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I would rather

Shave my armpits with a brick
Clean my ears out with a dick
Use barbwire without a doubt
And floss till all my teeth fall out
Wipe my shining pristine ass
On a gravely glass-strewn plane tarmac
Turn my titties inside out
And pickle them in sauerkraut
Garnish that with pubic hair
Plucked from a horse's derrière
Eat it à la mode with knives
Wash it down with a glass of lye
Stand in for a pink piñata
Rinse my eyes with Piña colada
Drink a bucket's worth of sand
And pull my hairs out all by hand
Taking days to finish the task
Until I'm bald from head to ass
Until I'm bald from ass to toe
So devoid of hair I practically glow
Making sure to grand-plié
To reach those sensitive domainés
Stand in front of a cow stampede
And let them take a crap on me
Lather it up until I'm covered
Then do it some more until I'm smothered
Stand in the humid Florida heat
Till it bakes into a rock-hard sheath
Call it art and pose for pics
Proceeds go to conservatives!
Run naked through the streets of Fallujah
Take a bullet to the face
And use the hole as a flower vase
Dress up like a bozo clown
And prance gayly through that part of town
I would rather eat a block
Of spackle wrapped in a moldy sock
Than ever in eternity
Replay this horrid Fantasy
The one with a 13 on the end
I'll never play that shit again
Not even if you paid me to
I'd rather clog my twat with glue
I'd rather staple my ass shut
I'd rather live in a dogshit hut
I'd rather pull my toenails out
And eat them with a side of grout
There are many things I'd rather do
Than consider even thinking to
Whether I can even pretend
To trust Square-Enix ever again
Fuck you bastards in the face
For ruining my free time with this disgrace
A game I describe now only by
What I'd rather do than play one more time

~Bobbie Jean Pentecost

Me: I'd rather poke myself in the eye

Audience: Okay, we get the point.

Me: I'd rather smoke an explosive joint

Audience: Yes, WE KNOW!

Me: I'd rather jump from a 10 story window

Audience: SHUT UP ALREADY for the love of GOD!

Me: I'd rather eat a plot of sod

Audience: We are not LISTENING!

Me: I'd rather drink nitroglycerine

Audience: If we ignore her, maybe she'll stop.

Me: I'd rather blow my nutsuck off

Audience: YOU'RE a CHICK! You don't have a nutsack!

Me: I know, but it rhymed and if I were a dude, I would rather…


Me: I'd rather…

Audience: NO!

Me: Drown myself in a bucket of snow

Audience: Oh, please do.

Me: I'd rather lick the fleas off a mule.

Audience: Would you really?

Me: I'd rather… no actually, I'm being facetious.

Audience: *cricket cricket cricket* -_______-

Me: Is there anything that rhymes with facetious?

Audience: How long are you going to carry on with this thing?

Me: I'd rather floss with Amy Whinehouse's G-string


Me: Don't be hatin!

Audience: Y___Y What, if anything, can we do to appease you?

Me: Go light Square-enix on fire. They must be punished.

Audience: Only if you promise to stop rhyming and rathering.

Me: I can stop rhyming, but I'm afraid I can never stop rathering. I will rather do anything than play FF13 again for the rest of my life. It is a burden I shall have to bear. But I will bear it silently and without rhyming if you go forth and rain down the wrath of hell on Square-Enix. In fact, destroy that whole side of the planet.

Audience: Um; a tad excessive, don't you think?


Audience: Er, >.>;

Me: DOOO EEETTT!!!, DO EET NOW! I must be appeased.

Audience: T__T

Me: I would rather....

Audience: OKAY OKAY WE'LL DO IT!!! ...We're sorry it had to come to this, Eastern Hemisphere, but we have no choice. *looks back desperately*


In all seriousness, there are not enough words in the universe to properly express how deeply disappointed I am with Square-Enix's latest installment of the Final Fantasy series. I have never hated a game so much in my life. I can already hear the concern-trolls firing up their concern-o canons so let me explain something. Every time a Final Fantasy game comes out, it's like Christmas once was to me when I was a kid. There was that magical feeling of anticipation, then the joy of opening presents. Sure, there were always a few stinkers mixed in but on the whole, Christmas was a brilliant bright light of joy for me. That's how I have consistently felt with every single Final Fantasy game since about the age of 13.

This time, there were no presents under the tree. That's how I feel. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. I am sending this game back ASAP and I am NEVER buying another Squeenix game again without renting first.
Before you guys get all hatey on my ass, I am a rampant Final Fantasy Fan and I have been for a long damned time.... I just really disliked FF13. =P
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The Queen's Complaint

In ruck and quibble of courtfolk
This giant hulked, I tell you, on her scene
With hands like derricks,
Looks fierce and black as rooks;
Why, all the windows broke when he stalked in.

Her dainty acres he ramped through
And used her gentle doves with manners rude;
I do not know
What fury urged him slay
Her antelope who meant him naught but good.

She spoke most chiding in his ear
Till he some pity took upon her crying;
Of rich attire
He made her shoulders bare
And solaced her, but quit her at cock's crowing.

A hundred heralds she sent out
To summon in her sight all doughty men
Whose force might fit
Shape of her sleep, her thought-
None of that greenhorn lot matched her bright crown.

So she is come to this rare pass
Whereby she treks in blood through sun and squall
And sings you thus :
'How sad, alas, it is
To see my people shrunk so small, so small.'


Found in the previous residence of Sarah Williams...

Summer has never been the same for me. Not since the summer I turned fifteen. Nothing changed, on the surface except that I stopped dressing up.

The last costume I wore was white, a dress – crude white cloth, over jeans. It had been threatening to rain, and that’s why I’d wanted to go out.  No one would be watching a girl in the park if it was going to rain. They’d all be inside, eating dinner. The park had been pretty empty. Come to think of it, maybe not as empty as I’d thought…

Well, Toby had been crying.  And I had to watch him again. I was angry, I’ll tell you that. Fifteen years of being torn between two parents, then three – and now I was expected to take care of the newest addition to our family. Of course, I would have like to live with my mother.  I did try to, after Karen and Dad couldn’t handle me anymore.
School became even more of a routine than before.  First year of high school. I couldn’t have cared less.

I signed up for Drama Club, but I never went to any of the meetings. I think I did join some other groups too – but I can’t remember what they were. I was always a fairly good student, but I just couldn’t  stir myself anymore.  Pen or pencil touches paper – and out poured the epic tales of the Labyrinth, and its overseer.  I wrote on margins, homework, napkins. Eventually a teacher found some of it and convinced me to display it.    I thought that it was strange – and became an unknown member of yet another club.

Karen, always well dressed (usually in well structured pastels), gave up on trying to make me grow up. Partly because, in a small way, I had – even as I routinely shuddered in the mornings, downing black coffee to make it through the day, after yet another sleepless night.

I saw Hoggle only once more after that night.  He appeared for only a few minutes, offering hasty a warning that the Goblin King was already wrecking vengeance wherever he saw fit – which seemed to be almost everywhere. Well, he left, and I haven’t seen him since. Then the Goblin King seemed to tire of the dead Labyrinth.

He came for me instead.

Depending on his mood, my dreams would vary. They always started with the ballroom. Every night, I’d hear the music, the crystals surround me. That white dress was clean and sparkling at the beginning. Rarely did it remain pristine. I never slept through the entire night, and more than once that music box was playing in the darkness when I’d awake.  Eventually I began to tear down my room – everything made me think of the Labyrinth, and whenever I’d remember the Labyrinth, I would remember him.

Karen at first happily agreed to helping me redo my room, but began to question my desire to completely remove it all from the house.  Toby inherited a great deal of my things, to my dismay, and the music box was left in the attic. At least once a week, I’d wake to find it on my bedside table, and return it to the attic. I tried avoiding the house whenever I could.

The library became my refuge.  Now I poured through fantasy and fairy-tales, not in search of entertainment, but answers. I learned then, that Jareth was Fae. And I learned how to keep the dreams away from me…at least most of the time.

The first night I sprinkled salt around my bed, the rustling ceased, and those mismatched eyes could only stare angrily from the darkness. One morning I remember particularly well, after a solid four hours of sleep sans dreams, I stepped carefully over the protective circle and was greeted with a crystal ball at my feet. I kicked it, and it shattered.

Eventually Jareth passed through the protective circle, but it wasn’t until I was in college. A well-meaning roommate had swept the salt clean.  I fell asleep, and found myself once more in the dream, this time it lasted so long. I must have slept eight hours, more than I ever do, but I didn’t feel like I had been sleeping when I woke that morning. I spent an hour in the bathroom, cleaning myself, shaking, before school. I sought the library again, to find other ways in which I could protect myself from him.

The iron pendant became a part of my everyday outfit. It got to the point that if I didn’t have it, and sometimes even if  I did, I would sometimes see him, in the corner of my eye, even if the sun shone, and I was in class, or walking around the campus. He would always be laughing, jeering, his grin pompous. A part of me felt drawn, but the other screamed, railing violently against the possibility of encountering the Goblin King.

I lost count of the number of roommates I had. Each experienced some form of my experience. Most complained of my screams at night, after they had “cleaned up” the room. Those who didn’t do such a service would complain of strange dreams, spheres in their beds, and feathers. As if a chicken had shed in there.

“Not a chicken…it’s an owl.”

The incredulous looks came in the dozens.

I stayed with my mother in the summers. Karen was not pleased with my sleeping habits, afraid Toby would somehow inherit my nightmares. I readily agreed to the change – I wanted to keep my little brother safe, and for a fleeting instant, I hoped that the City would maybe frighten the Fae Lord, and keep him from me. But the Goblin King would follow me – even to New York City.

My mother, with her hectic schedule, was not so concerned with the dust I collected, and didn’t complain about the scattered salt terribly often. I began to enlarge the circle, and placed salt at the window-sills, in small quantities, which kept the dreams at bay even more effectively. I had about a week of regular sleep, until I began to shake and cry at night, as if I were a drug addict, having withdrawals.

The salt was all swept away by a maid, and I didn’t wear my pendant to bed. That morning I awoke in a daze, after haphazard waking and sleeping. My mother handed me my daily bitter cup of coffee, glancing strangely toward my part of the apartment.

“I didn’t know you still had that music box.”

I glanced up, confused. There it was, clear glass, shining ominously.

“You look pale dear…is everything alright?”

“I didn’t bring it…I mean, I guess I thought I hadn’t.”

She nodded, going back to her newspaper. When I returned after a day running around the city, the music box had disappeared, replaced with a crystal. I was afraid to touch it, and hid it in a sock until I could find the time to deal with it.

That night I could not have told you if I was asleep or no, but I rose feeling beaten, more tired than when I had gone to bed. I felt hunger – not for food – but that primal, instinct. I hungered for power. It was a hangover, the morning after being drunk with lust. If I remember that dream, I wouldn’t allow myself to.  

The dreams kept coming as such, until I finally smashed the crystal. I knew it was only a matter of time before he would come for me, though. He simply would bide his time.  

By the time I had finished college, I was living by myself, in the attic of a nearby house. The people beneath rarely stayed in the house, and since it was so old, they believed the water pipes or something was having a problem, and I’d promise to look into it. I learned every way I could to prevent him. I have no life outside of it now. Each time it would work, but each obstacle he would find a way to overcome.

Every night he comes to try to take me. One night he will succeed.

Second Chapter of Magic Mirror! Been reading The Bell Jar, so we'll see some of that influence here (hopefully). Enjoy!

Story (c) Truro the Lost 2008
Labyrinth (c) Jim Hensons & Co
"The Queen's Complaint" (c) Sylvia Plath
Stock for Preview Image: [link] by :iconelandria:


Chapters (in order):

Owl -- [link]
The Queen's Complaint -- [link]
Doom of the Exiles -- [link]
Mad Girl's Love Song: [link]
Sonnet to Satan: [link]
Pursuit: [link]
Cinderella: [link]
To Eva Descending the Stair: [link]
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~ Power Over You ~

There's a silence.
It's hanging in the air.
Say your right words,
Oh, clearly, if you dare.

I have the power
To make your dreams come true.
Yes, I have power
Over you.

And I will take from you
That which you claim
To wish to lack.
What would you go through
To make your way
To get it back?

Here is the moment
In which the choice is made.
Such a sweet tremble...
That your voice betrayed.

Turn back, Sarah.
Turn back, before it's too late.
There is no winning in this.
I, too, am resigned to that fate.

Oh, you cower.
I was frightening. Yes, it's true.
I have such power
Over you.

Such a pity...
It's further than you think.
Time is short,
And things can change each time you blink.

What would you give?
What do you say?
Do you have what it takes?
How can I live
This every day?
How about upping the stakes?

Don't try me.
Don't defy me.

Deny my power,
But you know it's true...
That I have power
Over you.

It's not fair?
You say that so often.
I wonder what you basis for comparison is.
Did you honestly expect that I would play nice?

Don't you dare.
Your big eyes won't make me soften.
Solving the labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it?
Let's see how you enjoy this little slice!

Oh, come now, Sarah.
Should have given up by now.
Come join this dance.
Concede.  Advance.
Accept.  Open.  Allow.

Pretty, but sour.
It's not fair what I've put you through,
Though it's my power
Over you.

Look inside.
Though it might sound implausible,
I can show you your dreams...
In a world
Where everything seems possible
And nothing is what it seems.

I'll be here, waiting,
Your defeat,
But though it hurts like hell,
I'll love you twice as well,
When next we meet.

I see your glower.
You feign as if you never knew
That I have power
Over you.

Sarah, Beware.
Sarah, behave.
You needn't be so brave.
Just love me, fear me,
Do as I say,
And I will be your slave.

- - -
Look at what I'm offering you.
The cost of everything
Is everything,
But I will be paying, too.

I ask for so little,
And I have so little left to give.
I can't live within you,
But without you is no way to live.

Poisonous flower,
You've long spelled my impending doom.
But who has power
Over whom?

By thirteenth hour,
You'll have believed your lie is true:
I have no power
Over you.

This is a poem as said by Jareth. I'm curious to know if it's alright. It's been a while since I have posted anything.

Boring Part: I don't own Labyrinth, Jareth, Jim Henson, Sarah, Crystals, Crystal Balls, words (your right ones, or otherwise), 13 hours, David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, or anything else mentioned or hinted at in this poem.
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Do you remember?

The fall season had finally settled down, but a constant warm breeze kept playing with the woman’s hair as she walked down the silent path filled with dead but colourful leaves. On each side of her, rows of tombstones were stoically reflecting the last sunrays of the day.

Step by step, the woman went further in the territory of the dead until she reached the end of the path. However, the purpose of her visit was still feet away. She had to cross more rows of tombstones which were beginning to be less organized, the stones being scattered around, breaking the symmetry of the previous ones.

The woman continued to walk on the cold grass, her feet barely making any sound, excepting the seldom crisping of the dead leaves. She walked forward until she reached a solitary tombstone. It was small, barely as glorious as the rest of the symbolic stones of the deceased, but it was clean and still polished, revealing its recentness. It also had a beautiful golden coloration because of the setting sun.

A forlorn sigh escaped the visitor’s lips. She stood quietly in front of the stone. She didn’t dare to approach it without saying something. The warm breeze continued to tug and toss her hair that was always pulled back in a neat ponytail. She never really liked them down anyway. Putting her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket, the woman stared at the name carved into the stone.

That name. She hasn’t said it since so long. She then wondered if she would be able to pronounce it correctly without feeling the guilt, the pain, the remorse she thought she had lost seven years ago. But she was alone and no one would judge her except herself. She thought it was a bit silly to speak out loud to a rock, but she did it anyway, knowing that it would do her some good.

“Hi, Steve…

It’s been a while, eh?” she finally said, somewhat content that she didn’t break into tears like she would have done a few years ago.

“I know that I haven’t visited you since long ago…sorry about that,” she continued, suddenly feeling her heart getting heavier.

“Something happened the other day…something big. I was coming back from a work trip and I had to meet a colleague at the Hardvarville airport, but the place got infected by the T-Virus…can you imagine that? I had to fight zombies again…! It’s been now seven years since the last time I had to confront them. I never thought I would again…”

The red-head woman then stopped speaking, looking sadly at the non-responsive stone. The sun was slowly disappearing, creating a halo of light around the monument. A small smile found itself on the woman’s lips.

“But don’t worry. I didn’t get hurt badly. You know how stubborn I can be. I also met Leon. It’s been a while too. The last time I saw him was even before meeting you…Meeting him brought back memories of Raccoon City, but also of what had happened afterward. And…I’m a bit ashamed of saying that, but I had suddenly remembered you and how we had to fight together to survive. I guess it’s the reason of why I am standing right here at this moment.

But don’t think I have ever forgotten about you…”she whispered, feeling her heart tightening even more. “Hey Steve…do you know why I joined Terra-Save?” she then asked, staring at the tombstone.

Since the red-head figured it wouldn’t respond, she took a step forward and crouched down to be closer to the only concrete representation of her lost friend.

“I joined them because of you. Yes, because of you, because I felt so guilty, so ashamed of myself when you died. I had promised you that we would escape together…but you certainly know that I was naïve to believe that….You have no idea how terrible I felt when I realized that I couldn’t do anything to save you…

That’s why I joined the organization. I thought that if I could help victims of bio-terrorism, I could pay my debt to you and have the feeling that I’m doing something right… something that I could be proud of. Something that would ease my guilt…”

The woman stopped once again from talking. The sun was almost gone. She had so much more to say, but she hesitated. She was getting to something deeper, more personal, and she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to say it out loud, or even think about it. She could still remember clearly every detail, every moment, every struggle of her misadventures on Rockfort Island and in Antarctica, but the feelings she had had for the boy back then remained clouded and confusing. She was pretty sure that it hadn’t been love, but she knew she had been quite attracted to him in many ways. She had considered him as a friend and a partner, not that she hadn’t thought of them being closer, but it would have been futile anyway. Steve died.

And he was still dead.

There wasn’t a body under the tombstone. The bastard with the name of Albert Wesker had stolen it because of the dormant virus that was flowing in the boy’s vein. But Steve was still dead. She was there when he gave his last breath, his last look in her eyes, his last smile…She was there when his body went entirely limp and got cold as ice. She was there when he had whispered those last words.

She was there when Steve Burnside died.

But now, it was so way behind her. She had moved on. She got a job and a nice apartment. She had a cute kitten waiting for her return from work each day. She had made some nice friends. She had also thought about having a relationship, but she was still wondering if she was ready for it. It sure could get lonely when she would find herself watching TV during the evening with her kitten on her lap. But, the idea of caring for someone who could ultimately die prevented her from thinking about it too seriously. She didn’t know if that state of mind was solely because of the loss of Steve or because of her experiences with the un-dead in general. One way or another, she still feared of reliving what happened in that dark room in the Umbrella base seven years ago.

But that aside, the woman could consider herself being happy and somewhat lucky…if the events at the Harvardville airport hadn’t happened. Zombies. Again. It was as if she was begging for more. But that time, nothing catastrophic happened beside the return of painful memories…

“Hey, Steve…do you remember when we were in that plane? I fell asleep against you…you were so warm…so, alive. It’s strange to say that now, but I felt comfortable with you. I knew you were trying very hard to protect me. I was happy. Knowing you were there for me and I was there for you. But that still led to…the inevitable.”

Her words then ended there, sensing that feeling of guilt appearing once again. But the woman shook her head. She knew that the boy died so she could live. She should feel grateful for that. She was, but it was so much more complicated.

“Hey Steve…do you remember when that freak Alfred found out he was dressing himself as his sister? It’s so funny now that I think about it,” she continued, chucking a little bit. “He was really fucked up. But I also felt some pity for him; being separated from his sister for so long…I know how that feels. Oh and, Chris has joined an organisation called B.S.A.A. They’re fighting bio-terrorists. I think it’s nice, but he’s still exposing himself to danger…eh, I’m still worrying for him. I should grow up, don’t you think?”

Another pause. The cemetery was completely silent. The sun was definitely gone and only some scattered lamps were providing light to the place. The temperature had also lowered and the woman found herself stroking vividly her arms. It was about time to go.

“Oh and Steve…do you remember when you said you would take me to Hawaii? Well…I’m still sad that it didn’t happen. But you know what? If I ever go there, I’ll make sure to enjoy myself in your honour. You can count on that…”

Sighing once again, the red-head was about to say her goodbyes and leave, but she suddenly heard the crackling sounds of dead leaves not far from behind her. She didn’t move nor turned around. She cursed inwardly when she realized she wasn’t armed. She got that bad habit of being paranoid, thinking that Umbrella, even if it was gone, would get back to her somehow. When she didn’t hear the person moving, she thought about confronting it squarely, but a somewhat sensuous voice prevented her from even breathing.

“Sure feels weird to see your own name on a tombstone…”
Second chapter: [link]

After reading some nice fanfics on DA yesterday, I kicked myself to continue and finish a one-shot that I had started some time ago.

That fanfic is based on a dream that I made in October XD The dream was about RE Degeneration. It was taking place after the movie. Claire was going back to her house, which looked like the Hobbit's houses from The Lord of the Rings XD
It was greeny with flowers and butterflies XD

When she entered her house, she found a key-chain made with a teddy-bear (like the one Ada gave to Leon) and a note. The note was from Leon, insisting that Claire should stop ignoring his feelings for her...And Claire smiled at that. There was also a mention of Rebecca and Billy getting out during Halloween o____O

as an anti Claire/Leon, I was almost hurling in my dream when I "watched" that part of the movie XD

ah well, after that, it skipped to Claire going on a small beautiful hill. She had flowers in her hands. She then stopped in front of a tombstone surrounded by flowers.

It was written : [Steve Burnside 1981-1998] on it.

She came to visit him and mourn. There wasn't a body under the stone, but since she hadn't heard any news of him for more than 7 years, she thought he was really dead.

Because of the events taking place in Degeneration, she had suddenly remembered him and that's why she went to visit his tombstone that she had bought.

There was more in that dream, but it was mainly crack, and since it doesn't concern the fanfic, I won't tell it XD

So....that dream is basically represented in my story (without the green hills and butterflies of course XD)

I had that feeling, that even if he hadn't been mentioned in the movie at all, Claire was still thinking about Steve. Look at the preview picture that I put for the story, it's that scene that I'm talking about. It's when Leon tells the others that Claire survived Raccoon City and all. After he says that, you see Claire holding Rani and having that distant and longing look in her eyes. I'm pretty sure she wasn't only thinking about RC. She didn't lose anything in that place (except maybe some of her sanity XD). But she did lose someone important 3 months later. So, I'm quite convinced that she was maybe thinking about a red-headed boy in that scene.....

what do you think?

Oh and , it's a one-shot, but I think I left a so huge cliffhanger, that I'll have no other choice but to continue it XD (and the sequel would contain mature stuff...cuz I like it XD)

Sequel? Yes or no?

Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside are (c) to Capcom
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Raz Polska był chory i leżał w łóżeczku.
I przyszedł Pan Doktor. - Jak się masz, Feleczku?
„- Źle bardzo, Doktorze, bo w gardle mnie ściska,
a w ustach mam coś tak jakby z bagniska,
i niech mi Pan Doktor totalnie coś stwierdzi,
bo, że tak już powiem, to z buzi mi śmierdzi…"

Wziął za puls Pan Doktor poważnie chorego
i szybko przebadał Feliksa biednego.
„- Źle bardzo… gorączka, źle bardzo, Feleczku
Oj długo ty, długo poleżysz w łóżeczku."

„- Dlaczego Doktorze? Co mi wciąż dolega?
I jak ta choroba generalnie przebiega?"
„- Feliksie, mój miły – lekarz tak naucza –
Twój naród kochany sam Ci tak dokucza…

Bo gdzie się podziała, Twa duma i chwała?
- Pod przekleństwami po świecie się wala!
Co spacja to Ku**a, wykrzyknik – Pie***le
I nic w tym dziwnego, że cierpisz te dole…"

Zwiesił głowę chory, bo się zarumienił
ścisnął dłonie w pięści i trochę się wpienił.
„Co wy wyprawiacie? Gdzie nasza kultura?
Przez was moje usta to ściekowa rura!

Nie chce wam zabraniać, ani upominać,
proszę tylko, kochani, przestańcie przeklinać.
Może już za późno i nic nie poradzę
jeśli tak to oddam Ivanowi władzę…"
Sorki za ewentualne błędy...

Tekst na którym opierałam wiersz: Pan Kotek był chory...

Wszystko co chciałam powiedzieć można wyczytać z wiersza...

Inne moje wierszowane dzieło: [link]
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"At least a glass of milk, Cloud?" Tifa asked as the blonde man stood up from his place at the table and walked to the door, waving over his shoulder.
"I'm ok" He said and climbed the stairs, hearing Marlene and Denzel laughing at some random TV show and pushing each other around. His lips curled up slightly in a small smile as he shook his head: he liked it here, it was peaceful, at least while the two kids were in school and Tifa was at the bar working. His job was going pretty well too, it provided him with enough gil to help Tifa with the essentials, buy the children a toy or two and still allow him afford a couple of things for his bike and himself. However, he was never at ease in his room, there was a constant presence there, lurking around the lifeless place, making the piece chilly and giving it a dark aura. Denzel once told him he was paranoid, and that he actually liked Cloud's room, even when it was most of the time messy; the younger boy often slept with Cloud, snuggling closer to him at nights when the nightmares of his parents were too much for him to handle. The mako-tinted eyes softened when he thought about Denzel: he knew the boy liked him, considered him a big brother, perhaps even his father, but there were some things that couldn't be replaced, no matter how much you loved or admired someone.

*Hell, if I know...*

He thought of Sephiroth, how he had lost his mind when he discovered the truth behind his existence. He thought of Zack, how he had thrown away his life, his bright future just to save Cloud. He thought of Aerith...
He shook his head and closed the door to his room, taking off his clothes and climbing into bed with only his boxers on. Aerith was someone he could barely stand thinking about; he hadn't disliked her when she was alive, he had been in love with her, he would still be if she was by his side, warm and gentle as she always had been. He missed the vibrant woman terribly, and had been blaming himself for her death until he had seen her that time, when he finally accepted it was something he couldn't have stopped, not in his condition anyway.

*I feel lighter...Maybe it lost some weight.*

But it hadn't vanished completely; after everyone with the Geostigma was cured he often found himself thinking what would have happened if he had indeed made it to SOLDIER, if he had been strong enough to save Zack, to save Aerith...A knock on his door startled him out of his thoughts and he looked up, sitting up in the bed.
"Cloud?" He heard Marlene's voice and he sighed, standing up to open the door and find the girl standing there, her hair down and a brush in her hand. He smiled gently at her and let her in, guiding her to the bed.
"Sit" He said when he took the brush from the small hand and started to comb out the long hair carefully.
"Are you feeling ok, Cloud? You look a little pale" She asked while nursing a doll Denzel had given her as a birthday present last year. The slender, yet muscled man chuckled lightly and started braiding her long hair, running his fingers over it to make it smooth.
"I'm ok, Marlene"
"Dad said he'd be coming back tomorrow, so try not to look so down, ok?" Marlene said and smiled when he tied the end of the braid gently, placing the brush back in her hands. Cloud nodded and walked the girl to the door, leaning down to accept a kiss on his right cheek when the small girl stood on her tiptoes. "Night, Cloud" And she ran to the room she shared with Denzel and Tifa. Cloud sighed and closed his door again, walking to his bathroom to wash his teeth; Marlene was a brilliant child, perceptive too, he couldn't hide anything from her, no matter how hard he tried.

-Why not tell them the truth then?-

He frowned and peeked outside the bathroom, looking around his bedroom slowly with his toothbrush still hanging from between his lips. He was sure he had heard something, but there was nothing there. He shrugged and rinsed his mouth, drying it with a towel before lying down on his bed again, looking up at the ceiling and pushing the covers down to his waist. He wasn't getting enough sleep, he knew it; he would wake up with a dry throat and feeling tired as if he had been running the whole night. He didn't remember having any dreams, or nightmares, and that's why he was so uneasy; if he could remember his dreams, then it would make sense and he wouldn't worry about it at all. His eyelids grew heavy and he yawned, closing his eyes and relaxing completely. He fell into a deep slumber almost instantly, soft snores escaping his mouth every once in a while, strong chest rising and falling in a slow rhythm. A blonde eyebrow twitched as the pale face turned to the left slowly; a muscled arm rose from tight abs to lie on the pillow to Cloud's head.

-Did you miss me, Cloud?-

A gentle voice whispered and the man in the bed sighed reaching up with his right hand but finding nothing. Cloud sighed again and let his arm fall back down on the bed; eyelashes fluttered in what seemed an attempt to open his eyes, but the magnificent blue orbs remained closed. A soft, delicate hand cupped his cheek gently, rubbing the thumb over his lips softly so as to not startle the blonde man and wake him up; pink lips settled slowly on his and Cloud reached up again, thin air greeting him. In his sleep, the slim man let out a frustrated sound and turned to lie on his left, the soft lips abandoning his when he did so.

-You are such a bad boy, Cloud-

The voice called again and green eyes looked down at him, gentle hands turning him on his back again and holding his arms out on the bed, effectively preventing him from turning away again. A long braid slid from a pink clad body, caressing the soft skin covering hard muscles.
"A...Aerith..." Cloud called and frowned slightly, licking his lips and sighing yet again. The woman on top of him smiled and leaned down to capture his lips in a slow kiss, smiling when they parted under her mouth.

-I missed you, Cloud-

She said when they parted, and kissed his neck and chest slowly, not noticing the ex-SOLDIER would-be was shivering violently, a frown stealing across his pale face. The pink clad woman lied down by his side, resting her head and right hand on his chest before sighing happily.

-I wish we could be together again...-

She said and closed her eyes, rubbing her cheek gently on his soft skin. Cloud turned his head away and let out a soft moan, his mouth parting to take in gasps of air.
"Aerith..." He sighed once again, the frown still between his eyebrows.

-Do you think it's wise to torture him like this, Aerith?-

A serious voice called and the woman in the bed looked up, finding her dark haired companion sitting on Cloud's chair, his arms resting on his legs. She sighed and glided out of the bed, standing by the SOLDIER uniformed man; she sent a sad glance towards the bed before sighing and looking into angry mako eyes, shrugging slightly before she started gliding away.

-I just wanted to see him again, Zack-
-You've been doing this for weeks; look at him, he's exhausted! Give the poor chocobo-head a rest-

Both of them vanished with a chuckle and the body on the bed turned on his side again, throwing his arm across the spot Aerith had been lying on just a few seconds ago. The girl laughed gently and she appeared again, petting the spiky, blond hair affectionally before vanishing again.

-I'll come back in a while, Cloud...just wait for me-

~The next day~
Tired, blue eyes opened slowly as the sun caressed Cloud's face gently, making his bed unbearably hot.
"Damn..." He cursed softly and sat up on the bed, rubbing his eyes tiredly; he was so tired again...was he falling ill? He shrugged and decided to call Vincent after breakfast and tell him about it; he didn't want to worry Tifa or the children and since the last battle, both men talked about their 'traumas', as Tifa liked to call them whenever she saw them talking. A soft knock on his door made him look up in time to see Denzel opening the door, smiling at him apologetically.
"Sorry...but I'm going to be late for school if you don't hurry..." He said before he closed the door and walked downstairs to have some breakfast before leaving. Cloud sighed and stood up stretching before walking to the bathroom to take a quick shower; he kept looking up and scanning the room as he did, feeling someone watching him even though he knew he was alone. While he dressed, he felt a soft touch on the back of his neck and he turned around fast, finding nothing but thin air.
"...I think I really need some help" He said, almost laughing at himself, and shrugged, taking his gloves from his desk before walking to the door, leaving it open as he walked towards the stairs. His bed cracked gently as if someone was standing up from it, and a couple of green eyes followed him with a gentle stare, a smile stealing across the pale face as the pink dress flowed about her body when she walked after him.

-I'll always follow you, Cloud...always...-

My first FFVII fic =D The idea came to me when I was writing another story, I just had to give this one a try.
At first I thought I'd make Aerith a villain, but I just couldn't XD it's just not like her.
Please, PLEASE tell me what you think? Review? *big, puppy eyes*
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Episode 1
The Bullets are Reloaded ++RUN++

Japanese title: Tama wa Futatabi Komerareta ++RUN++

Our friends come to a peaceful little town and wore disguises to avoid unnecessary attention. Their strange behavior roused the curiosity of Seikan, a little girl whose family runs the inn the boys are staying in. With the current rumors of young women being murdered by youkais, Seikan starts to panic when she overhears the ikkhou's strange conversation and begins to suspect that they are the youkais. Later that night, her elder sister, Seiwei did not return from running some errands. Now it is up to Sanzo and his companions to reveal themselves and save Seiwei before anything happens to her.

Comment: This episode was taken from Saiyuki RELOAD manga Volume 1, Act 1: RUN.
Rating: 7/10

Episode 2
Squirming Trap ++Wanted Dead or Alive++

Japanese title: Ugomeku Wana ++Wanted Dead or Alive++

They are hungry and tired after a long journey. All they want to do is eat and drink to their hearts contents. The food was good, but trouble breaks out when Gojyo complains to the restaurant owner that his place is unhygienic due to the amount of flies hovering around and begins swatting them with Sanzo's harisen. It seems that the people in that town are being controlled by bugs placed by a youkai. To make matters worse, Lirin pays Sanzo-ikkhou a visit only to be infected by the youkai's bug.

Comment: N/A
Rating: 6/10

Episode 3
The Most Powerful Foes in History ++Lethal Weapon++

Japanese title: Shijou Saikyou no Teki ++Lethal Weapon++

Sanzo-ikkhou vs....Sanzo-ikkhou?? Yep, this episode features Sanzo and company fighting themselves. It is always said that your strongest opponent is yourself, so lets see how Sanzo and company cleans up this mess. How do you fight against yourself?

Note: If you really want to compare the difference between the lead characters in Gensomaden and in RELOAD, this is one episode for you.

Comment: The ending's a bit abrupt but then it was logic what they said. 'We cannot lose to our past selves'. This episode is actually taken from Saiyuki RELOAD manga Volume 1 and 2, Act 4 and 5: Death Match.
Ratings: 7/10

Episode 4
A Final Promise ++Negative Energy++

Japanese title: Saigo no Yakusoku ++Negative Energy++

Minus wave have caused youkais in Togenkyo to turn wild and attack humans. But there is still few of those who are not affected by the minus wave. Rempa, a very talented youkai artist is one of those who still have the ability to control themselves and retain their personality. He had a very good childhood human friend, Rinran. In fact in the show you can see that they are very close to each other. Rempa made a promise to Rinran: A portrait of Rinran for her birthday present. Rempa vowed to himself to finish the portrait before he loses himself, if that's the last thing he would do.

Comment: A very touching episode. Love the background music.
Rating: 9/10


Episode 5
Slumbering Memory ++Voice++

Japanese title: Nemuru Omoide ++Voice++

While resting at a peaceful countryside, Sanzo-ikkhou meets a beautiful female youkai. As they pulled up their defenses, the villagers came to her aid and pleaded them not to attack her claiming that she is their Lullaby Lady. Sensing no evil intent from her, Sanzo and his companions take in her hospitality. Later, they learn that the Lullaby Lady sings every night so that everyone in the village will have a good night's sleep. She does this by taking away their most painful memories. But losing one's bitter memory can prove to be fatal.

Goku finds his friends behaving strangely the next morning and he is later abandoned in the middle of the desert when the others suddenly refused to continue on their journey.

Comment:  I really like the Lullaby Lady because she's the prettiest youkai I've seen in the whole anime. The story has an interesting plot as it delves deep into the bitter past of each character and how important it is to them.
Rating: 8/10


Episode 6
Recapture ++Sad Memory++

Japanese title: Dakkan ++Sad Memory++

The episode continues where episode 5 left off. Goku told Yaone, Lirin and Dokugakuji of what happened the day before. While the others are trying to get into the village which was protected by the youkai's vocal barrier (kekkai), Kougaiji appeared and decides to help Goku get back his friends and also their memories.

Comment: It's not everyday we meet enemies as respectful as Kougaiji-tacchi
Rating : 8/10


Episode 7
Tiny Pal ++Little Will++

Japanese title: Chiisana Aibou ++Little Will++

Think of words to describe Sanzo. Brutal, corrupt, self-centered, arrogant, haughty...
He sounds like some tough unbreakable, high-ranking priest. But who would suspect the great Sanzo-sama has a teeny little weakness?

After fighting off a group of youkai, they meet a most unexpected company. A little kitten. As Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo started playing with it, the sight of this furball sent Sanzo into a sneezing fit. (View it here -> Sneezing Sanzo by blumarine)

Despite his protest, his companions decide to keep the kitten. Sanzo later discovers that there is more to this little kitten than just a allergy-causing furball.

Comment: A comedy episode. Very refreshing from the usual battle episodes. And who wouldn't  love to see Sanzo sneeze. :D
Rating: 7/10


Episode 8
Delicious Cuisine ++Poison++

Japanese title: Oishii Ryouri ++Poison++

Have you ever tasted food that taste so bad, you'd fall after eating it? Kouren makes steamed buns for the town but her steam buns are not meant to be consumed. Instead, they are the town's defence against youkais. Her buns taste so bad anyone who eats it will definately fall. Goku was one of the victim of her buns, being one who eats watever edibles he sees. Not only her buns taste bad, but the other things she cooks taste just as bad. She's simply a bad cook. Seeing Kouren sad that she couldn't cook for her fiancee, Hakkai took to teaching her how to cook but to no avail. Youkais later attacked. Will her cooking save them from the youkais? What is the mystery behind this girls awful cooking? Will Hakkai finally be able to help her cook a good meal for her fiancée?

Comment: Quite funny episode actually especially seeing Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo fall sick after consuming Kouren's cooking (particularly one scene when Gojyo got up to tell Sanzo something then falls back to bed). Hakkai's cooking skill is amazing. The way he cuts the vegetables is so pro but then this is after all Hakkai we're talking about.
Rating: 6/10


Episode 9
The Unfallen Castle ++Self Defense++

Japanese title: Ochinai Shiro ++Self Defense++

Having Hakuryuu burnt out from the long tiring journey, Sanzo-ikkhou decided to stop by a city where there the people there live their everyday life according to the '780 Discipline'. The city is surrounded by a fortress which is said to be unbreakable. Upon arrival, Sanzo-ikkhou are greeted by flying arrows as they were thought to be intruders. The city lord, Souryu later met them and apologized for the sudden attack. They were welcomed into the city and later invited to a meal. Being used to living free and uncontrolled, Sanzo-ikkhou felt constrained and uncomfortable living in the rule-driven city. When youkais came to attack the city, they were well prepared and armed. When the city lord discovers that his son, Kensei is outside the city fortress, he decided to go by the rules and ordered his men not to open the gates of the fortress. What would become of Kensei How will the people of the city survive if they were confronted by a situation which is not in the rule-book?

Comment: How often do you actually see Goku turn down a meal? In this episode you can really see that Sanzo is going around teaching people how to live their a way...hehe.
Rating: 7/10


Episode 10
Youkai Genjo Sanzo ++Trick or Treat++

Japanese title: Youkai Genjo Sanzo ++Trick or Treat++

Fancy seeing the boys all sweaty and dressed in nothing but towels? In this episode, you'll see a lot of sexy legs and pale colored thighs. Our friends check into a five-star hotel. While enjoying the sauna, a question popped up between them. Will Sanzo turn youkai after killing a thousand youkais?

This made Goku overtly agitated about Sanzo's well being. Soon, he starts seeing a change in Sanzo from growing fingernails to pointy ears.
Is Sanzo really turning into a youkai or is this merely Goku's imagination?

Comment : A very funny episode. Just the sight of Sanzo going youkai is enough for everyone to start laughing. Plus, who wouldn't enjoy looking at his thighs? :giggle:
Rating : 8/10


Episode 11
Gentle Face ++Mother++

Japanese title: Yasashii Omokage ++Mother++

Shunto and Rikito are two orphaned child whose mother have passed recently. Being the younger child, Shunto is unable to cope with the absence of his mother and goes to a small temple to pray everyday so that his mother will come back to him, even though this was against his older brother's idea.

One day Ririn happen to pass by the small temple and saw two apples placed there as worshipping items. Being naïve and hungry, she would have taken those fruits if it was not for Shunto stopping her. After hearing Shunto's story, she asked Shunto if his mother was kind and wanted to meet Shunto's mother as her own mother wasn't very kind to her. She decided to help Shunto and Rikito to get their mother back.

Comment: Shunto and Rikito's mother looks very kind and pretty. Goku and Ririn's silliness is...unspeakable. Not much focus on Sanzo-ikkhou but quite nice.
Rating: 6/10


Episode 12
The Spirited-Away Mountain ++Tiny Dream++

Japanese title: Kamikakushi no Yama ++Tiny Dream++

In the middle of a daily youkai fight, Goku was thrown off a cliff and landed in a misty forest. The mist was so thick, Goku couldn't find his way out, nor could his companions find him. A girl, Shion later found Goku and led him to her house.

Being the usual saru who will be friendly with anyone who gives him good food, he ate a sumptuous meal at Shion's house without a single suspicion even though Shion's parents acted a little strange. Shion later brought Goku to meet his companions but Goku could sense something amiss when he met them. But before he could do anything, a rock monster appeared and said that Goku was going to be his meal. He had used Shion to lure Goku into his trap.

Why would this sweet girl be working for the rock monster? How will Goku get out alive?

Comment: A rather sad ending. Oh well, I’m just a sucker for touching episodes. Makes me wanna hug Goku and tell him "Don't cry."
Rating: 8/10


Episode 13
Just a teeny-tiny Story ++Lovely Baby++

Japanese title: Honno Chiisana Chiisana Ohanashi  ++Lovely Baby++

As the title suggests, this episode is really a little story entirely about how important Harkuryuu (or in some places he's know as Jeep) is to Sanzo and his companions.

The story starts off with the men checking into an inn that prohibits them from bringing pets in. Therefore, Harkuryuu is to be left outside in jeep form. He soon catches a little cold and sneezes in the presence of three little children. At the same time, a bunch of robbers were looking for something 'big and expensive' to steal for their boss.

When Hakkai comes out later to check on Harkuryuu, the jeep is no longer there. Worried, Hakkai goes to tell the rest of them about Harkuryuu's sudden dissapearance, leading them to wonder if the dragon had run away. Then another question arises. How are they going to continue their journey without the jeep?

Comment : A very light episode. The guys get restless without their dragon. Adapted from Act 5 Extra of Saiyuki RELOAD Manga.
Rating : 6/10


Episode 14
Murmurs of the Darkness ++Black Crow++

Japanese title: Kurayami No Sasayaki ++Black Crow++

Kougaiji had to do his stepmother's bidding in order to save his hahawe* who was cursed in by Gyokumen Kyoshu to remain as a stone statue on the pillar. Gyokumen has questioned Kougaiji's capability of obtaining Sanzo's kyomon* which was vital in reviving Gyuumoao. Gyokumen threatens that if Kou is not capable of obtaining the kyomon, his hahawe will be stuck on the pillar forever.

Meanwhile, Sanzo-ikkhou had to pass a desert in order to get to the next town. On their way there, they were attacked by a youkai who releases poisonous gas. He was easily defeated by the Maten Kyomon's demon purifying power, but not before he poisoned Sanzo. Before Sanzo's companions could make a move to rush him to a doctor, Kougaiji appeared before them and demanded a fight. This time however, he was alone. But what Sanzo-ikkhou did not expect was that the prince was having a device that will increase his power but not without certain side effects. As Sanzo-ikkhou refuse to comply to Kou's demant to hand over the kyomon, they resolve to fight. If Sanzo-ikkhou wins, they get Kou's hiryuu* which will enable them to fly to the next town to get Sanzo treated quickly but if Kou wins, he will get Sanzo's kyomon.

Comment: Art in this episode is rather bad. For some reasons the characters all look kinda weird. Sometimes their body size is out of propotion (eg. Head too small). This episode has some similarity to episode 20 of Gensomaden Saiyuki (anime, manga version chapter 28-34) as they try to continue the story from where they stopped in the manga (chapter 34).
Rating: 6/10


Episode 15
Premonition ++ Secret Ambition++

Japanese title: Yokan ++ Secret Ambition++

Kougaiji had to do his stepmother's bidding in order to save his hahawe* who was cursed in by Gyokumen Kyoshu to remain as a stone statue on the pillar. Gyokumen has questioned Kougaiji's capability of obtaining Sanzo's kyomon* which was vital in reviving Gyuumoao. Gyokumen threatens that if Kou is not capable of obtaining the kyomon, his hahawe will be stuck on the pillar forever.

Meanwhile, Sanzo-ikkhou had to pass a desert in order to get to the next town. On their way there, they were attacked by a youkai who releases poisonous gas. He was easily defeated by the Maten Kyomon's demon purifying power, but not before he poisoned Sanzo. Before Sanzo's companions could make a move to rush him to a doctor, Kougaiji appeared before them and demanded a fight. This time however, he was alone. But what Sanzo-ikkhou did not expect was that the prince was having a device that will increase his power but not without certain side effects. As Sanzo-ikkhou refuse to comply to Kou's demant to hand over the kyomon, they resolve to fight. If Sanzo-ikkhou wins, they get Kou's hiryuu* which will enable them to fly to the next town to get Sanzo treated quickly but if Kou wins, he will get Sanzo's kyomon.

Comment: The art for this episode is much better than the previous episode. Parts of this episode can be seen in the Gensomaden manga chapters 34-35.
Rating: 7/10


Episode 16
Footprint ++ Opposite ++

Japanese title: Ashiato ++ Opposite ++

This episode starts off with recaps from the previous episode. Then we see Kougaiji in an experimental liquid with tubes attached to him. Lirin has taken to another place. Dokugakuji and Yaone decided that they should go find Lirin and hope for the best of Kougaiji's recovery under Dr. Nii's 'care'.

Doku and Yaone sneaking into a secured restricted area. They were later caught and given a show of something they were just too shocked to see.

Meanwhile, weather is getting colder as it gets nearer to winter. Hakkai suggests that they have Sukiyaki* that night since Sanzo had already recover from the youkai's poison. Goku was all to excited about it as sukiyaki not only gives him eating pleasure, it also gave him sweet memories of the past...

The story goes back to the events of 3 years ago. Goku and Sanzo dropped by Hakkai and Gojyo's place while on an errand. Hakkai asked that they stayed for dinner but Sanzo declines stating that he'll only be staying a while. Hakkai promises to treat them to sukiyaku the next time they dropped by as it's going to snow soon it the weather is perfect for sukiyaki.

Soon, it has started to snow. Sanzo noted to the other two that Goku hasn't come out of his room for a few days already. He said he was afraid of the snow. Gojyo and Hakkai later asks Sanzo and Goku to join them for sukiyaki. Will Goku's appetite for sukiyaki triumph over his fear of snow? What will become of Kougaiji and his companions?

Comment: One of my favourite episodes (note the long summary ^^;). Goku's again. Makes me wonder why I like his episode so much but he's not my favourite character *winks at Sanzo*...oh well. This episode was partially (Sanzo-ikkhou's side) taken from Saiyuki RELOAD manga Act 3 Extra.
Rating: 9/10


Episode 17
Unfulfillable Desire ++ Wish ++

Japanese title: Kanaerarenai Negai  ++ Wish ++

Hakuryuu's having a high fever and Sanzo-ikkhou couldn't go any further without the jeep. Hakkai suggests that they stay in the inn for a few days and asks Gojyo to buy some groceries as he had to take care of Hakuryuu.

While he was running his errands, Gojyo came upon a group of bullies going against a young child. Not able to withstand this scene, the kappa decided to help the child.

Feeling grateful, the young lad, Ginkaku, decided to repay Gojyo's good deed: destroy Gojyo's enemies. Gojyo's 'enemies' were none other than Sanzo, Goku and Hakkai as Kinkaku had misunderstood Gojyo's rant about having to travel with those three. "I have 'Kami-sama' on my side" was what Kinkaku said.

As Gojyo reached the inn, he was in utter shock as he stepped into their room only to find his three companions lying unconcious on the floor. Will Gojyo be able to save his companions from death?

Comment: Thus begins yet another long continuous story on Saiyuki. This episode is the beginning of 9 episodes which are (in a way) linked to each other.
Taken directly from Volume 6, Chapter 36 of Gensomaden Saiyuki manga.
Rating: 8/10


Episode 18
Pitiful Ties ++ Critical Days ++

Japanese title: Kanashii Kizuna  ++ Critical Days ++

Sanzo and Gojyo are forced to team up in order to help Goku and Hakkai, whose souls have been sucked out by Kinkaku using a magical gourd. They were told by the innkeeper that there's a monster behind the mountains and goes there to find it, believing it to be Kinkaku and his so-called brother, Ginkaku.

Meanwhile, Hakkai and Goku wakes up to find themselves in a barren land with nothing but bones. 'Hell' as Hakkai calls it. However, both of them refuse to think that they're dead. At least not before Sanzo. They were soon greeted by 'guards of hell'. It was easy to kill these creatures but there were endless number of them that Hakkai had to revise a new strategy: run. They finally defeated them but then were later confronted with a bigger version of the previously fought creature.

Meanwhile, Sanzo and Gojyo were ambushed by a gang of youkais. The youkais were easily beaten but as Sanzo was about to kill the last youkai, he lurged forward, catching Sanzo and leaped off the clift, draggins the monk with him.

Will Goku and Hakkai be able to defeat that huge enemy of theirs? What will become of Sanzo?

Comment: The four are rarely seperated during a fight and this episode is a good change as we see the most impossible pair of partner to work together: Sanzo and Gojyo. The clift scene was one of my favourite part in this episode, for various reasons, that is.
Rating: 9/10


Episode 19
Kami-sama ++ Farewell ++

Japanese title: Kami-sama ++ Farewell ++

Kinkaku's brother, Ginkaku appeared before Goku and Hakkai after they defeated the huge creature. Like Goku and Hakkai, his soul was also trapped by Kami-sama's power. He pleaded to them to save his brother.

Sanzo is tied up by the magic gourd controlled by Kinkaku. Gojyo manage to get Sanzo's gun and shot the gourd, breaking it to pieces.

The monster Kinkaku treated as his brother suddenly attacked Gojyo and Sanzo but was stopped by Goku. The he and Hakkai's souls had excape when the gourd broke. Hakkai later explained to Kinkaku of his brother's fate. Suddenly, Kinkaku was hit with rosary beads, killing the child on the spot. It was the Kami-sama.

Comment: Gojyo saving Sanzo when he was being slammed against the tree? Who would have believed that! But it was nice. Good graphics and animation on this episode. BGM selected for the fighting scenes is also excellent and suits the particular scene very well.

Rating: 9/10


Episode 20
Prelude ++ Chase ++

Japanese title: Jokyoku ++ Chase ++

Gojyo had run away from the group, seeking revenge for the death of Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Sanzo insists that they carry on the journey without the kappa. Goku feels weird sitting alone behind Jeep. Hakkai and Sanzo gets on each other's nerves. They couldn't stand it any longer and decided to go back to the previous town to look for Gojyo, and kill him for the trouble he has caused.

They arrived at the entrance to the forest, which looks very much densed than it was a few days ago. A 'kekkai' had been set up at the entrance so that they were not able to enter it. In order to break the kekkai, Sanzo drew mantra and chants on Goku's body, enabling the saru to enter the forest and break the kekkai.

Gojyo is seen entering the forest and ascending a fleet of stairs leading to the castle of Kami-sama, where he is waiting for them.

Comment: This episode clearly shows that the four of them need each other that they can't go on the journey even when a single member is missing. The scene where Goku runs into the Kekkai several times without knowing it is a barrier simply shows his true nature: A bakasaru.

Rating: 8/10


Episode 21
Battle ++ Don't cry ++

Japanese title: Sentou ++ Don't cry ++

Goku found Gojyo's cigarette stub beside a river, clearly stating that the kappa had been there before. The three continue to find Gojyo, going thru an immensely dense jungle and up the endless fleet of stairs.

Meanwhile, Gojyo is still climbing the stairs, getting tired and exhausted. As he was taking a rest, his dead kaasan suddenly appeared. "Genjitsu?" Using words, his 'kaasan' convinced him that there was no reason to live as he was still alone after all these years. At the thought of this, he immideately killed the her. He wasn't alone. He has Sanzo, Hakkai and Goku with him now. He then proceed to climb the stairs and finally reaching the top, he met Kami-sama.

In another scene we see Hakkai, Sanzo and Goku going up the stairs, led by the hyper-energetic saru. As they were on their way, they saw Gojyo walking down the stairs. Being angry at Gojyo's treatment to them, the three decide to give him a welcoming 'bash'. Thinking that they saw thru his trick, the fake Gojyo reacted to attacking Sanzo, Goku and Hakkai. Now that the three know about the truth, they didn't hesitate to finish off this Gojyo, yet another way to ward off their anger at the kappa.

The real Gojyo meanwhile was having a tough time with Kami-sama, who had wanted to keep Gojyo as his new toy.

Comment: For the first time, I have no comment. Maybe coz I'm just too sleepy for it. Just...enjoy the show guys.
Rating 7/10


Episode 22
Broken Things ++ Pain ++

Japanese title: Kudakareta Mono ++ Pain ++

Kami sama wanted to keep Gojyo as his toy. This of course was out of the question for Sanzo-ikkhou. Kami-sama further irritates Sanzo by saying that he is not fit for the title Sanzo. This made the four furious and started attacking Kami-sama but the skilled man was fast in invading their attacks. He summoned his weapon which makes his rosary beads to act like bullets, hitting Sanzo-ikkhou like it was a machine-gun. That was more than enough to paralyze the four. As they lay heavily injured on the floor, Kami-sama walked to Sanzo and took his Maten Kyomon after critisizing the way they lived.

As Kami-sama was about to finish off Sanzo, Hakuryuu suddenly appeared. Gojyo who was the only one conscious enought to stand, ordered Hakuryuu to transform into a jeep. He proceeded to load his other 3 companions into the car and sped away from Kami-sama. For the first time, they were defeated.

Gojyo had taken them to the previous inn they stayed. They stayed there to treat their injuries. One night, Sanzo woke up after being unconscious for days and insisted on getting his Maten Kyomon back from Kami-sama right away. He was however, unable to even stand, end up being carried to bed by Gojyo after he collasp on the floor.

Comment: A very bloody episode. Trust me on this. The scene where Sanzo was struggling to crawl across to the door was a bit weird, maybe it was a lil too slow but then it hurts my heart to see Sanzo like that...and of course the BGM did it's best to enhance the situation of that scene.
Rating: 8/10


Episode 23
The Way We Do It ++ Dawn ++

Japanese title: Oretachi No Yarikata ++ Dawn ++

As Sanzo lay unconscious in bed, Gojyo and Hakkai discusses their defeat and their plans for the future now that they've lost the kyomon. They cannot just ignore Kami-sama now that he's got the Maten Kyomon with him and decides to go after him. Sanzo woke up and insists that that was his problem alone and that the others should not interfere. As he and Gojyo were fighting, Goku barges in holding something in his hands. "Mahjong."

Goku asks the other to join him in a game of mahjong. At first they hesitated but after some persuation, all four guys were seated and the game started. Goku surprised everyone further when he won the game one round after another. They were all beaten by that saru but none of them fare worse than Sanzo. "It's easy for someone to defeat a guy who's lost his confidence. I won't lose again. Ever." One by one they regained their game pace and were able to get back on track, winning a few rounds themselves. But not Sanzo. "Admit defeat now, Sanzo." "Don't underestimate me."

The next morning, the innkeeper opens the door to their room only to find those four guys asleep around the mahjong table. He observed the tiles laid before Sanzo. "*Kokushimusou?" Later on during their recovery period in the inn, they plan a strategy to attack Kami-sama and obtain the Maten Kyomon that he had taken from Sanzo. In response to a question by the innkeeper concerning their plan, they said that they were going to pick a fight with **God.

*Kokushimusou: Literally means 'parallel patriot', this pattern of tiles is the highest winning in a mahjong game as it is the most difficult to get.
** Kami-sama means God. So the line actually says 'Picking a fight with Kami-sama'.

Comments: You should really watch the 'ramen conversation' that took place on their way up to Kami-sama's castle. We get to find out something rather surprising about Sanzo's unique sense of taste. Ekekke. Overall I enjoyed this episode, especially the mahjong game. The bakasaru CAN teach people something after all.
This episode was taken directly from Gensomaden Saiyuki Manga Volume 9, Chapter 50, Chapter 51 and till the middle of Chapter 52.
Rating: 9/10


Episode 24
The Battle Resumes ++ Go Ahead ++

Japanese title: Saisen ++ Go Ahead ++

Sanzo-ikkhou gets to Kami-sama's castle. As they entered the castle, they were greeted by a 2 headed bunny/bear toy who can speak. They were informed that guns, cigarettes, kids and pets were not allowed. This of course is not heeded by the four and as a 'penalty', 'bad things will happen'. Suddenly pillars began fallin on them and they fled to a nearby fleet of stairs to escaped being crushed by the pillars. They ran up the stairs to find Kami-sama. "Smokes and idiots love high places." They ran up 13 floors, having to go thru challenges greeting them at each floor.

When they finally reach 13th floor, they were again greeted by the same two headed bunny/bear toy. It seems that there was an elevator in the building. When asked where Kami-sama was, the toy said that his master is at the lowest level. The floor below them suddenly opened into a trapdoor and our four guys falls WAYYYYYY down. With the help of Goku's nyoibou and the piles of toys stacked up at the ground floor, they managed to survive the fall. Kami-sama was awaiting them there.

A fight broke up between Sanzo-ikkhou and Kami-sama but this time Sanzo-ikkhou had a different approach: teamwork. During the battle, Sanzo suddenly remembered who Kami-sama was. He had met him before ten years ago. He also remembered of Kami-sama's master, Ukoku Sanzo Houshi. Kami-sama then claims that he is the rightful successor to the title Sanzo from his master. Sanzo disagrees with him. "You may have succeeded the power, the robe and the city, but you NEVER succeeded the title of Sanzo." This made Kami-sama rather angry as he sent his armies of toys at Sanzo-ikkhou.

Comment: We see really get to see the change in Sanzo-ikkhou's attack and strategy. Nice to see Sanzo being able to make Kami-sama go half-nutz over the 'right of being Sanzo' issue. He's good at pissing people off.
Rating: 9/10


Episode 25
Conclusion ++ Nothing to Give ++

Japanese title: Ketchaku ++ Nothing to Give ++

Kami-sama's toys cling onto Sanzo-ikkhou, attacking them. As they try to hit them away, more and more kept on coming. As Sanzo laid underneath piles of those toys, he begans to recite the Maten Kyomon, summoning the spell to cleanse away the 'demonic toys' when the Maten Kyomon is still on Kami-sama's shoulders. After cleansing away the spirits, the kyomon returns to Sanzo's hands.

Kami-sama demanded Sanzo to give him the kyomon but he was blocked and attacked by Gojyo then by Goku. Even though those guys were injured, they kept on going. Next was Hakkai. He was about to release one of his qi bolts when Kami-sama started shooting his rosary beads at him. Surprisingly enough, instead of opening a qi barrier, Hakkai just stopped his qi bolt attack and blocked the bullets with his own body. Stunned by Hakkai's action, Kami-sama failed to realise that he was shot with Sanzo's shoureiju. Hakkai was actually blocking the rosary beads from hitting Sanzo, not opening the qi barrier to allow Sanzo's bullets to pass.

As Kami-sama lay defeated on the ground, the castle begins to crumble. "It's a game my *sensei played. The deal he and I had. The game goes on till I lose." Kami-sama pushed Gojyo away when Gojyo wanted to help him out of the falling castle, insisting that he'd like to wait there.

As Sanzo-ikkhou made a wild dash to get out of the castle, Kami-sama's sensei paid him a last visit. When Sanzo-ikkhou reached the outside the castle, they witness as the whole castle was reduced to mere dust. They rested a while then get down to continue their journey westward. Thus marks the end of Saiyuki RELOAD.


Comment: It seems nothing much in this episode but it is rather well expended. A note of reminder is to make sure that the driver of the vehicle either has license or at LEAST proper driving lessons before you let him drive. Rather sad to get to the end of Saiyuki RELOAD already but then, hey, there's Saiyuki RELOAD Gunlock right? No promises but we'll try to do the episode summaries for that too.
Rating: 10/10 (what did you expect? It was a fitful ending :D )
WARNING: Beware of have been warned. Please do not flame us for the spoilers.

Short episode guide for Saiyuki RELOAD, sequal to Gensomaden Saiyuki.

After the harsh final battle with Homura, the Sanzo-ikkhou continues with their westward journey. And they get a makeover too.

Sanzo's hair is shinier and he wears boots instead of sandals. Goku outgrew his old pants, now wears raggedly torn jeans. Hakkai looks pretty much the same except he no longer tucks in his shirt. The most prominent change has to be Gojyo. His hair is nice shade of crimson, he wears a suede jacket with tight(was it THAT tight??..hmmm) leather pants.

The soundtrack and background music changed its style too. The opening and ending themes are more modernized and 'loud'...or shall I say 'cool'. You should really pay attention to the background music throughout the series too. There are a few really nice ones (sorry but we're still trying to find out the name of these songs. If anyone knows the title, please let us know), especially one of the song that I clearly remember played in episode 4.

Another nice thing about Saiyuki RELOAD is the Saiyuki Mini Theather: UraSai. Short entertaining sketches about the four.

A really welcomed change from Gensomaden Saiyuki. Introducing...Saiyuki RELOAD!

Screencaps of Saiyuki RELOAD Episodes are available here: Are We There Yet? A Saiyuki RELOAD Screencap Gallery
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Thankyou, Mr. Bowie

you changed me with your labyrinth, altered me with words
undergoing ccch cch cchanges, you being my strange fascination
whiling away the time till drive in saturday
following your vague directions
memorizing every line
putting on my red shoes, dancing to the sound to your blues
weep for aladin sane, gazing into the eyes of the goblin king
freaking out in a moonage daydream purely to survive this life you made seem so dull
inspired by your style, set aflame by your ideas
my mind has become revolutionized because of you and theres nothing I can do
my story reinvented by your careful hand
comforted only by your voice
Because I know you're never ever gonna let me die and you"re never gonna get old
screaming at the pretty things, staying inside your lover's story
breezing through school as rebel, rebel
struggling to drive onward under pressure
as my world falls down, I'll give you my hands and break free from this rock n' roll suicide
carrying the knowledge that we can be heroes, just for one day
so, strangely enough.... you can live within me
hanging on to myself
dancing the magic dance like a young american
singing with ziggy stardust down in Suffragette City
having an occasional dream throughout these golden years
while all is hunky-dory
I am proud to say, when you rock n' roll with me, there is noone else I would rather be.
my boredom caused by sitting alone in every class with dumb people who dont know any music before the 2000s magically turned into some david bowie brilliance. I am not surprised
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"Wahhhhh! Leave me alone Melrose!" The little girl wailed. She pounded up the stairs to her room sobbing.
Little Janice was only 5 and already she had a whole slew of hardships.
Her mother had died giving birth to her causing her sister to develop a deep deep hate for her.
Their father had done his best to raise them but he was almost never home. Janice did not have many friends. Being only 5 meant that she had just entered Kindergarten. Not many people wanted to be her friend , claiming she was too "weird".
She fell onto her bed crying her little heart out.
Why did she have to be so alone?
A small bark brought her back to reality. Her little Pomeranian, Jack, was on her bed playing with her laces. Little Jack was Janice's only companion. She buried her face in his soft fur, her tears staining his fur.
Jack barked again. As she looked up Janice realized that Jack had taken her red shoelace from her sneakers.
"Silly Jack! Give me my shoelace back!!!"
Jack backed out of her reach , barking around the mouthful of shoelace.
As she lunged for the shoelace,Jack jumped off the bed and scrambled out the door barking insanely.
Janice giggled and ran after him, now in a much better mood.
She caught sight of him tearing out the doggy door in the back door.
Opening the door she ran outside. The sun shone right in her eyes and she winced.It was a beautiful and rather hot day.
If Janice had any friends besides Jack, she would be out playing right now.
As Jack ran into his doghouse, Janice got on all fours and began to crawl after him.
"Im gonna get youuu" she giggled.
After awhile she realized that the doghouse was bigger then she thought. She had been crawling for a good ten minutes now.
Rocks and moss were being brushed against as she crawled. As she looked up, she realized how big the doghouse was and immediately stood up.
Cold air flowed around her and the smell of salt was in the air.
A small light was up ahead, no bigger than a pinprick. Janice began to run towards it. Whatever was on the other side of this tunnel would mean a great adventure for her. She was sure of it.
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You said yes to a date

You said yes to a kiss

You said yes when I asked you to be mine

But you said no to the most important question

'do you love me...'
Well this... I just wrote it awhile a go and yeah I know its really short :shrug:

PS Llamas much Appreciated & Watches & Faves & Comments


Wrong Answer is copyright to Loza-Muse (I'd put my real name down but meh ) But please dont steal, thanks a lot

The Preview Picture is not mine, it is owned by ~CrisisCorps And I have valid permission in using it. Also heres the original [link]
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