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"Come on! Get up, you lazy asses!"




You sighed, pulling the covers off of your three roommates, "It's two o'clock. Way past time to wake up."

"Nein, _____. It's much too early." Gilbert muttered, snuggling up to Antonio, who lay beside him, for warmth.

"Oui. You could get in the bed with us, Cherie. It would be nice. We could have sex and zhen sleep until midnight like always." Francis chuckled perversely.

"Always? What universe are you living in, Francis…?"

"A better one than yours, apparently."

"Si, chica." Antonio put in, trying to shove Gil away, "Siesta time is muy importante."

"Come on, _____. You know you vant to come nap vith us." Gil opened his bright red eyes, looking up at you mischievously.

You rolled your eyes. This was the problem being the only girl in the house… You were the only sane one. You didn't know why you had agreed to move in with the three men-or more accurately boys. It was probably because you had thought them all gay at the time. (I mean, they slept in the same bed for heaven's sake!) Whatever the reason, you were stuck here… until you could find a better place to crash at, at any rate.

"Come take a little sieste with us, ____. It will be good for your soul." Francis purred convincingly.

"I really shouldn't." You took a step back, feeling your eyelids begin to grow heavy. A yawn escaped your lips and you covered your mouth with a squeak.

"See, chica? You need your siesta time." Antonio smiled at you.

You nodded, pulling the blanket back onto the large bed and following yourself.

Gilbert laughed, wrapping an arm around you and ruffling your hair, "See? Look vhat the awesome me told you! You do vant to take a nap."

"Yeah, whatever…" you murmured, closing your eyes and almost instantly falling asleep.


The three roommates sat up immediately, rubbing the sleep from their eyes and looking roguishly at the drowsing _____.

"Vhat should ve do to her?" Gilbert asked, reaching out to touch her soft, (h/c) hair.

"Aw, why don't we just let her dormir, hmm?" Antonio asked, clutching his hands to his heart, "She looks so chulla this way!"

"Non… Not cute so much as sexy. Ohonhonhonhonhonhonhon~" Francis cackled, blue eyes gleaming with lust.

"Something is wrong with you… We can't do anything like what I think you're suggesting to _______! That would be wrong."

The Frenchman just shrugged, "Say what you will…. But zhe wrong sometimes seems so right."

"I guess you're right…"

"I am."

"Vell… She is going to hate us vhen she vakes up but I think it's still vorth it."

"Of course it is, imbecile! It's ______! She's perfect…"
NNNG! Brain, stop being such a pervert!

:iconbrainplz: :iconsaysplz: You don't really mean that.

:icontheanswer-fortytwo: :iconsaysplz: Yeah, you're right.... I love ya, Brain!

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Fic: Me
You: :iconbadtouchtrioplz:
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The light shone into the bedroom as you opened your eyes. An arm was draped over your waist you smiled and snuggled closer to the warmth that occupied your bed.
Tall. Blonde. Handsome. Nice smile. Great sense of humor (and not in the bad way). Yes, your boyfriend was Alfred Jones.
The first time the two of you met you had been dating his brother Arthur. But things never really worked out between you and the Brit. However you and Alfred continued to hang out, eventually things got more and more serious. Now the two of you were living together.
You studied his face. The thing that was missing, and what you found very sexy, were his glasses that were resting on the bedside table. Running your fingers through his hair you brushed his cowlick. He groaned and shuffled and bit.
Your eyes widened and you sat up. Who was that?
"Chris Evans….you were awesome in the Avengers," he said and turned over.
Giggling you patted his head and slipped back into bed and into his arms. Your boyfriend was an idiot sometimes, but he was your idiot.
Requested by :iconxxx-polarbearz-xxx:

If you want to request a xreader fanfic and/or drawing go the [link] and fill out a forum.

The picture isn't mine.
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Hesitantly you peeked around the head lady’s skirt.
“___________, this is Mr. and Mrs.. They’re going to be your new parents.” Said the head lady gesturing to the nice looking couple in front of you.
“We have five sons,” said Mr., “I’m sure you’ll get along with them great.”
You were soon taken from your place at the orphanage to your new home.
“Eep,” you squeaked and hid behind Mrs.’s pant leg.
“Alfred,” said Mrs., “this is __________. Your new sister.”
You peeked at Alfred shyly. He had blonde hair with a gravity defying cowlick. On his nose were a small pair of glasses that shielded blue eyes. You have a small wave to him.
Alfred smiled and ran over to grab your am, “Aw! Dude! She is so frickin’ cute!” He dragged you to the other group of boys that all looked to be about the same age. “Artie!”
“Don’t call me that you wanker!” ‘Artie’ snapped. He looked at you and asked, “Who’s this?”
You noticed Arthur was also blonde, but his hair was lighter than Alfred’s and a little shaggier. He had dark green eyes that seemed to hide underneath humongous thick eyebrows. His voice was also crisp and proper; you soon recognized it as an British accent.
“She’s our new sister, yo!”
“Pleasure to meet you, I’m Arthur,” said Arthur shaking your hand. It was an odd sight. To see a nine year old act like such a grown up. But you knew the polite thing to do was to shake his hand, so you did.
“Ohonhon~ I heard someone mention pleasure and I knew you had to be talking about moi.
A boy with long blonde hair that fell to his shoulder’s appeared. His eyes were blue like Alfred’s although not framed by glasses.
“This is our brother, Francis,” spat Arthur
The new boy smiled strangely at you, “And who is this lovely lady?”
“She’s our new sister, you twit.”
The two brothers proceeded to fight. Alfred cheering them on from the sidelines.
“Are they always like this,” you asked yourself aloud, but quietly.
You jumped a little when you saw a boy who looked almost exactly like Alfred next to you, “Who are you?”
He seemed to get a little sad, “I’m Matthew.”
“Nice to meet you, I’m __________,” you said.
A tiny toddler wobbled over to you and grabbed the material of your pant leg. He spat out his pacifier and said, “Peter!”
“This is our brother, Peter,” Matthew said.
“I’m a big boy,” the toddler stated.
Arthur and Francis stopped fighting, “There you are Alfred; so this is our new sister?”
Francis smacked Arthur on the back of the head, “That is Matthew.”
“He’s right bro!”
“I’m Matthew.”
“Peter! I’m a big boy.”
Arthur snapped at the toddler, “Are not!”
Peter started to cry.
You smiled and picked Peter up, “Don’t worry, Peter. I think you’re a big boy.”
Big blue eyes got wider and Peter hugged you. “Big sister!”
Mr. and Mrs. smiled. “I think she’ll get along well here,” said Mrs.
“I think so too,” said Mr.
For those you don't know FACES stands for France. America. Canada. England. Sealand.
I just thought this was something cute to write. I would love to have a bunch of brothers like that...

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The first thing you noticed was that your head ached. The second thing you noticed was the smell. Old cheeseburger wrappers and empty two week old soda cans. "Why am I in Alfred's car?"
"You passed out," Alfred said, "good morning."
Groaning you got up, "I thought I was with Gil, Francis, and Toni…"
Alfred laughed, "You were…they ditched you for a bunch of chicks they met at the party."
"Oh right…party," you said and opened the door. "Well I got to get back, thanks for letting me crash here."
"Sure no prob," he said.
You ended up walking three blocks to the apartment you shared with your friends. "Yo! All skanks out of the apartment before I throw you out!" You shouted.
Gilbert, hanging on one of these women, shouted, "We aren't done!"
You glared, "I. Want. Them. Out."
"We're leaving," the girl said and left.
"What was that fo-." You slapped him across the face.
"That is for leaving me at the party."
Gilbert snickered and then jumped you. The two of you ended up wrestling on the floor for about two minutes before he finally pinned you. "Aha! The awesome me wins!"
"Ohonhon…what do we have here?" Francis asked.
"You guys left me!" you shouted. "I had to sleep in Alfred's smelly, sticky, CAR!" Then with all the struggling you were making you accidently hit Gilbert's "five meters".
"Mein vital regions!"
You sat up as Gilbert fell to the side clutching his crotch. Not knowing what to say you just stared.
Toni and a brunette stumbled out of his room. "Hola ________! What happened to Gilbert?"
"She kicked me!"
"It was an accident!"
"I don't hear a sorry!"
You crossed your arms, "Well I'm not! You were the one on top of me!"
"You kicked her out!"
Your face turned to the brunette Toni had obviously been sleeping with, "That reminds me. You, get out now."
The girl gave you a glare, but did as she was told.
"Aww, chica are you jealous?" Toni asked lying down on your lap.
"Are you sure, mon ami? Because you know there is always enough for all of us to go around," Francis cooed in your ear.
You turned your head so you could see Francis, "Get over yourself. I'm just mad the three of you ditched me at the party."
"Aww were you lonely?" Toni asked playing with your jaw, squishing it to make you make a fishy face.
"I'm not, just ticked."
"Really?" Gilbert asked crawling over to you for a hug.
Your eyebrow twitched. This position you were in happened all too often for your liking. "Get off!"
The three men hugged you tighter and laughed as your face started to show your uncomfortable feelings. "Remind me why I live with you?"
"Because you love us," said Francis.
"Because I'm awesome!"
Toni poked your cheek, "Because you have nowhere else to go."
You sighed, "That's right…"
Requested by :iconthe--fuzzzz:

I am still taking requests for xreader fanfics and drawings at the [link] if you are interested. Just please remember to use the forum I posted so I know what you want me to write/draw.

And as always the picture isn't mine I found it on Google.
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"Mein Gott…"

"Ay Dios mio…."

"Mon Dieu…"

"I know, right?"

You and your three friends stared up at your ten foot tall Christmas tree in wonder.

"And you want us to decorate this…?" asked Gilbert, turning his red eyes on you.

"I'll help of course."

"_____.... This is going to take forever." Francis pointed out.

"Do you have a ladder?" Antonio asked, the gears turning in his head.

"Yes, yes I do, Antonio. Thank you for trying to help!" you stuck your tongue out at the other two and went to go grab the ladder from your garage.

"Well, gentlemen." Gil announced as soon as you had gone, "I see we have a mission."

"Yes, we do." Francis nodded solemnly.

"Wait, are you talking about decorating the Christmas tree or seducing ____?" asked Antonio, not quite grasping the plan.

"_______ of course!" shouted Gil and Francis simultaneously.


"So, what's the plan?" Gil asked his friends, mischief glinting in his eyes.
"I've got gingerbread cookies!" you shouted delightedly, skipping into the room, carrying a tray of fresh baked sweets.

"Mmmm… they look almost as delicious as you." murmured Francis, appearing behind you and reaching around your waist for a gingerbread man.

"Muy rico, _____. You'll have to show me how to make them sometime…" Antonio winked one of his deep green eyes at you, giving you an innocent smile.

"Yeah, Frau. Real good. I've always liked women who could cook…" Gil grabbed your forearms, pulling you close to him and grinning. The only thing separating the two of you was the sheet of cookies- now seeming much smaller than it had before.

"Guys… Cool your jets." You flushed, "You're creeping me out… Let's just decorate the tree okay?"

Francis pouted, "You're no fun…"

"Only because you blush so sweetly…" Antonio ran a finger along your jaw and gave another of his charming smiles.

Gil just laughed, "I don't make promises I can't keep. You should know that by now."

You sighed, taking out the first box of ornaments and opening it. You picked up your favorite, taking it in your hand delicately and hanging in one of the premium spots on the tree.  "There…" you beamed. "I don't care what we put on the tree now… As long as it has this it's perfect."

"So I can get my stripper ornament out then?!" Gil asked delightedly.

"No!" You and Antonio shouted at the same time. You turned to each other, identical looks of surprise on your faces and burst out laughing.
Over the next three hours, the four of you decorated the tree to various holiday songs.

Gilbert, the tallest of your group, had just finished putting the last ornament on the tree and it was time to set the star on top.

"I get to do it!" you squealed, holding the star in your hand and bounding over to the ladder. You stretched up, trying to reach the tip of the tree but you just couldn't reach- not even when you stood on your tiptoes.

"Here, let me help, chica." Antonio said softly and the next thing you knew you had been lifted off the ladder and onto the Spaniard's shoulders. You reached for the tree again- closer but still no cigar.

"I can't reach…"

Gilbert and Francis rushed to your side and with Antonio's help they managed to hold you up by your thighs with sufficient support so you could set the star on top of the enormous Christmas tree.

"There." You announced and the boy's arms gave way, letting you topple to the ground in a big heap.

After a minute or so of giggling you finally got serious.

"Francis… Get your hand off my boob."

"Ohonhonhonhon~ Don't pretend you don't like it, Cherie."

"Francis, I'm warning you."

"Alright, alright!" There was much shifting around and you were free of all inappropriate touching.

You stood with a groan and began to help the others up as well.

"______..." Gilbert said softly.


"You're missing something, chica…" Antonio smiled kindly at you.

"What? What is it?" You began to look frantically around yourself for the missing something.

"Look up." Francis smirked.

You tilted your head up. Hanging from a bright red ribbon, there sat a little sprig of mistletoe. "Oh…"

"Pucker up." The Bad Touch Trio closed in around you, identical perverted grins on their faces.

"Guys… I really don't think this is a good plan…" You tried to back away, only to bump into Antonio.

"Come on, ______-ita. It'll be fun…" He nodded enthusiastically, turning your face to his.

"Are you ready?" he asked, green eyes sparkling.


"You are? Fantastico!" Antonio leaned in and planted his lips upon yours. The kiss was soft and sweet and gentle. Antonio pulled away from you, "That wasn't too bad, was it, chica?" He laughed as you shook your head.

Francis tapped the Spaniard on the shoulder, "My turn." He announced, spinning you around and kissing you passionately. You could smell the strong scent of roses and feel the scratch of Francis's stubble against your chin. But before anything at all could really happen you were being pulled away by Gilbert.

The albino's kiss was needy and full of fervor. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you close so you couldn't escape him. When you felt his tongue poking at your closed lips you decided it was time for the game to be over.

You parted the kiss with a wet sucking sound. "Th-That's enough." You stuttered, blushing like one of Toni's tomatoes. "I think it's time for you to go…" You pushed Gilbert away from you, stumbling backwards and almost knocking into the tree.

"Well that was fun…." Gilbert said matter-of-factly. "But you're right… We should be going. Frohe Weihnachten, Frau." He winked at you, grinning creepily.

"Feliz Navidad." Toni smiled, waving goodbye.

"Joyeux Noël." Francis gave you a last peck on the cheek.

"Have a safe night, you three!" You called to the Trio as they filed out the door.

"We can't promise anything!" Gilbert turned, looking you straight in the eye.

"How could I have forgotten? You-"

"I don't make promises I can't keep."
So, this is a request by :iconswanbrooke: for a Christmas-y BTT fic.

I hope you like it because it was annoying as hell to write... I just run out of flirty things... :iconotlplz:

Also by the way when Antonio says "_____-ita" I was referring to the Spanish pet name. They add ita or ito onto the ends of words and it means "little." Like for my name (Julie) it would be Julita. It's just a cute nickname thing... Yeah.

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
Fic: Me
You: :iconbadtouchtrioplz:
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Bad Idea
You knew sharing a house with three guys wasn't a good idea. Far from it, it was a BAD idea.
If only you had realized that sooner.

"Ding Dong" You pressed the doorbell for the fifth time. Scowling you shifted your hold on the three bags you had under one arm. What the hell was taking them so long? You hadn't met the guys yet and already you were pissed at them.

"Are you their new, uh room mate?" a female voice came from the right. You twisted to look towards the voice. A brown haired girl stood on a well trimmed lawn.
"Yes...I guess I am." You smiled "Are they home?".

She  grimaced "Honestly I don't know." Sighing you set your bags down and sat on the front step. "Great..... I'll have to wait for them." She looked at you sympateticaly. "I'm Elizabeta, and I think they keep an extra key under that step your sitting on."

You grinned "Thanks! I'm __________ __________!" reaching under the stair you fished around until your hand hit metal. You pulled out a slightly cobwebby key.
"Well be careful around those three." She turned and went back inside her own house. You stood there, then picked up the bags and stuck the key in the lock.

The neighboor had warned you about them, but did you listen? Not a chance.

Stepping inside you looked around. The place was a mess. Well what did I expect? you thought, They are guys after all. "Uh....Hello?" You called half hoping no one was home. A grunt came from down the hallway to your left.

Oooooooooooooookay then.Someone must be home... setting your bags down carefully, you picked your way through the mess. Half empty pizza boxes, socks, boxers and were those tomato plants? Kinda weird. "Um I'm your new room mate. Are you guys-." You stopped mid-sentence.

A tiny yellow bird sat on a weird nest made of socks and tomato plant leaves. "Hi." You bent down to get a better look at it.
"Your really cute!" sticking out a finger you gently rubbed its head.

"You gotta nice ass chica." A male, spanish accented voice rummbled behind you. Spinning around, you froze, shocked.

A guy stood infront of you. One of the sexiest guy you had ever see. He was nicely tanned, with slightly curly chocolate  brown hair and brilliant green eyes. And he was only in a t-shirt and boxers.

"U-u-um. HI!" You squeaked,"I'm _________   ________!" He smiled, "I'm Antonio Fernández Carriedo." He stuck out his hand and shook yours warmly. You looked at the small bird again,"Is he yours?"

Antonio laughed, his laugh was really strange. "No amiga, thats Gilberts little pet." You smiled,
"You want some Tomatoes?" He grinned, picking up a small red one. Shaking you head you picked up your bags. "Thanks but no, Um would you mind showing me were I'll be staying?" He shrugged, "Okay." You followed him down the hall.

~Le time skip~

"ZE AWESOME ME IS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!" A loud voice startled you awake. Groaning you flipped onto your side and glared at the clock.

It was 1:27 AM. "HELLO?!" The voice kept shouting, "TONI! WHERE ZE FUCK ARE YOU?", "Dude tone it down, the chica is sleeping." You smiled slightly when you heard the spainiard reply.

"VAS? YOU GOTTA FRAU HERE?" The smile vanished, Why wouldn't that guy frickin' shutup!?
"No, its our new roommate." "OH, ZATS IT?!"

The guy obviously enjoyed the sound of his voice, or he was drunk. You bet it was both. A tiny chirp sounded next to your ear. Startled you looked down. It was the little yellow bird. "Hi. I bet you don't like all the shouting." The yellow fluff ball blinked.

"OI!!!!!!!! VHERES GILBIRD?" You jumped up and wrenched open your door. "PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!!!" You snarled. Then you blinked. A pale, white haired man stood smirking, his crimson eyes raked up and down your form. Wearing a half unbuttoned shirt that showed of his nicly accented chest. He was as sexy as Antonio.And apparently an Albino.

"Und who are you?" Scowling, you crossed your arms, "I'm _________ _________." Tonio smiled sheepishly at you, "Sorry chica, I forgot that Gilbert was working late tonight."

The albino scowled,"ZE AWESOME ME VASN'T VORKING!" Antonio stared at him, puzzled. "I vent to ze bar vith Francis." You looked between the two, Francis, you assummed, was the third roommate.

Gilbird, landed on your shoulder, chirping. "Where is he?" Tonio sounded slightly alarmed. "I dunno, I left him- HEY! VHY DO YOU HAVE GILBIRD?!" Both Antonio and you jumped. Gilbert stomped over to you and glared down at the little bird.
"Vhy are you sitting on her shoulder? You only sit on mein awesome shoulder."

Gilbird flew up and buried into your hair in response. The Albinos jaw dropped.
"VAS ZE HELL? his breathe smelled of beer. Wrinkling your nose, you pushed him away. "Dude, personal space." He just looked at you. "Uh, yeah, where did you leave Francis?" Antonio, picked up a set of car keys. Gilbert shrugged,

"At ze bar....or ze park, I don't know." While his attention was diverted, you slipped back into your room and flopped down onto the bed. Gilibird flew out of your hair and landed once again on your shoulder. "I seriously wish you wouldn't stay there. I might crush you in my sleep." The yellow fluff ball pecked at a lock of your hair.

As you lay there, you heard the sounds of Antonio leaving and Gilbert ranting. A few moments later you were half asleep when a heavy weight flopped down next to you.

Shreiking you shot up, causing Gilbird to shoot off your shoulder. Gilbert lay next to you, aparently asleep. "Gilbert." You poked him. "Gilbert!" you poked him harder. Scowling you pinched him. No response. The dude was dead to the world. You shoved him off the bed and dragged him to his room (It was hard to miss. The door had "Awesome Gilbert" written all over it) Scowling you  went back to your room and fell asleep.

~ze AWESOME time skip ~

It was hot. Waaaay to hot. Half asleep, you kicked your legs to get the covers off. Only there weren't any covers. Confused you slowly opened your eyes. A mop of white hair was pressed against you face.
Gilbert, you scowled, extremly pissed.

How the hell did he get back in here? Scowling you tried to edge away. Only you couldn't. Why? Because you were pressed against the wall.

Gritting your teeth you tried to shove him off the bed. He didn't budge. God DAMN IT! you slumped against the wall. It was awfully warm. You froze. It was breathing. Twisting around you came face to face with a sleeping blonde. An extremely sexy, sleeping blonde. His hair curled in luscious waves down the sides of his face, Stubble covered his jaw. Jesus Christ.

WHY did they have to be so HOT?! Wriggling into a sitting position, you called out softly "Antonio" Ofcourse, there was no response. "Antonio!" You hissed louder. An arm snaked its way around your waist.

"Mon cheri, why do you want 'im? The voice made its way closer to your ear. "I'm 'ere." It purred. You shivered and moved closer to Gilbert.
"U-um. Great! But no thank you." Backing up further, you practically sat on the albino's stomache.

Francis (you had put two and two together by now) leaned closer to you. A cat like grin spreading across his features. "MEIN GOTT!!!" A voice barked, scaring the crap out of  both Francis and you.

"FRAU! YOU VEIGH A SHITLOAD!" Spinning around you, glared down at Gilbert. "Excuse me?" You hissed. He made a face. While your attention was diverted, Francis wraped his other arm around your waist and buried his face in your neck.

Shreiking you fell backwards, right off the bed. Causing both men to fall on top of you. "What the hell?!" Antonio stood in the doorway, shock etched across his face.
"Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" You whined from the floor. He helped you up and led you into the kitchen. "I made breakfast, amiga!"

~Another time skip~

It had been 5 months since you had moved in with the trio. You had learned alot about them. Antonio was from Spain, he loved tomatos and was good at dancing.(also cooking)

Gilbert was German( Although he was constantly claiming to be from Prussia.) He was obsessed with himself. But was a really nice guy when he wanted to be.

Francis was French (duh). Although he acted perverted most of the time, He was actualy a pretty decent man. He like cooking and singing in French.

You had gotten used to Antonio hugging you at random intervals, and grabbing you  to dance.
It had become a habit to check your closet for Francis before you changed (He was there every single time) and shove Gilbert out of your bed every morning.
You had also gotten used to having your ass slapped whenever you walked by Francis or Gilbert(You were good at dodging their groping hands)
And it was always funny to watch Elizabeta chase Gilbert around with that frying pan of hers.

How ever there were a few things you had trouble getting used to. Such as Francis walking around naked, and Gilbert's bad habit of walking in on you whilst you were in the shower. (You knew you locked the door, but he some always managed to get in.)  
But, you mused  It kinda was worth it. They treated you like family, admittedly in a slightly pervy way.

"FRAU!!!! VHERE IS GILBIRD!!!!"  You reached up a hand and felt the little puffball, gently peck your finger. "HE'S ON MY HEAD!" You shouted from your sprawled position on your bed. Your laptop chimed, alerting you that someone had sent a message. Rolling onto your stomache, you read the message.

Eliza---Where the hell is that jackass?

It was Elizabeta, she was the only one to call Gil' "That Jackass"

____---I dunno... He's somewhere inside...What did he do?

Eliza---What hasn't he done?

Gilbert jumped ontop of you, " Vaht are you doing Frau?" He smirked reading over your shoulder, "Um Gil? I can't breathe." He ignored you, and started typing.

____---I haven't done you yet. Plus that nerd had it coming. Smacking Gilbert, you started to type furiously.

____---Gil is reading over my shoulder. That was his response.

Eliza---Tell him to take a flying leap off the Statue of Liberty.

_____---Hes cursing you out in german.

Eliza---HA! typical Gilbert.

Your door flew open as Francis pranced in, only wearing a speedo. " 'ow are you cheri?" "Fine Francis! Please put some pants on!" You tried hard not to look lower then his navel "Vere ze hell did you find zhat?!" The Gilbert was trying hard not to laugh.

____---Got to go. Francis is paradeing around in a speedo.

Eliza---Damn girl! They should pay you for what you have to put up with. See you later.

Turning back towards Francis (which was hard to do, seeing as a certain alboino was laying across your back) "Could you maybe put something on? Just cover yourself up or something." He stared for amoment, then smirked, "But ofcourse." Walking over to your closet he rummaged inside and pulled out on of your skirts.

"FRANCIS?! What the hell?" You yelped, slightly ticked off. He struck a model pose. Sadly the skirt kinda looked good on him. Francis laughed then took a flying leap.

"UGH!" "ZHE HELL?" He landed squarely onto of both you and Gilbert. "OhHonHonHon!" You were slowly being crushed by 400+ pounds. "Caaaan't breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethe." You hissed out. The idiots just laughed. You prayed that Antoinio wouldn't--

"Hey Amigos!!!!" Life must enjoy tormenting you. "Why are you guys on  _____'s bed?" "I don't know..." They snort with laughter. "They're cruuuuuuuuuuushing meeeeeeeee." You managed to wheeze out.

"OOOOH! It's a group hug!!" You heard footsteps, then, "VATCH IT!" "Mon deiu!" "shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." The last was all of your remaning oxygen flying out of you.  The three were laughing, it was infectious. The laughing session turned into an all out tickle war (alough Francis and Gilbert made sure to grope you a few times)

You lay on your back next to the guys. Maybe you were wrong. It wasn't such a bad idea to come here. Gilbert grabbed your boob, whilst Francis raided your pantie drawer. Antonio howled with laughter. Good thing you'd invited Elizabeta for diner.

-----Extended Ending------

"GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE FRANCIS!" The Frenchman had gone and stolen your panties...Again. Antoino jumped infront of you, his arms were full of tomatoes. "Don't worry about him chica! Have a tomato." You sat down, taking a bite out of the lush red tomato. Antonio and you sat there, watching as the sun slowly set. It was peacful here. "HEY FRAU!" NICE PANTIES!!!!!
My first reader insert!! :I I need feedback guys. If there are any mistakes please let me know so I can fix them.

This is just a silly fluff insert. :I

I found the preview picture on photobucket ^^

Part 2 [link]

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya-san
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You hammer on the first bedroom door you come to. You thought you were used to living with the infamous trio by now, but sometimes they just took it a little too far.
The door gets pulled open and the Spaniard of the trio stands there, grinning, “Good morning, chica. What could your beautiful self possibly want so early?”
You cross your arms and glare at him, ignoring the fact his shirt was off and his grin was just too gorgeous.
“Toni, where are they?” you ask.
“…what?” He genuinely looks confused as to why you’re so angry, but you had learnt that he could put on a good act if he wanted, too.
“You know what. Where the hell is all of my underwear?!”
A smirk creeps across his face, “Ah, you may want to ask next door. This time it’s not my fault.”
“What do you mean, this time?!”
He chuckles nervously, “Nothing! I wouldn’t take… Look, it’s not my fault, ________. That’s all I can say.”
You narrow your eyes, “Seriously, Toni, I need to go to work! Was it Gilbert?”
“I don’t know. Why don’t you go and ask him? Have a nice day!” he grins again and pulls his door shut.
You snarl and stomp to the next door along the hallway. You start banging on the door above the word ‘awesome’ that has been scratched into the wood.
“Frau! Seriously, what is your problem?!” Gilbert yells. It takes him a moment to open the door, but when he eventually does, his bird flies out of the room and perches on your shoulder. He frowns, “What?”
“Underwear,” you say, holding your hand out.
“…well, it’s nice of you to notice! They’re new. Do you like them?” he asks with a smirk, putting his thumb into the waistband of his pants. You roll your eyes.
My underwear.”
He pauses, but then another grin creeps across his face, “Well, if you insist, ________. I thought you weren’t interested before.” He steps closer to you and winds his arms around your waist. The bird instantly hops onto his head.
“Ah! No, Gilbert! Get off of me!” you cry as he runs his hands down your back. Pushing him off, you sigh in frustration, “Look, I’m gonna be late for work. Where is all of my underwear?!”
“…You underwear is missing and you assume it’s my fault?!” he asks.
“Well, no, I just went to Toni and he told me to ask yo-”
“Antonio?! Of course he did. Well, frau, you’d better check next door,” he says, pointing in the direction of Francis’ room.
“Are you saying it was Francis?”
“Ja. Must have been. The awesome me wouldn’t stoop so low! See you later, ________.”
The door slams closed again, leaving you stood there.
You move to the next door and start banging once more. Where there’s no answer, you let yourself in.
Lying on Francis’ pillow are some familiar pink panties. Growling, you snatch them up and say, “Francis, where the hell are you?!”
“Onhonhonhon…” is all you hear, coming from the… lounge? You turn and stomp down the stairs towards the irritating laughter.
“Bonjour, ma chère! Sleep well?” the Frenchman’s voice asks just as you enter the lounge.
“…Francis, where the hell are you hiding? And where is my stuff?! Don’t you think you’re just a little bit old for games?”
“Aww, where is the fun in telling you?”
…No, he’s not in here. He’s in the kitchen.
You sigh, “Why the hell did I ever agree to live with you?”
“Onhonhon, it was your choice, ma chère.”
“Where are you? Seriously, do you want me to get fired?”
“You’d rather go to work than play a little hide and seek with me?”
Ok, you’ve heard enough to guess where the Frenchman is hiding. You march through the lounge and into the kitchen, glancing to the largest of the cupboards, the one under the sink with the double doors. You walk right up and yank open the doors, causing Francis to yelp in surprise.
“Out. Now,” you order, taking hold of his collar, “How old are you? You act like a five year old. Give me back my stuff, now! For the third time, I’m going to be late for work!”
“Not my fault. You’re the one who can’t find your panties! Onhonhonhonhon!” He ran off up the stairs, you following him, to his room.
“Francis, for gods’ sake!”
“Frau, are you going to keep yelling all morning?” Gilbert asked, leaning out of his room.
“Si! Can’t a guy have a siesta without being disturbed?” Toni joined in, opening his door too.
Staring at the two of them as if they’re crazy, you suddenly scream at them, “I’ve had enough of this place! I hate all of you! I’m going to work, and I when I get back I want help packing my stuff!”
Stomping into your room, you slam the door to change, putting on yesterday’s bra and the one pair of panties you managed to get hold of. After that, you grab your bag and slam out of the house, cursing at the trio of childish men as you go.
Toni is the first one to speak, “Don’t you think you took it too far, amigo?”
Francis frowns, “I was only joking. You two do it all the time.”
“Don’t bring me into this! You were the one who pissed her off,” Gilbert says, but then he sighs, “I suppose we do prank her a lot. But it’s not like we’re horrible to her.”
“It’s all in good fun, oui? I don’t want her to leave.”
“…I guess we’d better apologise. The right way, si?”


“I don’t know how you’ve managed to even stay this long,” Elizabeta says from the other end of the phone.
“They’ve never pissed me off this much before,” you reply.
“Where are you now? I thought you finished work at five.”
“I did. I’m sat in the car outside the house, giving them some time to work out an apology.”
“You know you can always come and stay with me, if you want to,” she offers.
“I dunno, Eliza. I’ll see how it goes tonight. Anyway, I’d better go in. I expect they’re all feeling sorry for themselves. See you later, yeah?”
“Ok. See you later, ________.”
You put your phone back into your pocket and lean your head back, contemplating whether to go inside or not. You give it another five minutes and then decide to go inside. Locking your car up, you let yourself in. The lights haven’t been turned on yet since it turned dark outside, so you flick the switch, turning on the hall light, and open the door to the lounge.
This room was in darkness, too, apart from a dim light coming from the kitchen. Curious, you put your bag on the couch and walk into the kitchen.
A smile spreads across your lips when you see it.
Four places have been neatly set at the kitchen table and a candle is in the middle, lighting the place up. Francis, Gilbert and Antonio all turn to face you when you clear your throat. Francis was putting food on four plates as Toni and Gilbert were playing with the CD player.
“Ah, chica! We were wondering when you would be back!” Toni says, grinning.
“Just in time, too! The food has just finished cooking, ma chère,” Francis adds.
“Why don’t you take a seat, frau? Let me get you a drink,” Gilbert offers, taking your hand and leading you to the table, pulling out your seat for you. Francis slides a bottle of wine towards him and he takes it and opens it quickly, pouring three glasses and taking a beer out of the fridge for himself.
“Here we go, a little music!” Toni announces with a grin as the CD player comes to life, Spanish music starting to play from the speakers.
“And food, too! Here, ________, your favourite!” Francis says, sliding a plate of (favourite food) in front of you.
The trio sit down with you once they’ve got their own plates of food in front of them.
“Good day at work, ________?” Gilbert asks.
“…I guess. So, what’s this all for?” you ask, gesturing to the food, the candle, the music.
“Ah, yeah… We all wanted to apologise for all the pranks we pull,” Toni says, smiling sheepishly.
“We don’t mean to piss you off,” Gilbert says.
“I might have taken it a little too far this morning. I hope you weren’t late for work. All of your things are back in your room. I’m sorry,” Francis says, standing up to hug you.
“Me too. Sorry, Frau.” Gilbert hugs you next.
Finally, Toni hugs you too. “Si. Sorry, chica. But, if you want to move out, you can.”
“…Oh, guys, it’s ok. I’m not leaving,” you say. You can’t help but grin.
“Yeah, seriously. I don’t hate you guys, y’know. In fact, I don’t know what I’d do without you,” you admit. It’s true. Moving out of this place wouldn’t solve anything.
“Ah, that’s great! Now, let’s eat, oui?” Francis says, taking a sip of his wine.
“Sure. Thanks, guys.”
After eating, you sit back and say, “Wow, that was great. ...I’m gonna go and get in the shower.”
All three of them glance at each other before suddenly jumping up and running out of the room.
“The shower!”
“Don’t use your shampoo, chica!”
“Or the shower gel!”
You giggle and say to yourself, “It would not be the same without them.”
Requested by :iconchels-luvs-chicken: Hope you like it ^_^

Pic not mine, found on Google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated :D

I don't own anything but the story ;)
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"But that wasn't even the best part! And then Katniss hears the speakers say that two people from the same district can win! So Katniss goes and finds Peeta who is really hurt. Katniss and Peeta are happy that two people can win and Katniss goes and likes gets this bag in the process gets attacked by Clove who is of course killed by Thresh who is as well killed. But now Cato is still left and he is all Mr. Tough Guy and stuff and so Katniss and Peeta go to the cornucopia to escape these muttations which are like these scary ass dogs, but then Cato is all there and is totally being like a sexy beast from district two! Well Cato takes Peeta and is about to throw him off the cornucopia but then Katniss shoots him with the bow and Cato falls off and dies and Katniss and Peeta are left! But then the annoying person over the speaker is all like 'the earlier rule is revoked only one person can win' total douche bag, but anyway Katniss and Peeta have fallen in love over their experience. So they argue on who should survive and finally they both decide to commit suicide in hopes that they both could win. So they are both about to eat the nightlock berries but then the announcer guys says they both win and are victors! Poor Gale is back home heartbroken and the movie was just so beautiful!" You cried out of breath from your rant about the Hunger Games movie you just came back from seeing for the first time.

"Ma chérie, you're crying over a movie?" Your friend Francis stated sitting on the couch in front of you with a confused face.

"Not just any movie! The Hunger Games! You know? Book turned movie? Jennifer Lawerence is so pretty!" You squealed jumping up and down.

"Dude! Honestly, don't cry over a movie!" Your other friend Alfred shouted from beside Francis.

"Sorry, I get very emotional during movies." You shyly stated wipping your eyes, you walked over and sat beside your other friend Matthew resting your head on his shoulder.

"So I assume the movie was good then?" Matthew blushed as you rested your head on his shoulder.

"Matthew? Bro-ha? When did you get here?" Alfred asked laughing.

"You git he was here the whole time." Your other friend Arthur pipped in.

"At least _____ will have more time for us, ohononononon" Francis winked being the total pervert he is.

"Shut up you frog!" Arthur yelled jumping up from the chair across the couch and storming over to Francis.

"Jealous that I can get some and you can't mon ami?" Francis winked, that was it the end of the some what silent evening for now Francis and Arthur's yelling filled the room.

"Here I thought they wouldn't fight, boy was I wrong." You laughed getting up from your spot beside Matthew and walking over to your bag, you reached inside and pulled out a DVD case.

"Francis! Arthur! I have a new movie we could all watch." You smirked passing the DVD to Francis who had stopped fighting with Arthur.

"Les Misérables?" Francis asked reading the title.

"Isn't that musical? ___! Bro, love you and all but a musical really?" Alfred complained.

"Just trust me on this Alfred." You smiled sitting beside him and snuggling into his side, he instinctively wrapped his arm around you. Arthur put the DVD into the player and pressed play. Francis reluctantly sat beside Arthur since, Alfred, Matthew and yourself took up most of the couch.

"That was so beautiful!" You heard Arthur cry from below you.

"Indeed it was!" Francis cried, you peered down at the two to see them holding each other and crying. You yourself were crying as well, it really was a beautiful movie.

"See Alfred I told you to trust me." You smiled through your tears as you looked up to see Alfred had a few tears himself. "Aw Alfie you're crying."

"Heroes don't cry." Alfred said waving it off.

"My hero does." You smiled hugging his side. "Group hug!" You called jumping up and hugging Francis and Arthur, Matthew and Alfred joined you guys hugging on the floor.

"I love you guys." You smiled kissing them all on the cheek.

"Want to continue kissing else where ma cherie? Ohnonononon!" Francis laughed.

"Way to ruin a good moment you bloody wanker!" Arthur yelled at the Frenchman.

"Your Frenchies just love ruining good moments don't you!" Alfred yelled at Francis. You got out of the fighting and sat on the couch sighing, you turned to see Matthew had joined you.

"At least you got them to stop fighting for a little bit." Matthew smiled as he hugged his bear close to him.

"Yeah, but now Alfred has joined them." You stated pointing at the arguing men, as you pet the bear's head.

"Hey, but we do have blackmail now." Matthew smiled.

"What blackmail? We can't prove they actually were basically cuddling!" You protested.

"Well we can if we have a picture." Matthew quietly stated as he held up his phone revealing a picture of the two men cuddling tears stained their face.

"Matthew! You're a genius!" You yelled kissing his cheek, causing him to blush. You grabbed the phone out of the Canadian's hand and ran over to the arguing men. "Hey Francis! Arthur!" You called out to them, they stopped fighting with each other as did Alfred. You waved the picture in front of Francis and Arthur, their eyes widened as they tried to grab the phone from you. Alfred ended up laughing on the floor as Francis and Arthur chased you around the house.

"Opps, accidentally pressed send picture." You smirked as you stopped running.

"___!" Both men yelled at you.

"Aw, you still love me!" You smiled kissing Francis on the cheek you hugged both men who ended up sighing in defeat.

"Je t'aime aussi." Francis smiled kissing you on the cheek.

"I always love you, love." England said kissing your forehead, Matthew and Alfred came and joined the group hug again.

"Now this is a happy ending." You smiled, happy to be in the arms of your best friends.
F.A.C.E x Reader story! I understand that Les Mis and The Hunger Games weren't released around the same time! Heck Les Mis hasn't even been released yet but for the sake of the story they have been. I do not own the movies mentioned or Hetalia. I do not own the preview picture.
You belong to F.A.C.E ;)
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Matthew watch as his brother, as usual, got all the attention. Especially from ____________. He didn't know why he wasn't good enough for her to acknowledge, why he was always 'Alfred's brother'.
That's when it happened. Her gaze finally turned to him. Her face turned red as Alfred walked her over, "And this is my bro Canada!"
"H-hi," she said a blush prettily painting her cheeks.
She looked at him her (e/c) shining, "I'm _________." She held out her hand for him to shake, "Nice to meet you."
"Dude, __________'s been asking about you," America said, "She's been dying to meet you for weeks now."
It seemed impossible, but her face went to an even darker shade of red, "A-America…"
America laughed and ran off, "I'll leave you two love birds alone."
Canada's face also turned red, "Umm…__________."
____________ turned to face him, "Yes?"
"Would you like to go out sometime?"
"Is now good?" she asked.
Matthew smiled and took her hand, "Now is great."
Maybe he wasn't just the boy next door.
Requested by :iconxxx-polarbearz-xxx:

If you want to request a xreader fanfic and/or drawing go the [link] and fill out a forum.

The picture isn't mine.

:iconspicecat7: made a sequel to this here is the [link]
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“(y/n)! (y/n)!”

O god...


It had arrived....


Francis’ worst possible nightmare.

The British kid sitting on your lap was grinning widely at you as he bounced up and down. Why now? Why today, it being the day he’d wanted to be with you all alone and who knew, maybe get a little more intimate than usual?

Francis slumped on the coffee table, his blond hair splayed around his head like a halo. He pouted, his temple resting against the cover of a few glossy magazines, though his breath was making his cheek stick onto them.

“And they even had unicorns!” The blond sitting on you, stood up and used his hands as he described what he’d seen at the fantasy forest. “Is that so?” You murmured, smiling at him brightly and indicating for him to continue his tale.

Francis’ expression soured. That smile should have been aimed at him!

“Yeah! And they even had leprechauns and fauns and-“ Arthur fell off of where he was wobbling on your legs, landing on his head. Even though you’d grabbed him to lessen his fall, he still banged his head.

Tears started budding in his big green eyes and you comforted him as he began to cry. Francis bit his lip and wrinkled his nose in frustration when he saw you kiss the bump on Arthur’s head. You hugged Arthur gently, rocking him in your arms until his cries stopped and he fell asleep.

“Francis?” You asked, turning towards where your Frenchie lay. As a response he turned his head over, scowling. “Francis, sorry it turned out this way.” He still didn’t reply. “I know you don’t like Arthur, but I couldn’t say no to his mother. You know what she’s like.”

After a moment, Francis glanced up at you, his chin stuck out. “But you didn’t even give me a kiss yet.” He muttered, pouting adorably. You blushed and smiled sweetly. “I can’t really move at the moment so come over here.”

His face lit up and he crawled around the table to sit on his knees next in front of you. Leaning forward you kissed him chastely, gasping when he took hold of your head to deepen your lip-lock.

“Meeh~” you heard and you jumped as you felt Arthur rub his eyes sleepily. Sitting back, you shook your head at Francis and he growled in annoyance. He stood up briskly, stepping around the sofa.

You sighed, scratching your neck. You knew it was unfair in bringing the little boy home during the time you said you would hang out with Francis, but you really couldn’t do anything about it. The boy was your cousin and as his mother needed to go out of town for a bit she’d asked, well threatened was more like it, for you to keep an eye on him.

Suddenly you felt your chin being jerked upwards and you blinked in surprise as Francis kissed you upside-down. Your cheeks tinted red, he pulled back from the kiss.

“The moment he goes to bed, you’re all mine!” He whispered loudly, a smirk plastered on his face. Hiding your face in Arthur’s hair, you nodded briefly and he spun round and fistpumped the air.

“(y/n)?” Arthur’s sleepy voice made you look down at him and he smiled drowsily, snuggling into your chest. “You’re warm.” He commented, his eyes closed again. Francis bared his teeth, his previous euphoria forgotten. How dare he! That space was reserved for him and his Frenchness only!

“Arthur love? Have you actually eaten anything yet?” He nodded at your question, a one-dimpled smile on his face. “Uhu!”

“Then how about I get you in the bath and then to bed?” It was a decent enough time for it after all. He pouted and sighed. “Okaaay~”

Smiling, you hugged him and picked him up. “Come on then~” He shrieked when you twirled him around, holding onto you tightly.

The warm bath you gave him was sloppy and he got bubbles all over you. “Arthur!” You squeaked, feeling yourself being soaked. The boy grinned in triumph, playing with a rubber duck innocently. “Mon amour? Are you alright?” Francis asked, sticking his head around the corner.

He blushed seeing how wet you were and narrowed his eyes at the culprit. Closing the door behind him, he sighed and sat down next to you. “Do you have a hairband or something?” He asked, combing his hair back.

When you handed him one, he murmured his thanks and tied his hair back. “Mon amour, go get yourself dried.” He said, smiling at you. You bit your lip seeing the glare Arthur was giving him. “Errr, maybe I should stay...”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got this.” Francis started washing Arthur’s hair despite both of their protests. Arthur crossed his arms but after a moment he closed his eyes in bliss as the Frenchman worked on his hair.

You gazed in wonder as you saw how he worked, his hands seemingly so elegant. “Francis, where’d you learn to do that?” He glanced at you casually. “I have got Matthew remember? I used to wash his hair all the time.”

An impish smile on his face, he felt rather accomplished when he saw the look of amazement on your features. “Go on, I wouldn’t want you to get sick.” He murmured, his blue eyes on his hands again.

“Ye-yeah. I guess you’re right.” You stood up, getting a large fluffy towel from the linencupboard and drying your hair.

Then you figured since it was already rather dark, it should be okay for you to wear your pyjamas. You heard a loud splash and a chuckle from the bathroom but decided not to intervene unless you heard an argument.

“Hey, are you done?” You asked, sticking your head round the door like he’d done. Francis grumbled and Arthur grinned at you. The gray T-shirt with the blue telephone box on, matched his dark blue trousers.

He proudly showed them off. “Your pyjamas are cool too!” He commented when you held him in your arms. Feeling Francis’ gaze rake your outfit, you blushed and turned. The large T-shirt you were wearing came down past your thighs and the shorts you were wearing barely covered your legs.

“Thanks Artie!” You murmured none the less and kissed his forehead. He blushed in return and hugged you as you took him to the spare room. “Will you be okay here?” You covered him up, smiling sweetly at him and stroking his hair.

“Yeah, I think I’ll be okay.” He answered. “Oh just one thing!” You sat on your haunches next to him as he sat up. “Good night.” He whispered, pecking at your lips childishly. You froze, then patted his head as he  pulled back. “Night to you too Arthur.”

You smiled as you walked out of the door, closing it behind you quietly. When you turned however your eyes were met by a scowling Frenchman. His arms folded, he leant against the wall, staring at his feet.

“Francis?” He rubbed his neck as a response and took your hand, pulling you to the living room. Sitting himself and you down, he switched on the tv. He pulled you onto his lap and you rested you temple against his chest.

His sleeves were still rolled up you noted and a few strands of his hair had little droplets of water clinging to them. Reaching up, you caught some between your fingers, smiling when they ran down your arm.

He shifted, his arms tightening around you as he bought your chin up. He moved his lips needily against yours, nibbling on your lips when you broke for air. “Fran...cis?” He frowned, his hand on the back of your neck.

“It still isn’t enough.” He muttered, almost as if to himself. Then it hit you. The reason as to why his brows were knitted and the corners of his mouth were turned down.

“Francis? Are you jealous?” He turned bright red and coughed. “Wh-what would make you think that?!”

You giggled and kissed his nose. “Ajep, you totally are.”

“Are not!”

“Totally definitely are!”

“Non, chérie, you’ve gone too far!” He started tickling you and you laughed loudly, your fits of laughter causing you to go limp in his arms.

“Okay, okay I give. But you’re still jealous!” He shook his head and shrugged. “Being overprotective and jealous are two completely different things.”

“Oh so you’re overprotective now?”

He gazed into your eyes. “Of course! And on the subject, I need to disinfect those lips of yours.” He leant forward to you, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. As he tilted his head to make the kiss deeper, the two of you stopped when you heard a voice.


Curse him to beyond Hell’s ninth ring!! Francis growled and glared at Arthur. Arthur rubbed his eyes sleepily. “(y/n), I can’t sleep...” You disentangled yourself from Francis and patted your lap.

“C’mere.” He nodded and crawled into your lap, drifting asleep practically immediately. But not before shooting Francis an evil smirk.

Oh well, looked like Francis would have to pick a better time....
:iconchibienglandplz: : U mad bro?

I apologise for any mistakes or errors or anything, I'm tired and my eyes are sore. I'm going to bed after posting this.

Also bit of a weird plot but hey, I thought it was quite funny!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always greatly appreciated~
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