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     I pledge my loyalty to the New Lunar Republic  

              To hold my Lunar honor high  

               To fight in good or bad

     To live in allegiance with Luna and the Eclipse

               I'll die for our rights in war

      I live to give a free today and a brighter tomorrow               
I couldn't find any oaths/plegdes of loyalty for The New Lunar Republic so since I needed one for my story and couldn't find one I made this Im probly gonna change eventually

I should explain why it says Luna and the Eclipse, well since Trouble's princley is barely known his rank as general of the army is held unknowingly. Everytime a battle is won he forms a lunar eclipse as a symbol of victory but nobody knows who sends it so they refere to it as the Eclipse

Preveiw image belongs to: :iconvexx3:
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The sound of rustling backpacks and eagerly departing footfalls brought the lion back to consciousness with a soft groan.  Sitting up, he slowly brought his face from between pages 374 and 375 of “Chemical Principles: 8th Edition” and back to earth.  Bright fluorescent light wasted no time in assaulting his visage as he brushed his long bangs from blocking it, but the reason for his next groan did not reveal itself until his eyes had adjusted.  The whiteboard spanning the entire width of the lecture hall had been mostly white last he remembered, but now was covered with a stream of mathematical expressions and disembodied comments relating to them.  Chemistry: 1, Internal Clock: zilch.  Gripping his headfur in frustration, the lion retreated to the safety of pages 374 and 375 with a thump.

The professor, a samoyed of the short and round persuasion, gave a sympathetic cluck in the direction of a sight all too familiar to him.  However, being a practical man, he picked up his briefcase and trotted toward the door, making no attempt to interfere.  Office hours had been invented for a reason.

The feline picked his head up and emitted a series of low, grumbly sounds as he repeatedly banged his head against the pages of the textbook.  “Just... can’t... fuggin’... keep... my eyes... open!”  His outburst was suddenly interrupted, however, by the sound of a voice and the feel of a paw on his shoulder.  “Easy there, buddy—that can’t be good for the resale value.”  He looked up and turned his head, following the paw on his shoulder to its source.  

The paw’s owner looked to be a tall, powerfully built Siberian husky, wearing shorts, sandals, and a form-fitting t-shirt, in spite of the wintery weather.  His expression seemed friendly and not mocking, so the lion decided to respond.  “Feh... my sleeping schedule’s been off kilter for weeks now, so my notes are full of holes, and this subject isn’t my forte, anyway...”  He sighed and flopped his head on the book again.

The husky comfortingly scritched the lion’s short shoulderfur with his claws, having had similar experiences himself.  He paused for a moment, glanced at the time, and decided to be a good Samaritan.  “Hey, do you have some free time now?  We could go to Java’s and get you up to speed on this stuff.”

Taken aback by the unexpected offer, the lion looked up again and blinked.  “Huh?  You sure?”  A warm smile, a nod, and a dismissive wave of the husky’s paw put him at ease.  “I did pretty well in high school chem, and a lot of the stuff up ‘til now has just been review to me.  Besides, I’ve got two hours before my next class.  It’s no problem.”

The lion smiled broadly and stood up, putting his eyes at about the husky’s neck line.  “That’d be awesome, er...”  He searched his mind, realizing he didn’t know the other’s name.  The husky piped up to fill in the gap, shifting his books to his left paw and extending his right.  “Oh!  Sorry, I’m Rask.”  The lion smiled again and took the husky’s paw in his own, shaking it enthusiastically.  “Kensuke.  But call me Ken.  Good to meet ya!”  The husky smiled in return.  “Sweet.  Well, I’ve gotta hand something in to another prof first.  Meet you there in ten minutes or so?”  The lion nodded.  The husky grinned back.  “Okay!  See ya then.”  He turned and bounded for the door at something of a sprint, his long, floofy tail swishing behind him.

Kensuke remained still as he watched the dog’s retreating figure, still a little taken by surprise.  After a moment, he remembered himself, gathered up his books, and headed for the university’s coffee shop, his mood a notch or two brighter than before.

~ ~ ~

The coffee shop was rather crowded, this being one of its prime hours of the morning, but Rask managed to spot the lion waiting at a small two-person table.  The husky waved and started to walk over, but he hadn’t gotten very far before he felt an arm around his torso and a muzzle kiss him on the cheek.  Recognizing the scent quickly, Rask purred and let a playful grin sweep across his face.  “Hiya, Curt.”  The one behind him, a slim, more darkly-furred husky, grinned and responded.  “Hey, cutie.”  The first husky laughed and gave the other a tag on the cheek with his broad, canine tongue.  “What’cha up to?”  Curt nodded toward the piping-hot cup in his paw.  “Just gassing up before my next class.  How about you?”  Rask nodded.  “I’m meeting someone to do a little chem tutoring.”  He nodded toward the lion, who was watching the scene with interest.  Curt followed the direction of Rask’s eyes and chuckled in a knowing manner, while giving the other husky’s abs a grope with his free paw.  “Ooh, he’s cute.  You sure that’s all you’re meeting him for?”  Rask laughed, throwing his head forward a bit.  “No, no… it’s not like that.”  He turned to Curt and nibbled his neckfur for a moment, then gave him a muzzlenudge in the direction of the exit.  “Get to class, huskyboi.”  Curt laughed and removed his arm from Rask’s waist.  “I’m goin’, I’m goin’…”  He headed for the door as he said he would, turned and winked at Rask, then departed with a seductive flick of his tail.

Rask grinned in spite of himself, then remembered why he was here and padded over to the lion’s table, setting his cup, books, and himself down at it.  Seeing Kensuke’s inquisitive expression, the husky blushed and chuckled.  “That was Curt, a rather close friend of mine.  He wrote the book on open shows of affection, and I must confess that it’s rubbed off on me more than a bit.”  The lion smiled and nodded, remembering how the husky comfortingly scritched his shoulder without a second thought.  His eyes widened in surprise as he caught sight of the cardboard cup the husky had set down, clearly the largest size the shop had available.  “That’s a pretty serious order… you plan on sleeping tonight?”  The husky chuckled and shook his head in the negative, realizing the misinterpretation.  “Naw, it’s water.  I’m not a big fan of caffeine.  Anyhoo, where did chem stop making sense to you?”  Kensuke flipped through his notes, and showed him.  Rask then began to explain the basic concepts of the chapter, going into more depth where the lion seemed unclear.

The husky proved himself a fairly effective teacher, and before long, the lion felt a bit more reassured of his knowledge.  Time, however, had passed, and Rask made an uncomfortable sound as a nearby wall clock brought this to his attention.  “Erf.  Ken, I’ve gotta run.  I still haven’t gotten you quite up to date, though…are you free again after chem tomorrow?”  The lion nodded.  “Yeah, I tried to schedule my classes as close together as I could, since I commute and all, but I still have that hour break every day after chem.”  The husky nodded back.  “Okay, sounds good, then!  Hey, it was nice meeting you.”  He reached a paw across the table and shook hands with the lion.  “Nice meeting you too…I can’t begin to thank you enough for doing this.”  The husky smiled warmly and chuckled.  “Awr, it’s nothing—don’t worry about it.  See you tomorrow!”  He scooped up his books, stood up, and padded briskly for the door, but not before turning and waving.  Ken waved back, then sat there for a moment, still a bit taken by surprise by the whole episode.  His thoughts eventually organized themselves, and he smiled inwardly as he got up to leave.  “The kindness of strangers…”

~ ~ ~

The following day went as planned, and the meetings became a regular thing.  Although Ken felt self-sufficient in the class after a week or two, by the wishes of both, they kept meeting.  The two would meet a couple of times a week, usually after chemistry.  Ken was invited to Rask’s dorm a few times, and quickly discovered that the husky played a mean game of Super Smash Brothers.  Rask observed on more than one occasion that it was unfortunate that Ken couldn’t stay longer, but Ken always responded that they’d expect him to be home.  Nonetheless, as the semester progressed, the two became close friends.  However, as any student knows, semesters have a nasty tendency to end in…

“…Finals week.  I feel like death.”  The lion groaned loudly and stared at the tabletop, supporting his head by gripping his headfur with both paws.  Rask reached across the table and gave Ken’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze.  “Yeah, it’s gonna be rough on everyone, but don’t worry about it.  You seem to be doing just fine in chemistry.”  The lion sighed and nodded, still keeping his gaze fixated downward.  “I know, but the prof has a bit of a reputation for giving hard-hitting finals.  Even if I’m doing okay, the final’s going to be designed to trip people like me up.”  The husky nodded, having heard rumors to the same effect.  “Well, why don’t we put in an evening of hard studying?  It’s kinda late, but your parents wouldn’t complain if I came over to your house, would they?”  The lion brightened a bit at the suggestion, considered the matter, and agreed.

~ ~ ~

The long train ride and subsequent walk made Rask wonder out loud how his friend could tolerate undertaking it on a daily basis.  Ken responded with a heavy sigh and resigned chuckle.  “Oh, well, in my parents’ mind, I’m close enough that paying for room and board in the dorms would be a waste of money, but eh…”  He waved a paw dismissively, unlocked the door to his house, and walked in.  A call of “I’m home!” to whoever might be there brought no response, so the lion shrugged and led the husky up to his room.

The lion’s room seemed somewhat small, but was unmistakably well-kept.    A comfortable-looking bed stood in one corner, carefully made up.  Apart from this, the room was furnished only with a small desk and chair, and a chest of drawers, and seemed somewhat bare.  The carpeted floor was clean of any laundry, books, or other articles, apart from a weight set in another corner, and this too was carefully arranged.  The husky raised his eyebrows in surprise at the neatness, used to almost the polar opposite in his own room, but said nothing.

Ken stepped in ahead of him and plopped down on the bed, setting his books down beside him.  He nodded toward the chair, and the husky sat down in it, giving a quick look around the room.  “Nice room you’ve got.”  The lion shrugged his shoulders dismissively.  “Eh.  I don’t have many guests, especially since starting college… that’s what it is to be a commuter.  Would you believe you’re the only person I’ve gotten to know all semester?”  The husky frowned sympathetically.  “Awr, I’m sure that’s an exaggeration…”  Ken gave his head an emphatic shake in the negative.  “Nope.  Not a one.  There’s no time… I’m always studying and rushing to get home, and… gawd, I hate being a commuter… I’m just so… damn… sick of seeing these same four walls that I’ve been glaring at for my entire life.”   He let out a growl of frustration and buried his face in his paws.

Rask made a sympathetic sound, hating to see anyone like this.  Almost instinctively, he climbed up onto the bed next to the lion, and wrapped an arm around his back, gently snugging the feline against his side.  Ken buried his muzzle into the husky’s shoulder, not seeming to mind at all.  He sighed heavily and whimpered a bit.  “It just… sucks.”  The husky nodded sympathetically and gave the lion a gentle squeeze with his arm.  Then, without even realizing what he was doing, he gave his friend an affectionate lick across the top of his muzzle.  Ken looked up almost immediately with an expression of surprise and confusion on his face.  “Rask…?”  The husky realized his error and attempted to stammer out a flustered response that would explain the action, but he was interrupted by the feel of of a sandpapery tongue tracing across his cheek.  Now it was Rask’s turn to be surprised.  “Ken… are you…?”  The lion nodded softly, and brought his body closer to the husky’s.

What followed next, neither party would have ever predicted.  The husky turned to the lion and began rubbing his muzzle along the lion’s cheek as he felt the lion press himself up against the canine’s chest.  The feline purred loud and long as he felt himself wrapped in the husky’s arms.  The canine’s body felt so warm, strong, and comforting, and only intensified his desire to be close to it.  The husky felt slightly uncomfortable to begin with, but, reassured by the feel of the lion snuggling into his chest, he reached down and delicately removed the t-shirt he was wearing.  Ken let out a low rrrowl as he experienced the unfamiliar feeling of the husky’s chestfur.  Feline instinct took him as he began to rub his ears and muzzle against the soft, thick mass of fur and stroke a paw over the curves of the canine’s powerful chest.  Rask smiled down at his friend, and bent his muzzle down to nibble and lick gently at the fur between the feline’s ears as he held him close.  

Neither knew what this all meant, but both were clearly enjoying it.  Ken stayed still for a few minutes, just being held close by the husky, until something seemed to click in his head.  He suddenly looked up at Rask and backed away.  “I… Rask, sorry.”  The husky smiled gently and put a paw on the lion’s thigh.  “For what?  I didn’t mind at all.”  Ken cracked an uneasy smile, hearing this.  “I know… but I don’t want you to think that I’m… that I… y’know… that I swing that way.  I mean…”  Rask raised a paw and interrupted.  “No, no, it’s not that.  I just didn’t like seeing you so down… and this is kinda how I deal with that.”  Ken smiled broadly on hearing this, and threw himself back toward the husky, throwing both arms around him and hugging tightly.  “Well, it certainly works…”  Rask smiled just as widely and hugged back.  “I’m glad I didn’t freak you out… but, um… shouldn’t we get some studying done?”  Ken laughed and nodded in the affirmative, releasing the hug.  “Yeah, probably… but… would you mind keeping your shirt off?”

~ ~ ~

( end )

~ ~ ~

Well, there you have it… this is my first attempt at ever writing a story.  I’m not overly thrilled with the ending, but for a first attempt, I think I did okay.  ^_^  Hope you guys enjoy it, and please leave constructive comments—it’s the only way I’ll learn.  Look for the rest of the story surrounding this in Ken’s upcoming comic.  I know I will.  ^^

Short story written by my good buddy .
I tried to get him to post it on his own site, but for some odd reason he doesn't want to. Totally doesn't make sense, since this is one of the best prose I've read in a LONG time.
Well, maybe because I'm in it. :D
If you want to, you can see this story as a preview for my upcoming comic. My story arc is quite similar to this story, but there will be some noticeable differences. If you have already read my first strips, you'd see the differences right away. ;)
Remember, I didn't write this! I can only hope to be as good a writer as ~ RaskHusky is... And can you believe this is his first time writing a short story? o.o
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Golden Age

Look now to the past, and to the time of peace on Bryyo. See the age of gold, when our world was a paradise unrivaled. Hear the songs of joy fill the streets of the Royal City, as the people honor the coming of Bryyus the First, the Liberator. Behold the launch of our first ship to the stars on that day, and witness the rise of Science, of a New Bryyo. See this, and see the beginning of our downfall.

Age of Science

The ships of Bryyo sped to the stars, in all directions, bearing the banner of peace. Soon we found stellar brethren in the Chozo, the Luminoth, and the Vlla. Starborne knowledge came to Bryyo, and we gladly sent our wisdom to our new friends in return. The hearts of Bryyo were filled with pride, and they honored the Lords of Science for all the wonders we provided. As the time of New Bryyo came to be, the old ways faded. The cries of joy from those who honored Science covered the angry shouts of those who mourned the old ways, the Primal Traditions.

Age of Schism

In time, the wonders of Science were not enough for those who held the Primal Traditions in their hearts. The warnings of the Chozo--to seek balance between old and new ways--were not heeded by the Lords of Science, myself included. We forged on, ignorant of the rage in the hearts of the Primals. The time came when Sfimas, First Lord of Science, denounced the Primals and their Traditions in the center of the Royal City. It was as flame to a dry forest. The Age of Science ended, and the Age of Schism was born.


Age of War

In the beginning, the conflicts were small, out of sight for most on Bryyo.

But they grew, slowly but as steady as the coming sun. Diplomacy gave way to brutality, and war came to our world. The Lords of Science turned their minds from exploration to destruction, and unleashed horrors unknown upon their Primal enemies. In retaliation, the Primals turned to the darkest of ancient powers, cursing us, the Science Lords, and all who served our cause. Friends from the stars tried desperately to end the conflict, all in vain. The people of war would not be denied.


Look now to the time of battle, tribe against tribe. See fertile land swept clean of all living things by arcane nightmares or the hellish blasts of Science. See the giant stone Mogenars do battle, destroying the land with their titanic blows. And hear the undying scream of a planet wracked by darkest war. The battles waged endlessly, and the resources needed to sustain our war machines were great. Bryyo too had become a casualty of the war: the air was filled with the smoke of battle and the soil soaked with the toxins of pollution. Calamity after calamity visited the folk of Bryyo, until a world once known for wonders became a scarred husk under the stars. Only a small region remained habitable, and to it the survivors went, bringing the war with them.


We, the Lords of Science, mishandled the use of our knowledge. The devastation of the war robbed us of the rare resources necessary to fuel our war engines. Without our machines we were unable to stand up to the Primal armies, and they overran the enclaves of many Science Lords. What few remained fled into dark places, polluted wastelands even the bravest of Primal warriors would not dare enter. Whatever joy there may have been amongst the victorious was quickly stamped out by the grim reality surrounding them. Bryyo, their cradle, their sacred home...was on the verge of death.


Struggle of Exiles

As the followers of the Primal Traditions celebrated their victory, a number of surviving Science Lords gathered in a hidden sanctuary. It was there that our foolishness became obvious, and we regretted ignoring the Chozo's warning. We realized the folly of following the ways of Science with blind faith--and the peril of all Bryyo. The contamination left from the battles was spreading, and would soon scour the remaining fertile lands, leaving naught but ash. If left unaided, Bryyo would lose what few safe lands and water remained. Once more, our great minds turned to a grand task...planetary salvation. As our enemies searched the lands for us, the last Lords of Science, we created our final machines and launched them into the heavens.


The great machines of the Science Lords performed flawlessly. They absorbed the toxins and pollution in the air and soil, preserving the remaining fertile land of Bryyo. Yet the planet's climate was forever changed, leaving one side eternally scorched by the sun, the other forever in the icy grasp of darkness. The launch of the machines revealed the hidden enclave of the Science Lords to their former enemies. The bright lights in the skies caused by the decontamination equipment stirred old hatred in the hearts of the Primals. Fearing a new attack, the Primals sent their warriors forth to hunt their hated foes. We were now marked for death.

The Hunted

The Primals crafted new magics to protect their warriors, and sent them into the burning wastelands to hunt the Lords of Science hiding there. Though we tried to avoid contact, many Science Lords were found and ended by Primal war bands. I was but the sole survivor, the last remaining Lord of Science. In order to protect myself, I adopted the wisdom once shared by the Chozo. I merged the ways of the new--Science--with the ways of old--Magic. I built mighty Mogenars out of stone, and placed them outside the walls of my home, there to silently protect me from all enemies.



Forgotten in exile, a creature of myth, I, the last Lord of Science,worked

tirelessly to protect myself and this world. I crafted magics and machines to bring life back to the wastelands. I found a new source of natural energy in the land and called it Fuel Gel. I vowed to atone for the devastation inflicted upon Bryyo, caused by both science and war. Yet, while I toiled, the Primals slipped slowly into barbarism. With no Science Lords to hunt, they turned on each other, tribe against tribe. Magic was lost to them, and they became as savage as the predator beasts of the wild.



As time slowly passed, I grew old: even the combined power of magic and science couldn't cheat death forever. In order to preserve Bryyo's environment, I would need a successor. Finding one was a daunting task, for most of the folk saw me as a monster. Time passed quickly as I searched, and my efforts appeared to be in vain. Seemingly by chance, I found a young Primal wondering the wastelands and rescued her. But this was not a chance encounter. She was a prophetess, tirelessly searching for the last Lord of Science to speak to about her visions. In her dreams, she saw a starborne death coming to Bryyo, and with her vision came a plea to save her world. Based on her information, I began work on improving the existing decontamination equipment to help prepare a defense for Bryyo against the eventual catastrophe.

Our Plea

Sadly, disaster came to us before we could finish our work. An accident caused our supply of Fuel Gel to explode, sending fire to the sky and exposing our position. It was not long before a Primal war band saw the great fire, and rushed to attack. Without a way to power my great Mogenars, I had no way to defend myself from their assault. Fleeing would only drive them to pursue us to no end, and they would show no mercy to either one of us once caught. I had no other choice except to stand my ground while the prophetess fled to safety. With her I sent my records of the past, in hopes they would both find sanctuary. You now read my last words, etched in stone and placed by the prophetess. We speak to you from beyond the grave, to plead with you... Save our world from the starborne plague. Lift the veil of hate from the eyes of our people. May our remaining relics serve you well in this struggle.</P>
This is a collection of all the Bryyo 'Logbook' entries from the game; Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Metroid and all related products/merchandise (c) Nintendo
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A quiet day was upon New Tokyo-3. Rei Ayanami was on her way from school, wondering what she would do with the rest of the day. Her homework had been finished and sync tests weren't until tomorrow morning. As she considered perhaps going to a store for once, she stopped at her apartment door to find someone was already there.

The subject was female, clad in regular street clothes with black gloves and a simple mask that covered her head, save her eyes and mouth. She was hunched over the doorknob, trying to pick the lock open. Rei's arrival caused her to look up at her in surprise.

"You're early," she said. She drew a gun and pointed at Rei. "Now, why don't you help me and get this door open?"

Rei glanced at the gun with her usual unchanging expression. She knew dying would be at best an inconvenience to NERV's plans. Still, she'd rather not do so unless required.

"Very well."

With her usual calm, Rei walked over and opened the door to her place. She walked in, along with the woman, who still held the gun to her. Once inside, the woman unhooked the coil of rope to her belt.

"Fold your arms behind you," she hissed.

Rei did so, folding her arms in a horizontal stance with her wrists to her elbows.

"You're cooperative," said the woman.

"You would do these things to me either way. I would rather it go easier."

The woman soon bound Rei's arms together behind her back and then turned a few loops under her breast to hold her upper arms in place. She then tied Rei's knees and ankles together. Finally, she took two of Rei's scarfs and stuffed on in her mouth and tied the other into an OTN gag.

"Now, sit there and don't try anything."

Rei nodded in agreement. The most she did was play with the ropes binding her as the woman began searching her scarce apartment for something. That took about three minutes before she turned back to Rei.

"This is it? This is all you have?"

Rei nodded again. The woman yanked off Rei's gag and took out the scarf stuffing.

"Why isn't there anything related to NERV here?"

"I am not allowed to take NERV material home with them. The fact that you know I am a part of their organization suggests a serious security breach."

The woman let out a huff of air.

"So much for Plan A. Well...I suppose I can kidnap you and ransom you back. NERV will probably pay a pretty penny to get a pilot back."

"NERV will not pay for me. They will simply get me themselves or bring in a replacement."

"You can be replaced that easily?"

"I can be replaced at any time for any reason. And NERV has a whole room for potential candidates they can pick from."

The woman snarled in frustration at the answer, not realizing Rei was talking about the tank full of clones or the classroom full of potential pilots.

"All right, missy, give me something I can use or you'll find yourself being sold off to some nice men who like girls like you."

The woman could have sworn she heard Rei sigh ever-so-slightly in frustration.

"Very well. On level six, there is an hidden panel behind the vending machine near the lavatory. You can use it to gain access to a emergency path to NERV's database."

" do I know you're not lying to me?"

"I haven't lied to you so far. I have no reason to start now."

"All right, but I'm coming back for you if this is a trick."

Looking fairly pleased, the thief stuffed Rei's mouth again, tied her gag back on and headed out, locking the door behind her. In a way, Rei felt bad for what she had done to the woman. Gendo had told her to say that in case she was kidnapped for information and, while she was truthful about it being a legitimate route, it also led through a decoy room, meaning that without the proper code to turn off the alarm, the woman was going to be walking into a silent alarm trap and have a date with about twenty armed guards.

Say what would you about Gendo, but the man's ability to prepare was impressive.

Rei looked around, unsure of what to do next. She wiggled a little, finding her bonds quite tight. It was clear getting free would take some time.

"Hmmp? Hmmp."

Rei blinked. It was likely no one would be coming to untie her. The intruder certainly wasn't going to say anything about her and no one had any plans to come visit her. As she wriggled a bit more, she began to feel oddly calm about the situation.

An odd sensation. To be so helpless and know is kind of comforting. Perhaps I should research this...what's it called, fetish? Yes, I should look into this and understand it.

Rei got as comfortable as she could and settled in for the night.


The next day at NERV was a slow start. Apparently, some woman had been caught sneaking around in a decoy area and was being interrogated. The base was on alert in case she had accomplishes, so sync tests were postponed for a bit.

As the pilots waited for the tests, they each pulled out some reading material. Shinji was reading a self-help book titled Finding Your Inner Cutie Mark: A Guide of Self-Discovery by Lauren Faust while Asuka was catching up on the suplex special of a wrestling magazine. As he read, Shinji happened to glance over and catch the title of Rei's book, Bondage for Beginners.

"Hey, Asuka, take a look at that," he whispered.

Asuka gave a quick look and went back to her magazine.

"Nothing she does surprises me anymore," she muttered.
This was a goofy bit of a bondage story that came to me one day that I had to act on. It was fun to throw Rei into a situation like this and figure out just how she would act in it. And I could easily believe Gendo is the kind of guy who would have a back-up plan in case his employees got kidnapped.

Yes, that was a nod to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic right there. I wanted to include one to popular NGE fanfic Nobody Dies, but I couldn't figure out how to slip one in in a way that made sense.
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On a twilight night with the sun setting behind the horizon, people and kids alike were returning home after a long day and for Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon she was having a rare night of having the house to herself.

"Alright! The parents are gone and Luna isn't going to be around. Time for all you can eat sweet buffet tonight!" Usagi announced as she entered her house with her blond hair in long pony tails wearing her school uniform of a white t-shirt with blue skirt with a red ribbon in the front holding her Sailor Moon locket with white socks and brown shoes.

She kicked her shoes off leaving her feet clad only in socks and made her way towards the fridge which she knew was stockpiled with some delicious cake.

"Lets see, cake, cake, where is the sweet frosted covered cake?" She sang to herself as she made her way over to the fridge and began to rummage through it. As she did she felt something heavy and cold placed against the back of her head that made her freeze with terror.

"Get your face out of the fridge and place your hands behind your back nice and slowly." Came a heavy male voice which Usagi followed his commands though she wanted to spin around and kick the man hard between the legs.

"What, what do you want?" Usagi asked with a quivering voice.

"None of your business." The voice replied as brown tape was tossed to Usagi's feet. "Pick it up and wrap your legs with that. Make it nice and tight otherwise I'll mummify you." He warned as once again Usagi followed his commands much against her will.

She slowly wrapped the tape from her ankles and upwards till the voice finally told her to stop just short of her knees. She smoothed the end of the tape over the tape overlapping her legs and once finished her arms were grabbed harshly and pulled behind her back which she could feel rough rope being wrapped around her wrists.

"Ahhhh! Your hurting me!" Usagi cried out as the rope was quickly wrapped and knotted it off.

"Good." The voice said as he smoothed a strip of tape over her mouth tightly reducing Usagi's pleas to grunts and moans. "Now enjoy your sweets." The voice said as he pushed her forward making her land on her side and she was finally able to look up at her attacker to see him as a tall male wearing black with a mask blocking his face.

"I hope this place has some nice loot." He said walking off as Usagi grunted and moan into her gag as she wiggled on the floor.

"If only I could grab my locket. She thought as she wiggled more on the floor in frustration. After working for awhile she was still unable to loosen the rope any which made her mad enough so slam her feet on the kitchen wall which was just hard enough to make a knife fall from the  counter on the floor. The sharp blade landed close to her legs which startled her as any closer would have landed right into her leg.

"That was close! But I can get free now!" She thought as she turn herself around and inched herself backwards till she felt the cold steel of the blade against her fingers.

She carefully lined the rope binding her against the blade side of the knife and slowly sawed the rope against it. She kept at it till she finally felt the ropes loosen around her wrists and were finally cut.

"Yes!" She proclaimed once removing the tape from her mouth and began to free her legs. She was thankful this was one of the days she didn't roll down her socks as the tape was painful to remove from her bare skin.

"Now to teach this guy a lesson!" Usagi said standing up and grabbing her locket and began her transformation.

"Moon Prisim Power!" She shouted as her clothing vanished and she was covered in a bright light and her locket open and gave her new clothing of a white leotard with a blue neck cloth with white gloves with a golden tiara over her forehead with two large red beads appearing in her hair pigtails and wore knee high red boots.

"In the name of the moon I will punish you!" She said giving her Sailor Moon pose and ran out into the house and saw no one there. "Where did that scoundrel run off to?" She wondered as she looked around but her attack quickly appeared behind her and clamped a wet cloth over her mouth.

"Mrmrprmprm!" She grunted as she struggled in his hold as the sweet smelling cloth was pressed harder against her face.

"Sleeeeep." His voice said and before long Usagi's eyes rolled to the back of her head and her body limp into the attacker's hold. "Too easy." He said dragging her off  upstairs.


"Mmmmmmm." Usagi moan as her eyes fluttered open and she looked around the room with sleepy eyes and quickly realize she was now in her bedroom and she looked towards the mirror which reflected her still transformed form with rope running above and below her breasts with her knees and ankles bound with rope with a white cloth pulled over her mouth keeping in something large and soft in her mouth. She tried to move her hands but could feel something like rope holding them together tightly.

"Dammit not again. She cursed as she squirmed and shifted in her rope binding hoping it would give.
"I knew you were that pretty woman." Her masked attacker said walking in.

"Mrmrormr!" Usagi grunted at him to let her go.

"Everyone in this town seems dimwitted and utterly stupid. I saw the similarities between you and your normal look right away. I thought about blowing the whistle on you but then I thought about making some money off you instead." He said with a grin.

"Mrmprmrp?" Usagi grunted in confusion.

"This alone should net me near a million." He said opening her underwear drawer and began to fill a bag with it.

"Mmmrmrmrrmrrpm!" She grunted in anger with her face red from a blush.

"Pipe down, I'll be back shortly." He said walking out as Usagi struggled frantically in the chair. She was going to kill him for even thinking about selling off her underwear.

"Nrnrprmprm!" She grunted again as she panted from tiring herself out. Even with the window open only warm air from the summer night came through making her sweat which wore her out even more.

"I'm back." The masked man proclaimed as he now had a camera. "Pictures of Sailor Moon in her own bedroom, it will give me proof of what I'm selling." He said as he began to take pictures of her.

"Mrmrpmrr!" She grunted and struggled more as with every picture she blushed more and became more embarrassed.

"That's right, I know a lot of perverts who will love this." He said as he took a close up picture of her crotch, breasts and her blushing gagged face.

"Nrnrrnrpmrprm!" She grunted with a deadly glare as she wanted to shove that camera up his ass.

"So scary, show off a softer side and I'll make billions." He said with a laugh as Usagi turn her face away. "Well enjoy yourself, I'm off to make millions."

"Nnrnrnprnrpmrprmpmm!" Usagi grunted and struggled so much she knocked her chair over which landed on the floor with a thud.

"You have fun with yourself." The mask attacker said as he was about to walk away before a red rose suddenly shot through the camera and landed at his feet with the broken  film and camera pieces littering the floor around the rose.

"What the hell?" The attacker said in shock as the rose suddenly let out blue sparkling powered that made the attacker pass out and land on the floor with a thud.

"Mrmprmr?" Usagi grunted out upon seeing the red rose.

"You alright?" A man who suddenly appeared dressed in a tuxedo with a white mask and a large black top hat asked.

"Mrmrmr!" Usagi nodded as she blushed even more upon being saved by Tuxedo Mask.

"Don't worry about him, I'll take care of him." He said picking up the attacker. "Take care now." He said as he threw another rose which freed Sailor Moon's arms and he leaped out of the window.

"So dreamy, my prince in the shining moon!" Usagi said once freeing herself and looking out the window to see his shadow vanish into the full moon.

The end.
Here is a sailor moon story which was requested by :iconmightymorphinpower4:

This story sure did bring back some good memories of my tv filled childhood, nothing but great stuff to watch back then compared to today. Anyways this will be the only sailor moon story as when I first saw this anime was when I was 6 and only watched the dub version.

But! I hear there is a reboot in the works for this series which is due to air in Japan next summer of 2013. If done well and good as the original I'll do many more stories based on that reboot series.

Till then enjoy the story :)

P.S, A free cookie to anyone who can guess where I got the panty stealing/money making idea from =p

As always, read, comment and fav.



I do not own sailor moon or any characters used.
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"And you'll give me the figure if I do this?" Patricia couldn't help but ask.

"Yup!" Hiyori cheerfully supplied from behind the taller girl. "Now stand still Patty, so I can finish this!"

The two girls were in Hiyori's bedroom, conducting a 'grand experiment' as per the glasses wearing otaku's request. Hiyori had ordered some equipment online and wanted to put it to good use. With the promise of giving away a rare Asahina Mikuru figurine to her blonde friend if she complied, Hiyori found the perfect test subject in Patty. Her friend had arrived in her yellow tank top and tan pants, ready to snag her prize.

"Ah, not so tight, not so tight!" Patty whined, wincing slightly.

"It's a straitjacket, silly!" Hiyori defended as she fastened a leather strap around her stomach. "It's gotta be tight!"

"I guess so…" the blonde muttered, before perking up. "C'mon, the fate of the world rests on me getting my hands of that figure! Hurry up and tie me up so I can add it to my collection~"

"That's the spirit!" the shorter girl gushed, tightening the other two straps to the straitjacket. With the straitjacket secured, Patty found that her arms had been rendered completely useless. No matter how hard she tried moving them, the straitjacket proved to be an indomitable stonewall. 'Not nearly as hard as one, thankfully!' she thought to herself. 'It's more like getting hugged by a big 'ole snake, like in that one episode of –'

Her internal monologue was cut short when Hiyori nudged her into the direction of a chair in her room.  "Alright, take a seat for the next phase to begin!" she urged, pushing Patty along.

"Okay, okay! What all did you have in mind beyond the straitjacket, though…?" Patty wondered aloud. "You just wanted to see if this would fit me, right? Well, it obviously does."

"Of course it does, Patty!" Hiyori said, rolling her eyes. "But there's much more to testing out a straitjacket's worth than simply putting it on! I need to test a lot of different factors if I want to send a proper review about this product!"

Patty sat down into the chair, idly kicking her legs. "What's the next step, then?" she asked.

"Well, stop kicking your legs for a second to start off," Hiyori replied. When her foreign friend's longer legs stilled, Hiyori bent down. She slid off Patty's socks one after another, leaving the girl barefoot.

"Not that I mind…but why'd you need to remove my socks?"

"You'll see~" was Hiyori's cryptic answer.

The question was partially answered seconds later when Hiyori shoved one of the socks into Patty's mouth.  Having opened it to ask another question, Patty found her mouth quite easily occupied by the invading article of clothing. The other sock soon rejoined its brethren as the pair laid claim to her mouth.

"Whhh?!" she cried, not liking this new turn of events. As she tried spitting the wads out of her mouth, Patty's eyes widened in horror as she saw her friend grab a roll of silver duct tape.


"Nnhhh!" Patty whined, futilely trying to spit them out. Her efforts were cut short when tape met face, Hiyori wrapping it around the entirety of her head. Even her hair was being pinned down by the long strip of tape.

"Whh arrh yhh ohhng?" she demanded, outraged by Hiyori's choice of gag.

Ignoring her friend's muffled protests, Hiyori cheer fully intoned, "Aw, don't sweat it! You'll get your figurine soon enough. Now, let's get your legs situated…"

She walked over to a corner of her room, moving aside a pile of seemingly random junk. Underneath sat a wooden stock, which she promptly dragged to the center of the room. Next, she pulled out a pillow from her closet and tossed it onto the floor in front of the wooden contraption.

"Alright then," Hiyori began, clapping her hands together. "I'm going to need you to stand up and slip your feet into this." She explained, bending down to open the clasps up.

Patty glanced between the stocks and Hiyori in disbelief. 'She really wants me to just shove 'em into this suspicious thing after what she just did?' she couldn't help but think.

She stood up from the chair, trying her best to take up the most defiant pose she could muster restrained as she was.

As she prepared to defy her friend's wishes, she caught a glimpse of the Mikuru figurine, sitting tauntingly on Hiyori's desk. As though someone flipped a switch, Patty's short lived defiance left her, replaced by resignation.

Shaking her head, she finally told herself, 'This'll be worth it in the end! Besides, this hasn't been THAT bad, even with the socks…'

With fire burning in her eyes, Patty confidently strode up to the device. Some of her confidence evaporated upon sitting down onto the soft pillow Hiyori had provided. Upon stretching her legs straight out in front of her and into the slots, the mystery of the unknown began to make way for seeds of doubt to grow again.

When her legs were encased after the top half was slid back into place and locked, she experimentally tried tugging them out. The stocks provided no room for escape, rendering the foreign girl completely helpless.

Patty found that through the veil of mixed emotions, a hint of excitement was slowly bubbling. 'Hehe, am I considering being tied up as being potentially fun? If I didn't know any better, I'd say that I might be a little perverted!' she thought amusedly to herself.

Wriggling her toes, she looked in askance at her bespectacled friend, wondering what was next on the agenda.

"The best way to test out a straitjacket is to see if it can handle the strain put on it when the wearer is struggling!" Hiyori finally remarked, after double checking that the stock was properly locked up.

"I'm going to need some authentic struggling from you, Patty!" she continued, pointing a finger excitedly at the blonde. Patty nodded her head, immediately beginning to put her energy into squirming.

'It's soooo tight!' Patty couldn't help but once again note, the tightness of leather straps digging into her skin slightly despite the layers of canvas and cloth. Still, she dutifully thrashed around for another minute, gaining no ground in an escape attempt.

"Just as I thought…" Hiyori spoke up, having remained silent during the struggle, "Thrashing around without a proper incentive isn't nearly authentic enough! Time for phase three!"  

Stopping her struggling, Patty blinked, blue eyes staring up at the other girl. "Mm?" she muttered, confused.

Hiyori glided past the bound girl, grabbing a knapsack sitting on a shelf. Patty craned her neck, following her movement. 'Huh…wonder what's in the bag!' she wondered, the vague sense of excitement making itself known again.

Patty wasn't sure what to expect, but she definitely hadn't counted on something as mundane as baby oil being pulled from the sack. '…that's it?' was her immediate thought, an odd sense of disappointment settling in.

"Ku ku ku…don't worry Patty," Hiyori chuckled, noticing her friend's expression, "Things will get exciting pretty soon!"

Hiyori sat the knapsack on the floor in front of Patty's bound feet before kneeling in front of them as well. Twisting the bottle open, she began squirting the baby oil into the palm of her left hand. Smacking her hands together to ensure the liquid was covering both, she began rubbing the feet before her with them.

Her hands moved with a deft precision that left Patty stunned, palms and fingers moving with efficiency.

"Nngh!" 'Ah! That kinda tickles!' Patty thought, the feeling of the cool liquid breaking her concentration.

"We haven't even properly started yet and already there's a nice reaction!" Hiyori happily noted.

It wasn't long before every inch of Patty's soles were slathered in the substance. She experimentally wriggled her feet around some more, marveling at how they felt different. 'They really feel better than before, that's for sure!

"Mmh~" she contentedly sighed. She paused, suddenly becoming confused once more. 'But…what was the point of this, again?'

When Hiyori produced several long feathers from the bag, Patty suddenly found  the situation to be less agreeable. 'F-feathers!? She's going to tickle me, isn't she! she fretted, squirming nervously in her restraints. Patty's feet were notoriously ticklish, a fact she tried to hide to the best of her ability.

The foreign girl would have slapped her forehead in exasperation if she had the ability to. 'She strips me of my socks, puts me in stocks and then oils up my feet…how did I not see this coming?!'

"Hey, don't give me that look, you pretty much agreed to this you know!" Hiyori chided, bringing the feathers closer to the fidgeting feet before her.

She began stroking each foot with the two feathers in either hand, gently tracing lines up and down Patty's soles. The action elicited a squeak from Patty, who winced and bit down into her gag.

"Nhhhh!" she whined, a single eye screwed shut. She desperately attempted to keep the giggles stifled, clamping her teeth harder into the socks stuffed within her mouth. Suddenly, the prospect of being gagged in such a manner seemed like a boon rather than a misfortune.

"Hm…no, this still isn't good enough." Hiyori commented. While impressive, Patty being able to contain herself for over a minute wasn't helping her research any.

"We'll need to ramp things up, then!" the bespectacled girl boldly declared, pulling the feathers away.

"Rhhm ahhhng ahgh?!" Patty tried repeating, relief of the bombardment halting overweighed by the frightful prospect of more to come.

Setting the feathers aside, Hiyori once again dug around in her bag. A pair of toothbrushes were pulled out, causing Patty to sweat a little.

"Round two~" Hiyori gushed, bringing the bristles of the brushes up against the defenseless, moistened feet before her.

Starting softly, Hiyori saw that she was already getting more of a reaction out of the blonde this time around. "Nhhmph!" Patty squeaked, her self control nearly shattered.

Hiyori's eyes took on a determined glint as she pressed her assault, the intensity of each stroke ramping up. Soon, every inch of Patty's soft bare soles were being explored by the brushes, no ground left untouched.

Worse yet, Hiyori seemed to pick up on each foot's most sensitive spots; the insoles, the gap between her big toes and the smaller ones, as well as the big toes themselves. Each spot was worked on with particular care, the brushes moving from spot to ticklish spot at random.

The maddeningly ticklish sensations quickly grew too much for her to handle. Less than a minute into the renewed tickling session, Patty lost the last bits of control she held on to, bursting into a mad fit of giggles.

"Mhmhmhmhmhmhhhh!" her laughter, even while muffled, still managed to boom throughout the room. The blonde's body soon joined in with her uncontrollable giggles, thrashing about madly with reckless abandon.

"Ngghmhmhmhm!" the laughter continued, tears welling up in her eyes. 'T-this is…! This is so…!' she tried to think to herself, her mind barely forming coherent thoughts. Many words came to mind to describe this situation; terrible, maddening, ridiculous, absurd, frustrating and embarrassing came to her right away. Much to her shock was the fact that the words "fun" and "enjoyable" briefly flitted through her mind as well.

Patty lost track of time, completely losing herself into the sensations that were driving her mad. By the time Hiyori finally stopped, Patty's face was lit up with a scarlet red blush. Glancing at a nearby clock, her blue eyes widened in shock when she realized that only ten minutes had passed. 'It felt like hours!' she thought in wonderment.

"Hm…" Hiyori muttered, staring contemplatively at the panting girl before her. "That was pretty good, but it still feels like we've fallen just short of the results I was hoping for."

"Hhmh?" Patty mewled, turning her head from the clock to look at her friend. Already, Hiyori was digging through the knapsack once again. Patty watched on with a growing sense of anticipation. Nervously chewing on the socks still lodged within her taped mouth, she couldn't help but excitedly wonder 'That…was actually sort of fun, in a weird way. Wonder what the next challenge is!'

Wriggling her toes in excitement, she determinedly thought, 'Bring it on – that Mikuru figure is miiiine!'

The first thing Hiyori pulled out two small plastic pet brushes, Patty's eyes widened slightly as she noticed how many of those short bristles each one had. But what completely threw Patty off was what came next – two egg vibrators.

"Nngh?!" Patty huffed, cheeks turning scarlet as she eyed the devices with trepidation.

As though reading her thoughts, Hiyori chuckled. "Hehe, just wait and see~" she supplied, a perverse glint in her eyes doing nothing to help assure Patty.

Grabbing the roll of duct tape, Hiyori began carefully taping one of the plastic brushes against the side of a vibrator, before doing the same for the other. Once again, Patty found herself staring at her bespectacled friend in confusion. 'Wait, what's she even doing?

Hiyori scooted up to Patty's feet once more, tearing a long strip of tape from the roll. Placing the brush/vibrator hybrid up against one of the blonde's soles so that the bristles met skin, Hiyori began to secure it in place with the tape. Soon, the brush and vibrator had been tightly fitted against the sole, remaining in place even as Patty experimentally tried moving the foot around.

Moments later, the other foot got the same treatment, with the second brush/vibrator hybrids firmly secured in place.

Grasping at both vibrators' control boxes, Hiyori left Patty with one last statement, "And now…round three!"

Hiyori's fingers flicked both of the switches to the maximum settings, and just like that, Patty found herself completely lost in her own world.

"NGHGHMHMHMHHM!" she squealed, body thrashing harder than it had before. Already, tears began welling up in her eyes, her face lighting up a deep shade of red once more. Hiyori had placed the brushes well, having fitted them over one of each foot's most sensitive spot – the insoles.

Hiyori stepped back, admiring her handiwork. Content with the setup, she took a seat in her chair and watched with rapt attention. "Now there's the reaction I was looking for!"

Patty's response was simply yet another squeal.


Sometime later, Hiyori finally sat up and turned the vibrators off. "Alright then, I'd say that's enough!"

She began removing the tape pinning the brushes and vibrators to Patty's feet, talking all the while, "You struggled pretty fiercely there with just the right amount of authenticity I was looking for!"

With her friend's feet freed from the makeshift tickling device, Hiyori moved onto the stock, unlatching each lock. "And through it all, the straitjacket seems to have held true – no loosening in any spots from what I can tell."

Hefting the stock open, Hiyori watched with mild amusement as Patty's legs shot backwards, huddling closer to her panting chest.

Standing, the bespectacled girl moved over to Patty, leaning down to remove the tape concealing her mouth. Stepping aside, she waited patiently for the blonde to spit out the wadded socks. With her mouth finally freed from impediment for the first time in an hour, the winded girl began panting heavier, trying to catch her breath.

"S…so….we're finished, then?" Patty finally ground out, her breathing slowly returning to normal. Hiyori nodded as she moved behind her to begin undoing the straps of her straitjacket. "Yup, you're free to go once I get you out of this!" she assured her.

"Thank you sooooo much by the way, you've been a huge help with my research!" Hiyori added, completely removing one of the straps.

"H-heh, don't mention it! It was actually kinda fun, in an odd way!" Patty replied, her boundless energy quickly returning.

It was only then, as her mostly freed body continued to pant heavily, that she finally noticed the webcam situated on Hiyori's computer monitor. She had been facing it the entire time, a fact that had her nervously asking, "Hah….u-uh, that camera…you weren't recording this, were you…?"

"Oh, don't be silly, as if I'd do something as mean as that without proper precautions!"

"Well, alright then!" Patty cheerfully remarked. "So, as fun as this was, how's about untying me? I wanna feel that figure, Hiyori!"

"Sure, let's get you out of this and your precious Mikuru is allllll yours~"


The next day, Patty noticed that she received a message from Konata when she went onto her computer. "Hey, check this video out! Doesn't this room look kinda familiar for some reason?" it had said, providing her with a link to check out.

Patty warily clicked on the link…and her mind came to a screeching halt. When her brain finally rebooted, three facts presented themselves to her:

One, it seemed like the webcam had recorded the entire thing.
Two, it seemed like Hiyori was fond of half-truths, with her statement of "…without proper precautions" translating into blurring out their faces.
And three, what was Konata doing looking at a straitjacket review site anyway?!

As awesome as finally having the ultra rare Mikuru figurine was, it seemed like a little bit of friendly revenge would have to be in order…
Here's a story I whipped up for :iconveroom:

Patty finds herself the lucky star of Hiyori's product testing. It's a laugh riot.
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A lull in activity. A pause in information retrieval that seemed to go on far too long. A somber feel in the air that seemed to come from no other living things being in the area. When Kuyou Suou had stopped walking and taken in her surroundings, she came to realize that she was in a section of the city that she wasn't familiar with.


Suou was rather extraordinary, in more ways than one. At first glance, she was quite the beautiful girl, fair skin glistening slightly in the sunlight, wearing her usual dark winter uniform from school. She was rather short, her face devoid of emotion, with small silver eyes that seemed to be staring off into space. Most impressive of all was Suou's hair; an immense volume of silky black hair that went all the way down to her calves, with bangs covering her forehead entirely. If one asked the students at her school what Kuyou Suou was like, they would say that she was a very quiet, eccentric, yet beautiful girl, that mostly kept to herself. Unbeknownst to all but a few, Suou's true nature was quite a bit more...complex than that.


Suou was an observer. That was, fundamentally, what she was meant to do. Analyzing and interpreting information. Interacting with others. It was something Suou was very much interested in. However, her attempts at doing so were quite clumsy at times. Her way of speaking was very odd. She could suddenly go into extremely prolonged speeches about the most irrelevant of things. Most bothersome of all was the fact that others seemed to receive information faster than she did. Even now that seemed to be the case; she had wondered off all by herself just to find something to observe, and didn't realize she was lost until just now. Suou pondered for a moment, and decided that the experience of being “lost” could also be valuable, in its own way.


While Suou was pondering such things, she was unaware that she was being watched. A sporty looking young woman with short, brown hair, wearing casual wear, a cute t-shirt and jeans, had spotted her and was doing some “information processing” of her own. Namely, she was processing how stunned she was at how beautiful this girl looked. “Wow...She's so's unreal...” the woman thought to herself, a big, earnest grin spreading across her face as she started to feel anticipation, her heart beat increasing. “That's it. She's the one! I got really lucky!”


Suou was still in thought when the woman had run up to her. “Heeey! Can I have a minute?” the peppy girl asked, her heels practically clicking together as she smiled at Suou. Suou stared back, blinking once. After what seemed like an awkward bit of silence, the quiet girl spoke.


“Who__are__you?” Suou spoke with a soft voice.


The woman was taken aback at Suou's broken matter of speech for a moment, but she didn't let it bring down her smile, which seemed to radiate nothing but fluffiness and good feeling.


“Name's Panko, little lady!” Panko replied, holding a hand up in greeting and winking. “What's your name?” the excitable girl asked pleasantly.




There it was again. Panko paid it no mind and kept going.

“Suou...that there is a pretty name, all right! You're just what I need right now!” Panko continued, and without Suou's consent, started to explain.


“I work for a talent agency. We're doing a bit promotion right now, but I've been looking for someone to fill in for an extra. Just stand around and look pretty, you know? And you're definitely what I'm looking for! You'll paid get paid pretty handsomely for it, too! Sounds great, right?”


“___Not__particularly__” Suou spoke. Suou had already gotten invested in being “lost”; she was not really interested in whatever this girl wanted her to do.


“Awww, please!” Panko gave the stoic girl her best doe eyes, shaking her hips as she put her hands together in a begging gesture. “I reaaaaally need this! It'd make my day! You don't even need to do anything! All of the really hard work is done by my co-workers, so all you need to do is just be there! A super cute girl like you could do it no problem!” Panko begged.


Staring at this rather enthusiastic girl, Suou was reminded of Haruhi Suzumiya. Surely, there may be something worth observing after all if she went with her. Besides, she didn't really have anything planned for the evening, after all.


“___Okay.” Suou spoke again, giving the most barely noticeable of nods.


“Yesssss!~” Panko celebrated, her smile getting wider. “Just follow me! I'll take you to right where we're handling the promotion!” Panko turned on her heels. Suou proceeded to follow the sporty girl, thinking nothing of this rather spontaneous interaction. Not even the fact that Panko seemed to be leading Suou right into a dark alleyway was odd to her. For all she knew, this was indeed where a “promotion” would be held.


“____What is___a___promotion?” she had thought to ask as the two entered the dark alleyway.


“Oh, uh, it's a performance art thingy. We're taking a shortcut.” Panko answered with another chipper smile. “Can't let her get suspicious...almost there!”


Suou followed Panko without further complain or questioning, which made Panko relieved at how easy this turned out to be. In the middle of the alleyway, Panko suddenly stopped. “Well, here we are.” she said.


Suou didn't even get the chance to look around before a large hand appeared from the darkness, covering her mouth, with another arm pinning her arms to her side. Suou blinked.


“Mmmmph?” Suou tried to speak as she stared at Panko, making no attempt to resist.


“Sorry, cutie! Got to pay the bills. Nice grab, Okazu!” Panko winked at the petite girl, and the man currently holding her. A man that Suou had not detected, Okazu, with dark hair and an easy going sort of disposition, held the girl's frame quite easily, while she could see another man coming into view, phone in hand. This man had an eternal glower, sharp eyes with dark spots underneath them and a mess of hair.


“Well, you got somebody. Way too much hair, but I guess we could do worse.” the grumpy looking man sneered, prompting a frown from Panko. “You never have anything nice to say about the girls I bring in! Geez, Umecha! Look at how pretty she is! We're gonna get tons from her, easy!” Panko replied.


“Alright guys, not really the time for this. We need to get this girl back to our place.” Okazu cut the argument short, still holding the girl in his grip, with Suou's eyes looking around slowly, processing this development. She did not know what to make of this. She had no experience of anything of this sort.


“Look at her. Too scared and confused to even react.” Okazu commented. “Umecha, pass the stuff.”


A bag was tossed and landed near Suou's feet. Suou glanced down past the hand covering her mouth to see that the bag was open slightly, and filled with a variety of curious supplies. Panko rummaged through the bag and pulled out a roll of duct tape, stretching out some of it as she immediately went to work wrapping layers of tape around Suou's petite legs, methodically covering her thighs, knees, and ankles. She was careful not to catch Suou's long hair in the tape, though the way that Panko was staring at Suou's shoes was rather suspicious. “Hehe...I can't wait to get her home!” Suou heard Panko proclaim energetically. Okazu heard it as well, rolling his eyes and sighing for a moment, but immediately put on an encouraging smile.


“Stay focused, sis. Help me with getting her arms; all of this hair is going to make this a little bit difficult,” he said. Panko went over to help hold up Suou's voluminous hair, allowing Okazu the freedom to receive the passed duct tape roll. He'd need both arms to do this next part, so he needed to make sure their captive couldn't cry out. Stretching out a piece of tape, he left Suou's mouth uncovered for just a moment, leaving her the opportunity to say what had been on her mind.

“Why__-immmph__thmmmph__hmmmpphng?” Suou's speech was interrupted by Okazu stuffing a sponge, already submerged in water to help further nullify sound, inside her mouth. It filled up the small volume quite nicely as her cheeks were puffing a bit, followed by him pressing the duct tape to her lips and wrapping it around her face several times. “Dmmmd__mmmph__dmm__smmmthnng___wrhnnng?” Suou garbled in the softest of muffles, continuing to talk as if she didn't realize she had been gagged yet.


“Heh, did you hear that? Looks like you grabbed one of the naïve ones.” Okazu remarked, forcing Suou's arms behind her back as he started to wrap tape around her wrists to bind them together. “Come to think of it, this uniform she's's from Kouyouen, isn't it? That all-girls school for prestigious students?”


“Oho~, is that so?” Panko smiled, still raising Suou's hair and stroking it a bit as she glanced at the increasingly helpless girl. “You're a little princess, aren't you cutie?” she teased.


“Mmmmm__?~” Suou garbled back unintelligently as she cocked her head ever so slightly, her dainty wrists having been bound together as Okazu moved on to tightly wrapping tape around her arms.


“Well well, this is a big deal...if we've grabbed someone from Kouyouen, we can get really big money from her...the starting bid would probably be over 10 million, easy.” Umecha spoke up, looking up information on his phone. “Even Panko can be useful once in a while.” he added, causing Panko to look annoyed in the middle of stroking Suou's hair. “You know, it'd be worth ending your sentences a few words early!” she shot back.


“Yeah, yeah...did you get this girl's name, at least?”


“Sure did! Kuyou Suou.”


At the sound of her name, Suou tried to glance at Panko. At this point, Okazu had finished taping her arms and was wrapping tape around her chest for insurance. With the feeling of her hair being stroked, the tape pressing across her body in various places, her ability to speak being compromised, and the sound of duct tape being ripped from the roll, it was a lot of information to take in at once. This left Suou feeling rather disconcerted as Okazu finished binding her body, the hapless girl’s bondage pretty much complete for the moment.


“Pllllmmph____stmmmmmmh____” Suou requested politely and softly behind her gag. She was asking for them to not give her so much information at once, but the duo took it to mean that Suou was protesting her kidnapping.


“Awww~, is someone feeling helpless?” Panko cooed, letting go of Suou's hair and walking over to the helpless girl's front, giving her an earnest smile as she crouched down to eye level. “You are just so cute that it's driving me crazy! Not to mention how that tape looks on your skin...” Panko tapped Suou on her gagged cheek affectionately. Even with duct tape covering it, Panko could tell how very soft Suou's skin was, which made her feel giddy.


“Found it. Yeah, she's a student.” Umecha spoke up. “No real information on her besides that...Well, doesn't matter. We can play the mysterious angle with her.” he added, as kicked out a briefcase he was hiding behind a trash can he was near. “Stuff her in here and let's get going, before someone sees us in here,” the grumpy brother ordered as he kicked the suitcase, sliding it towards Suou and the others. Panko opened up the suitcase, noting its size. “I think this thing is too big for her.” she observed, glancing at their captive with concern. “She'd jostle around too much and get hurt. We'd better just use the bag.”


“That's a good idea. We were kind of expecting someone bigger, but this works.” Okazu replied. Suou felt herself being picked up by the man. Panko opened the bag nice and wide and moved its remaining contents into the suitcase, so that Suou could be placed inside the bag. It was a perfect fit; Suou was laid down gracefully inside it. She looked up at her captors through the open bag, and shuffled in place slightly to increase her comfort.


“Be a good princess and don't make too much noise while we're taking you to our apartment, okay~?” Panko cooed with a smile, as if she were speaking to an adorable pet. Suou found the order odd, considering that she normally didn't make much noise in the first place, but nodded slightly, which made the cheery kidnapper smile wider.

“Such an obedient girl! I'm going to give you a special treat later.” Panko gave her a look, as she closed up the bag, leaving Suou in darkness. Aside from some more shuffling, Suou remained quiet, just like she was told.




It didn't take long to make it back to the apartment. After a bit of walking, where any passerby would assume them to be traveling from the large bag that Panko was carrying with both hands, the siblings caught a bus and took it back to their apartment. The entire way there, Suou lay in the bag, feeling the sensations of being carried and hoisted around. Remaining quiet, she tried moving her arms again, though they were as restrained as ever. This sensation she was feeling, with her ability to interact with the world reduced to zero, was a new experience for her. With her ability to speak compromised, she couldn't even make the most basic of data manipulations. During several quiet moments, she could hear faint whispering from her captors, as well as the sound of a finger tapping away at a phone. Suou had no real idea what this would even lead to, and it seemed like the only option was to continue to observe.


Suou's thoughts were occasionally interrupted from getting jostled around by the sudden movements of the bag, until, after close to an hour, she could feel the bag getting dropped to the floor. The bag was opened, causing Suou to look through it, seeing Panko's smiling face again.


“We're home, Suou! It's time to come out now~”

“Mrrmf.” Suou muffled in response, as Panko reached down and picked up the petite girl, holding her in a princess carry, her long hair touching the ground.


“Gosh, you are so light! A cute girl wandering around alone, as light and dainty as were practically asking someone to snatch you up.” Panko gave Suou a wink. Suou just stared back at her. Then she began scanning the room she was in, her eyes methodically moving around.


It was a decently sized apartment, overall, though a rather standard looking one. There was some furniture here and there in the room she was in, with doors and openings leading to other rooms. By craning her head, she could see Umecha sitting on a couch, still with that grouchy expression on his face, staring at his phone. She couldn't see the third one, but could hear sounds in the kitchen.


“Nice place, huh?” Panko grinned, seeing Suou looking around, before gently setting her down on the floor. Suou was sat down with her legs facing forward, long hair splayed out behind her. She looked every bit the helpless schoolgirl, covered in tape. Panko was beginning to look antsy about something, looking at her brother sitting on the couch, a very excited grin spreading across her face.


“Better start be a good girl. No kicking.” she told Suou suddenly, as she dropped to her knees, and started to, much to Suou's wonderment, remove the bonds that were covering her legs. Unfettered, they wiggled around freely.


“Time to see what's hiding behind these~” Panko cooed, as she began to tug off one of Suou's dark mary janes. The shoe slipped off easily, revealing Suou's socked foot. By the expression on her kidnapper’s face, Suou could tell that Panko was quite pleased by this, and within moments, the other mary jane lay discarded on top of the other, Panko making a sort of squeeing found at the sight of Suou's socked feet. Suou was perplexed by these actions. She thought back to earlier in her kidnapping when Panko would steal glances at Suou's shoes. Perhaps the energetic kidnapper really wanted them. Is that why she was brought here? If she wanted her shoes that badly, she could have told her.


Suou's theory had its flaws, however, as she now noticed that Panko was reaching all the way up to where her long black socks ended. Now she could feel her socks being tugged down, slowly, revealing more and more of her pale skin, her petite legs wiggling around at the exposure. It was like Panko was opening a present, and by the time she got to her ankles, Panko couldn't help but take them off the rest of the way very quickly, baring Suou's feet.



Panko's eyes got wide at the sight. Before doing anything else, she picked up the tape again, quickly bringing Suou's legs together again and taping them up at the thighs, knees, and ankles, immobilizing them again. Something she did incredibly quickly, Suou marked.


“Mmph...” Suou muffled softly. Her condition had returned to what it was previously, except now she was also barefoot. With her legs taped again, Panko's attention fully focused on Suou's feet, her face drawing nearer to them.


“Oh my gosh...these are have pretty feet.” Panko muttered in wonderment.


Suou's feet were just as petite as the rest of her, wonderfully shaped when looked at from any angle. Panko just knew that Suou's feet would be cute, but this was beyond her expectations. She couldn't even test them out right away because she was too busy staring at them.


“You okay there, Sis?” Okazu's voice could be heard, as he was craning his head from inside the kitchen to look at her. Panko quickly glanced in her brother's direction, and he could see that she was drooling a little.


“Y-Yeah...things are great back here...” she breathed, causing Umecha to give a disgusted sigh.


“I swear, it's like you do this feet thing to freak everyone out...”


“I do not!” Panko exclaimed. Suou blinked as she found herself, or rather her feet, the center of an argument as Panko went back to looking at them with a dreamy smile.


Immaculate. That was the word that Panko was trying to think of to describe these. It made sense, really. Suou came from a really prestigious school. She probably came from a rich family. She could only imagine all the spas, pedicures, lotions, and general treatment that the long haired beauty had done to her feet...but this was beyond even that. They were immaculate, flawless. Panko brought her hand forward, and pressed one finger into Suou's sole, watching as it slowly sank in. Even at a touch, the softness blew her mind.


“Y-You'd have to have never gone barefoot in your life or something...!” Panko gushed excitedly at the prospect of uncovering this hidden treasure. She wanted to do all the things to these perfect feet, immediately. It was her duty!


“...This is weird.” Okazu spoke again, this time having stepped out of the kitchen and staring down at their captive. Suou noticed, craning her head and staring back up at him.


“Tell me about it.” Umecha groused as Panko kept poking Suou's feet like a giddy child.


“No, not that. This girl's too complacent about this. Sheltered is one thing...this is something else.” Okazu spoke, scratching the back of his head. “She's a real beauty, no question, but...”


“So you want a reaction out of her, yeah? I was thinking along those lines.” Umecha responded, getting Panko's attention.


“Ooh! I know how to get a girl to react! I'll break these puppies in!” Panko exclaimed, cracking the joints in her fingers as she gave a bold smile, eyes on the prize. Suou had no idea what to expect...but the brothers definitely did, from the expressions on their faces.


Within seconds, Panko's fingers were dancing along Suou's soles. They launched into a constant barrage of stroking and poking and prodding, all over the soft, helpless feet, yet Suou watched neutrally. At first, it didn't seem like this was doing anything.


“Not ticklish either? Don't tell me she's totally emotionally dead or someth-” Okazu started to complain, but then...


“Mmmmmmhhhhmm!___Mmmmhmmm!” The brothers were shocked to hear what seemed to the sounds of muffled laughter. Cool, unflappable Suou had gone from unaffected by the tickling, to overwhelmed by it in an instant. Her eyes were closed as she laughed, her bound upper body rocking around slightly, with her feet wiggling around from all the attention.


“Yesssss~!” Panko exclaimed, feeling rewarded and motivated to tickle Suou even more. Her soft, sensitive feet continued to dance around as Suou laughed.


“A-Alright sis, that should be enough...she's going to run out of breath if you keep doing that...” Okazu spoke up, causing Panko to pout, but she obediently stopped, after getting a few more pokes in.


“Maaaan, that's so great. She's so ticklish~” Panko gushed.


“Mmmmhmmh___mmmhm!” Suou continued to laugh, as if she hadn't realized that the tickling had stopped.


“Uh, she's still laughing...” Okazu noted, scratching his head again...before smiling and pounding a fist in his hand. “Alright, we can market her as ridiculously sensitive! That'll really bring in the buyers!”


“You're so smart, bro!” Panko cheered, while Umecha growled and headbutted his phone.


“Having trouble over there?” Okazu asked, as Panko was content to tease the still laughing Suou by playing with her toes.


“That piece of shit Higa isn't answering my texts again...” Umecha snarled, gripping his phone. “Hate that fucking guy...thinks he's better than me, can ignore my texts whenever he feels like...I've got a girl right here, ready to take pictures of!”


“He might be busy. Probably in the middle of another arrangement or something.” Okazu replied with a shrug. “We might just have to look for someone fact, doesn't Panko know a guy?”


Umecha groaned at the suggested and palmed his face. “I've talked with that guy; he's as much of a foot freak as her. I don't want to think about what kind of auction he runs.”


“Hey, come on. An auction's an auction. Besides, uh, Panko definitely thinks that Suou would be a good fit for it...” Okazu said, sweatdropping as he glanced at her sister, who had gone from poking Suou's feet to...kissing and licking them. The kissing sounds were rather pronounced as they were rather comprehensively worshipped. Suou had calmed down at this point and was looking at Panko in a rather puzzled manner. Her feet had gotten constant attention since she was brought here, and so they kept on wiggling and curling helplessly. That only further encouraged her captor, who licked up the toes and everything under them.


“Mmmm, good idea! When it comes to the tastiest kind of auctions, Sosa's your guy.” Panko spoke up and stopped her bout of worship. Licking her lips and with a wink, she followed up on her statement by lavishing Suou's feet with her tongue yet again. The sight caused Okazu to avert his gaze and look back at Umecha, who was staring at him, Suou's helpless muffled moaning in the background.


“Yeah, it's weird, I know. But she's your sister-”

“Don't remind me.”


“-and you have to admit that there's a surprisingly large clientele for this kind of thing. I've uh, looked it up.”


“...Fine, I'll send Sosa a text.” Umecha sighed, doing so. Within no time at all, he got a reply, which surprised him.


You guys have something for me? Nice, send pics. And say hi to Panko for me.”


“...Shit, that was fast. He wants pictures.”


“Ooh! Me me! Let me do it!” Panko exclaimed, wiping her mouth and taking a cloth to Suou's feet to dry them off. Before Umecha could even give out the smarmy response, Panko had run up and snatched the phone from him. “H-Hey!”


Wasting no time, Panko directed the phone's camera towards Suou's face with a big smile. “You are just going to look so cute in these, princess~”


“Mmmf.” the helpless Suou looked at Panko over her well gagged mouth, as Panko took a picture of her face, framed ever so nicely with grey eyes staring back at her...and then proceeded to point the camera down at Suou's feet. Flashes went off constantly as Panko got a picture of them from just about every angle possible. “And while I'm at it...selfie!” Panko grinned, as she put an arm around the bound Suou, putting her head next to hers, and took a picture of both of them.


“That's enough of that!” Umecha grouched, as he snatched his phone back, as he sent the pics. Moments later, he got a text back.


This is insane. These feet are literally perfect. I'm going to make you guys rich for this, I swear. Sending over some guys to pick her up, you can talk with them about payment. BTW, nice selfie, lol. Is Panko for sale yet? :P


Umecha immediately texted back.


God, I wish.”


“I saw that, Umecha.” Okazu sighed.


“It's just a joke,” the brother replied defensively. “It's not like she'd mind, anyway.”


“Gosh, it's not fair how cute these are. It should be illegal. You're under arrest, Suou!” Panko exclaimed, before cuddling the bound girl.


“Alright, enough of that. Say bye to the rich girl, Panko. She's going to get picked up soon.” Umecha spoke up, causing Panko to pout.

“Awwww...I don't know if I'll ever see feet this perfect again...I'll miss you, Suou~” Panko cooed, giving the pale girl a kiss on her forehead. Suou cocked her head at this. Miss her? Was she going somewhere? All of the data she had been collecting up to this point There was talk of sales and auctions, and she didn't know how it related to her. Maybe if she had more time to think about this, she'd realize what this meant. Perhaps she'd also devote some energy to finding a way out of these bonds. But time was something that she didn't have. Embraced by both the tape and Panko, Suou could only sit in bondage until she could hear knocking on the door...

Suou didn't realize it yet, but that knocking signaled a point of no turning back.



“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!” a well dressed man balding man, Sosa, greeted the crowd, a large black curtain beside him, in a very large building. It was quite the discreet gathering, many wealthy, if not dubious people had gathered here, in the dead of night. “I must thank you all for coming! Truly, people with such fine tastes as yourselves deserve the best of the best. And do we ever have something for you tonight! With great pleasure, our lady for tonight: Kuyou Suou!” Sosa rubbed his hands together with a grin, as he brought down the curtain next to him. There, sitting with her legs stretched out in front of her and taped to a pole most tightly was Suou, still clad in her school uniform. She sported so many layers of cloth gags her eyes barely peeked out over the cloth. Additionally, Suou was still as barefoot as when Panko took off her socks - one of which she was now forced to chew contemplatively on. All eyes were on the petite girl, the crowd awed at her beauty.


“We managed to get our hands on this student from Kouyouen, that highly prestigious all female school! This cool beauty is as curious as she is cute, and is quite the mystery as well! Such a delicate frame! Look at that long hair, going all the way down to her calves, like a Japanese Rapunzel! And that brings us to the main show...” Sosa exclaimed, as suddenly, many screens turned on behind Suou, all focused on her bare feet, giving massive close ups from various angles, as the bidders voiced their approval.


“It doesn't get any better than this. It really doesn't! With one glance you can see how soft, supple, nice and wonderful these feet are! Completely perfect and without flaw, right down to each toe! I'm sure right now, some of you are wondering what it would be like to use them as a pillow, or are wondering if the taste is as amazing as the sight...if you want the answers to these questions, you'll need a bid that's just as amazing as these soles!”


The crowd was sufficiently riled up, ravenous even, at the prospect of winning Suou. Suou, for her part, glanced out over all the people gathered here, trying to discern the situation. She was in an auction, yes. These were the bidders...that man over there was the auctioneer, from his words and his position on his stage, even though Suou was too busy thinking to take in what he was actually saying. Logically, the item on the stage would be the thing on auction. As Suou gazed about from the stage as best as she could to look at the stage, she found that there was nothing on the stage at all. How strange.


“I won't keep you fine people waiting any longer; the minimum bid will start at 15 million yen! That's quite the modest starting bid, for such a catch. Now let's hear it! Do I hear 20 million!?”


With the auction officially underway, the building erupted in shouting from the crowd as the bidding war was intensely launched. All this noise made it difficult for Suou to think; she couldn't hear what the bids were or how high they had risen, as she was too busy trying to figure out what everyone was bidding on. As she thought before, there was nothing on the stage. She could see that very clearly from the fact that she was on the stage.


The connection was made far too late. Her eyes a little wider now, Suou started to strain in her bonds and manipulate data with her mouth. But she couldn't. She was still tied to the pole no matter how much she'd like not to be. This revelation flew in the face of everything she thought she knew about how this sort of thing worked. People are not objects. You can't sell them in auctions. That was what Suou thought. Now it was clear that there were some exceptions.


In no time at all, the winning bid had been declared. Suou's information gathering was completely distraught as Sosa shook hands with the winning bidder. He talked excitedly about his win, citing the fact that he had missed an earlier auction filled with bunny girls, and was glad to win this one.


Of all the things that Suou had committed herself to learning about, she had never put much thought, if any, into feet, or being tied up. Now, that was all the information she was going to gather from now on. As she was once again placed in a bag for the winner to take to his lavish estate, Suou could only think one thing...



My first Haruhi Suzumiya fic, though not starring who you'd expect. A friend of mine introduced me to Kuyou Suou, a character that only appears in the novels, and I knew that I had to write something with her as the main focus. Here's to spreading a little underrated Interface love.

Thanks to :iconpoorusername: for helping proofread this!
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Everything was set.

Neasa had wasted no time in barging right into Professor Humboldt's home after the Rebel-kun incident, all but demanding that he aid her immediately. Words were exchanged and eventually the professor relented, never being one to turn down a request from the daughter of his dear friends.

Due to time constraints, he had only managed to reinforce two of her Capture Squads. Each one was outfitted with enhanced shock plates to better resist impacts and protect their core's integrity.

Satisfied, Neasa gave the old man a quick hug and sped off with her tougher Shibari-kuns. She was ready to finally bring Sanae to justice.

She had scouts looking for any clues about the evasive ninja's whereabouts since their last run-in, but refocused her search parties efforts twofold after leaving the professor's lab, systematically sending Shibari-kuns to search every inch of wild terrain surrounding the forest.

'Ah, Neasa-sama!' a hushed voice piqued up over the radio she held, 'We found her!'

"Good…make sure to maintain a proper distance from her! I do not want you engaging her, not until we get there!" she replied, walking briskly to her main Lifeboat vessel.

'Hai hai hai~ Transmitting our coordinates now, Neasa-sama!'

"Good, we should be there within an hour's time."

'Gotcha! It's kinda weird though…' The Shibari-kun paused, confusion ebbing into its voice.

"Mm? What is it?" Neasa demanded, settling down into the Lifeboat's captain seat as Shibari-kuns flew around her, preparing to lift off.

'Well, she's been super hard to find this past week, right? 'cause she's a ninja! But…she's just sorta standing there at the bottom of this cliff, out in the open!'

"…out in the open?" Neasa thought aloud, scrunching her eyebrows.

'Yeah!  If she weren't such a bad person I'd say she looks kinda cool with her arms crossed like that! It's almost like she's waiting for someone~'

Neasa considered this for a few moments before her eyes widened. "Where are you guys?!"

'Huh? We're floating up by the top of this cliff. Don't worry, there's no way she'd notice us!'

"That doesn't matter! Pull back immediately, this reeks of a trap!"

'If you say so, Neasa-sama. Okay guys, let's fall back to these coordinates – ah!'

Neasa heard a rumbling sound before the radio contact was suddenly cut off. "She knew they were there, after all…" she muttered. "What should we do, Neasa-sama?!" one of her Shibari-kuns asked, hovering up to her.

"Sanae knows we're coming. There's a good chance this is a trap, but we have little choice – we need to secure her here and now least she gets away again."

Jabbing a finger at the Shibari-kun piloting, Neasa coolly ordered "Keep course for their last known destination! We're putting an end to things today, one way or another…"


As Sanae waited patiently at the top of the cliff, she knew that one way or another, there would be an end to things today.

It hadn't taken her long to figure out what happened after her run-in with those robots in the forest. As she suspected, someone had put a bounty on her head…the man she had been tasked with stealing back a staff he had wrongfully obtained.

More pressing was finding out the identity of who had sent the robots after her. Sanae had done some more digging and pinned it back to Neasa, a pirate and bounty hunter who seemed to harbor a grudge against all ninja. Sanae knew their type; once something they abhor catches their attention, they'll stop at nothing until it's taken care of. It was what Sanae herself would do, after all.

But she wasn't about to let herself play a continuous game of cat and mouse just because some snobby brat thought she could cash in on her hatred for ninja. Today, she would be the predator, and this Neasa would learn just what it meant to cross her.

Since the pirate was searching high and low for her, Sanae decided the fastest way to settle things would be to lure Neasa straight to her.

And so, she had waited for some time out in the open. It wasn't long before she heard a subtle intrusion to the silence of the plateau she had chosen. Once again, the soft humming of the Shibari-kun's rotor blades gave their position away, having gotten too close to someone with astute hearing.

Ambushing them was a simple matter of manipulating the earth and burrowing herself underground and tunneling up inside the cliff. Before they could properly react, she had encased the five scouts in stone pillars.

Knowing that Neasa would investigate, Sanae leaned against one of her freshly created pillars and resumed waiting.


Neasa wasn't exactly sure what to expect as her Lifeboat got closer to where Capture Crew #10's last known location. After giving it more thought, the purple haired woman figured Sanae was simply taunting her, thinking that ruining more of her Shibari-kuns would be enough to scare her off.

'Well, she's got another thing coming! Once we get there, we'll keep on her trail and keep at her until she's properly captured!' she had thought.

But upon getting to the mountain, Neasa couldn't help but pause. "She's…still here." She idly commented, observing the ninja through a telescope. "Well, that certainly saves us the trouble of having to chase her, but…this definitely reeks of a trap."

"What should we do then, Neasa-sama?!" the piloting Shibari-kun called.

"Hmph…even if she is up to something, she'll still be no match for us!" the pirate boldly proclaimed. "I bet she's arrogant enough to think that she can best us simply because of the terrain. Well, we'll show her how foolish she is to assume things will work out the same."

"Now then, let's make sure we're on the same page!" she said, clapping her hands together. A pair of Shibari-kun floated up to either side of her. As the only two members of Capture Crew #17 that hadn't been severely damaged during the initial encounter with Sanae, they were still loyal to Neasa and the Graceful Beauty.

"So, that mean 'ole ninja seems to get stronger when she has physical contact with the earth!" one of them chirped up. "But be careful! While she seems to have normal human strength when she's out of contact with it, she suddenly had a huuuuge surge of strength when we were hauling her off in the air!"

The other Shibari-kun chimed in, picking up where the other one left off. "Yeah, it was really scary! She tossed everyone around even worse than when she was fighting us on the ground!" it said, its hovering form shivering. "But the weird part is, after she escaped from the bindings, she didn't seem nearly as powerful as before, even when she came into contact with a tree."

"Yeah!" the first one cut in, "The beating we took wasn't nearly as bad as everyone else's, and even as she ran off she didn't seem to display any of those scary earth powers of hers!"

"If I had scary earth powers, I'd definitely use them for a faster getaway~"

"So, in conclusion," Neasa informed the gathered Shibari-kuns, "It stands within reason that she potentially uses up whatever magic mumbo jumbo that powers her if she tries to cheat like that!"

"We'll need to test this to see what limits she truly has. If there truly is a cool down effect, we can exploit it for an easier capture!"

"But what if it turns out that she can do it as much as she wants, Neasa-sama?!" a Shibari-kun spoke up.

"We'll just have to put our faith in Professor Humboldt's defensive upgrades for you all, then. We must NOT let Sanae go another day free! Justice will be served for the terrible crime she has committed!"

"Uhh, wouldn't that be stealing back something for the person you stole it from in the first place, Neasa-sama?" one of the Shibari-kuns spoke up.

"…hush, you."


Sanae could vaguely make out the outline of the small air vessel hovering in the distance, not even bothering to hide itself.

Squinting slightly, she could make out roughly two dozen spheres fast approaching.


Smoke pellets were dropped onto the ground, much like before, masking their approach. In response, Sanae simply created a sphere of earth around herself. With another gesture, she caused multiple 'arms' burst forth from the manipulated ground, snaring several Shibari-kuns and smashing them against the ground.

Instead of staying down, they simply rose back up, ready for more. That gave the ninja pause; it seemed like their durability was, on some level, increased.

'…not a problem.' she concluded, completely confident in her abilities.

And then something completely unexpected happened  - her protective shield was completely blown through by a large projectile. It was only thanks to her quick reflexes that she managed to get away with only getting a glancing blow from it, side stinging slightly.

It was a Shibari-kun, she noted, somehow shot at her with enough force to plow right through her dome.

Quickly tossing up another flurry of hand signs, she disappeared into the ground, resurfacing some distance away. As soon as she jumped out, two more Shibari-kuns were launched at her direction. Twisting her body with ease, Sanae dodged them as they whizzed past her, impacting the ground heavily.

As she completed her pivot, she smashed away an approaching Shibari-kun with a backhand. It twirled in the air, but restablized itself and ran after her again…

…only to get encased by a stone pillar. It became readily apparent to Sanae that brute force wouldn't be nearly as effective this time around, and shifted her strategy accordingly. Two more Shibari-kuns emerged from the gradually dissipating smoke, their claws sparking with electricity.

Sanae grasped the base of their propellers and tugged as hard as she could. She didn't pull them clean off, but the damage was extensive enough to strip them of their flight.

Another one tossed a lasso around one of her wrists. She dug into the ground and spun, using it to bat away an incoming Shibari-kun projectile. It flew into another Shibari-kun, causing the two of them to fly off the mountain.

As she encased another pair of Shibari-kuns attempting to ambush her in stone pillars, a third one managed to tap an electrified claw against her shoulder. "Nngh…" Sanae grunted, that arm going limp.

By then, the smoke had completely clear, revealing the exact number of Shibari-kuns she had left to face.

'…going to be a long fight.' Sanae concluded.

She pulled out a few kunai with her good arm, chucking them directly at several of the surrounding Shibari-kun's rotor blades. It disrupted their flight just long enough for her to plow through straight ahead, dashing towards the edge of the cliff.

She leapt over the edge, spinning with practiced ease as she grasped a protruding ridge with her good arm. Carefully easing herself downwards to stand on a lower protrusion, she took a moment to study the numb arm, before jabbing it in several locations with her fingers. Feeling returned to it, and she found that she could move it once again.

Seconds later, she deftly kicked away an incoming Shibari-kun that had floated down after her. Contemplating, Sanae considered her options. If things continued as they were, she would run dry of energy to manipulate the earth with, and considering that seemed to be the only thing effectively keeping them down this time around…

A new plan would be needed, and Sanae knew just what to do.

She burrowed back into the side of the cliff, coming topside onto the battlefield once more. Some of the Shibari-kun had begun to cautiously descend down the cliffside, but the majority was still floating around. 'Perfect.'

"I bet you couldn't capture me even if you came at me at once." Sanae challenged, looking bored

"Oh yeah?! C'mon guys," one of the Shibari-kuns yelled, "Let's go for an all out attack!"

And so they descended upon her, claws sparking with electricity, noxious knockout gas and lassos at the ready. Sanae stoically took in the incoming waves, holding her ground.

Her hands committed themselves to another series of hand signs at the last second. The entire mountainous plateau was suddenly surrounded by a sphere of earth. Sanae sunk into the ground, leaving the dozen plus Shibari-kuns entombed.

"H-huh? What's she doing nowwww?!" one of them whined. "Helllllp Neasa-sama!"

'The blasted cannon's busted!' Neasa's voice cut in over their radios. 'This one wasn't meant for so many rapid fire usages – I can't fire off any more Shibari-kuns to break you out.'

Deep within the mountain itself, Sanae finished one last hand sign. The sphere suddenly shrunk, encasing all of them inside.

As she resurfaced, Sanae evaluated her current situation. That last act had essentially drained her of the last of her energy, so further earth manipulation was out. However, the Shibari-kuns who had been descending down the cliff hadn't been nearly as fast returning to join the blitz. As a result, she still had five to deal with.

She cracked her knuckles and waited for them to make the first move.


The five remaining Shibari-kuns stared at her, hesitant. "Neasa-sama, she took out most of use without breaking a sweat!" one of them frantically communicated over the radio.

"I can see that!" Neasa seethed, briefly wondering if the upgraded durability had been for naught.

"Listen carefully," she continued, pushing the thought aside, "If any of you have any smoke bombs left, I want you to toss them when I give you the signal."

"I have some left!" one of the Shibari-kuns proudly proclaimed.

"Good, good. When you do, get in there and keep her off balance! Try to pester her as much as you can without getting too close – weave in and out to the best of your ability!"

"Oh, oh, oh! Like that one boxing sport?! Stick and move and win the prize?!"

"Wha- …well, whatever helps you understand," Neasa sighed. "Hopefully, she'll be distracted long enough for me to send you the last two Shibari-kuns onboard for support."

"Hai hai hai~" they chorused, ready to start their next assault.

Smoke bombs were launched at Sanae, who hadn't moved an inch during the exchange. As soon as the smoke completely engulfed the surroundings, the five charged in.

One of them whizzed behind Sanae's back, lightly tapping its claw against a shoulder before zipping upwards, barely avoiding a retaliatory strike. Another one swooped in low and sent a light buzz of electricity to one of Sanae's ankles.

The ninja kneeled over, grunting as she tried to hit it as it flew by with a kunai. It hit its propellers, but before she could attempt to toss another knife at it, she felt a brief shock to the base of her neck.

"Huh…this is going better than expected!" one of the Shibari-kuns couldn't help but note as it waited for its turn at annoying Sanae.

When the fourth Shibari-kun tried to swoop in for another quick tap, the woman simply rolled to the side. With a quick flick of her wrist, she managed to grab the base of the propeller and squeezed down. The fifth Shibari-kun could only watch in horror as she tossed her load at it, the two Shibari-kuns flying from the impact.

"Uh…spoke too soon, I guess?" it sheepishly commented, untangling itself from its damaged comrade.

Sanae was quick to jab at her numb leg, once again returning the feeling to it as she did her arm. She remained crouched, focusing her senses in an effort to keep track of the remaining four Shibari-kuns through the smoke.

Two of them came at her next, one coming from behind and the other from the front. Sanae rolled to the side, lashing out to grab each Shibari-kun in either hand. With a small grunt, she smashed the two together with all of her strength.

The impact did little to harm them, she found, but the disorientation was just long enough for her to reach for their propellers. One of them managed to slip away in time to avoid her groping hand, but the other wasn't as fortunate. In seconds, it too had its propeller slightly crushed, hindering its flight capacities.

As she tossed it aside, two lassos of rope ensnared the ninja's wrists as two Shibari-kuns made their move. The Shibari-kun that had barely managed to avoid her grasp charged at her, electricity sparking from its claws.

Sanae tensed, grabbing at either coil of rope and looking ready to smash the two holding her into the incoming Shibari-kun.

That plan went out the window when both arms were suddenly shocked from behind. The two additional Shibari-kuns had finally arrived, paralyzing either of her arms while she was distracted. Both limbs numb,

"Go go go!" the Shibari-kuns holding her wrists shouted. The Shibari-kun charging Sanae from the front sped at her, ducking under a kick she sent its way. It slipped between her legs, tapping its electrified claws against the limbs as it passed by.

With her legs numbed, Sanae's body sagged slightly, only to be held upright by the two binding her wrists. They hovered upwards, tugging her body slightly off the ground. The backup pair slid their lassos around her ankles, and the four pulled her up. Now spread eagle in the air, Sanae couldn't do much besides weakly squirm.

"Careful!" Neasa spoke up over the radio, "She might attempt to use that cheat of hers to break loose as she did last time! You four, keep her held in the air, and you! Stay just out of her sight and watch for it – if she tries to escape, I want you to hit her with as much electricity as you can muster!"

"Hai hai hai~" the Shibari-kuns dutifully replied, their cheerful tones not matching the tense atmosphere.

Within their hold, Sanae's thrashings suddenly increased, the sluggishness seeming to have faded slightly. "Ah, I think she's doing it now!" one of the Shibari-kuns holding her cried. The unit on standby watched the ninja intensely, its claws ready for the worst case scenario.

But Sanae's thrashing got her nowhere, their ropes holding true. A minute passed, and Sanae's suspended form slumped, as though defeated.

"Neasa-sama, we did it!" they cheered. "Even with that sneaky cheat of hers, she still couldn't beat us!"

"Thank goodness…" Neasa sighed in relief. "Alright then, I want you five to transport her back to the ship, away from the ground for a more thorough binding!"

"You got it, Neasa-sama!" replied the lone Shibari-kun that wasn't holding the ninja. "But…uh, shouldn't we administer some chloroform first?"

"Has she shown any sign of resistance?"

"Uh…no? She hasn't stopped glaring down at the ground all slumped like in the past two minutes!"

"Then we'll save knocking her out for later." the pirate coolly replied. "I want Sanae to be conscious to see the face of the woman who brought her down…to teach such an uncultured, savage person what it means to grovel helplessly at the feet of a refined individual such as myself!"

"Oh, so you wanna give her one of your monologues, then?" it excitedly asked. "Oh boy, I love it when you gloat!"

"…hmph!  You don't have to word it like that, you know…"

"Hai hai hai~"

With that, the five ascended upwards, pulling along the motionless ninja towards the vessel in the sky.


Neasa's body shook with excitement as she watched the Shibari-kuns and their cargo come into view. She briefly glanced indecisively at the green and purple spheres in her hands, before shaking her head.

Taking a deep breath to compose herself, she confidently strode to the front deck as they carefully lowered onboard.

"Well well well…" Neasa began, her voice smug as could be, "It's certainly nice to finally meet face-to-face with you."

"After all," she continued, stepping inches away from Sanae's downturned head, "The best way to mete out just deserts to a particularly vile ninja such as yourself is best done in person, not in the shadows!"

Roughly grabbing Sanae's chin, she tugged the ninja's head upwards, taking in the silent woman's piercing stare in stride. "So take a long, hard look at me, you foolish ninja, and see the woman who has put an end to your treachery!"

And so Sanae looked, her glare slowly shifting into nonchalance.

"Do you see, you stupid woman? None of your cheats saved you in the end this time! You're a fraud on top of being despicable! A backstabbing good for nothing monster disguised as a woman and most certainly –"

"Not impressed." The ninja calmly interrupted, her soft voice piercing through Neasa's passionate rant.

"Is that so…?" Neasa questioned, eyes narrowing into slits. "Well, continue to not be impressed if it pleases you. Winning a favorable opinion of a ninja isn't exactly high on my priorities."

"I did have in mind to ask you which of these you would prefer," Neasa continued, holding up the objects she had been holding. In either hand she had ballgags, one colored green and its sister purple.

Always one for a bit of extravagance once in a blue moon, Neasa also had an "N" printed onto the purple ballgag. The green one, while comparatively plain in design, sported metal rings on the harness.

"I thought you might appreciate a color you hold dear, but you've helpfully reminded me of how little I care for your opinion. I think a lovely shade of purple would do your mouth wonders."

Nodding to the single Shibari-kun not holding Sanae afloat, she began commanding it. "I'd say she had enough time to get acquainted with her superior, gas her and tie her in the strictest tie possible!" she demanded. "I want her groveling at my feet for the rest of the trip…"

"Hai hai ha-" the Shibari-kun began, one of its arms halfway into giving Neasa a salute. It was interrupted before it could finish either action when Sanae's still form suddenly sprang into action.

"W-what…" Neasa stammered, eyes growing wide with horror.

The thick coils of rope that had ensnared Sanae's wrists and ankles were tugged downward as the ninja violently yanked each limb downward. The motion caused the ropes to snap from under the floating Shibari-kuns, tiny clouds of hemp particles exploding forth.

With the remnants of the snares still hugging each limb, Sanae quickly landed onto the deck with the grace of a cat.

'No no no –' Neasa frantically thought, loosening her sheathed rapier from her belt and grasping it with shaking hands, 'She was playing possum this whole time…and I fell for it!'

The Shibari-kuns were quick to recover, prepared to put forth their best to subdue the ninja once more.

"Don't worry Neasa-sama, we got this –" one of them began to say. Unfortunately for them, Sanae was even quicker, charging at them with ferocious speeds that easily caught them off guard.

A blur of green and brown danced between them, loud snaps drumming through the air like cracks of lightning. In seconds, the five Shibari-kuns found themselves without propellers, each falling to the ground with heavy thuds.

"H-hey, no fair!" one of them whined, only to get kicked over the edge of the ship to the ground below.  Sanae repeated the action with the other four, sending each one careening overboard. With no means of flight, the still active Shibari-kuns were stranded miles below.

Dread soon melted away, the pirate's shaking hands now vibrating with a cold fury as she took in the scene before her. "So, this is what it's come to." Neasa softly said to herself, eyes taking on a determined glint. She knew that the odds of her emerging victorious from a fair duel against the ninja were against her…but Neasa wasn't one to go down without a fight.

"Very well then…I shall be your opponent!"


Sanae's bluff had gone without a hitch. She had tested the resilience of the rope during her fake struggling, confident that she could still break loose with the right amount of strength. And strength was what she had in spades when she finally tapped into the last bit of stored energy within herself.

Once again, the burst of strength had proven effective against the robots, allowing her to easily shed the guise of prisoner to launcher a counter attack directly against Neasa herself.

The last remnants of the surge of strength faded as Sanae eyed the purple-haired woman in question. Now completely without her earth manipulation to back her up and having ran out of her hidden knives, she would have to rely solely on her hand to hand skills.

Sanae took in the pirate's stance. Already she could see several holes in Neasa's defense ripe for exploiting, proof that the pirate rarely had to rely on physical combat. Sanae surmised that even without access to her earth manipulation or tools, she could easily take down the opponent before her in single combat.

"Hmph" Sanae noised condescendingly, launching herself at the woman before her. Neasa barely had time to react, pivoting away at the last second to avoid the incoming palm strike aimed at her chest.

The elbow that smashed into her stomach immediately afterwards sent the pirate stumbling backwards a few paces. Desperately trying to regain her stolen breath, Neasa lobbed a flurry of strikes at the charging ninja with her rapier, hoping to push Sanae backwards if nothing else.

Each wild strike was dodged with a deft ease as Sanae simply adjusted her body minutely without breaking her stride. Breaking through Neasa's defenses once more, Sanae sent a chop to the hand that grasped cool steel. With a yelp of pain, the pirate found herself disarmed. The ninja kicked the weapon away, sending it flying off the ship.

Instinctively, Neasa lurched her head forward in a last ditch effort to buy herself time. Sanae, much to her mild surprise, hadn't seen it coming. It mattered little in the end, as the action had brought more harm to Neasa than its intended target.

"Ow ow OW!" Neasa hissed, rubbing her forehead as she stumbled backwards. Seconds later, Sanae sent the dazed woman spiraling onto the ground with a sweeping kick to her legs.

"D-damn you…!" the downed pirate cursed. In the space of a minute, Neasa's supposed victory had turned into complete defeat.

Neasa desperately tried to scramble to her feet, her body sore from Sanae's assault. But as she rose, a small spark of dread bubbled when she realized Sanae was nowhere to be found. "Did…did she take off again? Have I failed once more…?!" she croaked, anger and frustration once again filling her mind.

Her questions were answered when her arms were violently pulled behind her back. Her wrists were decorated with a tight, ropy embrace as Sanae began binding them together.

With her wrists already tied, Neasa knew that her already limited options had dried up. She wasn't one to back down no matter how much the odds were against her, however. In a final act of defiance, she brought a leg up, stomping her heeled boot down at Sanae's foot.

The ninja casually shifted her leg aside, the pirate's heel missing its target entirely. Acting as though nothing had happened, Sanae continued applying rope, this time around Neasa's shoulders.

Fuming, Neasa jerked her head back in an attempted headbutt, but Sanae simply ducked under it. The momentum from the act sent Neasa's upper body sailing backwards, her legs tripping over Sanae's crouched body. With a loud thud, Neasa fell onto the deck.

"Ugh…" she groaned, wincing at both the fall and the fact that she had fallen on her butt twice in the span of a minute.

Sanae was upon her an instant later, flipping her over so that her chest was pressed against the wooden floor of the deck. "You were right." Sanae suddenly spoke up, straddling the pinned pirate.

"Wh-what are you talking about…?" Neasa grunted, kicking and thrashing to the best of her ability. 'I have to get out of this…I can't let things end like this!' she repeated to herself, fury and desperation etched into every motion.

Her long purple trusses were suddenly cusped into a hand's firm grip, yanking her head backwards. Green entered her vision as she stared back at a green ballgag – the very one she had brought out as a piece of celebration.

"I prefer green," Sanae concluded, violently pulling at the purple hair she held. "Nngh!" Neasa yelped in pain. Using the opening, Sanae shoved the green sphere into her gaping mouth, lodging it deep within. Letting go of Neasa's hair, she fitted the harness around her head. She could feel the cold metal of the rings adorning either side dig slightly into her cheeks as Sanae locked it into place.

"MMPH!" Neasa tried to scream, the large gag working wonders in silencing her outrage. Now properly gagged, Sanae let go of her hair, letting it pool around her shoulders.

She got off of Neasa, pulling her backwards by the shoulders. Now forced to sit upright, Neasa could feel Sanae adding more rope to her torso. Additional coils were slipped through the bindings pinning her arms together, cumulating into a breast harness. Its tight embrace weighed heavily on her body and pride, another mark against her that sent Neasa into another thrashing fit.

She kicked her legs out before her, hoping to get leverage of any kind. Once again her struggles proved futile, failing to prevent the last of the ropes from adorning her chest.

Neasa found herself standing again as her captor hefted her up. Though her legs remained free, Neasa knew that she stood no chance against Sanae with her upper body completely restrained.

'I couldn't even hold my own when I still grasped my sword…' she lamented, shifting her eyes around the ship. 'Surely there's something I can use to my advantage before it's too late.'

She eyed the Lifeboat's cabin and decided to make a gamble. Suddenly sprinting towards it, she hoped against all hopes that she could somehow reach its small confines and activate a call for help to the Graceful Beauty.

Sanae watched her sprint with an air of mild annoyance, though her face betrayed nothing but nonchalance. Matching the fleeing woman's strides easily, Sanae coiled an arm around her neck. Now stuck in a headlock, Neasa was forcefully dragged back to the center of the deck, where the vessel's wind sail and mast sat.

She wondered what her nemesis had planned when her captive-turned-captor tilted her head to examine the pole.

A moment later, Sanae released Neasa's neck. Bending down, she snaked her hands to Neasa's laced boots, ripping the laces straight down the center. Befuddled, Neasa reflexively attempted to kick away the groping hands. 'How DARE she ruin a perfectly good pair of boots!' Neasa fumed.

With the laces gone, Sanae stood to her full height once more, pushing Neasa back down to the wooden floor. Grabbing the pirate's flailing legs, Sanae slipped the boots off one after another, revealing the pantyhose encased feet within.

No matter how much Neasa bucked and squirmed, she still couldn't seem to deter Sanae from progressing, a fact that was growing increasingly worrisome. The only time she had ever felt this utterly helpless was when she had her ill-fated run-in with the malfunctioning Rebel-kuns. The fact that event and this had occurred in the span of one week did nothing but add salt to her wounded pride.

Her right leg was bent backwards as Sanae began to slither rope around it. By the time the ninja was finished, Neasa's leg had been forced to remain as such, having had three coils of rope applied around her thighs and calves.

Now with only one limb still free, Neasa knew her chances of escaping with her own power were zero to none. It didn't stop her from glaring up at her rival, who began spindling rope in between her chest harness. Neasa tilted her head to get a look, not entirely sure what the point of this new addition was for.

When Sanae began to wrap rope around the base of the mast's pole, Neasa couldn't help but narrow her eyes in confusion from her grounded position. Things started to click into place when Sanae began to deftly climb the pole, tossing a bundle of rope around the bottom mast so that it trailed back down to the deck.

The sky pirate's squirming renewed as she tried worming herself along the ground, pushing against the deck floor with her one unbound leg. 'She's going to hang me up like a decoration!'

Sanae slid down from the pole, grabbing the coils of rope now dangling in the air. She bent down and tugged the pirate backwards, forcing her into an awkward position, her free leg kneeling while the bound and bent limb was forced to rest its knee against the hard wood floor.

"Nnhhgh!" Neasa grunted, her escape once again cut short.

She tilted her head back, openly glaring as she watched the final touches put into place. Sanae methodically looped the ropes dangling from the masts above through the bindings already constricting her chest before pulling the purple-haired woman up.

With only one leg to support her, the sudden motion nearly sent Neasa tumbling back down to the ground. The loose rope fixtures arrested her movement, helping her remain balanced on one foot.

Sanae tightened the harness rig and tied it all off with a thorough, secure knot. Now finished, the added suspension harness tugged at the bindings already littering Neasa's body, forcing her to stand on her free leg, her toes just barely reaching the floor.

If she still had her boots on, the added height they provided might have made standing like this a touch less uncomfortable. '…which is why she probably took them off in the first place.' she bitterly thought.

The crotch rope, a minor discomfort previously, was also being tugged upwards, giving her what she could only classify as the worst possible wedgie one could receive.

Cold eyes observed the pirate's twitching body as the ninja took in her handiwork. "Pathetic," she concluded. Neasa stared back defiantly, wondering just what her fate would be at the hands of a vile ninja…


Miles below, a small dome made of compact earth began to crumble. As the first dome Sanae had made that day, it too was the first to falter, the energy keeping it in place ebbing away.

"Ahhh, look guys, that mean lady's trick is wearing off!" one of the former prisoners cheered, the Shibari-kun wiggling itself free. As the dirt crumbled completely, the other scout Shibari-kuns soon joined it in hovering in the air.

"Just in time too," another one chimed in, "I was getting sleepy! Pretty mean of her to stick us in a place where we can't even access Sleep Mode!"

"I guess we're all kinda low on energy, huh?"

"Well, let's be careful and see what's going on."

"Yeah, like seeing if that meanie is still in the area – whoa!" one of them began, before taking in their surroundings. All around them were similar domes comprised of tight, compressed earth.

"I guess Neasa-sama already sent backup to fight her!" it exclaimed.

One of the Shibari-kuns floated up to the closest dome, tapping a claw against it. "I think I can sense the presence of our buddies inside!"

"What should we do? Should we free them?"


They began attempting to chip away at the sphere, but it proved to be a futile effort. As dense as it was, they could barely dent it with conventional means.

"Maybe this is a bad idea…" one of them spoke up, "After all, what if she's still hidin' somewhere and waiting to ambush us again!"

"Good point! Guys, let's all keep an eye out for anything suspicious!"

"Hai hai hai~"

Most of them broke off from attacking the sphere, opting instead to float around and better examine the environment.

"No signs of that mean lady, but…" one of them piqued up, tilting its form to stare upwards, "I think I can see Neasa-sama's Lifeboat up there!"

"Huh? If Neasa-sama is here, then why is it so quiet?"

"Oh, oh!" one of them exclaimed excitedly, waving its arms around. "Maybe we were successful in catching that ninja after all, and she got so caught up in celebrating on deck she forgot to do a post ops cleanup!"

"Oh, that would make sense!" another Shibari-kun chirped, bobbing its form up and down in an approximation of a nod.

"Well, let's radio in and see how that's going!"

As to not flood the Lifeboat with excessive radio chatter, only one of them tried opening communications. But when no one on the other line bothered picking up, its excitement morphed into confusion.

"Huh…she's not answering. Maybe she's so excited that she isn't paying attention?"

Another one gasped as a realization struck them. "Or maybe…that ninja did something mean to Neasa-sama!"

"Oh no!"

"Nothing but that!"

"Come on guys, we gotta see what really happened!"

"But what about the others here?" another Shibari-kun asked, hesitating. "Maybe we could use some backup, 'cause she really steamrolled us back there!"

"A Shibari-kun never backs down from a challenge!" the leader of the squad chided. "…except for when we're ordered to. Or if it's super extra scary! But that's not the point, Neasa-sama might need our help as we speak!"

Already beginning to float upwards, it added, "Besides, if they're like the thing we got caught in, it ought to fall apart soon enough. C'mon!"

"Ah…you're right!" the hesitant Shibari-kun admitted, floating upwards with it. Soon, the entire squad was barreling through the air, towards the distant vessel in the sky.


Back aboard the Lifeboat, Neasa watched as Sanae headed into the cabin. 'Who does she think she is, waltzing around like she owns the place?!'

"Ghh ahhh ohh hhrr!" she tried to shout, her furious protests rendered impotent by the rubbery intrusion in her mouth.

Sanae ignored her as she continued to ruffle through the cabin, examining its contents for anything of further use. As fun as stringing up the pirate had been, she would have to move her soon for the next phase, before any more Shibari-kuns could arrive on the scene.

'But not before a little preemptive revenge.' she thought to herself, sliding an interesting looking paddle out from a bag. And nothing said revenge better than using a would-be captors own tools against them…

Stepping back onto the deck, she idly twirled the wooden paddle in her hands, making sure Neasa saw just what was in store for her.

"NNNGH!" the bound woman grunted, her squirming renewed as she eyed what her nemesis had planned for her. 'That…that was meant for her! How dare she –'

Neasa's thoughts were interrupted when five figures made themselves known to the two women.

"Ah, she's got Neasa-sama!" a Shibari-kun yelped in alarm as it rose from the sides of the ship with its brethren.

Sanae's eyes narrowed as she took them in. It seemed as though she made a slight miscalculation in how much time she had to dole out the first phase of her planned revenge. Tossing the paddle aside, she subtly shifted her body into a fighting stance.

With her earth manipulation or stored energy to use for a burst of strength, Sanae knew that her options were limited. A hasty retreat would have to be made, preferably with Neasa in tow. All she would have to do is cut a path through them, snap the rope suspending the pirate and use the last of her ropes to slide down to the ground safely.

She burst into action, hoping to use her natural speed to overwhelm them and beeline out of there. And indeed, Sanae managed to sprint and twist past three of them with ease, each one expressing a look of surprise.

The other two, closer to Neasa, had more time to react. One of them swung a lasso at one of Sanae's wrists, managing to snag it. Without her extra strength, her attempts to pull it loose proved to be a futile game of tug-of-war for the ninja.

"H-hurry, I can't hold on for much longer!" the Shibari-kun wailed, using its tiny claws to tug at the rope. The fifth Shibari-kun beside it rushed up to Sanae, dodging her attempt at swatting it away with her free arm and hitting her with a fresh wave of electricity. Sanae grunted, dropping to her knees.

"I got her, I…" the Shibari-kun began to cheer, before falling to the floor with a loud thud.

"Oh gosh, we gotta hurry guys, our batteries are running low!" the squad leader spoke up. "Anyone here still have some knockout gas on them?"

Sanae struggled to stand up, but a Shibari-kun floated up to her face, emitting a gas from its claws. Her vision began to blur slightly, focus becoming much harder to maintain. Still, she managed to will herself to attempt standing.

"Wow, she's still struggling!" one of them gaped. "All the more reason we should hurry be…fo…re…"

It fell to the floor, joining its brethren. Now down to three, the squad knew they had to work double time.

The Shibari-kun straining to keep Sanae's wrist bound tugged at it, forcing the weakened ninja's arm behind her back. Another Shibari-kun joined in, and together they began encasing her torso with a strict shibari tie. By the time they were done, her chest had been ensnared in an even more elaborate tie than what Sanae had done to Neasa, complete with a crotch rope of her own.

"Quick, you two get her legs!" the squad leader chirped, "And I'll gag her!"

"Hai hai hai~" they chorused, attempting to pin the still struggling ninja's legs together.

"HHHM! WHHH ARRRH YHH DHHHMNGH?" Neasa suddenly spoke up, the first time since the Shibari-kuns arrived. 'My precious Shibari-kuns giving that vile ninja her just deserts is truly, truly wonderful,'  she thought, '…but couldn't ONE of them at least untie me in the slightest first?!'

"Ah, sorry mistress!" the squad leader replied as it carefully picked up the discarded purple ballgag, "We're low on juice, so our number one priority is still making sure that mean ninja can't get up to no good!"

"Hmmm…" Neasa muttered, not quite capable of disagreeing with the logic.

"Relax, we'll get ya out of there before we all conk out, you'll see!"

As it floated back to the other two, the leader saw that they had managed to get both legs bent backwards, coils of rope snaking around her knees, as well as around her ankles and thighs. They were putting the finishing touches on either leg, connecting the two spots on either leg with a rope traveling down each bent limb.

"Now that's a pretty effective frogtie!" the squad leader cheered, giving them the closest approximation of a thumbs up he could muster. "Now let's get this squared…" it said, trying to shove the ballgag into Sanae's mouth.

The ninja glared weakly at it, her mouth refusing to open. "Ooooh, playing hard to get, huh?" one of the other Shibari-kuns commented, having finished with her legs. "Maybe you'll open up if someone hit on you some more~"

"Wait, don't –" the squad leader attempted to warn them, but it was too late. The Shibari-kun pressed its claws against the exposed skin of Sanae's right shoulder, shocking it.

Much to her disgruntlement, her ensuring grunt left just enough of an opening for the leader Shibari-kun to exploit, shoving the purple ballgag firmly into her mouth.

The Shibari-kun that had shocked her remained floating. "See, nothing to it –" it boasted, only to fall to the floor midsentence, rolling some distance away.

"Looks like it's just you and me boss!" the other Shibari-kun noted. The squad leader began fixing the ballgag's straps into place, double checking it was secure. "Well, you go on and free Neasa-sama, I'll finish things here with a quick 'ole Density Shift leash!"

"Oooh, nice thinking! She won't be getting anywhere like that, and you'll be able to recharge faster!"

"Exactly~" the leader chimed, carefully wrapping a new lasso around Sanae's neck.

Just as it began to enter the Density Shift mode, a loud thud interrupted it. "H-huh?" it said, glancing to see what happened. The other Shibari-kun had ran out of power before it could even reach Neasa, sitting limply on the floor with the rest. "Oh no, maybe I should –" the leader began, only for it to also hit the floor.

Neasa took it all in, trying to take a deep, calming breath as well as a gagged woman could. The squad leader, having been initiating the Density Shift mode, had only gotten a quarter of the way into it, having tucked in its propellers back into its body.

Its distraction cost it the scant seconds it still had of battery life, causing it to enter a forced sleep without having properly engaged the weight change.

Sanae took it all in, weakly but angrily realizing that in her overconfidence and zeal for revenge, she had provided her target an opening to exploit – indirectly, at that.

Attempting to squirm around revealed that the Shibari-kun lassoing her neck seemed slightly heavier than what she remembered them being, restricting her already limited movement somewhat.

Neasa couldn't help but moan in frustration at the unfairness of it all. 'My enemy, bound and gagged at my feet…just not in the manner I wanted it to go. Not. At. All!'

"AGGHH!" she couldn't help but shout.

Both women were united in thought. If they could escape before the other one could somehow, the situation could be salvaged yet. The question was…how?
Great scott, how does this end? Choose from any of the endings listed below to find out!

I like Sanae! She should win! (Sanae Route): [link]
I like Neasa! She should win! (Neasa Route): [link]
I like Cross Counters! (White Flag Route): [link]


:iconpoorusername: and :iconlureda: proudly present you the compelling conclusion to the riveting rivalry between this ninja and pirate pair. Fights will be fought, damage will be wrought, ropes will become taut. Live or let cry, let's ROCK.

This was a collaboration between Lure and I, if that thumbnail wasn't enough to tip that off. Check out his fantastic rendition of the delightfully devious main scene here: [link]
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November 11, 2007
7:27 AM
A ray of light shone directly into Kagome’s eyes. She groaned a bit as she rubbed her eyes. To her, something felt wrong, but she couldn’t figure out what. “Uuuuh... what time is it?” she softly muttered as she turned over in her bed and stared at her digital alarm clock. The number screen, completely blank, immediately drew her attention and yanked her out of her state of sleepiness, replacing calm with anxiety. “Oh no! My alarm clock broke down! What time is it?” She thrust a hand into her nearby purse, fishing out her cell phone, and flipped it open. The time display read 7:27 AM. “I’m going to be late for school!” Kagome cried as she dove into her closet, tearing away her flannel pajamas and searching desperately for her seifuku.
7:41 AM
“Alright, there goes the late bell,” Mrs. Kuroi said as she closed the door. She turned around and went back to her desk to do her attendance sheet when a familiar voice sounded on the other side of the door, accompanied by a loud knocking on the door. “Kuroi-sensei! Let me in, please!” Mrs. Kuroi went up and opened the door, stepping aside as a sweat-stained Kagome burst in.
“Ah, Kagome. A bit tardy today, I see.”
“I apologize, Kuroi-sensei,” Kagome said as she quickly bowed.
“Well, luckily this is your first tardy, so it won’t affect anything. But I don’t want to see it again. Understood?”
“Yes, Kuroi-sensei,” Kagome said as she bowed again and progressed to her desk, trying to ignore the various glaring looks from all of the other students.
“Alright, then. Before we begin today’s lesson, I need you all to pass in last night’s lab summary. Please get that out now.” Kagome began to rummage through her bag, searching for the paper, but groaned in disappointment as she realized it wasn’t even there.
8:15 AM
At least PE will be a welcome change, Kagome thought to herself as she changed. I may have messed up all day long, but now’s my chance to turn all that around. She walked outside in her gym uniform- ponytail, white t-shirt and red shorts-and walked out to the running track.
“Alright, class. Keep in mind that your performance in the mile run will account for a good 10 percent of your overall grade. But also remember to pace yourself and walk only when necessary. Ready... set... go!” And like that, the entire class was off. Kagome kept up a good run for a while, but as she made the fourth and final lap around the long track she tripped on a shoelace, which had come undone without her notice, and fell face-first to the ground.
“Ah, yes. Class, this brings me to a third point I forgot to mention this time around, but will remember next time thanks to Ms. Higurashi: please remember to check your shoelaces before you start the run.”

“What a rotten day,” Kagome sighed to herself as she soaked in the bathtub. “School was a disaster, I have mounds of homework to do, and I can’t even go to the feudal era because of the bounty, so I’m worried for the sakes of Inuyasha and the others.” Kagome spoke of an event that happened over the course of the last few days: during an expedition to the feudal era, she ended up separated from the group and bagged in a dark alley by a group of bounty hunters. Further back, the corrupt lord of a province Inuyasha and the others were occupying was in search of a priestess who could do miracles and charge large sums of money for them, and had turned to Kagome, but she had refused. This refusal greatly insulted him, so he collected as much information about Kagome as he could and put out a large bounty to anybody who could capture her and convince her to take the job. However, after a while Inuyasha realized that she was gone and, tracking her scent, led the others to where she was. Kagome was freed successfully, but a few more attempts were made to kidnap her. Being forced to breathe dreamberry ether (Which she recognized from her encounter with Ayame) for a moment convinced Kagome that until Inuyasha caught up with the lord and convinced him to remove the bounty, it was too dangerous for her to be in the feudal era. “What a bummer,” Kagome sighed as she leaned back in the batutub. “Oh well, maybe doing today’s homework will make the day go by faster, so I can start on a new and better one.” As she thought about each assignment and how to go about doing it, she heard a knock at her room door, followed by her mother’s voice.
“Oh Kagome, could you go out and run a quick errand for me?”

As she stepped into her shoes, Kagome looked over the paper slip’s contents one more time-“PIN #: 3576”-and set out. She folded up the paper and slipped it into the left pocket of her denim jean-shorts as she walked to the bank. Her black high-heeled pumps made a constant clicking noise as she walked, and she wore a black tank top that matched their shade. Her instructions were simple: her mother needed some more money, but she was going to be busy for a while, so she needed Kagome to go to the bank and get a few hundred dollars from her account. As she reached the bank, Kagome found the ATM around the back of the store-with a sign taped to it that read “Notice! Machine out of order.”
“Now I have to wait for one of the tellers,” Kagome muttered as she walked around to the front of the store. She stood there in disbelief as she saw how far the lines stretched-all throughout the ground level of the huge skyscraper in serpentine arrangements leading to the doorway-but after she stared for a good 20 seconds, she got into one herself. The line moved incredibly slowly. At one point, it even stopped moving for much longer than it should have, and Kagome quickly took notice. To pass the time, she looked up at the fluorescent lights buzzing overhead and lifted up her right foot a bit, tapping her spike heel against the ground to the rhythm of the song she was humming.
“Hey, lady,” the man behind her suddenly interjected after a minute or so of this.
“Oh, um... yes?”
“I’m just as bored as you, but that’s annoying, so cut it out.”
“Okay,” Kagome sighed as she turned forward, staring at the front desk. She squinted her eyes and tried to make out what was holding up the line. She picked out the teller, an old woman, and... a massive potato sack, filled to the brim with pennies and nickels. That’s what’s been holding up the line?! Give me a break!

Once the woman had finally gotten rid of the last of her change, the line began to move again. It was even slower by this point, however. Kagome’s feet were starting to grow sore from standing in place so long, and the heels, as official as they looked, didn’t help at all. Kagome made a quick mental note not to wear them next time she needed to wait in line. Eventually she was next in line, but immediately the man in front of her pulled out a large ziplock bag, but this one was full of pennies! Kagome put both hands on top of her head and thought about how rotten her entire day was, how many different ways people who brought small change to banks were idiots, and most of all how they should accelerate the teller process so that-
“Excuse me, ma’am.”
“Huh?” Kagome took her hands off her head and looked over at the origin of the voice, another teller standing at a corner next to a significantly darkened portion of the building.
“We can help you over here, if you don’t want to wait.”
“Oh, really? Thank you so much!” Kagome cheered as she ran-walked a little faster, actually-over to the desk around the corner.
“Yes how can I help you today?”
“I need to make a withdrawal from my mother’s account. She should be on record, Mrs. Higurashi?”
“I’ll look it up right away,” the teller said as she turned and walked behind the desk. That was pretty lucky, Kagome thought to herself. Maybe today will surprise me by turning around. The teller returned shortly thereafter.
“I’m sorry.”
“Wait... sorry for what?”
“Sorry for buying time like this.”
“MMPH!” Before Kagome could say anything, she was quickly jerked backwards as a roll of duct tape with a length pulled out was quickly slapped over her mouth. The backwards motion, combined with the unsteadiness of her high heels, caused her to trip backwards and fall over. Not willing to acknowledge this, Kagome turned over onto her stomach and tried to crawl away, but four hands were immediately upon her, dragging her backwards and pinning her arms and legs as she screamed loudly into the gag.
“Get the rope! Hurry!”
“Right!” The teller ducked underneath the desk and came back up with a handful of ropes, walking over to Kagome as she struggled and cried out to anyone who would hear her, who, at the moment, was nobody.
“Ooh, you picked out a real looker, didn’t you?” One of the two assailants said as he forcibly bound Kagome’s hands behind her back.
“Of course. And, on top of the privilege of a hostage, she’ll be useful as far as ransom money goes. I checked her mother’s account, and she’s loaded, even more than the girl mentioned. Before I tied HER up and stole her clothes, that is. Hehe...”
Wait... hostage? Oh no... bank robbers! Kagome suddenly squirmed her left leg out of the second robber’s grip and kicked him in the face with the spike heel, causing him to stumble back and scream into his hand, so as not to alert the other customers to his existence.
“AAAAAAH! You bitch! I’ll kill you for that!”
“Not so fast. We still need her to make sure the police don’t arrest us. You can kill her after that if you want, but not until then. For now, let’s just make sure she can’t do something like that again.” With that, the first and second robbers traded places, and the first (Who was significantly stronger) tied her ankles while the second kneeled on her back and held her down. Then he grabbed another rope, forced her legs upward, looped another coil of rope through the rope around her ankles, then pulled it through her arm rope and knotted it, completing the hogtie. “And since you’re such a noisy little brat as well...” The first robber knelt down by Kagome, applied two more strips of tape, forming an X with points that touched her cheeks and jawline, and tied a scarf around Kagome’s mouth. “Alright, now that that’s done, let’s do it.” With that, the first robber grabbed a nearby shotgun and walked out to where the other people were. Kagome flinched as the gun discharged into the empty air. The usual monologue followed: “Everybody down on the floor right now! This is a robbery! A hero is a kind of sandwich, not a person, so nobody do anything stupid!” The sounds of people hitting the ground and worried voices soon followed. I can’t just let this happen, Kagome thought to herself. She began to struggle a bit more vigorously, concentrating more on her hips then any other part of her body. Finally, she achieved her goal, and the cell phone came tumbling out of her pocket. She leaned over, grabbed it, dialed 911 from memory (She had taught herself how to do this a while back, just in case, and now she was glad she did) and put her thumb over the send button when she heard the voice of robber 2.
“Hey! What the hell are you doing?!” Kagome’s heart instantly sank as the cell phone was yanked from her hand, right before she could press the send button. “Mark! Come here a sec!”
“What is it, Sam?” Mark asked, slightly annoyed, as he walked over with his shotgun slung over his shoulders.
“She had a cell phone on her and she was about to call the police!”
“Well well, we’ve got a little miss Houdini here, don’t we?” Mark sneered as he looked closely at Kagome, generating a frightened whimper. “Well, we can’t risk having her get loose. Sam, you get her arms and I’ll get her legs.” Kagome could feel the knots around her loosening and the ropes disappear, but they were immediately replaced by rough hands pinning her limbs to the floor. Kagome silently wondered what they were doing, but as her tank top began to slip away from her chest, she wished she hadn’t asked. Her pumps came off next, then she felt her shorts being pulled away and she was immediately forced back into the hogtie position as the ropes wrapped around again. Kagome was back in the hogtie, but now she was in a somewhat thin black bra and panties set. “Mmmmm...” With this, she turned her head away and began to blush.
“There we go. Now you’ve got nothing to hide. The police are hesitating to do anything because we have a hostage, but what should we do until they decide to bargain?”
“Hmm... I think we should play with her a bit.” Mark pointed at Kagome.
What?! No! Anything but that! Kagome began to cry a bit and thrash around in her bindings.
“Nah, the hogtie doesn’t work that well for that. Although it does work well for something else... hehehe...” Sam began to slowly walk towards Kagome, twitching his fingers.
“Mmm? Mmmf! MmmMMMMMMHMMMHMMHMM! MMMMMMM!” Kagome felt a familiar sensation in her feet, and began to react the same way as the last time she had felt it.
“This is revenge enough for kicking me like that, because I’m going to do it for a good long time!”
Hmm... not too sure about this one. Maybe it's just because the atmosphere is a bit different than usual, or maybe it's because I concentrate on one scenario much longer than the others, but I don't feel as if this story is as good as my others. >_> Hopefully it improves as I write the next two parts out.

Anyways, I hope you still enjoy it.

Note: The idea for this was compiled by Operator, with minimal help from myself.
Note 2: Kagome is 18 years of age in this story.
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The young Slytherin boy pushed his dark brown hair out of his face. He had set up a trap by the room of requirement as a favor for a Ravenclaw who had, ah, "helped" him with his transfiguration homework. The feather-head had asked some random Gryffindor chick out, and she had flat-out rejected him. That's life, and the Slytherin boy would have been happy to let it stay that way, but the Ravenclaw had threatened to rat him out if he didn't help him get his revenge.

The Slytherin COULD have just hexed the kid, but that wouldn't have been as much fun. Besides, blackmail was a trait he admired – the book-banger would have made a fine snake.

He was shaken from his thoughts by the approach of his target. The Gryffer wasn't bad looking at all. She had sandy-blonde hair in a pixie cut, slender, smooth legs, and a nice chest. That just made what the Slytherin was going to do much more fun…

Just after the girl had passed him, the Slytherin waved his wand and muttered "Locomotor Mortis" – the leg-locker curse. The girl's legs snapped together, and she fell forward with a yelp, barel managing to catch herself in time. She rolled over and saw the Slytherin, and reached for her wand, but she was too slow.  The Slytherin quickly disarmed her.

"What - !" she began, but was cut off by another incantation from The Slytherin – "Mimble Wimble!", the tongue-tying spell. She could only utter unintelligible grunts and moans as her tongue tied itself into a knot in her mouth.

"Whaaaaa? Whooaaahhmm oooo?!" she tried to speak as the Slytherin rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back, flicking his wand and summoning some cords to bind her forearms together in a strict box tie.

The snake did not respond, but instead opened the door to the Room of Requirement. Inside was a simple padded rubber room set-up, not unlike what you'd find in an insane asylum. He carried the squirming Gryffindor to the center of the room, and then dumped her unceremoniously onto her backside.

"Pweeeeaaassshhhhh!!! Pweash lemmeh goooo!" Tears pricked at the corner of her eyes. The young man might have pitied her, in any other situation. Still, business was business. But….

"Sorry, but I've got a sleeping draught to finish brewing. I don't want to leave you in tears, though, so…" He pointed his wand at the girl. "Titillando!" The girl began to squirm and giggle – and it would only get worse. The Slytherin had hit her with a Tickling Hex.

The girl's laughs and pleading moans were kind of erotic – still, the Slytherin had places to be. He left the room of requirement, and shut the door behind him.
A blurb I wrote after chatting with some of my friends about Pottermore. I've always been curious about the use of spells in the Harry Potter universe for bondage. So, after going on Pottermore and "practicing" the spells, I wrote this story.

The characters are all based on my friends who play the game. All magic words are from Pottermore. Harry Potter, Pottermore, and all pertaining locations and spells are (c) JK Rowling
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