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Chastity Pandemonium

Fantasy crossbreed gen
The confused, bitter female half-Nightmare druid. She has a graceful build. Her wardrobe is strange. She appears far more non-human than human.

Deity gen
This immature god of woodlands takes the form of a young man. He is very short and has a wide-chested build. His large eyes are turquoise. He has aquamarine skin. His outfit is that of a druid, is covered in vine designs, and it is mostly ebony in color. He also wears an armband. He carries a bow.

Magic item gen (clothing/jewlery)
Kingly Glimmering Tiara of Sadism Circle
Unspeakable Gothic Suit
Belt of the Dreamer
Shoes of Fire and Insanity

Outer plane gen
Fields of the Foolish

Dark ritual gen
Dreaming God's Conjuration of Pain


He thought it was a good idea at the time. He was a god, why not? Take a nap in this odd dimension he’d disovered. He was tired! His large turquoise eyes drooped shut, they were only just darker than his aquamarine colored skin. His chin rested on his wide, ebony and green leather-clad chest. His bow would not be stolen, there was no one around, right? He fell to sleep and he dreamt.

She thought it was a good idea at the time. After all, a Nightmare’s business in the Fields of the Foolish was to investigate any and all activity. Who would be stupid enough to sleep here? Well, apparently there was one. His shape was that of a god, obviously, it glowed dimly and said volumes about his power – the man-shaped lump below a tree was hardly his “true” shape after all.

He was dreaming something completely inappropriate, too. The mare gave off a hissing sound, it was more her flaming hooves touching the ground, than anything else. The god did not wake, but his mind did seek out hers, and the resulting shocking behavior on both their parts would be written about for generations.

When the result of their extremely unusual joining was born, her mother named her Pandemonium, and offered her gifts that would help her in the worlds which she would travel. Her father dubbed her Chastity, for he was a believer in the importance of names.

It was her mother’s choice to offer her golden shoes for her hooves, but when one pair went on they gripped tightly and sprang terrible nails into the quick. The ones upon her forefeet were warm, causing sparks and flame to erupt if she was in too-dry litter.

Her father gave her a tiara, not knowing what it would do – little had he known it was probably this item that had attracted his Nightmare mate in the first place, a kingly glimmering Tiara of Sadism would crown her head and cause many to enjoy things they might not otherwise.

From her mother, a twisted compliment to the Tiara upon her head: the Belt of the Dreamer, hooked soundly around the clothing gifted to her by her father.

All these things put together, made Chastity a bit nervous. After all, she wasn’t a true centaur – those creatures would certainly respect her, but never accept her because of her nightmarish wings; and she wasn’t a god nor a true mortal – she drifted between those states, aware of dimensions and how they affected her; and she certainly wasn’t a true nightmare either what with the having a humanoid torso and hands and all.

In short, she was confused. And angry – her parents grew her to a young adult age, and then dropped all this garbage on her, and said pretty much “have fun,” and went their separate ways. She has not seen nor heard from them in years. Much of her remains bitter, and she’s glad that she hasn’t had the chance to meet up with them again. If she did, they’d be getting an earfull.

Chastity did know that she was quite good with nature. She tended to sulk around in the spookier parts of it: ruins, marshes with willowisps, old overgrown cemetaries. But she did know her way around the woods, she could make trees grow and plants flower, or wither, and she also enjoyed invading mortal man’s dreams with her tiara and her belt making it easy.

Background :iconmaureenolder:
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Seventh Sanctum Generator Results:
The race of Griffin-people. In their culture, martial arts is a highly prized ability. They turned their back on their old gods to follow newer ones. Their government is a magiocracy. (Fantasy Race Generator)

“Since he was god of the sky, Horus became depicted as a falcon, or as a falcon-headed man…In this form, he was sometimes given the title Kemwer,” (Wikipedia)

First, a bit of History:

-The Kemwer were created in ancient Egypt by the god Horus to be his servants and soldiers as well as acting as advisors to his priests and bodyguards to the Pharoahs. History and legend does not record their presence because they tended to remain in the shadows, performing their allotted tasks in secrecy and silence. On the rare occasions when they were seen, the Kemwer were often mistaken for their creator and god, Horus. Modern historians also fall victim to this misconception, leading to the label “Kemwer” being given to Horus rather than his creations. The mythical creatures known as Griffins, which originated from the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire, were also derived from the Kemwer. When the Persians conquered Egypt, a large part of the resistance they encountered came from servants of the gods, including a large number of the Kemwer. Over time, the descriptions deteriorated from being fairly accurate depictions of Horus’s servants to a fanciful creature with a lion’s body but an eagle’s head and wings.

-Originally, the Kemwer numbered into the hundreds of thousands. The conflict with the Persians drastically reduced their numbers, sowing seeds of resentment against Horus. The final straw came after the murder of Osiris by his brother Set. Horus, obsessed with revenge against his uncle, ignored the fact that Set’s minions were massacring the Kemwer by the hundreds. His neglect, combined with the bloody slaughter that they had been through, motivated the last of the race (numbering now around 500) to abandon both Egypt and their old god to seek their own fortune. The vast majority of them roam the world alone or in small “families”, but a few (about 150) have established a small city named Asar beneath the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert. Their ruler, Akhom, led them out of Egypt and helped to set up Asar. He was the advisor to Horus’s High Priest and possesses a large amount of magical ability, which he used to shift the sands to make room for their city. In the style of the Egyptians, Akhom is worshipped as a god.

The Race:
-The Kemwer are a physically powerful race, standing anywhere from six to seven feet tall. All are extremely fit. When they had the support of Horus, they had no need for food or sleep, but without their divine backing the Kemwer eat and sleep just as much as anyone else. Their wings enable them to fly at speeds of up to 60 MPH. All Kemwer possess these wings, as well as a brown-feathered eagle’s head and a lion’s tail. They are much stronger than man can hope to become, able to lift and throw objects weighing over a ton. All are skilled in some form of combat, as they were created largely for that purpose. Most are greatly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as it requires little to no weapons maintenance and allows quick action. Kemwer who are skilled in unarmed combat are usually considered to be the greatest of warriors.

-The Kemwer are a dying breed. Horus did not see fit to give them the ability to reproduce, as he could simply create more as he needed. So, unless they can find a God to create more of them or give them the ability to reproduce, they will be extinct within a thousand years or so (Their lifespan is around 3000-4000 years).

-Mentally, the Kemwer are incredibly wise, possessing an almost godlike ability to see things impartially. In fact, the Kemwer possess little sympathy for anyone outside of their own race. They have no care for humans or other supernatural creatures, preferring to be left to their own devices. Although they cannot breed, Kemwer do “mate”, taking one partner (usually) for their entire lives. Kemwer are not automatically good or evil- they possess their own personalities. Many have turned to less virtuous ways since leaving Horus, and take great pleasure in cheating both humans and other supernatural beings out of their possessions and power. Others have become champions for the weak and downtrodden, not because of feelings of sympathy (for they have none for non-Kemwer), but because they enjoy the battle with the other side.

-In Asar, high positions in the government are always held by those with magical power. This is due partially to the fact that Kemwer hold a great respect for magical ability, but it is mostly because the Kemwer who were granted the ability to use magic were the advisors of Priests and Government officials in Egypt, and therefore know what they are doing when it comes to administrative abilities (also, magic gives them a HUGE upper hand in conflicts for power).

Final Notes/Comments/Insane Ramblings:
-First off, this is my first Seventh Sanctum contest entry/deviantART submission ever, I hope you guys think it’s decent. Unfortunately, I have a decided lack of artistic abilities so I used UGO’s Heromachine V 2.5 to “draw” the Kemwer, and then Picniked the text onto it. The generator result was from the Fantasy Race generator. At first I didn’t like this result very much, but then I started looking at it and decided that maybe it had a bit of merit. The idea of Griffins doing martial arts seemed to be a little difficult to carry off, and besides this is supposed to be an original race, so I tinkered a bit with the idea of a humanoid with Griffinlike traits. Then I started looking at it, and was reminded of the Egyptian God Horus (Falcon-headed guy.). From there it was pretty simple to dream up the rest of the story behind them, and after a few web searches for some historical/mythological backing, I ended up with this. (Luckily enough, the Griffin myth really did result from the Achaemenid Empire, and they really did conquer Egypt.
So that was cool.
Hope you like it.
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One of my entries for Seventh Sanctum's Class Act contest. This is the Forgotten Gambler of the Earth Goddess.
Long ago, there was a great and wise earth goddess whose name is now lost in the mists of time. She selected certain champions with which to surround herself and gifted them with great talents and skills. The requirements for joining the ranks of her chosen were stringent, but the rewards were great. She offered them wonderful powers and near-eternal life. Being an earth goddess, she forbade her followers from slaying any form of intelligent life and bid them be wary of injuring any sentient being. They chose instead to challenge those who would insult their deity using only contests of luck and skill, playing for high stakes. They became reknowned throughout the land and many adventurers traveled far and wide for a chance to challenge this legendary order, hoping to gain great rewards and perhaps even a chance to join their ranks.
As time wore on, however, their fame dwindled, as did the number of worshipers of their goddess. Their woodland temple was forgotten as the wilderness around it grew more twisted. The immortal gamblers locked themselves away in this sanctum, growing ever more weary of their eternal life as time wore on.
The requirements to become a Forgotten Gambler of the Earth Goddess are as follows. By nature, they depend on luck, chance, and chaos, and hold all life in highest respect, so a Forgotten Gambler must always be Chaotic Good. They must be skilled in sleight of hand and have formidable dexterity. In addition, they must be in possession of sufficient wisdom to use the spells granted by the earth goddess. Finally, the aspiring Forgotten Gambler must make a pilgrimage to the hidden forest temple, deep within a fiend-infested, trackless forest, and defeat one of the ranks of Forgotten Gamblers in a contest of skill, chosen by the challenged party. This is easier said than done. Minds honed by unnaturally long lives, the Gamblers have had a long time to devise their devious and cunning mind games, alone in the forest. Finally, the pilgrim must spend some time in prayer to the earth goddess and swear him or her self to service forever. At that point, he or she will be welcomed into the ranks of the Forgotten Gamblers.
At level one, the new Gambler gains the ability to turn aside or rebuke any undead creature by channelling the good energy of his or her deity. He or she also gains the ability to cast cleric spells. The Gambler also gains at this point an increase in luck, making chance a major factor in deciding the outcome of any of the Gambler's undertakings. Finally, the Gambler is required at some point during his or her first level to go on a vision quest to discover a spirit animal companion. This spirit animal takes the form of a woodland creature of the Gambler's choosing and will add its skills to the Gambler's own.
(more class features to be added as I get time later. ^^;)
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It seems like the only art I do recently is for Seventh Sanctum competitions, but what can I say, I just happen to love it. :) This one is the Fantasy Fusion contest, where the goal is to draw a generated crossbreed character. :)

"The sheltered female half-Basilisk crusader searching for purpose. Her wardrobe is unconventional. Her non-human ancestry is very obvious and not-concealable, but not particuarly disturbing."

Asadar is a female half-basilisk who lives in the caves near the ocean of some fantasy country. She's a caring and compassionate sort, so she wears a cloth around her eyes so that she doesn't kill the butterflies that sometimes wander into her cave. One day, as she's carefully watching the ocean, she sees a prince on the beach running and jumping. She immediately is fascinated by him and his legs-- her snake tail had been the only thing she'd known all her life. She admires the prince, and immediately fell in love with him.

Asadar goes to visit her mother, who is her monster half. Her mother says that she can make Asadar all human, but her deadly sight would still be intact. Only marriage to the prince would give her human sight. However, if the prince marries someone else, she will die. Asadar agrees, and her mother gives her legs.

Asadar finds her way toward the princes castle, and the prince immediately takes in the strange, bald, supposedly blind girl. Asadar does not tell the prince of her lineage for fear of frightening him away, and neglects to tell him why her eyes are always covered.

In the following weeks that Asadar is at the court, she falls more and more in love with the prince, and he begins to tell her all his secrets. He trusts her, and she soon becomes his best friend. Asadar is sure that they will be married and her deadly sight will be no more until the prince tells Asadar that he is to be married to the daughter of the next kingdom over. Asadar is heartbroken, and runs away and removes her blindfold to cry. The prince's father, the King, comes into the room and is immediately killed by her deadly sight.

The prince, now king, is under more pressure than ever to marry, and chooses the neighboring princess. Asadar's mother meets her daughter on the beach and tells her if she kills the prince with her sight, she will live and not die. Asadar goes to the princes room, and is about to wake him when she realizes she couldn't. At sunrise, she turns into a bunch of butterflies and flies away over the ocean.

// Little Mermaid much? :D I love taking old fairy tales and putting a new spin on them-- I figured taking something that was not as beautiful as a mermaid and going for the same story would shake the themes up a little bit.

Anyway, I'm submitting this on the last day of the contest so I hope it gets accepted (shotdead). But here it goes! Hope you like it!
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Magical Girl Generator: This calm magical girl's droopy eyes are the color of pine needles and her neck-length, wavy, silky, violet hair is worn in a dignified style. She has a wide-hipped figure. She has plant powers that come from a sceptre. Her pretty outfit is green and black and it looks as if it is made of leaves.

Sword Generator: This sword has an irregular blade with butterflys and knots engraved on it. Its grip is of a bronze metal with a pattern made of waves and triangles done in an inlay of a black-colored material.

Magical Girl Title Generator: Forest Goddess

Elf Name Generator: Athael

Battle Aura Generator: A flickering green aura. it is a representation of the manifester's inner self.

25 years ago, the godess Athael went misteriously missing, and for good reason. She'd noticed that the mortals down below were now desicrating nature with reckless abandon. She knew in her heart that something must be done to make them moderate themselves and cut back on their destruction of her beloved forests. So without telling any of the other gods and goddesses, she secretly placed herself into the womb of a pregnant woman. The little girl who was born was named Endralyn, who had grown up with no idea of the immense power sleeping inside her, but had a perfectly normal life. She grew up, went to school and colledge, and got married. She had always loved taking walks in the forest behind her childhood home and her university campus, where she was now working on her master's degree. She loved gardening, cooking with herbs she had just picked last weekend, stories and myths of elves, fairies, and unicorns. She had large crystal and pressed leaf and flower collections. People often said she was wise beyond her years. One day, she was taking a routine walk through the campus woods, wondering how she would write an extremly challanging paper for her botany class, when she heard the buzz of a chainsaw. She ran toward the sound, and stopped a few feet away from a very rugged man in the middle of cutting down a pine tree. She yelled "HEY, YOU! STOP! THAT TREE AND MOST OF THE LAND AROUND HERE BELONGS TO PHOENIXFLIGHT UNIVERSITY! She felt a great rage well up inside her that she couldn't explain, followed by a sudden and eriee calm. She saw and felt a green aura of light pulse around and through her, coming from her heart chakra and the innermost core of her soul. Her strawberry-blond hair changed to a brillant violet and her light gray eyes into the greenish-brown of a baby pinecone. Her outfit was transformed to resemble the black and green leaves above her head and below her feet. She marveled at her appearence long enough to notice that the woodcutter was getting away. She pointed her vine sceptre, topped with a glowing spring-green flower, at him and simply murmured, "Imprision him.". The pine tree the man was trying to cut down shot out its branches and crammed the man into the cut he had made, shutting him inside. "Now," said the tree with the wind's rustle in it's brances, " your body and soul will nurish mine due to the wound you have given me.". Endralyn/Athael nodded in approval and shouted to the forest around her "Fear not, all beings of the woods of the world, the Forest Goddess Athael has come to heal you!". "Now," she thought, "what to do about that chainsaw?". As if responding to the goddess within her, her sceptre pulsed with a green light and transformed into a strange and beautiful sword capable of great magical power that could cut through almost anything. She cut and hacked and slashed at the chainsaw until she was sure it could never be used again. Her sword then changed back into a sceptre and, with a process the exact oppisite the one she first transformed with, became her usual self again. "Wow. That was strange, but totally awesome! Who's the Forest Goddess Athael? Should I tell Owen or any of my friends and family about this? Probably not. I should get back to campus and do some research on this!" THE BEGINNING.
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"Aha! The Ancients were more advanced than we could possibly imagine! Look at this! They put such craftsmanship into everything they made, especially their weapons. I think they're beautiful. They're art in motion! Some pierce, some slash, some burn, I even have one in here that folds space in on whatever it hits; a very painful way to die, I assure you! I want to see them all. My divinations have only revealed the tiniest fraction of them, and I've recovered but a fraction of that! If you think this collection is impressive, just you wait! It's getting better all the time!"

Lady Aurora Luther was born to Bernardo and Andromeda Luther, Margrave and Margravine of Tegonu. As she grew, her education served primarily to groom her for a position of nobility, but she was far too inquisitive to settle for that alone. As there were very few children her age about to play with, she spent long hours alone in the castle library reading up on whatever subject struck her fancy, but she soon became particularly fascinated with artifacts from the First Age. When she became twenty-one, her father granted her a portion of his land, called Aesconia, and bestowed the title of Countess upon her. Her lands were fairly unproductive, being rocky and unsuitable for agriculture, but her education had prepared her, and she was a savvy investor. When she had earned enough money to support herself, she began to seriously consider acquiring some of the First Age artifacts that so fascinated her. She hired a wizard to teach her in the basics of divination, at which her skill proved prodigal. Within a few years she was developing her own depth-scanning divination spells and she wielded them to great effect to map out the subterranean ruins of the Ancients' cities. Using her own money, she funded expeditions down into the ruins to retrieve the artifacts. The first such attempt proved disastrous, however, as the team of spelunkers she had hired were all slain by the Ancients' guardian constructs that yet haunted the ruins. Following the incident she could find no one else to take up her offers, so she decided to study marksmanship and spelunking herself. Armed only with piecemeal skills gained through a crash course, she braved the ruins, slew or evaded the guardians, and made off with her first artifact, a blessed pistol she dubbed "The Demigun." The weapon so vastly superior to modern firearms that she became obsessed with seeing what else the Ancients had to offer in terms of firepower, and has since explored many more ruins and gathered an impressive collection of Ancient firearms. Of course, rumor spread that there was First Age treasure hidden beneath her land, and she has since had to deal with an invasion of thugs and mercenaries seeking to strip the ruins of treasure themselves.

Okay! Now for some other stuff! This is an entry to the latest Seventh Sanctum contest, Weapons and Warriors, found here: [link]
Here are my generator results:
Anthropomorphic Animal Generator
"The mystical female anthropomorphic Snake antiquities collector. Her wardrobe is unconventional."

Firearm Generator
Burner Ordinance
Typhoon Rifle
Multi-load Eraser

Vampire Name Generator (because vampires are fancy!)
Aurora Luther
Bernardo and Andromeda (I dropped the last names)

Greek Name Generator

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to :iconpharoahqueen: for her excellent tutorial on anthro snakes. Indeed, it was her lovely gallery that inspired this piece.
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For the Seventh Sanctum contest.

Fantasy Name Extreme Generator: Tempest Dark

Fangirl Fantasy Generator: The well-educated yet mocking half-angel. His

eyes are like two emeralds. His gravity-defying hair is indigo. His

exotic clothes are designed to deliberately show off his narrow build,

and he prefers them to be made from leather. He usually wears a lot of


Added content from other generators.

Fantasy Crossbreed Generator: The self-righteous male half-Angel mage.

His wardrobe is artistic. His non-human ancestry is very obvious and

not-concealable, but not particuarly disturbing.

Sword Generator: This sword has a blade with a blue hue to it. The guard

strongly resembles a pair of angel wings, inlaid with a copper-colored


Battle Aura Generator: A glittering silver aura. it is ever-shifting in

shape. when it is active, the wielder's eyes glow with a similar color.


"You're the son of an angel." Or so his mother claimed just before she

was murdered in cold blood. A quiet picnic in the palace gardens turned


He was only six at the time.

When the assassins turned their sights to him, he did what any

frightened child would do. He ran. His little legs just weren't fast


Born with only one wing, and with none of his mother or father's powers

at such a tender young age, he was helpless.

"Fly, if you can, you filthy hybrid." Those were the last words the men

spat at him before they hurled him over the garden wall and down to the

jagged rocks and crashing waves far below.

Somehow, he managed to survive the fall. Bruised, bleeding, cold, and

alone, he washed up on the shoreline miles away from his home.

For all counts, he should have died that day.

All he truly understood at that point was that he couldn't go back.

Ever. "Illegitimate" was a word whispered too often in the shadows. He

knew they had never wanted him there. His mother was the only one that

had ever wanted him, and because of that they had killed her. His father

hadn't even wanted him and had left long before he was even born.

He had to get as far away from the palace and the city as he possibly


Life isn't easy when you're a halfbreed.

Pickpocketing is impossible when you don't blend into a crowd, but other

forms of thievery were easy enough to pick up. Snatching a loaf of bread

or a pie from a window left carelessly open, or an apple off the fruit

stand. He survived that way for several years before someone finally

caught him.

Instead of turning him over to the authorities, the old mistress of the

house took him in. He had grown into an insanely handsome young man,

even at the age of fourteen, and she had no heir to pass down her

impressive magic techniques to. He made the perfect candidate. Owning to

his obvious angelic and elven heritage, she also knew his powers would

begin to manifest soon, if they hadn't already, and he would need

guidance, lest he destroy himself and those around him.

He couldn't have gotten a better education had he been allowed to stay

in the palace. He had stumbled upon a grand master mage. And someone

that didn't care he was a one winged angel.

It was years later when he finally learned what "angel" truly meant to



His master's dying words. She had known the truth the whole time, knew

about the horrible experiments of twenty years ago, but out of the

kindness of her heart, she never told him, and never treated him as

anything but a beloved student... or even the grandson she never had.

He would never live a quiet life, not with the curse of having a wing--

the only "flaw" of his otherwise perfect and beautiful body. He had

tried cutting the wing off in the past, and failed. The wounds would

heal instantly, no matter how deep he managed to cut into it. It was as

surely a part of him as the blood flowing through his veins... blood he

cursed with every breath he breathed. And now his beloved master and

guardian was gone. The only person that had ever accepted him and loved

him was gone forever...

With a heart full of pain, he took the name Tempest Dark, and swore

vengeance on the ones responsible for his suffering, no matter how long

it would take to find them. He would strike them like a tempest and

leave them nothing but destruction in his wake.

No longer satisfied to be a hybrid with a single wing, there was only

one solution. He used his skills to fashion a second one out of a metal

stronger than steel, and bound it to his body by an unbreakable magic.

Under his master's training, his true powers had finally manifested, all

of the powers of his bloodlines were at his disposal, all the strengths,

none of the weaknesses, and now he had both wings. Nothing could stand

in his way.

He is feared by the scientists that experimented on his father, for they

have recently found out about the existence of Tempest. Also for the

fact the same organization murdered his master. He's feared even more by

the remainder of the Royal family. They dread he will one day realize he

is the son of the crown princess, and the last blood heir to the throne.

...and seen as a threat by everyone else because of his powers and

insanely good looks.

He's regularly chased out of towns. Unless he decides to blow them up

that is. (They explode in such nice pyrotechnic displays.)

On his journey of revenge he obtained Shinjitsu, a legendary sword of

great power, forged by the fire of the elder dragons, back when the

elves were still an infant race in the world. In more than a century the

sword had not taken a master, none that tried to tame the power of the

blade had been deemed worthy, and all had died in the attempt... until

Tempest came for it. Whether it was his burning soul or his hybrid blood

that made the sword take him as a master, none can be sure.

Shortly afterward, he was bonded to the blue fairydragon Ryuusei, a

wise, if mischievous companion... with a tendency to bite if anyone

other than his master touches him. He's usually found clinging to

Tempest's shoulder.

As Tempest has something of a mocking, self-righteous personality with a

slightly mischievous bent, Ryuusei has proven to be his perfect match.

Tempest has an unusually bright battle aura, even for a mage of elven

decent. His eyes glow strangely when he uses a particularly strong (for

him) technique, or if infuriated. This aura is brighter around the

purely organic parts of his body, and is brightest on the side that

bears the angel wing.

When angered, his emerald eyes tend to turn to a lighter shade of green,

and may even begin to glow before his battle aura becomes apparent.

It's said the last thing his victims see before death is the dazzling

light of his magnificent powers, and they are awestruck. As such he's

called often called "The Shining Destroyer."

He also has a great singing voice, a given because of his bloodlines...

the revenge business just doesn't afford him much time to use it. He's

also skilled at playing the harp.

He can speak, read, and write in both the ancient language and in the

common language of elves and humans. As well as communicate with

animals, aside from his bonded fairy dragon. In fact, even rabid animals

are charmed by his mere presence.


Painter Acrylics, airbrush settings.


My personal diagnosis for this guy is that he is a DOA Sue. He also

scores a 167 on the Universal Mary Sue Limits Test, placing him very

firmly in the "Kill It Dead" category of 50+ points.

Remember, friends don't let friends read irredeemable Sue stories.

Thank you and goodnight!
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(Done for Seventh Sanctum's Cartoon Cash-In Contest, The Merchandisable Cartoon Generator Results: Eve Maximum And The Knights Of Time)

Eve Maximum and the Knights of Time, a BOS (Buy Our Shit) CORP cartoon.

Eve is just your average high school student until one day she unearths a time capsule in her back yard. When she opens it, the villainous Counter Clockwise escapes from his imprisonment and starts wreaking havoc, but also out of the capsule come the Knights of Time, Second, Minute, and Hour. Eve learns that the Knights originally had a deal with Counter Clockwise that they would all lock themselves away together so neither could gain the upper hand while the other was trapped, but Eve’s opening the capsule undid the seal. The Knights, led by Eve in her new role as Eve Maximum, Captain of the Knights, seek to trap Counter Clockwise before he can conquer the world.

Eve: Slightly confused by the whole thing, but more than willing to help her new friends out. In day to day life, Eve gives the Knights a place to stay (and hopes they don’t trash her home or traumatize her parents while she’s at school) and helps them understand their new temporal situation and all of its accoutrements. When Counter Clockwise is stirring up trouble, however, the Knights give Eve the ability to transform into Eve Maximum so she can lead them against their foe(s). Eve has tried to relinquish to role of Captain back to Hour more than once, but he always refuses despite her argument that Former Captain probably knows more about fighting Counter Clockwise than Modern Schoolgirl. For all her protests, she takes to her new twin blades with what some might term “unholy glee.”

Hour: The original leader of the Knights (and the shortest, though the toy line removes any real height differences). He seems to have a better grasp of the situation at any given time than the others, which is useful for strategy but also makes him a bit of a worrywart. He and Counter Clockwise seem to have some sort of past relationship with each other beyond enemies, but Hour’s not talking about it. Rumor has it the sword he wields once belonged to Counter Clockwise.

Minute: Kind of a spazz. Loves to relax and have a good time, but is totally down for kicking ass and taking names as well. He prefers to keep his enemies as far away as possible, but he’s no slouch in close combat. Surprisingly, Minute (when he puts his mind to it) can be the most patient of the Knights. He is also the one having the most fun with all the modern conveniences Eve has been introducing them to.

Second: The youngest, the fastest, and the tallest, Second is kind of awkward physically and socially, though he can really chatter up a storm once he gets comfortable. He has the most magic power of the Knights and is a respectable fighter as long as he can keep his enemy at a range where his staff is useful. Second and Minute are especially close, possibly because they’re the closest in age.

Counter Clockwise (Only Available in this Exclusive Full Set!): The mysterious villain. The clocks on his armor are all numbered in reverse. Aside from his possession of a fierce bitchface, not much is known about him. Hour, of course, knows more than he’s letting on, but Counter Clockwise soon makes it clear that that goes both ways...

EDIT: Manufacturing Problem: The hilts of Eve's swords should actually be sea green like the highlights of her armor, but after doing Hour's sword I forgot and used the same colors even though his sword was supposed to be unique in not matching his color scheme because he got it from Counter Clockwise. Oops! But I don't particularly feel like fixing it, so I'm just going to call it a quirk of this particular toy line. Yay manufacturing mistakes! It adds to the realism :V
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~Entry for Seventh Sanctum's Twilight of the Vampires Contest~

[[ Entry submitted a few days ago...but I think my email got lost among the big wide world that is the internet...So now I'm not sure if this can still be used for the contest it is now past the due date...>o> ]]

Name Generated by Vampire Name Generator: Cassandra Gray

Cassandra Gray was not created by the typical, vampire bites victim, victim turns into vampire situation. In fact, she might not even be considered as a vampire at all; depending on your take/opinion on the way she was created. You see, Cassandra was born a common garden spider, only one of the many spiders born on that ordinary spring day. The only thing that set her apart were the strange red markings on her body, spread out sporadically in horizontal stripes from her eight beady black eyes to the tips of her hairy legs.

It will be these markings that bring her to her downfall.

Cassandra lived the first little bit of her life as a spider, spinning glorious webs to capture flying insect. She was content with her life, and found great pleasure in creating the most explicate webs known to spider kind. Her easy way of life was disturbed by none other than Mr. Gray, bug collector and servant in the King's court. It turns out that the King of the country had a slightly disturbing attraction towards unique bugs of every shape and size, and had appointed Mr. Gray as head of his bug and insect research team. Cassandra's markings were what made her stand out to Mr. Gray, and as a small spider with no powers against a human, she was easily captured.

Now Cassandra faces the idea of her short life ending even faster, with her body mounted on a crystal plate and presented to a Entomologist King. Desperate, Cassandra prayed to any deity that may listen for the power to escape from Mr. Gray. She was surprised when her prayers were answered. Cassandra woke up the night before she would appear in front of the king, to discover that physically, she was no longer a common little spider, but a human.

Confused, weak, and painfully hungry, Cassandra turned to the nearest living thing, Mr. Gray, and proceeded to suck out his blood through the punctures she created in his wrist. It was nothing like drinking the juices of insects caught in her web. The human blood rushed through her body. It was hot, painful, but not without satisfaction and pleasure. It gave her more energy than she could have ever wished for, and filled her to the core with a new found surge of power. It left her longing for more. However, it will be the first and last time that Cassandra will drink human blood from her own lips.

Nature does not like being disturbed, and that night Cassandra has done just that; not once, but two times. First with her unnatural transformation, and then by consuming the blood of a human.

As punishment, Cassandra's lips were sealed together. In fact, sewed together by some powerful force would be a better description. No blood of any creature will ever pass by her mouth again. But even still, Cassandra must feed, or risk starving to death in her new human form. (It seemed that her appetite has not changed, although her appearance is now greatly different. )

Using the web weaving skills she had patiently and cleverly developed over the years, Cassandra created a doll. This was no ordinary doll. Attached to Cassandra's fingers and controlled by strong silken threads, the doll acts as an extension of Cassandra's body. It will sneak out at night and finding sleeping individuals to draw blood from.

Bitter from the card life has dealt to her, Cassandra directed all her anger at Mr. Gray, and the foolish king who wanted to collect her. As Mr. Gray was already dead, Cassandra made sure the first victim of her doll was the King. She also adopted Mr. Gray's name, just to make sure she never forgets the man who made her suffer.

&Thus, the first vampire was born.
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FINALLY this picture is done. I almost gave up on it sooo many times D: This is my entry for Seventh Sanctum's current contest...which ends today. Yeah, I like to cut things close. The contest was to come up with a half breed sort of character, so here's what mine generated:

The illogical, conceited, playful female half-Ki-Rin shaman who is part of a secret society. She appears as an 'humanized' version of her non-human parent, but it is an attractive, not monstrous appearance.

For those who don't know, a Ki-Rin is basically the Asian version of a unicorn.

SO. Her name is Shian, and she's the daughter of a Ki-Rin mother and a human father. Her mother fell in love with her father while she was supposed to be guarding the man's brother, and while they were...procreating, the man's brother was murdered.

Shian's devastated mother, after giving birth to the baby, flung herself off a cliff. Her father was unsure how to handle raising a child that was only half human, and abandoned the infant Shian at a monastery. The elder monk realized what the child was and attempted to raise her while fostering her natural magical abilities. But being as no one had ever encountered a half Ki-Rin child before, they found the girl to be rather unpredictable.

Like the Ki-Rin of lore, Shian held a natural affinity toward animals and all living things in general. Her weight did not crush grass or displace water. Being that she could not directly harm any living thing (unless that living thing is harming someone she wishes to protect), her magic seemed to come from the natural energies of the world. Shian can use elemental magic by borrowing energy from that specific element, particularly fire.

While she was still very young, a mysterious visitor happened upon the monastery in search of Shian. He told the elder monk that he came from a secret group that harbored and protected half breed children like Shian. Believing this secret society could provide a better life for the girl, the elder agreed she could accompany him.

Shian was trained in magic from then on by her new 'family,' and though she became quite a talented shaman mage, she also became rather arrogant about her abilities. Her pride had foundation though, as among other half breeds she was raised with, her abilities were unrivaled.

When Shian grew, she became an active part of the society, going out and seeking new half breed children to bring back.

But what she does not realize is this society is only gathering the mixed breed children to raise for their own benefit- creating an army to conquer the world. However Shian does not realize this, and continues to not only work for this secret group, but protect its leaders, violently if necessary.

(( Er, okay, that's not the best ever description, but hopefully this story below will give more of a glimpse at her personality! :D ))

* * *
The boy did not slow down as he entered the dark cave, instead trusting on his keen eyesight to guide him through the stone maze that was growing darker every moment. Every instinct told him to keep moving. If he were to stop, they would catch up to him. And then they would kill him. “Don’t stop,” He whispered to himself through gasping breaths. But no sooner did he utter the words then, as he took a sharp turn, he tripped over something in the darkness and toppled forward, winding up falling face first into a shallow underground lake. He sputtered and splashed as he tried to pick himself up, but after a few moments, the boy realized the panicked reaction was not helping him, he sighed aloud and tried to calm himself.

“Good going, Tey,” He chided himself quietly. “Now you’ve gone and cornered yourself…Ugh, I hate water.”

“Maybe if you’d been looking where you were going,” Another voice replied to his monologue, and that startled the boy all over again.

He scrambled clumsily to his feet and ducked behind a conveniently placed stone. How could he have been found so quickly? The boy drew an unsteady breath and after a short hesitation questioned, “Who’s there?”

“I am,” The voice replied quickly. He couldn’t hear any other movement, but from where he was crouched he suddenly saw a faint glow from the other side of his hiding spot. “You were pretty easy to follow,” It- no, she- the voice was definitely a she, went on in a matter-of-fact tone. “You make a lot of racket when you run. You’re Tey, right?”

The boy cringed. How did she know his name? He was sure he didn’t recognize the voice. Again there was a brief silence before he spoke, “Y-yeah,” He answered. “Who are you? Were you sent after me?” He added the last part with a bit of a growl in his voice, making an attempt to sound threatening. Though, how threatening was somebody who was hiding behind a rock?

At first the stranger didn’t answer. He heard a faint movement as the light grew brighter, and then as she moved into view, the boy stared in surprise. He had expected the villagers to chase after him with torches and pitchforks, but this, was undoubtedly not one of the villagers.

This was a girl, perhaps a little younger than him, and just as obviously not human as he was. First, she was standing on the water- standing on it, not floating above it, or standing knee deep like he was. She looked a little puzzled as she studied him with wide, ginger colored eyes. She had a single horn on her forehead that reminded Tey of a deer’s antler, and a thin tail with fine hair at its tip, which matched the twin pigtails on either side of her head. It seemed the girl had also conjured the light he’d noticed first. She stood with one hand slightly raised, and floating innocently above her fingers was a ball of fire, bright enough to illuminate the space around them. From that light, Tey could also see raised parts of the girl’s skin- they looked like scales, which reflected the light from her spell.

“I’m Shian,” She finally answered his question. “I was sent after you, but not by the people in your village,” She moved closer and crouched in front of him, studying the boy closely for a moment. “I came here to save you.”

“S-save me?” Tey’s eyes grew wide again. He was certainly not in a position to turn down an offer of help, but his immediate suspicion won out and he pressed on. “Why?”

At that Shian let out a short laugh, “Why?” She repeated, almost mockingly. He thought he saw her roll her eyes. “Because if I wasn’t here, you’d be facing death in about five minutes. Is that good enough reason for you?”

Tey didn’t say anything for a moment, well aware that what the girl had said was true. But still, the threat of certain doom didn’t deter him from questioning his would-be savior. How was he to know she wouldn’t take him to some even worse certain doom? “I-I know that,” He quietly answered her question while retreating a few steps away, causing the water to make a soft splashing sound. “But…I mean, what are you? And what are you doing here, really? That little town out there doesn’t end up with a lot of passers by.”

Shian made a face, “You’re wasting time,” She said accusingly. But after a moment she relented and let out a short sigh. “Fine, fine. I’m a Kirin. Er, well, half of me anyway. I was sent by…look, I can’t tell you a lot, but by people- good people, who wanna help out people like me,” She raised her free hand and pointed at Tey’s own dragon-like tail which was floating on the water. “And you. Manticore.”

“H-how do you know that?” Tey balked.

She shrugged, “I know a lot of things.” Slowly, the girl took a step forward, causing the water to ripple around her boots. “But we both know I’m right, so let’s get past that. We need to go.” Tey thought he heard a sense of urgency in her voice.

“Go where?” He asked, his eyes flickering past Shian toward where he had come from. “The way out is probably blocked by now.”

“That’s true, it is. But don’t worry, I can get us out of here,” She said confidently, an oddly timed playful smile on her lips. Shian glanced at the rock Tey was crouched next to, and then her eyes shifted back to him. “You’re going to have to trust me, okay?”

“Uh,” He blinked. “About what?”

The girl lost her smile for a split second. “Just trust me.” With that, she moved alongside him and crouched in front of the large rock.

Shian lightly placed her fingers in the water, and once they were wet, she traced them along the stone, leaving wet symbols on it. Then she closed her eyes and uttered a few words Tey didn’t understand. The instant she finished speaking, the symbols flashed in a brilliant light, and the stone itself gave way to what looked like an open doorway.

“There,” Tey’s amazement was broken by Shian’s voice. It sounded somewhat different, strained. “We just need to go through…and we’ll be safe.” With that, the kirin girl all but collapsed into his arms, suddenly sinking into the water.

Tey stood wondering what he should do. On one hand if he stayed here, he would certainly be killed. On the other…if he went through this strange doorway, he couldn’t know what was waiting for him. It might even be a fate worse than death. For a long moment he stared at the now unconscious girl in his arms, and then, drawing a deep breath, he moved toward the doorway she had created.

“I just hope you’re right…”

And then they were gone.

((Tey was going to be my second entry, but he didn't want to let me draw him, so...yeah.))
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