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This is my entry for the culinary arts still life contest. They asked for creative so that is what i tried to do. I really wanted to make something creative, not just food wise but in the presentation and staging too.
I also wanted to show that art doesn't have to be a painting or drawing to be interesting, art comes in all shapes and forms and i feel that the culinary arts and still life photography section gets over looked far too much. It can take just as much time and planning to create and photograph the perfect dish/photo as it does to paint for example.

On to the food. Two tiny cupcakes the size of a 2p coin filled with vanilla sponge in a silicone mold, topped with chocolate butter cream and sprinkles.
The canvas is a square homemade shortbread cookie decorated with rolled white and pink royal icing, piped with more chocolate butter cream and sprinkles. On the "table" (a box covered with a table cloth) is some left over sprinkles as creating art is a messy business, well it is for me anyway!

As always i got my idea at 3:30am this morning and baking by 6am!

food gallery [link]

my recipes [link]

Polymer Clay gallery [link]

my Etsy store [link]
UPDATE with new photo, better lighting and different cloth
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I know that this may not be the prettiest bouquet, but my mom thought it was beautiful. And that's all that matters. ~~ :]
(not to mention that it was delicious too!!)

You can have it, look at it, and eat it too!!

I woke up early for Mother's Day to create this for my mom. (It was the first food item I've ever prepared!)

Ingredients/Materials: strawberries, dark chocolate kisses, skewers that I dyed green, and mint leaves as foliage.

:damphyr:Complete photos and detailed process of making it here in my :facebook: album.

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Today I baked these little (and vegan!) fairy cakes. They are really delicious and I could eat them all! ;)

Recipe: [link]
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A production
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I wonder what a fav tastes like, and if it would perhaps make a good icecream topping.

My second contest entry for the cute monster contest! Hopefully this one is cuter than my last one.

This guy is a vector created in illustrator CS5. The monster's body is shaded using a gradient mesh, everything else is either a gradient, semi-transparent gradient or a solid color. The only raster part of this image is the shirt template :).

Let me know what you think!

If you like this design, please vote for it in the cute monsters contest by clicking "I'd wear this" on the right. Thank you :heart:.

edit: GUYS, Go check out my journal entry for a chance to win a free t-shirt of this design & feature if this design wins, you can also win just a feature if it doesn't :D.
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My contest entry for the Paper Heart Movie Poster Contest.

I guess the big question for me to answer now is, 'what does love mean to me'?

Well here is my perspective:

Genuine love is finding that one special someone out of a vast ocean of people. In the end we are all just fish swimming aimlessly hoping to stumble upon the one that we'll spend the rest of our lives with, come high or low tide. Collaboration of the two minds not only outsmarts just the one, but it also assertively fools the mind into knowing that your heart is no longer a single entirety, but instead a separate piece that has now found its other half.



When I found out about this contest, I undoubtedly had a number of ideas flowing through my brain. Luckily I had a piece of notebook paper nearby to brainstorm my idea(s)...which eventually was drawn, colored, cut out, and then cut in half into what you see silhouetted in the photo up above. lol :XD:
But no, really I brainstormed a lot. At first it was going to have something to do with chemistry class (cause I'd use some wordplay between the love chemistry, and the high school course where people sometimes pay attention more to the sweetheart in your lab group versus the actual assignment ).
However, I stuck with my idea with the fish and finding that one significant other to love. And believe it or not, the idea that I had come up with for the final product actually looks pretty close to this (haha cause usually all my ideas that pop up in my head NEVER come out as good on paper). Anyway, as soon as I settled on the heart design I made, I told my boyfriend ( :iconwhiteoutmouse: ) about it. He was pretty eager to help me out, and that made me even more intimate with the contest notion. So what I did was meet up at his house and we borrowed his brother's camera in order to take a few snapshots outdoors. I knew nothing about his camera on how it works on bright sunny days (and neither did my boyfriend at first) so we shot a few for the hell of it and hoped for the best. Turns out the settings were correct without much dial fiddling, and from the digital previews everything looked sweet. Truthfully though, the best sky shots were taken out in his yard as we sat down next to each other on the grass. :cuddle:
Lastly, I doctored up the pic I liked the most in Photoshop, added the title and BOOM I'm finished. It was a lot more work than it may seem folks. Really. But I'm satisfied. :D

More detailed image of the drawing --> [link]


Love symbolism incorperated in this pic:

:bulletpink: The paper heart: obviously reflecting the title. It's cliche, I know. But it works.

:bulletblue: The notebook paper: The paper material I used for the heart I thought would be most fitting is notebook paper. Why? Not just because it suits the appearance for the movie since it seems like a typical doodle-drawn style used for indie films, but it symbolizes the stereotypical high school sweetheart admiration (ex. where one would pass a piece of notebook paper around in class to ask if they "like" them or not ) that we once witnessed. And also because people usually associate notebook paper with school anyways. So that's a given.

:bulletpink: Fish: according to most symbolism, fish represent Eternity (an eternal relationship with someone), Fertility (cause what else are you guys going to do when you settle down? :eyes:), and utmostly Happiness.

:bulletblue: Fire coral: That yellow looking stuff you see in there is not the seaweed. (I tried to make it look as much as fire coral as I possibly could without breaking the simplistic style I originally intended). But yeah, break the work apart, and you get Fire which symbolizes the ever-burning flame of a long term relationship.

:bulletpink: Bubble hearts: (This was going to be an idea I would later edit out, but it seems okay for the moment) They represent love (durr) but as you can see they also look like bubbles (cause they're under water...hurr :dummy:) and as they move to the top, they merge. This represents communication, and the merging of the loved-ones ideas to create a collaboration of the two (this recollects back to my quote up top about how two heads are better than one ).


Anywho, I've typed enough. Good luck to everyone entering in the contest! :handshake:

:hug: P.S- I love you so very much Jason, now and forever. :heart:
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A big cup of colorful chaotic mess of things I love and make me happy!!! :la:

- Octopi
- fantasy
- mermaids
- Adventure Time
- Rainy days/ thunder and lighting from clouds with attitude
- Penguins
- Water balloons or just regular balloons
- goldfish or colorful fish
- deer with tangled up antlers
- Koala, because that's my nickname my boyfriend gave me
- Owls with fancy mustaches and bowl hats.
- Rainbows
- Tigers
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"Do not trust the Mudkips, Deviants! Whatever it is, I fear the Mudkips, even when bringing gifts"
~by someone who fears Mudkips

Has been a while, since I have drawn something. This is my entry for the "Mudkip" contest.
So how do Mudkips take over Deviantart? They build a giant Mudkip and pull it to the "End of the Internet". Then they open a gate to Deviantart and wait until somebody recognize the gift and pulls it on Deviantart. When nobody pulls them in, the just enter by them self.

I thought it would be funny, if I draw some of the "Deviant Allstars" running away from the almighty Mudkips. Except... the Guy on the right, thats me XD

So I hope you like it ^^

Mudkips (c) Pokemon
Drawing (c) me
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Had a really fun time doing this. My first time painting like this too. Hope you guys like. =}
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original - mei [link]

new version - silent serenity [link]

Oh where to begin!
Yes its been 3 short years but I've come an awful long way since then. just look at 2006's bug eyed version. Anime I do love you but you're not always a good influence! back in 2006 I started drawing figures seriously, and took a lot of inspiration from manga. I was still using traditional methods for the whole thing - black pen for the line art, markers for the bold areas and coloured pencils for the details.

then i discovered photshop! Now all my pieces are sketched out in pencil then coloured digitally. I'm far more sensible with colour now, I tend to go for more mature darker colours than mere vibrancy and i prefer the whole image to be quite soft and gentle. Anime/manga is still a major influence but I now do it in my own style. feautres are more in proportion than they used to be! gah still cant believe thats how I used to do eyes!

If i could give any advice to those who are still struggling to improve it would be this - stop worrying about it! dont let the fact that anatomy escapes you stop you from drawing what you want. We all suck at the beginning and the only way to improve is to do it again and again and again. Sure it might look hideous the first time but the next time it\'ll be better, and the time after that it\'ll be better still!
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