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Jeesh, my perspective is HORRIBLE!! XDD

Sorry if I'm uploading too much. XDD But this is the last one for the day, promise!! :D
This is just for the "Breast Cancer Awareness". This is kinda late, cause we had this day on Tuesday, but I had no time to work on it. ^^; But its here now! :la:
I was gonna draw Daisy doing this, but she does not look right in pink...:p So Peachy was the one to do it!! :dummy: Bringing back Nintendo starting with Peachy I guess! :la: :la: :la:
You guys should draw something for Breast Cancer Awareness too! Its alot of fun! :dummy:
Enjoy! ;D
Inspiration by this beautiful work: [link]
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Free BG :D
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Hey guys, I lied. I did think of something else!
You know those forest penguins Kikwis, and how you want to hug them so much?
Well, they want your hugs for Valentines Day. C8

I just thought of this today, so I spent 2 hours drawing this really quickly. I wish I thought of this sooner.
Hope you enjoy it! And feel free to send this to awesome people C;

Kikwi Machi (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Me
Triforce Font (c) [link]
Done with Copic Markers, edited on Sai.
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Mi ingles es horrible... asi que si pillan algo raro en la frase, corrijanme no mas...

Ja! igual alcance a hacer una tarjeta(?) 8DDD

Feliz dia de San Valentín para todos!♥

Kirby!Cupid (c) Hal/Nintendo
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Another Mass Effect valentine for dA's valentine's day exchange.

I know several of you are waiting in that dark corner over there for me to release the Lorik one, but now that everyone's watching for it I had to make it better because it looked like crap.

Anyway... Garrus, he's got your back. lol, when in doubt colour it black... =D

This one isn't a particularly hilarious, in fact I would file this card in that section of the card rack where all the super gushy cards with the flowers and the watercolour ribbon decals would be.

A random selection of others:
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This might be the most on model picture ot Talinka I've drawn yet, I'm quite satisfied, but I digress. Last year I gave you all a nice cup of peppermint hot chocolate, this year's gift is a bit more out of the ordinary, but worth any amount of trouble you have to go to to make one. So, Happy Holidays everyone, whatever you may celebrate. Sorry, but yes, you do have to assemble your own Christmas present from me, lame I know, but hey, it's better than nothing.

This years holiday treat from me to you is MonteCristo Sandwiches

(This is instructions for one sandwich, which will feed one male-over-twelve or two females ;)

You will Need:
2 pieces 'squishy' bread. I use HomeMaid brand and it works fantastically. If pressed Wonder or another brand can by used but it must be SQUISHABLE.
Swiss Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Mayo and Mustard (Or miracle whip if you prefer)
Ham (The lunchmeat variety or sliced -very- thin)
Blackberry jam (or raspberry...and if you don't have either of those strawberry will work in a pinch)
Powdered sugar
Butter OR Pancake batter and cooking oil(I use Krusteaz cos I'm lazy like that)

The order you assemble the sandwich in is important or it won't stick very well, so pay attenchun. Put mayonaise on one piece of bread and mustard on the other, don't overdo it, a little should suffice. Cover one of your bread pieces with swiss cheese EVENLY, keeping in mind it will be sliced diagonally and any small pieces will fall out. Place a piece of ham on top ofthe swiss cheese. Cover the ham with cheddar cheese in a similar fashion to how you did the swiss. Place the second piece of bread on top (mustard/may side down of course). If you're going all out, Continue here, if you really don't want too much of a mess and are wililng to settle for a sandwish one step down from the master variety, skip to the next paragraph (the Easy Way) for alternative cooking methods. Squish it. Squish it again. Eat the top layer of crust. Squish it again. You should now have a very flat looking sandwich. Cut it in half diagonally and secure it with two toothpicks on each triangle. Make sure it's still squished. Now it's time to cook it.

The Easy WayIf you are here because you are lazy and don't want to go through the trouble of making pancake batter and deep frying this, you should have an unsquished sandwich in front of you. Butter both sides of it liberally (the outsides) and cook it (medium heat or lower so it doesn't burn) in a frying pan like a grilled cheese sandwich. Go to the serving paragraph.

The Fun WayIf you have a SQUISHED sandwich in front of you you're in for a real treat. I hope you have your pancake batter ready, if you don't, no worries, your sandwich is patient. It will wait on the counter obediently for you until it's prepared. Now you have pancake batter? Good. Dip your sandwich in it, cover it in the batter (this is why you need the toothpicks) Time to deep fry.

To deep fry: Heat some vegetable/canola oil in a pot big enough for your sandwich over MEDIUM heat. It shouldn't ever need to get to a full out boil, it's dangerous and it scares the crap out of me. Don't set your house on fire trying to make my Christmas present to you, that wouldn't be cool. To see when your oil is just right, drop a -small- blob of pancake batter into it: if nothing happens it's not ready. It should sizzle immidiatly and cook itself within a few moments, if it does this, put your battered sandwich in -carefully- and let it fry until it's a nice golden brown (You'll need tongs to turn it over half way through) When it's done, stick it on a napkin covered plate while you turn the oil off and dig out some blackberry (or raspberry) jam and some powdered sugar. DO IT. Trust me, it's good.

Serving:Don't skip the jam. I know it sounds gross, you'll like it I promise. Put a big plop of jam on the plate next to your pretty golden sandwich. Sprinkle the sandwich with powdered sugar. Dip the sandwich in the jam as you eat it, it's the weirdest combination of ingredients I've ever tried, but it's delicious.

Last years: [link]

Enjoy, and Happy holidays everyone!
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EDIT: Awesome. This artwork made it already on the front page on DA for most popular work in 8 hours: [link]
I feel kinda proud :blush: Thank you all.

A Sableye made specially for Valentines day. Sableye are known for eating jewels etc. So her is one, eating his/her heart of Ruby.
For the people who know me. Every year I draw something Valetine related to my OC's. I do this also because its my B-day then wich I will upload on Valentines day itself.

Anyways have fun with it!

Sableye (C) Nintendo
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feliz dia de sanvalentin nwn y pensar que hace nada mas un año hice mi primera tarjeta para mi mismo TwT que triste xD
eso si tengan claro que aqui no me burlo de nadie ah, solo salio asi de la nada (?) asi que no se preocupen si se sienten identificados ^^ 
espero que la pasen bien todo el mundo incluso los que no tienen una pareja, hagan algo para distraerse, no se maten zombies o algo (eso me lo enseño heli xD) pasenla bien y pueden mandarle estos dibujitos a quien quieran incluso recortenlos si quieren pero den creditos ok ^^
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Hey Everyone! :wave:
Well it took a while but I made a Valentine's Day Project. :nod:
I've been busy with work, that I didn't have that much time to prepare... ^^; but I finished it today. :)

Well I hope everyone likes it! :aww:

...Of course it would be Princess Rosalina. :P
Sorry for not creating a good background... ^^; I'm not good with those. :P

Thanks For Passing By, and Happy Valentine's Day! :squee: :hug:

:iconprincessrosalinaplz: belongs to Nintendo! :nod:

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... HI MUFFIN <3

FREE ALL THE FELLAS :iconallthethingsplz:

IthoughttheideawassofunnysoIjusthdsujsfnm normally I don't participate in stuff like this but LOLLLL sofun. AndIlovekitties.

... Also yes one of my cats is orange. DID YOU EXPECT ANYTHING LESS?
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