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Rose: OK OK just one more I promise :rofl: You know how earlier I said Thranduil was creepy? Well, he's also kinda good-looking too... (And somewhere Ink is facepalming me XDDD that's our thang, people, LotR and facepalming are our thangs :iconteheplz: ) So yeah, for those of you WHO DIDN'T READ THE HOBBIT... Thranduil is Legolas' father... Which makes Legolas a prince :la: :la: :la: on this forum that Ink and I go on, there's a LotR thread, and it has a list of puns and pick-up lines... This was one of them:

"This is a pick-up line," -Legolas

You know, that's all Legolas needs to pick me up... Just sayin... :iconbadassoverhereplz:

Well that was off topic. I have another Legolas poster to put up in a second so... Just hang tight XDD

Thranduil (c) J.R.R. Tolkien
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Rose: Look at the poor thing XDD! This is the scene from the extended version of The Return of the King where Gimli makes Legolas play a drinking game with him :iconteheplz: Obviously Legolas has never had alcohol in his life (Well actually, most definitely had wine, but not like beer or ale, and most certainly not to get drunk :rofl: ) and so he's kinda like... K... And then in the end Gimli's about to pass out and Legolas is just like "I feel something... A slight tingling in my fingers... I think it's starting to affect me!"

Oh good Lord, He's just amazing, Legolas is :iconteheplz: My favorite LotR character forever~ :iconomgsocuteplz: :iconblushplz: Here's the scene for someone who's never seen it [link]

Legolas (c) J.R.R. Tolkien
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Rose: I mean seriously O3O Look, as good looking as Thranduil is, he's kinda just really freaking creepy >_< And Elrond... Can't forget him either... But Galadriel, Galadriel takes the cake O.O'' Granted this is not the best picture, i couldn't find another one, and i didn't want to use a picture where she was SCARY, but here is the best picture I can find of her being a creeper. Any other LotR fans will know what I mean... SHE IS A SERIOUS CREEPER OMG!! She watches Frodo look in the mirror and see the Shire burning and she just kinda smiles like she's enjoying it... It's just... Yeah... I got two more posters to put up after this XDD It was going to be three, but I can't find a picture for the third one :saddummy: (Ink, I can't find the picture where fangirls have to choose DX We have to wait for the movie ;_; )

Galadriel (c) J.R.R. Tolkien
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:pointr: :iconcommentplz: :pointl:

Quite simple... a small dedication to our dear Professor :heart:

If you use it, please :+fav: :hug: Thanks!
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For everyone who (like my sister) loved Thorin. ;)

If there's any other dwarf I haven't made this kind of stamp for that you'd like, don't hesitate to ask and I'll make one.

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I did a HOBBIT MEME! It was so much fun... and long...Emoji34 

the explanation:

1. Well, you all know her... the one who pocked the eye Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] ...

2. AZOGEmoji04 !!!!

3. Well... I just.. huu... I... yurk, too uggly, even if I love goblin, this one is a exception

4. Normally, Melle would say go on google... but it won't work in Middle age.......Emoji30 

5. becoz Hunting drawf is a sweet moment between two lover.........

6. Indeed... thats what happen with too much # Majestic.

7. Come on, look at that Warg puppy, He's cute isn't he?Kao Emoji-11 (Sneaky) [V1] 

8. I wanteed to put the moment were Azog kik the ass of Thorin, but I didn't did it by respect of my Thorin fan friends... but it was cool to See Sauron, Azog and Bolg all together...

9. Seriously! look how lonelly is this lil goblin! Thee too need moar time! theme too need luv Kao Emoji-26 (Cry) [V2] 

10. Kao Emoji-11 (Sneaky) [V1] I tag, if you want of course:

:icontroyandfriends:, :iconadftlove: and :iconboxjelly1: 

(c) The blank meme by :icondurch-leiden-freude:
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This photo was taken on the PlayIt / HoldfényCon by the PlayDome, and well... I liked it sooooo much, I had to made it to my ID :3

I'm Korra, the Avatar and He Had to Deal With It!

Read more on my blog (:
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*~*Edited 11/14/2012*~*

Because I wrote the comments section so long ago, when my views based around people romantically shipping my favorite "brotherly" relationships was considerably differently than it has become in recent years, (Most because of the Smallville fandom and the awesome fans of all views and shipping) and because the comment section came off as rather offensive to the people who enjoy shipping slash relationships now and again, I finally decided to go back and edit what I said in this area--as it was written so long ago when I was pretty silly, and was rather rude to certain people's views.

And I realize now that that was wrong, and I deeply apologize to anyone I may have hurt the feelings of with my angry words.

So all in all, this is a stamp that I created a long, long time ago for the fangirls out in the Lord of the Rings fandom that think of Frodo and Sam's relationship as nothing more than a deep and affectionate brotherly love, and doesn't see them as romantic lovers as many of the rest of the fandom does.

However, if you enjoy their relationship in that way, go for it! I won't change your views whatsoever, as they are your views and you are completely entitled to them!

But when it all comes down to it, I just see Frodo and Sam as brothers. And if there are any other people out in the fandom that feels the same...well then, this stamp is totally for you! Please enjoy!! :heart:


(c): Frodo and Sam, Lord of the Rings and anything else isn't mine. I don't own them and I never will. They are JRR-T's and the movies are Peter Jackson's. If I owned them, Frodo sleeping in Sam's lap would have been in the movie, but it wasn't. I only own the stamp that I made.

The Stamp Template is [link]
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None of this will make sense to you unless you've played Mass Effect 2. Read at your own risk

EDIT: Normally, I don't beg for comments, but I would really appreciate comments on this if you can. Like, really really really. I worked really hard on it and tried to make each panel with the same quality. I'm not even asking for "OMG THS IS SO FUNEY" or anything like that. Critiques? Favorite parts? Least favorite parts? Arguments? Any kind of feedback on this I would LOVE! Please and thank you!!


HOOG FILE IS HOOG. God, this took FOR.EVER. I'm so glad to be done with it, but it was so fun to do.

Things I thought I hated at the beginning, but afterwards realized were really fun to draw:
Insects (rachni, thresher maw)

Things I loved drawing from the beginning:
Quarian enviro-suits
Patterns on clothes (prothean robe)

Things I hated from the beginning and still hate:
Korgan armor
Jack's tattoos.
Jack's tattoos.
Geth (Legion)
Jacks freaking tattoo's.

02. >w>

04. I hate Miranda. A lot.

05. <3 Joker. I used this stock image for the pose.

08. I also really love Kelly. She's an awesome character and I love that she loves unconditionally.

09. If Wrex isn't an available crew member in ME3 I'm going to flip a table. I :heart: :heart: Wrex.

12 >w>

13. I was never a big fan of Ashley, but I liked her a hell of a lot better than I liked Kaidan which is why she lived. Either way, I wasn't too upset about the, er, "loss" on Horizon.

15. Before you start feeling too bad for Kaidan, know that I had absolutely no intention of ever romancing him. I accidentally stumbled into some flirty dialog and my only way out was to yell at him. Works for me, though. As said above, I never liked Kaidan. At all. (Which is why I killed him off via Saren)

16. When I first read about/watched Thanes romance scene, I almost dumped Garrus for him. Almost. Strong, silent, deadly type coming loose and vulnerable? HAWT. But, I :heart: Garrus too much. Maybe in another life, Thane...<3

17. Wrex and Garrus were always with me, always. They were my crew.

19. A lot of people think that the protheans look like the status on Ilos, but I think those are relatively inaccurate. They have the same apperance that the human husks do after transformation: the tubey thingies, the eyes, the blue light things...this is what I think they looked like before that happened to them. As far as the Collectors go, I think they mold each species to look like them, no matter what they looked like before. If they got the humans, they'd turn into the weird bug things too. But, those are just my theories. I hope they get cleared up in ME3.

21. There's more to this. My first reaction was "Oh, another cut scene, I guess I'll just get all nice and comfortable and start munchin on my little pretzel sna--OH FUCK SHIT WHAT I HAVE TO PLAY FUCK WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GO WHAT DID EDI SAY GOD WHY DIDN'T I PAY ATTENTION." And then Joker died. Thrice, before I finally got on track. ~__~;;;

22. In the lower level of the Afterlife bar on Omega, there's a batarian bar tender that serves you a poisoned shot. I was PISSED. When I found what the renegade option was, I did feel a little remorse. But not enough to chose the paragon option instead. That fucker was gonna pay.

23. Conrad Verner. Need I say more?

24. FUCK. THIS. PANEL. This was the WORST PANEL in the WHOLE THING. But God, do I love it. :heart: I dislike the way Samara came out the most. She has such an elegant face, there's no way I could have ever done it justice. Also, Legion is really hard to color.

26. (blocked out text: "GIANT HUMAN REAPER. So how'd...". I didn't realize until too late D: ) I wish this is how it went. The truth is, the only heavy weapon I had with me was like the grenade launcher or something completely USELESS against that fricken thing. AND I ran out of ammo like 3 times. But the good news is, I never actually died. Which I am very proud of, having played it on the level below Insanity. I can't believe I survived the whole thing in one shot. Also I don't know how to draw Bioware's rocket launchers, so I went with Bethesda's version.

28. I actually kind of liked Jacob. I trusted him (somewhat) and he wasn't like "OMG CERBERUS IS DA BEST". He was doing his job and he did what was right. Cool in my book.

29. I really, really commend Bioware here. I did sincerely feel bad for Saren. I was able to talk him down, but he still thought it was too late and tried to end it, but they still ended up using him just like I tried to tell him they would. But the Collector General? Fuck that, he (?) was an evil sonnovabitch that needed to go, I've always believed that...but for one small, fleeting moment, when the General was too late to release control, I did feel sorry for it. For that one instant. And for that, I tip my top hat to Bioware. And then I 'sploded him.

30. I just know that Miranda would try to take over and screw everything up. I did consider Garrus, but as much as I love him, he's more of a follower, not a leader. But Tali is my bff, and she and (my) Shepard are a lot alike in their way of thinking and the way they handle their business. I can't think of anyone better qualified.

33. THEY ALWAYS DIE. ALWAYS. ALL THE TIME. Bethesda did it to me twice, and it happened in another game that I can't actually remember at the moment. My favorite characters ALWAYS DIE. I'm willing to bet that Bioware is going to kill of the romanced.

34. If you can't read the little text without a bubble, it says that I want Renegade to be viewed less as "evil" and more as reckless, for lack of a better term. In ME2, if you followed renegade, the scars got worse and your eyes glowed red. Hmm, seems AWFULLY familiar (coughFablecough). It really annoyed me, because renegade isn't supposed to be "evil". Not as far as I know, anyway.


Blank Meme.
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I couldn't find a Kili stamp I loved, so I made my own. :) I'll probably make a few more for the other popular dwarves.

(Of course, anybody else is free to use this).

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