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Feature: Turning Japanese!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 29, 2012, 11:11 PM
Pokemon is on my mind a lot lately so when thinking of a feature, Japanese treats naturally came to mind!
OH how i would love to try some of these fabulous treats! I love the fact a lot of them are made from rice as i can't eaten gluten!

strawberry daifuku. by sorekara
yummy... by MIUX-RColors by Fuyou-hime
Nihon 0.1 by Degard
Truffles 2 by neongeisha
  Azuki and Mung Bean Truffles 2 by neongeisha 
Itadakimasu by Yiyo-no-ShashinXII. by Kellyx0
Strawberry Shortcake by Charlotte-Holmes
Hetalia Cookies: First Batch by mystiklsushiDrinking Fanta by GetlostinDarkness
  Gummi Candy Mix by ieatSTARS
  ichigo daifuku. by sorekara
Japanese cakes.. by flauel
Sushi Cake by Highwinds2CPerfectly Edible by 01demai

Japanese Tea by HantenshiRamen Cake by quexthemyuu
 The Pocky, it grows by fluffygrimace
Pink-u Cake-u by kamisukaJapanese Candy II by DeadMoonDreams

  Japanese Sweets 2 by JeanneABeck
Homemade Pocky by Charlotte-Holmesbanana by sharvani
 Green Tea Mouse by tangerinemilk

UPDATE: Thanks guys for telling me that Yan Yans are not in fact Japanese so i have removed them, i knew i would get a mistake or two!



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UPDATE 07/03

PLEASE STOP commenting and faving this!
The giveaway is clearly over....(please read below)

UPDATE 06/03

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this giveaway!
I'm just reaaaally busy, and I need some time to qualify all the contestants by going through the fav & comment list as well as my devwatchers list...

I'll announce the winners as soon as possible - until then, please be patient :)

Here's the deal:

:bulletgreen: If at least 20 people comment + fav this journal entry - one of them will win 100 points

:bulletgreen: If at least 40 people comment + fav this journal entry - one of them will win 200 points

:bulletgreen: If at least 60 people comment + fav this journal entry - one of them will win 300 points

:bulletgreen: If at least 80 people comment + fav this journal entry - one of them will win 400 points

:bulletgreen: If at least 100 people comment + fav this journal entry - one of them will win 500 points

This will end on February 28th 2013

You have to comment & fav this journal! Even if there are already 20 people who have done so. I will pick from those, who did the 3 magic things: being my watcher (before or after this giveaway doesn't matter...though I'd prefer if you watched me because of my art _), comment on this journal entry, fav this journal entry
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3 month Premium Membership giveaway! (+points!)

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 28, 2012, 8:47 AM

There's only one day left to grab the chance of getting a 3 month premium membership for free!

Contest ends on August 31st!


Only 2 more weeks to join!
Make sure, not to miss this chance of getting a sub/points!


Hi everyone!

Do you need a premium membership? Or just want to test it?
Here's your perfect chance to grab one!

There are just 3 simple things you have to do:

• +fav this journal entry
• leave a comment on this journal entry
• you have to be a watcher of my gallery

You can join until August 31st 2012

After the deadline, I will validate all contestants and pick 3 random winners:

The first winner will receive a 3 month premium membership (or 636 points)

The second winner gets 200 points.

And the third winner receives 100 points!

Good luck!

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Edit: One more day left! I will also upload the surprise tomorrow! This will be the last update ^^;

This is the final pool prize ^^

Alright I mentioned previously how I really appreciate every one who watches me, and I feel like I haven't really expressed it well so I want to celebrate by giving away more prizes! :dance:

Once I reach 1000 watchers I will do a raffle draw using a random name picker ( , and there will also be a surprise present for everyone ^_^

:bulletred: You MUST be a watcher
:bulletred: You must comment what your fandoms are on this journal (Fandom= any franchise you love to follow and are really passionate about. If you don't have one just say so )
:bulletred: You must favourite this journal

This way I know who is active/interested in winning ^^

- Once the watchers list reaches 1000 I will end the contest. I will post a journal letting everyone know.
- I will also post the drawing day (I must give space to make sure everyone is aware).
- You are still allowed to comment and favourite before drawing day.
- I will draw out the winners using the random name picker. The draw will be according to this journal's favourites list but I will be checking whether or not you completed the other 2 requirements.
- Winners MUST reply within the next 3 days or I will re-draw.
- To be an eligible winner you MUST do all three things listed (be a watcher, comment, favourite)

:bulletyellow: 1st: 1 character coloured commission with simple bg, 3x A4 prints (free shipping), 300 :points: and feature from me
:bulletyellow: 2nd: 1 character coloured commission with simple bg, feature
:bulletyellow: 3rd: free bookmark commission (free shipping) and feature
:bulletyellow: 4th: 151 :points: and feature
:bulletyellow: 5th: 3x A4 prints and 118 :points:

All winners will also receive a llama from Starija :D

1st and 5th prize winner is allowed to choose from these prints:
Magic of Love by GreyRadian Kiriban: Princess Celestia by GreyRadian Nightmare Moon by GreyRadian ROCK ON by GreyRadian Raiden - Revengeance by GreyRadian Make the Devil Cry [Update] by GreyRadian Volvagia Headshot by GreyRadian

(So far I only have one each of these prints and I will let the first place winner choose first. Hopefully i'll get more printed out soon!)

I'll keep updating with more prizes, and feel free to donate some prizes/points - you won't be exempted from winning, and there will be more winners! :D

Don't worry if you missed this chance; I will most likely keep doing a watcher's appreciation raffle every now and then!

Woooot spread the word! Everyone has a chance of winning! :D
Edit: I'll be hiding non-fandom comments and any questions (and my replies lol) so I won't be confused lol. But i'll obviously reply to any questions you have :P
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Feel free to fav this journal like a division it will be updated regularly :iconbunnyloveplz:
Ill be using words from my bento books that I own so when you see () that's giving credit back to the books I got the definition from :meow: I will also use bento blogs and any suggestions from DA members also linked back to by ()

♥♥♥♥ Bento Glossary ♥♥♥♥
Find the words fast using (ctrl + F)

Aburaage: Thin slices of tofu that are deep-fried.  Often used to wrap inari sushi and added to miso soup.  Also known as abur-age. (CC)
Aemono:  Cold dishes mixed with dressing.(CC)
Anko:  Sweet, jam-like paste made from azuki beans.(CC)
Anpan:  Sweet bun filled with anko.(CC)
Atsuage:  Thick-cut deep-fried tofu.(CC)

Baran: name for the plastic green decorative grass (FF)
Bento: A single-portion take out or home-packed meal, made to fit into a box, which can vary in shape and form. Traditionally this consists of rice, fish or meat and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. (FF)
Bull-dog sauce:  This thick savory sauce is like a semi-gelatinous Worcestershire with a soy zing (FF)

Charaben:  An elaboratly arranged bento box, with food made into shapes resembling pop culture icons, people, animals or characters and items from nature(FF)
Chikuwa:  Pureed and steamed fish cake shaped into a tube form.(CC)
Croquette:  A small fried food roll usually containing mashed potatoes and/or minced meat fried in bread crumbs (YY)

Dango:  Rice dough dumplings, eat with sweet or savory sauce (Panda)
Dashi Stock:  A Japanese soup stock made from seaweed or fish (YY)
Dashimaki Tamago:  A Japanese rolled egg flavored with dashi (YY)
Donburi: A dish served over rice in a bowl (YY)

Ebi fry: Shrimp fried in a panko batter (YY)
Edamame: Soy beans (YY)

Furikake:  Rice seasoning comes packaged in a variety of flavors (YY)


Hana ebi:   Red Hawaiian shrimp powder (YY)
Hana osushi no moto:   Plum vinegar powder, used as seasoning and natural pink food coloring (YY)
Hashi yasume:  Literally "chopstick rest" this refers to a specific category of ozaku. These side dishes are meant to contrast with the flavor, texture and temperature of the main components of the meal. Pickled vegetables are a common example(FF)
Haupia:   coconut pudding (YY)
Hijiki:  High-fiber versatile seaweed often stwed with dashi and root vegetables(FF)

Inarizushi:   Simmered aburaage, used for sushi (YY)

Johbisai/Joubisai: "always available food" aka your bento stash of ready made foods (pickled vegetables, frozen foods, furikake ect.)

Kanikama: Imitation crab stick (YY)
Kamaboko:  Fish cake
Katsu: Breaded fried meat rolls; similar to croquettes (YY)
Karaage: Japanese style fried chicken (YY)
Katsuoboshi: Dried flaked fish seasoning also called Bonito flakes (YY)
Korokke: Japanese take on croquettes, these are often made of mashed potatoes and other ingredients (meat or vegetables) then battered and deep fried (FF)
kyaraben: An alternative spelling for Charaben (FF)

Loco moco: Hawaiian dish consisting of a hamburger patty on hot rice topped with a fried egg and gravy (YY)
Lomilomi salmon: A salted salmon, tomato, onion, and green onion salad, served cold (YY)

Makizushi: Sushi roll wrapped in nori (YY)
Memmi sauce: Noodle soup base and dipping sauce (YY)
Mirin: Sweet rice wine (YY)
Mochiko flour: Sweet rice flour (YY)
Musibi: Onigiri wrapped in nori (YY)

Nikumaki: Vegetables wrapped in chicken and fried (YY)
Nimame: Simmered sweet beans
Nori: Seaweed paper (YY)

Okazu:  This is a word that refers to the protein or vegetables that come with the rice during a meal (FF)
Onigiri: Rice ball (YY)

Panko:  Japanese-style bread crumbs (YY)
Ponzu sauce: Japanese sauce made with mirin, rice vinegar, katsuobushi flakes, seaweed, and citrus (YY)


Rice vinegar: Vinegar made from fermented rice (YY)

Sake: Rice wine (YY)
Sashimi:  Fresh raw fish (sliced thin) served with a dipping sauce (FF)
Sato shoyu: Sauce made from soy sauce and sugar (YY)
Shichimi Togarashi: common Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients (wikki)
Shitake mushroom: Japanese variety of mushroom (YY)
Shimeji mushroom: East Asian mushroom (YY)
Shoyu: Soy Sauce
Soboro: A minced or crumbled meat or egg dish (YY)
Somen: Thin, white wheat noodles (YY)
Soy paper: Alternative to nori, available in a variety of bright colors (YY)
Sushi su: Used to flavor sushi rice (YY)

Takoyaki:  A spherical, fried dumpling of batter with a piece of octopus inside, typically found as street food.(FF)
Tamagoyaki: Japanese rolled egg (YY)
Tamari soy sauce: Gluten-free dark soy sauce (YY)
Tarako: Salted cod roe (YY)
Tempura: Shrimp or vegetables fried in a light batter dipped in sauce (YY)  
Tonkatsu: Fried pork cutlets, a type of katsu (YY)

Umami:  A savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes, together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Umami can be translated "pleasant savory taste". (Wiki)
Ume-su:  Ume vinegar or also sometimes called ume seasoning, is a byproduct of making umeboshi (pickled plums) Its sourness comes from the ume plums, the bright red color from the red shiso leaves that are pickled along with the ume, and the saltiness comes from the salt used in the pickling process. (JB)
Umiboshi : Pickled plums (YY)
Unagi: Grilled and flavored eel (FF)

Usuyaki tamago: Bright yellow Japanese crepe-style omelet (YY)


Wasabi: Spicy Japanese radish ground into a paste (not the same as american wasabi which is horseradish with green coloring added still spicy) *It is less spicy if you do not breath threw your nose when you eat it*


Yakitori: Barbecued chicken scewers, usualy served with beer (FF)


Thanks to
(YY) Yum-Yum Bento Box by Crystal Watanabe & Maki Ogawa
(FF) Face Food Recipes by Christopher D Salyers
(JBCB) Just Bento Book Book Makiko Itoh
Web sites:
(CC) Cooking Cute
(JB) Just Bento
(Wiki) Wikipedia…
DA members:

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Okay, I promiced two awesome artists on dA, :icontoontwins: I would give them the recipe for dango.  You all can use the recipe to your liking as well=D

Here it is...

You require the following ingredients:

1 1/3 cup joshinko (rice flour.  Or you can get rice flour and grind it, but it must be ground just enough so it's as a flour.  Any wheat grinder would work well.  Just use the electronic one.  I did it by hand and it hurts><U)
3/4 cup warm water

For Sauce:

2/3 cup water (I start out with cold water--it doesn't matter.  It's going to be boiled anyway.)
1/2 cup sugar
2 1/2 tbsps soy sauce (Any soy sause will do.  Just don't make the same mistake I did when accedently using stake sauseXDD)
1 1/2 tbsp katakuriko (dogtooth violet starch)/cornstarch
1 1/2tbsp water (i'd use this amount to help grind up the cornstarch.  Cornstarch is a solid, so you might as well use a liquid to help grind it up into a fluid before puting it in.)
*Bamboo skewers (Or, as we use, metal clothes hangers that have been cut into skewersXDD  Metal works relly well, just watch out it they get too hot>>)

Making the rice dumplings:

Put rice flour in a bowl and add warm water. Knead the dough well (or just use a metal spoon if you want to). Make small round dumplings (the size of rubber balls). Place the dumplings in a (vegetable) steamer and steam them on high heat for 10 min. Cool the dumplings and skewer them in bamboo sticks. (3-4 dumplings each stick.)

Making the sweet sause:

Mix water, sugar, and soysauce in a pan and put it on medium heat. Mix the water and katakuriko starch in a cup and set aside. When the sauce boils, add the starch mixture and mix quickly.

And then...

Slightly grill the skewered dumplings and brush the sauce over them (using a small steak brush (whatever it's called) will do).

*Makes 4 servings.

And because I feel as generous as I usually do, I'll throw in a pocky recipe as well8D


Pocky Sticks are long, skinny wheat crackers dipped in various flavored toppings, including chocolate (a stick is pictured below), strawberry, milk/tea swirl, cinnamon, almond crunch, and others, including such exotic varieties as melon.

Recipe for sesame tart pastry:

1 cup whole wheat flour
1/8 cup sesame
1/8 tsp salt
1/4 cup butter
1/8 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup soy bean jam (Or you can find a substitute.  I think we used pumkin butter for ours.)
1 egg yolk
1/4 cup water

Steps for making it:

1. Mix flour, sesame, and salt
2. Cut in butter
3. Mix jam, yolk, and water, slowly add to flour mixture
4. Roll out and freeze for one hour
5. Fit dough into mold (I am still hunting down the perfect mold, but haven't found much luck.  You may have to do it by hand.)
6. Bake, 400F 10 min

(Or, if you are lazy or are in a rush, just buy some sesame sticks or think pretzel stick and dip them in chocolate (leave about a range of an inch to a half inch so your hands don't get sticky).)

Flavors to dip it in:


1. Slice mangos and layer on top of baked shells, brush on honey
2. Layer on top of baked shell
3. Bake 400F 10 min


1. Squeeze 1/2 cup worth of orange juice
2. Add 1/2 tbs of gelatin and let stand 10 min
3. Boil, cool to egg white consistency, and pour over mangos
4. Cool pie -oh, I mean, tart - in the frige overnight.
Serve tart with fresh mint.

Chocolate...Well, just melt that oneXD

I hope I helped any, :icontoontwins:!  And good luck on making it if you do!:dance:
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The following list contains intense amounts of SARCASM for the purpose of satire and humor.

1. Never offer artistic advice or hint at the possibility that the way young and inexperienced groups of artists work might in some way be flawed.

2. Every comic must be inherently drawn better and be funnier than the last.

3. Humor is NOT relative/subjective.

4. Nothing is funny. Ever.

5. Even the most trivial aspects of your comic must be taken 100% seriously.

6. Failure to incorporate conflicting suggestions for improvement = incapable of accepting criticism.

7. Trying to quelch flame wars also inexplicably = incapable of accepting criticism.

8. Trying to explain your artistic decisions = incapable of accepting criticism.

9. Having lots of watchers = having an inflated ego.

10. Reaching the frontpage = getting Daily Deviation.

11. Every character you draw (even ones you do for commission/jobs) = your personal opinions and beliefs which you must obviously follow rigidly IRL.

12. Never change your opinion, even if new information renders your previous position undesirable/wrong.

13. Changing your opinion = being weak minded.

14. Never use yourself as the main character for a comic series.

15. Never use the paintbucket to color your comics and instead use a tedious airbrush or magic wand layer selection technique to reproduce the same effect just slower and less efficiently.

16. Drawing the same thing twice in a row = copy/paste even if you did it traditionally by hand.

17. Everything is about semantics.

18. If you don't mention some unimportant niche trivia tangentially related to your comic, that means you must have forgotten it and you want to be reminded about it... over and over and over again...

19. Every person on the internet and in the entire world have had the exact same life experiences as you.

20. Viewing a comic you have no interest in because you're too weak willed to ignore it on your own = the artist shoving their work in your face.

21. Pointing something out for ironical humor = being a hypocrite.

22. Suggesting that anime/manga fans could stand to learn about the underlying drawing structures to improve their artwork = hating all of japanese culture/history.

23. Being an asshole to an artist without giving any sort of insightful help what-so-ever = giving constructive criticism.

24. Never EVER generalize.

25. Writing a casual review of a video game/movie/book/whatever means you must be held up to the same standards as professionals reviewers working in the field.

Happy New Year everyone.
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SPIKE updates

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 13, 2013, 8:40 AM

Just thought I'd share with you guys some updates on the progress of finishing my "SPIKE" novel.
A lot of people have asked me how it's going, when it will be published and stuff. I really appreciate getting asked these things because it shows that people are actually interested in my writings, and that it just such a great feeling :aww:
I've got two news for you guys today though: one bad news and one good news. Let's start with the bad news.
I haven't finished writing SPIKE yet.
And I honestly don't know when it will be finished - which oddly enough brings us to the good news:
I've made a new, major decision in the SPIKE story that I think a lot of you will be happy to hear. As usual I don't want to spoil too much, but there is a part in the story where Spike and Sam are separated from each other for quite a long while. At first I was planning on only writing from Spike's point of view, like, what he's experiencing during this separation period. I figured that since he's the main character, the readers should only get to know what Spike knows, hence Sam would be out of the picture. But I've now made the decision that I've been wanting to make for a really long time now: I'm gonna include Sam's side of the story as well. After all, I don't have just one main character in my story. The plan was actually to have two main characters all along, I've just forgotten to include Sam, it seems, because I had more fun writing about Spike. Still, Sam was always meant to be the second main character who, although he isn't the title-character, is equally important.
Anyhow, I think this decision is going to help me finish writing this novel much faster :)
So that's the good news.
It'll be easier to find the motivation/inspiration to just sit down and write now. I've got many other things to keep myself busy with, like real life commissions and other projects, but at least now I'm more eager to start writing again :D
I'll be working on some more chapters today, that's for sure ;)

Thank you guys so much for the patience! I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long for SPIKE to be finished, but I think it's all gonna be worth it when I'm done :)
Also, when the story is 100% complete, edited and all, I'm going to go for self publishing instead of traditional publishing. Self publishing is way faster, and I feel that I've made you guys wait long enough as it is ^^;
Plus, with self publishing, I can sell and ship the book to you no matter where in the world you live! :D So that's a big plus. I promised you guys I'd let you read it one way or another when it's done, and that's a promise I intend to keep :hug:

Thanks for reading SPIKE so far! Seriously, this novel would just have been scrapped if it wasn't for all the lovely feedback and support I've gotten from you guys. :heart:

so, stay awesome! :#1:
and I'll keep you updated :)

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You can request a commission here

It may take a while to get your commission done:
  • I usually have a ton of schoolwork, which takes precedence
  • I'm a huge procrastinator (sorry)
  • I've got personal art to work on as well
  • My motivation tends to come in really short bursts


(an extra character is 10:points:)

  • Flat colours: 50Points
  • Shaded: 60Points 
aaaaAAAAA A A by sharkfrecklescoral by sharkfrecklesfreckles by sharkfreckles

  • 50Points 
Hey, get back here! by sharkfrecklescameo by sharkfreckles


Base prices include flat colours

  • Fullbody: 60Points
  • Headshot: 40Points

miska by sharkfrecklesShoreside by sharkfreckles
keto dorito by sharkfrecklesah yes the ferocious sharkmaid by sharkfrecklescan u not by sharkfreckles

(my human style's really inconsistent smh)

  • Fullbody: 80Points
  • Headshot: 60Points

it's fun to breeaaaaak things made of glass by sharkfrecklesNew OC?? by sharkfrecklesuntil your breathing stops by sharkfreckles
(not entirely sure where that last one fits in...? probably between the two base prices idk)

  • +Cel Shading (hard): 20Points 
  • +Soft shading: 25Points 
  • + An extra character is 30:points:


  • Single (flat colours): 20Points 
  • Linking (flat colours): 30Points 
  • Single (shaded): 25Points
  • Linking (shaded): 35Points
Linking Icons by sharkfrecklesi hate animating pixels so much by sharkfrecklesHalloween OC Icon by sharkfreckles

  • Single: 30Points 
  • Linking: 60Points (these are really time consuming)
Viola Icon by sharkfreckles#yoloswag2k14 by sharkfrecklesskye and irene by sharkfreckles


70Points - 400Points  depending on complexity and how much you're willing to offer :0


i'm more than happy to draw:
  • Animals
  • Humans
  • Anthros
  • Mild to moderate gore
woah there friend you might need to slow down:
  • NSFW/sexually explicit stuff
  • Severe gore (the really ""creative"" stuff hh)
Also please keep in mind that I reserve the right to deny drawing something if it turns out I'm uncomfortable with it!!
//figured i'd actually submit this so it's not just a file floating around in my

Also hey if there's something you'd want that isn't on the list, feel free to talk to me about it!
Comments disabled by owner.


Journal Entry: Mon Jan 14, 2013, 5:06 PM

okayokayokayaokay so me and B-I-U-E are holding a contest and there be prIZES!!
so you gotta draw Blue and Bunni being frands and stuff.
1ST Place = 1 pixel from me like this: Prance Through A Meadow. by Bunniy and a Full pic and journal doll chibi from B-I-U-E
2nd Place = Chibi and icon from B-I-U-E
3rd Place = icon from B-I-U-E

(sorry i couldn't add more prizes, i gotta a lot of other commissions and stuff to fo ;n; )

:bulletpurple:KEEP IT CLEAN
:bulletblue: ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! : ))

Bunni - Bunni Ultimate Reference by Bunniy
Blue - Blue ref by B-I-U-E

I'll add more info to the journal when i find out the stuffs.
if you have any questions ask B-I-U-E .w.

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