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Similar Deviations
A companion piece to my last:

This time I used two colors I cannot stand together--green and red. Though What I really can't stand is bright, saturated green and red. I can handle this :P

Same deal. I used reference, reproduced it freehand, and then just started painting. These uh... aren't very well planned out. They're more like painting experiments.

A few people asked about the materials I used. These are all acrylic (except for a little leftover pencil). I'll take all the leftover paint on my wet-palette, mix it into a desaturated mess, and cover a piece of bristol. I then stare at the paper and pretty much paint whatever idea pops into my head first. The parts of the process or finished painting that work I'll take note of and keep for the next painting.

Also, I'll put up prints of this and the last one when I have a quality photo.
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