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Next vs, but this time in yellow color becouse im inspirated by lambo :). This theme its in 95% complete! I relase full version a few days! I want create other themes with other cars such as Ferrari Enzo and Mercedes McLaren. Report any bugs and please comments my files!

Package include:
1 wallpaper -1280x1024
1 vs
1 shell style!! incomplete
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I'm introducing: Cube. Hope that you enjoy them.

Shapeshifter Theme for OS X Tiger.

No permission is granted for releasing mods or ports. Please contact me if you wish to release a mod or port.

All rights Reserved - Copyright 2007.
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2 substyles: Salt and Wasabi
Styler Toolbar Skins
ObjectDock Backgrounds
BUUF icons
And lots of cool... THINGS! i think... :P

For a very fitting Background go to: [link]

1.8 (not released):
Complete code and color tweaking, readying for the visual updates of peppered.2

Changed Startbutton
Changed Starmenu
Added Thin Startpanel
Fixed Shellstyles (again)
Added BUUF iconset by =mattahan
Added and Changed Main Font to: Calibri

Changed Startmenu
Changed Startbuttons
Fixed Shellstyles
Fixed Colors

Made Styler TB
Changed buttons and released
lots of minor tweaks

0.5 (unreleased):
Initial build and tested in beta, big thanks to ~helpman and ~xXPeDr0Xx for giving great feedback!

Part of the Tingle Family by :iconthreed-:
Original Tingle Mod by ~rissol
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Xero © Hirogen ([link])

Thanks for giving the permission to port it. :D


Visual style includes 3 fonts; Abadi Mt Condensed Light,HandelGotDLig, and Calibri; 2 substyles - Normal taskbar and Xero taskbar.

Visual style and iTunes skin done by Marco (kidrocky7)([link])

Windowblinds,Styler TB, and miranda skin done by the great Steve (Astyanax)([link])


Please google UX THEME PATCH for which ever SP version you may have for XP to use this theme.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the patience and support :D
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Johka Theme Pack Includes:
- Visual Style with 3 color schemes. (Finally with some new buttons and stuff ;) )
- Miranda IM skin for Modern Contact List.
- Foobar setup (FooBerry - Only blue so far.)
- Yz Dock Background. :p

You can use the same instructions from my previous FooLars for the FooBerry setup.

Known Miranda issues

The Miranda skin is my first. I don't understand everything about Miranda yet, so here are a few known issues about that skin.

- The caption buttons are placed in the middle, and that may look a bit strange compared to the rest of the VS. I've tried changing several values without any luck.
- You may need to change the contact list layout by hand. (Not a bug, just how the plugin works I think.)

UPDATE 30/10 - 2007
- All programs text in the startmenu being cut off in other languages than english should now be fixed.

UPDATE 29/10 - 2007
- Extra colors for Miranda IM and Yz Dock.
- Simple wallpapers included.
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This is my first VisualStyle based on nothing but shitty M$ Luna.msstyle ....and I'm really really happy with the outcome :D
hope you like it too!!

it comes in 3 flavors blue, green and black each with a light and dark window version so there's 6 substyles

fonts used are haxrcorp, calibri and helvetia condensed, please install before using

you can mod and port and release as much as you want w/o permission ....just give credits in someway if you do ;)

thanx goes to aakio for helping with the rounded list/comboboxes, and to my GF for testing it and enduring me :D
also thx to the betatesters who didnt report anything ;)


Wow DD :D .....thx a lot!!

I fixed a small bug in the green light shell style, there was a gray line deviding the controlpanel and the specialgroup dial that wasn't supposed to be there, also for the light versions I switched to black windowtext cause the firefox statusbar wouldn't otherwise show any text in it at all

If you are bugged by the black text in the firefox statusbar when using the light themes you can add this code to your userchrome.css

#bookmark-window statusbar {
color: #AAAAAA;

for the blue version use color: #AAAAB9
and for teh green AAB9AA

that way the text in the firefox statusbar will have the same color as in explorer

you can easily find out what and where the userchrome.css is by using this site ;)
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UPDATE: version 2 is out now! [link]

________________________________________ __
Yes, yes i know, i know, almost 5 MB!

but..... it is just for 1 reason, i include the "generic" psd files so anyone can add / modify the icons at wish.

Also any of the psd files has the Vector Smart Object embbeded, so you can easily export to illustrator again and mod even more.

well i guess it's all. This icons were created for mynimal's suite, NIKA'06.

Why i named this TAKMEK? well, you will find that in the blahblah.txt :)

cheers, and i hope you ppl enjoy this.

oh yeah, please note: the psd files are compressed in 7zip, any up to date compression app could manage it, but, if you dont have any, go to:

[link] and grab a copy, it's for free!
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Skin made to match my Aquanox Visual Style

Since the deep version is more popular, I decided to release it first and release the shallow version later. I will update the current deviation instead of submitting a new one :)

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"Shiira nnColors" visual style with permission from Kei Sasaki.


Unpack all to C:\Windows\Resouces\Themes folder.
Dbl click on Shiira nnColors.theme file.

-Shiira project ([link]);
-Icons by Kei Sasaki [link] (c) Shiira Project
IdiotBox, DJ.Hmelnitsky and all others from community.

2006, evgkursai
email: evgkursai[at]operamail[dot]com
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This is currently about 60% done, but it’s usable. Not all extension buttons are put in yet. This theme uses the Safire theme as base, but final version should have all icons changed.

Recommended extensions:
Compact Menu
– For the apple menu instead of regular menu.
Titlebar Tweaks
– For the removal of Mozilla Firefox from the title.

Also recommended is Mac OS X Tiger (v1.3) for Windowblinds by Steve Grenier. The Platinum Aqua theme in it is perfect for this theme. You also need Windowblinds in order to use it.

Note: Tabs currently do not appear if the Tab Mix Plus extension is not installed. Currently finding a fix. Update 6/16/06: Fixed missing tabs in v0.6
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