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Made on paint because I can't afford decent drawing software.
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This is in response to a piece of "art" I saw recently involving a "ponified" version of Hurricane Sandy. Really? REALLY? You're seriously gonna go and "ponify" disasters now? It never seems to occur to these people that these disasters destroy lives and property, and they think it's all just a big joke. Making a mockery out of other people's misfortune is not cute or funny. It just makes you look like a massive asshole. I find it particularly offensive since I saw people on Facebook making pony jokes about the tornadoes that hit my state last year. I found nothing remotely amusing about making jokes and laughing about something that killed hundreds of people and devastated entire communities. I guess people with underdeveloped insect brains can't comprehend this.

I'm tired of idiots bringing ponies into everything, especially when it comes to crap like this.

Oh yeah, the person also ponified Hurricane Katrina. :iconfacedeskforeverplz:
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Let’s face it. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a childrens cartoon. It doesn’t matter how dark its themes sometimes are, or how many "frightening" characters there are, or how many references it has to things kids wouldn’t know about. It’s a family show, primarily aimed at young girls. It always was and always will be. It doesn't take a genius to understand that.

But is the terrifying MLP fanbase for young children? Can they get involved? Nope. Not in the slightest. The fanbase for this show is now overflowing with shameful adult content, including immense quantities of despicable pony porn and grimdark art/videos/fanfictions which are in no way safe for kids. And that isn't even the start of it. As we've seen time and time again, bronies have evolved into uncontrollably obnoxious, unpleasable Internet monsters when it comes to their obsession, making massive mountains out of the tiniest of molehills to the point where it is almost impossible to believe and put up with.

The more you think about it, the less sense it makes, and for sane bronies, ex-bronies and non-bronies everywhere, the fanbase is like a nightmare that won't end. But trust me - no-one has it worse than the show's actual target audience, the young and innocent early school-age girls. One day these little girls are going to have grown up, will learn to use the Internet, search for the show they loved (or still love) so much - and see everything. Yeah.

Think of how horrible it will be for them when they find the wonderful cartoon they loved as kids was also a gargantuan Internet religion worshipped by thousands of over-obsessed teens and adults. Imagine how they’ll feel when they find out how their show was used to create copious amounts of porn, fan-fictions, ridiculous crossovers and parodies. Imagine what will go through their mind when they read about the embarrassing brony drama, the insane conventions, and encounter the fandom's darkest and most controversial side. Their childhood will be destroyed, and they will be utterly mortified at the idea.

It's happening as I type this, and it will continue to happen. It's totally inevitable. Bronies are ruining childhoods. It angers me that there are so many bronies out there that have no shame in uploading pornography to DeviantArt and using "Rule 34" as an excuse, or saying "Welcome to the Internet" to cover up rabid, tasteless behaviour. I no longer care for the show myself (the chances of me every becoming a brony again are a billion to one) but I am still sympathetic for the younger fans, because they're the harmless ones who are going to get a nasty surprise when they log on to the Internet in the near future. They are the ones who are currently experiencing their actual childhood, and in a few years time they'll grow up and find out about the horrific things that happened to the show they grew up with.
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Okay, here comes the flames *puts shield up*

Personally, I NEVER EVER like My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. I hated it long before it was popular, and here's why:

Normally, I try not to judge cartoons by their character designs and animation, but I just can't help it with FiM. The ponies and other character are so poorly drawn and ugly looking, that they make South Park look like an early Don Bluth film. The ponies have eyes the size of watermelons, no snout, creepy serial killer smiles and have shapely human-like ummmm...hinders that came out of uncanny valley. How can anyone find these characters attractive. I saw mutated lifeforms in Chernobyl that were cuter than the G4 ponies.

And the ponies' personalities just come off as being fake and bratty. The ponies reminded me of snobbish, stuck up valley girls in high school that would pretend to be you friend, only to backstab you behind the back when you're no looking. I knew girls that were like the six main characters in real life, and they were NOT FUN to be around. In fact, I threatened to call the cops on a few of them. No wonder FiM is more popular with guys than girls, because most girls would never befriend fake bitches like that.

I don't mind if your fans of the show, but I never was. I have a few sane friends who like that show, they didn't try killing me over it.

Which reminds me....

Violent children shows and toys fans are nothing new. Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids? There were riots over these dolls, and fans injuring and killing people over these dolls. There was one wife and mother who was stabbed to death by another woman in the Cabbage Patch Kids riot of 1982. That's not funny. It's sick and tragic.

So, there you have it, my opinion on FiM and why I never got into it, even before it was popular.

TURNED OFF COMMENTS due to obsessies. Cry me a river. Not everyone likes FiM. Get the fuck over it and move on in life.
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More of my problems towards rabid bronyism!

Remember when Ed Helms told Once-ler fans that they needed psychiatric evaluation for the Oncest fad? Well, Tara Strong is known for acting like her characters a lot on Twitter, but with the current state of cloppers and overly rabid bronies, I think she's becoming a little too excited...
[link] [link] [link] [link]

Twilight Sparkle belongs to *fyre-flye and Hasbro
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"Not all bronies are like that!"
"It's only 1% of the fanbase!"
"Those are just stereotypes!"
"Just ignore them!"
"Every fanbase has bad fans!"
"It's just a loud minority!"
"Don't lump us all together!"

I see these same pathetic excuses all of the time on YouTube and DeviantArt, and they annoy the hell out of me. I'm talking about the rabid white knight bronies. The ones that stand up for the fanbase so valiantly that it comes off as arrogant, childish and inconsiderate. If you're a brony and proud of it, and you witness a brony behaving badly or acting obnoxious, don't just stand there defending yourself; that just makes it worse. Actually make an effort to let them know they're being rude. Good bronies are able to accept that the fanbase is full of bad eggs. And no, it's not a "tiny part of the fanbase". If it were a tiny part, rabid bronies wouldn't be so widespread, and you wouldn't have to constantly make these same, worn out excuses every time someone complains about their behaviour.
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I made one of these crappy poster things cuz i'm sick of hearing about that googly-eyed horse! :shakefist:

Comments are temporarily disabled until the rabid pony tards calm their tits! :lol:
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Read the description.

*I dislike the show, but respect the fanbase, something to think about while you read the rest of my comments-
People complaining over people not liking My Little Pony.
Shut up, you're stupid. Learn to take opinions.
This is the internet, yo.
People have the freedom of speech.
People have the right to their own minds, and opinions.

Deal with it mo fucka.

What? I can't express my hate for the show? By that logic, how about you stop expressing your love for the show.
Makes sense to me. BUT, being I respect the fan base, feel free to love the show, I support you.

Also, stop acting like every time someone hates the show it's directed to the fan base.
This stamp in general is directed to PEOPLE who get MAD when people don't like it.
It ISN'T directed to people who LIKE it.
Think about it, but don't over think about it. Don't be stupid.

"Omg, LainaofthesandLOL, you're freaking STUPID, I HATE YOU."

Don't bitch at me because I dislike your little show.
Or your fucking ponies.
I like real ponies, I thank you.

I think that's funny when people have to result in insulting someone for having an opinion.
Are you the dictator of my MIND? Do you own me?
No harlot.
You don't.
You never will >:U

"Like, OMG, you hate MLP? You QUEER. You fucking CUNT. Ass whole! You have NO LIFE!!!!
Ha. Ha. Haaaah... ha...
That's the kind of comments that make me go, "LOL what? What is this. What is this I don't even..."
Fawk yo COUCH.

The sane fans are fine though.

Wanna know something?
I'll respect you if you respect me.
That's how it goes.

Also, I love the show Naruto, but you don't see me getting pissed at the anti fans.
Hate it if you want, I don't give a fuck.

Also, I love how every time someone says they hate MLP they always bring up bronies.
What the fuck do they have to do with this?
Nothing at all.
I'm talking about people in general, not a group.

Also, this can go for any other show.
Same can go for anything.
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If anybody can talk some sense into those psychotic Bronies, Grunt can. If that doesn't work, he can always deport them to Sloberia...
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