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Fallen pushed the doors and breathed deep in a fresh, night air. She took a step forward and let the doors close behind herself. She looked around, the huge balcony of cathedral could seem gloomy, but she found it rather calm than scary. Looking left she could see a silhouette sitting on the railing.
She walked closer, stepping silently. She was facing back of the boy two meters further. Somehow the view made her feel sadder.
"I knew I would find you here" she whispered loud enough for him to her her. He looked around, surprised at first, but seeing who it was, he turned back to the town.
"How could you?" he asked, his voice almost emotionless.
"Good view, fresh air, silence, and no people." the girl counted walking closer. "If you want me to leave though..."
"No, it's fine" he turned to her, sent her a weak smile, and with this his gaze was back at the town far away. Fallen slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. "You sure you don't want to join the other guys? The midnight is coming."
"Do you?"
Kurt seemed to get lost in thoughts for a moment. When he finally answered his voice was barely audiable. "No."
"I'm staying then" she smiled a bit. The boy moved up his hand and placed it on her forearm. For a moment they were silent.
"Any wishes for the upcoming year?" Kurt asked. Fallen thought for a moment.
"I just want everything to stay the way it is." she answered, then chuckled sadly. "For the first time in my life I'm not wishing for everything to turn upside down."
He answered with a similiar chuckle. "That's rather a good thing."
"I guess" she laughed low. "What about your wishes?"
Kurt looked up to the first fireworks that began to soon grow into a big crowd on the sky.
"What I wish for... It's hard to shape in words."
The girl tightened her embrance a little. "I hope the big guy above will get the point though" she smiled and placed a gently kiss on his neck. "Happy new year, Kurt."
The boy smiled a bit. "Same to you."

Full list of 100 theme challenge's themes: [link]
Can be also found in my gallery in folder with the name.

Fallen (C)Me
Kurt (C)Marvel

Base: [link] by ~So-so-Deviant-Bakura

Edit: Added a short scene's description.
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*couchs* So yeah, we survived the 21.12.12 apocalypse, we can survive anything.

As always there were some ups and downs, falls and lifts, but I the truth is that I got lazy on art. It's not like I gave up on anything, it's just that I've gone more into writing stories mode. I don't publish because most of them are in polish, others are undone... and deviantART isn't the best place for WRITING.

Meanwhile my tablet broke. Crap, it's still broken. That's why after using SAI for so long, I came back to MS Paint in October. And that's also the reason why the comic I started is on hold since then.

I got many commsssion during the year. I haven't finish most of them and I'll be honest - I don't think I will. That's why I told everyone to wait with sending me the points to AFTER I'm done. See? I was right at this point, my lazy butt is lazy.

However even despite not moving out of my house, helping my friend out of trouble for hundred time, getting my -still so young- tablet broken, reapeting a year at school, and breaking my--
...wait, what was I... Ah!
I still think it was a good year and I've had a lot of fun due to some guys and artistis inspirations. I don't regret anything I've done during the 12 months and I hope that neither do you, whoever you are.

Let's hope for the best for 2013~
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Remake made for :iconxxtina-chanxx: of this [link] art made on this [link] base by *shiroi-mizu-ryuu
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And maybe not today, but
Some time we gotta face it;
We went wrong this time.
I'll let you pretend nothing's goin' on,
But let me warn you this will hurt,
The day we'll come to face our selfs.
Maybe on our solem hour
We'll look back and realize
Our lifes are nothing to be proud about,
And our mistakes, were an easy way out,
Not worth taking blame today.
So confess and forgive right here and now,
Because tommorow may be one day too late,
And there'll be nothing left to say.

One day late shrift song by me.


I choć może nie dziś, lecz
Kiedyś będziemy musieli to dostrzec,
Tym razem dokonaliśmy złego wyboru.
Pozwolę Ci udawać, że nic się nie dzieje,
Ale pozwól mi się ostrzec - to zaboli
W dniu gdy będziemy musieli stawić czoła samemu sobie.
Może w naszą sądną godzinę
Spojrzymy za siebie i pojmiemy,
Nasze życia nie są powodem do dumy,
A nasze błędy, były chodzeniem na łatwiznę,
Nie wartym ponoszenia dzisiaj winy.
Więc wyspowiadaj się i przebacz dziś i teraz,
Bo jutro może być o jeden dzień za późno,
I nie pozostanie już nic do powiedzenia.

Piosenka mojego autorstwa.

Base: [link]
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Original base edit: [link] by ~BlueRoses02
Base: [link] by ~Bases-Xs
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Full lyric:

Vulnerable kid afraid to death
In search for something to hope for
Lost in the world it can't get at
All the stares of people 'round
Why are they so cold and hollow?

Wading through the life
All you hear are cries
People reached for the sun
Just to feel the height
And you stood there watching
As they bet who'll touch the sky
And there's the time when you see
All of them hiting the ground

Walking this cementary of lost souls
You find what you needed to go on
With each new person flying away
You were tighter holding Hope's hand
For all those years you'd not let go
And Hope was an umbrella
To shield you from falling souls

But there came the day
When Hope decided to take off
And she flew away to the skies
And she took the fall
And the child was left alone
Crying the last tears that left
And on this graveyard of human souls
There's nobody left anymore
Who would embrace and say:
'It will be okay'

Frightened kid afraid of the dead world
With growing dread searching for dead Hope
Lost in the world it can't get at
Those dead stares of people 'round
Why are they so cold and hollow?


Base: [link] by me

Sorry for the mistake in rylics on the pic 'xD
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Ashes Remains - Change my life

I'm still awake tonight
broken up inside
I wanna run
but I don't know where to go
I'm calling Your name
through the pain
Will You turn Your face to me
I'm crying out
I need a miracle

If You could make the sun burn through the night
And You could make the dead man come alive
If You could make the oceans all run dry
Then I know You can change my life
I know You can change my life

I wanna know who You are
that You can fix my heart
And I don't have to run anymore
Open my eyes
let me see
Give me hope and set me free
Cause I don't wanna be the way I was before

If You could [...]

Give me something to believe in
Something worth fighting for
Something that I can't ignore
You could make the sun burn through the night
You could make the oceans all run dry...

If you could [...]

Translation for polish (tłumaczenie):

Dzisiejszej nocy nadal nie usypiam
Podłamana w środku
Chciałabym uciec
Lecz nie wiem dokąd odejść
Wołam twoje imię
Czy obrócisz się do mnie?
Potrzeba mi cudu

Jeśli potrafiłbyś zmusić słońce do przedarcia się przez noc
I jeśli potrafiłbyś wskrzesić umarłego spowrotem do życia
Jeśli potrafiłbyś sprawić by wszystkie oceany wyschły
To wtedy wiem, że możesz zmienić moje życie
Wiem, że możesz zmienić moje życie

Chciałabym wiedzieć kim jesteś
Że potrafisz naprawić moje serce
A nie muszę już dłużej biec
Otwórz mi oczy, pozwól mi widzieć
Daj mi nadzieję i uwolnij mnie
Bo nie chcę być taka jak byłam wcześniej

Jeśli potrafiłbyś [...]

Daj mi coś do pokładania w to wiary
Coś wartego walczenia o to
Coś czego nie będę potrafiła zignorować


I must say a huge thank you to =deathisheaven who is the reason I checked out this band (Ashes Remains) which I find awesome >3<
I had the idea for the pic before, but once I listened to this song I got inspired to finally draw it. I should have put shades onto the characters in bg but see my point - it's too much work to do, I am sleepy (it's after 3 am here) and I want to post it already and go to sleep feeling that I've done something today.
Btw. my CP works. A bit, but still. I don't know if I'm going to post much through.
And wait for tje design contest results. You can send enteries until I say it's over. Check out journal for more.

I didn't use base - don't ask for link. I may turn it into a base but without the bg people.

Art, OC Fallen(C)Me
Kurt W./NC (C)Marvel
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Concept for a simple OC, I just began to edit random base while watching a series and it turned out like this.

Base: [link] by *666phantomoftheopera
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I don't feel like writing a short story for this theme, because I think that it will be the best if you'll say how do you see it. What could have happened, what will happen next? It's all up to your imagination. Of course I'd love to know what you'll think of, you can write it in a comment, short story or even continue it as a comic. I'm always thankful for your effort!

Full list of 100 theme challenge's themes: [link]
Can be also found in my gallery in folder with the name.

Fallen (C)Me
Kurt (C)Marvel

I did NOT use a base so do NOT ask me to post a link. Don't ask me to make base of it either, I will if I will feel like it.
Sorry about some crappy parts, I worked with only mouse, because my tablet is broken... and I'm to lazy to scan drawings.
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Merry X-Mass~

Yuki (C)~Yuukiko124
Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto (C)Masashi Kishimoto
Random girl is random.
Base: [link]
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