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Wiping a few tears from your face you sighed sadly. Today was not a good day, or more like not a good week. Everything that was anything went wrong. You tried to put on a brave face most of the week, but as it progressed you just got worse and worse. There were moments when you would laugh about something but then went right back to your depressed mood. These kind of days were nothing new. After your big move to London, you had a lot of new adjustments to get used to. However, that was over two and a half months ago but nothing had really changed since. You had made a few friends the time you have been in London. Mostly the master of the Phantomhive Estate, Ciel and his butler Sebastian. Also, with the other servants of the residence, Bard, Finni, and Mey-Rin. You were all friends but it was nothing serious. Ciel was always busy and Bard and the others had their own problems to deal with so you didn't want to add onto the pressure. Suddenly tears formed up in your eyes again as you tried to choke back the sobs. Slumping down into the chair you were sitting in you wiped your eyes again.After wiping your face for the billionth time, you heard your door open and your boyfriend and also partner walked in. Not even bothering to look you slumped back into your chair. "Hey, (name) why are you feeling so down darling? C'mon come reaping with me! William has me working overtime and I can't do this all by myself." Still not making eye contact you replied, "No thanks Grell...I'm not in the mood for anything..." Grell walked over to your bed and sat down facing you with a toothy grin on his face. "Awww why not my love? I enjoy your company and I hate to see my sweetness so sad." He gave you a cute wink. Finally glancing over at him you merely replied again, "I'm just not in the mood okay?" He gave you a cute but concerned look and scooted farther to the edge of the bed. "Why are you so down in the dumps darling? You've been like this all week. Where's the funny and happy-hearted (name) I fell in love with?" He asked as he rolled over onto the bed looking at you upside-down. You blushed slightly at his question but gave a real cliche and somewhat sarcastic answer. "Probably lost, London is a big place you know?" Grell giggled at your reply and sat back up as an idea came into his mind. "I am going to make you smile if it's the last thing I do" "Don't bother. Didn't you say William is making you work overtime? Why don't you get going before he yells at you again..." He shook his head. "He can yell at me all he wants. I'm not leaving till my beloved is happy." You just sighed and turned to face Grell, figuring you might as well give him a chance in attempt to make you feel better. He got off the bed and smiled at you and began to sing to you: "Darling, at some point in the future,
I will sleep in your cuddling hug,
and we will even share the same dream.

I will casually recall and imagine,
from looking at my cup of black tea,
our crimson kiss and rosy secret In this eternity of an instant where we've just met,
I'll start weaving our red string of fate.

The feeling of loving you can be summarized as
scorching-hot red blood cells and difficulty to breathe.
If I affix my light-pink heartbeats right next to my window...
Oh my! My heart suddenly feels apprehensive!" á ááYour head perked up a little and you blushed slightly as he continued.

"Darling, do you feel it?
This miracle that our heartbeats
are horsing around under the night sky.

Unintentionally, I've placed
on the table a bouquet, some lies,
and a crazily raging love song.

I want us to cuddle close in this small red-roofed house,
and together greet the arrival of every morning." As he continued, your depressed mood began to fade away. you started to smile and blush. "So sweet that I could just die with you,
I'd tickle you into a bittersweet waking in the morning--
-that's how much I'm crazy for you.
In the maze, I murmur to you with my heart-burning tears:

"Ah, in a chapel as white as cotton candy,
I'll walk down the aisle with you in a red wedding dress...
The path would be as radiant as heaven itself...
And then we'll be bonded together forever...!"

You feel both so close to and so far away from me,
and even that aggravating distance of yours is so lovely!
Even if everything were just a dream,
I'll just kill our profusely blooming love in the heaven."
á After he finished, you ran up to him and hugged him tightly laughing and giggling. He hugged you back tightly and chuckled. Sure some of the lyrics were a little iffy, but you still loved it. It worked after all. You pulled away and smiled at him, full of happiness. "There, there's the (name) I know! I told you I'd make you feel better." You layed your head on his chest and replied, "Yes, you did. I'm sorry for being so moody." "Apologize not my love. Deadly efficient is my motto after all." You giggled again and he kissed your cheek. "Now, lets go reaping! William is gonna kill me knowing I've been slacking off again!" You sighed again as if to say, you're kidding right? but smiled. "Alright lets go, but don't blame me if William yells at you. Grell laughed again. "Hey he can yell all he wants. I had a very important matter to attend to. Keeping my beloved happy is more important." Thinking about it for a minute, you thought, maybe things weren't as bad as you made them seem. As long as you had Grell, you couldn't have really asked for anything better.
I've been in a depressed mood for some time now so I decided to write a Grell x Reader I'm watching Black Butler again and Grell is one of my favs. I DO NOT OWN GRELL, BLACK BUTLER, OR THE LYRICS TO THE SONG! ALL GOES TO THEIR RESPECTED OWNERS. Here's the link to the song: [link] ^^
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It isn't the size of her breasts
Nor is it the way you dress
Love isn't your wealth
Or popularity
Love isn't the jerk
Love isn't sex

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is when you'll be there for him
Love is when you'll stay by his side
Love is when you'll spend eternity with him
Love is when you'll die for him
Love is to love
A poem a came up with at a random moment.:iconimhappyplz:
Picture is from a free background website.
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His eyes filled with blue.
His blond hair blew.
He would yell.
He would hit.

Tall and sleek.
Golden eyes perfect and sharp.
Glass that shine in the light.
Tall and sleek.

He stands by his side.
He stands with meaning.
He watches with care.
His love is a web.

He gets on his knees.
He holds my face.
He never leaves.
He stays.

Why doesn't he see?
How doesn't he know?
Why don't I tell him?
He wont care.
He wants to eat.
But its not me.
Dose he love me.
:D Claude and Alois I love these two.

But SebbyxCiel is my OTP!

I hope you like what I wrote.
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A Spark In The Dark

After I had met you-
I found out that hope can be so wounding
And now I know what meaningful desires can do-
The pieces of my dreams are still crumbling

You made me fade in-and-out of your Heaven
Allowing me the taste of peace momentarily
And then right back to testing my withdrawing patience
While I plunge back into my same old Hell called: vulnerability

This too raw
A tug of war between different kinds of torment
I'm missing much
The rift between us seems to be infinite

Don't go...don't leave
Don't let go...of me

But when you left me for the last time-
I knew that the wrong kind of love can be so fucking addicting
I realized that you combined my truth with your lie-
You always made your words so fucking convincing

You forced me to despise what I will never have-
As you pretended to hand me memories of serenity
You just had to make me think that you were within my grasp-
Leaving me to fall into a deep instability

This...was all just a...trick
Of an intense hope
You...egotistical...piece of shit
Portraying love like a sick joke

Don't ever shine in vain
Never let me see pain

Shadow Shadow Shadow
Smother the pieces of my heart
Hollow Hollow Hollow
Become a part of the dark
Other Poetry: :iconimmortalizedlies: :iconrecoloringlife: :iconsurvivingnights: :icondreamsdeprived:
This poem was written for my project which is titled-
"Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down, I'm Soaring Now"
In volume two: Dark Depths
Stock image from :iconxerstock:
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A Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Fanfiction
First Part of the "Kokoro Kiseki" series


The first miracle was that you had met.
And the second miracle was the time you and he spent together.

The dining room was terribly crowded with passengers from all over England, chatting and laughing outrageously, and each table rang with the unpleasant babbles of drunkenness and senselessness. They were having the time of their life as they screamed their enthusiasm, laughing shrilly as if it were forced. You frowned silently as you stirred at your drink with a gloved hand, blinking up at the pure white ceiling, not knowing quite where you were.

But of course you knew where you were—you were a first-class passenger of the Campania, a fine ship that was filled with rooms that stretched vastly across the ship, with hundreds of men and women crowded aboard, singing with joy at the privilege of being able to board this fine vessel. Its fine majesty was further witnessed by the ship’s gargantuan size, its fine white metal surface and its complex engines that ran the entire ship. The few select who had been allowed to ride this beautiful ship marveled at it, praising each immaculate detail, the greatness of its manufacturer.

… However, you weren’t particularly pleased with the arrangements.

You had no desire to be aboard a ship like this when you could be at home, in your silent little house, free from all the hustle and bustle. Because really, who would like to be on the Campania in a time where they most despised the circumstances they had been dragged into? In your case, it was to be headed to France to be wedded to their particularly noisy and flamboyant husband, a no-good, empty-witted man who had nothing but money and cotton to fill up his head?

You took an angry sip of champagne, cursing your parents’ attempts to marry you to this idiot. “Damn you, you cursed dog,” you uttered in reference to your to-be husband. And you hardly even knew him until your parents had announced your arranged marriage months ago. You didn’t know him, nor had you made an effort to become familiar with him in the past half a year, but you already hated him, now that the both of you were sharing a room on the ship and due to be married in several—

“Hey there, Miss.” You gave a start as a handsome youth, a man of about twenty or so, sat down across from your seat at the round table. “Anyone sittin’ here?”

He appeared so… naturally and calm that you were shocked at his words. Had this blonde man just taken the seat that your future husband—who was supposed to be there, but was across the room and drinking himself to death—and casually just sat there, smiling as if he belonged with you?

“U-Um… of course,” you muttered quickly, taking another hasty sip of champagne and putting the glass down. “P-Please. He isn’t going to come sit, so…”

“Oh?” The guy raised his eyebrows dashingly. Perched on top of his wavy, unruly blonde-brown hair was a bowler hat that looked rather nice on him, accompanied by a matching suit and jacket of black. His tie was loose and his shirt unbuttoned at the top, but no one in their drunken state would stop to chide at him. “Got a boyfriend, miss?”

Was it just you, or did he seem rather opposed at the thought…?

“Er—no…” Your champagne glass trembled in your hand as you murmured, “I have to marry him… three weeks… damned arrangement.”

The blonde let out a smooth laugh, and to your surprise, it sounded exactly the way he looked—charming and attractive. “Not so happy with the wedding, eh?” In fact, it seemed to him as if you were extremely frustrated. “Sounds like you need a break from your life.”

“That would be pleasing.” Whoever this man was, he was pleasant to talk to. Finally, someone who understood your troubles. “Although my parents would object. They think my rightful place is… as a wife, married to some business man of high stature. Why—” Your voice was shaky and angry as you stated: “I’d rather kiss a commoner before I marry that bastard.”

Really. You hated your future husband, from what you knew of him, his fake smile and false, high laughs. His gleaming white teeth were distracting and annoying, and his expensive suit, which had cost him a good 300 pounds, only made his fašade seem faker than ever. His only ambition to marry you, you suspected, was because of your money and status… and both your families’ attempts to keep a pure-blood line of Englishmen and nobles running. The fact that, with a toothy, false smile, he’d bought you a fluffy, puffed-up ball gown that had possibly reduced his wealth by a good fraction for you to wear on the ship, the one you were donning this moment, mattered little to you. You at least wanted a man who was honest with you and actually cared for you, even this intelligent-looking young man would—

A-Ah!” You let out a soft yelp as the unknown man placed his hands on yours, his green eyes on you every moment as he inquired: “Tell me… what do you like to read? Plays? Shakespeare?”

Boy, he sure seemed to be emphasizing on the Shakespeare part. “Y-Yes… I read Shakespeare…”

He had a sly smile on his slim, pale face that you rather liked; it was something of an angel’s sweet, endearing face compared to the large, worthless, goofy grin on your husband’s face. He gave your gloved hand a squeeze in his, across which a black leather glove stretched, and recited:

If I profane with my unworthiest hand
This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this,
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

You knew that line—your mother had made you read Romeo and Juliet over and over, in the hopes that you would suddenly become inspired to seek a love that you did not wish for—a love that was no use to you, that was as good as dead.

G-Good pilgrim…” You uttered, shocked by his sudden play of words,

You do wrong your hand t-too much,
Which m-mannerly devotion shows in th-this,
For saints have hands that p-pilgrims’ hands do touch,
A-And p-palm to palm i-is holy palmers’ kiss…

You stammered the lines that your parents had forced you to memorise, knowing that one day you would be standing in front of your soon-to-be husband, reciting them unsmilingly.

And yet, the place you were first truly speaking them was not before your future husband…

Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?” The smile on the stranger’s face had turned to a playful smirk, and you found yourself powerless, gazing into his handsomely structured face, his glinting eyes, and staring at the silky, partly-combed hair…

“A-Ay, pilgrim… lips th-that they must use… i-in prayer…” You hardly dared to believe it. Here you were, speaking these now suddenly meaningful words to a complete stranger, while your husband roared with loud laughter from the other side of the dining room. Who had said that you were allowed only to say these lines to that damned man? Why not this kinder, more understanding person that you’d already grown fond of…?

O’ then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do;
They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.

You had to admit, this youth made quite the Romeo. He was only some years older than you and you were playing the role of—wait… the role of his…

Even as you were trying desperately to interpret these words to yourself, you heard yourself say: “Saints do not move, though grant for prayer’s sake” without a single stutter in the words.

Then… move not while my prayer’s effect I take.

You suddenly found yourself engulfed by a strange, bodily warmth, a heat that did not belong to yourself—a gloved hand was placed on the back of your neck, and the boy leaned in closer to you, his lips clasped over yours. The fingers of his free right hand intertwined with yours, and you gave no resistance—you were completely frozen in shock against his warm lips.

Let lips do what hands do.

You were sure that Romeo hadn’t kissed Juliet in this manner, or he might have crushed her accidentally. But who cared? This man—this stranger—had you against him in a jaw-locking kiss, and you couldn’t care any less—you liked it.

When he drew away at last, leaving both of you breathless, you decided that you couldn’t wait any longer.

“W-What is your name?”

He gave you that same smile—a look of cleverness and coy. He raised a finger to his lips as he grinned, saying: “That’s a secret…”

You found his hand on your shoulder as he winked at you. “But I suppose I owe you for that one. It’s Ronald.”

“Ronald?” You gasped breathlessly. Ronald… that name… I’ll keep in inside my mind always… even at my wedding. You stifled a giggle as you imagined what your parents would say if you were standing at the altar, thinking not of your husband but a stranger you’d kissed on the Campania.

“Ronald. Ronald Knox.” He smiled at you again, then swung his jacket over his shoulder as he stood from where he had been lying atop of you, playing with a strand of hair wrapped around his finger. “Well…” He looked hesitant, but nevertheless, he said: “I gotta go… Sorry, Miss… What’s your name?”

“__________... y-you really must be off now?” He had to go? Now, of all times? Hell, this man—Ronald Knox—had kissed you so hard you were burning red in the face now, and you weren’t about to let him run off without seeing him one last time. “C-Can I see you again?”

“Oh, sure, hun.” He gave you a strange look that made you unsure. It looked like a rather forced smile. “That is… considering one of us isn’t dead by the time we meet.”

“Wh-What do you mean by that?” You looked at him with wide eyes, curious of what your Romeo was talking about—but he took your hand, kissed it, and grinned at you.

Good night, good night. Parting is such a sweet sorrow,
That I shall say ‘good night; till it be morrow

He broke off from his verse, hesitated, and added hastily, “And I’ll see you one last time if I can.”

“Y-Yes…” You fixed him with a sudden glare. “You’d better. I’ll be sure you do.”

He let out that ringing, charming laugh again. “Oh, dear Juliet, you know I can’t make promises. But I’ll tell you now—I’ll do my best. Even if it means quoting Shakespeare for you for an eternity… why not?”

But as he turned to leave, he knew exactly why not. Why he couldn’t see you again. What it meant to him that you were on the list of cinematic records to collect…


The wreckage of the Campania loomed dangerously, its rear now angling downwards as it prepared to slowly sink deep into the pit of an ocean, the dark waters masking its outline as it began to submerge.

The only thoughts in your mind were not those of your dead husband, but the mysterious Ronald Knox.

You gazed up, horror-struck by the sight of the sinking ship, when your mind came back to him.

“Oh, Ronald… why…?” You buried your face in your hands, ignoring the biting cold that dug into your bare arms—you’d been woken up abruptly by a servant, who had been calling to you that the ship had been hit by an icecap, and you’d dashed out in only your corset and undergarments, looking much like the strange, dead creatures that had been stalking around outside your room. Then they’d tried to load you onto a boat, but before they could push anyone else on with you, the ropes had snapped and fallen away, leaving you to plunge through the air and into the ocean. It was a miracle you’d managed to keep the boat upright, and now you were soaking wet, cold, and only thinking of him.

He’d showed up out of the blue and made you fall in love with him.

You regretted meeting Ronald—now he was gone, and who knows where? Maybe he was going down with the ship at this moment, or perhaps he was already gone into the water, deep below the murky surface of the ocean… Your stomach clenched, and you turned your face up towards the sky and away from the water you’d been staring at.

“Ronald… where are you?”

“Right ‘ere, __________.” You turned your head so quickly that you cricked your neck—there he was, behind you, on the tiny little escape boat with a lawn mower over his shoulder.

“Ro-Ronald?” You gaped at him, your eyes wide once more as you reached out to touch him, to make sure he was real and not just an apparition. “Wh-What the… how did you…?”

“__________.” He fixed you with a solemn stare, one that you weren’t familiar with. Really, that expression looked wrong on his face… “I wanted to come see you one last time… like I promised.”


“I can’t stay here, __________.” He wiped his left cheek with his hand, seemingly pushing his hair out of his face, but in the almost complete darkness you could see the few tears that streaked his face. “I don’t belong in the world of humans. Listen to me. I’ll tell you one thing—I’ll live on infinitely. No matter what, I can’t be allowed to stay by your side. My world would never let me… But I want you to know. My heart belongs to you, love. Just… know that… my heart…”

Mysterious… heart… heart… mysterious
Mysterious… heart… heart… infinite

“… Ron… this doesn’t make any sense… It’s too hard for me to understand!”

“It’s not supposed to. I’m sorry I can’t tell you any more than this. The only thing my… uh… senpai says I’m allowed to tell you… is… c’mon, I don’t want to say it. I’ll just show you instead.”

Warm lips embraced you once more, and you shivered against him… what did he mean? What was he concealing from you, and why couldn’t he stay any longer? You had questions, so many questions, but… his lips were pressed against yours, and you couldn’t speak…

“I love you, __________.”

And suddenly there was only the cold air against your shaking body, and you turned wildly, searching for where he had gone, but you already knew it was useless.

He had gone, like Romeo asleep in the tombs beside his Juliet.

You died that night, hurling yourself into the deathly cold ocean.
There was nothing left to live for now that you had lost any ambition for marriage.
Especially now that the mysterious man known as Ronald Knox had gone.
So quickly he had come into your life and instantly disappeared.
He had stolen your heart, your ‘kokoro’.
But he gave you to the key to his miracle.
By dying, both of your ‘kokoro’ were united in the next life as reapers.
And so ends the tragedy of a reaper and a human.
... And, as he had promised, he quoted Shakespeare for you for all of eternity.
Yes, I'm starting a new series. It's called "Kokoro Kiseki", a song by Len Kagamine. Check it out if you haven't! And as this is a series composed of completely miscellaneous reader inserts from all over every fandom (only the ones I am familiar with, though). I'd love it for people to request reader inserts for this series! They can be any character, although preferably Black Butler, Hetalia, or Vocaloid... something along those lines. Harry Potter will do too.

This is a RonaldxReader request for :iconbigsisireland:. Although I screwed up by making it a part of the "Kokoro Kiseki" series... I'm sorry, I couldn't resist... I'll give you another request if you're not happy with this one.

Well! For those of you who don't understand the plot, you're on the Campania ship (see Black Butler manga) and you come across a certain reaper...

The quotes are all from the book/play "Romeo and Juliet", because I felt like it. At the end, he comes to you and explains that he can't stay with you as a lover because Sutcliffe-senpai and William-senpai won't let him... he's a reaper, after all, and you're a human... rest of explanation is in the bold captions.

Comments appreciated.

Preview image does not belong to me. Nor does Ronald Knox. I think Yana Toboso owns both of them...
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Scan 5 by TheRedGarnet
Part 13

    You opened your eyes as the dull morning light entered you room. You snuggled closer to the your pillow only to feel arms tightening around you. You lifted your head up to find a peaceful Lovino. You blushed as you realized the position you were in.
You rested your cheek on his chest and went back to sleep. You enjoyed the quiet moments like these with him. 
    You closed your eyes and listened to his deep breathing. You fell back into a deep sleep.
    Eventually the peace and quiet was interrupted by the door swinging open.
    "Are they asleep?" 
    "Ohh! Did somebody get lucky last night?"
    "Aw! How cute!"
    It was quiet when, "Hey-a guys. I-a made pasta!" This outburst caused Lovino to wake up from his sleep and glare at the intruders. Priya, Arthur, Feliciano, Francais and Gilbert.
    You were still asleep so he couldn't be too loud.
    "What the F*ck do you want?" he growled. he sent each one of them death glares.
    "Just making sure you know that it's nine in the morning." Arthur said.
    "Thanks. Now get the hell out."
    "Aw! C'mon. So you taking the day off or what?" Gilbet asked.
    Lovino let out a sigh. "Si. Now, before I loose my temper and wake up (Name), I suggest you leave." he reached for his gun and took it out of his holster. "You have the count of five." he smirked as they realized he was serious.
    "Well. Look at the time. I have a manicure. Bye." Priya grabbed Arthur and pulled him away with Feliciano. 
    "I have somewhere awesome to be." Gilbert quickly walked out with Francais behind him.
    He let out a irritated sigh. You stirred in his arms. You opened your eyes again to meet his beautiful green ones.
    "Good Morning." you chirped.
    "Buongiorno, tesoro. (good morning, sweetheart.)" he said back.
    "Sorry about last night." you whispered.
    "It's okay. It was my fault and I should have told you." 
    "What are we going to do today?" you asked.
    "I have the day off so I'm taking you out." he got up and kissed your forehead. "Get ready and meet me out front." 
    "Okay." you leaned up and pressed your lips to his cheek. "See you soon." then you pushed him out of your room. 
    You took a shower and got ready. After much debate you wore jeans, blouse and simple flats. You decided let your hair out today. You looked around the hallway to find no one. You walked down the hallways to find a few people walking around. They either nodded at you or ignored you. You kept walking until you found the foyer. 
    You walked down the stairs as you saw Roma coming up.
    "Good morning, bambina." he greeted.
    "Good morning, grandfather."
    "Looking for Lovino?"
    "Yeah." you blushed slightly.
    "He's outside. Enjoy your day." He gave you a hug and pushed to the door. "Bye." he closed the door behind you.
    "I see you made it." Lovino was sitting on the hood of his car. He was wearing Vans, dark jeans, a plain red tee-shirt, and Sunglasses on his head. You were genuinely surprised as you saw him. Other than suits and ties, thats all you saw him wear but here he was, dressed up like a normal seventeen year old.
    "So? Where we going?" you asked as you got in.
    "The beach." he started up the engine.
    "Your gonna drive slower, right?" you asked, your voice laced with worry.
    "Maybe." he smirked as he pressed down on the accelerator. 

    After holding on to Lovino for dear life, you two finally ended up at the beaches of Sicily. It was empty so you and Lovino had parked the car and walked along the beach. 
    You did what regular couples would do at a beach. Build sand castles, play frisbee or admire the view. Only you and Lovino  ended up having a splash fight. 
    "Don't even think about it, ragazza." Lovino held his hands up as you held a bucket of saltwater.
    "No chance." You threw the water on him, drenching him.
    "You shouldn't have done that." he said. He gave you a sexy smirk before you ran. He ran after you. 
    "C'mon. Take a joke." you called behind you. You didn't see him in sight so you stopped. Bad move because you felt two arms wrap around you.
    "Got you." he whispered in your ear.
    "Really now?"
    "Your in no position to say anything else." he nuzzled your neck playfully as your face went tomato red.
    "Jerk." you muttered. He chuckled and let you go. He held your hand as he walked with you.
    You two walked in silence through the silent beach. You two sat down on a log as you two looked at the calm waters.
    "Lovino?" he looked at you. "Those files say where my father might be, right?" he nodded. "I was thinking about looking for him."
    "What?!" he whipped his head around to look at you.
    "Lovino. I have to know what happened to him." 
    "No. Not again. If Selene finds you, then-"
    "I have to face her. I can't just hide like a coward, Lovino. But i have to know" 
    "What if-?"
    "Lovino. I'll be fine. I promi-"
    "Please don't. If you promise again and you do get hurt, I will never forgive myself!"  
    "Lovino please." you begged.
    "No." he pulled you to his chest. "I can't." he held you as if you were going to fade away. Just like when he found you.
    "Trust me. Please. I don't want to leave you behind but i have to so look me in the eye and tell me you trust me enough to be careful." you pulled back and held his face in your hands. 
    After a few stressful minutes, he finally looked up. "Come back to me, okay?" he pressed his lips down to yours before you could answer. This kiss was desperate and feverish, full of longing and passion. He broke the kiss to pull you into his lap. "when do you want to go?" 
    "Tomorrow." you fought back tears as you thought about it.
    "I'll take it that your leaving with your friends?" he asked.
    "Then we should head back." he pulled you up as you two walked in silence back to the car. He opened the door then got in. He started the car as you rested your head against his shoulder. He held you hand with one hand as he drove with the other. For once you didn't feel scared at how fast he was driving. 
    "I'm sorry." 
    "Don't be." he stopped the car and turned to you. "As long as you come back to me, I trust you." he leaned over and pecked your lips.
Time skip because I'm so lazy

    You woke again to not dull morning light but to bright orange filling your eyes. 
    "Wake up. Your flight leaves soon." Lovino's voice filled your ear. 
    You opened your eyes to see his face. It would be a while if you woke up like this again.
    "Okay." you got up and went into the bathroom. You changed into jeans and a tee shirt. You shrugged on a jacket as you grabbed your backpack. 
    Lovino took your hand and led you outside to the waiting car with all his friends. He let your hand go as you walked to the car. Before you could get in however, he spun you around and pressed a chaste kiss to your lips. 
    He let you go and said. "Ti amo." he shoved your fathers ring back into your hand.
    Then got in the car as the door shut behind you. You met his eyes once as you sped away to the airport. 
    "Ti amo." he repeated again as he saw your vehicle disappear from view. 
    He felt a strong arm grip his shoulder. "She will come back, Lovino." Roma said.
    "I know." the brunette smiled sadly as he turned to walk back into the house.

Another Time skip

    The snow crunched underneath your boots as you walked with a bouquet of roses in your hand. You pushed aside the brush in your path until you came to your destination. You sat down in front of the marble grave and set down the roses. On it was:
    (Mother's Name) (Maiden Name) Braginski. 
    'Mother, wife and sister. May the entire world grieve her loss. May the world never forget her. May she stay in our hearts.'

    You stayed like that in the cold until somebody came up behind you.
    "Your going to catch a cold." A voice that sounded to familiar said. 
    "What do you wat, Selene? If you want to fight, don't do by my mothers grave." you snarled.
    "No. You know your fathers alive right?"
    "Yes." you said cautiously.
    "It's time to see him." she said.
    "Wha-?!" you felt the sickly sweet smell of chloroform envelop your senses. How could you be so stupid? 
    "I'll see you soon, okay?" she flashed a wicked smile before the darkness finally got to you. 

To many time skips!

    "Wake up!" You felt the cold water drenching you. "That's better." 
    You shook off your grogginess and got up on unsteady legs. 
    "Welcome to your new home." A voice said. You turned to see Selene. "Your staying here until the wedding is over. You want your father, you get him but with a price. Goodbye, runt."
    "Wait! What wedding?! What price!? Damnit! Answer me!" You pounded on the door as she closed it. You sank to you knees as you screamed. 
    What were you going to do now? How could you break your promise again? 
    "Damn you." you whispered as you felt hot tears fall down your face. How stupid could you be? 
    You got up and looked around the dark room. It was windowless and had two beds on opposite sides. One looked unkempt and rumpled while the other was bare and neat. You sat down on the neat bed and buried your face in your hands. 
    You stayed like that for a while until the door creaked open again and somebody was pushed in. The person landed face first with a thud. Upon closer inspection you saw it was a male with sandy-white hair. You grabbed his shoulders and flipped him over only to gasp back and scramble away. 
    The mans eyes opened to revel purple ones as he looked around the room with groggy eyes. His purple eyes looked at your (e/c) ones before saying, "(Mothers Name?)" 
    "Papa?" you got out.
    "Is this another one of your tricks Selene?! Answer me?" he yelled into the open air. "You killed my wife and daughter and left me here for dead. What more can you take from me?" he clutched his head.
    "Papa! It's me." you went to grab his large hand but he moved away quickly. 
    "No! Your not real. Just another figment, da. You'll leave me alone soon." he looked up with crazed purple eyes.
    "I am real! See! I have the locket and your Ring!" you brought out the two objects.
    "No! Your not real! My little sunflower died!" he wept. Is this your father? The once great Ivan reduced to a madman?
    You grabbed his hand and slipped on the ring. He pulled his hand back and looked at the object. "It's real." he whispered. "I gave a matching locket to someone?" he asked fearfully.
    "(Name) (Middle Name) (Maiden Name) Braginski. Your daughter." 
    "I remember that name. She was so cute. The last time I saw her was when I waved goodbye. She was just eight. She was wearing a blue dress and her hair on pigtails." a tear fell down his face. "She had a locket I had given her. Just like the one your wearing." 
    "Would you believe me if I said eight years had passed?"
    "Your daughter was alive?" 
    "But she is? Trust me."
    "Where is she? And how can I trust you? You look so much like her mother."
    "Would you believe me if your daughter was in front of you?"
    After a long and nerve racking pause, he looked at you again with his tearful purple eyes.
    "Sunflower?" he asked. You nodded vigorously as tears welled in your eyes.
    "Papa! I'm here!" he pulled you into a warm and comforting hug. He smelled like Vodka and Sunflowers, his signature smell ever since your were little.
    "You look like your mother." he breathed out.
    "Is she...?"
    "No. I'm afraid not. She's gone." 
    "I miss her too, da."
    "Da. I hoped a little too much."
    "Hope isn't bad. It made me almost insane for eight years but it was worth it."
    "Papa!" you sobbed into his jacket. "What happened to you?"
    "Selene." he said as his purple aura surrounded him.
This is really short! i am sorry. the next one will be better.
comment are appreciated.
Love you guys!
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France's POV 
I never knew how sad Arthur was.

Well maybe I should have known. I'm part of the reason. 

I know that we fight all the time during the meetings but, I didn't know my words cut him so deeply. 

Then again, I know Arthur is sensitive, he just hides it behind that mask of his. I already knew that, on the inside, he is broken. Broken beyond repair. 

He broke when he was a child. That emotional barrier is up to hide the fact that he simply can't handle it anymore. 

Though I got a look behind that mask. It wasn't very pretty.....
Another meeting was in session. Another argument broke out between me and Arthur for some reason. I am getting tired of them real fast. 

I said something, something I probably shouldn't have. The look on his face when I said it was heart-breaking. He didn't burst into tears, he didn't run out the room and never come back, he just took a deep breath and sat back down. 

Even I was taken aback by it. Surely those words hurt him beyond measure. I sat down too and I couldn't help but stare at him to see if he would let one tear slide. Non, he was holding it in quite well. I could see clearly in his eyes that it bothered him to some level but he just wouldn't let it escape. 

Pretty soon the meeting was over. As we were packing our stuff, I watched how Arthur put his things away. Nice and calmly. Too calmly. 

He gave his quick wave to everyone and walked out of the building. I had to follow him. I had to see just what I did to him.

He was fine on the ride home, minus all the little road rage episodes he had. It was when he was home that he took off the mask he wore all day for centuries. I watched as he took his coat and tie off and threw it to the side. He then put a tea kettle on the stove and some scones in the oven. 

I must say, the scones actually looked edible. 

Then he sunk in the kitchen chair and looked around to see if anyone was in the house. Or around. Thank goodness he didn't see me! 

Then he just broke down....

I felt so bad for him. I didn't know this is what he did every time we had an argument. I watched as he sobbed to himself. He was also saying something. I could only make out a few of the sentences. 

"You know better Arthur! You know he's always going to win no matter what! Why do I even try? I know he's better than me....." 

Then the phone started to ring. Arthur looked up wiped some of the tears away and walked over to it. He cleared his voice and picked up the phone. 

*sigh* "Hello Allistor...." 
" I wasn't...." 
"I told you already I wasn't! Are you drunk?" 
"Yes, you're right, it's not my business..." 
"I'm not a sissy boy..." 
"No..I'm not..."

Arthur hung up the phone rather harshly and then walked back into the kitchen. The tea kettle was overflowing and the scones were burning. Arthur immediately turned off the burner and the oven. He opened the oven and grabbed the pan of scones without a glove. He shouted and dropped the little charcoal pieces of what was scones on the floor, making his perfectly white floor get smudged with ash. 

"Shit!!! Shit!! Shit!!! Shit!!!" 

He started to kick the oven door angrily, repeating the chant. 

"Stupid Allistor! Stupid Francis!---"

He gave it one last kick before hitting the floor. He pulled his knees to his chest and said. 

"Stupid me...." 

With that he buried his face into his knees. It was obvious he was crying. I couldn't watch anymore. I had to leave, I felt so bad for him. It was very apparent that Arthur had emotional issues. The walk home I was thinking up a way to make Arthur know that he wasn't so alone. That people love. People meaning me. 
After the meeting the next day, I approached Arthur who looked horrible. His eyes were red and swollen, his hair wasn't done, he was wearing the same outfit from yesterday because I see ash marks on it. His hand had a burn on it. He didn't treat it? 

He looked up at me. 

"Go away Francis....just....please....go away..." 

He sounded so tired and fed up with everything. I smiled. 

"Angleterre....I'm not here to fight...." 

I took his burnt hand and kissed it. He blushed and pulled it away. He covered up the burnt part like I didn't already see it. 

"What are you here for?" 

I pulled him out of his seat ever so gently and whispered, "Dinner at my place, how does that sound?" 

He looked at me, emerald eyes wide. 


"Oh, so you would prefer at your house then?" 

"No! I'd rather yours...." He sighed in defeat. I grabbed the non burnt hand and took him to my car, and drove to my house.

I had the food already prepared. I was just treating his wound. 

"Oh got burned..." 

He looked awfully sad and nodded. I smiled and brought the red mark to my mouth and kissed it. Automatically, his cheeks flushed. Then I started to lick it. 


I smiled. I wrapped his hand up and then brought his face closer to mine. 

"Please mon amour, do try to not hurt yourself..." 

His eyes widened. 

"Mon amour?" 

"Oui, that's what I said right?" 

His response was a big ole' kiss on my lips. When we pulled away, he hugged me. 

"Thank you Francis..." 

I melted into the hug.

"Anything for you, Arthur..." 

It's finally done! This was longer than I wanted it to be!
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Dear Mister,
      I lay empty inside with many thoughts of suicide. Limbo is where I stand above the ground so high. The people below laugh at my failure that has tainted my empty heart. So Mister  call my phone, talk to me, tell me why I was born when nobody wants me. Maybe tomorrow or maybe next year you will find my wrenched corpse in my bathtub. The cold water will run down my bloody wrists. Liquor stains my clothes because I drank to my death in a good humor. Dead lips so cold just a touch will break me. No longer will I be your victim of your love rape or abuse. The scars on my body are enough proof of your existence. Tonight I will leave my proof of living by dying. Everything that I hold dear is gone now, you stole my everything.
     Someday you will wake and see my face in the mirror with soaked bloody tears that you had drawn. Paint my corpse with your lies of love. Whisper your secrets into mouth, tasting the hate I had bundled up in my lungs. Taste my death. From the view of behind you I will scream for help. Stop touching me! With you dirty hands and bloody lips. Maybe tomorrow or maybe years you will stand over me laughing at me with the look of despise. Neither my friend nor my enemy I wish you could stop me…maybe later or maybe never. This will be my last day alive. Drown me with your goodbyes. Not to worry Mister my soul will no longer be raped by thing called life. Goodbye Mister.

    Seth Adams
When I was 12 I had this fiend who wouldnt tell me his name so, I just called him Mister. I really looked up to him but, the truth was he hated my guts. One day he took something from me that I will never be able to take back. After he did that to me I decided that I couldnt live any longer. I mean I felt so wrenched afterwards and it had scared me. On september 27th I attempted suicide but my grandmother found me before I was dead. Deep down im happy I didnt commit suicide, because now I have a reason to keep on living.

I had a debate with myself if I should have post this, because this note is something very important to me.
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Birds chirped in the distance as you polished the silverware that never seemed to get use anyway. A cool breeze swept though out the room from a nearby window. Bringing with it the smell of white roses and oak trees.

"well all done here...." you stood up and put away your supplies. Humming to the rainbow monkey song you walked down the hallways of the Phantomhive mansion you tried to recognize some of the paintings around you.

You were the newest addition to the Phantomhive estate. So naturally you being the slightly day dreamy girl you were got lost............ a lot. They really should give you a map.

"lost once again I see miss. [y/n]?" a smooth voice whispered in your ear. You let out a squeal and almost slapped him with your bucket of cleaning supplies.

"Sebastian don't do that, you just about stopped my heart!" you panted as he peered into your flustered face.

"oh my apologies miss.[y/n] that was not my intention I only meant to bring you back to your appropriate area." he explained with that too sweet smile of his. Oh yeah and you hated his guts!

"tsk I'm not a child." you said pushing him away from your personal bubble. " I can find my way back on my own." you stuck your nose in the air and walked away........... and then turned around again. "my room is this way..........."


"tonight's dinner is roasted duck dressed in lemon sauce with a cream of carrot soup and wine reduction." Sebastian gestured to the glorious spread in front of the boy. God damn it looked good. You could feel yourself salivating just looking at it! your thoughts were interrupted by a hand being waved in front of your face.

"miss [y/n] please take these to the library." a stack of books were shoved into your hands and you almost toppled over. Sebastian just smiled and directed you towards the door.

You silently cursed him to the deepest pit of hell when you felt the large door being closed behind your back. You tossed the books behind a nearby plant and started walking in a random direction. After a while the familiar paintings grew less so and you deemed yourself completely lost. Ah well might as well explore some.

By the slightly damp walls and concrete floors you guessed you were in the basement of the large manor. A place you were quite clearly told by Sebastian to stay away from 'or you will be punished severely' well what do you care. Dear old Sebby go suck a few as far as you were concerned.

Soon enough you came to a worn old door that looked like it had had its fair share of beatings. A sign marked 'stay out' in carved in letters................... so naturally we must find out what marvelous treasures someone is trying to keep from you!

The heavy creaking of the door sent shivers down your spine as you pushed open the door. A cold breeze wrapped around your ankles seductive and when you opened your eyes............ you shat bricks.

Cat. Thousands of them! Scattered across the floor, in various scratching posts and cat houses. Several pairs of beady little eyes settled on your form and you felt something slither around your lags and purr. Oh fuck. Your eyes rolled back and the rest was a blur.


You cuddled closer into the extremely plush bed sheets breathing in their scent You felt something cold and wet caress your forehead. You furrowed your brow and fluttered your eyes open only to met concerned red ones. Jumping back you fell of the side of the large bed earning an exasperated sigh from the no longer compassionate Sebastian and a new lump on your thick skull. Yes you were back to normal.

" I see your back in good health [y/n]." Sebastian drawled dropping the 'miss'.

" what the monkeys ass just happened?!" you yelled standing up striking a crane pose ready to fight off any on coming danger.

"well after discovering that you had disobeyed me and carelessly discarded the books I gave you I suspected you had gone on one of your pesky little 'explorations' and naturally I guessed you would be in the one place I had blatantly told you were forbidden to go. I found you passed out covered in my precious cats." he growled the last part sending you a glare.

'hehehh yeah funny story I'm severely allergic and deathly afraid of cats." you rubbed the back of your head and Sebastian sweat dropped.

"well for disobeying me you must be punished~" He smirked and shoved you back onto the bed gazing into your eyes lustfully. You [e/c] orbs were lost in the ocean of sparkling pink.

" so you like pussies?" he moaned and bucked his hips into yours. Seductively you blew in his ear before............. biting it as hard as you could and kicking him in the groin. Shoving his withering form off of you smirked. " bestiality is a crime so I suggest you release those poor creatures before I contact the police!" you strutted out off unfamiliar room............... only to get lost once again.
Calm you tits fangirls yal know i love to hate my bishies!

oh i know what it is you thought that she meant pussi- oh you nasty asses ;3

well hope you enjoyed i no own you sebby or the picture
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         After a very long time of waiting, it's finally your turn to pick an item. You walked up to stand next to Jiraiya and placed your hand in the bucket. You twirled your hand around inside and got tangled in something. It was a necklace with a firefly at the center. “Oh, this is really pretty. Who's item is this?”

“It's mine. I'm glad you like it. You can keep it if you'd like, I don't exactly wear jewelry.” Shino walked over to you from the corner. You couldn't tell if he was happy to have been picked or not due to his monotone voice and the fact that most of his body was covered.

“Thank you. That's really sweet of you.” You smiled happily and tried to place the necklace around your neck.

Shino quickly came to help you. “Here, let me help you.”

“You two are actually really cute together. Maybe I should consider a job as a match maker.” Jiraiya let out a loud laugh. “Anyway, lets get you two in the closet already. I'm wasting time here.” He led you both to the entrance of the closet and motioned you to go inside. “Have fun now. I'll see you both in seven minutes.” He smiled brightly at you both before shutting and locking the door.

Things almost immediately became awkward. Shino was still standing, facing the door, while you were sitting on the ground waiting for him to join you. “So, you going to come down here with me or what? It's kind of lonely all by myself you know.”

“I'm sorry. I was thinking.” Shino slowly walked over to you and sat down. “This game, it's awkward and poorly thought out.” He moved around uncomfortably. “Leave it to master Jiraiya to come up with it.” He was silent again.

“Well, it doesn't have to be awkward.” You laughed. “But you're right. Right now it is pretty awkward. Maybe it'll get better once we start playing.” You gave him a warm smile.

“You actually, want to, play?” He was blushing, and badly. “I see. Well, it would be rude if I said no.” Shino cleared his throat. “I'm making things more awkward by the second. I should shut up before you change your mind.”

“Don't worry, I won't.” You hugged him from the side and kissed his cheek. “You know all those clothes are going to make it pretty hard to kiss you. Maybe you should take some of them off.” Moving in front of him, you started to unzip his jacket. “There, that's better.”

When you tried to remove his glasses, he stopped you. “The glasses stay on.” Shino took hold of your hand and gently kissed you on the wrist. “Sorry, I don't like my eyes.” He smiled weakly at you, placing your hand on his cheek. Slowly he moved closer to you, kissing you softly on the lips. Both of you were blushing terribly. You wrapped your arms around Shino's shoulders and leaned into him. He hugged you back tightly, and toyed with your hair. You completely for got you were in a closet. Every bit of awkwardness had left and you both were thoroughly enjoying yourselves.

“Well look at that. I never expected to see Shino getting in on the action.” Jiraiya's jaw dropped as he peered in the closet.

“No way Shino played. He's way to strict for something like that. Let me see!” Kiba pushed past Jiraiya to get a look at you two still somewhat snuggled. “Man, I must have missed the best part. Still, this is going down in my history book for sure.”

Shino sighed, burying his face in your shoulder. “That awkwardness is back again.”
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