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My Orc cosplay from Anime Boston 2012!
Four hours of make-up application.... but so worth it.

Hand made costume.
Makeup and Bald cap from Mehron.
Hand sculpted nose bridge with wax/putty from Mehron.
Staff borrowed from =Pyek

This was the third day using the same bald cap. I'm actually really impressed with how it held up. :)

Photographer: ~dmcfoto

See the rest of the photo shoot with me and my kahjiit sisters!:
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New ID :)

Here's a little preview from my Stormcloak photoshoot which I'll be uploading in segments soon
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Got sick of looking at my old devID so here's a new one! I love this picture!

This is from the shoot I did with Volpin's Ancient Nord helmet.

See his blog post with the rest of the photos HERE: [link]

See his build process of the helmet HERE: [link]

See us on Kotaku!: [link]

I made the rest of the armor/costume.

For more pictures and construction notes, visit my website! [link]

Follow me on facebook! [link]

Photo(s) by Max Song.
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Excellent photograph taken thanks to the folks from :[link]
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I Love This Picture So Much!!!!

Thanks so much to :iconremus1612: you did a very great job!!

Me as Cesare Borgia from Assassins Creed Brotherhood

More Pics here:
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Empty template of my character sheet for The Elder Scrolls Online, as requested. :D If you use it, I'd appreciate if you credited and/or linked back to this template.

Since I chose to make things needlessly complicated, there are few things that might require some explaining. Firstly, there's a sheet for each of the three alliances - blue for Daggerfall Covenant, red for Ebonheart Pact and yellow for Aldmeri Dominion. Secondly, there are also three different versions of each of these sheets: one is suitable for human and mer characters while the other two are customized a bit for those who play as a khajiit or an argonian (I changed the "skin" to "fur" or "scales", for example). Thirdly, there are two versions of each of these sheets - a .PSD file in which you can customize and edit text/font to your liking, and a .JPEG file for those who don't have Photoshop or have otherwise trouble opening the file. Pick the one you want below!


:bulletblue:Daggerfall Covenant:bulletblue:

Humans and Mer - PSD. file | Humans and Mer - JPG. file
Khajiit - PSD. file | Khajiit - JPG. file
Argonian - PSD. file | Argonian - JPG. file

:bulletred:Ebonheart Pact:bulletred:

Humans and Mer - PSD. file | Humans and Mer - JPG. file
Khajiit - PSD. file | Khajiit - JPG. file
Argonian - PSD. file | Argonian - JPG. file

:bulletyellow:Aldmeri Dominion:bulletyellow:

Humans and Mer - PSD. file | Humans and Mer - JPG. file
Khajiit - PSD. file | Khajiit - JPG. file
Argonian - PSD. file | Argonian - JPG. file


Want to use these for your Skyrim character? Now you can! 4TheOneWithoutAName kindly converted these sheets to fit both sides of the civil war as well as any neutral parties. You can find the modified sheets HERE. Both .PSD and .JPG files available, as well as options for Argonians and Khajiits.


Some other possibly useful points:

:bulletgreen: Not sure how to fill this? For reference, this is how I did mine:

Character Sheet: Noelie by Isriana

:bulletgreen: The font I used for this template is called Arial Narrow Bold. There are a number of websites from which you can download it for free.

:bulletgreen: Not sure how to get your character's date of birth? The events of The Elder Scrolls Online are set in Second Era, year 582 (2E 582). Just take your character's age, count backwards and you'll have the birth year.

:bulletgreen: How about months and birthsigns? Just this once I'm gonna spare you some googling and list them below for you (in order of Month - Tamrielic Month - Birthsign):

January - Morning Star - The Ritual
February - Sun's Dawn - The Lover
March - First Seed - The Lord
April - Rain's Hand - The Mage
May - Second Seed - The Shadow
June - Mid Year - The Steed
July - Sun's Height - The Apprentice
August - Last Seed - The Warrior
September - Hearthfire - The Lady
October - Frostfall - The Tower
November - Sun's Dusk - The Atronach
December - Evening Star - The Thief

I hope that helped some of you. Now shoo, go fill your own sheets!
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This took so loooong aaaagh!

Original meme [link] by :iconvampirisa:
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Thanks to :iconvampirisa: for the awesome template! :pointr: [link]

Oh man, finally! :faint: :la: I've wanted to do this meme since the day one, but I'm always progressing so slowly with my games that it'll take me forever until I can answer such questions as "who is your most/least favorite character/quest/faction" etc.
Anyway, here is finally the meme about my Imperial thief Bron Martes who is currently my highest leveled Skyrim character. I plan to make one for Skaila as well once I figure out most of the stuff she is going to do in the game... :D

Bron Martes & Brenna Martes me
Garrett from Thief series Looking Glass Studios
Commander Shepard from Mass Effect series Bioware
Batman DC Comics
Altair from Assassin's Creed series Ubisoft
Lokir of Rorikstead, Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, Hadvar, Brynjolf, Cicero, Maven Black-Briar, Jarl Laila Law-Giver, Vex, Marcurio, Dirge, Delvin Mallory, Vipir the Fleet, Sapphire, Tonilia, Iona & City Guards Bethesda
from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

For more fan art inspired by The Elder Scrolls take a look at here!
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I'm back from my sudden Internet break, and this is the thing I spent most of my time during it! (Other than moving my belongings to one apartment from another, that is.) I didn't count how many hours it took to finish this, but it might tell you something that I actually started filling it out 1,5 years ago. 8D True story.

Ciza'ar really is one of those characters who just created themselves. I didn't give her any specific nature or background when I first started playing Skyrim, but stuff like that just developed during the game. So, let's see what kind of cat she is!

(You really don't need to read the rest of this description if you aren't interested about character details. =') I'm mainly writing them down for myself anyway.)

1. Okay, the part one sums up some basic details pretty nicely. Ciza'ar really was born in Skyrim, for two traveling Khajiit merchants who just happened to be bored in one fateful night. Even though the parents were more like "friends with benefits" than a real couple, their daughter had pretty decent childhood. Her mother was teaching her to become a huntress when she grows up, until things went wrong. (See part two.)

The meme describes Ciza'ar as young adult, but that might be a bit exaggerated: at the beginning of the game she is just 17 years old. I don't even know why, she just is. That causes her to be a bit nave, quick tempered, fast at making (wrong) conclusions and trying her best to be some kind of a hero. And oh, even though I have completed the main plot in the game, story-wise I don't really think her as Dragonborn. That's just... Well, look at her! Really, no.

2. The peaceful life at the Khajiit caravan ended when the Thalmor described in the meme showed up. Ciza'ar's mother, the most capable warrior and the hot-headed member of the caravan, tried to attack the intruding Altmer, but she got pierced by multiple arrows before she could even scratch her foe. Shocked Ciza'ar tried to do the same thing, but since she was just an unarmed youngster, instead of getting killed she was just kicked to the ground. Though later on the Thalmor demanded her to be executed, and so she was on her way to Helgen! (The rest of the caravan, meaning Ciza'ar's father and his cousin, were also taken to Helgen. They got themselves incinerated during the dragon attack.)

3. Ciza'ar escaped from Helgen with Ralof and headed next towards Windhelm. After what she had just been through she saw the Stormcloaks as a way to get some kind of a revenge on Thalmor, but she was turned down: why would Stormcloaks want to have a kitten without any real abilities to join their troops? Angered and more determined than ever she headed then to Mage's college, where she spent next few months trying to get a hang of destruction magic. So she did, along with honing her weapon skills and befriending with fellow student J'zargo. Her ability to read maps didn't really improve during the time, though...

4. After really joining the Stormcloaks Ciza'ar, besided with J'zargo, started to roam around Skyrim. They got sidetracked more often than it would be good, but at least they met a lot of interesting people - some more likable than others. Especially one jester seemed to have the ability to annoy Ciza'ar to the verge of exploding.

(Don't get me wrong, Cicero is an awesome character! ='D It would not be possible to hate a poorly created character as much as I hate him.)

5. Ever since joining the rebellions, Ciza'ar had a minor girly crush on their leader. At first Ulfric didn't give a damn, but when the cat just kept proving her value and climbing in the ranks, he started to notice her clumsy flirting attempts. So, just before taking over Solitude, Ulfric invited the Khajiit officer to his private quarters. You can imagine the rest, but let's just say she stayed there for quite a bit.

(You can't blame me for this one, it really happened in game. u__u When I was going to get the next orders from Ulfric, he was just standing in his bedroom. After talking to him he went to his bed. What am I supposed to think?!)

6. Ciza'ar takes actually religion pretty seriously, even though she isn't too eager to say that out loud. That's why she really enjoyed especially spreading love in the name of Mara. The neclace she wears is the amulet on Kynareth, btw.

7. Oh the disappointment when the Psijic monks just left from the Mage's college without telling anything interesting and even taking that glowing awesome-ball with them. =C Oh well, at least Ciza'ar got to kill Ancano.

8. Barel-Nakh is another character whom I could write a whole lot about! Though right now I'll just say that he and Ciza'ar would probably not get along if they met each other. (I'm getting tired of this writing, you know.)

9. Seriously, the scenery. Half of the time I'm not sure are those supposed to be just backgrounds or an art piece of their own. And dragons are also cool as an ice cube.

10. Glitches would be bearable if they were just about the looks of something, but when they cripple the whole game and make completing tasks impossible... That's too much, if you ask me.

11. And the final rating! I would give 9/10, taking a point away mainly because the glitches mentioned above. Ah, and the screenshots surrounding Ciza'ar (and the dead skeever) are all taken by me.

Blank meme:
Ciza'ar & drawings *hitodama89
Barel-Nakh ~Chem0sh
Skyrim Bethesda
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