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A sand on glass animation about a little fox searching for a friend... After a long search it looks like her wish is granted...

Een zand animatie over een klein vosje dat op zoek is naar een vriendje... na een hele lange zoektocht ziet het ernaar uit dat haar wens in vervulling is gegaan....

This is my BA graduation animation film where I worked with a multiplane construction and some coffee... In total I worked on it from sep 07 till june 08 however the actual animation began in mach 08 and ended in the end of may / beginning of june 08...

Dit is mijn BA afstudeer animatie film die ik met behulp van een multiplane constructie en koffie heb gerealiseerd. In totaal werkte ik aan dit project van sep 07 tot juni 08 maar het animeergedeelte begon in maart 08 en eindigde eind mei / begin juni 08

Have fun watching...
Veel Plezier
Viel Spass
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Submission for slashTHREE's afterlife pack.
5 days of hard work were totally worth it.
Software used: after effects
PLEASE visit [link] for the rest of Afterlife pack! Believe me, it's totally worth it!
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My senior film from SCAD, finished back in November 07.

I don't know much of what to say about this. It's taken over 400 hours of work, over the course of three school quarters and a summer. It's the largest artistic endeavor I've ever undertaken.

Animated, cleaned, and colored completely with Flash. I did all the animation, layout, most of the cleanup, and some of the coloring. My friend Spot helped with cleanup, and my sister =fyuvix helped with cleanup and more than half the coloring.

... Hope you like it.

~Animation & Direction: Me
~Sound Design & Music: Brenden R.
~Additional Cleanup/Coloring: =fyuvix, Spot G.
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heeerre's my third year film! @_@ 

I worked on storyboards first semester, then animated, painted, post-production stuff, etc. all second semester... 

The boy isn't fully animated, but... as long as the story gets across right? :P I'm really not going to go back and draw more frames for him. Even though I learned a lot making this, I'm so over this thing... LOL... *starts on my 4th year film*

The only character I really loved animating is the beast character 8__8 

There's also this lame 4 minute time limit at my school for my year... so I can't extend some parts and add more that I wanted D: but... what can I do. 


hope you guys like this short though! 

View the extended credits (and a couple sound edits) on vimeo~!

my blog:

edit: ALSO COOL NEWS, I GOT THE CONCEPT ARTIST INTERNSHIP AT LAIKA THIS SUMMER!! The studio that made Coraline, Paranorman, and The Boxtrolls! I'm so excited and relieved ;___; I cant wait to see what Ill learn there!


By Fiona Hsieh, BFA3 at Calarts

Made with TVPaint, Photoshop, After Effects, Protools, and Final Cut Pro.

Music thanks to an awesome composer, Matthew Pablo! Check out his website
SFX and Sound Design by Ryan Stunkel and Kyle Potter

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**** Check out my new film everybody! Better than the last! ****

A play on the traditional folktales of baby-stealing canines, this film is a short story of theft and punishment, appropriately named “The Consequence”.

This piece is an experimental combination of live animation and paper cutouts. All puppets, sets, and effects were made by hand. I had a really fun time on this one. I had no idea how well my camera would record in a low light situation, so a lot of my time was spent crossing my fingers and hoping everything would turn out ok. Had I known the camera would work so nicely (and not blur things, as I expected it to) I probably would have invested more time in the scenery and puppets to add even more detail to them. They were created simply with the impression that small details wouldn’t be visible through the screen. With that one criticism, I’m very happy with this as my first attempt at planning, filming, editing, and producing an actual film.

This film was included in my portfolio to apply for Experimental Animation at CalArts (and I got in). Seeing how much of a success this turned out to be on such an extremely low budget, I’m looking forward to the films that come after this one that I have more time to invest in. Everyone, cross your fingers for me! I have big plans.

Music by Mikey Kirkpatrick (aka Bird Radio). Much thanks to him for allowing me to use his music for my film. It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it? You can find his website here: [link] Give him a listen. You may be hooked.



Oh my gosh you guys! I thought it was settling down at 15,000 views. The 24 hour front-page bump was over, and now this! A Daily Deviation! Thank you for everyone who recommended it! It's nice to see that people like my work! I can't wait to release my future films!
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Animated Short
Year released: 2008
Running Time: 3:45

Buy the Entropy Pack online for only $2! Contains Entropy in HD, a documentary on its creation, an exclusive mp3 remix of the soundtrack and 11 beautiful pieces of Entropy-inspired art and desktop wallpapers from around the world!

Click here for more info


Harmony is a young girl living on a cold and desolate Earth, alone and longing for friendship. While trying to tune into a station on her home radio one night, she picks up a melody that leads her to the moon.

Entropy is an emotional and dreamlike short that articulates feelings of loneliness, hope, and love.
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It's about time I uploaded this. This is my graduating piece from university that I completed in November 2010. It's a 2D animated short about the power of imagination. You can also check out a bigger version on the UNSW TV channel on youtube [here].

Music: "Empty Eyes" by Olive Musique

Special Thanks:
Will Burdis, Karen Kriss
PremiumBeat, cr3ative media, Implant Media
Jesse Yue, Evelyn Gunawan, Angela Lo, Amy Weng
and all my friends and family.
Feel free to download. :)
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Death comes to claim a little ghost girl. (He's not great with kids.)

Shadows is my senior film at MCAD, a one-person labor of love that took about a year to complete. It's a piece that draws on my own experiences in working with kids; how it can be both frustrating and fun.

A special thanks goes to my family for supporting me, my friends for encouraging me, my teachers for making me get my rear in gear, and the kids of cabin five for inspiring me. You guys are awesome.

Created with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.
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My previous animation. eager to work on new one to show improvement from this one haha..
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Here is my thesis film Skeleton Key, enjoy!

I’d like to make a HUGE shout out to the following people who helped make this happen, couldn’t have done it without you!

Barbara De Biasi, who once again, did the amazing soundtrack you hear

Ruben Almeida Jr., sound designer

Lissi Leuterio did all special effects animation

Ashley McGivern, helped with most of the the lighting/shading

Animation & Coloring Assistants: Jen MarreroPaige LincecumLeonardi GuzmanJoan KimAlexander StanchfieldKayleigh ScullionOmnaya OmarKristin SchaeferJerica GoynerYvonne Husan Ho, Deven Johnson, Amanda DePasquale, & David Forte

Courtney Vonada for letting me live with you and for putting up with my “insane” sleep schedule for 3 months

And of course I’d like to thank all my friends at SVA and my family for their constant support - it really means a lot to me.

Also, please like my film on Facebook, it helps for publicity
Watch higher resolution video HERE

Dusty Award - Oustanding Achievement in Production Design 2014

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