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long overdue kiriban for *PicaTails!! hope you like it ; w ; i had a lot of fun with this, she is a lovely character < 3
animation is sort of derpy, sorry ;v;
the winner of my 75k kiriban will get a choice between this style of pixel or the one I did of chorus.
star movement only ver. and static ver. if you want 'em.

Pixelling is so relaxing for me, if I ever open commissions of my art rather than customs, I'd probably just open pixel stuff like this xD
[ though at the moment I am closed for everything, sorry ; w ; ]
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pixel of my deerfox oc chorus.
i want to post sets, but they're claimed so I have to wait for people to reply to my notes LOL so i did this in the mean time

i focused more on my pixelling technique than anatomy and suchhhh

sort of frustrated that it didn't turn out as I imagined, but ahh well.

chorus + art c) me
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...after this, no more personal art for a while, i promise ; q ; //WEEPS
reminder that if you want an update on the art I owe you please just send me a note any time!! I don't mind at all ^q^
syddy gave me permission to make these kawaii twin babs so I couldn't resist going straight ahead //CHOKES

I don't know what to name them yetttt
right one's uniform based off of these.

the one on the left is the older one!

snowglobes are a closed species by =LinoleumItalics

design c) me
base c) me and =LinoleumItalics
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for =Steamed-Bun of her oc bao <3 hope it's ok bby ;w;
the pose is rly awkward and weird ughghgh // but other than that i kinda like this ;w;
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Sorry for taking so long to do this, honestly i've been avoiding the internet and dA for a little while?? but i'll be back on track soon i promise

anyway the winner is =Mikk-i!!

if you didn't win i would appreciate you taking down the deviation of your entry u n u
sorry to all those who missed out! :c it was really hard choosing OTL

disabled comments because i cant deal with stuff nowwww :iconpapcryplz:
so i've had these lines for ages and i can't really think of a palette for this gal so?? this is a color to adopt contest uvu idea stolen from =aimlessTrickster hehe

Not first-come first-served.

Basically all you have to do is color the lines with whatever colors you like, and in 48h after being posted, I will choose the winner base on personal preferences u w u

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT say how much you want the adopt, or that you already have a story for her or how much of her character you've fleshed out. I'm so sick of seeing this sort pseudo-guilt tripping and it never fails to make me feel awful about doing contests. I would really rather you keep that sort of thing to yourself.
sorry, but it's been getting at me recently. I CANNOT give one design to multiple people; there can only be one winner. Don't enter if you're not prepared to lose.

on a more positive note, go wild u < u

Please submit ALL entries to your deviantart, you can remove them once the contest is over however I will not count entries that are not submitted to dA!!

Also, please take note of my adoptable rules/info!

base c) =LinoleumItalics
Comments disabled by owner.
annnnd the other customs ;w;

designs/base c) me
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me and syd were brainstorming closed species ideas and...this happened.
ugh i dont think i have to mature content this?? if someone wants me to i will [the hearts where her nips should be are just markings LOL]

this species is open. Please tell me if you make any!
Remember to stick to species guidelines and ask before making any unusual or special nitelites.

    -Nitelites grow to be up to 6ft tall, averaging at around 5ft.
    -All Nitelites have long, pointed ears which point sideways, unicorn-like tails, deer-like antlers and stars on their forehead.
    -The number of stars on a Nitelites forehead depends on how strong the nightlight is. The average is one.
    -As the Nitelite grows, so does the star on its forehead. As it becomes stronger, small stars start to appear next to the main one and grow as the Nitelite's power strengthens.
    -Nitelites horns, markings and blood all glow. Their eyes glow in the dark.
    -Nitelites are capable of basic magic at a young age.
    -A Nitelite's base skin tone is typically a lighter shade of its horn/markings, although occasionally dark skinned Nitelites are found.

anyway, this base is new, sketched by me and lined by =LinoleumItalics!

this design is of undecided ownership, I don't know if I'll keep her or give her to one of my friendinos u < u

nitelites/design c) =sockjuice

You should check out =LinoleumItalics's species, Snowglobes which are cousins to Nitelites and are located within the same universe :
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wow i forgot to upload this???
anyway this was my secret santa adopt for =isi-a ;v; from the adopt secret santa =glovemuffin ran.
from what i vaguely remember some of the specifics were japanese, rabbit and lingerie? xD bwahh the transparent part of her outfit bugs me now ene i think it would looked better if it was opaque otl

if i've done you a custom or something and haven't uploaded it, but you want it uploaded for reference purposes, please just ask! ^q^

base c) =LinoleumItalics
design c) =sockjuice
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claimed by ~Sita13! it's been a while since i did a set over 8, lol.

These can be bought for 400 :points: per pair or 225 :points: seperately.

- feel free to change any part of the design once bought [incl. species, gender etc]
- no reselling [trading, giving away is fine]
- first come first serve - unfortunately if one half of a pair is bought then the option to buy them as a pair is unavailable.
please check out my adoptable info before asking any questions!

IF you purchase a pair, please us the purchase button to the right ->
If you purchase a seperate/single design, please just send the points the usual way >vo/

1. ~Sita13
2. ~Sita13
3. ~Sita13
4. ~Sita13
5. =caliipsa
6. =aimlessTrickster
7. =Steamed-Bun
8. =Steamed-Bun
9. *Kaiyasha-Amaterasu
10. =CherriSummer
11. =VanillaHyun
12. *VioletPetal

design/base c) =sockjuice
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woop did these like two weeks ago just got around to finishing them??

300 :points: or $3 for these each

first come first served yada yada
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