikes with music and graphics. Dull walls and silence bore him to death. 

The Story

Born an only child of a particularly doting family, he was quick to develop the idea that he was the center of the universe, quickly thinking more highly of himself than other people. Unlike some of his peers, he wasn't particularly adept at athletics and neither was at academics due to how restrictive the atmosphere felt for him. He realized he was the kind of guy who learned by experience and from personal interest rather than having information shoved down his brain in conventional ways. After flunking one year of highschool and graduating, he moved from his parents place, searching for the excitement of the big city. Soon he was overwhelmed with the sounds and the music, the colors hidden in alleys and walls people never paid much attention to, and as simple as that, he fell in love. 

Soon, as the urban culture engulfed him, grew a new passion. First it began as a curiosity for treks and what they could do... so he saved up the money to buy a pair. Then it was the thrill of the wind on his face. Lastly was the satisfaction of performing tricks perfectly. He found a hobby that became a passion, something he does not because others tell him to, but because he wants to. 


- Speed
- The City
- Graphic Tees
- Urban music
- Drum and Bass
- Headphones
- People following his fashion advice
- People admitting he's good at what he does
- Fair recognition
- Challenges
- Ferrets...


- Silence
- Dullness
- Fashion trainwrecks
- Stupidity
- Plainess
- Cats
- Big bodies of water
- Countryside


- Has a pet ferret named "Beatbox" but he usually calls him "Beat".
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Clearer View : [link]

    [N]ame :
      Adriano Cecilano

    [A]ge :

    [B]irthdate :
      July 27

    [H]eight/[W]eight :
      170cm / 57kg

    [G]ang :
      Los Sabuesos

    [J]ob :
      Dock worker

    [C]over Job :
      Paperboy : sells/delivers newspapers daily

    [Q]uote :
      "Hola amigo, care to go out for a drink after work?"

    [W]eapon :
      Pocket Knife

    [P]ersonality :
      Carefree : No matter what kind of situation, whether be lacking excitement or great serious business, he tends to take it rather lightly.

      Hardworker : Helping with his own family on the fields since a child, Adriano always gives a hand to any kind of physical labor.

      Cocky/Annoying : Makes stupid remarks; more like he'll get on anyone's nerves, but he doesn't acknowledge it himself.

    [B]iography :
      Born between a Caucasian man and Hispanic woman from Spain, Adriano lived a rather simple life as a child. His father, who owned a farm on the countryside of New york, met his mother, who was still foreign to the country and came to America in search of a better and successful life. The two met when Adriano's mother came to work on the farm as his father's housemaid, and quickly the two were in love. Though both families was well against their marriage, the two ignored their families cries and happily got married.

      Soon, Adriano was born. When Adriano was ten his father became ill though, diagnosed with lung cancer. His mother was first devastated, but his father told them it was nothing to be worried about and told them to continue on like nothing has happened. Adriano feared for his father's health, and helped out around the household as much as he could while letting his father rest. Though over the years, his father's illness became worse, to the point where medical treatment couldn't be helpful. When Adriano was nineteen, his father passed away. He and his mother were deeply saddened by the loss, but tried to live their lives forward.

      It soon came to end though when Adriano was twenty-five, that one of his father's old friend came to visit their household one day. His friend was a part of gang that his father was part of before he left. He came to warn them that the gang leader was in search of his father who owed him a large amount of money that he borrowed years before. The household did not have much money left since most of it was used for his father's medical treatments, and so Adriano decided that he would work for the gang and pay back the debts. His mother was against the idea, but fearing that the gang would come after her, he told her to sell the farm and house, and use the money to go back to Spain. His mother still against the idea, not wanting to leave her child, but after many arguments she finally agreed.

      With no home now, Adriano moved to New York, and joined the gang to pay back the debts...and to keep his mother safe.

    [L]ikes :
      + Reading : His mother was studying the English language, and would read novels. He would be by her side as she would try to read for him.
      + Milk : actually prefers the dairy product rather than alcohol. He can drink hard liquor, but not as much as he would tend to get drunk.
      + Sleep : Simple. He always wants his rest. When there's nothing to do he would find somewhere to take a quick nap.

    [D]islikes :
      - Loud women : He doesn't find women who talks really loud attractive, nor when they smoke.
      - Disrespect : Anyone deserves respect, that's what his father has taught him. Whether the economical class difference or ethnicity differences, Adriano gives his respect to anyone.
      - Loud women : disrespect

    [A]dditional Information :
      + Crest is located as a tattoo on the upper side of his left shoulder.
      + Prefers to speak in English rather in Spanish.
      + Always wears his father's hat. A memento.


    hi I'm still super inconsistent with my own style. /weeps

    Adriano (c) Me
    #JuiceJoint (c) :iconsisapuu:
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*will update info later*

✧Name:Tent Wylde
✧Height: 5'11"
✧Weight: 185 LBS
✧Rank: King
✧Tuner: Sophia "Kris" Monroet
✧Team: Jurassic


Iron Road

This Road is a variation of the Rising Road, solely based on magnetic fields, those of attraction and repelling. It is able to give the user the ability to use magnetic reactions to 'boost' oneself or keep them sedentary in a position or attracting / repelling metallic objects by changing the magnetic field; to a certain extent. However, this means that copper, aluminum, plastics, glass etc. cannot be manipulated. Creating a negative field of magnetism is rumored to decrease pain to the user, calming the nervous system, increasing blood flow, stimulating the metabolism, and speeding up the body's natural healing processes, however, this is fractional, there will be no instant change. However, a positive field of magnetism can induce pain to the user. More like medicine or treatment. Common sense should be dictated with this Road with electrical currents.

Ferrum Magnes

Trent's driver unit is able to use a portion energy given from the main motor to create magnetic forces to increase his speed, if used properly, and to a certain extent, he could rebound off of metallic objects for a jump boost or to help the impact of landing. However, using positive fields at any time induces pain the more the magnetic field is increased. He can stay on metallic surfaces longer by creating a magnetic field that attracts, but pain is induced in the meantime. Lone use or excessive amounts of positive fields can induce the central nervous system to overload.

✧✧Trent's Air Treks✧✧

(image TBA)

Made of metallic parts for better propulsion/ repulsion, durable and able to withstand impacts within reasonable force. His treks can last for a long while, however, the main driver motor needs to be repaired/replaced more than other parts since the power output needed is more. However, they can be used for more damage dealing blows, for example, a steel toed boot to a regular tennis shoe. The weight decreses the speed of the treks.


To strangers, Trent has a more strict standard ever since his brother’s passing, his tolerance can be immensely low when if comes to people who come off as rude and it takes him time to actually open up to someone. For those who do know Trent, he can be a kind and joyful person, if not a little rambunctious at times. He would rather be on equal grounds within a conversation among friend than be the center of attention, however, if he is not with friends, he would rather not have any attention at all. As a stranger, it may be easy to get on his bad side, to which he would either completely ignore the person or go to the lengths to call them a brat. He hardly gets into the mood where he wants to use physical violence against another person. He is a more calm and collected individual.


Trent and his family came from America, frequently moving from countries due to his father’s career within the United States military as a Lieutenant. Trent usually lived on base with the homes provided there. He was the oldest of two children, his younger brother being Troy, whom he devoted most of his time to by taking care of him.

At a young age, Trent became involved in motocross, loving the sport and being supported by his brother who grew to help Trent work on his bikes. Trent was in a more carefree and open attitude to everyone when he was involved in motocross, joyous over the time spent and the long hours through the night tuning up the machines with his younger brother. The two were almost inseparable, the only thing that did place a gap was work and school.

One night, on Trent’s birthday, the rider was going to pick up his brother on a daily routine, however, due to chance circumstances, he was late, only to arrive to find a crowd of people and the lights from police cars and to find that his brother had become a victim in a hit and run, the driver still remains unknown. But it impacted Trent, he gave up motocross since the sport always reminded him of his brother, then working around at convenience stores for some time and moving out of home to find his own place to stay.

Later, after the investigations had been dropped, he was presented with a parcel that Troy had on his person at the time of the accident, a pair of Air Treks, intend to be a gift for him that day.

At first Trent wanted nothing to do with it, scars too fresh for him until one night he saw some AT riders during a race and he decided to give it a try, maybe not for himself, but for his opened a whole new window and possibilities for him. But Trent soon found out that Air Treks were nothing like motocross and he worked himself to preform better, taking the time to watch other riders and to test new things himself.

Then Trent took it upon himself to pursue riding and to soar to the top for his brother.

✧✧Team History✧✧

For some time Trent rode alone, unheeded to those around him and still living in the past. He began riding on a regular basis when he could, but it was where he was alone and away from prying eyes that he truly opened up to take flight, or so to speak.

When Team Jurassic began opening up, looking for members. Dawson happened upon Trent while he was riding alone one time and approached him, asking him if he had any team. His response was “no”, little did he know that one simple act could lead to more possibilities as Dawson handed him a flyer for her team and responded, “now you do.”

At first, Trent didn’t know if he did or did not want to get involved with a team, often going through denial but his eyes always seemed to stray over to that flyer, knowing that if he had no absolute interest, he would have just thrown it away the moment he obtained it.

After casting all doubts aside with one thought, he decided to take a chance and went to join, becoming one of the first members of Team Jurassic.

✧✧Emblem✧✧… © :iconcountessmc:

✧✧Relationships✧✧ ✧ Dawson Hunt- Recruited by her when Team Jurassic was first forming, he has respect for her as a leader and someone who endures the hardships in life. Dawson is one of the few people Trent trusts and is honest with, giving her his support when he can.… ✧ Basil Stanek- A teammate of Trent’s who joined later, when he was a quiet kid, Trent took the time to help Basil where he could. He now spends time with him, glad he had opened up from when he had first joined. He also finds Basil to be like a little brother, oftentimes watching out for him. He still waits for the day when Basil finds his girl. :iconmanlytearsplz: Which will never happen.… ✧ Kris Monroet- Trent's Tuner, at first their relationship was based off of mere curiosity for her former rank and ties. Their first meeting was happenstance and she worked on his treks seeing as his friend was out of town and unable to do it. At first he had doubts about her when she admitted to hearing the 'call', seeing as she has Asperger Syndrome, but it seems they have a deep connection despite it... ✧ Siegfried Gheist- They know each other....:iconshadowedplz: ✧ Svetlana Marѐeva- At first he thought of her as annoying, but she was no due alarm for any harm and eventually grew on him in an annoying sister kind of way. He knows her by the name of ‘Lana’. ✧ Trix- Or otherwise known as ‘Bea’ to Trent. He met Bea off of the street by happenstance, first thinking ‘him’ to be a snotty brat. How he managed to get along with Trix and ended up going to the movies, who knows. He thinks Trix is stalking him sometimes...sometimes. ✧ Soubi Himekawa- He met Soubi after Trix had been calling out Topsy, thinking the other to be a she at first, but found him to be a pleasant individual who was polite and mature. ✧ Rowen Holt- Met him while trying to find ‘Bea’ since Trix had gone running off after him once. Figured he was in trouble with Sigi for some unknown reason. ✧ Tomeus Inagawa- He briefly met her with Rowen, but he finds the girl cute, if not shy. ✧ Seth Wrymouth- So far he thinks he/she is annoying. :iconpapmingplz: ✧ Thiago Torako- He met him a few times, usually at a burger place, finds him to be interesting in some prospects, more for the other’s ambition. ✧ Cougar Franz- Met her racing on the train tracks one night, found her to be kind, if not with a big story to tell, albeit, one that might be hard to. He finds her friendly for the most part and respects her to a degree, he also likes it when she acts like a kid in a candy store when they go for ice cream. ✧ Shepard L. Hallows- Met him when Melissa had fallen on him in the park, had different thoughts at first. But he figured him to be awkward. He later found out his previous standing in ATs. Trent currently wants to see him get that drive once more, even if he wasn’t going to be racing exactly. He also likes to tease him a lot too. ✧ Melissa Kaine- He met her in the park with Shepard, very quiet and shy girl, wasn’t able to get to know her too well. ✧ Alexis Du Ponte- She makes cake nuff said. :icondatassplz: ✧ Orion Daemark- Met him in the park as well, finds his old english greetings to be a bit odd, but characteristically funny to a degree he would never admit. Despite his nickname ‘claws’ he finds the other to be relatively normal as a human being, although he does wonder what his relationship with ‘Jaws’ is... ✧ Lucifer Williams- Met him briefly in the park, found him to be very energetic, however, Trent has yet to know him past the name ‘Jaws’ thus far. ✧ Damien Carn- At first he only knew him by name through Lana and knew him by face when the kid watched Jurassic’s practices. However, he was later told by Lana that he was the kid’s idol, how, he had no clue. But he feels responsible on how the kid acts on his ATs sometimes...


+The colors green and red
+Work that is hands on


-People who come off as rude
-Cats (Allergic)
-Bratty kids
-Spicy or bland foods
-Bad mouthing those he considers family/friends
-When people mention the accident

✧✧Extras✧✧… healing/ some pain effects of magnetism

-Voice: Billy Burke narration…

Trent Wylde © :iconaxelyaoiroxas:
Team Emblem © :iconcountessmc:
:iconaerobrake: © :iconasphyxiion:
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