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If you're a writer who's considering selling their skills, but not sure of how to set up prices or know what exactly you need to write in your information, look no further! Myself and imaginary-rose have complied a few tips to help beginning writers who want to start commissions but unsure of how to take the first step.

The Important Things

:bulletblue: The biggest thing you need to consider before taking commissions is "How well can I write another's ideas?". This is a big thing because if you're not able to put your own into words that well, it may be challenging to put another's on paper. We suggest taking requests to see how well you work under a bit of pressure. If you can handle it well and get it done within a reasonable amount of time, you're a prime candidate to start selling your skills.

:bulletblue: Know your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. In your information, you want to be 100% honest with your potential buyers. Don't sugarcoat your weakness or over emphasize your strengths. Doing the former may deter people away while the latter would make people expect more than what you may be able to write. Don't be ashamed to write "I'm not that good with ___." Every writer has things they struggle with as well as things they're great at.

:bulletblue: Look around at others and their information. Take what you think is good and build your own based on what others have written. We aren't saying copy / paste what another person has wrote; say you like how someone worded a particular thing, you take the structure and apply it to your own information. Doing so makes your information look professional and keeps people interested in what you have to say.

:bulletblue: Be firm with what you will write and not write. This is a huge thing. If you're uncomfortable with writing shota, say so. If you cringe at the thought of rape, state in your information you refuse to write it. Do not let a large price tag deter you. Writing something you hate because of the price WILL kill your muse and possibly make you move away from something you're passionate about. If you're on the fence about something; you're not uncomfortable with it but never wrote it before, tell your buyer that so they know what to expect.

:bulletblue: Be formal in your guidelines. Don't elaborate on why you won't write a certain thing. If you're uncomfortable with Yaoi and Yuri, simply state you won't write it. Don't say you think it's gross; it's offensive and screams unprofessional. Unprofessional = people moving on to another writer for their commissioning purposes.

:bulletblue: Don't undersell yourself. As a writer myself, if I see someone offering a 2,000 word story for 10 points, I think one of two things; they're still learning and not that good yet or they don't know the true value of written work. Either one of those things deters me from the writer in question. It's understandable that writing is a hard thing to sell on dA, but don't offer dirt cheap prices for something that takes as much time and effort as a piece of artwork.

Example Information

I've taken a moment to write up an example commission sheet. You're welcome to copy / paste this to your own journals as long as you create myself (KaixChan) as the one who wrote up the basic template.

"Welcome to my journal that will explain everything you need to know about my commissions. I write for (original, fanfiction, both state if you have a preference for one or the other). If you have any comments, questions, or concerns after thoroughly reading my policies and guidelines, please send me a note so we can discuss."

"I will not be swayed to write ____ due to being uncomfortable with the subject matter. Despite never writing it / not writing it often, I can be pursuaded to write ____, but understand that it may not come out as well as things I am better at writing. My strongest points as a writer are ____ with my weaknesses being ____."
(Feel free to elaborate more on these points; this is just a basic guide.)

- I have the right to refuse any commissions without explanation.
- I will not write what I am uncomfortable with, no matter the price.
- I am not responsible if your commission doesn't turn out how you wanted it and I stated that it was not my strong point.
- Commissions containing the buyer's original characters will not be posted without the commissioner's consent. (You can add this if you want.)
- If you decide to cancel, refunds may or may not be given depending on if I started and how much of the commission I've written.
Not started = full refund.
Started, not much done = 85% refund
Started, halfway done = 50% refund
Nearly completed = 25% refund
Finished but not yet shown = No refund
This is essential. Be sure to add a refund policy to your information; whether it follows this template or not is unimportant.

"I charge ___ points / $__ per page / word count. Please do not ask me to lower my prices. Writing takes as much time and effort as artwork and I ask that you respect that."

This journal can and will be updated as we see fit. We hope that this helps our members and watchers alike.
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Morrowind Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2012, 1:30 AM
Morrowind dock icon by kassit

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind is my favourite game of all time, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I've been planning for awhile to put together a game-inspired feature; unfortunately, it is very hard to find genuine fan art since most Morrowind-related deviations on dA are game screenshots (or manipulations thereof), and I found only a limited number of devs I could use.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Morrowind is an open-ended first-person RPG with an expansive and detailed world, released in 2002. The central plot concerns the deity Dagoth Ur, housed within the volcanic Red Mountain, who seeks to gain power and break Morrowind free from Imperial reign. In addition to the extensive main quest, there are detailed discursive quests for a variety of factions, including various guilds, religious organizations, and aristocratic houses.

Plot Related

Lord Voryn Dagoth had been a good friend of Lord Indoril Nerevar, but they turned against each other in the Battle of the Red Mountain, and House Dagoth was crushed and scattered. However, Dagoth re-awakened later and set up base in the crater citadels of Red Mountain, spreading his influence and seeking to cast down the current deities and eventually conquer all Tamriel. The central storyline of Morrowind revolves around the reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar, referred to as "The Nerevarine", who has been prophesied to oppose and defeat the malevolent Dagoth Ur and his followers, encompassed in a faction named "The Sixth House".

Main Story

Vvardenfell at peril by Swietopelk 1st Council by RisingMonster Lord Nerevar and Voryn Dagoth by Theophilia Morrowind: Dunmer Prisoner by x-AnEternalDeath-x Morrowind: Sixth House Dream by Sanguithar Dream Sequence - Sort Of by Hreztil Second Dream Sequence by Hreztil Many Fall, But One Remains by Theophilia :thumb333563666: Heart of Lorkhan by HestorNestor Uupse Fyr and Yagrum Bagarn by HestorNestor Yagrum Bagarn by The-Great-Shiniku Divayth Fyr by yoult Corprus upgrade by Righon Saying Goodbye by Tenshi-Inverse Nerevarine in Kogoruhn by Rastrelly Cavern of the Incarnate by Raniana Vivec by 1ndajone5 Path of the Nerevarine by Aznaddran Lord Kagrenac by TheMinttu Kagrenac's Tools by Derenge :thumb79604820: Battle of Gods by KronossLiandri TES - Disrupted Pace by Izz-noxfox :thumb79743580:

Nerevar and Nerevarine

The Nerevarine by TheMinttu Nerevar Indoril by RisingMonster Portrait of Nerevar by WilliamWeird Moon and Star by Juame Nerevarine by IcedWingsArt - Nerevar Indoril: outfit - by Ardariel TES: Nerevarine born and coming by Ti-R Nerevarine by Hreztil Red Mountain - Coloured by Hreztil

Voryn Dagoth

Sharmat by greedofan The Tribunal Will Fall Down by GothaWolf Dagoth Ur by Tsinji :thumb283160625: Dagoth Ur by curtsibling Lord Dagoth by DarianKite :thumb101630109: Praise Dagoth Ur by LandscapeRunner My Pecioussssss by GothaWolf Voryn Dagoth the Sharmat by RisingMonster :thumb86386126:

Nerevar x Dagoth

Friendship for life by greedofan Boo. by greedofan Moments that makes life great by greedofan Evening Star by greedofan Nerevar and Dagoth Ur II by TheFatalImpact Lord Dagoth and Lord Indoril by DarianKite Studying hard by greedofan Savior of the Dreaming Dead by Clockwork-Gears

Tribunal Gods and Daedra

Daily Drawing 40 by Fuelreaver ALMSIVI by GothaWolf ALMSIVI by Sanguithar :thumb300167557: The world's teeth by nadmoremtumana Lord Vivec by LordArkey Vivec by LordArkey Lord Vivec by RisingMonster - Beauty and the beasT - by mornmeril Morrowind by Draagonfly Who did you call GOOD deadra? by Abadir :thumb333894287: Never meant to belong by RisingMonster In the past by asunochka AlmSiVi blessings pic.2 by 000-Grey Azura Moon and Star by Righon Azura: Dawn and Dusk by TheMinttu :thumb73489789: Azura by GaspardART Mephala by Brand09 The Head of Boethiah by theOlven

Sixth House

Dagoth and Friends by Doomed-Dreamer Dagoth Shrine by dinmenel The Sixth House by J-Humphries TES - Ash zombie by Izz-noxfox :thumb121777200: Ash Ghoul by ValaSedai Ash ghoul by LeKsoTiger Ash ghoul by Orwan-Hull 2 by Shagan-fury Ascended Sleeper by IrisErelar Ascended Sleeper by DSiwek TES - Sleeper Wakes by calicogoat Ascended Sleeper by chrisbeaver Ash Vampire by Celestial-Polydegmon Ash Vampire by Walkingpalmtree Corprus Stalker by TheMinttu Haus Dagoth (Ancient One) by PriestMorokei The Sixth House by AmbrMerlinus


Seven prophecies by Ketzall Free as wind in Ashland by Ketzall Ashland by asunochka Hunter by greedofan Ashlander Camp by croicroga Native and his three wives by kungfubellydancer Ashlander by M-JulZ

Game Related

Fan art of different characters and OCs, scenes, battles, side quests.

Events, Scenes

Julan and the Clannfears by plangkye The Fall of Ald'ruhn by WilliamWeird TES - Sighting Port Telvanni by Izz-noxfox .Bad News. by sewreel Wanderer by Anastasia-N Welcome to Vvardenfell by Demi-urgic Sebyth's Fall of Ald'Ruhn by Sebyth Farewell, Ruhn by greedofan Malacath's Halloween by Percavius Berne Deception by Hieronymus7Z We are watching you, scum by DeepWoodian Da Valen's Gang by Rastrelly The gondolier by Lelek1980 Morrowind by Brogis There is no escape by Nordic-Dragon arganianin by 400004 Morrowind Still Life by JEMdark Jiub on his way to Sainthood by TheShieldofOak Ordinator by ArenSH :thumb159568896: balmora cut - couple and by Saito00 Morrowind by ladyofparanoia Dunmer in the Ashlands by Demi-urgic Ascadian Isles by hyperionwitch Morrowind-Dark_Elf by Blookarot Morrowind: Ienith brothers by RisingMonster Anhaedra hates his life by TheMinttu Harvalic by Percavius Dunmer maiden in glass by Righon Khajiit's-dealers by HeloiseTheSiamese Vivec by hyperionwitch Twilight in Gnisis by LeKsoTiger :thumb311529915: Almsivi Sees All by Demi-urgic Crosier of st. Llothis by Ljuton St. Rilms by Ljuton Exorcist Morag Tong by KoTnoneKoT From Balmora... by Cerviero Got Skooma? by PaperandDust TES III: Asura Shores wip by atananuk Netch Plantation by TheMinttu Good deeds are punishable, the stranger by CKyHC Pilgrim_01 by Zdhifgjzhgu Morrowind by CKyHC The Ashlands Caravan by 000-Grey Cute little scrib by Einoin

Characters, Races

An argonian of Morrowind by Momothecat :thumb263006334: Morrowind: Dunmer by thnts45 A young dunmer metis by HestorNestor  TES Aneleven WIP 2 by Velena-Gorosama Aryon .2 by 000-Grey Charm me Tevanni by Juame Morrowind: telvanni finished by atananuk Telvanni wizard by kissyushka Elf and a tree-fungus in color by Yamber Khajit by FuryOn1989 Morrowind Dude by ricey Khajiit of the Twin Lamps by lamarble Contemplation by Luthrai Kinsman of Hlaalu by Asraniel Jess and Goopy the guar by vampire-chicken Yuhha in Morrowind by Milulya Yuhha and broiler guar XD by Milulya jorney by dariiy Morrowind: Ashlands by Ti-R Unarmoured Dunmer with Spear by Sebyth Seyda Neen Sunset by KeksWolf Archmagistress by plangkye Tribunal Temple Disciple by AzakaChi-RD-17 Speedpaint: Ein by ArcaneChild Skooma by ket-golosov In Ashland by Eldanaro St. Jiub by Ketzall Ald'ruhn ash-storm by dariiy Ashlander Warrior by Brogis Ash yam by Mielipuolukka Swamp Sentinel by a-iccara Ashlanders dream by Ketzall Back to Aldruhn by Ketzall Look what I've found by Faasnu Museful Ashlander by HeavyMouse Lina in Morrowind by LikaLaruku :thumb174615552: Rufus for DarthBartus by Shagan-fury First Look by Hreztil Dagoth Gilvoth in his study by 000-Grey Swamps of Vvardenfell by SanguineDragon Boiled Netch Leather by Nordic-Dragon La' Zire - Morrowind by OblivionOverture


Kiss at Tel Vos by plangkye Caught in the Rain by hyperionwitch Unexpected by kungfubellydancer Growing Affections by Racheru - Dawn in Veloti mountains - by Ardariel Vivec and Maskerade by Lucie-P A New Spell by krakereir Morrowind-slavery delivery by jmynstyx Aeronwen and Voryn by Lady-MorningStar Our Night by Jeevana White_dame by Ljuton On Morrowind: Sleepers Awake by Doberlady That night, by the fire... by Hijiklomo


Morrowind: Family Portrait by Ti-R All truth about Sleepers by IrisErelar Morrowind days by SnowSkadi Dwemeres Disappearing by GothaWolf That's No Dragon by MasterGothren Morrowind FunFact Bull Netch by DrRiptide Azura's visit by asunochka TES - Fit for the role by Izz-noxfox I'm Creeping by sunshineley Best morrowind NPC ever by Jazon19 Looks Like Dinner by Atlur My Little Azura by Shark-Elder :thumb109925620:


The events take place on Vvardenfell, an island in the Dunmer province of Morrowind. The game environment is large and richly detailed, with real-time weather effects, day and night cycle, and a great variety of plant and animal life.

West Gash, Bitter Coast, Ascadian Isles

The Netch Bridge by IrisErelar :thumb300146727: Ascadian Isles by ValaSedai Morrowind..ish. by s0fus-snk Bitter Coast by TheMinttu morrowind by Milulya Morrowind Scape by Dremorax Somewhere in Ascadian Isles by Jorsoran In Morrowind by Jorsoran Path in the Hills by MKelland Morrowind - Ancestral Tomb by Arikhana :thumb328117192: Koal Cave by ValaSedai environment 01 by Ardariel Morrowind Style LandScape by coleruto Bitter Coast by yoplatz Ash Swamp by Tamriel-Rebuilt A View of Morrowind by mangoandpeaches

Grazelands, Azura's Coast, Sheogorad

Morrowind 1 by pietruszkowykr00lik Azura by dinmenel Sunset in Morrowind by Psyjick Morrowind landscape by Eldanaro :thumb340858548: At the Sanctus Shrine by ValaSedai Grazelands Caravan by TheMinttu Shepherd's Watch by THODRAGONFIRE An ancient ruins by Lelek1980 Dunmeri Temple by I-Worm

Ashlands, Molag Amur, Red Mountain

Trouble on the Winds by Demi-urgic Beyond the Ghostfence by Lelek1980 The Red mountain by LeKsoTiger Red Mountain by Skullbastard Red Mountain by Lelek1980 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind by vopoha Bal Isra by dinmenel Molag Amur by dinmenel :thumb347547889: Foyada Mamaea by fifi-la-fumeuse Molag Amur by hyperionwitch Morning in the Ashlands by Dremorax Ghostgate by Shagan-fury Cave - Enterance by Blervakh Somewhere in Vvardenfell by kitendawili Moons over Ashlands by isibis7 Ash Sands by 000-Grey Into the Ashlands by CapraScriba Dwemer ruins by Jorsoran Morrowind: Daedric Ruins at Sunset by MadEvilLydia Peace Over Red Mountan by Kiarushka


Towns, villages, cities of Vvardenfell. The developers, rather than choosing the common Medieval European setting of fantasy games, took elements from Egyptian, early Japanese, and Middle Eastern cultures.

Vivec City

Vivec sunset by Swietopelk Vivec street by Shagan-fury In Vivek by Jorsoran A view to the Palace of Vivec. by I-Worm Vivec by jupotter :thumb287613553: Ordinator by Kygetsu Law and Order by TheMinttu we're watching you, scum by Chilkat  Ordinator speedy by Parkhurst Morrowind Fan Art - Ordinator by DADDY-Z3RO

Hlaalu Towns

Ascadian Isles by SnowSkadi Morrowind. Suran on lake Masobi. by VorinEpo Morrowind Balmora v1_wip? by Saito00 Camonna Tong by Lelek1980 Night Suran by Lelek1980 :thumb306872210: Balmora Morrowind by DoppelGanger1332 Hlaalu Councilhouse Speedpaint by hyperionwitch WIP Egypt City - middle-class district by Dhattura A Quiet Night in Suran by TheMinttu Morrowind by WH2007 Hlaalu Warrior by Shabazik

Redoran Towns

Morrowind by Demi-urgic Ald'ruhn. Silt strider port by Lelek1980 Welcome Pilgrim by Ahmad-Shah-Masud Lights of Ald Ruhn by Ahmad-Shah-Masud Ald'ruhn by Lelek1980 :thumb336524364: Redoran Guard- Morrowind by DakotaCatagnus View to Ald'ruhn's Silt Strider port by RebornOnMars :thumb291340379: :thumb212649430: :thumb299606327:

Imperial Towns

:thumb281781681: :thumb149533761: :thumb28418798: :thumb74430977:


:thumb254423820: :thumb263271516: :thumb169072312: :thumb304743746: :thumb199672135: :thumb113074747: :thumb297403383: :thumb336523520: :thumb171650710: :thumb179643044: :thumb181522196: :thumb318382861: :thumb208167544: :thumb107331769: :thumb315119605: :thumb317582139:

Flora and Fauna

Animals, plants, monsters of Vvardenfell


:thumb116198175: :thumb123972776: :thumb171014692: :thumb158374175: :thumb35716179: :thumb118978546: :thumb115419535: :thumb260965682: :thumb158599749: :thumb101790543: :thumb334484534: :thumb307776196: :thumb121447734: :thumb215775675: :thumb269550224: :thumb115086538: :thumb127487897: :thumb160062955: :thumb299076582: :thumb299076849: :thumb46921089: :thumb82067628: :thumb292587021: :thumb318771861: :thumb263294025:


:thumb300157784: :thumb285755232: :thumb216947577: :thumb262257109: :thumb139474292:


:thumb110119038: :thumb80108876: :thumb44071731: :thumb191085332: :thumb183805235: :thumb325895424: :thumb257388868: :thumb256697899: :thumb261844962: :thumb126255853:

Other Fan Art

Stories, stamps, artisan crafts. For chaptered fan fiction, I included only the first chapter (or prologue), but I suggest to check out the rest of the story too.

Fan Fiction

:thumb112246312: :thumb107136912: :thumb272289966: :thumb212664376: :thumb156337083: :thumb285067557: :thumb125115589: :thumb71408062: :thumb39589557: :thumb280817157: :thumb103386613: :thumb202439209: :thumb161560417: :thumb123663409:

Fan Fiction - Mature Content

:thumb127391466: :thumb144495898: :thumb141437749: :thumb200394654:


:thumb326744889: :thumb90259105: :thumb172136533: :thumb89921009:

Artisan Crafts

:thumb279016946: :thumb307524908: :thumb307525105: :thumb274963138: :thumb215423908: :thumb340807808: :thumb296673733: :thumb274771204: :thumb301255715: :thumb316250366: :thumb283657531: :thumb290318472: :thumb173045939: :thumb287786307: :thumb199754751: :thumb284315874: :thumb36805779: :thumb277200900: :thumb136801675: :thumb286643745: :thumb346122506: :thumb303117199: :thumb174933642: :thumb209320640: :thumb321190828: :thumb325385887: :thumb203182928:

If you liked the feature, please favourite the article to bring more attention to it. For more Morrowind fan art, you can check Elder Scrolls related groups, or visit the galleries of the artists featured above.

You can check out my Oblivion feature here.

Enjoy and take care.

An Elder Scrolls Morrowind feature - fan art only, no screenshots. If there's more great art you think I should include, please send me a note and I will add it to the article.

First version 25 March 2012, last updated 10 January 2013.

Journal skin by ~Hadeki - you can get it here.
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UPDATE ON: Ebony Dagger Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 9, 2013, 4:16 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Yeah, meh I'm awesome… Didn't realize that I could tell you to just put this journal to you favourites.
That would have been much easier to count… My bad. :(
Sorry, can we start over?
Those who've already done the last rules, please only favourite this journal.
That's all for you.

For all the others read:

Ok guys, I got the idea to giveaway one of my Ebony Daggers :)
Here you have the chance to get one for free.

Just follow the rules.
:star: Hit my watch button
:star: fave this journal (to get a number)
:star: Share this journal with your watchers (make a journal entry on your page)
and comment here you did with the link to it
:star: I'll then use to get the winners.
The giveaway ends on June 23rd and I'll get the 3 winners then.


PRIZE 1: one Ebony Dagger shipped to any country
Skyrim Ebony Dagger - final by Folkenstal

PRIZE 2: one Amulet of Zenithar
Amulet of Zenithar (with chain) by Folkenstal

PRIZE 3: soul gems, iron rings and other small stuff
Skyrim Belt with Iron Ring by Folkenstal Skyrim - black and common soul gem by Folkenstal

THANKS AND GOOD LUCK! :) | Your Skyrim Propmaker

Current participants

1. Silver-Zytan
2. SweetShadex
3. Autopunk
4. guilmon182
5. nvanmeurs
6. Cattlemen
8. gtaiiilc
9. WhiteLygerMistress

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It's finally official: on this year's Tracon (Tracon 8) cosplay group :iconrintamasuunta: will once again give its loyal audience something to watch and hear: a cosplay show Axis Powers Hetalia: World at War, telling us the tale of the two world wars, the most devastating series of conflicts the world had ever seen and which changed the balance of power in the world for ever. They defined the 20th century and gave us some of our greatest heroes - and darkest villains.

From Tracon 8's programme map (translated by yours truly):

Sunday 11 am Small Hall (Pieni Sali)
During the 1900s Mankind's greatest wars were fought, wars that extended everywhere. Come to watch living history as shown by the cosplay group Rintamasuunta in the spirit of Axis Powers Hetalia!

So if at all possible, please come to see us. We have practiced long and hard for this show - a show that's over 45 minutes long!
  • Mood: Welcoming
  • Listening to: Bob Catley - Middle Earth
  • Reading: Thief of Time
  • Watching: Game of Thrones
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The Shadowscapes Tarot!

Yes, I am going to have these actually published as a deck.  I keep getting asked that, so I'll get it stated here right at the top.   Read on below to the August 26th 2008 entry for details.

The Official Shadowscapes Tarot Website with detail closeups of many of the cards, information on publication updates, and prints of each image, can be found here:

0 - The Fool:…
1 - The Magician:…
2 - The High Priestess:…
3 - The Empress:…
4 - The Emperor:…
5 - The Hierophant:…
6 - The Lovers:…
7 - The Chariot:…
8 - Strength:…
9 - The Hermit:…
10 - Wheel of Fortune:…
11 - Justice:…
12 - Hanged Man:…
13 - Death:…
14 - Temperance:…
15 - The Devil:…
16 - The Tower:…
17 - The Star:…
18 - The Moon:…
19 - The Sun:…
20 - Judgement:…
21 - The World:…


Ace… | 2… | 3… | 4… | 5… | 6… | 7… | 8…| 9… | 10…
Page… | Knight… | Queen… | King…

Ace… | 2… | 3… | 4… | 5… | 6… | 7… | 8… | 9… | 10…
Page… | Knight… | Queen… | King…

Ace… | 2… | 3… | 4… | 5… | 6… | 7… | 8… | 9… | 10…
Page… | Knight… | Queen… | King…

Ace… | 2… | 3… | 4… | 5… | 6… | 7… | 8… | 9… | 10…
Page… | Knight… | Queen… | King…

January 15, 2009



August 26, 2008

Signed with Llewellyn to publish the deck!

The tentative release date right now is Spring 2010.

Rest of the art (the Kings) should be complete in the next couple months after I finish conventions (i.e. Dragoncon).  Too busy packing and unpacking and packing for various cons, and matting prints, and dealing  with inventory to paint much this past month!

Also, nifty figurines of some of the tarot pieces:…


June 2, 2008

A couple of people have noticed the familiarity of my recent Queen of Swords, so for giggles, here's the old original painting I had of the concept:

and Now:…

I like to think there has been improvements in the intervening 7 years, and a whole lot of watercolor experience that I didn't have when I did that digital painting back then!


May 20, 2008

I've often read other tarot artists comment that as they work their way through this project their life starts to mirror each card that is currently at the drawing table.  

Some have mentioned to me recently it seems I've been going faster lately, and it does feel that way -- I came to the Queen of Cups and knew instantly what I wanted for her.  It was a scribbled sketch I had made years ago of a woman dancing across the wave tops on the backs of sea turtles.  "Where the Sea Meets the Sky" I had scribbled in the margin.  I always meant to paint her, but she was just waiting for the right moment to make her appearance.  And then as I flipped through my old sketchbooks looking for ideas a few weeks ago I saw her and knew that was my Queen of creativity and imagination.

It's been as if her spirit has suffused me and pushed me through for these next few cards; even finally telling me how to approach the Ten of Swords which I had been wrangling with for months now.  

I've been coming down to the last few cards and I really just didn't want to leave the Ten of Swords to be the final piece in this four year long journey that started with the plunge of the Fool from her perch into the unknown.   Just doesn't seem like it would be a good omen for the final note.  It has been a very difficult card for me to approach because I am in general very positive, and find myself very fortunate; and this reflects in my art.  Darker imagery is very hard for me to create (The Tower, Three of Swords, Eight of Swords have all been difficult) -- but I do not want this deck to be all light and fluff.  So I try very hard.  The Rider-Waite image for the ten of swords is a man lying face down with ten swords stabbing through his back.  How do I claim that image as my own and give it my own brand of symbolism?  My Queen Muse finally whispered to me how, and so I set to work three days ago.

And since then it seems as if a slew of minor, exceedingly time-consuming, grey-hair-turning problems have tumbled into my lap!  "Finish this card fast!" I told myself today as yet another issue cropped up.  It was with great relief that I signed the finished image and scanned it, and with great eagerness I am looking forward to starting the rest of the Queens.  Now that the troublesome Ten of Swords is out of the way, it's smooth sailing!


January 29, 2008

The infinite glory of the ocean on the mind.  I've been watching the BBC's Blue Planet series that my scuba-dive-fanatic father got for Christmas, and just been fascinated by the beauty and alien diversity of the seas.  I did sketch the 9 of cups before I laid eyes on those, but they definitely provided ample inspiration when it came time to paint and give life to the piece.  Swirling masses of fish in the open blue.  To the Chinese, fish are symbols of health, fortune, and long life.  Vast schools I thought would be apt for the 9 and 10.

And so, the cups are now done too.  Moving on to wands.  I know, 10 of swords still incomplete, but that one has me stumped.  I wonder if by avoiding it I grant the image that much more expectation and power, but I just cannot think of a way to approach that one yet.


December 17, 2007

Over half a year since I last wrote something here!  In most of the cards since my last journal entry I've kinda put my rambling thoughts into the descriptions instead though, so I've felt less of a need to expound more on them here.  

At any rate... 19 more to go now.  As I get closer and closer to completion, I have this mixture of both excitement and dread at that prospect.  For one, I have to pull my head out of the clouds of artistic ignorant bliss and start to ponder the logistics and various considerations of publishing.  I am still caught in whether or not to self publish, or to go with a larger publisher like Llewellyn, or even something in between.  I've spoken to many publishers already but still have not settled on anything.  If anyone out there has actual experience working with Llewellyn and wants to share with me how that worked out, I would greatly appreciate it -- drop me a private note or email!  I feel a bit like the Seven of Cups… at this juncture.

I've started jumping around from card to card and not sticking to a regimental order now that I'm down to the 8, 9, 10 for each suit.  I'm also making a very conscious effort to push myself artistically a bit with these, and not stick to my formulae.  Like the overhead view of the fox and badger facing off in the Seven of Wands… .  Also, trying for closer up views… , so that everything is not so distant, and large sweeping negative spaces in the background… .  This whole project has always foremost been a personal challenge for myself, artistically; to push and try to make each card as I go a new best, while exploring the imagery of archetypes.

Just a few other random trivia notes about recent pieces.

I was stuck for weeks on what to do for the Eight of Pentacles… .
Ironically, my backyard was being inundated by the large spiders weaving elaborately large webs that would sparkle beautifully each morning.  One of them even wove her net across my front porch.  My husband jokingly called it our real life Halloween decoration.  He suggested I paint those spiders one day as we were walking, and then it hit me that yes they were perfect for the Eight of Pentacles, and the answer to my block!  About a week later, all the spiders vanished; as if they had come to tell me this and then were done.

Nine of Pentacles…
I've wanted to paint a piano for a while -- was just waiting for the right opportunity for it.  I've played the piano myself since I was 5 years old. A version of this sketch this actually started out as an initial proposal for a Cicada magazine cover illustration, but they discarded it.  Said all the animals that I had lounging on the piano in the initial proposal made it look like Disney.


April 30, 2007

After a couple of months I've finally had the chance to work on a new card.  I know it's been a while, and I've been getting messages from people asking if I was still working on it.  Trust me, after getting this far, I have no intentions of stopping.  It's just that the details of life have been getting in the way.  Wedding preparations, and a move to a new house have kept me busy, and with not enough time to paint as much as I would like!

The six of pentacles is the latest one I have just finished.  The card of the giving and receiving, cycles of dependencies between those that have and those that have not.  The sapling pushes through from the mud and muck and desolation under the shower of life and wealth from above, and at the same time the plants and branches buttress up the towering wall that the piper perches from.  

I see these cycles around me as I come to points in my life now where others were years ago; and they gift what once was laid in blessing on their own heads onward so that it may perpetuate.


April 2, 2007

My apologies for the apparent hiatus in progress that appears to have stricken the tarot project! It has been a rather hectic time for me with lots of changes in my personal life, getting married and moving new house in two weeks. But don't lose hope about the
tarot! Though it may take a little longer, there is never any doubt that it will eventually be completed.


August 14, 2006

Okay I'm being bad and straying from The Plan!

Knowing my own tendencies, and having never actually taken on a project of such proportions as the Tarot, I originally planned to do everything in order.  Majors from the Fool -> World (done!) and then working my way up through the minors in order as well. Because I -really- want to work on the face cards but I just KNOW that after I finish that "fun" part the rest of the minors will seem quite a drag. So leaving those for the end is kind of a reward for getting that far. :)

Lately, some of you have noticed, I've been kinda sparse with art updates in general and the Tarot has been grinding to a slow halt. Fear not, the spring of inspiration has not dried up! It is because of a How-To book I've been contracted to write (which by the way is half done! 144 pages, to be published sometime next year, no other info at this time). The deadlines for that mixed in with convention season has kept me pretty much fully occupied.

"Two birds with one stone" -- for the mermaid section of the aforementioned book I decided to combine one of the step-by-step tutorials with a mermaid painting for the Cups suit. 5-10 though has...well...too many cups and not enough mermaid though! So I had to skip ahead to the Page of Cups for that.

But now that I've gotten started on the Pages, I've got all these IDEAS for the rest of them and the Queens and the Knights and the Kings.  Gah!  Must go back and finish the fives!  (After the Page of Wands, I just HAD to do her after I got an idea.)

Speaking of the Page of Cups though, here's an -old- version of that card that I did back in ~1999 for some Than and Now comparisons.… I like to think I've improved quite a bit in the intervening 7 years.

There's some similarities, and quite a few differences. That old Page is by the way the first painting I did with fish swimming through the air above the water, and that little bit of imagery has been a theme to many later works. It's some personal symbolism for the irrational, emotional, the imagination, the surreal.

June 12, 2006

Five of Pentacles added.

Thought it might be of interest to show an old version of the Five of Pentacles I did about seven years ago:…


April 27, 2006

Four of Wands - Joy and jubulation.  The final composition that I settled on for this piece also reminds me of a cheerful merry-go-round, with fantastic creatures dancing round and round.  I kind of had in mind this piece as a wedding present for a good friend of mine as well, as she had asked me for "fairies and unicorns."  I had the notion that the theme of the Four of Wands would be a particularly fitting gift to bestow upon someone's future marital state of being.

April 21, 2006

Four of Pentacles is yet another image that just came to me.  I started out with the more traditional image of the miserly fellow but it just wasn't working or calling to me.  And while I stared at my sketch I suddenly realized that a dragon hording its treasure would be the perfect depiction, along with fitting into the lizardly theme that has threaded through this suit.

March 25, 2006

The project has kinda grown beyond scattered images in galleries, so I've finally gotten around to putting together a home for the deck.  You can find the Shadowscapes Tarot webpage here:…

It's funny how some of the cards, the right imagery for it will just leap out at me and it just makes sense with barely any thought, while others will sit in the back of my mind for weeks on and struggling to show their colors to me.  The Death card hit me that way, and now the Four of Cups has been an eager one too.  With the watery theme I had already embarked on, and the mermaids who had danced into the Three, it seemed natural to have a self-absorbed maiden dreamily gazing at her own reflection and lost in her own thoughts.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Barry Toffoli here as well.  I met this generous fellow at Wondercon last month and he has donated to me a huge box of winsor & newton watercolor tubes (and I really mean HUGE).  They have been put to good use in the lovely blues of this most recent painting.  Bluesbluesblues such a beautiful color! :)

September 22, 2005

It's been a long road since June of last year, but I can finally say that I have completed the Major Arcana!  The World was giving me a bit of trouble for a few months which was why she was put off until recently.  The muse just was not calling to me on it.

Now the even longer road of the Minor Arcana begins, but it's nice to be able to put one phase of the project down.  

July 19, 2005

Yes, I know I haven't done the World yet, but the ideas for the aces came popping into my head a couple weeks ago and I could not resist their siren call.  They wanted to be drawn -now-, and so I present to you the first of the aces.  More coming in the next couple of weeks, each with its own animal avatar.  I will get back to the World right after if only so I can finally say I have completed the majors!  It feels like such an achievement to have gotten this far, and yet there's so much more to do with all the minors still!

May 19, 2005

The Moon - for a card about illusions and confusion, I decided on a moonlit faery ring.  If nothing else, the fey are masterful at the arts of illusion, and the dangers of stepping into a mushroom faery ring are well known.

“You demi-puppets that By moonshine do the green sour ringlets make, Whereof ewe not bites; and you, whose pastime Is to make midnight mushrooms…”
-- Shakespeare - The Tempest (Act V, scene i)

April 28, 2005

Forgot to add this yesterday.  I did do another Star card many years ago for a deck that never happened.  I reused some of the ideas from that one on the more recent reincarnation.  So for those of you that are curious and have not seen it before, here was the old Star card:…

April 27, 2005
Things have been a little hectic the past few months.  Lots of travelling, and my brother getting married (with two banquets, one in CA, and one in NY). So I've fallen a little behind schedule.  But I think seeing the end of the tunnel for the Major Arcana has gotten me motivated.  

Some notes about the latest few pieces --

The Tower:
I got lots of people asking me this over and over, and I forgot to put it in the description, but "how did you paint the lightning?"
I painted the purples/blues/pinks first and left a "glow" around where I wanted the bolts to be, and then afterwards, I went back with a white gel pen and drew it in, so that I could get that really -bright- white.

The Star:
This month seems to be one of flying fish for me....
Anyway, if you're wondering why the image looks familiar, it's because I decided to base this off a pencil drawing I did about a year ago as an illustration for Cicada magazine of Tinuviel (of Tolkien).  If you've not seen that image before, here she is:…
The carp is a resilient fish that symbolizes strength, perseverance, courage and determination of spirit.
The chrysanthemums, commonly symbols of longevity, are also symbols of hope.  A neat little story I found regarding the origins of chrysanthemums at this page:…

And finally, to any cross-stitchers out there, I signed on with Heaven and Earth Designs recently, and they put together a nice special package for the tarot series here:…

February 1, 2005
Totally random idea occurring to me as I rode the subway today.  Feedback welcomed on whether you think this is a stupid idea that would flop, or if it might work pretty well.

So, as you may have noticed, all these tarot images are painted at a much larger size than the final cards will be published (someday), or for that matter than the size you see in my uploaded .jpgs.  The originals are 8.5x14 inches.  Quite a bit of detail will probably be shrunk down to pinprick size on an actual card.  The other thing is that I have had many people comment that they had absolutely no interest in tarot cards prior to seeing these images, and would have to buy a deck just for the art itself!  Personally, my own interest in this project lies mostly in the depiction of archetypes.  

The final thing is that...well, 2008 is a long ways off!

So, the proposal is that I find a small publisher who might want to take this project on, and come out with an art book of just the 22 Major Arcana when I finish them up sometime this year.  Not quite full size, but at least 8.5x11 inches.   I could include sketches and some writing about each piece as well.

The point of this being that the imagery could be appreciated at full size, and also that it would appeal to those people not interested in tarot so much as just the art.  On the other hand, to that future tarot deck publisher, I would tihnk that this wouldn't impact sales
of the deck because it would only be the major arcana, and a book isn't exactly something that could be used for tarot readings.  In fact, it might be a kind of whetting of the appetite or even a supplement for people to go for the actual deck as well.

All this is really just speculation for now.  I don't know if I could actually get a publisher interested in it, though I do have a couple in mind to approach maybe.

January 26, 2005
3 more added to the list -- Justice, Hanged Man, and Death.
Some notes regarding Death that I just posted today --
As I mention in the image description, I chose to depict the Phoenix for Death, because the card is about the cyclical nature of Death, how it is but a neccessary transition before a new path can be opened up.  You can see the next phoenix in its glowing sphere/egg in the lower right waiting to be born as the current one dies in its flaming glory.

Some of the plants in the image:
Iris (lower left): Associated with death as Iris was a Greek goddess of the rainbow, which she used to travel down to earth with messages from the gods and to transport women's souls to the underworld.

Deadly nightshade (green leaves and berres at the edges of the branch): A highly poisonous plant (Atropa belladonna) with purple bell flowers and small berries. A symbol of deception, danger, and death.

Sumac (tall red berry/flowers to the right of the phoenix and the yellow/orange colored leaves): In the victorian language of flowers, "I shall survive the change."

December 8, 2004
Wheel of Fortune up last week, and now I'm working on Justice.  Which brings me to a question.  If you've got some time, take a look at the two sketches I have here and let me know what you think:…

The goal is to get this next card done sometime in December, and that will bring me to a total of 12 cards since starting in June.  A little less than 2 a month, so approximately on schedule. :D

[edit a little while later] Okay, thanks for all the feedback about the Justice sketches!  It was very helpful, and I've made a choice already.

November 17, 2004
The first ten cards done!  Almost halfway through the major arcana.  

A bit about the loons at the bottom of the hermit piece I just posted -
When I was up on Manitoulin Island… in Canada this year, occasionally at dawn and dusk, I would see the silent and elusive shadows of loons winging out low across the lake's surface.  Their cry is a very eerie and haunting note that speaks of solitude.  Loons are also respected for their knowledge of the sky, sea and forest worlds, and were often seen in the headdresses of Indian Chiefs.

November 11, 2004

Three more cards in the intervening time.  So, by my calculations, at this rate I should be done with the deck sometime in late 2007.  It seems like such a distant date....

And here, just for the hell of it, the old version of "Strength" that I did for another tarot project about 3 years ago.…
It was a multi-artist endeavor, and though we actually made a complete deck, were never able to find a publisher willing to take it on.  They all thought it was too ecclectic a collection to be useable.  I thought about just taking this old image to use for my new deck now but changed my mind because I figure I can do a lot better than something 3 years old.

Regarding publication of the completed deck -- YES, I do intend to produce an actual deck when all the images are done.  Right now I'm not actively persuing a publisher yet, though I have had at least 5 interested parties inquiring about that.  I'd like to get at least halfway through the deck, or even complete it before taking it to publishers because I want to have full artistic control over the imagery for the time being.  

So to those of you asking, "How can I buy the deck?" Well, there's nothing to buy yet and won't be until at the very least 2008, so you'll have to be patient.  By the same token, I have no clue how much it will cost when I do have something to offer because there's nothing to base any cost estimate on now, sorry.  Keep checking back here and at and I'll eventually have something to offer you for your diligence.  

September 21, 2004

The Hierophant!
After a two month break, finally had a chance to work on a new card!  At this rate, might be more like 3 or 4 years, but I think it's just the summer season with all the conventions.  Now that things have settled down, I should have some more spare time to work on this again.

July 20, 2004

I plan on updating this journal page every once in a while with the links to all the completed images.  So for those of you coming to this in the middle, you can find the list of them easily.

At this point, 5 down, 73 to go!

*pant.pant*  I feel like I'm running a marathon....

Oh yeah, and if you want prints of any of the images, they are available here:…

June 25, 2004

As some of you may have notice, I've started on a tarot quest with some of my recent pictures.  I've gotten a lot of questions about them, so let me field those right now.  

No, this project has nothing to do with any of the other tarot deck beginnings you might have seen mentioned on my Shadowscapes site.  Those were a product of group efforts.  One of them was with a group of Elfwood artists about 8 years ago, and the other was a similar attempt by Epilogue artists more recently. The Epilogue deck was actually completed (with each artist doing anywhere from one to six cards), but when we tried taking that to publishers, we were told they didn't want our mish-mash deck, but something done by one artist only.  Hmph!!!

Well, since I've probably been thinking about doing this for nearly a decade, I decided it's about time to get my butt moving and DO it.  My problem in the past is that I felt like I was still developing a style and skill and that by the time I got midway through 78 images I would want to toss the first half because I no longer liked them!  I think that I've gotten my skills to a point now that hopefully that won't be a problem.  And I'll be taking it slowly, one card at a time, in order.  No skipping around to ones I really like.  This way I can find something in each one to like, and think of it as an individual project rather than a very daunting huge deck.

Probably won't be ready for about two or three years.  So it'll be a long wait, but hang around and I'll have something eventually!!!

Oh yeah, and I've been asked what it will be called.  No clue.  I'm open to suggestions. :)
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This portion of the news covers Under Age Erotica, and Pornographic Content as well as cropping, blurring and barring which falls under the latter.
Deviations seen listed have been reported once before but have not been removed and have been filed as 'invalid' or 'needs more information' despite them being submitted into groups centered around little girls.

*Every single deviation you see here for UnderAge Erotica has been submitted into at least one Loli Group. For those of you who don't know what a loli is:
Lolicon, also romanized as rorikon,[1] is a Japanese portmanteau of the phrase "Lolita complex".[2][3] In Japan, the term describes an attraction to underage girls,[4] or an individual with such an attraction.[5][6] Outside Japan, the term is less common and most often refers to a genre of manga and anime wherein childlike female characters are depicted in an erotic manner.*

===========Underage Erotica===================
#  • Works depicting the likenesses of real children, whether painting, sketch, or otherwise, will be held to the same standards established for photographs of underage models.

#  • Fan art concerning characters that are considered underage minors or children in their original context are subjected to several restrictions which mirror the restrictions in place for photographic submissions and in addition may be held to the following restrictions listed here;

#  • Characters who are underage in their original context may not be depicted with "enhanced" breasts, buttocks, or genital areas.

# • Attempts to portray a fictional underage or child character as an "adult" in order to avoid these restrictions will not be allowed under any circumstances.…

# • Characters which have been portrayed as a range of ages in their original media will be classified as underage or not based upon the youngest portrayal as well as their average age over the series.

# • Fan art concerning characters that are considered to be adults in their original context have no restrictions in regards to nudity or other provocative themes other than those already in place governing sexual or pornographic subject matter. Please see other areas of the FAQ for details.

# • No photograph will be allowed to show a penis or vaginal area of any child of any age below the legal limit of eighteen (18).

••This includes infants and children under the age of two.
••There will be no exceptions for ‘artistic content’

# •No photograph may display a nude minor with an appearance of being age two or older.
••This includes any angle of shot including front, side, back or any other possible viewpoint.
••This prohibition stands regardless of whether breasts or genitalia are visible or not.
••An exception for infants under the age of two with a bare bottom showing may be granted providing that neither penis nor vaginal area is visible. Exceptions are not guaranteed.

# •Female children may be shown topless only if they appear to have not yet passed their second birthday.
••No female between the ages of two (2) and eighteen (18) may be depicted topless or implied to be topless in any manner whatsoever.

# •Minors below the age of eighteen (18);
••May not be photographed in lingerie or undergarments.

••May not be photographed in any bondage or sadomasochistic scene or manner of dress.

••May not be photographed in any clearly sexual or alluring pose.

•••This applies for both clothed and unclothed photographs.
••May not be photographed in possession of sexual toys, condoms, or any related “adult” materials.

# •Efforts to bypass any of these restrictions through the use of transparent clothing, blurring, ‘black bars’, props or other means of censoring will be considered invalid and inadequate by reviewing staff and will be treated as if these measures were not used at all.

# •For minors (primarily teenagers) caught resubmitting nude or erotic content which has been previously removed a Two Week Suspension at minimum will be given on the second offense. If the same minor resubmits similar material a third time an Indefinite Ban will be placed by staff and they will be barred permanently from operating any deviantART account whatsoever.

# •Any minor caught creating an account in order to deliberately falsify their age so that they may submit otherwise prohibited erotic content will be placed under an Indefinite Ban and they will be barred permanently from operating any deviantART account whatsoever.

=========Cropping, blurring and Barring==================
As outlined in our Official Nudity Policy there are certain materials which we do not consider appropriate for submission here at deviantART.

Attempts to submit "Adult", obscene, or pornographic works which have been slightly edited though blurring, cropping or the addition of any form of censoring block will be treated in the same manner as the submission of an uncensored work if the voluntary censoring is deemed insufficient or lacking by the reviewing staff member.

No attempt at self-censoring will allow an otherwise "Adult", obscene or pornographic work to remain in the deviantART galleries. All such works will be removed immediately as they come to the attention of the deviantART staff.

Also be aware that you may not provide offsite links to any sort of pornographic material; doing so can result in immediate administrative action as it come to the attention of the deviantART staff.

============== Pornographic Content =====================
When we mention 'pornographic content' in our policies we are specifically referring to specific subjects which we will clarify below.

We apologize if the descriptions below are slightly graphic.

The following contents are considered unacceptable for submission in either visual art or literature form and will be subjected to immediate removal without notice.

• Masturbation
Hands should not come into contact with genitalia in a manner which is clearly a display of fondling or masturbation.

• Sexual Intercourse.
Subjects should not be depicted in a clear display of sexual intercourse. This includes depictions of sexual penetration, oral to genital contact, genital to anal contact, and oral to anal contact without exception. Some depictions of same sex genital to genital contact and some depictions of oral to breast contact might qualify under this guideline as adjudicated by staff but not all will be considered an automatic violation of policy.

• Sexual body fluids (actual or simulated).
There should be no depiction of semen or vaginal lubricants.

• Erections.
There should be no use of imagery depicting a male erection that a reasonable person would believe is intended to elicit a sexual response.

• Vaginal or Anal Spreading
Female subjects should not be depicted with their labia spread or parted in any manner by hand or manipulated open or parted by any other artificial means or object. Neither sex should show the anus manually opened in a similar fashion.

• Adult oriented (sexual) toys.
"Adult toys" consisting of dildos, strap-ons, vibrators, etc. are not allowed.


TheRealShadman is an artist on deviant art whose been on DA on this account for three months and has risen in the ranks of popularity due to his guro and erotic art. Normally this is no problem for DeviantArt, however given what the the erotic and guro deviations consist of, it HAS become a problem.
DeviantArt has a set of rules which deviants are expected to follow and which Mods are expected to enforce. However, 'enforce' hardly seems to be the accurate adjective when it comes to his deviations.
Several pieces of his work have been reported for their rule breaking content, but a majority of them come back as 'invalid' or 'needs more information'.
Very few have actually been removed despite the rest of them having sufficient proof of their policy breaking content.
I will now highlight pieces which break the polices, but DA mods feel no need to remove despite their content.

One very big issue revolves around his piece entitled, Unspoiled Meat That alone is a disgusting way to refer to a young girl.
As you can see, the deviation is of a girl with only a short shirt on and her genitals and butt exposed. In his comments TheRealShadman claims:
"And yes she is 18 but she is a tiny person, and doesnt have any big boobs."
This alone satisfied DeviantArt Mods. BUT, thanks to a group who almost specialize in exposing rule breaking material, the UNCROPPED version of this picture was found on TheRealShadmans account on a site whose name I cannot reveal, but I can tell you that the website has almost no rules concerning it's submissions, including works concerning underage erotica.
In the whole, Uncropped version, the girls arms, legs and head has been removed leaving only her tongue and her brain in a oval glass jar. On her hip above where the closest leg as been removed has been written
Subject 7
Age 12
Which PROVES that not only is the girl in the piece UNDERAGE, but the RealShadMan has LIED about her age in order to submit the image which falls under these rules:

#  • Works depicting the likenesses of real children, whether painting, sketch, or otherwise, will be held to the same standards established for photographs of underage models.

and one of those rules is:

No photograph will be allowed to show a penis or vaginal area of any child of any age below the legal limit of eighteen (18).
••This includes infants and children under the age of two.
••There will be no exceptions for ‘artistic content’


• Attempts to portray a fictional underage or child character as an "adult" in order to avoid these restrictions will not be allowed under any circumstances.

A link to the whole image was provided in the reports against the image, however the Mods seem to have totally ignored this link for it would have been made obvious that this piece violates more than one policy and would have been removed.

==========Other Policy Violating Submissions

Attempts to submit "Adult", obscene, or pornographic works which have been slightly edited though blurring, cropping or the addition of any form of censoring block will be treated in the same manner as the submission of an uncensored work if the voluntary censoring is deemed insufficient or lacking by the reviewing staff member.

No attempt at self-censoring will allow an otherwise "Adult", obscene or pornographic work to remain in the deviantART galleries. All such works will be removed immediately as they come to the attention of the deviantART staff.

• Sexual body fluids (actual or simulated).
There should be no depiction of semen or vaginal lubricants.

Reports of TheRealShadman have been ignored by mods. By bringing these pieces public, I hope that people will see these and will no longer be oblivious to the kind of pieces DA mods are accepting despite the rules set down for submissions, and I hope that Mods can't hide behind 'invalid' reports any longer. They can't hide and pretend any more. Hundreds of people will see these and turn to mods and question their ability to do their jobs.


One mod who seems particularly unable to do their jobs correctly is Chix0r.

Chix0r has in fact edited FAQ#325 concerning divulging the reasons behind deviants bans.
Go read it and tell me if you notice it's different. If you have not before read the FAQ then please go here to see what it looked like before Chix0r had edited it to suit her needs.
Why would she change it?
That's because Chix0r was openly discussing the reasons as to why some deviants were banned even though the ORIGINAL FAQ stated:

"Due to privacy concerns, we can not disclose the reasons of a ban to anyone but the person who has been banned. If you wish to know details about their situation, contact them."

But NOW it reads:

"Please do not contact the help desk to ask why your friend was banned, as we will not respond to such queries. If your friend has been banned, you may wish to ask them yourself to enquire as to why they were banned, but be prepared for some entertaining (and possibly untrue) reasons! :)
At deviantART, we prefer to keep the discussions about bans private, however there may be times where you see a member of staff discussing a ban reason in the community, particularly where there is a need to return integrity to a situation.

Here's a portion to the agreement Mods sign:

"8. Miscellaneous. Failure to enforce any provisions of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any term hereof. No waiver or modification of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be valid unless in writing and signed by both of the parties.…
Chix0r even ADMITS here that she is not allowed to talk with anybody except for the banned persons about the reason they were banned, she even then admits to 'amending' the rule in that conversation shortly after, but look at this:…
She tells everybody who's replying to those posts why a deviant was banned right there in the top post.

If you look here…
You can see two deviants discussing the ban of a friend and Chix0r appears out of thin air just to tell them why he was banned.

==========Only Staff Can Have Opinions=====…
If you look here, people are distraught over images of Putti  The putto (pl. putti) is a figure of a human baby or toddler, almost always male, often naked and having wings, found especially in Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. The figure derives from ancient art but was rediscovered in the early Quattrocento. Strictly, putti are distinct from cherubim,[1] but modern English usage has blurred the distinction, except that in the plural, "the Cherubim" refers to the literal biblical angels, while "cherubs" is used more often to refer to the childlike representations (putti)[2] or in figurative senses.[3]
in alluring poses but a senior member tells them to mind their own business then says that the staff has already deemed the images as okay. So only the Staff opinions matter?

FavePalmVeteran here, you local Muckraker endeavoring to bring you the truth about the underbelly of DeviantArt: Where Art Meets Questionable Moderation.
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Eye See, Therefore Eye Am

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 7:07 PM

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die."


Every time we open our eyes in the morning as each new day breaks, two worlds flow forth, each penetrating into the other, as the celestial portal gate separating them is once again raised.  One’s inner world, of mind and being, pierces the outer world of light and raw data, seeking to hunt and gather mental sustenance.  The outer world floods into our minds like a data tsunami, seeking to reconfigure the secret landscape of last night’s perfectly crafted dream state.  Both worlds do battle to rearrange and make sense of the other.  It is the yin and yang, by which we create and recreate the world – and the world invades and recreates each one of us.  And the gatekeeper, in fact the very gate separating the two worlds we each inhabit, is the eyes.  Is it any wonder that the eyes themselves are the subject of so much art?

Eye See, Therefore Eye Am

By techgnotic

Even before humans figured out that the brain, rather than the heart, was the organ with which we do our thinking, there was the notion of the eyes being the key to knowing another’s true soul.  If only you were allowed to look deeply enough through those unshuttered windows, one could see into another’s true being.   I also recognize that to be truly “seen” by another can be an equally profound and penetrating experience. And so there has always been the centrality of the intensity, the beauty, the soulfulness of one’s eyes being a prime identifier of not only that person’s physical but spiritual being. Artists have forever known that the perfect capture of a subject’s eyes is the most important aspect of any portraiture.  It is in the representation of the eyes that the “story” of the person being portrayed is told either authentically or falsely.  The rest is back-story.

Experiment by Grant-Booysen
Matter of Time by dapper-owl
Steampunk Eye I by kirkh
Soul by XxLonerEyesxX

The elaboration of the eyes through artistic eye make-ups runs the gamut from simple daily mascaras and eyeliners to the most astonishing painting, beading and artificial lensing.  The eyes become an artwork in themselves – and then are photographed or drawn by an artist, becoming artworks that are the subject of other artworks.  It is as if the instruments by which we take in the world to interpret it to ourselves are as much a fascination to us as the actual data they enable us to gather.  So much of our art is a tribute to the eyes -- the eyes that are the very reason we can appreciate art in the first place.

Beyond the Importance of the Eyes

In our concept of primal beauty is the core notion of the eyes in our concept of mystery, of our need to decipher hidden information.  And so the eyes are so ubiquitous in our symbology.  From the back of a dollar bill to the sacred insignia of just about every religion or cult imaginable, you’re always sure to find an all-seeing eye.   Even a “third eye” is invoked as the key to all knowledge.  Sinister all-seeing “Big Brother” eyes have been a symbolic  hallmark in movies from “Citizen Kane” to “Brazil” -- and let’s not forget to mention the “Eye Of Sauron.”  In “Bladerunner”, characters’ eyes are examined as the only way to distinguish true humans from android “replicants,” and eyes serve as a central motif throughout, emphasizing the fragile veil separating our perceptions of “reality” and non-reality.  

On the other hand, much of our art reflects the eyes as a positive symbol of our eternally seeking truth, beauty and enlightenment.

Earthy Eyes by MotleyLovel
Stars in your eyes by ftourini
eye of a predator by ftourini
Talking eyes by 19SaRaH92

The Real and the Mythical

That is the conundrum of the eyes, of those “second star to the right” portal gates separating the two worlds – the “real” and the “mythical”, the world of the Inner Being and the world of the Outer Data Storm.  Art is compelled to explore both.  There is the artists’ impulse to capture the eyes of others, to record their beauty and magnetism, from the perspective of every human being’s condition of being forever “outside” all others, looking in.  And in so doing achieve the impossibly rare but hopeful capture of a momentary remedy to the feeling of being alone in this world. And then there is the impulse to illuminate, often employing symbolism, sometimes as if painting with one’s own “third eye,” what it is to be forever locked in one’s own inner being, alone and looking out, trying to decipher the universal mysteries.  In either case, Art will always seek to tell the story of our eyes, probably because, as Mark Twain so rightfully said, “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

"You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
—Mark Twain


Questions for the Reader:

  1. Are the eyes always the most powerful and compelling element of any photograph or other artistic representation of a human figure?  Or can nudity, striking costuming or background effects overpower and diminish the primacy of the subjects’ eyes?
  2. Do you think elaborate eye make-ups can accentuate or spotlight the actual “essence” of an individual’s eyes – or are such creations only distractions or separate “messages” masking the true message in the subject’s eyes?
  3. What is about animals’ eyes that inspires so much artwork? Is it because of the connection that can be felt through the eyes that makes verbal communication unnecessary?
  4. Is the artist’s “exaggeration” of a subject’s eyes (making them larger or intensifying their color, etc) a legitimate form of poetic license?

  1. What are your nominations for most amazing representations of eyes:
    • Single eye or pairs of eyes in close-up.
    • Eyes in a portrait of a face.
    • Animal eyes.
    • Symbolic eyes.
    • Cartoon eyes.

Questions for Louis Schwartzberg:


Are you ever truly satisfied that a visual moment captured by your camera technology is equal to the vision of that moment as experienced through your own eyes?  Or is the continuing desire to capture what cannot ever be captured - a moment seen through your eyes - the important thing?  Is the essence of vision its inducement to want to infinitely see what's next?


For me it is like trying to catch a wave. You first have to be in the right place and time and anticipate the light and all the variable elements to capture the magic moment. And with the experience of knowing the tools of cinematography I try to enhance, compress, refocus, and intensify the emotional feeling I had at the moment I squeezed the trigger. The end result can be better than what the eye sees, because with additional post processing I continue to enhance the image and focus the emotional feeling into a purer and more intensive expression of the original visual moment.

The Golden Gate to Heaven by louieschwartzberg
On the Path by louieschwartzberg

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My photos used again and again and again XD

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 2:34 PM


I have to say this whole situation with illegal reposting is getting REALLY annoying and bizzare :XD:
Just today, I reported three images on Facebook, posted by three different sites. I have to thank Facebook for removing it almost immediately, but the bad feeling still stays.

Then I got back to DA and found my photo of wolves reposted by some 13 years old kid. I told the girl that rules of dA do not allow her to post non original stuff - she blocked me a posted a crying journal "I did not steal anything, my brother took those photos in the wild and allowed me to share them". Yeah, definitely, that's why she posted my photo :XD: so I reported her and DA was incredibly fast too - they removed the photo in 10 minutes (TEN MINUTES!!!) after I submitted the report. Very impressive, DA, thank you!

On the other hand - one funny situation. Yesterday, a wonderful drawing of a white lion got a DD - author used my photo of Haldir as a reference, but he forgot to credit me. Some of my watchers noted me about it and I just left a comment there, asking for credit. I knew author would the most likely give me credit after getting online, so I was not angry at all. That guy probably just forgot + I am very tolerant to those who use my work only as a reference to create their completely new work (drawings, paintings). But unfortunately, somebody got active and reported the image. And DA was unfortunately very fast again - they put the deviation on hold, pending request. I felt sorry for the deviant, because he lost his amazing DD day :/ so I wrote him a note. When he got online, he seemed to be very depressed with whole situation. So finally, it was me who was writing to DA, asking it to put the deviation on display again :laughing: quite funny situation, right? :XD:
I appreciate the report of a person who reported the guy for not giving me credit, I think that person just wanted to help me. But please, next time note me first, ok? I am not angry, I am VERY grateful to those who want to help me with lack of credit or illegal reposting :hug:

And the most bizzare thing.
Do you remember that  FB account which posted many photos from deviantart without permission and refused to remove them? There was a big drama with it, many deviants wrote about this problem, trying to make the admin to remove the photos. She just blocked all of us. Once more, Facebook said it was us who were right and it removed all reported photos :)
But the admin got angry and posted few stats, which directly mentioned my name, sendig her 500 000 fans (!!!!!) to flame me and my facebook account :) just because I nicely said I want her to remove my photos :)
So there were people founding DA accounts just to contact me, calling me "fucking fuck" and similar nice names. Admin of that illegally reposting site got hunderds supportive comments of people who say I will be banned, which is incredibly funny, because I did absolutely nothing wrong or at least questionable :XD: they all presented as a HATER, who also hates animals :XD:
But I got some nice supportive comments too from people who used to be HER fans but they support me after seeing all the drama that Facebook site caused ;) thanks for such support, people!

You know, it is so funny :)
When people steal my photos on DA, I really usually do not inform you, my watches. I have said it many times: I must be extremely mad, meeting very very VERY rude thief to note you, asking you for help.
Because I know I have 25 000 watchers which means that I have to be responsible. 25 000 people is a BIG crowd and if a person sends a message to so many people, it must be very responsible and careful about the message's content. I hope you understand what I want to say :)
That's why - when I finally mention some art-thief - always say "DO NOT FLAME THIS PERSON, PLEASE!!!!"

But this person illegaly, agains my wish and against Facebook's rules, posted MY photos.
The site refused to remove them, I had to contact Facebook.
And finally, it claimed ITSELF a victim, giving my name to 500 000 people (!!!!!), so they flame me like it was me who did something wrong :-)
Is not this just.... bizzare?

Moreover, I got some STRANGE comments, which are trying to get me into a possition, which would present me as a person, who wants death of the admin.
WHAT???? I would NEVER say anything like this!
So I kept replying just "Facebook removed all the photos I reported."
But admin's fans still use "woxys wants the death of the site's admin" as an argument against me, although I have NEVER said anything like that! :XD:
Bizzare, really!

The most important thing is that I am dealing with Facebook about stolen photos and the staff is fast, always removing photos I report.
It is, indeed, their job, but I am still grateful for that. At least some justice, you know? :)
I am also happy some people who were sent to me through her not very nice posts became my supporters, which is very nice and I bet she did not expect that :D thanks, people!

So... you can imagine I feel very tired about it.
I even thought about putting all my photos on hold, removing them from sight :) but it would mean the thieves would won and I also do not want to punish my "fans".
I just need a bit of support these days.

Ummm... and now (very subsequently, yeah), a bit of begging :XD:
Please, would not be there some people, who would exchange some points for something? For example for some wallpaper I would send via mail? To be honest, I will probably need a camera bag - and it is awfully expensive stuff here in my country :( so I though about getting DA photo bag (the one in my wish list), but I miss... er.... well, 2200 points :XD: there is a sale for this bag now, I would be very grateful if I could get it :oops:
But no donations are fine, I know many people are saving every point! :D
But if there is somebody considering this, please, send me a note, so we might get a deal. I am dull right now, so my only idea is wallpaper, but if you get some better idea, note me, please :)
Thank you! :oops:

And no, I did not say all that "illegal reposting" stuff just to make people pity me and to make them send me points, although it must seem so :XD:
There was just a big number of those reposting cases, so I felt tired and down and did not post any journal. And then I saw that sale for bag when I wanted to post this journal, so both issues are here together :XD:

Delayed (sorry :no:) feature for kiriban winner :)

Kiriban Prize: Karasu by SkyLandWarrior Pookie- Candy Corn by SkyLandWarrior Karmo by SkyLandWarrior
Sharky by SkyLandWarrior Quick Doodle by SkyLandWarrior Broady in Charcoal by SkyLandWarrior
Mentos by SkyLandWarrior Pikachu by SkyLandWarrior Re-Materialization by SkyLandWarrior

And at leat few ZOO shots :)

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272nd feature - Photography - Architecture

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 18, 2012, 2:24 AM

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The Hunter by painting-with-light  Spiral by painting-with-light  Pale by painting-with-light  Golden by painting-with-light

I have decided to dedicate my 272nd Journal Feature to Photography – Architecture

Chateau Nienoord by Oer-Wout  In thy Splendor,I rejoice by JonnyGoodboy  *Palais Garnier* by erhansasmaz  Hard Light by Maesta-Dara  Sacramentum by MalowanyKot  Entrance To The Arab Baths In Palma by skarzynscy  Field Of Gold by Willbo91  Afternoon Coffee by Val-Faustino  Lightly I Tread Within These Hallowed Halls by Cluke111  Frankfurt 3 by MatthiasHaltenhof  Lantau Island - Hong Kong by ruthsantcortis  3 Towers.... by wingsofdragons  future by augenweide  The Asylum by KillerRu  Archetype by Kancano  Monserrate Palace II by Ullises  -+-Coming storm-+- by TalviEnkeli  Peles Castle by AlexandruGatea  Peniche Fortress by Jack-Nobre  Where Fairytales begin... by Kiwi29  fotograf by demlichay  The Bothy by GlassHouse-1  Rural New Hampshire by sharktankfan  Tempe Center for the Arts by yungstar  Maias by tanja1983  A Distance there is... by Hellenak  Temple de l'amour by GabrielleBlin  St Pauls Church Drighlington by GaryTaffinder  Paradox by TheJediClone  Garden Tea House by IainInJapan  Dark Castel by Utgardar  I've seen Nessie by XxCareysShadowxX  Dama De Elche by Aifilyu  :thumb321379961:  cliche II by SteelProphet  10 Trinity Square 2 by thegreatmisto  Barn Red by LydiaRhianne  Phra Mondob at Wat Pho by David-Will  Abiyaneh by TheGlassCeiling  Karlstejn by PetiAlice  :thumb321401672:  2012-08-15 Wedbush Bldg near 7th and Fig, L.A. II by novectors  torre agbar by thailaun  Snowy Retreat by Aquilapse  :thumb321384895:  Life's a rollercoaster by LadyAphrodite6  What time is it at the Tower Bridge? by KanonChou  Paleontology museum by Korin-nya  Russian monument World War II by edelstahlkocher  Itsukushima shrine by K-Nakano

This weeks feature from random deviants:
:thumb310991424:    triplets by sonafoitova  Save me by vigy0ri  :thumb315251122:  Parrot Potrait by JoyAlma

Which dA category would you like to see featured next week?…
"To inform you lazy people(though it would be worth your while to read the short article), An 11 year old boy was pinned at the neck and stripped naked by two middle school girls, which basically makes it a misdemeanor battery charge, and more. The boys mother called the police, but they didn't take it seriously until fox started asking questions.

The main issue is that the girls are probably gonna be left of easy and only get a slap on the wrist. While if it was 2 middle school guys doing that to a 11 year old girl (just flipped situation) they would have been given a nice spot on the sex offenders register and time in juve, essentially ruining their lives..

This is basically double standards at play here, and i want to know what the rest of you think about all of this? Should the girls be sent to juve and put on the sex offenders watch list for what the charges they would get?

In my opinion, it seems woman do want equality, but only when its convenient for them.
What do you think?
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